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League of Legends Build Guide Author giantzombie


giantzombie Last updated on July 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

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Hi everyone, I'm Giantzombie and I'd like to welcome you all to my Warwick guide. This is my first guide and the layout and the coding is mostly ripped from Jhoijhoi Making A Guide. So far it is still a 0.1 version and the layout will most likely change. That doesn't stop me from already sharing it with everybody who wants to know more about this great champion. Don't forget to Vote after reading this guide and if you know a way to improve this guide then please share it with me!

Why Warwick

The first thing everybody does when first playing this game is looking at all the champions and figuring out what one to buy. After looking at all the champion there was a clear winner for me. My first champion just had to be Warwick. His skillset just looked like great fun and for me it still is. I'd always liked jungling in dota (I know, its a dirty word) and Eternal Thirst and Hunters Call are just made for this. My first try on jungling him failed because I was only summoner level 5 and didn't have the needed runes and masteries. As soon as I was level 20 I bought the runes and started jungling. The first thing I notice when jungling Warwick is that he doesn't lose any life in the jungle, but ganking before getting level 6 is very hard. If your red gets stolen it is almost impossible. You can do some damage, but the enemies will just walk away from you.

Then came the time that all my top champions where picked and I had to play Warwick top. At that time I had never seen a Warwick in the top lane. The first time up there I used all the wrong items and didn't do well as you could expect. After reading a guide I gave it another shot. This time I could almost completely zone the enemy and when the enemy jungler ganked me I killed him and the enemy top laner. After this I've been making my build better and now its time to share my experience.

Focus of this guide

First of all you most know that this guide is only for Lanewick. If you want to jungle Warwick then you should look for another guide. This guide will build a tanky Warwick, using on-hits effects as Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor. Early game the main source of damage will be Hungering Strike. This will be the skill you use to zone your enemy and also to regain lost life. To max this damage cooldown reduction and some way of regaining mana is bought early game. This is combined with magic resist or armor to also counter the enemy toplaner. And since Hungering Strike scales with the enemies max health the skill will stay useful the whole game.

Lane vs jungle

Riot has designed this champion with jungling in mind. In the old jungle it was one of the only champions that could easily jungle without ever getting low life. With the current jungle way more champions can jungle and a lot of them are faster. What is even worse, most of them are better gankers. Warwick can gank, but for effective ganks he most be level 6 and use Infinite Duress, but it takes way to long to get to that level. Other champions like Lee Sin, Rammus and Skarner can gank way more effective. So even though I love this champion I feel like it is no top tier jungler. However there still is a solo lane free for tanky characters and that could be Lanewick!

Infinite sustain and harass with Hungering Strike, towerdive with Infinite Duress, every gank of your jungler a success with Infinite Duress to hold the enemy and Blood Scent for a little chasing. Even though this champion was designed for the jungle, it does a lot better in the top-lane!


When you follow the build given in this guide then you will be able to zone most top-lane champions while staying in lane almost forever and farming freely. The added tankyness will also make you almost unkillable in teamfight while ripping the enemy carry into little pieces.

Change Log
23-02-2012: Made the guide look better. More changes to make the guide easier to read will come.
24-02-2012: Some quick fixes and updates about items, runes and summoner spells.
05-07-2012: Quick update on the items and added a champion you could lane against.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

  • Extreme Sustain; with Eternal Thirst and Hungering Strike you have two ways to regain health. Together with your health/armor/magic resist it will be impossible to get you out of your lane. If you are low health after a teamfight you can also regain your lost health fast.
  • Good Towerdiving; if the enemy is low and tower hung you can jump on him with Infinite Duress. Some auto attacks and an Hungering Strike will most likely finish him of. Because of Blood Scent he won't be able to get away.
  • Hard To Kill; you will be tanky with lots of armor and magic resist. On top of that you steal health. This makes you last long in teamfights
  • Buffs Whole Team; in a teamfight you can give your whole team more attackspeed. This will be useful for everyone except for maby the AP carry
  • Nightmare For Enemy Carry; If a teamfight start you will be in his face dealing great damage. Your Blood Scent will make sure he won't get away.

