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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Teemo Build Guide by Ferrovial

Other Get me Teemo over here...with a blowgun[In-Depth][Patch 4.7]

Other Get me Teemo over here...with a blowgun[In-Depth][Patch 4.7]

Updated on May 8, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ferrovial Build Guide By Ferrovial 2292 247 10,747,805 Views 1,013 Comments
2292 247 10,747,805 Views 1,013 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ferrovial Teemo Build Guide By Ferrovial Updated on May 8, 2014
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo


Note: The top builds get out of order for no reason :/ If the builds are mixed, Then the build that starts with Doran's blade should be titled "Bot Lane"
Note: Pre-Season changes for masteries are included, mushrooms will come soon. Please message me if you find any errors.

Have you ever wondered about how to play Teemo correctly? Have you been fed up with builds like attack damage and ability power that do nothing at all? Or did you just see the title of the build and became interested in it?

Well hello, I am xXCrazyBarksXx (OCE Lv.30 Australia) and I have been playing League of Legends for over one and a half years.

I am a passionate Teemo player, and after realising that my favourite Teemo guide will never see an update ever again, I made contact with fellow Greek Ferrovial (the last owner of this guide).
I have been given the permission to update this guide by Ferrovial after a chat with him as he has moved on from league of legends.

Just like Ferrovial, "From the beginning of my experience with this game, I have been extremely passionate and have been striving to understand not only the basics, but advanced tactics, builds and concepts of this game."

I always believed that On-Hit Teemo was the best Teemo. But as I gained more experience throughout the game, I realised he had his advantages and disadvantages.

When league moved to season 3, a lot of changes had occurred. A lot of new items, masteries and gameplay changes were made.

With the start of season 3, we have seen a significant increase of AP Teemo's using the new items such as Liandry's Anguish and Nashor's Tooth making him much more viable. Other Teemo builds received a lot of other changes to many on-hit items such as the removal of Malady, Madred's Bloodrazor, as well as the big changes to Wit's End, Frozen Mallet, and many other factors such as the big changes to attack speed.

AP Teemo got a damage and annoyance increase to his mushrooms and On-hit Teemo got some new items, such as Runaan's Hurricane and Blade of the Ruined King, adding the much needed teamfight potential and sustain to Teemo.

With all these changes, we will focus around aspects similar to the season 2 build such as:
  • On-hit effects
  • Kiting
  • Movement speed
  • Attack speed
  • Survivability

What is On-Hit?
Quoted from League of Legends Wiki
"On-hit effects will trigger on a champion's autoattacks and abilities that state in their description that they do so.
An autoattack or ability that applies on-hit effects can apply any number of these effects at once. On-hit builds (aka attack speed builds) consisting of items such as Blade of the Ruined King or Wit's End. Which are popular on some champions with their own on-hit effects as the attack speed allows for the most efficient use of the on-hit damage."

Please vote on the guide and leave a (constructive) comment (or send me a message) on what you think that needs rework or clarification. Thank you.

If you have any questions, shoot me a personal message on Mobafire and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

So, without any further ado, let's get into more information about the build and the champion!

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Pros / Cons


  • Stealth that can save your life
  • Huge variety of skins to choose from
  • Able to stand behind enemy lines and give undetected vision
  • Safe escapes, movement speed up, stealth and slow
  • Huge kiting potential and tons of damage
  • One of the best farmers/pushers in the game with his Noxious Traps and Runaan's Hurricane
  • Anti AD carry thanks to his Blinding Dart
  • Free vision, map control and wards from Noxious Traps
  • Low cooldown ammo based ultimate ( Noxious Trap)
  • High mobility
  • Nearly un-gankable after level 6
  • Easy Last hits with poison damage from Toxic Shot
  • Annoying, damaging Noxious Traps if placed correctly
  • Passive damage over time will almost never let them escape
  • Deals Physical and Magic damage which is hard to build against
  • Globally taunts enemy team by just playing.


  • Squishy and fluffy without any items (which this build helps counter)
  • Noxious Traps can be countered by Oracle's Lens, Vision Wards and can be manoeuvred around if seen.
  • Focused from his pure player to Teemo hatred and dies 75 times per second on average
  • No hard crowd control/Only crowd control is slows and blinds
  • Team fighting potential has difficulties
  • Suffers from champions that have dashes
  • Short range auto attack.
  • Does not deal a lot of damage to towers due to lower amounts of AD

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I find that a lot of new players have trouble knowing all of the League abbreviations, so I compiled a list from the League of legends wiki, and if you need any help you can check back here.

Spoiler: Click to view

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These are the Masteries I get on Teemo and is what I believe and calculated to give you the most damage. With the new season 4 mastery changes, it gives Teemo some clutch healing and tonnes of extra damage, because of the extra % damage as well as more support for hybrid champions from the mixed penetration in 3 points.



Tier 1 - We take 1 point in Double-Edged Sword as this increases our total damage by 1.5%, as well as increases the damage we take by the same amount. This means since we should always be outputting more damage then taking we are increasing our damage for free, and since nearly everyone else will take the same point, we will be on the same note. Lastly we take 4 points in Fury for the additional Attack Speed, since the cooldown reduction is not as beneficial. Butcher is also an option if you are heavily struggling to farm minions, however, you will be giving up some awesome attack speed to do so.

Tier 2 - 1 point in Expose Weakness will be helpful for your allies in teamfights as ganks, this works just like blade weaving which will be explained underneath. We put our remaining 3 points into Brute Force for the extra AD per level, helping us throughout the game. And as this is an On-Hit Teemo guide, we won't benefit much from building AP. Feast may seem nice, but effectively it is only 2hp/5 if you manage to get all 6 minions every time. The point is better off spent on Expose Weakness

Tier 3 - In this tier we put a point in Martial Mastery , giving us 4 free AD helping us to last hit, and giving us stronger AA damage. 3 points in Executioner increasing all our damage to enemies below 50% health by 5%. Similar to Havoc , except this time, we guarantee death. Twice. If you don't see much use in this, let me help explain its usefulness to you. Remember the last time your enemy got away with 50, or even 20 HP? Well if we put 3 points in this, and we assume our enemy has a total of 2000 health, then we will deal an extra 50 damage when we take them from half health to 0, this also helps with your last hits against minions.

Tier 4 - We put 3 points into Warlord for the extra 5% AD and we put 1 point into Dangerous Game which lets you gain around 10-120 health after a killing a champion, this allows you to make clutch plays and get clutch heals when your your surrounded or about to die.

Tier 5 - We take 3 points in Devastating Strikes to gain 6% armour & magic penetration which all your skills will benefit from. We don't take Frenzy as we don't have crit chance, and we also don't take Arcane Blade as we don't have any AP to be able to use it.

Tier 6 - Lastly we put 1 point in Havoc to finish off our offensive tree with 21 points, this gives us an increase in all damage of 3%, which just like Executioner , will not just help execute enemies, but will help getting them to that point too.



