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Rengar Build Guide by dowan

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dowan

[Ranked Top] Rengar - Bags of 300g Just Walking Around

dowan Last updated on December 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Note on Tank Rengar


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Partially Updated!

I have updated the quick info up above. I will slowly but surely update the info down below. By the way, my new ign is "Dario Verta". Don't ask why -_-.

On a side note, here's some progress that I have made:

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So I have recently been playing Rengar pretty differently than how I have been. I won't go into super detail but here are the highlights:


Cooldown Reduction

This is a stat I no longer care for. I do still inherently get 30% from Black Cleaver and Spirit Visage. I no longer rune for the CDR glyphs, nor do I get the CDR from the masteries. I have learned properly manage my cooldowns to the point where I am patient enough to wait for them.


As stated above, I have abandoned the CDR glyphs and have picked up 8 scaling magic resists blues with 1 attack speed rune. Also, I have switched out my AD quints for attack speed runes. I honestly don't know too well why I'm rocking the attack speed but I'm really loving it. At rank 5 q, I think you hit something like 1.7 or 1.9 attack speed with a double q.

Skill Order

Again, I have really learned how to manage myself as Rengar, and I feel that I no longer need to max W over E. Maxing Bola Strike over Battle Roar will increase your burst but lower your survivability.

Item Builds

The big thing here is that I no longer go for the Bonetooth Necklace... Ever. I found that setting yourself back 800g to pick up a stacking item isn't really worth it. You still 1 shot perfectly fine even without a 3 stack Bonetooth Necklace. Another big thing is that I build Blade of the Ruined King first, then mobility boots, then my Black Cleaver. The new Spirit Visage is so broken so I pick that up after (or omen if they have fed AD). Even though I am no longer building full damage, I still have enough power to 1 shot most people.

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3.10 PATCH UPDATE (7-31-16) [Re-Updated, Found Something]

Only one thing that really affects Rengar in any way from this patch:

[1] Bulwark is removed from the game.

That item was overpowered anyways. Now, if the enemy team has a lot of magic damage, you cannot rely on getting free magic resistance to survive. The new Spirit Visage, however, sounds really over powered. Might be a good idea to pick that item up.

If I ever meet a Master Yi top, I will add that match up to the Top Match Up Lanes section.

UPDATE (8-15-13):

So I found that in this patch, Riot kinda fix the multicasting bug. You can still do it and you will still do double damage, but now you can only get 3 ferocity, not 4 like you used to. Not too much of a big deal, not like you need to rely on bugs anyways :P

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3.9 PATCH UPDATE (7/9/13)

From what I can tell, there are 2 major things in the new patch that will effect Rengar.

[1] " The Black Cleaver Can no longer apply more than one stack of Armor Shred in a single basic attack."
I actually don't know if this will affect Rengar's burst because I do not know if using Savagery counts as adding 2 stacks. Something to look out for.

[2] Oracle's Elixir duration lowered to 4 minutes from 5. However, now the buff does not get lost upon death. Additionally, the RADIUS of the reveal has been REDUCED to 600 from 750.
This is actually pretty huge for Rengar. It won't help much for team fights but it will significantly help when, late game, the enemy ADC picks up an Oracles. Your leap range is 600, meaning you can now 100% sneak up on the ADC, without then being able to see you 150 range earlier. That's one of Rengar's biggest counters and the reduced reveal range helps him out a lot.

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Update #1: A guy named Arthenios commented on my guide when I shared it in game. He said I put too many colors. Did I? Lol let me know :x

Update #2: Thank you guys so much for commenting! A summonor by the name tehAsian has informed me that Tough Skin has no longer blocked minion damage since season 2. I just assumed it did the same thing as the season 2 Tough Skin, but apparently was removed from season 3. Will update Mastery section accordingly.

Also, does anyone know how to turn on "voting by commenting?" Lol, someone suggested it to me but I don't know what that means. I am a scrub at this xD
Thanks Meiyjhe and mick2903! :)

I will be adding a "Top Lane Match Up" chapter very soon! In the mean time, if anyone wants to send me pictures of them succeeding with this guide, feel free :)

UPDATE: I added information about the challenge "The Hunt Is On!" and have added a top lane match up section.

Thanks to Raínbow Kitty, now I got to add Rammus to the Top Lane Match Up section. lol not fun to vs....

UPDATE!: Just got to Plat II with Rengar :) Through a 6 game win streak!


Added Kayle and Rammus to the top lane match ups!



Hey guys, I finally finished my top lane match up section!

Thank you all for your support and feedback! :) This guide is almost to the top, let's get number 1 Rengar guide on Mobafire! :D


So ridiculously fabulous

I didn't get to do it all with Rengar, but mostly him :P
No photoshop, legit 10 wins in a row :P

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Hi, I am d0wan and this is my first serious guide on Mobafire. I've been playing League for about 2 years now. I ended season 2 as gold (I was platinum but I stopped playing because of college and I got elo decay. I stopped before they implemented the new league system, stuck with gold borders QQ), and am currently Plat III. I've played well over 3000 games and I believe that I can not only teach you how to play Rengar but also teach you how to be a better top laner in general. If you found this guide useful, please let me know by up-voting the guide. Thanks and enjoy! :)

Champion Spotlight:

It's not a really good representation of The Beast but there you go.

Okay, so who is Rengar? He is a melee assassin who specializes in taking out high priority targets in an extremely short amount of time. With this build, you will literally One Shot enemy carries, be it an ADC or AP Carry, AND have enough armor penetration and damage to deal with the tanks and bruisers afterwards. With this build, you will also be able to split push like a GOD throughout ALL stages of the game.

Rengar is unique in many ways, most notable being his unique resource: Ferocity. Mastering the management of this new resource is the key to completely dominate your opponents and to take ranked top lane by storm. Read through every section of this guide carefully, and, if at first you don't succeed, try try again. I will be the first to admit, Rango is a hard beast to tame: it took me 20 straight loses (in ranked, mind you) to learn how to Rengar. But trust me, if I can do it, then by golly so can you! :]

Also, one last thing. I will try to be as clear, detailed, and thorough as possible in everything that I write in this guide. If you have any questions or need clarification, leave a comment or pm me.

Guide Top

Pros / Cons

+ Incredibly high burst damage
+ Best tower killer in the game thanks to Savagery
+ Auto attack range "increased" to 600 in bushes
+ bonetooth necklace super cost effective
+ Stealth
+ Lane sustain and durability from Battle Roar
+ One shot squishes as early as the 12 minute mark
- Vision Ward and Oracle's Elixir are annoying
- Getting camped by enemy jungler can set you back
- Squishier than how other Rengar guides build him
- Not max cooldown reduction on this build
- Is somewhat kiteable
- Can be very hard to carry by yourself (assassins in general have this problem)

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

x9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage

The reason you go flat attack damage as opposed to greater mark of armor penetration is because Rengar's abilities scale VERY well with attack damage. Plus armor penetration will not be a problem because of The Black Cleaver, Last Whisper, Weapon Expertise , and Sunder .

x9 Greater Seal of Armor

These are, in my opinion, the best seals on any champion, hands down.

x9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

This, along with 4 points into Sorcery will let you start with 11.5% cooldown reduction. I take these over Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because Rengar is cooldown based and he needs his abilities to be up as frequently as possible. And if you ever do lane against an AP champion, you more than likely will just straight up out damage them even without the extra resist.

x3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Once again, Rengar scales HARD on attack damage. In my opinion, no other quints are really needed. Plus, starting the game with +15 attack damage will drastically increase your chance at getting first blood at level 2 (read more about this below).

