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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Pantheon Build Guide by Xylarboden

Assassin Mantheon - Let The Sky Fall (S4 Mid Lane)

Assassin Mantheon - Let The Sky Fall (S4 Mid Lane)

Updated on April 6, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xylarboden Build Guide By Xylarboden 45 4 466,948 Views 44 Comments
45 4 466,948 Views 44 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Xylarboden Pantheon Build Guide By Xylarboden Updated on April 6, 2014
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(Editor's Note: This guide has been updated for Season 4!)

Hello! My name is Xylarboden, and welcome to my guide, MANTHEON: Let The Sky Fall!

Pantheon (or "MANTHEON!!!!" like many enjoy calling him) is a high damage dealing melee AD assassin who can be a very fun champion to play. He has both strong poke and burst, which can make life miserable for opponents in lane, and he has a high range ultimate ability that allows him to jump across the map and aid his allies at a moment's notice.

While his damage and mobility can seem unfair, there are downsides to Pantheon, most notably that his damage falls off late game. His abilities do not scale well compared to other champions, so there is a lot of pressure to end the game early. Also, making plays with his ultimate requires balls and clear communication with teammates, not always a given in the LoL community.

Needless to say, if you want to play Pantheon, you're going to have to be a man and take some risks.

In this guide, I will show you how to build Pantheon, how to play with the proper technique, and when to take the right risks. Master this knowledge and you will separate yourself as a MANTHEON among Pantheons.

:: Introduction :: Pre-Game :: Items :: Abilities :: General Gameplay :: Last Words :: Credits
:: Appendix :: Guide Log

Navigation Tip: Click any solid red banner to return to the Table of Contents or any Pantheon-themed banner to return to the top.


+ Strong poke and zoning ability with Spear Shot
+ strong burst with Heartseeker Strike
+ awesome passive/damage reduction
+ great roamer from mid lane
+ Grand Skyfall acts as free Teleport
+ strong laning and mid game
+ best joke and taunt ever


- mana hungry early, esp. w/o blue buff
- vulnerable to CC, esp. stun and silence
- can be risky laner (vulnerable to ganks)
- weak wave clear early
- ultimate can be difficult to use well
- damage falls off late
- may wear a skirt or tidy red-ies to battle

Muscles are intimidating. Tiny underwear is not.

Pantheon is a versatile champion who has been used in almost every role besides the traditional AD carry. One of Pantheon's best roles is mid lane. Let me explain why.

Grand Skyfall is a high range teleport like Twisted Fate's Destiny that gives Pantheon the potential to be one of the best roamers in the game. Within seconds, he can drop from the sky and appear at his teammates' sides, turning the tide of the battle.

Furthermore, Pantheon has a strong laning presence. His high poke and burst damage allows him to bully most AP champions out of lane, causing his opponent to lose experience.

So, the best way to maximize the potential of Pantheon's kit is to put him in mid lane, where he can have both a strong lane and global presence, putting pressure on the entire opposing team.

Ultimately, a mid-lane Pantheon has the potential to completely dominate the game. He has a very strong early laning phase, few weak matchups, and once he can start roaming with Grand Skyfall, he has the potential to snowball hard (to become stronger and stronger over time) and eventually become impossible to stop.

It's all about the roaming



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Runes are used to supplement a champions' base statistics. If you're a new Pantheon player, I suggest the above set-up, commonly used to provide a well-rounded boost to offensive and defensive statistics.

Greater Seal of Health and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist add to his tankiness so that he can endure auto-attacks and magic damage from what will commonly be AP-based opponents. You can take Greater Seal of Armor against an AD-mid.