Tier 1 - We take 2 points in Block for the 2 flat damage reduction from AA's. Now while some of you may think, 2?! that's nothing! well think about it this way, if we include Unyielding , and your enemy attacks you 10 times, you've blocked 30 damage right there. It all adds up. Next we take 2 points in Recovery which will help our sustain in Teemo's weakest phase, the early game. It gives us some nice hp/5 over time, and while weak, is still really valuable. Some might say Enchanted Armor is a good option instead, but effectively, its only going to equal ~6 armour in the late game, which will probably only reduce their damage by less than 1% after reductions and so on.

Tier 2 - We put the 1 point into Unyielding for the extra flat damage reduction (as stated above), and 3 points into Veteran Scars for the 36 health, and at level 1, this is strong.

Tier 3 - Lastly, we finish off by putting our last point into Juggernaut , giving us 3% extra health, and finishing our mastery pages for Teemo with 21-9-0 .

UTILITY TREE & Other Notes

We took no points in the utility tree because these offer no extra damage or defensiveness, since there are much better options than putting points in the utility tree.

However, there are still some good mastery points that can be lane specific.
putting 3 points into Fleet of Foot will give you essentially an extra Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed which may help in certain comps, but it is only about 5ms at level 1, which made the defensive tree better. Putting the left over point in Scout will just help in general with warding. Making your "Movement Speed Teemo" Tree 21-5-4

For Lower level players
I remember when I didn't have my 30 mastery points I had no idea what to put where. If you are a new player, I recommend putting your first 2 points in Block , then 1 point in Double-Edged Sword , as they will give you the most benefits for the least amount of points.
I would then take 1 point in Butcher for easier last hitting, and then start to build the defensive tree. When your done with the Defensive tree, Start putting points into the offensive tree, with only 3 points into Fury , then Expose Weakness . After filling up Brute Force , put 1 point into Martial Mastery and then 3 points in Executioner . Then continue by putting a point into Dangerous Game first before finishing off the tree. When you get to level 29 you can put a point into Havoc and get away with taking out a point from Juggernaut until level 30.
By building the defense tree first, it means that you will survive longer than your enemies and be able to learn more then just die all the time.

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I have had a lot of thought about runes for Teemo. While there are many options that can be effective, the most effective runes are as follows.

  • greater mark of Hybrid Penetration: Teemo does a lot of hybrid damage. If you check the stats after a game, you will find that even though the majority of his items give AD, he still deals a significant amount of magic damage. With hybrid marks, we can shred resistances to deal more damage with Blade of the Ruined King and Toxic Shot.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: The most beneficial runes here would be flat armour. The early armour will help A LOT as you only start with 18 armour. These will help get rid of your early squishiness against a lot of physical damage.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: You have 2 good choices here, Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.
    If you are playing in draft and you know who you are up against, you can choose flat MR for a safer early game against an AP lane, or scaling MR against any other champion.
    If you don’t know you can just use scaling, as you already start with 30 MR at level 1, and the extra MR per level helps you throughout the game.
  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Quintessences can offer you a lot of unique or high stats, however my most preferred for Teemo are:
    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed or greater quintessence of Hybrid Penetration

    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed is very helpful on Teemo. It means you don’t have to buy boots as early on as your opponent, and spend that gold elsewhere. It stacks with your Move Quick, and you can gain over 400 movement speed at level 1. With these quints, you can run away or catch up to foes and proc your Frozen Mallet before they get away.

    Let me quote GentlemanGustaf on an article he wrote about movement speed.
    To give an example, movement speeds range from 325 to 355. Let us say that I'm Pantheon, and you're Ashe (ignore abilities for simplicity's sake). Ashe has a base Movement Speed of 325, while Pantheon has 355. That means that for every second you chase Ashe, you will gain 30 units of distance on her. Now let's say you have + 4.5% Movement Speed on Pantheon, giving you another 16 MS. You are now gaining 46 units of distance on her per second, a 53% increase! If you think that's an strong example, the effects are even MORE pronounced when champions are naturally close in Movement Speed. Let's now look at Jarvan (345) ganking Ryze (340). Without the + 4.5% Movement Speed, Jarvan gains 5 units per second. WITH the 4.5% Movement Speed, Jarvan gains 20 units per second, for a 300% increase!

    greater quintessence of Hybrid Penetration can also be another good choice for more damage increasing your Toxic Shot and your Blade of the Ruined King if you don't want to be as fast as lightning.
    You can also choose to get Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed, but as stated before, I would much rather to have Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed over extra damage at late game.
    If you happen to own other defensive quints like Health, Armour or Magic Resist and you know what you are doing, then there is nothing wrong with being a bit tankier in early game if you feel that you are in danger and speed won't help. Safety is important!

    But if you don’t have any of these quints, I highly recommend you save up and buy Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. They are the most useful quints in the game, and are viable for all champions

Other Choices

While hybrid marks are a niche buy, not everyone can choose to afford them. Here are some other, not as effective options for red marks on Teemo.
  • Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Are still effective with your Noxious Traps and your Toxic Shots, but you don’t start dealing a high amount of magic damage until later on in the game.
  • greater mark of Armor penetration: Are still effective, but making your Blade of the Ruined King deal more damage. These give the most benefit early to mid game, just like all penetration runes.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Helps with early last hitting, and giving your early game a bit more damage. However, this will not give your damage the maximum potential. If you do happen to take these, and happen to have 1 Greater Mark of Critical Chance, it would be a great idea to take it. That extra 1% crit means theoretically once every 100 attacks you have a chance to deal double the damage on 1 attack. For the stats you lose (1 AD) it is very beneficial, however I do not recommend taking this with any other types of runes.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Speed - I have thought about this a lot, and runes are made for enhancing your early game ability more over helping your late game. Teemo can gain 40% attack speed at level 1 with his passive and while attack speed does help a lot in an On-Hit build, Teemo has a weak early game. This is not a bad choice for Teemo, but if you’re looking for early damage, these are not the runes for you. After season 3, Greater Mark of Attack Speed are worth much more (especially for jungler’s), but for Teemo, not so much.
  • All other choices - A majority of these offer none or very little benefits to Teemo. Some of them may be a niche pick; however I highly recommend only the runes above.

For Lower level players
For those who aren't level 30 or don't own runes yet, I highly recommend saving IP for Tier 3 runes after level 20. The best runes you can buy with a low budget are: Greater Seal of Armor, Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. They are all viable nearly all champions, and you will definitely use them with other champions.
As for marks, Greater Mark of Magic Penetration or Greater Mark of Attack Damage are the most versatile, so pick on what champions you play most. Do you play mostly AD champions and ADC? Pick Greater Mark of Attack Damage. Do you mostly play in mid lane or magic damage champions? Pick Greater Mark of Magic Penetration.
As for what order? I'd go for Greater Seal of Armor first, since every champion starts with low armor, Greater Mark of Attack Damage if you play AD champions, would be a good idea, since you will start losing out on trades. Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because defense is more important than offense. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is good, but only when you have a larger amounts, so if you can only buy enough to have 2 or 4 magic pen, then just don't worry about it. Lastly, Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed do cost much more, but I feel that flat damage/defense will benefit you more, as movement speed is more utility.

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Summoner Spells

Note: I will update these when they are updated to the new versions on Live

Best Choices

Flash - Flash is considered to be one of the best spells in the game. The blink you get allows you to escape or secure kills. Whether you use this for hopping over walls to escape, or flashing for that final hit, I recommend always taking this spell unless you are really confident in taking Ghost.

