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Sylas Build Guide by JoshAy

Middle Iron and Petricite: Sylas Mid Preseason 11

By JoshAy | Updated on November 16, 2020
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Runes: S11 Testing: Bruiser

1 2 3 4
Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4 5
Ignite Option
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #54 in
Middle Lane
Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

Iron and Petricite: Sylas Mid Preseason 11

By JoshAy
Intro (Who am I/Sylas):
Hi my name is Josh, I created this Sylas guide earlier this year to share my thoughts about Sylas after his mini rework. During Season 10 I made Sylas my Main for the first half of the Season and amassed 100K+ mastery on him until eventually getting to Mastery Level 7 at the very end of the season. Here is my opgg if you are interested. I'm no high elo player, I am currently Iron 1 and mostly play norms with friends. However I play Sylas quite frequently (as you may see) and have a lot of experience with him. I want to share the knowledge I've gained because it seems there is a lot of confusion about Sylas as a champion. :D enjoy my guide and please comment if there is something you want to see.

Season 11 is bringing about a HUGE amount of changes for items. Hopefully you can garner a better understanding of how they should interact with Sylas here.
Abilities: Back to Top
Originally Sylas players would max W in order to gain a huge amount of damage and healing on a low cooldown. Towards the back half of Season 10 Q Max Sylas also became very popular. Either one will work very well. Maxing Q is more dangerous because most of Q damage is in his explosion which is harder to land. Usually I max W first with E second and Q third. However this is personal preference and anything works really. However, E max is best left to second or third as Q/W are more important.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Summoner Spells: Back to Top

Summoner Spells

Flash is the poster-child summoner spell and you will take it for every game on every champion barring a few exceptions. There is no replacement for it in Sylas' kit and quite honestly most champions. It is your repositioning tool, your safety tool, your engage tool. Flash is key and must be taken.

Ignite is the most popular secondary summoner spell for mid lane and can be very beneficial on Sylas. Ignite gives your champion early kill potential and is useful to help snowball and create leads. Take ignite no other option is needed.

Teleport is best used when you want to have greater map presence. Teleport is very good even for midlane because it allows for cheater recalls without lost XP or CS. If you are uncomfortable with it or not experienced with wave management ignite is still the better option. Generally on Sylas you want to be involved in a lot of skirmishes, if you cannot create a roam timer than TP can help you to roam and not lose out in your own lane.

Cleanse is a good pick for heavy crowd-control teams. Since Sylas can be played as an AP damage carry he will want to be diving onto squishy targets and blowing them up quickly in teamfights. Cleanse will remove any form of crowd control on your champion except for Airborne and Surpression. Taking cleanse allows you to escape sticky situations and/or stick on your target.

Other Spells

Barrier is not an amazing pick on Sylas. Barrier will give your champion a shield that blocks incoming damage and lasts a few seconds. Barrier is good against champions with a high burst combo with little Damage Over Time effects. However, if you can utilize Sylas' W it will be more useful than barrier and allows you to take a more impactful summoner spell. Barrier only works on your champion and can't be used to help your team. Only take barrier if you feel you are unable to survive at all without it.

Exhaust is most useful into high burst champions like Talon or Katarina. Early on their combos are lacking a lot of damage and the 40% damage reduction can save you and stop their snowball. Exhaust is really good against these high burst champions at most stages of the game. If you take Exhaust make sure you understand the right timings to use it, a good exhaust can potentially save you or your carry in a teamfight. If you aren't facing an assassin or high burst opponent don't take exhaust.

DO NOT TAKE HEAL ON SYLAS. Heal has a 35 second Summoner Heal debuff (you will heal less from other champion's heal) but Sylas' W is not affected by the heal. However Sylas should NEVER need to bring heal as his W is stronger than heal as it can potentially heal more.
Runes: Back to Top
Conqueror was the OG Keystone for Sylas Season 10. It is still my preferred but with the nerfs to it people have been experimenting with more burst focused runes. However, normal AP Bruiser Sylas should still take Conqueror/Tenacity/Coup De Grace (or Last Stand).

With the removal of CDR/AH from Cosmic Insight sorcery is now the Go-To sub-rune. transendence now gives Ability Haste similar to the way Cosmic Insight used to give CDR. Manaflow Band if you suck at managing mana like me or Gathering Storm if you don't

Inspiration is no longer optimal. Biscuit Delivery is still good but the big problem is Cosmic Insight. It no longer gives you CDR (AH) and should be dropped now in favor of Transcendence.