  • Kitable; you are a melee character. The enemy will be able to cast spells on you from a distance and run away if the are faster. Skills like Frost Shot are your worst enemy.
  • Vunerable For CC; if you get stunned then you are not able to regain your health. Your ultimate will also get cancelled allowing the enemy to get away.
  • Not A Good Initiator; you are tanky, but you are not a tank. Your only CC gets you right in the middle of the enemy team and suppresses the enemy carry (if you even jump on him) at the wrong time before the fight starts.
  • Slow Farmer; if there is a group of minions waiting to be slaughtert then you have to kill them one by one. You have no multi target spells so this will take a while.


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When choosing the masteries you have to keep the goal of this build in mind. We want to have cooldown reduction, magic penetration, survivability and mana. The chosen masteries setup gives all of this except for the mana. That is why mana regen runes are chosen.

Tier 1 ~ In this tier we only needs 4 points to get to tier 2. We go for Summoner's Wrath and Brute Force because they can deal extra damage to enemy champions and make last hitting a bit easier. We choose them over Butcher because that mastery does nothing vs champions and we are not jungling. Mental Force is useless because we don't need AP.

Tier 2 ~ This tier hold a great mastery we like a lot. With 4% cooldown reduction Sorcery it is great for this build!

Tier 3 ~ This tier holds the spell why we put points in the offense tree. Arcane Knowledge works for Hungering Strike, Infinite Duress, Madred's Bloodrazor and Wit's End. It is a most have.
Tier 1 ~ Resistance and Hardiness give some extra defense you will need when going after the enemy carry.

Tier 2 ~ Durability because it is needed for Veteran's scar and we do not need that extra health regeneration.

Tier 3 ~ Veteran's scar to get even more health. We also put 1 point in Indomitable to get to the next tier.

Tier 4 ~ The cooldown reduction from Enlightenment will make it possible to spam your huntering strike more often. We also put 2 points in Initiator to get faster. You will be above 70% health and have no gap closer. This will make getting to your enemy easier.

Tier 5 ~ Honor Guard gives some great extra tankyness. Put 3 points in here.

Tier 6 ~ Juggernaut is a great defensive mastery. Lots of health and all disables work 10% shorter on you. Put your last point in here.


We do not put any points in this tree. There just are no points left to put in here. Expanded Mind would be good, but with 9-21-0 there can go no points in here. Runic Affinity is a must for junglewick, but lanewick won't be getting much buffs. They are preferred on other teammembers

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Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

The runes shown above are the preferred Runes. There are ofcourse other possible runes:

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Flash: This spell should be taken on almost every champion, especially champions that have no build-in flash like Arcane Shift or Shadow Dash. This spell can safe you and can help catch enemies. Just too good to ignore.
Ignite: This spell makes you deal more damage and stops the enemy from healing. Good for your burst damage and good for getting first blood.

Other possibilities are:
: If no one else in your team chose this guy and you are not facing Mundo than this can be a valid choice. If you are for some reason going AD damage then I'd take this skill by replacing Ignite with it. If not then Ignite is just way to useful for getting that first blood.
: Some top laners like this spell and it can be useful to get back to lane fast or to gank/escape gank. Always fun to teleport to a botlane ward and ulti on the enemy AD carry! Still the other summoner spells are preferred over this one.
: You are not fast and replacing Flash with this skill can change that. Would make it easier to chase enemies with +50% health. If they are under that then you have your Blood Scent as speed boost. Since you are more likely to chase -50% health enemies flash if preferred over this skill as it can get go over walls that might seperate u from your enemie.

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Ability Explanation

Ability Explanation


Eternal Thirst
Each of Warwick's autoattacks deals additional magic damage and heals him for the same amount. Each successive attack against the same target will stack this amount of healing and damage up to a maximum of 3 stacks. The stacks remain for 4 seconds.
This ability is part or your sustainability. It also does some magic damage. If you attack a minions 3 time at lvl 5 this gives you 30 health. If you attack a champion 10 times at lvl 9 this gives you 189 health and does the same amount of magic damage before magic resist. This ability can be used to regain lost health and is great in 1v1 combat.