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This mastery setup is pretty standard except for a couple things. First off, i go 21-9-0 instead of 9-21-0 because my guide revolves around Rengar doing as much damage as possible. Plus, his Battle Roar is a good supplement for the defensive tree.

So to clarify the weird parts of my setup:

I get this over Fury because [1] the cooldown reduction is much more cost effective than the attack speed gained, [2] Rengar's abilities are only restricted on cooldown and he needs to have his abilities up as many times as possible. Combined with runes, you start the game with 11.5% cooldown reduction which is super nice.

Mental Force
This will probably be the most controversial part. Rengar's Battle Roar has an 80% AP ratio and 2 points in Mental Force lets you start with 4 AP. With the ignite mastery, you will have 9 AP which adds 7 damage to Battle Roar. This may not seem like much but, early game, Rengar needs AS MUCH DAMAGE as possible. Rengar has one of the strongest level 2 in the game. When champion's health pools are only about 500 to 600, every bit of damage counts. Now, someone might be thinking, "Why doesn't he just put it into Fury or Lethality ." 2% attack speed is practically nothing and Rengar gets enough attack speed from Savagery. Lethality is useless because I build 0 critical strike chance. I don't put the 2 points into Blast either because you want the AP for early game, not much for anything else. Yes you will have more AP late game but by then, it's negligible.

I give up getting the last point in Havoc to get Destruction. This is because Rengar just shreds through towers. He is literally the BEST TOWER KILLER in the game. It's worth giving up .66% of increased damage from the last point in Havoc.

Tough Skin
I get this instead of adding extra points into Hardiness or Resistance because it helps with trading in lane. Mitigating 2 damage per minion is HUGE, once again, when your health pool is only abou 500 to 600. 6 minions per wave means -12 damage per wave per hit. And if your opponent doesn't have Tough Skin, you will surely come out on top in trades.

NOTE: I was misinformed about the properties of this mastery. I now just take an extra point in Hardiness and Resistance .

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Skill Sequence / Explaination

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Here is where a lot of controversy lies with "what to max first on Rengar." There has been a recent surge of popularity of maxing Bola Strike over Savagery. The idea behind this is to be able to constantly poke your opponent. The reason, however, I max Savagery first is because [1] lower Q cooldown is better than lower E cooldown in my opinion, [2] the extra attack speed is much better in general for dueling and tower killing, [3] maxing E first means i have to max Q last because maxing Battle Roar last makes you too squishy and way to easy to kill (have to max W SECOND). That means you're tower pushing potential just plummets until you get the higher ranks into Q. And besides, because of this new "super sustain" meta, the "poke" from e will not stick well. Might as well just straight up duel your opponent.

UPDATE: After further thinking about it, and some in game testing, I've concluded that, in SOME situations, maxing Bola Strike over Savagery is preferable. Here's what I'm thinking: you want to max Q>W>E IF you know you're going to dominate your lane (ie kill them a bunch of times) and take their tower pretty dang early. This way, you have your pushing power, one shot potential, and Battle Roar to tank unexpected damage while you roam. You want to max E>Q>W if you are going to be in a prolonged laning phase and/or in a difficult match up. So what does this do? Well, you get full usage of the poking potential of a Bola Strike and you will still have levels in your Savagery when you transition into mid game. You will be sacrificing some durability by maxing Battle Roar last but I feel that it will be okay since you will be ahead in levels (probably) because you should be split pushing all day. If you prefer, you can go E>W>Q. It really is just personal preference.


Unseen Predator (Passive) - While in brush or stealth, Rengar will leap at the target when using his basic attack. Rengar builds 1 Ferocity with each ability he uses on enemies. When reaching 5 Ferocity, Rengar's next ability becomes empowered, granting it a bonus effect.

Unseen Predator is one of the most fun passives in the game. I am only going to talk about the leap aspect here. I have a whole separate section later on for Ferocity. When in bushes or stealth, Rengar's range increases to 600. This leap has no cooldown and should be incentive enough for you to setup camp in the bush when you lane (it may take a bit to get used to last hitting with this mechanic). Utilize the leap as a zoning tool, as well as getting off easy harass (will be explained later on). It is somewhat hard to juke with the leap but it is very possible (I have avoided death from a jungle gank numerous times with the leap).

Savagery (Q) - Rengar's next basic attack deals bonus physical damage and grants him increased attack speed for 4 seconds.

Empowered Savagery (Q)- Savagery deals bonus physical damage equal to 100% of Rengar's attack damage, and the Attack Speed bonus is doubled.

Savagery IS Rengar's bread and butter ability. This is where your super burst, dueling potential, and hyper tower killing skill comes from. This ability is also an auto attack resetter and the attack speed from a Savagery -> Empowered Savagery stacks. With your 31.5% cooldown reduction, Savagery will be on a 3.81 second cooldown, which is nuts! You will learn to love this ability.

Battle Roar (W) - Rengar lets out a battle roar, dealing magic damage to enemies and gaining bonus armor and magic resist for 3 seconds.

Empowered Battle Roar (W) - Battle Roar also heals Rengar for 40 (+20*level).

Battle Roar is a great skill all around. It allows Rengar to build damage and still be durable throughout the whole game. It's great 1v1 for the extra resistances it gives, the damage is decent, and the heal is great when you're in a pinch. Also helps a lot with wave clearing later on in the game when you are split pushing like a madman. Two things to note: [1] You have to hit an enemy (minion or champion) to get the bonus resistances (but not to get the heal), [2] Doing a Battle Roar -> Empowered Battle Roar does NOT stack extra resistances but rather refreshes the timer on it.

Bola Strike (E) - Rengar throws a bola at his target dealing physical damage and slowing them for 2.5 seconds. The slow decays over the duration.

Empowered Bola Strike (E) - Bola Strike initially roots his target for 1 second, dealing physical damage. The slow is applied in full after the 1 second, and decays over the remaining 1.5 seconds.

Bola Strike is a very useful utility-type ability that also adds to your great burst. It has a very respectable attack damage ratio (70% of bonus attack damage), the slow is decent/good (enough to catch up to an enemy/run away from one), and the range is just a bit smaller than your leap range. Later on in the game, you probably won't use Empowered Bola Strike as much just because your Empowerment will be reserved for your Savagery. The root is, however, very useful in lane to help setup nice ganks with your jungler and to catch people out of position mid game.