Ignite - This provides 70-410 true damage over 5 seconds and reduces healing effects. as well as has vision of the target while ignited. This is a great offensive spell that will help you secure the kill almost all the time, especially with your poison DoT.

Other recommendations

Good Choices

Ghost - Is a very good choice on Teemo if you are up against a team composition that does not have gap closers. you can use this skill aggressively or defensively, as the speed stacks with your Move Quick. You can use this to escape by gaining a fast advantage ahead of your enemy and then hiding in a bush, or just simply run to safety. I've used this skill many times to get first blood and run past turrets, however Flash is a much safer option. (Replace flash or ignite with this)

Teleport - Will teleport you to allied unit (ward/mushroom/minion/turret) this can be a very helpful skill in defending your lane or turrets, or even ganking other lanes. The ability to use this on your Noxious Traps means you can assassinate someone that your Noxious Traps spotted, or split push and join in fights however, I do not highly recommend this spell as an option due to the fact that the enemy will see you coming, you shouldn't need to go back to your lane after defending and/or that your pushing/team fighting abilities are limited.

Barrier - A recent spell added to season 3 that gives a shield which blocks 115-455 damage for 2 seconds. This is a great skill that can be used defensively or offensively like Heal. I do not recommend taking this in lanes where there is no high burst damage, like top.

OK Choices

Cleanse - Similar to Barrier, this is a great skill at bot lane as an AD Carry, however the benefits it provides you at other lanes, especially when playing a more tankier character are not worth it. There are better options and I would only take this spell situationally.

Exhaust - This is a useful spell for kiting down champions or reducing enemies burst, however I do not recommend getting this because when used for defence, the enemy can use a gap closer to get to you or away from you, and other skills like ignite have more benefits when used offensively. The slow provided does not stack with the slow from your Frozen Mallet, and your blind negates their damage instead of reducing it like exhaust does. There are better options to pick, and you should let someone else like the support take it instead.

Heal - Similar to Barrier except the health stays there and also heals 1 ally as well as granting a 30% movement speed buff. I do not recommend taking this spell due to the fact that it has a really long cooldown and there are much better options, in addition, you will only get the full effect of it if you are in a lane with another champion.

Very Bad Choices

Revive - The effects that this spell gives is not worth the cost. Instantly reviving and getting back to your laner quicker with more health in effort to resume farming/finish off the person (which will almost never happen) is not worth the giant cooldown this spell comes with. I HIGHLY recommend you do not take this skill.

Smite - For junglers ONLY. There are far better options for lane summoner spells than smite.

Clarity - I HIGHLY recommend you do not take this spell. I cringe when I see champions take this spell as it is near useless if you know how to control your mana usage. If you can't then I highly recommend you learn how. There are far better options than this spell and is not worth the slot.

Clairvoyance - One of the least beneficial skills to use on Teemo. Your Noxious Traps already provide global vision for 10 minutes and you have no global abilities like Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Trueshot Barrage to take advantage of the global reveal. I highly recommend you do not take this skill.

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Abilities and Explanations

Teemo's skillset basically consists of:
  • An infinite stealth + a 40% attack speed buff (after breaking stealth)
  • A single target, magic damaging blind
  • A movement speed buff
  • A magic and damage over time auto attack modifier
  • A vision giving global ammo based trap

I will try to explain all of Teemo's abilities in detail, using information from sites such as Leagueoflegends and the League of Legends Wikia.


Passive – Camouflage

If Teemo stands still and takes no action for 2 seconds, he becomes stealthed. Moving or taking actions will break Teemo out of stealth and will boost his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.
  • Camouflage will not take effect if Teemo is taking damage.
  • While in Camouflage, Teemo will not be revealed if he takes damage. However, if Teemo is moved through knockbacks and pulls (e.g. Powerball, Rocket Grab) he will be revealed upon impact.
  • Using Recall or Teleport will break stealth. Camouflage will not activate while the channel is ongoing.

  • Ambushing enemies by waiting for them stealthed. The extra attack damage helps with your dps and will help you output more damage then usual.
  • Running away, and then having the time to stop for 2 seconds in a bush, watching the enemy run over you. I have done this countless times when I get an advantage with w, and then when the coast is clear I recall back to base.

“But what about using it as an attack speed buff against things such as turrets?”
I myself have thought about this, and I did the calculations to figure it out using various calculators online. The results show that you should never stop attacking to gain the buff, as you will always lose damage to the target done. If you stop attacking for 2 seconds, you WILL NOT gain that damage back over the next 3 seconds with the enhanced attack speed buff, and you are always better off not stopping to activate the buff.

Q – Blinding Dart

Teemo spends 70/80/90/100/110 mana to shoot a single target dart dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+ 80% of his ability power) magic damage and blinding the target, causing them to miss their auto attacks for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds. The skill then goes on an 8 second cooldown on activation.

  • The target will miss auto-attacks, incurring the message "Miss" above their attack target.
  • Blind only mitigates the physical damage portion of an attack, including physical damage sourced from a physical on-hit effect. Other damage types and effects won't miss. (Abilities such as Spellsword will still hit)
  • Abilities that apply as on-hit effects will also miss. ( Gangplank’s Parrrley Ezreal’s Mystic Shot)
  • Blind is considered a form of damage mitigation. As such, it is applied after Thornmail’s passive.
  • The duration is affected by crowd control reduction.
  • The effect can be removed by all cleansing effects (except for Mikael's Blessing).
  • Blind will not affect certain champion abilities.(e.g. Riven's passive Runic Blade, Vayne’s Tumble)
  • Vayne will only land her Silver Bolts if she Tumbles
  • Abilities such as Xin Zhao's Three Talon Strike will still knock up after 3rd attack.
  • Abilities such as Garen's Decisive Strike will still hit for the ability proportion of their damage.

  • Small Longer than attack range burst.
  • Use on escapes to stop damage from killing you
  • Use during teamfights to negate the Marksman's damage
  • Use during 1v1’s to win

W – Move Quick

Teemo passively gains a buff which increases his movement speed by 10/14/18/22/26% this buff is removed upon being struck by an attack from an enemy champion or turret. When activated, Teemo spends 40 mana, grants himself double his passive movement speed (20%/28%/36%/44%/52%) for 3 seconds and will not lose it regardless of whether he is hit or not. The passive is restored after the duration of the active. Move Quick's cooldown begins when first activated, and has a 17 second cooldown at all levels.

  • Use to run away from enemy champions or abilities
  • Use to travel and get to lanes quicker
  • Use to engage on enemy champions

E - Toxic Shot

On impact with his auto attacks, Teemo deals an extra 10/20/30/40/50 (+ 30 of his ability power) as magic damage. Additionally, his attacks will poison the target, dealing 6/12/18/24/30 (+ 10% of his ability power) as magic damage each second for 4 seconds. Over the 4 seconds, Teemo will deal 24/48/72/96/120 (+ 40% of his ability power) as magic damage over time. In total, with every auto attack, teemo deals a total of 34/68/102/136/170 (+ 70% of his ability power) as magic damage. This poison will not stack but the duration will be refreshed with every subsequent attack.