This skill gets more useful if you place more auto attacks on the same target. This makes placing a few auto attacks on the same minion more effective then placing the same amount of auto attacks on different minions for regaining lost life.


Hungering Strike
Strikes an enemy for the higher value between the flat magic damage and a percentage of the target's maximum health, and heals Warwick for 80% of the damage dealt. Minions and monsters will only be dealt the flat magic damage.
The whole starting build is based on this skill. It doesn't only do great damage. It also heals you for 80% of the damage done. Of a squishy carry with 2k health it will deal 400 damage and heal you for 320 not considering magic resist. For this skill we will get some early cooldown reduction and additional mana(regeneration) to be able to cast it as often as possible.

When you are at full health don't just run to your enemy to use Hungering Strike because that is a waste of health you might gain. Try to get 1-2 auto attacks in first. Feel free to use this skill if you can't get close enough or are not at full health.


Hunters Call
Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all nearby allied champions, increasing Warwick's attack speed and all affected friendly champions' attack speed by half of the amount for 10 seconds.
When you jungle this is the first skill you pick. When you lane it is the last skill you pick. This is because you won't use auto attacks for damage. Damage is what Hungering Strike is for. This skill is used for clearing minion waves/dragon/baron and to give your team an attackspeed buff in a teamfight.

This is more a tip for jungling, but you might be attackin red buff or the dragon on your own so I'll share it anyways. If you want to stay as healty as possible when attacking red buff/dragon alone then the skill sequence should be autoattack- Hungering Strike-autoattack- Hunters Call-keep auto attacking. This is to make most use of the extra damage and health regain given by your passive Eternal Thirst


Blood Scent
Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within a certain distance of him, revealing them until they heal, leave the area or Blood Scent is deactivated. While sensing an enemy, he gains extra movement speed.
It is not a gap closer, but it does allow you to get to low life enemies in no-time. You can see enemies with under 50% health on a large range at level 5 and you will be faster then almost anything. In teamfights this will make you go from enemy to enemy in no-time. This skill also allows you to run away after a lost teamfight if one of the enemies is under 50% health.

When you are sneaking up to an enemy and he is under 50% health then toggle Blood Scent off. Otherwise they will know you are near because of the huge marker on their head. This way the will not know that you are coming! Toggle it back on when you are about to start the chase.


Infinite Duress
Warwick lunges at an enemy champion, suppressing the target for 1.8 seconds and striking for magic damage five times in 0.334-second intervals. Warwick gains 30% life steal for the duration. Each of his strikes triggers on-hit effects and benefits from life steal and Eternal Thirst.
With this skill you jump on the enemy and make 5 hits. Each hit will deal 84 damage at level 3 and apply on-hit effects including Eternal Thirst. The on-hit effects on items like Madred's Bloodrazor will be applied. This will make Madred's Bloodrazor deal 20% damage of max health, 100 damage with Malady and with Wit's End an additional 200 magic damage. This brings the total magic damage somewhere around 1100 if you jump a champion with 2000hp and 50 magic resist. That is a scary amount of damage! My most favorite use of this skill is catching an enemy champion under your tower. Thats almost an guaranteed kill.

When your jungler is coming to gank don't just use this skill to catch the enemy. Wait for the jungler to come close and go in for a Hungering Strike first. Only use it if it is really needed. A video about how to use this skill is coming. First I need to find out how to make one and how to get in in here :P

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Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Your ultimate is your best skill so get that whenever possible. Hungering Strike will be the only skill you will use in your lane unless the enemy gets to very low life and Blood Scent gets activated. Max it asap to deal more damage and gain more health. Get Blood Scent after so that just in case the enemy gets to low health you will be able to go after him. Hunters Call is maxed last because this build does not focus on auto attacking. We do get 1 point in here at level 4 for just a little extra damage whenever it may be needed. Remember that when the jungler comes to gank this will also buff him! This skill will get most useful in the later teamfights so we get the last 4 points latest.
> > >

