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Singed Build Guide by humanfire

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League of Legends Build Guide Author humanfire

Rozzo's Singed guide -Build updated

humanfire Last updated on March 27, 2018
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Singed Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Aftershock
LoL Rune: Bone Plating
Bone Plating
LoL Rune: Second Wind
Second Wind
LoL Rune: Unflinching

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

+15-135 Health (at levels 1-18) and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive

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Win 54%
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Singed Match ups will be in a match ups chapter.
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Hi my Summoner name is Rozzo Reformed. Im a Diamond 5 Singed main (For some reason it might still state
im Plat 1). I've been playing Singed since the mid season 3 and used him to carry me to Platinum 5 in Season 3. I've been wanting to make a guide for Singed for some time now but felt I dont have that much experience with him, but after hitting Diamond 5 with Singed I felt it was maybe time for me to make a guide.


Note: I have no clue what Im doing with this guide so prepare for a ton of mess with a lot of horrible grammar and spelling mistake (If you feel something is really horribly written please dont hesitate to tell me so I can fix this!)

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+ Great farmer
+ Can duel most AD meele bruisers early game
+ Amazing late game
+ A lot of hidden abilities.
Yes Singed can duel most AD meele top laners in this game early on in the game even though people think his early game is bad. It really isn't that bad as people think, just manage your mana and it will be much easier. i've beaten Riven before her nerfs level 2. It's all about how good you can kite some of their abilities and then go ham with your basic attacks and poison showing no mercy!

Singed is very good late game when he has his items. Singed can just walk through most front lines and go ham on their adc and fling him right into his own team making all carries cry.

Singed got a lot of hidden abilities and tricks that you can learn that will make you feel the true power of Singed. Example of tricks are: void toss, sky-auto attack and invisble poison!


+ No Mr per level
+ He hates ranged top laners
+ Item reliant
+ Slows are the bane of his exsistence
Singed now has MR per level. Thanks Riot.

Singed is item reliant and will have a bad time if he doesn't have items to for example: Not going out of mana, having the right armour item to make carries cry, and he needs magic resist items if there is any heavy AP in the enemy team.

Stated above I mentioned slows and I will repeat myself here. Slows is what Singed hates. I can tolerate cages,snares, and bindings etc etc. Most of these types of abilities can easily be avoided, but slows are just the worst. Most slows aren't skillshots ( Frozen Mallet, Blessing of the Lizard elder , Kayle's Reckoning Ashe's Frost Shot Gangplank's Grog Soaked Blade) and they either last forever or they have an insane duration. Singed needs his movement speed to get into the enemies face since Singed does not have any good gap closing abilities like Zac's Elastic Slingshot

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This mastery page offers sustain, tanky stats and damage. It is really good against top laners you can trade with early as this allows you to easily put the trade in your favour.

Once you get rylias that Mastery is basically permanent on.

Piercing thoughts:
Gives 7% magic pen. Pretty good later on in the game.

Deathfire touch:
Gives an extra poision. With corruption potion, poision trail and Deathfire you have up to 3 different ticks and they all deal magic damage.

Resolve tree:

Good later on in the game.

Tough skin:
Reduces enemies basic attacks damage when they deal damage to you. Really solid mastery.

Veterans scars:
Gives 45 health in level 1 which is really solid.

Awesome mastery.You can use Tp/flash/ignite/ghost a lot more which is awesome.

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Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

This is my standard rune page to use if I got a skill match up or if I get an lane opponent I counter.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
We take these on all the rune setups as they give the movement speed you need early game so that you can walk into fling range.

Greater mark of hybrid penetration
Why hybrid pen? We take hybrid pen since Singed got the second highest base AD in the game and you want to abuse as much as possible. You lose around 2 magic pen and you get 8.1 armour pen.

Greater Seal of Armor
Standard seals as they give that 9 armour that helps you survive early physical damage.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power
I use these glyphs to get more damage early in the game so I can fight my lane opponent early on.

Other runes you can use in certain situations:
Greater Seal of Scaling Armor
Good runes against champions who rarely basic attack or got really poor basic attacks. Champions like Rumble that have horrible AA animation so you can for instance run these runes to get more armour later on when the enemy ADC get their items.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Good against champions like Teemo or vladimir. Why not just flat mr runes against champions like Teemo and vlad? The reason for this is because you can survive their early game damage and you can kill them without the flat ones. When you're level 9 they tie with the flat ones, after that you just got tons of free MR.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
These are better than scaling ones if the enemy is Rumble or Ryze. They deal so much damage early on in the game you will really need these to survive.

