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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Amumu Build Guide by That Trev Person

AP Offtank Jungle Amumu: A Guide to Depressing your Enemies

By That Trev Person | Updated on March 6, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Amumu
    Season 3 Build
  • LoL Champion: Amumu
    Magic Penetration based Damage


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hey, I'm That Trev Person, writing my first guide for Mobafire. However, I intend to try and make this guide as in-depth as those made by the more prominent writers on the site. Therefore, in this guide, I will attempt to share my accumulated knowledge of 300-400 games of playing with Amumu.

Amumu is not the hardest champion in the game to play, nor is he the easiest. He revolves around timing and position. Using his ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy can turn the tide of a teamfight if used correctly. Additionally, it will take time for you to become used to throwing his Bandage Toss in order to be accurate with it. Despite this, Amumu is an incredibly rewarding champion that fits a wide variety of team compositions.

Additionally, while I include a more damage based build as well, the content of this guide will focus primarily on my main AP/Tank build.

Champion Spotlight For Amumu!

Notice: I'd appreciate it if people who downvote would leave a comment including why they downvoted so that I can fix the problem. I will never downvote you in response to your downvote. Thanks in advance.
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As is the case with every champion in League of Legends, Amumu has both significant strengths and weaknesses. It is a good idea to pick Amumu if your team lacks any significant bulk, is in need of a jungler, or would benefit from more CC. More specifically, Amumu synergizes well with AoE team compositions and those that deal a lot of magic damage, thanks to his passive Cursed Touch.


+Massive AoE damage
+Large amount of CC
+Quick clear time
+Efficient ganks
+Tanky while retaining a high damage output
+Powerful Ultimate
space space

-Squishy early game
-Susceptible to counter-jungling
-Blue buff dependent in jungle
- Ultimate has high cooldown
- Bandage Toss takes time to become accustomed to if used to champions with faster skill shots
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Summoner's Resolve : Taking the point in Summoner's Resolve will grant you an extra 10 gold every time your use Smite. While not an enormous amount, gold in the jungle is rather scarce compared to lanes, so it's appreciated.
Durability : While taken primarily for rung progression and for access to Veteran's Scars , the health becomes very useful as the game progresses.
Tough Skin : Extremely useful for negating damage from the jungle creeps, leaving you at higher health if you're invaded.
Hardiness : Primarily reduces damage from neutral monster camps, but extra armor is always useful for a tank. I only get one point in this since it's the most efficient of the three you could put into it. You get 2 armor for this point compared to 1.5 armor for the next two.
Resistance : Extra early points of magic resist are very useful when dealing with the enemy AP carry as well as any other sources of magic damage the enemy team may have. It's especially useful because these points come straight at level 1, when you first spawn. Only one point is put into this for the same reason as Hardiness .
Bladed Armor : Useful for faster farming, especially since I prefer to forego the purchase of Spirit Stone on the basis that you pay too much money for very little to help you fight champions in the short and long term.
Unyielding and Block : Both of these masteries are extremely important to Amumu, especially when the enemy champion has a strong counterjungling ability. Since most of these champions are auto-attack based, Block in particular plays a large role in survival against invades.
Veteran's Scars : At a single point, the flat health this grants you should not be missed. 30 health may not seem like much, but in contrast to Durability , you have all this health at level 1.
Juggernaut : One of the most beneficial mastery on the defensive tree. Increases health by a % value of your maximum health, instantly increasing the cost effectiveness of any health you purchase, as well health gained from other masteries and leveling up.
Defender : In the large teamfights later in the game, this will give you 5 armor AND magic resist, which is very efficient for a single mastery point.
Legendary Armor : By no means an amazing mastery, but is most efficient with just one point in it, while the second point allows rung advancement.
Honor Guard : While 3% damage reduction is not the best mastery in the tree, it is much more efficient than last season's Honor Guard , which took several points for a much smaller return.

Summoner's Insight : Taking the point in this will reduce the cooldown on your Flash, which is the single most useful summoner spell in my opinion.
Wanderer : Simply allows quicker movement through the jungle. Taken mostly for rung progression, but speeds up jungler clear and helps when entering lanes for ganks.
Meditation : Gives better sustain to Amumu after the first blue buff, since the following ones should be given to the allied mid laner with very few exceptions.
Expanded Mind : Useful for increasing Amumu's ever decreasing mana pool, but mostly for rung progression.
Runic Affinity : Because Amumu is very dependent on his blue buff, being able to retain it a longer period of time will aid your jungle farm. The primary reason to go into the utility tree, don't pass it up.
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  • Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: These are useful for dealing higher damage all throughout the game, bypassing some magic resist of champs. 8.5 magic penetration is very useful when combined with Cursed Touch.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: These runes are absolutely necessary in order to jungle with Amumu. If you don't have them, there is a high likelihood you will die.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Because extra magic resist is always useful on a tank, and the jungle monsters don't deal magic damage, so scaling runes are the way to go here for a better late game.
  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Amumu’s base movement speed is rather slow, which really hampers both his ganks and his jungle clear. These can be used by themselves or in combination with Greater Quintessence of Armors in order to speed you up. These are the optimal rune in this spot due to the superior ganking ability, mobility, and clear time you get with them.

Other Viable Runes

Just because I may not use a certain rune doesn't mean that it isn't viable or effective on Amumu. When creating a rune page, there are many options you can choose from based upon your play style and personal preference.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These can replace the scaling magic resist glyphs if the enemy team has a lot of high early game burst of the enemy jungle does significant magic damage you want to negate.

Greater Quintessence of Armor: Combined with the Greater Seal of Armors, these will give you enough armor to maintain the larger portion of your health throughout the route. After the nerfs to Greater Quintessence of Health, these have become the superior defensive option for quintessences.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

These are the primary summoner spells that I use nearly every game. Rarely will you want to deviate from this setup for jungling Amumu. Smite is absolutely necessary for Amumu in order to clear camps more quickly, and secures camps from theft if timed correctly. Flash is the single most useful summoner spell in the game in my opinion, particularly with Amumu. Flash+ Curse of the Sad Mummy ultimates are extremely disruptive and can destroy an entire team if they are not prepared for it. Beyond that, Flash can be used to chase, escape, dodge, etc.