While it is mostly used in the Jungle, Domination second can help increase Sylas' healing a little bit.

Item Choices: Back to Top
Corrupting Potion is still Sylas' best starting item. Dark Seal first item is an option but it is very dangerous as it provides very little sustain with only two charges of corrupting potion before you back. Doran's Ring is always an option but doesn't provide as much as Corrupting Potion in my opinion.

Hextech Rocketbelt and Luden's Tempest are now mythic items and can't be bought together.

A quick overview of the new mage mythics:

Liandry's Anguish: Gives 20 AH, 80 AP, and 600 Mana. +5 AH per Legendary. IMO the best Mythic for Sylas, the passives allow him to play like a Bruiser still while giving the most flat AH as well as scaling AH (AH from items). Also gives mana

Luden's Tempest: Gives 10 AH, 80 AP, 10 MP, and 600 Mana. +5 MP per Legendary. IMO no longer a good item on Sylas, it is a pure burst item that only gives flat AH with no scaling AH. Gives mana.

Everfrost: Gives 10 AH, 80 AP, 200 HP, and 600 Mana. +15 AP per Legendary. IMO very lackluster, the active is good but only provides flat AH. Gives mana.

Night Harvester: Gives 15 AH, 80 AP, and 250 HP. +5 AH per Legendary. IMO The better option for burst. Gives 15 flat AH and scaling AH. It is insanely strong right now (I expect it to get nerfed soon). The only problem is NH gives no MANA.

Hextech Rocketbelt: Gives 15 AH, 80 AP, and 250 HP. +5 MP per Legendary. IMO completely useless. No mana, only flat AH.

Riftmaker: Gives 15 AH, 80 AP, 150 HP, and 15% OV. +5% MP per Legendary. IMO not good enough. Gives no mana, and flat AH. I haven't tested the healing yet but we will see if it is any good.


Demonic Embrace: Will be on of the best secondary items after Liandry's Anguish as it gives Armor, Magic Resist, and Max Health damage that stack over time. This is great for AP Bruiser Sylas builds.

Cosmic Drive: Will be MANDATORY for burstier Sylas builds that don't take Liandry's Anguish. CD gives 30 flat AH which helps to make up for lost AH in your mythic item.
Liandry's Anguish: The best Mythic I've felt so far, the damage over time is nice allowing for good damage in extended fights but mainly the stats of mana, flat ability haste, and scaling ability haste are what feels good.

Luden's Tempest: Feels really lackluster as the AH it provides is very minimal with no scaling AH. With LT you will find you rely on Cosmic Drive in order to bring back the old 45% Sylas feeling from season 10

Looking to test Riftmaker and Night Harvester next. I don't think Hextech Rocketbelt will be good at all but I'm sure someone will prove me wrong.
Ultimate Rankings (All Champions): Back to Top

1 = Awful, 2 = Okay/Situational, 3 = Always good



My original assessment of this ultimate was wrong. This is a Tier 3 ultimate. The healing increase alone is what makes this ability insanely strong. In hard 5v5 teamfights it will be less strong if you are getting focused down but at rank 3 this ultimate will give a 100% healing increase. It is very good.


An Ahri ult is always one of the better ults to steal. As with the champion herself, it is best in early to midgame for skirmishing and sticking on targets. Spirit Rush loses luster in late game fights become more chaotic and group-oriented. Spirit Rush is still an amazing ultimate to steal as it gives you immense mobility.


Stealing an Akali ultimate ( Perfect Execution) has changed. Since her initial cast, R1, was changed to champion target only it in theory reduces mobility. However, being able to target dash with Perfect Execution helps to land the rest of your kit. And of course you get TWO EXTRA DASHES OMG BROKEN *that is complete sarcasm but the ultimate is still very good*


Alistar has a very nice ultimate to steal. Unbreakable Will essentially makes the champion tankier, breaking crowd control on cast and increasing magic and and physical resistances while active. This makes Sylas a terrifying bruiser-esque monstrosity. Even more than he really is. Take this ult when you need to be an engage or frontline for your team, especially if you are getting blown up.