I suggest that new players take Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage over their armor penetration counterparts for one main reason:
  • Farming: Last hitting is hard, but these runes can make Pantheon's part-time job as a farmer a wee bit easier. But really, Pantheon hates farming. He just wants to spill the blood of his enemies. Or bake.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

This is the set-up that pros typically use. There are two main differences between this and my basic set up:
  • First, the pro set up uses ArP Marks and AD Quints, providing the most damage possible when fighting against champions.
  • Second, it uses Mana Regen Seals to help Pantheon sustain through his mana hungry phase during early game.
WARNING: Without any bonus armor, this is a set up that is only used to lane against AP mid champions.

Pantheon wasn't ever going to make it as a baker

This is a typical 21/9/0 page, seen in AD mid laners. In the offensive masteries, you have 2 points, allocated to Butcher and Feast, that are actually flexible. Here are some of your options:
  • Butcher + Feast: For easier farming and a little sustain from last hitting.
  • Expose Weakness + Dangerous Game : To enhance your teammates' damage and to give you some more mana if you feel like you will be going for multi-kills.
  • Spell Weaving + Blade Weaving : Useful against melee mid champions, against whom you can utilize your auto-attacks more than you would against ranged champions.

Great for securing kills. As a mid-laning assassin, you should always take this.

Great for quickly re-positioning yourself during duels or teamfights.

MANTHEON needs no other summoner spells.


Crystalline Flask: A pretty standard item for mid lane Pantheon. Take it with a Health Potion and a Stealth Ward, or 3 Health Potions if you want to be a man.

Early Game

The Brutalizer: Cost-efficient and provides Pantheon with every useful stat he needs. Builds cheaply into Black Cleaver!

Doran's Blade: If you get an early kill, go back and pick up one of these. The quick power boost will make your lane opponent's life a pain.

Long Sword: On your first back, if you don't have quite enough money for a first-tier item, don't be afraid to buy 2 or 3 Long Swords, as they can easily be built into relevant second-tier items later in the game.

Hexdrinker: Sometimes you'll face a really annoying AP champion that can fight back and deals a bunch of damage all at once. First-buying Hexdrinker is a way to cope with that and still give yourself a power boost.

Stealth Ward: Warding will save your life and your teammates' lives and also net you kills. Pick one up every time you go back. DO IT. DO IT NOW.

Vision Ward: Very useful for keeping your roaming patterns a mystery. Also, buy if you need to reveal stealthed champions like Akali, Evelynn, and Shaco.
Pro warding tip
Where To Ward

Mid Game Damage Items

Last Whisper: This item cuts through armor and should be your first purchase during the mid game phase. Having Last Whisper in addition to The Brutalizer/ Black Cleaver allows you to deal relevant damage to bruisers and tanks.

The Black Cleaver: A natural extension from The Brutalizer. Get this earlier if you have additional sources of physical damage on your team. The armor reduction stacks have nice synergy with Heartseeker Strike and allow your teammates to deal enhanced physical damage.

The Bloodthirster: This is a situational item because your AD ratios are high enough that you don't need this to deal lethal damage. Also, you won't always be able to first-buy a B. F. Sword. If you have 1550 g on your first back, go for it, but otherwise, this can be skipped. Note that the life-steal only applies to Pantheon's auto-attacks, not abilities.

Ravenous Hydra: Great for situations when you are irrelevant in teamfights (e.g. too tanky or too much CC), so your only helpful role on the team is to split push. Use and abuse that active.


Mercury's Treads: This is pretty standard for Pantheon. You want these boots for Tenacity, which is important because Pantheon is already vulnerable to CC, so shortening the duration of any CC helps immensely.

Ninja Tabi: Great against AD team comps, especially with auto-attacking champions. Also good to pick up if the opposing ADC happens to be fed and can 1v1 you.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Sometimes, you may find yourself in games where you don't have access to your Blue Buff. If this is true and you still want the extra CDR, grab these boots.

Boots of Mobility: This is a fairly niche purchase since Grand Skyfall lets Pantheon forgo the walking part of roaming whenever it's off cooldown. Only buy these if you plan on roaming a lot when Grand Skyfall is on cooldown.

