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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lara

Hide and Seek - Don't troll the Fun!

Lara Last updated on June 11, 2013
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The Hiders


The Seekers

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This is a guide to the popular unofficial custom game type Hide and Seek.
So, what is Hide and Seek?

I love playing cat and mouse

It's a DRAFT custom game type on the CRYSTAL SCAR.
2 seekers will team up to chase down and kill 5 hiders 5 times each before 40:00

Left side (Blue Team) hiders and Right side (Purple Team) seekers

The rules I provide are suggested ones. There are variants of rules. But the main objective is the same. Listen to the host and adjust to the rules accordingly.

This is also my only, and first guide made. So please understand it may not be of the best quality.

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How to Win

To have at least 1 hider die less then 5 times before 40:00. In which case the seekers should surrender afterwards.

To kill all 5 hiders 5 times each before 40:00. In which case the hiders should surrender afterwards.

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Where to play Hide and Seek?

Simple, just hit Play on your LOL client.

Click Custom -> Join Game -> Search for Hide and join one you like.


Click Custom -> Create Game -> Select the CRYSTAL SCAR, DRAFT MODE, name your game as Hide and Seek blah blah blah and click "Create" -> wait til you got 5 hiders and 2 seekers and click start game

Oh, on a side note. You must have at least 16 champions for use to start a custom game. So if you happen to be not having enough champs, just hit Shop and buy all those 450 IP champs til you have the number to play the FREAKING AWESOME HIDE AND SEEK!

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There are so many trolls these days playing hide and seek. And it just completely ruin the fun... ZZZ So PLEASE do follow the rules of Hide and Seek! >3<

The objective of this game is to ESCAPE FROM SEEKERS but NOT TO KILL/HURT THEM.... So use your brain... all pure damage moves are prohibited for hiders. You do NOT nuke them down nor kill them... Instead, you throw down CCs or haste etc. to escape from them or help an ally to do so.

The Rules for HIDERS

1) You do NOT capture the towers nor the points

2) You leave your base before 02:00 (Upgrading boots is allowed)

3) You have 5 lives. If you die for 5 times, you are out. And in which case you are
Blacka) NOT ALLOWED to interfere the game in any means
Blackb) You may go AFK, leave the game or spectate the game
Blackc) If you choose to stay in the game, you CANNOT walk into the jungle or the fog of war.

4) You are only allowed to shop at the start of the game or when you are dead.

5) 1-slow-item/team rule is applied, this includes active slows.
For example, if one of your teammates have already bought a Rylai's, then you are NOT allowed to buy ANY slow-effect-item such as Rylai's, Twin Shadows etc.

6) You are NOT ALLOWED to buy any pure damage items or any other items that have variants without the damage portion.
For example, Sunfire Cape is not allowed because there are better options, say hello to Randuin's Omen.
Refer to below for Banned Items.

7) You CANNOT AA (autoattack).

8) Slow items do NOT legitimize their respective use of naturally damaging moves. Why so? Imagine you are a seeker, and you are chasing a Rylai's Crystal Scepter Singed with his poison trail active... Your health bar will drop to 300 right away even without any other AP items...

blacka) Frozen Mallet does NOT legitimize autoattacks (AA). So in most cases don't bother buying this freaking black hammer. You will be dealing Phreak... tonnes of damage with that <.< And no you are not supposed blackto deal damage.
blackb) Rylai's Crystal Scepter does not legitimize pure damage moves, such as THAT Poison Trail

9) Remember the principle is to avoid nuking seekers. Some examples regarding AAing:
Blacka) CANNOT AA even with Frost Shot. You can only throw your Volley with Q applied.
Blackb) Can AA to stun. Only for that bear stance stun though.
Blackc) Err.. which one is the pig? Oh never mind. I mean the pig Sejuani can AA til the world ends... Go Black__ahead and AA all day 'cause the seekers can't even kill a hider this close. Yeah, right. Yet, you are not Black__allowed to build AD items like I said... you don't wanna hurt the seekers. You AA to escape(that sounds Black__legit).

BlackYou only AA to help out an escape, NOT TO POKE.

10) Only CC or Utility moves are allowed. Dash, reposition, slows, stuns, snares, heals, knockback, shield, haste, knock ups, silences and stealths are allowed. If any of you use skills like Final Spark, you lose 1 life right away.

11) Link CCs effects are NOT allowed. For example,
Black Brand's stun,
Black LeBlanc's sigil of silence
Blackare not allowed as the spells themselves are nukes.