When you decide to take an ultimate from Amumu, make sure he doesn't think of you as a friend. His ultimate is an AoE cast that stuns and damages all enemies caught in it. Curse of the Sad Mummy also scales with ability power making it a potent source of damage. This is an amazing ult to steal, high damage, cc, instant cast. Curse of the Sad Mummy is always a good ult in any fight. Prioritize this ultimate and ultimates such as this. You can never go wrong with an Amumu ult.


Anivia has a strong AP scaling ability. It is an AoE slow that deals damage over time. However, Glacial Storm is not the best ultimate to steal for every fight because it requires time to be at maximum effectiveness. It has a low cooldown however and it is good in skirmishing especially early game.


Summon: Tibbers does not work well with Sylas and his playstyle. Annie's ultimate can be used especially in solo kills but do NOT prioritize taking this ultimate, it is not very good for you and extremely situational. Also if you don't know how to control it don't take it.


OOF.... so let's talk about Aphelios and his ultimate; Moonlight Vigil. So when you steal Aphelios's ultimate it is similar to LeBlanc where you take the properties of whatever gun he is using. If you have stolen Moonlight Vigil when Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle is active and Aphelios then switches to Severum, the Scythe Pistol your stolen ultimate will keep the properties of Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle. So to explain how to use his ultimate, it is best to use it on a clump of enemies because it can hit multiple. In all honesty the specific weapons do not really change your usage of the Moonlight Vigil. Don't prioritize the ultimate as it is hard to use with Sylas.


Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a nice ability to have. Because it has a global range it gives you more presence over the map. However, it is not great to chuck this ultimate across map for an insane snipe most of the time. Enchanted Crystal Arrow is however, really good for catching out enemies either to start a fight or end one. Use it when you an enemy is out of place or when an enemy thinks they can get away from you. Especially good for roaming bot with your jungler to set up ganks and snowball your botlane.


Voice of Light is a very simple knockback and damaging ability. It can hit multiple people and it deals damage. It does knockback champions a short distance which can be a boon or a hindrance. Aurelion Sol is one of the more rare champions to see in-game so practice with Aurelion Sol in a practice tool if you really need to master Voice of Light. A decent ultimate but not tier 1.


Emperor's Divide is a very good ultimate for pretty much every fight. The damage is pretty negligible but the crowd control it provides is amazing for teamfights. Remember you can you and your team can walk through Emperor's Divide but the enemy team can't. This allows you to zone off carries from fights or zone off tanks from carries. Just like Azir using this ultimate takes practice to master.


Bard, Bard, Bard. His ultimate, Tempered Fate is strong for teamfight disruption, saving teammates, a lot of things. It is a very good ultimate. You can use it to Zhonya's yourself or catch out opponents or save teammates all the good things. Use it well it is very strong.


If you have never been chained cced by a Blitzcrank it is a frightening and frustrating experience. Especially because of his ultimate Static Field. It is a BIG AoE silence that deals lots of damage. It also has quite a low cooldown as well. so you can take the ultimate more frequently.


Pyroclasm as I like to call it the ultimate of ultimate anarchy. If you use Pyroclasm in the middle of a teamfight it forces fights to disperse. Brand's ultimate deals damage and bounces from enemy to enemy (up to 5 times). Without Blaze which is Brand's passive, you will lose a lot of damage which sucks because that is all it gives you. A decent ult which is best when enemies clump up together.


A big skillshot ultimate that knocks up and slows. CC is very good for Sylas. The biggest downside to this ultimate is it is a skillshot. If you whiff with Glacial Fissure, nothing happens which is a waste.


Caitlyn's ult is very situational. It is a massive range snipe that locks onto a target and deals significant damage (can be intercepted by other champions). Because you will generally be moving around lots in fights and using abilities Ace in the Hole is not the best ultimate to steal. Only take this ultimate if you can snipe someone who is running away or to force them away from objectives. Sylas converts AD scaling ultimates into AP but only .6% total AP per 1% AD and 0.4% AP for 1% bonus AD.


Camille's Hextech Ultimatum is a targeted ability that knocks away enemy champions within its initial cast radius and then locks the target inside the area. Enemy champions other than the target can enter and exit the zone and the zone disappears if Camille dies or exits the zone. The ultimate also gives you extra magic damage on your basic attacks that additionally do 4-8% current health damage. A decent ultimate, it makes you untargetable on cast so you can dodge abilities, the damage buff is nice, and the lockdown on a single target can be useful against slippery targets. Good in skirmishes but not a replacement for a Mordekaiser ultimate.