+Increases jungle speed
+Secures buffs
+Short cooldown
+Scales with level

+Useless against enemy champions
+Scales with level
space Pros:
+Reliable Escape
+Can be used over walls

+High cooldown
+Short distance

Other Viable Summoner Spells

All the alternative summoner spells are to go in place of Flash. In no case should you ever remove Smite if you plan to jungle Amumu. It greatly increases the time it will take you to clear the jungle and leaves you without a way to secure buffs, dragon, and Baron. Personally, I wouldn’t remove Flash either, but it’s more flexible than Smite.

The choice between Flash and Ghost is one all players make, and is mainly based on personal preference. The fact that Ghost ignores unit collision allows you to land that one last Bandage Toss without minions blocking your way to assure that kill. It also serves as an effective escape if necessary, which is why it can work well in place of Flash.

While Exhaust can also serve as an escape mechanism, it is only semi-reliable. If Lee Sin finds you in his jungle, he can simply Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to you and Tempest / Cripple to keep you in place while the Exhaust wears off. At this point, you will have no way to get away besides running for it, since Amumu has no innate means of escape. Generally, I’ll take this summoner spell if I’m playing a very mobile champion, such as Shyvana who doesn’t need Flash or Ghost to escape from most situations. Despite it not being as safe as your other options, it can still aid in your ganks by holding down the target even longer after your Bandage Toss.
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Cursed Touch: A great passive, lowering champions' magic resists by a full 25 points at level 18. This debuff is only applied when you basic attack an enemy champion, so it's important to do this often, even in a teamfight. This ability synergizes well with magic-damage heavy teams, boosting all of their damage when you're attacking the enemy as well. It also increases Amumu's overall damage, since all of his abilities inflict magic damage. It's important to note that this ability stacks with Sorcerer's Shoes, Liandry's Torment, and Abyssal Mask, eliminating large portions of your enemies' magic resist.
Tips and Tricks
Bandage Toss: This ability is a long-range, skill-shot stun that pulls you to the target when hit. Like the rest of Amumu's skills, it does Magic Damage and scales off of ability power. If you are used to champions that have fast skills shots like Ezreal, then aiming Bandage Toss will take time for you to become accustomed to.

It's important to note how far this ability travels, because there are very few champions that can claim to stun at a farther distance. (The only three champions who can claim such a feat are Ashe with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Xerath, and Sejuani) Use this range to catch your enemy unawares since you won't have to alert them beforehand of your location when you commit to a gank.

There are many uses to this ability, such as initiation, chasing, ganking, and escaping (extremely rare and situational). Despite these several uses, its usefulness for jungling is limited, which is why there are no skill points put into it until level 4. There are rare situations where it would be ideal to take Bandage Toss at level 3, which will be discussed later.
Tips and Tricks
Despair: This is the ability that makes jungle Amumu viable. It is a DoT AoE ability that does both flat damage combined with % of maximum health. (Keep in mind that both forms of damage are reduced from magic resist) While Amumu is slow to kill a single neutral monster, he makes up for it because he can clear several simultaneously. Outside of the jungle, the ability excels at providing sustained damage in a team fight and constantly draining enemy champions' health. The % of maximum health damage is what allows Amumu to drain the health of bulkier champions. This makes Amumu a great counterpick to Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, and Vladimir, all of whom are known for their tendency to stack health either through their abilities or due to synergy with the stat.
Tips and Tricks
Tantrum: Your primary farming skill and main source of burst damage. Like Despair, Tantrum is also AoE and has a relatively low mana cost. However, it can still drain your mana relatively quickly and leave you OoM if you spam it. In the jungle, it benefits you by providing passive physical damage reduction from physical attacks. Not only that, but its cooldown is lowered by half a second whenever you're hit by an auto-attack.
Tips and Tricks
Curse of the Sad Mummy: Like the ultimates of most characters, this is the spell that defines Amumu. This skill alone is why you see him banned often in ranked games. Upon activation, all champions in the surrounding area instantly have damage and a snare applied. With the amount of AP included in this build, anyone who hasn't built magic resist will take a lot of damage. The insane power and utility of this ultimate is only counteracted by its high cooldown. Therefore, you'll want to make effective use of it so as not to waste it and be without it at a crucial moment. I'll include a section describing these situations later in the guide.
Tips and Tricks
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Skilling Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > >

Tantrum is taken first for the uses in jungling, minimizing damage in the early levels and better sustaining you throughout your route. It's also great for farming, since AoE abilities tend to be the quickest way to clear camps in the newer jungle. This burst is also important in ganks, since they tend not to last overly long, minimizing the effectiveness of Despair during this time. A single point in Bandage Toss is taken at level 4 for ganking purposes, although it's not completely useless in the jungle. As long as you're familiar with the locations of every neutral monster camp, Bandage Toss can be used to pull yourself through walls to speed up jungling.

After maxing Tantrum, you'll want to dedicate your skill points towards Bandage Toss. The reasoning behind this is it has an incredibly high base damage in addition to a fairly good AP ratio (.7) that helps to burst down squishies. The cooldown also decreases by two seconds with each level, meaning you can possibly get off two or even three Bandage Tosses throughout a fight if maxed second.

I've decided to max Despair last mainly because Amumu's other two skills scale far better with level, while the increases to Despair's damage are far less noticeable except in very extended fights. It is great for taking out very tanky teamcomps, where the high base damage of Bandage Toss won't be as effective. However, most teams will have 3 to 4 squishy members, such as the AD and AP carry, who will generally be who you want to hit with your Bandage Toss anyway.
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Core Items

There are many viable ways to build Amumu and be successful. However, in this guide I try to focus on filling the role of a tank capable of both great sustained damage and utility, rather than trying to be a support-tank like Maokai. The reason being for this is that Amumu's unique skill set encourages the player to stand in the middle of the enemy team, rather than his own team like a traditional support. Therefore, you will often be out of range to provide buffs to key members, particularly if they have long ranges.