R - Noxious Trap

Teemo spends 1 charge and 75/100/125 mana to place a trap which stealths and arms after 1 second. It detonates if an enemy steps on it, poisoning all enemies nearby to be dealt 50/81.25/112.5 (+ 20% of his ability power) as magic damage every second for 4 seconds or 200/325/450 (+ 50% of his ability power) total magic damage over 4 seconds. Noxious traps also slows them for 30/40/50% and providing vision of them (doesn't reveal stealthed units) for 4 seconds. This poison DOES NOT STACK but the duration will be refreshed with every subsequent detonation. (Just like Ignite) Mushrooms have 100 health and can be destroyed by autoattacks if they are visible, but they are immune to spell damage.
The traps last 10 minutes. Teemo will store one charge every 35/31/27 seconds, the charge time is be affected by cooldown reduction, and can have a maximum of three charges up. Each cast requires and uses a trap and has a 1 second cooldown.

If an enemy destroys one of your Noxious Traps, they get a bounty of 10 gold. So don't passively feed them.

Each Noxious Trap has a range of 230 units, meaning you can throw these over small walls, such as baron/dragon walls. The sight diameter of each shroom is estimated to be 425 units. The activation diameter is estimated to be 120 units, and the diameter which other champions are damaged at is estimated to be 400.
  • Noxious Traps Proc ability effects such as Spell vamp and Rylai's Crystal Scepter slow (diminished effects) and other effets such as Liandry's Anguish and Spirit of the Elder Lizard.
  • Noxious Traps affect spell shields normally, but if the user with the shield steps on the trap, the aoe damage does not apply.
  • Noxious Traps will explode if any enemy unit walks over them.
  • Noxious Traps will draw turret agro onto Teemo if Teemo is in range of the turret while the enemy champion is affected by the poison.
  • Turrets will reveal traps but will not destroy them.
  • Noxious Traps will adjust their damage whenever Teemo's ability power is changed or whenever his ultimate is levelled up.
  • This means that you can put down extra traps at a less amount of mana and then level up his ultimate, meaning that you will spend less amount of mana and causing your Noxious Traps to do the same damage.
  • With 40% cooldown reduction, Teemo can place 37 Noxious Traps before they start disappearing. (22 with no cooldown reduction)
  • Noxious Traps can be used to damage the baron if they are placed before attacking it.
  • Noxious Traps can be triggered by and damage stealthed units, but it will not reveal them (except Evelynn).
  • Noxious Trap's damage over time is considered a poison for Cassiopeia’s Twin Fang.
  • Noxious Traps cannot be placed inside structures, walls, or units and will be pushed to the side. This means you can put Noxious Traps over small walls such as baron etc.

  • Use in teamfights to slow and damage multiple enemies
  • Use in bushes for global sight and to prevent ganks
  • Use to escape by placing down to slow enemies
  • Use as a way to start a fight by gaining the advantage from slows and damage.
  • Use to turn around situations, put down a Noxious Trap enemies who are after you, wait for the damage and slow then turn around with a blind and your damage to get the kill and escape the situation

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Ability Sequence

When I first started playing Teemo, I would skill him as follows:

> > (level 3) then > > > (until 18)

This meant that I would take Blinding Dart at level 1 for defence, Toxic Shot at level 2 as it is your main skill and Move Quick third for the utility.
In this order, maxing Blinding Dart before Move Quick means 4 things.
  1. Blinding Dart Mana cost increases
  2. Blinding Dart's Blind Increases
  3. Blinding Dart's Base Damage increases.
  4. Move Quick stays at base level giving a small movement speed boost.

By maxing Blinding Dart first, Teemo will be able to have a small burst outside of his auto attack range, whether this is to finish an enemy off or to add some harass, the damage it gives can be helpful where 1 auto attack does not equal as much damage.
Maxing Blinding Dart also gives us the added benefit of a longer blind. While many may see this as a benefit, it is how much efficiency you get out of it.
Say for example you are against a marksman (ADC). The longer blind duration would be the most helpful here, allowing you to dodge more of an enemy’s auto attacks and high damage. Another example for top lane would be Nasus it is more beneficial to take Blinding Dart against Nasus over Move Quick as if he is going to slow you to 99% with Wither then your movement speed is going to be useless, but blocking his next couple of auto attacks will give you more chance to live.

However, if you were to be up against someone like Rumble, Nidalee or Yorick, while the short 1.5 second blind might be helpful for dodging that 1 attack, how many more auto attacks will that champion put out on you? Yorick is going to harass you with his souls, Nidalee with her spears, etc. While they might hit you with 1 auto attack every once in a while, that’s all they are going to do.

In effect, we can save points from giving us diminishing returns on our Blinding Dart and put them into something more helpful like Move Quick, our movement speed buff.
This will allow us to:
  • Kite better
  • Be more mobile (dodging attacks)
  • Roam faster
  • Escape quicker

With your Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed runes and your Move Quick, you can move much, much quicker, making it easier to harass, escape or whatever else you would like to do.

While this may be helpful against a lot of champions, you may find that champions with gap closers simply just ignore your awesome speed boost. Thus again, giving us diminishing returns.

So, in conclusion (TL;DR)

Start with
If you want to stay safe


If you’re not in danger, and can safely poke/last hit


> > >
If you are up against someone who deals no auto attack damage, and/or has no gap closer


> > >
If you are up against someone with a gap closer and/or has high auto attack damage and/or is squishy and you can benefit from the extra Blinding Dart damage. Such as Nasus or an ADC

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Noxious Traps (Mushrooms)

This would be the section where I would have pictures of where to put Noxious Traps, however, due to the changes to the bushes and the vision changes, I will have to get a new map to work on. So for now, you will only see the old images by ferrovial and some new text.

Basically, Just drop them like hot potatoes. (if you have one, put one)
It's not a bad idea to keep one on you at all times either, for an emergency ward or an escape.

Your Noxious Traps are much more than damage. If you want to play Teemo successfully, you have to learn to place Noxious Traps at key locations so as to ward objectives in maps. Let me be more accurate, instead of only damage, Noxious Traps offer a small area where you can see, so that they effectively act as wards. You can also count in the fact, that every time an enemy is damaged by them, for the duration of the slow and the damage, you are granted sight of them. Now you may ask, what does this mean? Well a good Teemo, provides his team with supreme map awareness by placing Noxious Traps all over the map.

Put them in bushes or areas where enemies autopathing will walk into (on the edges of walls)

Some good areas are places such as the top brushes, enemies who walk in here can be kited easily, giving you a good opportunity to attack. It will also show you if enemies are about to gank you through the lane.

As usual, ward the tri-brush and the river brush, and as any other places as you can.

If you’re playing with someone who can jump to wards such as Lee Sin, Katarina, or Jax etc, putting utility wards for them can be helpful to help them travel the map faster or to escape situations. countless times I could have lived by Shunpo'ing to Noxious Traps if one was actually there.

Try to place as many Noxious Traps as you can before you level up your Noxious Traps, this will save you mana, and still allow you to deal just as much damage.

Vision Range of Mushroom

Will show if enemies are in tri-brush will slow if they go through the center or give vision if they creep through the side

Place these here to give vision of baron, and anyone walking past. You also want to have one in the pit where enemies won't step into in-case they start baron and get rid of the Noxious Trap at the front.