A big AoE stun ultimate. Petrifying Gaze is only a tier 2 ultimate because it requires champions to be facing you to get the crucial stun off. If you can hit this ultimate it is good if you miss it it is just a slow. It is harder to use than something like an Amumu ultimate. Not a bad ult to steal though, just be careful.


This is a surprisingly good ultimate to steal. It is not just a meme sort of thing. Feast deals a large amount of True Damage to a target (I believe there is an execute range indicator like with Pyke). If the target is killed Sylas / Cho'Gath gain permanent max health and their champion model grows in size. The size growth does nothing for you really but the max health is very very good. You can only gain 6 stacks from non-epic monsters/minions but Cho'Gath can scale infinitely with his health off epic monsters and champions. This ability makes Sylas massively tanky as he scales into the late game. Remember Kingslayer's heal increases based off of missing health so you heal very strong as well as having massive health pools. In addition to making Sylas a giga tank, Feast also deals True Damage essentially giving Sylas a massive execute. Feast scales off of AP and Health.


You can argue that Corki's ultimate should be considered a tier 2 because it gives Sylas 7 extra missiles. It's not great. Also the idea of being able to take a Missile Barrage from Corki is laughable because he is barely ever played. Only take this ult if you are about to solo kill him or if you literally cannot take another single ultimate in a fight. Again, it's not the worst but it is very underwhelming.


A budget Pyke ultimate. Without the Hemorrhage stacks the Noxian Guillotine will deal significantly less damage. Is is a point and click ultimate that does true damage. If you kill a champion you get a reset. A very lackluster ultimate that does nothing but deal damage. Doesn't provide any defensive stats, cc, or anything.


Moonfall is a good ultimate for Sylas for the same reason it is strong on Diana. A very good ultimate for diving into fights or pulling people back into fights. Moonfall also scales well with AP providing a lot of damage.


Sadism sacrifices health for increased movement speed and health regeneration. A very simple ultimate. Decent early on but lackluster late because Sadism gives Health Regeneration rather than Healing. Sylas doesn't build stronger health regeneration or too much extra health. Prioritize stronger ultimates.


Unlike an Ashe ultimate, Draven's Whirling Death provides nothing but damage. It is a global ultimate which can be very good in certain situations. Take the ultimate if you can easily pick somebody off or you can blow up squishy targets from a safe distance. Sylas's play style is usually more frontline/dive heavy so don't take Whirling Death if you are in a fight where you are taking a lot of damage, prioritize CC ultimates in that scenario.


Chronobreak is amazing, especially really early in the game. Sylas already heals a lot and can be darn near unkillable but with an Ekko ultimate his danger is ramped up massively. Chronobreak allows you to play much more aggressively and dangerously. Tower dives become very safe. Chronobreak is essentially a get out of jail free card. Very good ultimate in all situations. However, this is a "selfish" ultimate. Most of the time you are using this to dodge CC or reposition. In teamfights Chronobreak does not provide any CC or tactical advantage for your teammates (unless you one shot everything with it because it really hurts). Feel out the situation and decide if your team needs another ultimate over Ekko's. Last tip, you basically become ungankable once you hit 6 if the enemy has a mid or jungle Ekko, play aggressive when his ult is up because you can easily surprise the opponent.


There are very niche times when stealing an Elise ult can work, like using her Cocoon/ Rappel to tower dive or lockdown an enemy. Elise has what is called a "Transformation" ultimate. Sylas will transform into the opponent's alternate form (in this case Spider). It replaces his abilities with the transformed abilities. If not recast or killed, Sylas can stay transformed for up to five minutes. The reason you don't want to steal this ultimate is because Sylas loses his Kingslayer healing, and his mobility and damage from Abscond / Abduct.


Evelynn's ultimate, Last Caress is a pretty basic ability. You slash in an arc in front of you dealing increased damage to low health targets, become untargetable, and warp backwards a set distance. The damage, untargetability, and repositioning of this ultimate are actually amazing. You can utilize Last Caress similarly to Chronobreak. However, this is another "selfish ultimate" you have no crowd control for this ultimate and the AoE is not like a Neeko ultimate. It is an amazing ultimate, but there are situations where you may find there are better ones. Still, amazing ultimate, really awesome name that suits the champion well.