12) 1 trap/bush rule is applied.

13) Clairvoyance, Ignite and Garrison are banned

14) At most 2 hiders/bush.

15) You have a grace period of 30 seconds to hide upon respawning after death. At which time, type "Grace" in all chat to tell the seekers. During your "grace" you are NOT supposed to be get stalked by seekers or attacked by them. However, if you use item/skills to assist an ally or CC the seekers, you are immediately out of grace.

16) You are NOT ALLOWED to camp in the fountain nor the inner staircase. Anywhere else is fine.

17) You may capture Storm shields, walk through speed shrines and pick up health relics.

18) Getting killed by fountain laser still counts as 1 death.

19) If you kill a seeker, you lose 1 life.

20) It is legit to use CC moves or utility moves to kill seekers who, for 3 seconds, don't stop moving nor starting his/her recall upon dropping below 300 health. And in which case, disregard rule 19).

21) You cannot interrupt a seeker's recall under any situation.

22) You are NOT allowed to return to base unless you lose a life.

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There are much less restrictions on seekers. And believe me if you break these rules you will probably never win because those hiders obviously would not let you and would instead put up a fight. What? You won square and fair and they still troll you? Doesn't matter, at least you had fun and showed those cowards your strength. ALWAYS have fun in hide and seek ^^

The principles of seekers' rules is to :
allow hiders to have enough time to hide,
protect you from getting killed by hiders (exclude those trolls)
and to balance some overpowered seeking potential.

1) You do NOT capture towers or points.

2) You can only leave your base after 02:00

3) You are expected to stand and recall right away once your health drops below 300. Otherwise, hiders may use CC/utility moves to kill you after 3 seconds, and they would receive no penalty for that.

4) If you drop below 300 health, you may risk getting killed and still continue to chase a hider. The kill is still legit but hiders may kill you that time as well.

5) One-slow-item/team rule is applied, including active and passive slows.

6) All items are allowed ( Oracle's Extract is only allowed after 15:00)

7) You may recall at any time to shop/heal as you please. When you do, hiders are NOT ALLOWED to interrupt. However, also note that you cannot fake recall unless you are interrupted by the hiders.

8) You can always walk through speed shrines, pick up health relics and storm shields. However, hiders are allowed to interrupt your storm shield capture.

9) You are allowed to use all skills.

10) Clairvoyance and Garrison are banned for seekers.

11) After the hiders respawn, they have a grace period during which you are not allowed to follow/stalk/attack/CC that hider. But if that hider in grace use items/skills to assists an ally's escape, that hider is immediately out of grace and you may do as you please.

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If you are playing as SEEKERS, you may just stick to your normal damaging runes etc. But getting some Movement Speed quin wonn't hurt either, your choice.

For HIDERS, er... runes huh? I do think you don't really need a special set of runes to win a game in hider and seek. But movement speed (MS) Quin is the only one that I recommend to use IP on. The MS buff is basically one and a half ...'s passive.

So you have some extra IP to spare? How about giving them to me? Er... I mean flat CDR then, or just some mana regen or mana for the likes of or perhaps? Doesn't really matter, just adapt to your favourite champion and his/her needs. But movement quin is pretty much staple.

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For SEEKERS, if your champions have enough CCs to lock down a hider, you can simply go with your usual damaging masteries. Adding points in the utility tree to get Nimble won't hurt though. Again, personal preference + depending on the champion.
Udyr may want some MS boost on the utility tree for example, while
LeBlanc may simply stick to 21/0/9 for the notorious burst + silence.
Generally, taking a hider's masteries won't be too bad either.

For HIDERS, pretty straight forward here. I usually take 5/0/25 'cause I like squishy hiders : , and .

You would pretty much always wanna have at least 21 points in the utility tree for the Nimble MS buff, another free .

Wanderer is pretty much a must have as well for another MS buff.

Summoner's Insight More flash...

Mastermind Even more Flashes and more Ghosts = More escape/chase

Artificer More Shurelya's Reverie, more Quicksilver Sash, more Twin Shadows, more blah blah blah. Very useful for either team buying active items.

Runic Affinity Storm shields... SPEED SHRINES OMG... no need to further I guess

Greed Yeah, Pot of Greed, two free cards yeh gg I mean the gold. More items... that's it. Less important compared to others.

Awareness 5/8 of an old man Excellent for those who need to hit 6 as soon as possible. Kassadin, Nidalee etc.