Thrill of the Hunt (R) - Rengar activates his predatory instincts, stealthing after 1 second and revealing all enemy Champions in a large radius around him. He gains movement speed and generates 5 Ferocity over the duration while stealthed. Lasts 7 seconds or until he uses an ability.

Thrill of the Hunt is just SO good. However, using this ultimate properly, as well as managing your Ferocity, will make or break a Rengar player. It's the difference between going 14 kills 1 death and 0 kills 12 deaths. I will go in depth on this ability in my Ferocity chapter. For now, here are just some basic things: Increased movement speed is really nice, you can literally walk up right next to an enemy champion, and it can be a life saver in horrible situations (escape purposes). This, along with your amazing dueling power, is what allows you to split push like a GOD. At max rank, it practically reveals half the map, and with 31.5% cooldown reduction, it's on a very short, 44.45 second cooldown.

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Note: I am going to add a "Top Lane Match Up" section where I will tell you what I personally start against which champion.

sight ward

Rejuvenation Bead, x5 Health Potion, and 1 sight ward is what you will open with about 85% of the time. Rengar NEEDS to have a safe laning phase so the ward is a must (will talk about ward optimization in later chapter). Even if I am laning against an attack damage champion, I will still, most of the time, open with these items. The reju bead is really nice, considering Rengar has THE WORST base health regeneration in the game (and he does NOT get health regeneration per level. Thanks Riot).

Cloth Armor and x5 Health Potion is an opening build I go only against specific champions. You will start this about 6% of the time. I start this on lanes I know I am going to lose, most notably Darius. The reason why this is not a good start is because of the new jungle. Junglers are hitting level 3 in record time, meaning they are ganking super early. Like I said, Rengar needs to be safe early. If I build cloth armor first, I will most likely play super passive during the laning phase and go gank mid or bot when I get Thrill of the Hunt.

Elixir of Fortitude and x3 Health Potion is only for special circumstances only. I start this only about 6% of the time. This is either for even match ups against enemy top laners who have about equal killing potential level 2 as Rengar, or if it's a lane Rengar "loses" but can win if he gets ahead. This is a very specific and special case. Elixir of Fortitude is not worth buying most of the time because of the increased gold cost now. Again, you do not get to start with a ward either.

Long Sword and x2 Health Potion is also only for certain circumstances. I open this build about 3% of the time. This is a bit better than Elixir of Fortitude opening because you keep the Long Sword. It isn't a temporary thing. This is best against people you need to kill early that you know you cant kill later on (like tanks) who can't return as much damage to you early. Again, though, you don't get to start with a ward.


Double Doran's Blade and The Brutalizer are key components for Rengar to dominate the top lane until the laning phase is over. This will give you 160 extra health, 45 bonus attack damage, 10 health back on auto attacks, 10% cooldown reduction, and 10 armor penetration. The health lets Rengar always have a health advantage over his opponent, the health back per hit is a great supplement for having very bad health regeneration, armor penetration helps tremendously, and this will bring you to 21.5% cooldown reduction.


bonetooth necklace

The Black Cleaver is a must first big item buy. Rush this item. Upgrading from The Brutalizer gives you an extra 30 attack damage, 200 health, and 25% armor reduction. The health synergies extremely well with Battle Roar, giving you tons of effective health, making you durable in the mid game. The free bonus attack damage is super nice and the armor REDUCTION is godly. The reduction (as opposed to penetration) allows your allies to also deal increased damage to the enemy. Overall, this is a super cost effective item to buy.
bonetooth necklace I tend to get even before boots. Many people think that, because this is a stacking item, it is not good to buy. However, it is totally worth buying and here's why: It becomes dramatically cost effective at 3 stacks and you only lose 1 stack on death. To put it in perspective, The Brutalizer give 25 attack damage, 10% cool down reduction, 10 armor penetration. At 3 stacks, you get 5% cooldown reduction, 10 armor penetration, and (say you're level 9 when you pick this up) 23 attack damage. You paid 1337 gold for Brutalizer and only 800 gold for Bonetooth Necklace. Yah. As Rengar, you ARE going to get stacks and you WILL maintain them. It is super common to get at least the 6 stack bonus, and even the 9 stack one. Also, the +2 attack damage per level and +5 base damage makes it even more worth it.
And finally, Boots of Speed is necessary mid game so that you can collect that isolated bag of 300g farming bot lane (aka the ADC). Mobility is crucial on assassins in general.


NOTE: The rest of the build, I usually always go in the order listed below. I highly recommend this route, though you are free to experiment and change up the order.


Pickaxe into Last Whisper is a very strong second main big item to build. Last Whisper is super cheap (2300g, especially with all the bags of 300g you're gonna collect), and it gives 40 attack damage and 35% armor penetration. Once you pick this baby up, you will, for sure, one shot the ADC, support, and most AP mid laners, AND you will be able to easily duel/beat bruisers and tanks. It's just a solid item.


Blade of the Ruined King is really really good on pretty much any physical damage dealer, and Rengar is no exception. Blade of the Ruined King gives 25 attack damage, 40 attack speed, 15% life steal, 5% of enemy's current health in bonus damage, and a 15% of enemy's maximum health nuke. So this item is a huge power spike overall for Rengar. The bonus attack damage just adds to the burst, the attack speed allows him to destroy towers in 5 to 6 seconds flat, the life steal paired with his Savagery and Battle Roar allows Rengar to heal massively, the bonus damage per hit based on health allows you to destroy tanks now (paired with Last Whisper, and last, but most importantly, the active nuke just assures that you one shot the ADC (it's like insurance, just in case they flash away, barrier, get Janna shield, Lulu ult'd, etc.).


I've only recently started to build Ravenous Hydra on Rengar. I used to just get another The Brutalizer into a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Let's see why the change: First of all, Hydra gives you the most attack damage in a game from a single item (asides from a fully stacked The Bloodthirster). You get 75 attack damage, 15 health regeneration, 12% life steal, let's you wave clear like a GOD, and gives you ANOTHER auto attack resetter. I do believe this is better than Youmuu's Ghostblade because the extra armor penetration is going to waste just because Rengar already has so much armor penetration and reduction from his other items. The active is also just meh. Hydra (along with a red pot) will get you over 400 attack damage. Also, the extra sustain makes up for the fact that you are relatively squishier (as opposed to if you went the "tanky" Rengar build). But think about it... 400+ attack damage. Triple Q will deal 400 + 400 (one empowered savagery) + 400 + 400 (second empowered savagery) + 400 + 150 (regular savagery) + ??? from all the armor penetration and reduction = 2150+ attack damage. That is a very dead ADC/Mage/Support.


Boots can be upgraded at any point of the game. It is up to you to decide when to build them. Personally, i usually build them after my Blade of the Ruined King.

Boots of Mobility is your go to boots if you don't have to worry about being focused/need extra resistances. Let's you catch up to your prey with ease, and before your ultimate runs out.