Trueshot Barrage is actually an amazing ultimate to steal and really fun. It has a 90% AP Scaling and it HURTS. Small side not I once got a triple kill because I respawned and used an Ezreal ult on the mid, support, and adc as they were hitting tower. It was FUN. Trueshot Barrage gives you very good AoE damage (if you can hit it). It can really impact teamfights. The limits of this ultimate (and other globals) is really dependent on your positioning and ability to estimate people (guess where they are going). This is such a fun ultimate but it can be EASILY wasted and countered pretty well. Like I've said before, CC is best for teamfights so don't prioritize this ultimate if there are better ones. Again, feel out the situation.


You will not be able to fear enemies with Crowstorm because his fearing passive is part of his Q ability. But Crowstorm is very good for fights because of its DoT and AoE properties. Crowstorm last for 5 seconds and damages enemies every .25 seconds. This means it has 20 ticks of damage. A rank 3 ultimate can deal 81.25 + 11.25% AP per tick. That means a Rank 3 Fiddlesticks ultimate will deal 1625 magic damage if you have 0 ap. Enemies have to respect the damage this ability puts out giving you good zone control. Remember, it is also a blink so you can engage really well.


Grand Challenge is weird to use with Sylas. I'm not sure if he gets the percent max health true damage from popping vitals. It is also good to remember that you have to actually proc the vitals in order for the ultimate to do anything. Sylas can reposition pretty well so proccing the vitals isn't the hardest thing to do. If you manage to get off the Grand Challenge you are rewarded with a healing aoe for you and your teammates which can be nice. Not an amazing ultimate to take.


While Chum the Waters is a huge burst spell it is in my opinion not amazing for Sylas for teamfights. The Fizz ultimate is best for skirmishing or diving/ganking your lanes because it is a nuke ability. Chum the Waters is really good if you can catch people off-guard with it. The damage and knockup increase the longer you throw it, but don't always LEROY JENKINS and max range the shot. It can be missed like any other line skillshot and will only knockup units in an area around the where the fish lands. This is a very big risk/reward ultimate. If you can land it it can change teamfights but if you whiff then you are A FISH IN OPEN WATERS. hahah fish jokes.


Galio is an annoying and painful matchup to play against. He can also gain a Magic Damage shield up to 20% of his maximum health making trading with him painful. The best part of the Galio matchup is the voice interactions Sylas has with him and of course, Hero's Entrance. It can be a little weird to use for people who don't have a lot of interactions with Galio's ult. Galio will leap from his location the the location of a ally at the time of cast, he becomes untargetable and leaps. He grants his magic shield to all allies in the radius of his landing and knocks up all enemies. Of course the ultimate scales with AP so it hurts as well. The only downside to this ability is it is a channel, not an instant cast so enemies can counter it with mobility, zhonyas, or untargetable effects.


This is THE BEST. Cannon Barrage scales entirely with AP and it deals Magic Damage. Also, Gangplank can upgrade Cannon Barrage to make it even more powerful. When Sylas steals a Cannon Barrage any upgrades to the ultimate are stolen as well. Gangplank's ultimate is global, slows, and deals massive amounts of magic damage. It is especially good at zoning as well. You can turn fights very well with a Gangplank ultimate. Because of it's global impact there is almost no better ultimate in the game than Cannon Barrage. Learn to love this one.


"Villainy never knows itself... eh, Garen?" Garen's ultimate is ridiculous for it's purpose, which is a single target execute. Demacian Justice deals true damage and the damage is increased by the target's missing health. Garen will deal true damage that increases with their missing health to execute them. That is it, that is the whole ability. A point and click execute that deals true damage. It provides nothing more than a single execute so be wary of taking it if a big teamfight is going to breakout and you can't 100-0 a carry.


Gnar only has one version of his ultimate so you will always become Mega Gnar. The ultimate GNAR! throws a everything around you forward and any enemy that hits a wall is stunned. This is an amazing ultimate albeit with a hard to get used to hitbox. Very good.


A weird ultimate to use. Big AoE explosion that deals magic damage and knocks enemies away. Really nice ultimate if you are looking to zone people off or catch them out.


Basically you use Collateral Damage like you would use an Aurelion Sol ultimate. Really lackluster for teamfighting. Very situational, it is a big damage shot basically.
Edit: very very lackluster


Very good ultimate for engages, like really good engage ult. Gives fear and a dash which. Not much to say about it. It can be used to make Sylas maddeningly mobile like with Akali or Ahri ult.