Correct placement of Noxious Traps on the dragon. you need to put the Noxious Traps closer to the baron and not just the entrance so you can have vision of him. This can also be applied to baron.

Every Bush!

The below is wrong placement of Noxious Traps in mid river brushes. The reason is that good players, if the enemy has a good teemo, rarely enter brushes right in the middle, they usually enter it from the edge.

This works effectively, getting most enemies who decide to walk through. It is costly though.

This also works, but some enemies may be able to sneak through the sides or the middle.

Remember to also protect buffs when you wonder past them. hiding a Noxious Trap can also give vision of enemies who are trying to get the buff.

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Here I will try to analyse the items that I take and the reasons behind them.

At Spawn

This is a good standard start for Teemo. Many champions do not really benefit from Boots in their laning phase, but with buying Boots, having your Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and your Move Quick passive will make you so much faster and mobile than the enemy, allowing you to kite and dodge skillshots.
You can get this when the enemy has skillshots or suffers from fast moving champions.
With the new trinket, you now don't need to buy a ward anymore, so you can afford to have full sustain.

If you are up against a really heavy AD opponent, you may pick this up. However be weary that this does not build into anything in our build unless you plan on buying Ninja Tabi
Get this when you are against heavy ad and you need the extra tankyness and sustain.

I've seen high elo streamers build this against high damage lanes, to survive with Teemo's squishiness.
This is similar to Cloth Armor in the same was as Doran's Blade vs. Long Sword the Doran's Shield gives a lot of stats, including high sustain, attack reduction and health. Against AA dealers, Doran's Shield is really useful for blocking damage. It can also help against people with a much higher auto attack range.

Doran's Blade Has become a better starting item for more champions. It now gives 3 health per hit for ranged champions. You can take this against an ADC bot, or a top laner if they are not tanky/high sustain over time
Get this when you are playing in bot lane, or
Get this when you are playing against someone that isn't tanky or has high sustain over time

Get this for the same reasons you are buying Doran's Blade but if you are looking for more on demand health and more damage.
Be warned it does not give the same amount of sustain and tankyness overtime, however, you will have an extra 2 AD and be able to heal 450 health over 45 seconds if need be.

Early Game

You have 2 Trinket options on Teemo

Stealth Ward - Buy this at level one, and it will give you a free 60 second ward every 120 seconds. This means that instead of buying a Stealth Ward at level one, you can spend your money on other things like extra Health Potions.
Sweeping Lens - After you have your Noxious Traps to ward the area for you and protect you, you can sell your Stealth Ward for something that can be more of use. Your Sweeping Lens will allow you to counter the wards and trinkets that they use, so that your side is warded against their ganks, while they have no vision for your jungler's ganks. It will also be more helpful for your team in the late game.

You have 3 boots options on Teemo

Berserker's Greaves - Gives additional attack speed on Teemo. Can be very helpful and is the cheapest to upgrade. Take when you are winning your lane.
Mercury's Treads - These boots will help you survive cc and magic damage. you can take these against a high cc/magic team if you wish to survive in team fights longer, 20% attack speed will not hurt you that much if you can’t live in a fight
Ninja Tabi - Same as Mercury's Treads. I recommend you only buy these against a high ad heavy team, or if you are losing.
If you are planning to buy these, buy Cloth Armor to start with.

Item Explanations

Frozen Mallet I will say is not the best item right now, while there are other items that are better for other champions, Frozen Mallet is still a good item for specific kits or champions, such as on-hit builds.
However, the nature of Frozen Mallet means that the slow will help you do additional damage against them, because you can just keep kiting them and they will find it really hard to escape/trade damage, and this justifies the high cost of the item. Don't forget, it does give you a good amount of AD and 700 health. With the removal of Phage from Frozen Mallet's build path, it means you can buy Bilgewater Cutlass for the early game slow, and allowing you to have more choice on which basic items you can take to lane to help you win.

Wit's End has received a recent buff, moving Malady's magic resist shred to Wit's End, increasing damage dealt. This is a great item for Teemo, since it deals 42 damage every hit, increases attack speed and magic resist. Overall Wit's End synergises well with our whole kit, increasing our total damage output and providing us with some tankyness.

Blade of the Ruined King is basically the season 3 version of Madred's Bloodrazor, except with new drawbacks and advantages. Blade of the Ruined King now deals 5% of the enemies current health as physical damage as opposed to 4% of the enemies maximum health as magic damage. With Blade of the Ruined King will deal less damage, (as enemies have more armour than magic resit) and the fact that it is current health means that the lower health the enemy gets, the less % damage you will do. However, we now have a better build path, an item active that helps us kite more and gives us some burst, as well as some sustain, all for 600 less gold. Was it a good change? Well not for Teemo anyway, but we can't do anything about that now.
Just like before, the more attack speed you have the more damage this item deals, and our build helps maximise that. However you must also note that the less health the enemy has the less damage the blade will do to them, so it is often not the best idea to buy this item early on, and wait it out until your enemies have gained some health.

Guardian Angel One of the best defence items available. It provides 50 armour and 40 magic resit, providing natural tankyness across the board, from all damage dealt. On death, it revives you with 30% of your maximum health (763 health at level 18 with Frozen Mallet), allowing you to escape from fights, or let your allies come to save you. Also note, that the defense stats increase the effectiveness of your lifesteal, meaning you will survive longer in fights. If you find that you are getting busted down by AP carries, and still need that armour for all that other physical damage, than this is the item you want to get.

Runaan's Hurricane, being a new addition, synergises well with any on-hit build, because unlike the AD portion of it (which gets reduced by 50%), it still applies on-hit effects. This means that all the 3 targets that you are attacking will be hit by:
30% slow, 42 magic damage and reducing every targets magic resistance by 5, 5% of current HP and your Toxic Shot


Enchantment: Furor - Best boot buy on Teemo. Allows really good kiting.
Enchantment: Alacrity - Allows to travel map faster, however I prefer either Enchantment: Furor or Enchantment: Homeguard to these as Enchantment: Alacrity do not give as much of a benefit
Enchantment: Distortion - Take if you have Ghost or Teleport and you want to split push/tp to lanes more. Be wary that other boots can be more beneficial
Enchantment: Homeguard - Take when you are losing or when you need to go back and defend lanes quicker.
Enchantment: Captain - You want to help yourself, not others (as greedy as that sounds) leave these for the support to buy as you should be the one that needs to land the slow from Frozen Mallet.

Oracle's Lens - In my opinion, this is a good trinket upgrade for Teemo late game as you will be able to assist your team in taking out wards, you do not really need your own ward as you have your mushrooms
Greater Stealth Totem - This will give you a free ward every 120 seconds, the increased range can be useful for various areas, so if you find that they are taking your mushrooms out too quickly, this can help
Greater Vision Totem - This also is not a bad trinket to get, but it is situational. If their has stealth, then this can be useful to place down in fights, or in places where the enemy is unlikely to pass.

First back

Vampiric Scepter/ Bilgewater Cutlass - Build this if you need the sustain. Bilgewater Cutlass will provide an active slow when you use the item. (Remember to use it!)
Ruby Crystal/ Giant's Belt - With the change to Frozen Mallet, it allows you to have a simpler build path, allowing you to build a Ruby Crystal or a Giant's Belt if you are behind. You should never build damage if you are losing your lane.
Recurve Bow/ Null-Magic Mantle - Start to build this if you are against a magic damage lane top.