So there are a couple reasons to get Ninja Tabi. [1] You buy them super early to counter heavy auto attacking champions like Tryndamere (Like, you get super camped or something and you're really behind status), [2] Most of the enemy team is attack damage so why not, [3] The enemy ADC is super fed and you want to be safe when you go try to one shot them.

Get Mercury's Treads if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, the enemy AP mid laner got super fed, or if the enemy has a really annoying support ( Lulu status).


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Ferocity Management

Rengar is unique in that he is the only champion who utilizes the Ferocity resource. Every ability Rengar uses generates 1 ferocity, and at 5 ferocity, his next ability consumes the 5 ferocity to empower that ability.

Let's start off with: What counts as "using an ability." Though it sounds straight forward, it's not as black and white as it seems.

Rengar's Savagery counts as being "used" when you actually hit something with it, not just activating the Q. However, Empowered Savagery counts as being used immediately when you activate Q. Even if you do not hit an enemy with the Q, the 5 ferocity will be consumed and you will be back to 0. Also, hitting a champion with an Empowered Savagery does not generate 1 ferocity; after using it, you are still left with 0 ferocity.

Rengar's Battle Roar generates ferocity only when it hits and enemy. Rengar also does NOT get the bonus resistances if he does not hit an enemy. An Empowered Battle Roar will consume all 5 ferocity and, likewise, will leave you with 0 ferocity even if you hit an enemy. You will NOT get the resistances, once again, if you do not hit, but you WILL get healed even if you do not damage an opponent.

Rengar's Bola Strike counts as being used once it HITS the target. This may seem obvious and trivial but this is a key component to one of the tricks you will learn in the next chapter. Other than this, there is no other quirk about this ability.

Now let's talk about Rengar's ultimate just a bit. Thrill of the Hunt rapidly generates ferocity for 7 the duration of his ultimate, or until he USES an ability. Now you can sort of see why I needed to clarify as what counted as "using an ability." I will elaborate in the next chapter. And also, to be clear, from my experience, the ultimate give you 5 ferocity. It's a good habit for you to just assume it will give you 5 ferocity only.

It is important for you to know when to use which empowered version of your abilities. This is something I can't really teach you; it's something you're going to figure out over time once you've played Rengar for a while. Situations like "should I Empowered Bola Strike to catch/run away? Will I have enough damage to kill/will I have enough health to survive?" I have full confidence that you will be able to get this down in no time.

Note: Don't forget that your abilities cooldown timers tick down even when you have 5 ferocity. Also, empowered abilities have no cooldown, you just need 5 ferocity.

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SECRET REVEALED (Tricks and Tips / Combos)

You guys are in for a treat. I am going to teach you, not only the basic combos, but also the advanced Triple Q AND the multicasting bug (It's something Riot has Known about for a while, but hasn't done anything about it). Im sure most of you know about the Triple Q but very few know of the multicast bug. Learn and master these tricks so that you can dominate the top lane.

NOTE: Whenever I use the Unseen Predator icon, it means go into the bush and use the leap.


This may not be apparent but you just sitting in the bush is a very powerful zoning tool. Use the leap to last hit, it will keep your opponent afraid for they will never know if you will jump on them or not.


You start in the bush and you jump to a minion, one that's not super close the enemy but close enough so that you can throw your Bola Strike at them. This is very simple and safe harass, more so an annoyance and surprise factor to keep the enemy on their toes, make them afraid of you.


Your level 1 harass combo. Sit in bush and when the opponent tries to cs, jump on them with and then Q (notice I said to jump FIRST, then Q. Remember, Q resets auto attack). Don't neglect last hitting. Farming is always priority over harass.

-> -> ->

Your level 2 super harass/all in first blood combo. While you're level 1, use Savagery 3 times so that you have 3 ferocity. Once you hit level 2, you go into the bush, leap on the enemy WHILE Bola Strike. So, while you're in the air leaping, you press E on them. This gets you at 4 ferocity stacks. You land on them, then immediately Savagery Empowered Savagery. If you get them low enough, keep auto attacking and throw down ignite. Depending on your opponent's skill level, this will get you first blood probably 70% of the time (even in platinum III -_-). It is very important for you to master this combo for this is how you snowball yourself into the beast that Rengar is. Once you hit level 3 and have all of your abilities, your harass combo is pretty much the same except you throw in your Battle Roar to trade better.

-> ->

This is your "Harass the enemy under his tower while he tries to CS" combo. It's not much but it'll annoy your opponent. You just hover over your creeps that are low. When the enemy tries to last hit, you double E into a quick W. This combo is when it is unsafe to walk into Q range (ie under enemy turret). Be cautious; don't get hit by a tower shot.

-> -> -> ???

This is your "Oh, my jungler is here to gank, let me make it easy on him by rooting my opponent and slowing him." This combo can go anyway, as long as you get the double E off. Mix in your other abilities. Oh, and don't forget to move IN FRONT of your opponent when you root them (as in between him and his tower). This way, when he tries to run away, you're always between him and his tower. I see a lot of new players as well as ranked plays all the way up to gold level not grasping the concept of attack moving, which is essentially what I mean by staying between your opponent and his tower. It is an essential tool to learn and master in general, not just for Rengar.


Once you unlock your ultimate, your options for combos increases exponentially. I will only focus on the most important ones. Once again, it is up to you to explore the possibilities and limits of Rengar.

The Legendary Triple Q

NOTE: I highly suggest reading the Ferocity Management Chapter before this one before attempting the Triple Q.
NOTE2: This is NOT a bug, this is a high skill cap combo that is legit. ADC stop QQing about it! It's here to stay.

Start at least 3 ferocity -> Thrill of the Hunt -> Empowered Savagery -> Chill for a couple seconds -> Unseen Predator -> Bola Strike -> Battle Roar -> Empowered Savagery -> Savagery

There are two way you can do triple Q but I will teach you the way I think is easiest. You have to start with at least 3 ferocity:

Say you started with 3. Thrill of the Hunt let it generate 2 ferocity. Then consume your 5 ferocity for Empowered Savagery. Remember, since savagery doesn't count as being used until you hit something, your ult is still active so you keep generating ferocity. You wait until you've generated 3 more ferocity. Your Q should last long enough for you to get it. Then, you leap on to your target. While in mid air, you also Bola Strike your opponent AND Battle Roar. So far, you've hit your opponent with the Empowered Savagery and Bola Strike and Battle Roar. You're sitting at 5 ferocity once again. So hit the enemy with another Empowered Savagery and, since you haven't used your normal Q yet, smack your opponent in the face with Savagery. The Idea is the same even if you start with 4 or 5 ferocity. Just gotta make sure you do double Empowered Savagery.