Don't. No. Never. Bad. Icky. This is another transformation ultimate. Garbage. Do not take. This is also one of the worst transformation ultimates to take as well. Garbage. Blech. YUCKY.


Sylas has a weird interaction with Illaoi and her ultimate. Leap of Faith will spawn a tentacle for each champion hit by the ultimate (there is a range indicator when using it) but that's it. Illaoi's tentacles only swing because of her passive Prophet of an Elder God and the healing comes from when a tentacle hits. So the ultimate is completely useless because the tentacles will not swing.


Really only good for slows. The damage is pretty negligible, especially with Sylas's AD to AP ratio not being amazing. The mark passive does not do anything for you. Take if you are chasing her down and need to slow her or something but it's not great.


Daisy! is not even that great of an ultimate for Ivern as someone I know would say. She is quite lackluster, like a Tibbers but less menacing. Don't take this ultimate. The best usage would be to use Daisy! as a shield for turret diving or stuff.


Monsoon is actually pretty nice. However, this is a lackluster engage ultimate. You can use it similar to a Fiora ultimate (for the healing zone). Or even try and peel for champions with it's knockback effect.


A great ultimate to engage with. While not quite as secluded as a Mordekaiser ultimate Cataclysm works well to force a champion to fight with you. Obviously, a Flash or mobility spell can get them over the walls. You can even zone enemies off from fights by using Cataclysm on a choke point. Be wary though, your allies also will be blocked off by the ultimate.


It's a stat buff. That's it. You get the passive portion of his ultimate as well. There is nothing special about this ultimate, it is a stat buffer. No CC no damage thats it. Not bad but not amazing.


Again gargbagio. Transformation ultimates, I'll say it again, are BAD because they CHANGE your abilities. Sylas is RELIANT upon his E mobility and his W healing. Without them he is like an Evelynn out of camouflage.


I dislike this ultimate. But for some reason it works for Jhin and for the same reason it works for Sylas. Either use it early to chunk down opponents, use it early to zone off opponents, or use it at the end of a fight to finish off low health enemies. Remember when using Curtain Call you press R don't right click and you are vulnerable so stay out of action in a safe place to use it.

Edit: The damage from this ultimate is very not good and there is almost always a better ultimate.


It's a fun ultimate. It hurts a decent bit because it does percent missing health damage. Good for finishing off a champion who thought they escaped. Good for fights where the enemies are clumped. You can also synergize this with an ultimate like Diana or Orianna to pull enemies into range together.


Killer Instinct is a dash. There's nothing special about it other than that.


One thing to take note of, this ultimate can ONLY be cast on an "Oathsworn Ally". When there is a Kalista on the enemy team Sylas starts with a Black Spear as an item that can be bound to ONE ally. Fate's Call can only work on one ally. Use it to save a jungler during dives or sending your tank/bruiser/assassin into the backline. This is a very good utility ultimate to set up fights or saving allies.


Mantra is transformation ultimate but it is the best transformation ultimate because it you can only use one ability before you lose the ultimate charge. This means you can use any of Karma's abilities once and then you gain your regular abilities back. The only downside is the abilities are not amazing for Sylas. Q will deal damage, W will root and heal Sylas if the tether remains unbroken for a couple seconds, and E will grant a shield to you/an ally that can spread to nearby allies.


Not technically the most efficient ultimate to steal, but awesome to use. Allows for a lot of global presence. This ultimate never really falls off. It is great early to punish bad fights across the map, great mid game when fighting becomes more abundant, and amazing late game for the raw damage.


Awful ultimate to steal. Riftwalk is only good on Kassadin because he can recast it so many times. When you Hijack Riftwalk you gain one charge (the lowest cost riftwalk) and you lose the charge once activating it once. The ultimate is bad do not take it, basically ever. This is one of the worst normal ultimates to take in the game. I cannot stress this enough, do not take Riftwalk


It hurts and it's an AoE ability which is very nice. Not an amazing ultimate because the channel can be interrupted and you do not gain resets like Katarina does. Still a decent ultimate in most situations.


It's a Kayle ultimate. Being able to keep one ally alive throughout a teamfight is irreplaceable. You can ult yourself if you are the carry, you can ult an ADC so they stay alive and continue to fight, or my favorite, ulting a really fed bruiser/tank (i.e. Nasus, Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, Shen, etc) so just when your opponents think they are going to actually FINALLY be able to get rid of them they don't die.