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Start items

  • & 2x : This is my most used starting item. That is also because I love going to mid lane with Warwick. If the enemy in you lane does mostly magic damage this is the way to go. It gives you the needed mana regeneration and builds into Chalice of Harmony for some early magic resist and all the mana you will need.
  • & 3x : For the summoners that always want to start with these items because Doran's Ring doesn't build into anything. Possible choice vs champions like Ashe, Cho'Gath, Gragas, Nidalee and Swain that can easily harass you from a distance and have skillshots.
  • & 2x : If you are facing an AD champion and you are going to rush Glacial Shroud then this is the way to go. Not my favorite, but it does work.
  • : Used to be my favorite choice. It gives you more health and mana regen to cast more Hungering Strike. Also more casting of Hungering Strike = more health. I no longer use this item because the health it gives is low and you AP it gives is useless and it builds into nothing. Thats why I like the Meki Pendant better.

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Early game items

  • : This makes everything you do hurt even more. If you were thinking about Mercury's Treads, you will get needed magic resist in other ways. The magic penetration is just to good to not pick up. Only skip this item if you really, really need the cc reduction and mr that Mercury's Treads gives.
  • : This item will give you all the mana you will ever need. There is no need for this item if you are facing an AD champion and have build your Glacial Shroud. If you are laning vs an AP champion then this item is a good choice first choice.
  • : The best about this item is again the cooldown reduction. It also gives more mana to cast even more Hungering Strike and all the armor you need in the laning phase. This item will later be build into Frozen Heart
  • : Once I used this item every game, but that time is over. Even though it still is a good item for Warwick. Most import is that it gives you cooldown reduction. It also gives health, magic resist and increases the health gain. I still build it if I want the extra life it gives and need magic resist, but that does not happen often.

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Core items

  • : This item gives extra magic damage and extra magic resist. It gives even more magic resist after hitting an enemy. If you use Infinite Duress on a champion then it will give the 20 bonus magic resist when your ultimate ends. With this item you can jump the enemy AP carry without ever fearing to die. Pick this as first core item if you need more magic resist.
  • : I don't actually build this item that often, but when I do then I tear enemies apart. It gives extra magic damage and attack speed to kill the enemy even faster. And on top of that is the magic resist reduction. After using Infinite Duress on a champion this reduction will be instantly maxed when your ultimate ends. This will also make spells from you AP-Carry on your target more effective.
  • : Comes naturally from Glacial Shroud and is by far the best anti AD item you can get. I never skip this item. Upgrade the gracial shroud when the extra armor is needed.
  • : Are those squishy champions getting away from you? Not anymore! And on top of that it gives you extra survivability.

If you have these items you will be tanky and deal lots of damage.

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Other items

There are more items good on Warwick. Most of them are defensive and will replace Malady. As we all know we should always build the items that are needed in the game and these are the other useful items for Lanewick.


  • : This item is especially nice on Warwick because if you die and get revived you can go and steal back your health. Hungering Strike should be off cooldown and you can again go and fear the enemy. Do not get this item if your team is being owned badly and you are dying frequently.
  • : If you are not getting Guardian Angel but you do need more defense against those fed AD carries than this is your item. As a bonus it does some magic damage to the carry you are going after.
  • : Get this item if the enemy Veigar is 3 shooting you down or you just can't avoid that Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Also if your Infinite Duress keeps being ended by a stun this might be a good item for you.
  • : If all the above at Banshee's Veil does not apply to you but you do need more magic resist than this is the item you need. You get a lot of magic resist and a speed bonus that is useful for every Warwick.
  • : Get this item if they have a Sona, Ashe, Amumu, Ahri and Shen. Do not get it for magic resist, get is for the reduced CC effect.
  • : One of the most expensive items, but worth it on Warwick. That is after the other items are build. With this item every enemy will fear you. No health will stop you. From this point only massive amounts of magic resist will stop you, but you will also have the needed magic penetration. The 5 hits you give with Infinite Duress will make this item deal 20% damage of max health extra. On top of that you get some armor, attack speed and a little damage. Pick this item if the enemy is stacking health.
  • : Personally I only use this item on dominion, but I can see it working on Lanewick. The only thing you don't need is the extra AP. It makes your sustain immense and the active makes chasing everyone that much easier. Not to mention that is does 300 magic damage for what you have all the magic penetration!
  • : It's a cool on-hit effect that can make you deal even more damage. After you use Infinite Duress the target will have 45 armor less and at that point you can even deal some AD damage yourself! Also boosts your ultimate damage with 100. Not a preferred item, but if you are already owning and want to kill even faster then this is a possible item.