Greater Seal of Health
Can be used when the enemy has poor AA animations and therefore they wont really AA that much and you'll get more out of the extra 72 health as they will probably casts tons of spells.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
Good against ranged champions you really cant reach before level 6 or above. These tie with the flat ones level 7.

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Summoner spells

Lets get started with all the summoner spells you can run with Singed, I'll start with my current setup and talk about the others you can use and the ones you should avoid.

Flash: The best summoner spell in the game right now because of its instant movement it gives. You can trick people with Flash as Singed since no one expects to get flash flinged (How often do anyone see Singed with flash anyways) Why no Ghost you might ask. Well the reason is because the season 3 mastery which gave Ghost 35% movement speed instead of 27% got removed from the game. You can still get a good speed with Ghost, but you have to buy an enchanment to your boots in-game for that to happen....

Ignite: I used to get ignite all the time, but TP just gives a lot of pressure. You can still do tp/ignite combo if you want or if you feel like snowballing top lane hard and try to end before the enemy TP's to bot for a double.

Teleport: Very good summoner spell for the moment (Pick on all top laners in LCS) and gives safety in lane if you meet someone who is a pain in the buttom to lane against (Someone mentioned Lulu?) and can let you make plays bot if they overextend and you can setup a gank with your botlaners. I use this a lot on Singed now

Ghost: Still a good summoner spell as Singed, but it makes me sad when the enemy Darius flashes over a wall and Im just standing there thinking he would be dead. I actually use this summoner spell against champions who can outrun Singed + they can slow him. (Lulu, Kayle, and Teemo) Ghost is very good against them.

Exhaust: The damage buffs and the extra range to use this one has made it more viable to Singed if you meet someone as Darius, Riven, or Ryze. it removes a opponents damage by 50% for 2.5 seconds. This is like a second version of TP. It helps you stay safe in lane (Obviously exhaust does not let you TP though) and if someone early ganks you there is a high chance you'll survive if you were overextended.

Cleanse: Not really usefull on Singed really. Yeah of course Singed hates to get CC'ed as any other champion in the game, but you should he tanky enough to not care. I've never found an situation where I wanted this summoner spell:

Clarity: Never use this. Like never, ever. You might have mana problems in lane early on but later on in the game you rarely ever go out of mana. After 2 doran rings/tear/cataclyst the summoner spell is rendered useless for you.

Clairvoyance: Why you you get this? If you really wanted that vision you can get a scrying orb.

Heal: Gives ms for Singed and heals him. You might think that is good for Singed, but not really. Singed will get really tanky and his Ultimate gives enough ms as it is. Heal isnt needed on Singed.

Barrier: Does kind of do the same as heal, but it does not give movement speed, but barrier cant be countered by Grievous wounds.

Revive: No.

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Work in progress:

Starting items 1 explanation:
[[Corrupting Potion]
The new flask is really strong on Singed right now. The extra pooison damage it gives is insane for trading which can result in easy early kills if you can utilize the damage it gives. The only drawback is you can't get normal pots with it.
Starting items 2 explanation:
Doran's Shield
This item is only good in a 2v1 scenario. The nerfs hit this item pretty hard and I'll never start this against anyone if it's 1v1 top.

Starting items 3
Faerie Charm start
The Fearie charm start is really weird but it works. If you for some reason REALLY want to rush tear you can start this. The starting options gives tons of sustain in lane when it comes to health, but expect to go oom fast.

Starting items 4 explanation:
Boots of Speed
This start is very situational. If you need to be on top of your enemy level 1 then this is the starting items you'll get. Expect to go oom fast unless you manage your mana really well.


Doran's Ring
Okey I was really sceptical on this item first when I got it on Singed, but after reading a bit of Invertedcomposer's guide and after of course I tried this myself I found out 2 dorans rings instead of tear rush is so much better for you early game. 2 Of these makes it hard for you to go oom and therefore I recommend to get 1 of these as rush item combined with a The Dark Seal

Ninja Tabi
These boots give 25 armour + 10% reduced damage against AAs. This is super strong against teams who have Jax, Master Yi, or Yasuo on their team. You wont get cc reduction from these (duh) but does an amazing job making you tanky.

Mercury's Treads
A good MR item for Singed that makes disables have a smaller duration as well. I try to get this item most of the games because on how much Singed hates slows or CC. Same rules for all champions in the game. CC counters you hard.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Gives awesome kiting potentional which also gives you more tankyness and damage. This item is core on Singed and if you can rush it after 2 dorans and boots you'll be so hard to kill and escape. Synergises very well with Liandry's Torment giving that double damage proc 24/7. I find it hard to not get this item on Singed.