Late Game Survivability Items

Guardian Angel: A common late game defense item for Pantheon. GA forces the enemy team to make a tough choice between focusing you first or last in teamfights. If they focus you first to mitigate your damage, they risk dying to your teammates without even securing the kill on you. If they focus you last, they gamble that they can kill all your teammates before you can deal out enough damage to wipe out their team.

Maw of Malmortius: A natural extension of Hexdrinker. If you needed Hexdrinker earlier, the upgraded magic shield from the Maw will be crucial by late game.

Randuin's Omen: Great against opposing AD carries and other auto-attacking champions. Remember to use the active that limits enemy movement, which you can use to pursue or to peel.

Banshee's Veil: Besides the nice anti-AP stats, the spell shield can block important spells like a Nidalee spear. The new passive is potentially life-saving as well.

Mercurial Scimitar: A must-buy against hard CC like a Warwick or Malzahar ultimate. Can also be used to nullify the effects of ultimates from champions like Zed and Darius.

Homeguard: Absolutely necessary by late game. It gets you back into battle ASAP after a recall or re-spawn so you can potentially save a tower, catch an enemy out of position, or react to a Baron rush.

Elixir of Fortitude: Always a good purchase if you've got a little left over money. You get extra health and attack damage for 3 minutes, which lasts even if you die during the period that it's activated.

Say No To

Infinity Edge

Default Build






Most games, I would advocate first-buying The Brutalizer, followed by a Boots, which will help you pursue opponents over long distances. You don't need to upgrade immediately: you'll be surprised at how long 380 movement speed can carry you.

You can immediately start building Last Whisper afterwards. The sooner you can take on bruisers and tanks, the better. Continue stacking damage by upgrading The Brutalizer into Black Cleaver. You can upgrade to tier 2 boots either before or after Black Cleaver; it will depend on the situation. Use your judgment. Then, get GA to give yourself a security blanket against assassins and teams with lots of CC.

To finish off your build, you will have the option of choosing one item from the first row and one item from the second row. These items are all situational: no one item is necessarily useful for each and every game.

Magic Shield

Pure Damage

Split Push


vs DPS

Spell Shield

Adjusting Your Build And Build Order







The reality of LoL is that any one item might become useful at any given time during a game, and you will have to make those adjustments accordingly. Here is a short list of adjustments one might make:
  • Hexdrinker: If you face a feisty AP champion, you may want to make Hexdrinker your first buy. You can also choose to buy this between The Brutalizer and Last Whisper if you decide you need the magic shield.
  • B. F. Sword: If you're fed and can afford this before your first buy, purchasing this and going for a BT rush can snowball the game in your favor. However, don't force it! That is, if you have 1400 gold, don't go back to lane with nothing, trying to save up for it. Always buy something each time back to upgrade your power.
  • Doran's Blade / Long Sword: After an early kill, you'll want to spend that money on a Doran's Blade or Long Sword for an immediate power boost. Also, if you happen to have 1250 gold, don't go back to lane with nothing trying to save for The Brutalizer. Go ahead and buy three Long Swords. You need the power boost, and buying Long Swords gives you flexibility with your future purchases.
  • Chain Vest / Negatron Cloak: An early Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak purchase (perhaps after completing Last Whisper) can go a long ways towards keeping you alive for the purposes of snowballing the game in your favor.

Sample Six-Item Builds

Just pure Mantheon, and by that I mean a lot of damage, with just a GA to help you survive.

vs Heavy AD
Ninja Tabi and Randuin's Omen combine to reduce incoming physical damage and slow the enemy's attack speed and movement.

vs Heavy AP
Provides plenty of magic resist and gives you a spell shield and magic shield.

vs Heavy CC
Against teams with a lot of CC, get Mercurial Scimitar for its Mini- Cleanse.

Let me preface this section by saying that quickcasting (formerly known as smartcasting) is very useful for Pantheon's Q, W, and E skills. As an assassin, Pantheon needs to be able to deliver all his skills swiftly and deftly. The extra time taken to choose the skill and then aim it can actually give your opponent time to react and get away. Therefore, make sure to smartcast those skills.
But Xy, what the hell is quickcasting?