The Forgotten Multicast Bug

NOTE: Even though this is a bug, Riot knows about this and has left it in for a good few months. It is very likely that, whenever they get around to buffing Rengar, they will remove this bug. I've only recently learned/taught myself how to do the bug and by no means is Rengar reliant on the bug to do well. In fact, out of the almost 200 games I've played with Rango, I've only known/used the bug in about 15 games. It's not game breaking but hey, might as well use it.

For this, you must have unlocked all your basic abilities (Q W E) and have 5 ferocity. You also want all your abilities to be OFF cooldown. One more thing: you probably want to use smartcasting. Just saying. So, you can perform this bug from the bush and leaping on to an opponent or you can just stand right next to them, it doesn't really matter. What you do is, you right click the enemy (LEAVE YOUR CURSOR OVER THE OPPONENT), and right before you auto attack, you press Q W E at the same time (you leave the cursor over so that your E hits. Remember that it's a clicking ability). So, i say press Q W E at the same time, but what i really mean is, press Q a little bit first, then W, then E. It's practically at the same time, but just a super tiny bit of delay in between. So how will you know you've done this? Well, after the animation finishes (it does this weird lag kinda thing, not long though) you will have 2 ferocity and your Q and W will be OFF cooldown, meaning you can use them again and you'll be instantly back to 4 ferocity. That's it. I highly suggest you jumping into a custom game and practice it on the blue or red buff.

So how this really is useful is when you have less then 3 ferocity but you need to pop ult and fight because your team got initiated on or they started a fight when you were not prepared. Instead of doing the triple Q, you can do the multicast bug instead to keep your ferocity high, giving you a sort of delayed triple Q.

UPDATE (8-15-13):

So I found that in this patch, Riot kinda fix the multicasting bug. You can still do it and you will still do double damage, but now you can only get 3 ferocity, not 4 like you used to. Not too much of a big deal, not like you need to rely on bugs anyways :P


Warding as a top laner is super easy, only two spots you really have to worry about.

I am on Blue Team:
Ward the very bottom of the banana bush. This will keep you very safe. You just gotta worry a bit if you are pushed to purple team tower. The jungler can come from the tribush, but I find it very easy to run away, especially since you're already camping the bush as Rengar, right?

I am on Purple Team:
Ward right in front of the Baron pit, giving you vision of the Blue Team blue buff exit. This is a very good ward as it will tell you EARLY if someone is coming to gank, jungler or enemy mid laner. Once again, you gotta worry a bit if you're pushed up. Purple side is a bit easier: if jungler comes from tribush, your minions will reveal him way before he can reach you. Just run down river/into the tribush and you'll be fine.

Even though you have river warded, do not be surprised if you get lane ganked. I can't really teach you how to avoid lane ganks, it's just a "6th sense" you develop over time. If you see your opponent begin to act differently, JUNGLER IS THERE. If you and your opponent know that you can kill him easily, yet he's putting himself in a position to get jumped by you, JUNGLER IS THERE. If the jungler walks over your ward and you back off, indicating to him that you have a ward, and you see him backing off, chances are, he looped around AND IS IN THE LANE BUSH. This is the best I can help you with this topic, the rest is up to you to learn from experience.

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The Hunt Is On! is an event that occurs in games between an opposing Rengar and Kha'Zix.

The event begins a seemingly random length of time after the following conditions have been met, and can only occur once per game:

* Kha'Zix has used all three evolution points (minimum chapion level of 16).

* Rengar is in the possession of his unique item, the bonetooth necklace.

* Although it was officially stated that the item must be at full stacks, 10 stacks on bonetooth necklace are sufficient.

* All members of both teams must be alive at the same time.

Each Champion is assigned to kill the other and the first to achieve this claims victory and is rewarded (assists count). The even can only occur once per game.


The Hunt Is On!: Rengar must kill Kha'Zix first to become the ultimate hunter (assists count). Rengar stalks Kha'Zix, his greatest prize, and the only beast to have escaped him. If Rengar is victorious, his bonetooth necklace is replaced with an item called Head of Kha'Zix. This item provides the benefits of a fully stacked, permanent Bonetooth Necklace. If rengar is successful, he gains a buff with the title "Victory!". If he fails, he gains a buff with the title "Defeat!".
"This twisted monster has evaded me for too long. I will have his head!"


The Hunt Is On!: Kha'Zix must kill Rengar first in order to become the ultimate predator (assists count). Kha'Zix is ready to devour Rengar, his greatest prey. If Kha'Zix is victorious, he gains a fourth evolution point. This allows Kha'Zix to evolve into each of his four abilities. If Kha'Zix is successful, he gains a buff with the title "Victory!" If he fails, he gains a buff with the title "Defeat!".
"I have grown and adapted since I took his eye. I will feast on lion!"

This has happened to me only once (I lost, sadly) and, contrary to what is stated in the wiki, it was in a RANKED game.

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Game Progression


This part of the game is very important and can go in two, viable ways.

First: The preferred way (the way you want to hope it goes) is that you completely dominate your lane. You get your level 2 first blood. After, you want to push up the lane to tower so the enemy top laner misses CS. If you're confident enough, you can just stay in lane and kill him again. Or you can go back and buy. Either way, your goal is to kill your laner at least 2-3 times, then get turret and roam.

Second: You get killed early because of a gank or the opponent just straight up outplayed you. So you're behind. Not to worry, just sit back, farm, last hit with your abilities. Call your jungler over and see if you can regain lane dominance. If not, just wait till level 6 and then tell your jungler to hold your lane while you go gank mid or bot with Thrill of the Hunt. When you lose lane, it is crucial that you roam and make plays on the map. Go kill another lane, do dragon, take objectives. Just make sure you don't roam too much and don't fall behind in levels or CS.


So here, it shouldn't matter to much how your early game went. Either way, you should have at least a few kills and farmed enough gold to have The Black Cleaver, bonetooth necklace, and Boots of Speed. You have a couple jobs. Take objectives and participate in team fights. If your team wants to get dragon, go with them. If they want to siege mid tower, go get it with them. However, if your teammates do not wish to group just yet, then you as Rengar go split push a lane. Hide in a bush in bot lane for a second and see if you can get a kill on the ADC. Try to catch people out of position, clean up after small scrimmages. Your mind set should be to stack your bonetooth necklace, farm/split push, get towers, team fight.


By now, you should have all 6 items. When team fighting, be weary of Vision Ward and Oracle's Elixir. DO NOT EVER, EVER, INITIATE A TEAM FIGHT. Rengar MUST enter a team fight late/after initial engagement so that he is not focused. Always go for ADC or AP mid first (whoever is the bigger threat). If your team is not a strong team fight composition, or you guys are losing, then tell your team to go as 4 and pressure a lane while you split push. At this point, you should be able to 1v1 anyone.

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Top Lane Match Ups

NOTE 1: These are all susceptible to change based on your opponent's level of play. "Green" champions become harder if your opponent knows how to play the match up well, and "Yellow/Red" champions become easier if they do not know how to abuse their dominant lane power. It is up to you to recognize the level your opponent is at and play accordingly.