Intelligence Soz I lack the intelligence to spell that word ToT. Anyways, free CDR, more stuffs, more tricks free of charge.

Nimble As mentioned above.

So in the Offence... er... tree...

Summoner's Wrath Better ghost. Or improved Exhaust (meant to be for seekers).

Sorcery Another free CDR reduction.

Defence Tree

Summoner's Resolve if you are taking Heal, Barrier for whatever reason... or Cleanse

Relentless Reduced slow effects is AWESOME, but first, reduce some of your own from Nimble ... zzz

Just try it out and you will find out what you prefer. Tanky hiders may wanna invest more points in the Defence tree though I don't like that idea.

Guide Top

Banned Items and Suggested Items

Banned Items

Principle: Defensive in nature, avoiding damage (for hiders). / Prevent too potent seeking potential (for seekers).

Sunfire Cape (For hiders)
Thornmail (For hiders)
Pure damaging Items or too potent damaging items such as Wooglet's Witchcap (For hiders)
More than one Rylai's Crystal Scepter and/or Frozen Mallet (Both hiders and seekers)
Oracle's Extract before 15:00 (For seekers)

Some don't allow Guardian's Angel on hiders. I don't see the reason why. I believe it's just another free meant to be killed after the revive anyways. But do ask the host and seekers before you purchase this item.

I may miss a few, will add so later.

Suggested Items

For SEEKERS, the item build is depending on your champion and your play style. However, don't just build MS or utility and neglect damage items. You should focus on damaging items as well.

Belows are some suggested staples for seekers
Boots of Swiftness + Upgrade with Alacrity. More speed to chase simple. This is generally better than Boots of Mobility as it provides a constant speed to chase.
Hextech Sweeper Critical against some troublesome traps Noxious Trap OMG, or just to get vision on a fleeing hider. Also grants some Ability Power(AP), Cooldown Reduction (CDR) and Movement Speed (MS). Great item all in all.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Frozen Mallet SLOWS... nuff said. 1/team only though. Get either one to help lock down a hider. Rush one is suggested.
Twin Shadows Slow + Vision, and AP, CDR , MS... again, if you bought any slow items, don't buy a second one.

For HIDERS, like I said before, NO PURE DAMAGE ITEMS PLS...

Below are suggested ones for hiders:

Boots of Swiftness + Upgrade with Alacrity. More speed to run... this is generally better than Boots of Mobility as the former provided a steady MS buff while the later one will decline upon getting hit/delivering CCs etc.
Hextech Sweeper Critical against some troublesome traps Noxious Trap why the **** are you AGAINST a seeker anyways? Also grants some Ability Power(AP), Cooldown Reduction (CDR) and Movement Speed (MS). Grants vision on seekers for safer fleeing route. Crucial item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Twin Shadows SLOWS... nuff said. 1/team only though. Get one to help lock down seekers. Coordinate with your team so that only one of you will buy it. Twin Shadows also grants MS and CDR too.

Shurelya's Reverie Almost a must-rush-and-must-have for every hiders. CDR, Area Speed boost. I always rush this item unless I am against the wolves and or the ball .

Quicksilver Sash The active will save your "S" from Warwick's ult, Rammus's 3 second death taunt and all the CCs... Rush this if you are against any one of them. Oh, and a bonus MR and a free speed boost to melee champs as well if you upgrade it to Mercurial Scimitar

Randuin's Omen For the more tanky hiders. The Cow , and etc.

Frozen Heart Again, for more tanky hiders who needs the CDR, mana and attack speed reduction. Say Alistar...

Zephyr How could I EVER FORGET this item? Gives you MS, CDR, AND CC reduction. One of the must haves for hiders. Stacking this gives you the extra stats, but the CC reduction part won't stack though. But still a viable choice stacking it.

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While there are some rules regarding some prebanned champs in hide and seek, not many are aware of them and so let's assume we don't have any prebanned champs and ask the host in advance if possible.

Example of Pre-banned Champions:

Suggested ban for SEEKERS
Almost always these three unless the host say they are prebanned or none of the hiders have these champs:

Other suggested bans:

Suggested bans for HIDERS:

Sample Pick and Bans for Hide and Seek
Picks & Bans
Don't Troll 1
Don't Troll 2
Don't Troll 3
Don't Troll 4
Don't Troll 5
Don't Troll 6
Don't Troll 7

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Tips for Hiders


You want to pick champions with Stealth abilities, dash, haste, CCs, blink, etc.