Aegis Protection

When proc'd, Aegis Protection completely blocks damage from auto-attacks and abilities that apply on-hit effects, like Ezreal's Mystic Shot and Gangplank's Parrrley, but not the effect itself (e.g. Spellblade from Iceborn Gauntlet). When used properly with Aegis of Zeonia, you can get a double block, making it a significant source of damage mitigation (especially when AD carries are trying to crit you with auto-attacks!).
Tips & Tricks

Spear Shot

Where Pantheon becomes SPAMTHEON!!! I kid. But seriously, this skill is a very strong source of poke damage. As long as you have enough mana, you should use Q to harass and incrementally lower your enemy's health, until you are ready to go for the kill.
tips & tricks

Aegis of Zeonia

This is a gap closer that you can use on enemy champions and minions. Obviously, you use this offensively to keep the enemy champion in place while you unload your attacks onto him. The stun only lasts 1 second, so make sure you unload everything quickly or get in a better position to continue trading damage.
Tips & Tricks
Example: Using Aegis of Zeonia to Defend a Turret Dive

Heartseeker Strike

A two parter! The passive applies to both Pantheon's auto-attacks and Spear Shot. The crit helps him farm and finish off enemy champions.

The active is an area of effect attack in the form of a cone extending out from Pantheon. The range is slightly longer than the graphic displays (around 600), as all skill shots tend to be. Everything inside the cone will be dealt the same amount of damage, making Heartseeker Strike an especially lethal attack if enemy champions are grouped up together. However, you do have to remain immobile while you channel the attack, so only use it when you have proper positioning.
tips & tricks
Example: Ensuring An Uninterrupted Heartseeker Strike

Grand Skyfall

This is Pantheon's epic ultimate where he drops his nutsacks from the sky and teabags with such force that it severely damages enemy champions in the area and emotionally scars them for life (and afterlife). There is a lot of important information about Grand Skyfall, so I have used spoilers to save some space.
Click To See Grand Skyfall's Uses
Additional tips to remember

Grand Skyfall's Ganking Range

Circles are not super precise. Sorry, my paint skills are not op.

Red & Green: Bushes to hide in to gank top. Green is better for turret diving.
Blue & Orange: Bushes to hide in to gank bottom. Orange is better for turret diving.
Yellow: Remember, always try to retreat into fog of war before you gank with Grand Skyfall. Just be wary that good opponents will have warded the "!" areas to help their team predict your gank.

Example 1: Unsuccessful Gank with Grand Skyfall

Example 2: Successful Gank with Grand Skyfall

Guh, I spelt towards wrong. Fml.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Levels 1-6

> > > > >

Q > W > E > Q > Q > R
Levels 1-6 is pretty standard. You want to maximize Pantheon's strong poke damage early, so 3 levels in Spear Shot makes sense. You take Aegis of Zeonia at level 2 to increase your kill potential. If you're dominant early and ready to go in for the kill, take Heartseeker Strike at level 3 to have your full combo. If you have to play it safer because you have a tough lane or have already drawn attention from their jungler, take Spear Shot at level 3. You take Grand Skyfall at level 6 to open your ganking potential.

Levels 7-12

> > > > >

Q > E > Q > E > R > E
Here is where you have some flexibility. Traditionally, Pantheon players max Q first for maximum poke. I have occasionally chosen to leave Q at rank 3 and started maxing E for stronger burst earlier in the game. I have also skipped putting a 2nd rank in R in order to keep strengthening Pantheon's damage. It's ultimately up to you, but if you are a beginner, I would recommend playing it safe and just going with the traditional skill order.

Levels 13-18

> > > > >

E > W > W > R > W > W
The rest is straight forward. Finish maxing whatever damage skill you left for last, finish maxing out Grand Skyfall when you can, and finish leveling up Aegis of Zeonia.