NOTE 2: You can pretty much switch any of the Rejuvenation Bead starts with Cloth Armor if need be. If you're beginning with Rengar/your enemy jungler has low gank potential, then you may want to consider starting Cloth Armor.

NOTE 3: For now, I will just put the basics. I will add detailed descriptions throughout the day as I find time.

I haven't gone up against this match up too much. His passive is really annoying as it pretty much denies you first blood. However, because Aatrox's abilities take a relatively big portion of his health in costs early game, combined with Rengar's incredible level 2 burst, you can easily pop his passive and then kill him later. Just be very careful of his knock up as it has the potential to make you susceptible to ganks. Also, try not to push to his tower because Aatrox will be able to abuse his godly sustain. Keep the lane frozen in the middle and zone him. You can max Bola Strike in this situation so that you have a greater zoning tool.

I haven't been up against this match up as much either. Akali is very weak pre level 6. You can easily kill her level 2 (try to get it before she gets level 2, or else Twilight Shroud may deny you from first blood. From my experience, late game, when Akali does get fed of roaming, it's whoever get's the first jump who wins the fight. Just remember that your Thrill of the Hunt reveals her in her Twilight Shroud which is extremely useful during team fights. Max Savagery in this match up. You will most likely get her tower early.

Cho'Gath is just all around pretty annoying to lane against. He has so much utility/disengage and sustain from his Carnivore passive that it is hard to kill him. You still can get first blood on him level 2 (he is actually very squishy early) but don't count on killing him a lot later on. I highly suggest roaming more in this match up, and for that reason, max Savagery first.

This is THE HARDEST MATCH UP YOU WILL EVERY FACE. I have NEVER won a lane against Darius BUT I HAVE NEVER LOST A GAME AGAINST HIM. Here's how: get out of laning phase AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. When you lane against him, you play super far back, don't let him touch you. EVER. MISS CREEPS EARLY, JUST DO IT. IT'S NOT WORTH IT. Let him push you to your tower and ask your jungler to gank for you. HE CAN 100 TO 0 YOU IN 3 SECONDS ONCE HE HITS LEVEL 6. Your goal in this lane is to get as much SAFE farm as possible, hit level 6, and ROAM. ROAM ROAM ROAM. Go bottom, get a double kill, get their tower, then do dragon. Get farm by leaching off other lanes, the jungle, kills from ganks. Just don't try to fight Darius. HOWEVER... If you notice that the enemy Darius is either inexperienced or not abusing his superior damage, you CAN trade with him, here's how. Sit in the bush. You see him Decimate the creeps? JUMP ON HIM IMMEDIATELY THEN BACK OFF. This is just basic "how to trade in lane," not specific only to Rengar. Once you see your opponent waste their abilities on creeps, it's your opportunity to jump on them. MAX Bola Strike. You will survive the lane, and maybe even kill him once. It is just out of the range of his Q, if you back off right when the animation casts.

Okay this one is a bit tricky to explain. First and foremost, Elise isn't played top lane much anymore. She is pretty weak early game due to her high mana cost now on her Neurotoxin. Rengar CAN get first blood on Elise. That is no problem. You WILL dominate her for most the early game. However, if Elise plays right, after First Blood, you will never kill her again, very hard to zone her, and once she gets a few levels and items (say around level 7), you will straight up lose to her. Her % damage on her Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite is just too much damage. Her stun will make you vulnerable to ganks, and her Rappel give her so much room to out play you. Your best bet is to roam once you hit level 6. I would max Savagery in this match up, just because your Bola Strike range is smaller than her Neurotoxin range. Plus, she can punish you easily for trying to walk up to her.

This is sort of a skills match up. It's who can outplay whom. Typically, I find this match up really easy, and here's why. First off, you should always check to see which ability the Fiora took level 1. If you notice her attack damage is super high, she took Riposte level 1. Otherewise, she took Lunge. If she took Lunge, a trick you can do is to go into the bush and jump on her and Savagery. Most Fiora players, from experience, will Lunge at you to trade. What you do is, walk back into the bush right when she Lunges, that way you bring her closer to the bush. The jump on her again as she tries to walk away. With this tactic, you can easily get 2-3 extra auto attacks off with out a response from her. I've gotten first blood so many times because of this. Something to note: her Riposte does not consume your Savagery stack. If you try to Q when she has it active, your attack misses but you still have it active, which is very nice for you. Just abuse your bush control, jump randomly to her and to minions. This will make it hard for her to use her W properly. Be careful when she hits 6 though, because she can kill you if you play it wrong. I've never maxed Bola Strike against this match up before, but I can see it working very well. Up to you.

I've only had this match up like once or twice (no one plays Gangplank anymore :/) and it's a relatively easy match up. There's usually two different play styles of Gangplank: use Parrrley to farm or use it to harass. If the Gangplank you are facing against is farm oriented, you will easily kill him level 2 and win the lane. However, if he is harassing you, sit back a bit in the bush, wait for him to get low on mana, and then jump on him around level 4. Be careful of Gangplank's slow passive and don't fight too close to his creeps. Parley range is greater and on a shorter cooldown then Bola Strike. Again, up to you to decide what to max. I would max Savagery. Both would work.

Garen is a little bit tricky to deal with but still very manageable. His Decisive Strike silence is pretty harmful to your combos. However, a trick you can do is jump on him and, when he silence spin-to-win you, run towards the bush. Once the spin is over, Garen's damage potential goes down to 0. Then you can mash all your abilities on him and come out on top of the damage trade. You do have to respect his damage, though, once he hit's 6. I highly suggest you roam after you and Garen hit level 6. I can see maxing Bola Strike be very effective against a Garen. Probably better than maxing Savagery.

This match up is more of a nuisance than anything else. Irelia is just so hard to kill, and all she ever wants to do is farm. Her Equilibrium Strike is just too strong of a disengage that you most likely won't be able to kill her. Max Bola Strike in this lane so that you can try to zone/deny her. That's the only way you will win the lane, by winning in cs. Probably go roam for a bit once you hit 6. Remember, whenever you roam, tell your jungler to go hold top for you.

Jarvan IV
It's pretty rare to see Jarvan IV top lane nowadays. He's usually pick more as a jungler. Jarvan's Martial Cadence is a really annoying poking tool. Depending on how he decided to itemize and setup his masteries and runes, it'll be pretty hard to kill him, especially with the bonus armor he gets from Demacian Standard. His E Q knock up makes you very vulnerable to ganks. I don't think he can straight up kill Rengar though. So this is pretty much going to be a farm lane. I suggest maxing Savagery and trying to roam the map, though you can max Bola Strike to poke down Jarvan (don't think the poke will stick too much though).