Teamwork really helps for all of you to survive to 40:00 and carry to victory. So don't ditch your teammates behind. Help if you can. While some champions are meant to be solo hiders that don't have the much to help their teams out, such as , most have the tools to save the teammates AND themselves. So pop your shurelya's reverie or throw your Ethereal Chains to help a teammate out whenever possible. Or at the very least, distract the seekers without putting yourself in real danger.

General Tips

Where to Hide?
Nowhere to hide

Below are various popular places to hide
Jungle: Any bush, preferably near a speed shrine.
Outer Ring: Inner areas of the Refinery, the Windmill, the Drill, the Boneyard, the Quarry and the two bushes on the bottom of the map.
Staircase: The outermost staircase of either team's fountain.

How to Hide
All of the above places are in the fog of war. But make sure you are NOT EXPOSED when travelling there.
Dashes such as Shadow Dash or even your valuable Flash can place you in all 4 outer ring areas (except the Windmill) without being seen.
Stealth abilities such as Ambush can place you in all 5 of the outer ring areas and the 2 bushes at the bottom of the map without being seen. However, beware that the tower and the area near the storm shields WILL REVEAL any stealthed units in the area. So avoid moving on them.

The Run
So, what you can do to help out your own escape besides throwing out all the CCs?
Two things: Juke and Misdirection

Juke: An art of changing direction or moves that may prevent seekers from landing CCs/attacks on you or to gain some ground in an escape so that you can make it away alive.

Examples: Fizz's Urchin Strike. You are staying in a bush or just entered a bush in an escape from a seeker, and you see the seeker about to facecheck the bush you are in. Instead of running away from the seeker, hit Urchin Strike onto the seeker's face and run to the other direction. You may then consider to Playful / Trickster away to dodge any incoming CCs, gain some ground or to screw up the seeker's skill/movement command.

Not only Fizz, other agile champions can also do this simply walking, just that it is less effective than the trickster. You may also walk around a wall to break line of sight, then turn around to achieve similar results.

Misdirection: Simple as that, misdirection. Try to mislead the seekers to make them think you went that way.

Example (with spells): Clones, such as mirror image. Use ALT + Right Click to control your clone to move the other way than you do. Simple as that. Or, hit Deceive to the opposite direction you were moving.

Example (simply movement command): Move towards a bush, after you went in and break line of sight, turn around or move in lateral directions.

Example (with item's active): Use the active of hextech sweeper on the opposite way to where you are actually running. However, you have to make sure the seekers can't see the real direction you are going. may also achieve similar results.


1) If you are using a Dash ability, say Riftwalk, preferably you should jump over walls instead of just gaining some ground. However, do so if you need to avoid an incoming nasty CC or damage.

2) Do not take heal points when not necessary. The opposing team can see that the heal point has disappeared on the minimap. And thus exposing the fact that a hider must have been there. But if you do need to take the heal point, move away from that spot as soon as possible.

3) Don't stay in the same hiding spot over and over. The seekers will discover the pattern.

4) Don't keep on moving around. Find a spot to hide. Only move when you feel you are in serious danger such as the seekers (will be) moving to your direction.

You will discover way more as you progress. It's all about experience and style of playing ^^

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Tips for Seekers

For the Seekers, mainly two things: Champion and Teamwork.

You always want to pick a champion with a lot of CCs, dashes or hastes etc. Seriously, the likes of Mordekaiser are just complete **** in hide and seek. You want someone with loads of CCs, say Blitzcrank or Rammus or someone with a lot of chasing potential, like Lee Sin and Kassadin. And I find it pretty essential to always have at least a skill that allows the seeker to check the outer ring area unnoticed. Whether it's a Distortion or Riftwalk it doesn't matter.

Teamwork, yeah it really is the thing in EVERY GAME. You don't want to spread and find your own targets nor to follow each other's tails in a chase. Cooperate with your teammate! It's the two of you! Ping to your teammate where you want an assist in cutting off an escape.

One of my favourite strategy is to have one seeker check an area, with another seeker waiting an the escape route in a bush or the fog of war. And this is HIDE AND SEEK rofl. The poor hider will very likely to run to your face and get bursted facepalmed ( LeBlanc is really great at that job). But yes they may juke to your teammate's side, in that case, have your teammate use skills to check the bush instead of facechecking. The hiders will often run to you instead.

Right where I want them.

1) Try to rush a hextech sweeper, it helps against juking. Vision!!! It's all about vision. Know what they know, see what they see.