Many of the tips and pointers in this chapter come from Atrioc's Guide. I take no credit for the work here.

Here, I'm talking about drafting and ranked matches. Naturally, you can be a man and play Pantheon whenever you want, but there are certain cases when it's not a good idea. In this section I'll cover situations in which it is safe to pick Pantheon.

In terms of the enemy team, the more squishy champions they have, the better. Also, champions with few escape or disengage skills make it far easier for Pantheon to land his abilities. I'm talking about champions such as: And in terms of your team, you want champions that can help divert attention away from you and split teamfights into small skirmishes. Champions like Zac, Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV, Thresh, Janna can all draw the opposing team's aggro and allow you to get to your target and burst them down.

A difficult counter in lane isn't necessarily a problem for Pantheon since he can easily roam to other lanes, gain a gold advantage, and return with a power boost. However, it is good to know some common mid lane champions that can give him problems so that you can plan your game strategy ahead of time.

Pantheon's Crooked Counters

Cho'Gath: He brings sustain, tankiness, and hard CC, all eternal foes of Pantheon. Cho'Gath is relatively weak early game, so to beat him, you should play hyper-aggressively and try for a kill. However, you're going to have to ward both sides because you will definitely draw attention from the opposing jungler. If Cho'Gath gets ahead, forget about killing him and just farm and roam.

Cassiopeia: She can be very difficult if you can't dodge her Noxious Blast, which will result in you losing every trade from Twin Fang's ultra-short cooldown. All-in's at level 4 can be difficult because she will toss her Miasma on top of herself and proceed to E you to death. However, she is mana hungry early, so if you can dodge her spells and run her oom, you can all-in her safely.

Heimerdinger: Surprisingly difficult. The biggest problem is the turrets, which make all-ins difficult. Try to get rid of them with your spears. Your best bet is to all-in him at level 2, provided he doesn't have Barrier. At level 6, he can stun you and then finish you off with his upgraded turret.

Mordekaiser: What. A. Pain. His AoE damage can be hard to avoid, and Iron Man makes it hard to trade against him with Spear Shot. 1v1, he will inevitably wear you down. Call for ganks, since he has no escapes, and make sure to get either a Mercurial Scimitar or a Guardian Angel to protect yourself against Children of the Grave.

Swain: Decrepify and Nevermove provide a slow and snare that can prevent you from ever getting in range to harass him. If you try to go all-in on him, you might never make it out alive, especially if he is level 6. Never try to 1v1 Swain when he has Ravenous Flock available, as his ravens will eat you alive and heal him too.

Ziggs: Get your boots on and prepare to dance. This matchup will test your ability to dodge all the skill shots. If you can't dodge them, Ziggs will eventually wear you out. Your best chance is to all in at level 2 or 3 before he has all of his skills and try to snowball off of that. Otherwise, he can easily disengage from you with Satchel Charge and Hexplosive Minefield and you will be pretty screwed.


  • Gain as much gold and experience as you can (i.e. Farm, farm, farm. Just keep farming.).
  • Fight for a gold/experience advantage by zoning, harassing, and/or killing your opponent.
  • Defend your tower.
  • Click for a visual of your mid lane safety zones
  • Where To Ward, Again