So, the level of difficulty with this match up dramatically changes based on the level of play your opponent is. I've had this match up numerous amount of times and it either goes really well or really poorly. I regard this match up a skills match up. It's who can outplay whom. Similarly to Fiora's Riposte, Jax's Counter Strike does not consume Savagery if it is active. Utilize the bush well in this match up. Try to trick him to popping his Counter Strike early as it has a long cooldown, then look to trade after. It may be wise to max Bola Strike here because I don't think the attack speed buff will help much against Counter Strike. Also, after Jax hits level 6, he straight up out damages you (though you still can kill him by out playing him).

This match up is pretty dang easy. You can very easily burst him down using the level 2 combo, and you honestly just bully him the whole game. So how trading will go in this match up is, you jump on him, do all your combos, and just keep auto attacking him. He will throw down his combos and then he will Thundering Blow you at the end, which will push you away from him. You will significantly out trade him and he knocks you back for you. Just be sure to dodge his E Q combo (this is crucial, it's not too hard to dodge. Just stay behind creeps). Just keep chunking him down and, once he's around 40%, you can ult on him and do the Triple Q to kill him. I personally max Savagery over Bola Strike just because I know I will be able to stand next to him for a few seconds and auto attack. Plus, since he's ranged, it's hard to poke him anyways.

Okay so I've personally never faced the match up before. However, I do play quite a bit of Kayle and I think this would be a pretty difficult match up for Rengar. Kayle can pretty much instantly wave clear the minion with her Righteous Fury and then poke you nonstop under tower. I do think that Rengar can kill her level 2, but in general I feel like it would be a pretty bad time. Also, your kill potential just hits 0 once she gets her ultimate. I don't know how well maxing Bola Strike will be for it is a shorter range then Kayle's Reckoning. Maybe max that if Kayle is maxing Righteous Fury. Otherwise, probably want to just max Savagery and go roam.

I actually find this match up to be quite fun (and it thematically matches). You have to be pretty careful level 1 when facing Kha. Stay around your minions because that isolation damage hurts, especially since, nowadays, a lot of Kha'Zix players are maxing Taste Their Fear. You can kill him level 2, but again, don't take isolation damage or there is a chance that you will die to him. You can max Bola Strike or Savagery in this match up, I don't think it would make much difference. If Kha is maxing Void Spike though, poking him might not be that effective since he can just heal.

Okay so, this match up severely depends on the skill level of your opponent. Any Kennen player Gold II and lower will probably be a complete stomp. Kennen is extremely squishy level 1 and you can easily kill him level 2. You can zone a Kennen so hard if you get ahead, and you can easily kill him 2-3 times in lane. However, once you start playing with people who understand and respect Rengar's amazing kill potential, Kennen becomes a bit tougher. For one, smart Kennen players won't die to you level 2, they will abuse their long range poke, stay away from bushes, etc. In this kind of lane, all you really can do is farm or call you jungler to gank. If he pushes you to tower, he will just poke you out of lane. If you are stomping, max Savagery, else max Bola Strike. Either go get his tower then roam, or just straight up roam.

Lee Sin
So this is kind of a skills match up, but a very easy one for Rengar to win. DO NOT GET HIT BY Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. You get hit by this and you will die level 1 or 2. You can easily kill Lee Sin level 2, as long as you don't get hit by his Q. Lee Sin is deceptively squishy early levels. Once you've gotten ahead, most Lee Sin players will then just max their Safeguard / Iron Will and try to sustain in lane. Just wait till he uses it and the shield fades before jumping on him. Once you hit level 6, be careful of jungle ganks. You can't easily escape with your ult because Lee Sin as 2 revealing abilities, which will make you vunerable. I'd max Savagery just because poking won't be very effective since his sustain is really good.

This is just an annoying lane to be in overall. So Malphite players usually start two ways: 21-9-0 or 9-21-0. Try to figure out which mastery setup he started. If he does not have 21 in defense, you can kill him level 2. Else, you just gotta farm because you probably won't be killing Malphite for a while. Either way, he is annoying because of his Ground Slam and Granite Shield. The reduced attack speed just kills you in lane, making it extremely hard to kill him. How you want to deal with this lane is to trade with him early. Malphite has high mana costs with a low base mana pool (this goes away once Malphite picks up Glacial Shroud. You want to keep Malphite's shield down; constantly hit him and do not let the shield regenerate. You probably want to max Bola Strike because the poke will help keep the shield off him and because his attack speed debuff is just not worth maxing Savagery. Once he hit's 6, be weary of ganks.

This is quite an interesting match up and your success/dominance in lane depends on a few things. First, if Nasus does not have 21 points into defense for masteries, you will easily kill him, over and over again. Nasus is so extremely squishy early on. On the flip side, he will be neigh impossible to kill if he has 21 into defense. Additionally, if Nasus is going to play super passive, you probably won't kill him. How you should play this match up is by trying to zone him and slow him down in CS as much as possible. So, do not push the lane to his tower (otherwise he just free farms). You want to max Bola Strike for a couple reasons. First of all, Nasus' Wither just destroys attack speed, making Savagery pretty useless to max. Nasus does get free life steal from him Soul Eater passive, however you should be able to keep him off the minion waves so that he can't use his life steal. Once Nasus is 6, he becomes even harder to kill. I'd suggest roaming in this match up (make sure to send your jungler top).

Nidalee is who I personally use if I ever face a Rengar. Nidalee's Bushwhack lets her claim complete dominance over the bushes, being ranged lets her infinitely poke you, and she has a heal/attack speed buff. Once she hit's level 6, she can all in you super easily. It's hard to gank her because of her traps (and she runs fast with Pounce). There is only 1 way to win this match up: level 1/2 kill. You HAVE to all in her early if you want to dominate her. Nidalee is extremely squishy level 1 and 2. Before the minions spawn, try to camp the bushes top lane and see if you can catch her trying to trap up the bushes. Level 2, all in her immediately. If you can successfully kill her early, then you will win the lane. I'd max Savagery because her sustain is too great to try to poke her down.

So some people might think that Pantheon is a pretty good counter to Rengar because of his Aegis Protection passive. However, it is super easy to beat Pantheon in lane. When you leap out of a bush, the damage from your auto attack is almost instant so just jumping on him will remove his passive. And, since his Savagery is an auto attack resetter, you get to get your Q off on him. Pantheon has pretty high mana costs, especially if he keeps trying to trade with you. That's what you want to do in this match up: make him use up his mana and force him out of lane. You have to be careful though once he gets his Aegis of Zeonia. This makes you extremely vulnerable to ganks. You can max either Savagery or Bola Strike. I do believe, though, that his spears have greater range than bola strike.

Okay so, why in the world is top Rammus a thing? That I will never understand. Regardless, I have faced this match up only once (thanks Raínbow Kitty). This is actually a pretty tough and annoying match up. Rammus deals a surprisingly high amount of damage. The idea is, build armor so that Rengar can never kill you, and you can easily kill him. So what the Rammus is going to do is puncturing taunt you when his creep wave is huge and you will take a lot of damage. You cannot push him to tower, otherwise he will taunt you and you will take tower shots if you try to farm. Honestly, this is such a troll lane in that you can never kill him. I'd highly suggest you try to get out of lane as soon as possible. Go roam and gank mid or bot once you hit 6. Honestly, there is no maxing order that is optimal against Rammus. He just takes 0 damage from you. So max Savagery so that you have greater kill potential when you roam.