Building your first damage item

Start to build Blade of the Ruined King as your second item if you see the enemy team is building hp. Make sure you have Boots before completing this. Basically the more health they have, the more damage you do, and the more the item is worth. So only build this early if they are rushing something like Warmog's Armor.
If the enemy team/your lane is high in magic damage, build a Wit's End after Boots. You can also choose to pick up Bilgewater Cutlass for the added slow/sustain if you need it.

Build a Frozen Mallet as your first main item (if not against a magic lane)
It is never a good idea to build more damage items when you are losing. You will just die too quickly to use them and feed more. Frozen Mallet will still help you output damage, while giving you health, since the perma-slow will allow kiting and poking.

Either way, Frozen Mallet is still a really good first item because it gives tankyness, damage and slows, allowing you to destroy anyone who gets in range for an attack.

Mid game items

So far, you would have bought Boots and a Bilgewater Cutlass or some defensive item if you were losing like Ruby Crystal/ Giant's Belt, and you have either upgraded into Frozen Mallet or you are building into a Wit's End.

It is recommended that you get Blade of the Ruined King as a second or third item, unless your enemy laner is stacking health straight away. This is because you will not see a high amount of damage come out of your 5% health unless they have a good amount of health. Just as flat heals are better for lower health with high armour, % damage is good against low armour and high health.

Late game items

By now you should have built second tier boots, and a Blade of the Ruined King, Frozen Mallet, and Wit's End. Now you should be choosing between building more pushing and teamfighting power with Runaan's Hurricane, or more defensiveness with Guardian Angel
Generally, Guardian Angel should be your 5th item.

Runaan's Hurricane should not be built during laning phase. It only pushes your lane and does not offer anything else apart from attack speed.

Final Build

Your end build should consist of 2nd Tier Boots, Frozen Mallet, Runaan's Hurricane, Wit's End, Blade of the Ruined King, and Guardian Angel. Allowing for a good amount of sustain and defence, while still having a great amount of kiting power and damage.

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Situational Items

Now, the items in the normal build should be the standard you are going for every match. They will give the most damage against whole teams with Runaan's Hurricane. But if need be to build when in danger, here are a few items may help in the game but are not as effective 24/7

Defensive options to replace Guardian Angel with

Randuin's Omen - Has slows, health and armour. Very effective against people who kite. If a smart enemy player builds this, it will be very hard to kite them.

I'd just like to make a small comment here. This is one of the best items to build against someone who deals physical damage. It means no one will be able to kite you. You get health and armour, and an attack speed slow. Getting Thornmail is no where near as effective as having this item. Especially with all the armour penetration. So in general, if you ever need a good tank item against an AD team, this is the item for you.

Banshee's Veil - Get against a high magic damaging team. Offers health, and sustain. Spell shield can be helpful in most circumstances.
Warmog's Armor - If the team has high armour shred and low hp shred. Get this. Be warned though, Guardian Angel is better than Warmog's Armor if it's passive is up. This item will provide less effective health than Randuin's Omen against a physical damage dealer, but will also give you good sustain outside of battle.
Spirit Visage - The new Spirit Visage will greatly increase your sustain, building out of Spectre's Cowl. I reccomend getting a Spectre's Cowl early if you are losing against a magic heavy team, and then build into Banshee's Veil or Spirit Visage depending on their team comp. Picking up one early will help against poke and let you live in the lane for longer.

Other Offensive Options

Zephyr - Although this item provides no on-hit effects, it gives 10% movement speed, attack speed and tenacity. You can replace Runaan's Hurricane with this item, to allow you more single target damage and to travel the map faster. The tenacity is really effective if you do not have Mercury's Treads, but I would much rather prefer Mercury's Treads and Runaan's Hurricane, as you get more magic resist.
If you do decide to buy this item, and you are reaching the attack speed cap, sell your Berserker's Greaves and buy Ninja Tabi. The extra armour will help in fights, and its best not to waste gold or item slots.

Last Whisper - If you are aiming for more single target damage against high armour/health teams, replace hurricane with this, however do not build this if you have not built Blade of the Ruined King. I would much rather prefer going with the standard build, as the amount of physical damage you do is not as high as other players who build this item. You can benefit much more with an attack speed item rather than an armour reducing item that only benefits half your kit.

Black Cleaver - This is on the fence. Black Cleaver is an item meant for champions who do physical damage with their skills, allowing them to quickly apply the stacks. It does not benefit you as much as other items, however, just like Wit's End it reduces their resistances for your team, meaning that you enhance your team's damage as well. Only take this item if you participate in teamfights and if you bought Runaan's Hurricane, since it will let you apply it to 3 different people. This is a good item if your whole team are physical damage dealers, but there are better choices otherwise. Again not the best choice, but still a viable niche one.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - While this is not the best item to get, and not a recommended one, It can be useful at times. If you replace Frozen Mallet with this, it will allow you to pin down targets from a longer range, but it won't let you kite them and make them stay in range. However, In exchange, it offers better damage on your spells, and a stronger slow on your Q, and your traps. Again this is very situational, since we are building On-hit Teemo, not AP Teemo.

Trinity Force - With the changes to Phage, Trinity Force now does even more tons of damage, since after a spell cast, the next attack does 200% of your base AD, meaning that you will do the same amount of damage, even if you build full tank, the Trinity Force damage will still do the same amount of damage as it would be when building full AD.
The changes to Phage will give you additional movement speed with every autoattack, allowing you to move around the field faster and chase enemies easier. (However, you must consider that this speed is halved for ranged champions) Unlike the slow from Frozen Mallet this doesn't help your team. It is more of a selfish item, and it won't stop them from running away, but just help you catch up. However, with all the stats that come with the tons of damage, you do lose some of the gold efficiency, and you don't really benefit from the AP, or critical chance, and the money that goes into those stats could be spent elsewhere. This is a good pickup depending on their team comp, you can replace Frozen Mallet with this, however, you won't be as tanky, and won't have a slow that will benefit your team.

Entropy - I tried this item after I got requested to write about it and basically, if you want to get this, replace Frozen Mallet with it. Its an "on demand" Frozen Mallet, with red buff. You sacrifice a perma-slow and tankyness for a 5 second red buff and a slow, which applies to all enemies hit with Runaan's Hurricane. It gives extra damage, and provides more heals. However I found it hard to use it appropriately, as it had more of an "all in" approach, and since there are so many people together on aram, its hard to use and kite down someone. However, the extra movement speed from the rage passive is a nice thing to have and can be very useful, as it just lets you kite down enemies. But, because of the small map and everyone else around you, have a slow from Frozen Mallet is much more beneficial for you and your team.

Other items were not effective enough to consider adding but can be discussed. If you want to put an item up for discussion, you can ask me and I will write up about it.

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This was the area with heavy math that showed Teemo's damage in depth, but because of all the changes I have chosen to put it in a spoiler to make the guide look neater.
If you'd like to look go ahead as it still gives you a good example, however the stats may not be accurate.