Really good ultimate for assassinating, diving, and dodging damage. Because Sylas converts AD scaling ultimates into AP ratios the form of Kayn actually matters. If Kayn has become the Shadow Assassin the ultimate will have a longer cast range but deal significantly less damage. Rhaast is the better form of Umbral Trespass because it deals percent max health damage and heals you.


EDIT: SYLAS WILL GAIN A MARK OF THE STORM WHEN USING KENNEN ULT AKA HE CAN STUN WITH KENNEN ULT. Kennen ult is INSANELY strong on Kennen and for the same reason Sylas. If you are lucky enough to face a Kennen prioritize this ultimate.


Void Assault is a very nice ultimate with a lot of potential. It is great for making picks and weaving in and out of harm's way. It has two charges when not evolved and three when evolved. Once late game hits the ultimate loses it's luster as you are in the middle of fights more and your Kingslayer healing and Abduct damage will be more useful (most of the time) then invisibility.


Can be a double edged sword. It is an amazing ultimate, saving multiple allies from death it is basically a Tryndamere ultimate with AoE. It allows for you to stall for cooldowns as well. However, it also grants immortality to your opponents as well as allies so be careful how you use it, where you use it, and when you use it because your enemies can take advantage of it as well. Don't cast it if the enemey Kindred has already used their ultimate, try and layer the effect when it is most beneficial for you.


It's a charge, just like the ability says. A pretty situational ultimate to use, but it does grant speed to allies like a Sivir ultimate. The shield and locking onto a target are also very nice. Use as an engage tool.


Not a good ultimate, you only get one charge just like with Kassadin. You can use it to snipe off an enemy from a distance or when they are trying to retreat. It has basically no other purpose, not a good ultimate. Lackluster, do not prioritize and for a general statement, do not take it. It's a waste of time.
Changes in Season 10 (Is Sylas OP?): Back to Top

10.1 Rework + 10.4 Hotfix

Base Stat Changes

  • Base Health: 525 --> 585 Buff
  • Health Growth: 95 --> 115 Buff
  • Base Armor: 32 --> 27 Nerf
  • Armor Growth: 3 --> 4 Buff
  • Base Magic Resist: 39 --> 32 Nerf
  • Magic Resist Growth: 1.25 --> 1.75 Buff
As you can see, his armor and magic resist were nerfed but his armor and magic resist growth were buffed. This is what makes Sylas an inherently weak early game champion but a good late game champion. For reference here are the base stats of all champions in the game.

Passive Changes

Petricite Burst:

Casting an ability grants a stack of Petricite Burst for 4 seconds, up to 3 stacks. Whilst Sylas has a stack of Petricite Burst, he gains 80% bonus attack speed.

Sylas' next basic attack is modified to whirl his chains around him, dealing 130% attack damage (+25% of ability power) converted into magic damage to his primary target, and 40% attack damage (+20% of ability power) in magic damage to nearby secondary targets.

Damage to secondary targets executes minions below 25 health.

The empowered attack applies on-hit effects to the primary target but disables Sylas' critical strikes' bonus damage. Spell effects only apply to secondary targets.
  • Primary Target AP Damage Ratio: 20% AP > 25% AP Buff
  • Primary Target AD Damage Ratio: 110% AD > 130% AD Buff
  • Charge Storage: 2 > 3 Buff
  • Area of Effect: 400 > 300 Nerf
  • NEW: 80% Bonus Attack Speed (with 1 or more charges)
  • NEW: Damage to Secondary target executes minions below 25 health

Sylas's passive was changed massively. All of Sylas's auto attack resets (shown later) were taken out and instead he was granted an additional 80% attack speed to compensate. His passive also has way more damage than it did in Season 9 albeit with a decreased range. This rewards the player for auto-attacking with an active passive as much as they can.

Q Changes

Chain Lash:

Sylas lashes out two lines that converge to the target location and extend beyond it up to a maximum range, dealing 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+40% of ability power) in magic damage and slowing enemies hit for 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35% over the course of 1.5 seconds.

After a 0.6-second delay, the chains' intersection detonates, dealing 60 / 115 / 170 / 225 / 280 (+80% of ability power) in magic damage. Against minions and monsters the detonation deals 60% reduced damage for 100 / 170 / 240 / 310 / 380 (+120% of ability power) in total.