Bad items, Do not use!
  • : You get a lot of life indeed. Great if you are using Atma's Impaler, but we are not. If you want more life then get Frozen Mallet
  • : You won't have massive amounts of life and even if you build that you don't have any armor penetration or critical strike chance. It will also cost you an attack speed giving item you would have otherwise build.
  • : This item works on AD. Do we build AD? I believe we do not.
  • : If you get to the point that you want to build this item then you will need to reconsider your skills. Why would you want more crit chance if you crit for 250? With Hunters Call and Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor you have all the attack speed you need. The only good part is the movement speed, but we don't want to spend 2.7k on that. This is a very bad item for Lanewick.
  • : This one is a bit better than Phantom Dancer because it gives you health. You don't cast enough spells for the sheen proc. And it cost 4k! There are better items for you at 2k.
  • : You are not jungling remember? It is not that bad early game, but it will guide you toward buying all the wrong items.
  • : This is a magic resist items for champions like Tristana and Graves that want more magic resist but also more AD damage. You are Warwick do you don't need the AD damage
  • : You are not a caster. You really are not. You are dealing magic damage but have only one spell that scales with AP and you need to much AP to make it deal more then 20% max health. Just don't go Magewick.

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Final build

More complete build sequenses are coming later when I know how to make em look good. So far this combined with the item explanation should do.

VS Balanced

VS AD Heavy

VS AP Heavy
/ or

Owning hard

Imma Bruiser! How to not build Lanewick

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Game basics

Before I get into details about playing Warwick I need to point out some game basics. They are just way to important to not put in here. First you need to understand that Killing enemy>Creepkills>Zoning>Harassing. The best way to gain an advantage over your enemy is simply by Killing the enemy. If you can get a kill then don’t hesitate to get it! Just make sure that you get the kill or at least get the enemy out of lane. Otherwise it is not worth the loss of creepkills/mana/ Ignite.

You get gold based on how many creepkills you get so you want to have as much as possible. Do this by Last Hitting because if you push your wave to far you are easily ganked and the enemy is ungankable. Try to keep the wave somewhere in the middle or slightly to your side where the tower can't hit the creeps and kill all the creeps you possibly can. Remember that winning/losing the top-lane is often counted by the amount of creepkills both players have if no one died.

If you can get all the creepkills you need then you can try to zone your enemy. This is often a mind game. You most let the enemy know that if he comes close, he will die. Harassing with Hungering Strike when they come close is key here. Zoning will mean that the enemy can not get creepkills and experience so you get way stronger compared to him. This may cost you a few creepkills of your own, but never let it cost to much creepkills!

Harassing the enemy just for the sake of it has the lowest priority. It cost you mana and can cost you creepkills. Only harass the enemy when your jungler is coming, you are not losing creepkills by it, you are about to zone him or are close to max mana.

Last but not least, don't forget to Ward . You are though and hard to gank, but you are not immortal. A sight ward can safe your life from a gank so take one with you if you have the spare gold. Place then in the river and now you really are ungankable.
Early game

No matter what you are facing, you always want to max Hungering Strike first. Every enemy will hate you for it. Our whole early game will be based on getting the most out of it. Best is to cast it on the opponent champion. This way you hurt him and will get the most health back. If you have more then enough mana, need life and can't cast on the enemy or are being zoned for some reason then this skill can be used to farm. Just make sure to keep enough mana for you Infinite Duress. If you get Hungering Strike at level 3 then start harassing you enemy with it. You might get him low enough to kill when you hit level 6.