_ One of the more powerful items in the current metagame, mostly due to the predominance of AD Casters, Sunfire Cape gives a sizable amount of both armor and health in order to counter these threats, while at the same time giving you a fair amount of damage from its active that synergizes with Despair.

_ Locket of the Iron Solari is likely one of the most cost-efficient items in the game right now. For only 2000 total gold, you're getting a sizable amount of health, armor, cooldown reduction, and a little bit of health regen. Additionally, being able to shield your teammates can give you a huge advantage in teamfights, especially considering how effective of a tanking stat health has become in the current metagame. Overall, this item is extremely important to have on every team, and is extremely strong on Amumu for the stats it gives.

_ While at the beginning of the season I did not like the “Spirit” item series, the decrease in the price of Spirit Stone in addition to the buffs some of them has received as given me a new outlook on them. In a metagame where health dominates, it is fairly efficient that this item builds out of a Giant's Belt. The armor is also great for tanking, while the tenacity is useful for some CC reduction to prevent excessive kiting by the enemy. At the same time, this item will make you a strong pusher due to the passive damage increase on minions and monsters.

_ Abyssal Mask has always been a core item on Amumu since I first created this guide, and it continues to be now in season 3. Despite receiving various nerfs, it still compliments Amumu’s kit perfectly, enhancing his team’s damage in addition to his own thanks to the magic resist debuff it offers, which is the single best way to amplify Amumu’s own damage since the nerfs to his AP ratios. Additionally, it is fairly cheap, which is an important aspect of junglers’ builds in season 3, since GP10 items are far less effective in the new jungle.

_ Another one of the items I have continued to build on Amumu through the season shift, Frozen Heart synergizes with Amumu very well, and can really be a powerful, game changing item if bought at the right time. The armor and cooldown reduction both compliment Amumu’s needs as champions transition into late game, since AD carries hit their strong point as they finish item builds. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to tank them yourself while debuffing them with Frozen Heart’s aura. When building this item, determine whether you want the cooldown reduction of Glacial Shroud or the debuff of Warden's Mail first, keeping in mind the limitations of the Warden's Mail passive. The component you build first is important to your success in later teamfights, where losing just one can mean the game.

The Right Boots for Every Situation

Mercury's Treads: Quite possibly the greatest boots in the game for the majority of characters, providing the standard movement bonus in addition to tenacity. In case you didn't know what tenacity is, it reduces the duration of CC, meaning stuns, slows, silences, taunts, and fears. However, recently I've found that crowd control has never been especially detrimental to Amumu. After he uses his Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy, he simply needs to keep Despair toggled while putting out as many Tantrums as possible.

+Tenacity in a pair of boots
+Decent amount of Magic Resist
space space
+Expensive compared to other boots
+Magic Resist value not incredibly high

Ninja Tabi: These boots provide 10% damage reduction on basic attacks in addition to their armor. This means that the optimal situations in which to buy these is when the enemy team consists of the many champions whose damage come primarily from auto-attacks or physical damage in general. Some good examples are Tryndamere, Irelia, and Ezreal. While the armor from these boots does help you in your early jungling, your primary motivater for buying them should be the enemy team composition.

+Armor and basic attack damage reduction
+Leaves you with less early game magic resist
+Armor value not incredibly high

Sorcerer's Shoes: Because the majority of Amumu's damage is magic rather than physical, these can greatly aid you in getting by champions who build larger amount of magic resist that lessens your damage. In addition, Amumu's high base damages of his abilities make magic penetration an extremely cost efficient way to increase him damage, similar to why Abyssal Mask synergizes with him.

+Counters magic resist.
+Greatly increases potency of ganks.
space space
+No defensive stats
+Fairly expensive, similar to that of Mercury's Treads
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Situational and Alternative Items

As you would probably expect, these items are not optimal for every situation you will face in the game. There will be times when you will need to adjust based upon the enemy's team composition. For these times, I've created this section, allowing you to make the appropriate changes necessary to counter any team composition.

What to Replace: Sunfire Cape

One of the most cost efficient items in the game, Aegis provides excellent stats for both you and your team. Like Abyssal Mask it’s rather unnecessary to have more than one of these on the team, so inform them ahead of time if you plan on getting it. This is especially important since supports tend to include it in their main build. Note that you lose the farming advantages you get from Sunfire Cape’s passive, as well as the damage. However, the item can be absolutely crucial in deciding the victors of a game, so don’t be afraid to buy it if the rest of your team won’t.

What to Replace: Abyssal Mask

For a champion as mana hungry as Amumu, this item not only completely eliminates any mana related problem, but also provides many other useful stats. For instance, it provides a great amount of ability power, magic resist, and cooldown reduction. All these stats benefit Amumu in some way, synchronizing especially well with his strengths. The only reasons I would not replace the Abyssal Mask] with it in the core build are: it increases the price of an already expensive build, provides less magic resist than I would like, and you lose out on Abyssal Mask’s great passive. An important point to make is how pointless getting two Abyssal Masks on a team is. If one of your team members is planning to get it, you should replace it with this for sure.

What to Replace: Abyssal Mask

There are very few cases in which I would recommend Banshee's Veil on Amumu. The duration of CC abilities are already reduced thanks to both Mercury's Treads and the Juggernaut mastery. However, there are times when the enemy CC prevents you from getting your ultimate off at the right time or initiating. I have played against a team that kept me stunned until just after they had forced their way to my frail Ashe and melted her. Additionally, team's that play smart against your powerful initiation may use spells to divert you and prevent you from reaching them. In these situations, Banshee's Veil prevents them from disrupting you so the Curse of the Sad Mummy can do its job.