  • Try to spam Spear Shots hard on the levels you upgrade it (1, 3 or 4, 5), and save mana on the levels you don't (2, 3 or 4). The power spike is significant for each rank of Spear Shot, so you don't want to be wasting mana on less powerful Spear Shots.
  • If your opponent is close enough to be auto-attacked, you should do so. And if your opponent starts to flee, you should take advantage of Pantheon's high base movement speed and pursue them as far as you can (just don't get ganked). The extra damage adds up.
  • Harass with your auto-attacks and Spear Shots when your Aegis Protection is up, while chugging your consumables. Doing this consistently should leave you with more health than your opponent.
  • When your enemy is low, the basic combo to get the kill is W -> auto-attack -> E -> Ignite -> Q .
  • Avoid all your opponents' skill shots. Many mids have skill shots that can poke and zone you from farming. However, if you can avoid them, no harm is done and you retain control of your zone.
  • Always try to be aware of where the enemy jungler is, especially if you are having early success. Your opponent will inevitably call for help. When harassing aggressively, it's easy to get carried away and lose your map awareness as you go for the kill, only to get ganked by their jungler and come away with nothing. Warding and good map awareness will help you stay alive and let you be aggressive at the same time.
  • If the opposing jungler is camping your lane, that's okay, just play safe. By drawing this much attention, you are relieving pressure from your team's other lanes and allowing your teammates to play more aggressively.
  • When going aggressive or for a kill, always go through this checklist. Doing so consistently will help you minimize your mistakes and capitalize on your opponents' mistakes.

During this phase of the game, the sky falls and your reign of terror as MANTHEON begins. Your first couple of ultimates are crucial in determining how the game will play out, so here are some tips:


  • Help your team get stronger through successful ganks and accomplishing objectives.
  • Let. The. Sky. Fall.

Ganking Tips

  • Prioritize bot lane. It's close to Dragon, bot lane has squishier & lower level targets, you have extra CC from your bot lane, and you have the potential of shutting down 2 players instead of just one.
  • That being said, the most important thing is the success of your ultimate, so it's okay to gank top too, especially if it's a lane that can snowball and carry the team (e.g. Riven, Singed).
  • You can also fake a gank and Grand Skyfall right back onto your mid lane opponent if he tries to push and take your tower.
  • Don't restrict yourself from ganking only when Grand Skyfall is up. His high base movement speed allows him to roam to other lanes just as quickly.
  • PLAN your ganks, especially when you use Grand Skyfall. If you don't, Grand Skyfall can take even your teammates by surprise. So do what you have to (ping, type in chat box) in order to make sure they are ready to attack upon your arrival.
  • Always try to push your lane before you attempt a gank so that you don't lose minions and/or your tower.
  • Any time you gank a lane, always have a timer in your head counting down the time you have to complete your gank and get out. When you land, you inevitably will draw attention from the opposing jungler and mid laner, or even a teleporting top laner. When that timer goes off, ping your teammates back to safety and try again later.
  • Try not to gank if you and/or your allies have low health (unless ya'll are really sure you can stay alive). You might end up getting everyone killed, which would negate the advantage created by any kills your team gets, if any.


  • Kills are a means to an end. The gold you get from kills is nothing compared to the global gold you get from taking down a turret or killing Dragon.
  • Always use your ganks as a means to taking an objective.
  • Pantheon has so much global pressure in the early-mid game that if you don't take advantage of it to take an outside turret or Dragon and gain some global gold, you're going to be kicking yourself in the butt later for not having taken advantage of your global pressure.

By this time, teams will be fighting regularly over objectives. How you and your teammates execute during these teamfights will ultimately determine which team wins the game. A couple of general rules:
  • Don't get caught out. You are an important part of your team. If you get caught out and die, your team loses you for as long as a minute, which gives the enemy team time to accomplish objectives with a numbers advantage.
  • Ward as much as you can for map control. There's nothing worse than getting caught out of position and being a free kill because your team didn't have vision.