On your first time back, hopefully after pushing you minion wave to the enemy tower you buy the items needed to counter the enemy top laner plus Boots of Speed. This can be a Glacial Shroud if you need armor or Chalice of Harmony for magic resist. If you are going the way of Glacial Shroud then you don't have to buy Chalice of Harmony. The other way around is not the same.

After a little while you will get level 6 and this is the time to call the jungler over for a gank. Only your burst will hurt a lot, but you want to make that sure kill. Go in with Hungering Strike and use Infinite Duress when the enemy is escaping or when the gank is going bad and you or your allie is dying. Don't be afraid to do a little chase with your Blood Scent activated. If they are at very low life your Hungering Strike should make a quick end. Tower diving with Infinite Duress is also no problem.
Mid game

At around 15-20 minutes in game you are though and can spam your Hungering Strike. You are on your way of becoming a killing machine. You are now also a great ganker with infinite duress. Don't be afraid to go gank the mid lane if top is pushed or if you need to go shopping anyways. Go counterjungle with your jungler. At this point the enemy should fear you. Getting creep kills is still a high priority but you most not forget to use your ganking skills to get some kills. Since you are in the top lane it is important to keep an eye on the dragon timer to be there on time. Your Hunters Call will be of great use to kill it faster and if you see an off position enemies trying to sneak to your team you can use [[infinite duress to catch him.
Team Fights

Where mid game is a kinda undefined part of the game, teamfights are very clear. These are the 5v5 fights that will make or break your game. You might already have your Wit's End and Malady when they start and you deal good damage. This damage will of course be focused on the enemies main tread, most likely a carry. You will focus this guy until he is dead. You are build for this job and Infinite Duress gets you where you want to be in no time

What you do need to know is that you are Not the Initiator. You might be tanky, but you are not a tank. If you just jump in you will get stunned and maby even killed. You wait until the fight has started and then you jump on their carry. Of course you can also jump on an out of position enemy for an easy kill before the fight starts. When the fight starts you use Hunters Call to buff your team. Look for their carry, cast Hungering Strike on him, if needed cast Infinite Duress and/or Ignite and if he runs you go chase him if he is a sure kill. Otherwise stay with the group, spam Hungering Strike and watch the enemies die.

So remember that you are not a born initiator, to not just waste your Infinite Duress before needed, cast Hunters Call when the fight start and spam Hungering Strike as often as possible!

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Laning vs champion X

This part will be under construction for a while. Please share your experience! to make this part great an laning vs all champions way easier!

: At level 2 he can hit you for half you life if you don't watch out. When you see him use Decisive Strike make sure he can't hit you because if he hits a Judgment is sure to follow. Luckely it is easy to spot his Decisive Strike and if he can't hit you with it then he is not so much of a problem.

When facing garen I always go Sapphire Crystal and 2x Health Potion first. When you get back to base get chain armor because all the damage Garen we be dealing you is AD damage. If you can also get Boots of Speed laning phase won't be that hard. Even judgement won't be that much damage. Just keep avoiding that Decisive Strike. Next get Glacial Shroud then sorcerers shoes and after that Kindlegem- Spirit Visage.

: On the early levels you will be in pain, but after a while it will be getting easier. His Siphon of Destruction will hit hard and Mace of Spades is also bad for your health, especially if there are no creeps around. On top of that his passive Iron Man will keep him from getting hurt. Try to not use Hungering Strike on him when his Iron Man shield is up. We fight this guy with magic resist and then the lane will be ours.