What to Replace: Frozen Heart

The Guardian Angel is a very cost efficient hybrid defensive item, providing both armor and magic resist. In addition, it grants you a second lease on life, reviving you after death in the same way as Zilean’s ult Chronoshift. Oftentimes the passive fails to save you since you must remain motionless while the animation takes place. However, if your team is nearby or your enemies are left at low health afterwards, the passive can be incredibly useful. Ultimately, buying Guardian Angel comes down to personal preference and play style. Some people appreciate the second chance granted by it, while others choose it for the nice defensive stats it grants.

What to Replace: Frozen Heart

Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart are often the subjects of an ongoing debate about which item is superior. Personally, I believe neither item completely trumps the other, and that they are instead better on a champion-by-champions basis. If I was playing someone like Riven, I’d probably pick up the Randuin's Omen, simply because she has no need of mana and her play style consists more of darting around the fight rather than being in the middle of it. I find Frozen Heart’s consistent debuff to be more useful on champions that can stand in the middle of a fight for longer periods of time in order to be as disruptive as possible. When it comes down to it, Randuin's Omen is still viable on Amumu and it often comes down to personal opinion and play style when making the decision.

What to Replace: Locket of the Iron Solari

Shurelya's Reverie is a fantastic item that not only benefits you by providing cooldown reduction and extra health, but provides the team with a temporary movement speed buff with its active. Not only that, but it builds from philosopher's stone making it a fairly attractive option during midgame. You might be wondering why I don’t get Shurelya’s despite my high praises for it. This comes down to concentrating on the main focus of my build, which is to combine tankiness with a fair amount of damage in order to coax the enemy team into attacking you. Every item in this build is very difficult to replace due to the synergy they have with each other and Amumu. The only item that could possibly be replaced for Shurelya's Reverie is Rylai's Crystal Scepter, since you would have to sacrifice armor or magic resist if any other item was replaced. Despite its absence in my main build, Shurelya's Reverie is a core item for both the full tank and support tank builds.

What to Replace: Sunfire Cape or Frozen Heart

Thornmail is a rather unique item in my opinion. It’s notable for providing the highest armor value of any single item in the game. However, it also returns 30% of the physical damage done to you back as magic damage. I’ve seen Tryndameres practically kill themselves when they attack champions with this item. The main reason it’s not core is that it does not encourage the enemy to attack you over other champions on your team. The damage is only dealt if they choose to attack you , which is rather counter-productive to the focus of the build. For this reason, it is an extremely situational item, purchased only when their carry is fed and tearing through your team.

What to Replace: Sunfire Cape or Abyssal Mask

Because Amumu synchronizes so well with magic damage based teams thanks to Cursed Touch, Will of the Ancients allows you to benefit your AP champions even more by providing them both ability power and spell vamp. Despite the utility this item it provides, it lacks any type of defensive stat, which is why it is situational. If your team is running two solo lane APs, then this item should be seriously considered, since your team will be receiving maximum benefit from it. The spell vamp is also useful on Amumu, returning large amounts of health from Curse of the Sad Mummy, and decent returns from his other spells. Therefore, the item can be used even when you have a single AP carry. It’s important to remember that the item is primarily to benefit your team, so you should consider the benefit to your AP carries when you consider buying this.
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So obviously the reason you took the time to read the sections before this (or skim) is so that you would be able to jungle effectively with Amumu. Know ahead of time that it does take time to get used to jungling with him, especially if you're used to popular melee junglers such as Lee Sin and Shaco, but the team utility he provides along with excellent ganks definitely make him just as valuable on that team slot as the before mentioned champions, perhaps even more so.

Also, I've decided to alter this section so that it details the optimal, fastest way to jungle rather than the beginner friendly way. Know ahead of time that while this method is faster than starting immediately at the blue buff, it is by no means necessary to do this. If you're new to jungling or Amumu feel free to use the older route, beginning at blue buff rather than wolves.

When the game begins, you will want to buy Hunter's Machete and five Health Potions. These will speed up your early jungle, and provide an ample amount of sustainability, which is important in the current jungle. You have the option of beginning with either Despair or Tantrum when jungling. Tantrum is useful because the wolf camp, which Amumu begins his route at, has high attack speed and three separate monsters attacking. Therefore, you have the freedom to spam Tantrum while reducing a significant amount of incoming damage. Beginning with Despair leaves you more vulnerable to early damage, but you will have higher DPS overall against the blue buff, and will make you less dependent on your teammates for a leash. My personal preference is Tantrum, since its damage reduction fills a void that I have felt since I replaced the Greater Quintessence of Armor with Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed.

After you’ve purchased your items and allocated your skill point, begin your route by clearing wolves, asking for assistance from your nearby laners. Keep in mind due to the high movement speed of this particular camp, it is not efficient to attempt a leash similar to how blue buff is generally handled. Draw aggro from the camp yourself, and have your laners auto-attack the wolves without last hitting them; otherwise they will steal some of the experience that you need to hit level 4 at the end of this route. If you're new to playing Amumu in the jungle, it would be wise to start at Blue Buff and get a leash from your middle lane before going to wolves.

After clearing wolves, head up to blue buff after. Optimally, you will have cleared wolves around 1:50 if your teammates gave you sufficient aid, allowing you to be prepared when the golem spawns at 1:55. Have your mid laner leash it over the wall with an auto-attack or ability, and utilize Tantrum as often as possible. Save Smite for finishing the kill on the buff in order to safely secure it. If you use Smite early, you put yourself at risk for the enemy jungle to waltz in and smite-steal it themselves. This is detrimental to your jungle since it provides you with mana regeneration and cooldown reduction to allow early spamming for the fast clearing of camps, and sustainability throughout your route.

After clearing the camp and leveling up, take a point in Despair, and move on to wraith camp by crossing through the back of middle lane.