  • One of the most common strategies used in solo queue to take objectives and break into the enemy base is to push out the side lanes and then re-group to push mid. Usually, teammates will push the lanes up to around the river area before re-grouping, allowing the minions to push the rest of the way on their own.
  • Occasionally, a split-pusher will do a hard push with the minions past the river, forcing the enemy team to address the split-push in some way. If they don't, they will end up losing a turret.
  • Split-pushers who do this have to be able to win a 1v1 or have a global ability that can allow them to re-group with their team instantaneously, whether it be Teleport or a champion's ability.
  • Pantheon fits this profile, as he typically puts out enough damage to handle 1v1's, and if he cannot handle it, he can quickly re-group with his team using Grand Skyfall.
  • If you choose to use Pantheon in this role as a hard split-pusher, you have to have ward coverage, be an excellent communicator and have great map awareness.
  • As you push towards a turret, keep an eye out on the situation in mid.
  • If the enemy responds to your push by sending one person to deal with you, you have the option to try to beat your opponent 1v1 and take the side turret or to start a 5v4 teamfight in mid with Grand Skyfall.
  • If the enemy does not respond to your push and does not engage a teamfight, take the turret for free.
  • If the enemy responds to your push by engaging in a 5v4 fight against your team, you need to ult into the fight to even the odds.
  • Whichever option you choose, make sure you communicate with your team about your intentions so that they can react accordingly.


  • Teamfights can be one of the more difficult phases of the game for Pantheon since it requires patience, proper positioning, and good communication with your teammates.
  • In general, your highest priority targets are the opposing ADC and/or APC, whom are usually their team's biggest damage dealers. However, they can be difficult to reach because they usually fight behind their teammates, which means you would have to run through a wall of angry tanks and bruisers to get to them.
  • Grand Skyfall could potentially negate this problem by allowing you to land right next to the squishy ADC/APC, but this also means that you would be fighting by yourself behind enemy lines - a dangerous and risky business, especially if your team is not ready to follow up with you.
  • So unless you can coordinate something like this with your team, save Grand Skyfall until you know the enemy team is not focused on you, making it easier for you to kill your targets quickly before they can focus you down.
  • If you don't have your ult, you should essentially act as a second ADC (i.e. stay behind your front liners and attack whomever comes closest to you).
  • If you didn't catch that, I'm going to say it again. Stay behind your front liners and attack whomever comes closest to you. By following this principle, I guarantee you will increase your team's chances of winning the teamfight from the sheer fact that you are living longer, which subsequently lets you output more damage.
  • You should still communicate with your team about which enemy champions you want to focus. As a general rule, if multiple enemies approach your backline, target the one who outputs the most damage (e.g. if a Jax and a Singed run up to you, kill the Jax first. Please. For me.).
  • Remember that Heartseeker Strike is an AoE attack. If your positioning allows it, try to catch as many enemy champions in your Heartseeker Strike as you can.
  • During teamfights, you have an obligation to save your stun for certain channeled spells. Miss Fortune's Bullet Time, Katarina's Death Lotus, Nunu & Willump's Absolute Zero, and an AP Master Yi's Meditate are all good examples of spells that you MUST INTERRUPT with Aegis of Zeonia.
  • Late game teamfights will decide which team wins the game, so be patient, play confidently and aggressively, and always be communicating with your teammates!
Teamfight Example 1: What Should Pantheon Do?

Answer: Help Graves kill Malphite (this is a mid-lane AP Malphite, not a tank).
Explanation: In this scenario, players from both teams are in their proper positions on the front and backlines. However, Hecarim was caught out by Red Team and is about to die, leaving Blue Team without one of their front line members.

Given this fact, Pantheon absolutely MUST stay by Graves's side and fight off the Red Team's front liners, starting with Malphite. While the highest priority target is Ezreal, Pantheon cannot dive in on him. Being one of the two high damage dealers remaining for his team, Pantheon would be focused and killed immediately by Red Team, leaving Taric and Graves in an even more vulnerable position. Rather, Pantheon should leave the diving to Jarvan IV (his specialty) and instead focus on helping Graves damage the Red Team's front liners, starting with the one closest to them: Malphite.

Assuming his team has successfully eliminated Malphite, Pantheon should continue to help his back line kite and repel Red Team's front line by order of highest damage ( Olaf, Shyvana, and lastly Blitzcrank), and when possible, take down Ezreal, their ADC.
What actually happened

Teamfight Example 2: What Should Pantheon Do?