2) Avoid moving out of the fog of war. This is VERY CRUCIAL for seekers. You do NOT check an outer ring area simply walking from one place to the other. This is D-U-M-B. You are telling them "I'm gonna check that area you noobs, stay and don't run." But if you do expect them to wait for your arrival, then gg you are one innocent guy/girl I wanna meet. Oh what's more is that they will probably leave some poop... presents behind before they leave, whether it's a bunch of yummy mushrooms or cupcakes, or . So enjoy your meal.

3) Preferably, always target ONE killable hider only (usually someone without dash and haste, say Lux). Don't waste spells on others that are just trying to divert your attention.

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Popular Hiders and Tips

If you'd like to play with me, you'd better be sure you know the game

Skills allowed: Charm Spirit Rush
Overall Rating: 5/10

Gameplay Tips:

Spirit Rush is on CD: You don't have much tools to escape without your ult. Try to stay with some team hiders, like Janna or Alistar. Make sure you land your Charm as it's your only chance of escape. Avoid getting too close to "teamfights".

Spirit Rush is up for use: You now have the tool for safe escape. You may ult into position to land a 2 second Charm, pop a shurelya's reverie and get the hell away asap with your ult.

General Comment

I don't recommend Ahri as her survivability is poor without her ult. And some persistent seekers such as Udyr will still get you even if you ulted 3 times away. But her ability to dash to the outer ring area unnoticed is still valuable.

Through Twilight's veil

Skills allowed: Twilight Shroud Shadow Dash
Overall Rating: 6/10

Gameplay Tips:

Twilight Shroud Your biggie to rely on. Dump it to slow down seekers for you/teammates to escape. And more importantly stealth yourself to travel to the outer ring area unnoticed. You may want dump your veil in between different bush so that you can choose which safe way to run. However, after 15:00 when the seekers get oracles or hextech sweeper, you are in big trouble. Hide with teammates that can help CC the enemy.

Shadow Dash Your juke. Not the best skill though. Dodge skillshots with it if possible. Usually not very helpful as it requires an enemy target.

General Comment

Akali's survivability early game is really good with twilight's veil as seeker's probably don't have hextech sweeper nor Oracle's Extract that time. After the seeker's got these item, you are pretty dead and have pretty much no escape once spotted. The sooner you get away from the seekers, the better. So Flash if you need.

Nothing can hold me back

Skills allowed: All of them. You may want to level them up equally as all of the skills are critical.
Overall Rating: 8/10

Gameplay Tips:

Alistar is the best teammate hiders can hope for. The heal, the knock up, the push back. All that one needs to escape with.

In hide and seek, you don't want to land the notorious Headbutt Pulverize combo. Instead, you wanna knock one away with Headbutt, then Pulverize the other one up and runs the hell away. But if need to save a teammate, feel free to get into position with Headbutt and Pulverize both seekers up. Your job is to save your teammate and heal them up a bit. Try to hide with strong skillshots CCs or a vulnerable teammate. If you are hiding with Lux or Morgana and you are pretty much golden. Usually your teammates should shot their CCs after you use yours. You may Headbutt a seeker over a wall. This may backfire with an uncoordinated teammate's Flash or dashes though.

General Comment

Alistar is a good team hider with his loads of CCs and support skills. Always try to stay with teammate. You may wanna rush shurelya's reverie, then a Mikael's Crucible as you will have some mana issues. You may want to start with upgraded Boots of Swiftness or boot + [philosopher's stone]]. Build towards tankiness with some MS increase is recommended.

We're all connected

Skills allowed: Flash Frost Crystallize Glacial Storm
Notes: Max Crystallize first, only put one point in Glacial Storm
Overall Rating: 7/10

Gameplay Tips:

Anivia is about her ability to completely block off a path with Crystallize. Even at level 2, it can block most of the paths in the jungle. This can save herself and teammates easily against seekers who have already burnt their dashes. Anivia can also slow down seekers and potentially stunning them with Flash Frost and Glacial Storm. However, Anivia has no haste nor dashes, so stay with someone who can protect you or haste you, such as Lulu.

General Comment

Anivia doesn't have dashes, but Crystallize can block any seekers without dashes and mess up their movement commands. Don't let the seekers jump to your face as you are extremely vulnerable at that time.