The wraiths are one of the camps Amumu is extremely efficient at clearing. They have small health bars, low damage, and four separate monsters that attack you, allowing frequent Tantrum spam, and quick experience. While it is easy for Amumu to abuse this camp, keep in mind that mid laners tend to have more use for the extra gold and experience, and you will want to let them take it if they want it. Feel free to abuse this camp early game, however, especially since it respawns every 50 seconds as opposed to 1 minute.

One of the larger changes to the route is the switch from clearing golems to returning to wolves again. However, if you proceed there immediately, they will not have respawned. Take this time to quickly check your red buff for invaders, and then proceed back to the wolf camp, which should be easy to clear with both Despair and Tantrum. If your allied laners did not steal any experience from either your first wolf camp or blue buff, you should now be level 3, and be able to take a second point in Tantrum.

It is at this point you will want to proceed to the red buff in the bottom half of the jungle. You will use a similar strategy as previous camps to clear it with one important note. Like blue buff, there is always risk of an enemy jungler moving into your jungle and attempting to steal the buff. One way they might do this is by hiding in the brush along the southern wall of the red buff camp area. In order to avoid this, simply pull the lizard into the brush so you they can’t surprise you while you’re in the middle of clearing it. And, like blue buff, finish the camp with Smite to secure the buff for yourself and prevent theft by the enemy team.

Finally, clearing wraith camp one more time will finish your initial jungle clear, and should bring you to level 4.

From this point onward you have several options. The first one of these is to execute a gank. Look at the states of all the lanes and answer these two questions:
+Is a lane struggling or getting zoned?
+Is that lane also pushed or in a position that allows you to give your lane a significant advantage?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, then it's generally a good idea to gank. And even in the case where you said no to either question, sometimes there are cases where it will still be a good idea to gank. It is up to you to make these decisions that will be the most beneficial for your team. It is necessary to properly balance farming your jungle, ganking, and paying attention to key objectives such as the dragon in order to provide the largest benefits to your team. Make it a goal for your first recall to buy Spirit Stone, and a sight ward at the very least.
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One of the important jobs of any jungler is to gank. In case anyone is new to jungling, ganking refers to leaving your jungle temporarily in order to join one of your allies in a lane with the intent of pressuring it in some way, usually a kill. This is the best way to assist your laners and really give them an edge against their opponent(s). In solo queue, ganking is the best way to be aggessive as Amumu during the earlier stages of the game since his counter-jungling abilites are subpar.

When going into a gank, there are a lot of things to consider. Not only do you have to plan how you will use your own abilities, but you have to consider the potential of your ally to aid in the gank, and the potential of your enemy to escape.

For instance, consider a solo top Shen. Shen is very durable and hardly capable of being bursted down by an enemy. Additionally, he has a gap closer and CC in the form of Shadow Dash. Knowing this, it would be ideal for him to initiate a gank, either by baiting the enemy into a "1v1" duel, or using Shadow Dash at the enemy. It would be at this point that you walk out at the enemy, but don't use your Bandage Toss or Curse of the Sad Mummy until the duration of the taunt from Shadow Dash has ended or come close to ending. This maximizes the duration the enemy is disabled.

When considering an enemy's potential to escape, we'll compare Darius and Vladimir. Ganking Darius is fairly easy compared to many champions. He lacks mobility or any sort of escape mechanism outside of summoner spell Flash which has a fairly long cooldown. This means repeated ganks could prove fatal since he lacks the tools to stop you. Vladimir, however, is fairly adept at avoiding ganks. His Sanguine Pool makes him untargetable and immune to all damage aside from DoTs placed onto him before activating the ability. This is generally used in combination with Ghost to move great distances while being untargetable. This means your Bandage Toss will travel straight through him and Despair and Tantrum will do no damage for the duration. When dealing with champions such as Vladimir, you need to establish a strategy that can be used to exploit the weaknesses that the ability has. Those of Sanguine Pool include it's high cooldown and hefty cost of 20% of his health. Two distinct strategies for successfully ganking Vladimir are:
+Allied Laner - Olaf: Separated CC usage. Having a laner with his/her own CC means that you can spread it out. In the image below, Olaf uses Undertow, attempting to slow Vladimir so he can't get away. However, Vladimir uses Sanguine Pool to dodge the axe and begins backing off. As soon as he comes out of Sanguine Pool, I immediately throw Bandage Toss, stunning him in place, and giving us the kill.

+Allied Laner - Akali: Repeated ganks/Camping. When your laner lacks an effective CC, Vladimir will more than likely be able to hold onto his Sanguine Pool until you try to Bandage Toss him. However, Sanguine Pool has a really long cooldown of 26 seconds at level 1, compared to 16 seconds for level 1 Bandage Toss. In order to take advantage of this, you exit the lane through the river, but hide in the bush nearby until Bandage Toss is off cooldown. Once it is, you immediately go in for another gank in the case that Vladimir decided to move up the lane again. Even if he doesn't, at the very least you gave Akali an advantage since Vladimir lost 20% of his health in order to use Sanguine Pool.

Tower Diving

Oftentimes your allied laner has already asserted his dominance and is pushed towards the enemy turret. If your ally and you have the damage, or the enemy has already lost a significant portion of his health, it may be a good idea to turret dive. There are a couple strategies that can be used to turret diving, depending on how far the game has progressed and the type of enemy being dealt with. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to be the one tanking the turret if not ideal.

Standard Dive: If you have an obvious advantage and it would be safe for you and your allied laner to dive, then you can initiate with Bandage Toss, or simply run out behind them if you want to save Bandage Toss for the possible situation in which they abandon their turret position and begin to retreat down the lane. In this example, Teemo has been beaten up fairly significantly by Renekton, but is holding his position at the turret trying to get a little more farm before backing.