Answer: Help Graves kill Wukong.
Explanation: In this scenario, Red Team is forcing Baron. Seeing Blue Team arriving to contest, they disengage from Baron and focus on Blue Team. Blue Team, and Pantheon for that matter, are not in an ideal position. Blue Team has less health than Red Team, and Pantheon, who should be on the back line, is out on the front line because Malphite is too low on health.

Assuming that Jarvan IV goes and does his thing (e.g. separate as much of the enemy team as possible with Cataclysm), it is of utmost importance that Pantheon remain where he is between the enemy team and Graves. If Pantheon jumps in with Jarvan IV, then the enemy team has a straight shot to the three backliners, all of whom are at 50% health or lower. Therefore, Pantheon needs to use his spells on the biggest damage dealer that comes his way while his backline supports him with their damage.

The order of priority here is Wukong, Jax, Caitlyn, Nunu & Willump, Amumu. Also, if Nunu & Willump uses Absolute Zero, Pantheon should use Aegis of Zeonia to stop the channel.
what actually happened

Got all the way through? Good! I'm really glad because Pantheon is my favorite champion, is just so darn fun to play, and I'm happy I could just share some of his awesomeness with you. But now you have no excuse. From now on, I expect you to dominate like a MANTHEON. Now go out there, and remember...

  • Here's a shout out to jhoijhoi for creating that amazing guide to crafting guides.
  • Parts of this guide were heavily influenced by Atrioc, who has probably created the best overall Pantheon guide out there. Thanks for your great work.
  • Credit to Astrolia for helping me create the custom Table of Contents.
  • The excellent map of where to ward came from an old version of Nusaik's Leona Guide.
  • I found the picture of "Baker Pantheon" on a tumblr site called, but the picture itself was credited to someone named xSoran. I hope it's okay that I used your picture! If not, let me know and I will take it down.
  • Finally, thanks to EVERYONE (you know who you are) who has reviewed my guide and/or provided helpful feedback. You guys helped make the guide what it is today. Ya'll are the best!

  • Pantheon was designed by Shurelia. Yes, the same person that Shurelya's Battlesong is named after.
  • Oh and by the way, Shurelia and Randuin (of Randuin's Omen) are married. Crazy!
  • Pantheon was childhood friends with Leona. Aww adorbs.
  • Pantheon's lore had previously stated that he was of the tribe "Stanpar" (an anagram of "Spartan"). But when Leona was introduced to the game, his lore had been re-written to replace all mentions of his tribe's name "Stanpar" with "Rakkor." Lame, I know.
  • Pantheon's joke refers to this scene of 300:
    My profession?!
  • Pantheon's taunt refers to this scene of 300:
    Getting kicked into a well...
  • Pantheon's dance is a reference to Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock
  • One of Pantheon's regular quotes (i.e. when you right click to move him) refers to this scene of 300:
    They will not enjoy this!
  • Has anyone seen the following lore before? I found it on Team Curse's website.
    Pantheon Old Lore?
  • If that's a real thing, then gosh darnit I KNEW Mordekaiser had to be Pantheon's arch-nemesis! Maybe Mord's his long lost evil twin too! I mean look at them. They look alike, right? It's the eyes, definitely the eyes.

I tried not to use too much LoL jargon to help the beginners out there, but if I did use an abbreviated term, hopefully you can find out the meaning here:

AA = Auto-Attack
AD = Attack Damage
ADC = Attack Damage Carry
Aggro = A Unit's Focus
AoE = Area of Effect
AP = Ability Power
APC = Ability Power Carry
ArP= Armor Penetration
CC = Crowd Control (Stun, fear, slow, snare, etc)
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
Comp = (Team) Composition
CS = Creep Score
DoT = Damage Over Time
DPS = Damage Per Second
Gank = Get a Nice Kill
HP = Health/Health Points/Hit Points
MP = Magic Penetration
MR = Magic Resistance
MS = Movement Speed
OOM = Out of Mana
OP = Overpowered
Proc = To Activate
Ult = Ultimate Ability

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