I put the 'go' in 'golem'. That was humor. Other golems find that to be appropriately funny

Skills allowed: All are allowed. Only 1 point is allowed in Static Field
Notes: Max Overdrive first, then Power Fist and lastly Rocket Grab
Overall Rating: 6/10

Gameplay Tips:

The strength of Blitzcrank is that he can pull a seeker away from an endangered teammate, CCs the pulled seeker and runs the hell away. However, you should NOT casually walk to two seekers and knock one up with Power Fist as you are vulnerable against two seekers' focus fire. Stay with teammates or you are just a walking golem to be slaughtered.

General Comment

Having no dashes means he's not capable of hiding in the outer ring area. He has potential to save a teammate but this also make himself vulnerable during that time. Blitzcrank is better as a seeker than as a hider.

Don't be caught flat footing

Skills allowed: Yordle Snap Trap 90 Caliber Net
Notes: Level them up equally.
Overall Rating: 6/10

Gameplay Tips:

Caitlyn punishes uncoordinated and dumb seekers hard with her cupcakes and 90 Caliber Net. Caitlyn should plant her trap at narrow choke points to completely block them off to the seekers. Place two Yordle Snap Traps if necessary. Yet this may also hint to the seekers that you are nearby or, at the very least, travelled there. Besides camping in the jungle surrounded by traps, you can hop to outer ring with your 90 Caliber Net. Place traps near that area, preferably in the bush or behind the corner of the wall. If the 2 seekers foolishly moves to your position outside of the fog of war, say byebye to them by hopping to the other side and run away.

You may set up false traps to misdirect them into thinking you went in a false direction.

If you are getting chased by a seeker, try to walk to a bush. Then, place a trap in it. The seeker will probably step on the trap. This trick is not going to work forever though. However, if you notice that the seekers are aware of this trick and decide to stay out of the bush, you can instead stay in the bush and juke to the opposite direction after the seeker overextends. This can increase your chance of escaping. Yet, against two coordinated seekers, you are still going to have trouble.

General Comment

Caitlyn needs plans to escape. Always try to plot your escape in your mind when running. Place down traps forehand to either give you warning with vision or distractions. If you are in melee range of a seeker, you are pretty much dead. Ask your teammate to run to your traps for help but not to your face.

The night is my veil

Skills allowed: Dark Frenzy Agony's Embrace
Overall Rating: 10/10

Gameplay Tips:
Find a hide and seek group that does not pre-ban Evelynn. Persuade the seekers to not to ban her. Then, pick her. Wait for seekers to go AFK or FFs.

General Comment

Did you just pick Evelynn? Er... troll or gg, your pick.

They won't catch me

Skills allowed: Urchin Strike Playful / Trickster Chum the Waters
Notes: Level Playful / Trickster first. Take and level up Chum the Waters whenever possible. max Urchin Strike second.
Overall Rating: 8/10

Gameplay Tips:

Fizzzzzzzz zzz. Fizz is all about one thing, the freaking Playful / Trickster. Fizz has access to the outer ring areas with Playful / Trickster but it may be difficult with its 400 range. But it works if you are exactly at the edge. Most of the time you will find yourself using Playful / Trickster to dodge nasty spells like Reckoning or Null Sphere. While the chance is rare, let Fizz drops on his own to land the slow of Playful / Trickster may be viable. Though often you just wanna get the hell out as soon as possible as you are also exposing yourself defenseless against the seekers. Hop over walls, juke with Urchin Strike, save butts with Chum the Waters. Play careful early game without a significant amount of CDR.

General Comment

You really need CDR. When attempting to save a teammate, dump a shark and pop a shurelya's reverie and runs the **** away. If you waste Playful / Trickster, prepare to get bursted.

I ain't got me ground legs yet, landlubber!

Skills allowed: A level 1 Parrrley Eat oranges Remove Scurvy Raise Morale Cannon Barrage
Notes: Only take a level 1 Parrrley for a distanced passive slow, you still can NOT AA. Max Raise Morale first. Take Cannon Barrage whenever possible (I don't recommend leveling it up as it only reduces the CD by 5 seconds... but oh well I know you hiders won't feel at ease not leveling some free damage up... >.>). Max Remove Scurvy next.
Overall Rating: 6/10

Gameplay Tips:

Avast, me hearties. Me me the plankplank pirate. Ya landlubbers know why me Roger is so Jolly? Jus' raise da morale and run like a puzzy cat. Why me raise morale to run away? 'cause I ain't got me ground legs yet, ya landlubber. Me verryyy brave. Me no 'fraid of purple monster Malzahar ultimate. Eat oranges and me okay AHOY! Miss Fortune chasing me, eh? C'mere, me beauty! Hehehe. Shot her a Parrrley to slow her down. Me even got Cannon Barrage to help my pirate friends. Shiver me timbers!