Start with a Meki Pendant and 2x Health Potion. Go last hitting and try to not get to much damage. On your first way back you should get at least Chalice of Harmony and Boots of Speed. Now you can start some harassment on Mordekaiser, but don't go in a 1v1 fight yet. He is tougher then he looks. Try to get some Hungering Strike in when his Iron Man is low or completely down. When you managed to get him to half health you can be more aggressive and try to zone him. Next time at camp you should aim for Sorcerer's Shoes and Kindlegem. The next items you want are Spirit Visage and Sapphire Crystal transform in a Glacial Shroud later on. From this point the items you buy depents on the game. Getting Wit's End before completing Glacial Shroud can be considered for the extra magic resist.

: Its a late game beast. When farmed his Siphoning Strike can 3 shot a carry and is almost spammable. When laning vs Nasus it will be your job to make sure he doesn't get to much farm. Unfortunately it is hard to deny this guy his farm. When you get to low health you will have to watch out because if you uses Siphoning Strike, Wither and start chasing you it can cost you your life. Luckely we are Warwick and can recover easily from lots of damage.

Most Nasus players have a weak spot. They want to land every Siphoning Strike they use on a minion. We abuse this by just standing in the middle of the fighting minions and go after Nasus every time he comes near a creep. Almost every time he will use his Siphoning Strike to farm the minion allowing you to get in free hits. Use Hungering Strike to get health back if you get lower than you want or when you are at full mana. Start with Doran's Ring for the mana regen and extra health. When you get to level 5 you can start some serious harassment with Hungering Strike, but make sure to get those auto-attacks in. Try to zone him and deny as much creepkills as possible. The items you want to buy your first time back are Boots of Speed and Sapphire Crystal. Next aim for Chain Vest, Glacial Shroud and Sorcerer's Shoes. Don't forget to get Spirit Visage before getting to the damaging items.

: This guy is one of the few AP champions that you will meet in the top lane. He can be a real pain, but he is nothing a little magic resist can't fix. Even with the magic resist you should still be careful not to stand in his Flamespitter. His ultimate The Equalizer makes it hard for you to escape from him if you places it right. Also remember he is extra dangerous when he is in the danger zone (above 50% heat).

When you meet Rumble in a lane get that fast magic resist. Start with a Meki Pendant and 2x Health Potion. First time back you should get at least Chalice of Harmony for extra mana regeneration and magic resist and also get Boots of Speed. As next item the Kindlegem and after that more movementspeed with Sorcerer's Shoes. Upgrade your Kindlegem to a Spirit Visage and the magic damage shouldn't be that dangerous anymore. The next item you go for can be both Glacial Shroud and Wit's End. Depents on what you feel like you need more at this point in your game.

: He was always good solo top champion, but got popular again since the recent buff. The problem when dealing with this guy is that his main harass is magic damage while he can deal a lot of AD damage with Ki Strike. If he taunts you he will get good damage on you.

When laning vs shen it is important to stay at high health because when you uses Shadow Dash on you it is impossible to get a quick Hungering Strike out. Your starting item should be Doran's Ring and then go for Kindlegem and Boots of Speed. After that go for Sorcerer's Shoes and Spirit Visage or Chain Vest. Next get the item you didn't get last time and get Glacial Shroud.

: Never lost a lane vs a Swain. He just can't get you down fast enough to kill you. After a few pokes with Hungering Strike he is ready to go down. Just try to evade his Nevermove and you will win the lane.

Start with a Meki Pendant and then aim for Sorcerer's Shoes. With only these items you can most likely own the enemy Swain. If you still have problems then you can surely beat him once you got your Wit's End. Get your Glacial Shroud after the Wit's End and then look at what item you need most for the situation.

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I hope you enjoyed reading and are planning to use some of the tactics described in this guide. That most mean that you are ready to own the top lane! Feel free to comment on this guide because my goal is to make this guide as good as possible.

Just remember you don't need AD items, you don't need AP items but you need On-hit effects and tankyness!

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Every guide needs some proof of it working!

This game was a 4v5 ownage!

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This section is for the other summoners that helped creating this guide. The first person that made this guide possible is Jhoijhoi. Without her this guide would look somewhat like a bad Karthus guide. To learn how to write a guide click here.