So, I personally love this match up. Renekton is just known for being such a bully top lane, and you can easily use this to your advantage. Renekton is actually very squishy early levels. He is as susceptible to your level 2 kill combo as an ADC. The thing is, Renektons will think they can trade with you since they think they out damage you so they will LET you jump on them. Then you just explode in their faces and either kill them or make him waste his flash. You pretty much out damage him in all stages of the game. If he builds damage, he remains squishy. If he builds tank, he can never kill you and, once you get brutalizer, you still will be able to kill him. I max sagavery just because I know I can keep all inning him. Just be careful not to get baited once he gets his ultimate.

This match up is very similar to Renekton and, likewise, very fun to play. Riven is also a cooldown based, physical damage champion who is super aggressive in lane. Nowadays, most Riven players max Broken Wings first. So level 1, Riven will probably try to trade with you. Basically, just let her do her full combo rotation while you run towards the bush. Once her last Broken Wings is finished, jump on her, go into the bush, jump on her, etc. Level 2, it's a bit hard for you to kill her just because she either has a disengage stun or a shield. Either way, Riven's level 2 is about equal to that of Rengar's. Be careful and don't die here or else the lane is over and you will lose. Always wait for her to use up all her cooldowns before jumping on her. Once she has her ultimate, be very cautious because, we all know, Riven can 100 to 0 most top laners once she has her ult. Also, be careful of ganks. Riven is a jungler's dream lane to gank since she has a knock up, a stun, and a gap closer. I'd suggest maxing Bola Strike to poke her down. Riven usually builds damage over armor so you easily be able to harass her.

So this match up is pretty simple. Rumble's early levels are really bad. You can easily harass him level 1 just by camping the bush and keep jumping him. Level 2, you can all in him for the first blood. Don't be afraid to tank his Flamespitter ability because you will out damage him in all stages of the game. And, since Rumble's ultimate got nerfed to the ground, he no longer can easily duel you level 6. Be weary though, if the Rumble is good, he will kite you all day with Scrap Shield and Electro-Harpoon. You can max either Savagery or Bola Strike in this match up. Personally, i would do Savagery just because I know I can get several kills on him and take his tower.

This is a stale match up, to be honest. Shen is just stupid hard to kill because he's tanky, he gets a free shield every so often, and he has a taunt/escape tool. You can trade with him easily early levels, and you might be able to get a kill on him. However, after that, don't expect to kill him again. All Shen does it farm. However, there are some key things you need to know about this match up. First: did he take Teleport? If he didn't, then you want to max Savagery so that you can take his tower whenever he tries to save someone. Second: Empowered Bola Strike does NOT stop Shen from teleporting with his ult. Apparently roots do not stop this. Third: Once Shen gets a Sunfire Cape, you do not want to duel him. The armor, health, and passive damage components will overwhelm you. Your goal is to either keep pressuring top lane to force Shen to stay top, or to go roam and hope to counter gank Shen's ult. So max Savagery if Shen does not have teleport, Bola Strike otherwise.

I personally hate Singed as a champion. It just promotes such... trolly gameplay that is very annoying to deal with. Early levels, Singed's flip has a high mana cost relative to his low base mana. Keep trading with him early and try to kill him. Ask your jungler to gank early so that you can slow him down. You definitely want to max Bola Strike in this match up because the slow/root will help you lock him down while the poke is very hard for Singed to recover from. If he starts to proxy, just ignore him and farm. If he free farms, so do you. Only go and try to kill him if your jungler and your mid laner is there to help. Every since the 3.9 patch, proxying is a bit less effective just because your gold value does not go down as much for successive deaths.

This can go either very well or very horrible for you. Teemo is unbelievably squishy early on. If you can manage to get first blood level 2 on him, you will completely stomp him. However, once Teemo gets a few levels, the lane is going to be super annoying for you. His blind is very crippling for your combo and his poison poke is very annoying. If Teemo is maxing E, you're actually in a better position as opposed to if he were to max Q (in which the duration of the blind is increased). You have to kill him early and get ahead of him. What i usually do is when the first minion wave comes, just auto attack down one melee creep (instead of last hitting it). You want to try to get level 2 before him without pushing the wave so that you can't utilize the side bushes. Once you hit level 2, all in Teemo with the Bola Strike Savagery Empowered Savagery combo. This is especially effective if the teemo took E level 1. If he does take blind level 1, you still can do the level 2 burst. The duration of the blind is pretty short early ranks. If he's really a bother to you, ask your jungler to gank or, just wait till you're level 6 then roam bottom or mid. Try not to let Teemo push you to tower because that's when all hell breaks loose and he'll poke you to no end. If you are stomping, max Savagery, else max Bola Strike and poke him down.

Tryndamere is actually the one champion I always try to ban if I am first pick. Now here's the thing: you absolutely destroy Tryndamere in lane (as long as you don't die to his level 2 all in. It's about the same power as Rengar). You win trades by bursting him down with all your cooldowns, and then backing off (especially if he has a full rage bar). Once Tryndamere unlocks his Undying Rage you can still easily kill him with ignite. Now, the reason why I always ban him is because, no matter how hard you shut him down late game, if he Tryndamere is smart, he will just split push all day. Eventually, he will over power you and his split pushing is extremely annoying to deal with. I know because I play some Tryndamere and if you do not send at least 2 people, he will destroy your base. You can max Savagery or Bola Strike which ever you prefer.

So this match up is pretty easy. Vladimir is so squishy early. You definitely want to hit level 2 before Vladimir so that he can't disengage with Sanguine Pool. If you can do that, you will easily kill him level 2. Through the laning phase, try to always trade with him. Do not take free Transfusion to the face. There's not much Vladimir can do to you, until he gets his ult. I'd suggest maxing Savagery over Bola Strike just because Vladimir's Q is greater range and because he has very good sustain.

So you need to get level 2 before/at the same time as Wukong or else you're going to have to play passively. His Nimbus Strike Crushing Blow combo is pretty annoying early. You can trade with him though if you keep up in levels. A pretty annoying thing is that if you throw your Bola Strike and he goes invisible with his Decoy, he won't take damage and it'll be as if you didn't ever cast your E. You need to be careful once he hits level 6 because his knock up spin to win is really strong. You can max Bola Strike or Savagery, which ever you prefer. I'd say it'll depend on how the lane goes.

"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him..." So first off, you don't really see Yorick much nowadays. He's really weak right now in my opinion. He is super squishy, he usually builds tear first so he will continue to be squishy and deal little damage. You can easily kill him level 2. In fact, honestly you just dominate him the whole game. There's not much to say, really. You can max Savagery or Bola Strike. I'd do Savagery just because I know I can out trade him.

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