Lower Level Dive/The Enemy has Burst: In these cases, you will want to take a safe approach. Signal your ally that you would like to dive the enemy, and initiate it. You will want to lead in with your Bandage Toss, and back off immediately. With this strategy, you are tanking the turret, while your allied laner can quickly do the necessary damage to finish off the enemy. The reason this is the strategy to take against a burst opponent like Darius is that it is possible that if you remain near him while tanking turret aggro, he could focus you and try to make the dive turn into a 1v1 trade through the combination of the damage from his Noxian Guillotine and turret aggro.
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Jungle Timers/Buff Control

In order to properly control your jungle, you will need to know when your camps will be up so you can be prepared ahead of time to clear them. Junglers who simply clear camps as the symbol appears on their minimap can fall behind fairly quickly. Your enemy will be able to steal it long before you arrive, plus they'll be clearing their own camps at a much faster pace if they know when it will spawn.

Lesser Creeps
- Initial Spawn - 1:40
- Respawn after - 1:00 (:50 for Wraiths)

Buffs (Ancient Golem and Elder Lizard)
- Initial Spawn - 1:55
- Respawn after - 5:00

- Initial Spawn - 2:30
- Respawn after - 6:00

- Initial Spawn - 15:00
- Respawn after - 7:00
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Enemy Junglers

Amumu is not alone in his dangerous journey to traverse the jungle. It is haunted by many monsters besides those mentioned above such as Clowns, Dragons, Werewolves, and Monks. Their ultimate goal is to fill Amumu with Despair, but with this guide, you'll be able to properly defend your jungle.

space The main reason Cho'Gath may pose a threat to your jungle is his remarkable speed in clearing minor minion camps. As the game progresses, a simple combo of Rupture and Feral Scream will be enough to clear the lower health minions. Even if it didn’t, Vorpal Spikes will make short work of them afterwards. For this reason, keeping track of the respawn timers on your wolves, wraiths, and golems might be ideal so you can be there before Cho'Gath. In a fight he doesn’t pose a large threat to you. Despair will remain on even if he silences you with Feral Scream, and repeated Tantrums can drain his health bar quite quickly.
Difficulty: 3/10

space Seeing this champion running around the jungle is a scary sight. He has what is possibly the fastest clear time in the game thanks to the damage from his Burning Agony. Additionally, he is a great duelist due to the massive AD steroid from Masochism. At rank 5, this ability grants Dr. Mundo a temporary 100 AD buff. This is equivalent to a Bloodthirster at max stacks, the item with the highest AD value in the game. This is what makes a Dr. Mundo who “goes where he pleases” such a scary thought. His excellent mobility combined with constant slows from Infected Cleaver makes it safe for him to constantly invade, using his excellent speed in clearing camps to cause you grief. Because of this, it is important to ward your red buff at the beginning of the game to prevent him from stealing it before you get there.
Difficulty: 9/10

space Lee Sin is more than likely the single most common jungler in the game at the moment. He’s highly mobile, making him a large threat to both the enemy jungle and their laners. His Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike allows him to quickly close the distance between you and him or jump over walls to jungle creeps. Additionally, his Safeguard / Iron Will allows him to quickly jump to an ally or ward while shielding himself. By using Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike to jump to your camps and using wards to quickly back out, Lee Sin is relatively safe while invading. He’s also a great duelist, however. The usage of his abilities provides him with a constant attack speed buff from Flurry. It is optimal to attempt to trap him with your allied lanes should you catch him in your jungle. If he jumps over a wall, you can follow him with a well-placed Bandage Toss.
Difficulty: 9/10

space Maokai doesn’t pose any severe threat to your jungle. Rather, he has the ability to efficiently defend his own jungle from counter-jungling. The main advantage he provides are portable wards that result from using his Sapling Toss ability. If you run into these in either the enemy or your own jungle, remember the enemy team knows your position and will act accordingly. For instance, you attempt to gank bottom lane, but run into one of Maokai’s saplings. Not only does the lane know you are there, and has the opportunity to retreat, but Maokai is given several options just by your appearance there. He can head up to top half of your jungle and steal camps, gank mid or top lane without fear of a counter-gank, or come down and start a fight. Additionally, due to the nature of Maokai’s passive, Sap Magic, frequent Tantrum spamming allows him to proc it more often. However, his damage is not that great on his own, since he relies on his CC to fulfill a support tank role. In the case of a fight early game with him, you won’t be able to kill him, but the same applies to him. Preferably, if you can catch him in your jungle, one of your laners can help you kill him before he escapes. Just be careful if you are caught in his, since he can hold you down for a few seconds with Twisted Advance and arcane smash.
Difficulty: 5/10

space The best way to describe Nautilus is probably as a DPS centered version of Maokai. His auto-attacks are greatly boosted in power by his Titan's Wrath. Fortunately, he loses this buff if his shield is broken, and before rank 3 or 4, the shield is very weak and broken easily. Additionally, Nautilus's early game clear times are slower than those of Amumu, meaning that you have the oppurtunity to exert pressure on him earlier in the game. Consider taking his wraiths or golems quickly after clearing blue. Also, since most Nautilus's won't take their Dredge Line until level 4, similarly to your Bandage Toss, you will the oppurtunity to gank earlier than him. This is an advantage to be abused if possible. Just be careful of the ganks, since Nautilus has a huge amount of CC and a powerful ultimate that rivals yours in utility. In fact, he has the most CC of any character to date, making his ganks absolutely deadly. Ward for your allies if they don't and try to keep track of his presence to counter-gank when possible. Riptide makes it difficult for you to position yourself as well, acting as a tool for peeling you and your allies off his carries.
Difficulty: 7/10

space Nocturne has fallen out of favor as a result of the series of nerfs he’s received. Despite this, he is still an incredibly capable jungler with high mobility and damage. His Duskbringer ability is the primary ability you will want to avoid. Not only does it increase his movement speed and damage, but you extend the trail behind you if you’re hit. This allows him to quickly close the distance in order to proc his Unspeakable Horror. Needless to say, any early game skirmish between the two of you will end in Nocturne’s favor. His Duskbringer is somewhat exploitable though. It travels quite a long distance and crosses terrain. It is possible to spot him in your jungle and call over your lanes without Nocturne even knowing, since Duskbringer does not provide vision.
Difficulty: 7/10