Sylas can no longer cast this ability together with E - Abduct.
  • Cooldown: 9s-5s --> 10s-6s Nerf
  • Base Damage: 45-145 --> 40-120 Nerf
  • AP Ratio: 60% --> 40% Nerf
  • Removed: Chain Lash no longer slows on intersection
  • Detonation Base Damage: 45-145 --> 60-195 Buff
  • Detonation AP Ratio: 60% --> 80% Buff
  • Detonation Damage Reduction (monsters): 45% --> 60% Nerf
Chain Lash was heavily nerfed, the lash itself was completely nerfed and all the damage was moved to the detonation. Because of that, they removed the slow making the damage harder to proc. In addition to the removal of the slow, they removed the E2-Q combo so you can no longer guarantee a Q hit when you hit E2. The nerfs to Chain lash are why W max is the preferred ability upgrade path for Sylas.

W Changes


Sylas lunges at a target enemy with a powerful strike, dealing 65 / 100 / 135 / 170 / 205 (+85% of ability power) magic damage.

Against enemy champions, Sylas is also healed for 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+50% of ability power), which is increased by 0% − 100% (depending on Sylas' missing health).

The ability will not reset Sylas' basic attacks.
  • Removed: Auto Attack Reset
  • Removed: Execute (50% more damage) against targets below 40% max health
  • Removed: Healing no longer increased by 75% when Sylas below 40% health
  • New: Healing increased 0-100% based on missing health
  • AP Ratio: 65% --> 85% Buff
  • Base Heal: 70-150 --> 30-150 Nerf Early
  • Cool Down Reduction: 14-12 --> 13-7 Buff
  • Mana Cost: 40-60 --> 70-110 Nerf

Kingslayer, while it still heals was changed a lot. Because the heal is now based on missing health rather than increased at lower health it is a more consistent heal (it is easier to get healed a lot). They removed the execute damage from but increased the ratio damage. The base healing is much weaker early (maxing W makes it stronger faster). The Auto Attack reset function of W was also removed. This makes W easier to use. It costs more, but does more damage, heals more, and comes up more often to use. This rework shifted Sylas so his new bread and butter ability became his W and not Q.

E changes

Abscond / Abduct:

Abscond: Sylas dashes forward to the target location. For the next 3.5 seconds, Sylas may cast Abduct.

Abduct: Sylas whips out his chains in the target direction, dealing 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and stunning the first enemy hit, pulling himself towards them, and knocking them up for 0.35 seconds upon arrival.
  • Removed: Auto Attack Reset
  • Removed: Shield on Abscond
  • Removed: Cannot Cast Chain Lash while using Abduct
  • New: Lockout on Abduct 0.2s --> .05s
  • New: Sylas can Auto Attack before Abduct hits
  • Cool Down Reduction: 14 --> 14-10 Buff
  • Base Damage: 70-130 --> 80-280 BIG BIG BIG BUFF

Lots of things were removed from both Abscond and Abduct, it is now simpler and better. While there is no shield, no auto attack reset, and no Chain Lash combo, there is DAMAGE. Like, a LOT of damage. Sylas now depends on hitting Abduct to deal his massive damage. The cooldown was also reduced which increases his mobility and damage. And again, a LOT of damage. Abduct is crucial in combos.

Ultimate changes


While Hijack is available, Sylas can select a target enemy champion to gain a copy of their ultimate ability at the cost of mana. Sylas cannot select the same champion again for a duration equal to 200% of the target's ultimate cooldown.

Active: Sylas casts his hijacked ultimate ability without cost, scaling based on Hijack's rank and his own statistics.

All Hijacked ultimates and abilities that do not scale with ability power have their attack damage ratios converted to ability power ratios, scaling with 0.6% AP per 1% total AD, and 0.4% AP per 1% bonus AD.

Sylas cannot reset his basic attack while casting Hijack onto an enemy champion.
  • Removed: Auto Attack Reset

What does this all mean?

  • Passive is a stronger ability over all, deals more damages and can execute minions. Passive is big part of wave clear. New attack speed replaces auto attack resets.
  • Chain Lash nerfs made his early push potential weaker and his farming ability weaker. Now no longer his main ability.
  • Kingslayer changes made healing easier to use. Now Sylas is easier to use with basic combos at the cost of high costs on Kingslayer

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