Spoiler: Click to view

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AD vs AP vs On-Hit

Attack Damage Teemo

Let’s first start with my own opinion on why AD Teemo is a really bad choice and not viable in the current Meta.

Firstly, he has NO AD scaling. No matter how much AD he builds, he has no skills that are empowered by building AD.

But Tristana has no ad scaling abilities? Why does she perform so well?
Well, because like many other AD Carries, Tristana has an attack speed steroid. Almost every AD carry has some sort of component that they can benefit from by building AD. Tristana on this hand has a 90% attack speed buff ( Rapid Fire). Caitlyn has high AD scalings on her skills, and a 150% damage steroid as her passive. Now let’s look at what steroids Teemo has:
40% attack speed buff after standing still for 2 seconds.
That’s it. There is no other way to empower your attack damage apart from standing still, and not taking any damage, unable to attack for 2 seconds. now if you want to stand still, letting the enemy to get away so you can get an attack speed buff that is not even going to benefit your damage in anyway, is your choice, but it sounds really stupid to me.

Secondly, Teemo has a mere range of 500. That is by far one of the shortest ranges, and the shorter your range, the more disadvantaged you get in bot lane as an AD Carry. You will get out-poked and have a hard time trying to get cs.
But Sivir also has 500 range? Why isn't she so bad?
Well it happens to be that Sivir also has a movement speed buff every time she hits an enemy and HUGE AD scalings on her abilities. Same goes for Graves.

Now, I’m not saying that AD Teemo is impossible, but doing so will hinder his potential damage by a lot, not only affecting you, but also affecting your team. There are just much better options than Teemo for building AD.

Put it this way, are you going to let a an AP support deal their maximum 125% damage, or are you more willing to let a hypercarry spend their gold on items that will let them do 250% damage?

Note: I do have an Bot Lane Build for Teemo, But it doesn't build full AD. I'm only trying to show why building AD is a bad idea. Teemo can play bot lane, but he does have more difficulty.

Ability Power Teemo

AP Teemo has long existed in league, allowing his Toxic Shot to hurt more, his Blinding Dart to be a nuke, and his Noxious Traps to be those annoying traps that chunk your health outside of battle.
With the new season 3 items, it has made AP Teemo much more viable than he was before.

However, you must consider, that part of the reason he is viable, is because of the map poke that he gives off while fighting, resulting in enemies appearing with low health because they walked into a trap, or enemies having to recall to get back to full health. Yes on the rare occasion you are going to catch out someone and kill them, but his Noxious Trap damage outside of fights is un-reliable, only making enemies back, and not securing kills.
On the other hand, you must also consider that people aren't stupid. They will buy Oracle's Lens and clear out your Noxious Traps in obvious areas, making them pointless. The higher elo you go, the less useful your “OP” Noxious Traps will be.

Also be aware, due to the changes in Patch 4.3 and Patch 4.4 Teemo's AP burst has been reduced, so do not expect to see the same damage come out as he once had in previous patches.

Farming with your Noxious Trap may feel awesome, but you could do the same without them. Not to mention Runaan's Hurricane shreds down minion lanes.

Now you are left with your Blinding Dart, and your Toxic Shots.

AP Teemo is also kind of on the fence here. Sure you can Blinding Dart for a lot of damage once every 6 seconds, but most of the time you'll only be able to do that twice, maybe 3 times in a fight. A lot of mages either have sustained damage, or a high burst through multiple moves. Teemo doesn't really have that. Sure you can one-hit most targets with a Q and an auto attack, but you have to be well in the game to be able to do that. And his only sustained damage is the 30% (60% with Nashor's Tooth and masteries) of your AP with every hit. While this may sound good, why should you only do 135 magic damage every hit (assuming 80 Magic Resist) (when/if you have 500 AP)? not to say the least, but you also need to be in range for that damage, and for it to be sustained you need to lock your target down. If you’re in that 500 range, then they are also most likely in the range to kill you putting you in danger since not to mention that most AP Teemo’s have almost no tankyness or sustain apart from a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. And no, that extra 10% Dot from [[toxic shot] only applies if you hit the target once, your not going to be doing an extra 10% damage every hit, but just overtime every second.

Yes, AP Teemo is viable in some comps and he will hurt those who step in his traps, but his damage is kind of to one side or the other, and he doesn't have full burst until later in the game, (and you do sacrifice defence for this) or sustained damage without him being in danger, that other mages can have without buying specific items.

On-Hit Teemo

Now let’s talk about the benefits that On-Hit Teemo provides:
  • Huge kiting ability with Frozen Mallet and other on hit effects, able to shred down tanks and AD Carries
  • Sustained and reliable damage when enemies are continuously attacked by your auto attacks.
  • Able to kite down slowed enemies from Noxious Traps
On-hit is still the best way to get the best damage potential against a lot of 1v1's, allowing you to continuously shred opponent after opponent, and being able to use all parts of your skill set effectively, not to mention making the enemy have a hard time to build against you.

Disadvantages? Well there are some. But not as many, On hit Teemo is item dependent, and has little burst.

Overall, don’t even think about picking Teemo if you want to build full AD, but I don’t have a thing against AP Teemo if it works for you.

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Gameplay - Top/Bot - Early/Mid/Late

Teemo, being who he is, can go in most lanes.
However, his best lane in the current Meta is Top lane. Because he can out-harass his opponent and win the lane.
On the other hand, he can also be played at Bottom lane, but it is much more risky. You have a limited range and that hinders you a lot. You also have bad early game damage. However, if you manage to survive, your magic damage and your damage negating blind will help you win the lane.

I have provided a bot lane build with the guide, however finding success will not be as easy as it is in top lane.

Early Game

Play safe. You have no cc apart from your Blinding Dart and your Move Quick is still at low levels. Just stay back and try to poke with your Toxic Shot between farming, dodge spells with your Move Quick and use your Blinding Dart for poking or defense.

Level 6

When you reach level 6, you have some freedom. Start warding with your Noxious Traps, and if you do it right, you'll be very hard to gank. You can now play a bit more offensive, knowing that you have something to go back on. Use the power from your Frozen Mallet to kite enemies when you get a proc outputting more poke the more you hit. When the moment comes, kite them down to death.

Mid Game

During mid-game, you should have your Toxic Shots ranked to level 5, allowing you to deal some good poke, and giving you extra damage. You should also have about 1-2 full items, but this depends on the situation. You should have more opportunities to ward with your Noxious Traps, and if you've pushed out the enemy and taken their turret, find an opportunity to help other lanes. If you aren't going so well, do not rush for offensive items, start building defensively, such as picking up Frozen Mallet early, Wit's End for the Magic Resist and Guardian Angel (if you want to stop dying). Building offensive while losing does not benefit you at all, making it only easier for your enemy to snowball off you harder.

Late Game

At late game, you'll most likely have gotten your max build. You’ll have either destroyed both of the top lane turrets or picked up few kills here and there. Your objective? Join team fights, get a triple slow from your Runaan's Hurricane and kite down multiple enemies. You are an anti-adc. Your blind will out damage and destroy any ADC. Time and times again I assassinate ADC’s wondering around the map. They stop to fight me and die helplessly.