space After the buffs to Nunu & Willump several patches ago, he has become a significantly more popular support that poses a much larger threat than he had previously. He still has the advantage of essentially two Smites with his Consume and the summoner spell itself, which makes his ability to secure buffs much stronger than yours. The buff to Consume has also sped up his clear time throughout the game, meaning he can place more pressure on your lanes and jungle. He doesn't have the pure damage that junglers like Lee Sin or Shyvana have, but he has significant slowing power when he has red buff in addition to his ice ball. This combined with his power to outdamage you in an extended fight makes him a significant threat to your jungle. His sustain is fairly strong as well, considering Consume will restore large portions of his health every time its used. The best way to avoid him stealing your jungle is to keep it warded. Generally, I'll ask the support to place an early ward by the opening of the jungle near wraiths, since this is the opening most junglers will tend to use when grabbing your wraiths or red buff.
Difficulty: 9/10

space Rammus can often be a danger to almost any team thanks to his high speed from Powerball combined with CC from puncturing taunt making his ganks difficult to escape. Lane champions fear Rammus for this reason, but on his own Rammus is very vulnerable. Like Amumu, he does not have much damage early game. If you decide to trade with him, I find you generally will outdamage him with repeated Tantrums and Despair toggled on. One useful strategy is to wait for him to activate Defensive Ball Curl to Bandage Toss. If your reaction time if fast enough, you should be able to stun him before he activates puncturing taunt, and avoid unnecessary damage to yourself as long as you stop your auto attacks for the brief period afterwards.
Difficulty: 2/10

space Rengar has a kit that is fairly versatile in letting him clear jungle quickly while also excelling in duels. The main threat to you as a jungler is his high amount of single target damage from his Savagery, as well his chasing potential from his passive, Unseen Predator. This passive lets him always jump straight to you if he's in a bush within range. In a jungle filled with a lot of brush, he can really stick to you, and has a lot of kill potential. Not to mention if he uses his ultimate, he gains stealth and the ability to jump to you whether he's in a bush or not. He also has a slow that can turn into a snare if he uses it while he has five ferocity, his resource system. Generally, the best way to deal with him is to be defensive with your warding, and avoid running through brush when he's chasing you unless it is the best route for you to take. I also will pick up an early game Ninja Tabi if he begins getting aggressive in my jungle. Overall, he can cause you a lot of trouble if being played skillfully.
Difficulty: 8/10

space Sejuani is like an ice themed version of Amumu… on a boar. She’s a tank that really only excels in the jungle as opposed to lane, with mainly AoE damage. The difference is, she has ridiculous amounts of slows, but less damage overall. For that reason, take every opportunity to harass her in your own jungle, but be careful if you invade. Frost and Permafrost will lock you down and prevent escape until a laner can show up and kill you. Her Arctic Assault allows her to pass through thinner walls as well, so be prepared to follow with Bandage Toss if the situation calls for it.

(This paragraph is short because it's theorycraft, based on my observations of her moves and after having read the leading sejuani guide. Therefore, there is no difficulty score here. Hopefully I'll be able to expand upon this in the future, but I felt it needed to be added for now.)

space Depending on the person, reactions to seeing an enemy Shaco are mixed. Many players fear his strong ganks, while others see him as a free win as a result of his poor late game. In my opinion, you don’t have much to fear from him in terms of counter-jungling as long as you don’t give him the opportunity. For instance, it is common for Shaco to quickly set up his Jack In The Boxes in the bush between the middle lane, and the wraith camp hoping to ambush you. If you were to walk into this trap, you would almost instantaneously die. However, the entire threat can be avoided simply by walking in front of your middle lane’s outer turret and heading the wraiths from there instead. Additionally, check your red buff before clearing wraiths, since Jack In The Box combined with Deceive gives Shaco an easy way to quickly steal it and blink out of your jungle if you don’t catch him at it early.
Difficulty: 7/10

space Definitely a champion you don’t want to see running around in the enemy jungle. Shyvana has the ability to enter your jungle, steal a camp, and leave without you even being aware of it. Burnout is the most notable ability of Shyvana’s arsenal. It grants a rather significant boost to movement speed while it is active. Additionally, Shyvana is completely cooldown based, making it quite spammable. Even if you were to catch her, her ability as a duelist is exceptional. Avoid engaging her without support from your laners.
Difficulty: 9/10

space Meet my second favorite jungler, for those times when the enemy bans Amumu. One important thing to note is the high starting movement speed of Skarner. He could easily have 340 movement speed before Boots of Speed. Additionally, upon activating Crystalline Exoskeleton which he generally takes at level 2, he reaches approximately 380 movement speed, again without Boots of Speed. These high speeds make it relatively easy for him to get in and out of his jungle. Even if you were to find him in your jungle, you’ll never catch him until you have Bandage Toss. Thankfully, Skarner’s early game damage is lacking, and following this guide you should never fall low enough for Skarner to severely threaten you during the lane phase. Feel free to chase him out of your jungle when if you catch him. Just be watchful of your smaller camps, particularly wraiths and wolves. Skarner can get in, take them, and leave in the space of ten seconds.
Difficulty: 6/10

space No other way to put it, Trundle is a troll, in all meanings of the word. He has great potential to steal your camps, great abilities as a duelist, and infinite sustainability from Decompose that beats even Warwick. You’ll be hard pressed to find any situation in which you have more health than Trundle, making engaging incredibly risky. Not only that, but his Rabid Bite grants him bonus AD in a fight. And once he gets his ultimate, Agony, he can melt your defenses and destroy you in any one on one fight. Any health and armor you’ve built up to counter him just becomes his. At no point should you ever engage him alone, and only invade his jungle if you know his position. If he catches you, Contaminate will increase his movement speed to allow him to pursue you, while Pillar of Filth can easily block the narrow pathways of the jungle.
Difficulty: 8/10