General Comment

Thing about Gangplank is to eat oranges and raise morale to run. That sounds ironic to have morale to run lol but anyways. Gangplank can global slow with ults to help anyone out and his kit allows some escapes. However, he lacks the dash and needs to get out of trouble ASAP before Raise Morale times out. May not be the best choice but a viable one.

With ease

Skills allowed: Tailwind Howling Gale Zephyr...huh? Eye Of The Storm Monsoon
Notes: Max Zephyr ARGHHHH first... "W" I mean. Howling Gale is next, Eye Of The Storm last. Monsoon whenever possible.
Overall Rating: 9/10

Gameplay Tips:

Janna is REALLY STRONG as a hider. With Tailwind, all 5 of you hiders move at rocket speed. Your W makes you ignore unit collision that gives rise to CRAZY JUKES. Try to walk over a wall to break line of sight then casually shield yourself and walks back to the other direction. Sending them a free Howling Gale in the process. Janna's movement speed is unparalleled in the league. When chased, besides juking in the jungle, running to the outer ring areas is also very viable. Not many champs can catch you unless it is someone like Kassadin. Shield and Monsoon to save a teammate whenever possible. Most of the time you can still make your escape without even close to needing to burn your ult. Pushing seekers over walls are great but not necessary. Just run like in a marathon. I've tried running a round in the outer ring area without getting caught. Avoid using the active of your W unless you are the attention of the seekers or you know you can make it out without the speed boost. When helping your teammate, blow a and cast a , together with the pop on Shurelya's Reverie and the summon of and you should get everyone out alive without any problem.

General Comment

Prioritize movement speed and CDR. Hextech Sweeper is especially well on Janna while I believe you should let another seeker to grab Rylai's Crystal Scepter. You won't make much use out of Rylai's as Janna nor needs it as badly. Janna is also one of the few anti-traps hiders.

Classic misdirection

Skills allowed: Mirror Image Distortion Ethereal Chains Mimic
Notes: Max Distortion first, Mimic whenever possible, Ethereal Chains after mimic and distortion.
Overall Rating: 9/10

Gameplay Tips:

The Deceiver! >3 My most beloved hider pick. LeBlanc has the potential to make the seekers to look extremely ******ed, especially early to mid game. DAMN THERE IS TOO MANY I WANNA SAY!

Start with the use of
Distortion: As with all dashes, preferably you should dash through walls instead of just for distance, do so if you feel the need though such as being chased by someone like Gangplank or Teemo. Next, most importantly, DO NOT freaking return to your old spot every freaking time. Many seekers will simply pretend to chase you and then camp your return spot. I've seen many LeBlancs trying to use the juke to make seekers look stupid but instead make herself looks ******ingly stupid... >.> They end up return to the spot filled with preemptively cast CCs or spells. Instead, return only at the last moment or simply don't return. Your distortion range should be enough to get you away anyways. Double distortion with Mimic when needed. Feel free to Distortion into range to pop a shurelya's reverie for a running teammate, then return and run away.

Ethereal Chains: The lifesaver spell. If you land these chains, you literally save a life. Mimic the chains and chain a seeker twice in a row or chain two seekers at the same time like a boss. Proceed to type /l or /t in chat after that. Then distort away.

Mimic: It has a very low CD, spam the Distortion and Ethereal Chains, whichever you need.

Feel free to Distortion into range to land an Ethereal Chains to help a teammate. Some seekers will immediately move away from you to avoid the snare, and thus moving away from your running ally. In most of the case, however, you should return to your original spot or otherwise you will be left sitting near the seekers with your only remaining spell, Mimic on Ethereal Chains. Looking really stupid and doomed without wasting a summoner's spell.

Avoid a long run, LB is pretty slow and can't effectively deceive outside of the fog of war.

Move your Clone... it's possible to misdirect them with your clone. Either to simply have your clone to move to another direction. If you get caught with spells on cooldown, move until your health drops below 40% health, then press "s" and move your clone away. 90% of the time people will follow your clone and give you time to wait for CDs and run away. Late game this can hardly work as often they will burst both LBs right away. And don't use this trick too often lol or you know, most seekers aren't that brain-dead.