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Role in Game

When playing as On-Hit Teemo, you are pretty limited to how you can help your team, but you do have a couple of options.
  • Push Lanes (Top)
    You’re a great farmer, and you can stay top to take out the turret and you'll be safe and un-gankable providing that you ward with your Noxious Traps.
  • Contribute in team fights
    Your team fighting ability is limited by how fed you are. You can destroy AD Carries with your Blinding Dart and kiting, or once you get the Runaan's Hurricane you can hit multiple people at once. Consider this option if they have an auto attack reliant champion, such as Xin Zhao Use your Blinding Dart on him and he can't land his combo.
  • Ward whole map
    You have free 10-minute wards. Vision is very important and you can use this to help your team greatly. Just run around the map and plant Noxious Traps in good places, as mentioned in the guide above.

This is part of the reason why Teemo isn't seen in high level competitive play. He doesn't contribute much to the team unless he is fed, which is not easy to do.
However he is still a fun, viable champion to play in non-competetive play, and still very worthy of playing.

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Scores and Potential of the Build

Note: Feel free to me a message of a picture of your game if you feel that you went very well, and you may be featured here!
I will host them on my imgur to be permanently put in this guide.
Please either send your score from match history or from the lobby score in the formats below.

(Your awesome pictures will go here.)

Have you ever wondered about how to play Teemo correctly? Have you been fed up with builds like attack damage and ability power that do nothing at all? Or did you just see the title of the build and became interested in it...Well here's a taste of what people said about my build so far:

"Very nice guide, has epic damge and survives team fights. Scored a quadra today with this :)"
- Omnibuss

"Very good build, went 34/7 my first time with it"
- Hustla274

"I tried this guide and i have found it much better than the others.
Teemo is actually pretty strong killer with this build.
Thanks, nice one"
- Sirdiman

"Used to use more ap as teemo but this build is a lot more effective late game"
- Seraphnox

"Great build, I finally don't suck with Teemo anymore. Thanks :)"
- AllieC

"After switching from a hybrid Teemo build to this, I must say this is much smoother, the damage chips down any champ's health very fast and the additional magic resistance is a nice touch. I prefer Exhaust to Ignite, but that's more like a personal preference."
- Dont

"Made an accoutn just to vote on this build. It made me score my first pentakill, had a 45/10/22 on a 70 minutes match and carried our team to victory. Very nice and highly recommended."
- Permfrost

The above and many other more people have found great success with this build. What about you?

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Disagreements and Trollvoting

Throughout the course of playing league, you are going to find people who disagree with you on various things. Now I'm not telling you to follow this guide like a bible, but I’m just saying that, in my opinion and through my calculations, this exact build will deal the most effective damage. Other items, no matter how nice they look, just don't offer that much to compete or just don't synergize as well with the build.

But being the internet, you are entitled to your own opinion, and that’s ok.

However, if you want to disagree, then rather than down voting the guide and posting something like:
"This guide sucks, ap teemo is much better. This guide is gay and isn't viable"

You could have just a little constructive criticism.
Though, try to stay on the point and not go on rants about how players who don't play like you are idiots. If you can just say "Well, I would disagree because X and Y" in your guide instead of going on two-sentence rants. Neutral and informant guides are a lot easier to read than a heavily opinionated and emotional ones, (and it goes the same for comments as well).

Again, if you don’t like something, and you want to disagree, feel free to discuss with me what the issue is and I can talk to you about it to try and give you a different point of view. I am willing to discuss all of the decisions made behind every part of the guide, and if I’m wrong, I will willingly change it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Note: If you don't see your question here, feel free to send me a message and ask any question and I will put it here!

Q: Is it bad if I place Noxious Traps close to each other?
A: Yes, because if you detonate more than 1 Noxious Trap, the DOT renews it's duration instead of staking for extra damage. It's best that you place mushrooms a little bit far from each other if you plan to damage enemies with them, so that the DOT from the one has expired, or at least is about to, and then the dot gets refreshed by the next Noxious Trap, allowing for maximum damage

Q: Does Toxic Shot DOT Stack?
A: Long story short: No it doesn't. It only stacks on Twitch. You only greatly utilise the initial damage on the target from toxic shot. You only see the DOT in its full potential if you happen to harass the enemy during laning phase.
However just like your Noxious Traps, attacking the enemy will re-apply the on hit effect and renew the dot part of Toxic Shot, making it last in the background for as long as you are attacking the enemy, and 4 seconds afterwards.

Q: How good is Doran's Blade?
A: With the new changes, Doran's Blade is a much better starting item than it was before. It provides a lot of passive sustain, 10 AD and a decent amount of health. While picking this up on Teemo is a good buy, and offers a good amount of sustain, you won't be as safe as you would with other items, and it won't build into anything else.

Q: Does waiting 2 seconds to activate camouflage help?
A: I myself have thought about this, and I did the calculations to figure it out using various calculators online. The results show that you should never stop attacking to gain the buff, as you will always lose damage to the target done. If you stop attacking for 2 seconds, you WILL NOT gain that damage back over the next 3 seconds with the enhanced attack speed buff, and you are always better off not stopping to activate the buff.

Q: Is it bad to put down too many Noxious Traps?
A: With the recent changes giving 10 gold to the kill of a trap, if you know that the area is Vision Warded don't put too many Noxious Traps in there, as they will be able to farm them for gold. You can once in a while put one in there for vision, and then if they try to get rid of them you can go into poke them. If they have true vision detecting items don't put down Noxious Traps in the open, instead only in bushes, as if they run in there without caution then there is a high chance that they will step on the Noxious Trap before they get to clear it.

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Changelog and To-Do

Change Log


12/08/2013 Guide Updated by xXCrazyBarksXx
13/08/2013 Changed Title, Edited Pro's & Con's, added date reference to changlog, changed some text on smite summoner spells
18/08/2013 Made some of the orange explanation text more readable
24/08/2013 Changed item builds, wrote about frozen mallet/phage changes, added more info to black cleaver
1/09/2013 wrote about Entropy, changed aram item build
5/09/2013 added in a picture of a Teemo score
21/09/2013 fixed a problem in the builds, removed Kitae's Bloodrazor from build
27/09/2013 fixed a wording mistake
1/10/2013 patch 3.12 - phage and trinity changes, talked about mushroom gold.
1/11/2013 patch 3.13 - Players screen is now tinted while stealthed and small other bugs have been patched.
2/12/2013 patch 3.14 (pre-season) - Made alot of changes to masteries, items, explanations, and pros and cons.
13/12/2013 patch 3.15 (pre-season) - Not many changes to Teemo this patch, only a 1 AD decrease to his masteries. Fixed a bug in the build items.
05/01/2014 - edited out a few more vision changes thanks to Nagash9000
22/01/2014 - updated guide to patch 4.1. No changes.
05/04/2014 - Moved masteries due to Spell Weaving bug fix in patch 4.2 on Teemo
- Patch 4.3 AP ratio change on Teemo's Mushrooms, Patch 4.4 Lich Bane changes, edited AP Teemo notes.
- Patch 4.5 Rune, Base Armour, Boots, and Summoner Spell changes. Edited notes to compensate.

To do:

  • Add videos
  • Add Photos
  • Edit and Upload mushrooms images.

(Message me what you want added!)

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