space Udyr’s skills seemed designed for jungling. Like Shyvana, Udyr has excellent mobility thanks to Bear Stance, an efficient method of clearing jungle camps quickly with Phoenix Stance, and great sustain provided by Turtle Stance. Overall, Udyr is one of those champions that has the potential to ruin Amumu’s jungle if allowed. As a general rule, I would not advise choosing Amumu if the enemy team has selected Udyr. However, in those situations where he is selected after you have locked in, wards are necessary to prevent a good Udyr from shutting you down. Recall as soon as you can afford both a philosopher's stone and two sight wards. Use these to monitor your two buffs, which will be close to spawning by this point. If you spot him in your jungle, call the nearest lane over to assist you, as fights between you and him will more than likely go in his favor.
Difficulty: 10/10

space Although he is more commonly seen as a top lane as of late, Warwick still has excellent jungle presence with his passive Eternal Thirst providing him with infinite sustain. It is important to know ahead of time that if you attempt to invade his jungle, Warwick will likely have more health should you encounter one another. Additionally, he will be able to pursue you if your health drops low enough thanks to Blood Scent. As a result, I wouldn’t advise invading until after your first recall. You will be both stronger and fresher in terms of health, and be taking very little damage from the jungle monsters. He is not as threatening to you as Shyvana or Udyr, but can still be difficult to deal with if you do not play around his skillset.
Difficulty: 6/10

This section is something that will be constantly expanding.
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As the game progresses, teamfights will start to occur. If your lanes and you did well early game, then you have the potential to dominate these fights and increase your advantage. If you didn’t, you’ll have a more difficult time overcoming the enemy team. Either way, teamfights require you and your team to play intelligently and have a quick reaction time.
Amumu’s primary roles in a teamfight include serving as the initiator, tanking damage, and using your CC to lock down the enemy team. Before a teamfight, you will want to look for an opportunity to initiate, whether an enemy is out of position, an important ability to the enemy team is on cooldown, you need to stop them from taking an objective, or the enemy team has a stronger poke than you.

Example Scenario 1: Both teams are positioned near Baron, waiting for the opportunity to either start a fight or take Baron. When you look at your ever useful mini-map, you notice the enemy Graves is trying to get some farm in the bottom lane. In this case, you would want to either start a teamfight, or begin to take Baron. Without the AD Carry, the enemy team can’t do anything to stop you, and will lose team members if they try.

Example Scenario 2: The enemy Ashe fires her Enchanted Crystal Arrow at your team, but everyone is able to dodge it, and it flies uselessly across the map. The instant this happens, you should immediately counter-initiate and Bandage Toss the nearest person of the enemy team. Without this important CC, you have a much better chance of winning.

Example Scenario 3: Your team arrives at dragon to find that the enemy team has already taken out half of its health. However, they have lost some of their health and their positioning is rather poor for engaging in the teamfight. In this case, you can start a teamfight over dragon since the gold is rather important and benefits all of your team members. In some cases, the dragon may be attacking the AD Carry on the enemy team. Unless your team is at an extreme disadvantage, you should always engage, since the dragon’s attacks apply an attack speed debuff, reducing the effectiveness of that Vayne to near zero. If dragon begins to get low enough for your Smite to finish it during the fighting, make an effort to secure it before their jungler.

Example Scenario 4: In many cases, both teams have grouped up in mid lane looking for an opportunity to push. If the enemy team is composed of characters such as Xerath, Nidalee, and Ashe with long range pokes, they can potentially harass you out and prevent a teamfight altogether. In these situations, it is ideal to initiate as soon as physically possible. A combo such as Flash, Bandage Toss, Curse of the Sad Mummy can end a poke war before it even begins. By using your ultimate relatively quickly, your team has the opportunity to catch up to you before they’re kited back to the enemy turret.

Obviously, these aren’t the only cases in which you could begin a fight. Sometimes, your teams are at a stalemate, and you’re confident you can win, feel free to initiate. These are just the ideal situations that are generally advantageous to your team.

During a teamfight, your primary goal is to get into position to get the most out of your huge AoE damage. Therefore, the best place for you is right in the middle of the enemy team. If you can lock down all five of their team members with Curse of the Sad Mummy, then you have already benefitted the team in a huge way. Other AoE ultimates synergize well with Curse of the Sad Mummy, making them easier to hit when their team is locked down. For instance, Miss Fortune's ultimate Bullet Time has the potential to do major damage to the enemy team if they stand in it for the full duration. They can easily run out of the area, while Miss Fortune is channeling, or simply stun her to end it artificially. If Bullet Time and Curse of the Sad Mummy are used together, the entire enemy team is generally forced to suffer a huge amount of damage. Situations like these are important to consider when deciding how to utilize your ultimate most effectively.

However, pay attention to your health, since even Amumu will die quickly if all five members of their team decide to focus you. The last thing you want to do is fail to activate your ultimate before dying.

Despair should always be on during a teamfight, constantly damaging and slowing the enemy team if you’ve already bought Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Additionally, Tantrum should be used every time it comes off cooldown. Mid game Bandage Toss will most likely not come off cooldown during the fight itself if it was used to initiate. However, it can be used to catch anyone fleeing from the fight, or to buy your team some time to escape if you happen to lose.
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Ultimately, Amumu is a great champion that brings a lot to the table in terms of crowd control and damage. By using just Curse of the Sad Mummy, he has the potential to snare the entire enemy team with correct positioning. Know ahead of time that Amumu is not a carry, and you will likely not end with an absurd amount of kills. Rather, it's Amumu's job to ensure the people who can get these kills have an easier time doing it.

I plan on adding a FAQ section to the guide at some later date. If you are unsure of anything I did not cover in this guide, feel free to give your opinion in the comment section below, and I'll be sure to answer it as soon as I can :)

Future additions to the guide
+Warding Section
+Expansion of Counter-jungler section
+Additional in-game pictures/videos

+My brother Te Curt who provided suggestions and aided me throughout the guide-making process. His new guide on Jax can be found here.
+Jhoijhoi for her guide on making guides and line dividers.
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