General Comment

LeBlanc has easy access to the outer ring areas with Distortion. Max CDR as soon as possible to get a free potentially double flash-- Distortion every 6 seconds (not even need to count Mimic). LeBlanc should help her team out early game as she has all the tools needed, such as babysitting a Kassadin to level 6. Late game LB should stay away from seekers as far as possible as she is squishy as hell.

You cannot cage me, summoner

Skills allowed: Bushwhack Pounce Primal Surge Aspect Of The Cougar
Notes: Level Bushwhack and Primal Surge up at the same time, may very depending on the situation though. Immediately take Aspect Of The Cougar once you hit six, but only put one point in it.
Overall Rating: 7/10

Gameplay Tips:

Prowl makes you a beast in the jungle. So try to stay in it unless it is completely inhabitable >.> say Rengar. Bushwhack all the choke points. Ask your team to babysit you until you hit level 6. Heal a wounded ally. Make a juke galore with your Pounce. And remember that Pounce can hop through a thin wall. Two things: Bushwhack everywhere, Pounce all the way. Grab CDR for a free pounce every two seconds.

General Comment

Nidalee WILL eventually escape against some non-consistent haste or dashes. However, it's better to have Nid stay in jungle for more Prowl. Rengar is your nightmare and Hextech sweeper denies most of your jukes. Yet you should have banned Rengar anyways. But hextech sweeper and the difficulty in pouncing to the outer ring areas is why Nidalee only earns a 7 out of 10.

Always on the run

Twisted Fate
Skills allowed: Pick A Card Destiny Gate
Notes: Level up Destiny whenever possible, level up Pick A Card otherwise.
Overall Rating: 6/10

Gameplay Tips:

6 out of 10, why? 'cause I don't like him lol. I mean, okay let's start with TF's bad points. TF lacks any form of haste and dashes. His only reliable escape lies in his ultimate, which has a pretty derpy cooldown time even with maxed CDR (TF lovers are gonna hate the change in his E). So what can you do as TF? Ask your team to protect you pre-6. Stun them with a gold card or AOE slow with red card. Often you should be using the ult to teleport to the outer ring area. You can go to everywhere you want, just make sure it's in range. If you are sure you can live the CD time of your ult, use it to help an ally's escape. By revealing the seekers' location, your teammate can often make the right decision of where to go. If you get caught out of ult or against some hard CCs, it's time to shop my pal.

General Comment

One thing, deeeee ult. Without it, you are the entire map is inhabitable for TF lol, at least I believe so. If you get caught, you are pretty much dead. Don't hesitate to burn some flash and ghost to ensure a safe escape if you can. Oh, and AVOID teleporting to come obvious place or an inch away, that's dumb.

I'll be right there

Skills allowed: Ambush Venom Cask
Notes: Max Ambush first, followed by Venom Cask
Overall Rating: 6/10 to 8/10

Gameplay Tips:

Twitch has access to everywhere much like Evelynn except he can't stay in the sun without his stealth. Twitch's featuring move is the rare access to the Windmill as well as the bottom two bushes. Hit Ambush to get there. Make sure you avoid the capture points as they will reveal you. Pay attention to the stealth time and traps on the floor. Usually you should preemptively hit Ambush and run away before the seekers even come close to the bush. Hitting Ambush and sitting at the exact same spot DON'T ALWAYS WORK. Often it may be a safer option to run away instead of standing there waiting for the Ahri to discover she just gain another Essence Theft charge with her orb. While stealthed, simply run away or juke back when safe and AVOID throwing unnamed Venom Cask so that the seekers have little to no clue that you've been close. When a teammate is coming to you for help, throw a wild Venom Cask and pop Shurelya's reverie, then hit Ambush and run. While ambushing, popping shurelya's reverie or throwing Venom Cask WILL reveal you so don't. Just run away and plot where you gonna go next. Often the seekers want your blood more than anyone else.

General Comment

The Plague Rat has few but pretty powerful tools to hide. He can also be the "Carry" in hide and seek. He needs to play selfish as there is few and unreliable options he can pick to help out his teammates. Often he will leave himself dead if he choose to become the hero. Do NOT pick Twitch as the first pick, only after seekers have made their choice should you consider whether to pick Twitch. Do NOT pick him against someone like Lee Sin Nidalee or Teemo as they all have some nasty visions skills just for you.

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By the way it's my first guide so sorry for the poor quality >< I may continue to add some stuff but oh well not many play hide and seek nor do they bother to search for a guide about it lol. But if you do:

Thanks for reading ^^


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