Tear of the Goddess
This item gives you 250 health when fully stacked and can be built into Archangel staff. I get this item most of the time because Singed needs 1 big mana item, but why dont I get Rod of ages instead? I normally dont get this anymore

Rod of Ages
Ok what is the difference between RoA and Archangel staff? The huge difference is the tankyness both items offer. RoA gives a lot more tankyness, but a lot less damage. I get rod of ages when I know that I need more health instead of damage because of how cruel our opponents team comp. None of these items are superior from one another so go for the one you like the most. Nothing is wrong on which one to get. You can aslo get both and replace rylai's with one of them, but I really dont do that unless I want to troll. But now I advice RoA because of the assassin meta is back and so many champions just get random % damage in their kits now.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is better now than it used to be. I tend to pick this item up if they have 2 marksmans an team that has a lot of crit based champions on it.
Sunfire Cape
450 health+50 armour+ Damage per sec magic damage that scales with level. This item is more viable on Singed now after the Randuin's nerf. When should we get this item? We should get this item if we now need a mix with armour+health+damage. This is like a weaker damage versionof thornmail that is AoE.

The Thornmail changes has been interesting and I've experimented with the item but I dont feel the same power as before. This has made items as Randuin's Omen, Dead Man's Plate, and Frozen Heart more useful. The item is still good if the enemy has 2 or 3 basic attack based champions on it.

Frozen Heart
90 armour+20% CD reduction+ 400 mana (that converts to 100 health) + and a 15% aura AS slow
This item is more viable on Singed now after randuins nerf. You can get this in every situation as long as they got an adc. CD redcution is super strong on Singed in my opinion. It makes all the annoying thing Singed brings with him in the kit more available. I normally choose this item or Thornmail. Last thing to add is that you always get this item always if the enemy got a pesky Vayne on their team.

Iceborn Gauntlet
This item is in a really weird spot now I feel. It's barely used because of the nerfs it has been recieving throughout its time. 500 mana (Converts to 125 health) 60 armour, 30 AP and 10% CD reduction + a slow that procs after using an ability and basic attacking aftewards. It may look good on paper on Singed (at least I thought so..) There is no reason to substitute any of the other armour items in the game for this one. You can use this item if you're going to troll.

Guardian Angel
GA now is not an bad item if you go for it after your first item. It gives nice amounts of double resistances and the revive passive allows you to do some heavy dives on the enemy. If you dont like GA you dont need to go for it. It isnt a god tier Singed item, but its good if you utilize the pressure it can create.

Chalice of Harmony
880 gold and gives a good chunck of mana regen. This may not be superbad, but I would get a tear or an RoA instead of this because of how much more damage you get from them. You shouldn't really buy this item for MR as you went get much when you upgrade it to AThene's (Never get Mikaels's crucible.)

Spectre's Cowl
45mr+200HP+30 health when recieving damage. This item is very good to get in the laning phase if you are against any AP top lane. This item also builds in to Banshee's Veil which is really good on Singed. (Explanation on Banshee's will be somewhere in the items-section.)

Lich Bane
Amazing item to get if you know how to use sky auto attack. I used to get this over RoA, but the Assassins meta came back so more health is better now. This item is still a good pick up though. It gaves the same amount of AP as RoA so you wont miss out of damage if you were used to get RoA. (Plus passive makes you deal an insane amount of damage)

Banshee's Veil
After such a long time I've been finally getting my lazy *** together and got this item an explanation.

banshee's is good on Singed because of the mix between: hp, hp regen, mr, and spell shield. I normally get negatron/spectral so I got Banshee's last, but sometimes you need it before Liandry's. F.ex It's a huge counter item against Vayne. She can't konock you back therefore her kiting skills go down. It's super good against champs with that 1 stun/knockback that costs a kill. Champs like Syndra, Vayne, Ryze, and Jayce are exmaples where they got abilities that they can escape with.

Spirit Visage
Used to be good on Singed, but after the nerf to CD reduction (20% to 10%) I personally dislike it. You get less hp regen from this than you get from Banshee's. Of course this gives hp regen 24/7, but I rather take the extra 50 health and shield over 10% CDR and less hp regen.

Boots of Swiftness
These boots are pretty good right now. The MS is better than the current CC reduction you can get from mercury treads, but ninja tabi and mercs are still viable but only in the right circumstances.
Void Staff
This item is only good if both the enemey carries got around 140 MR or higher. Then this item is a good replacement against Liandry's.

Will of the Ancients
Just dont get this please. You benefit poorly from spell vamp as you only get 4% from your poision making you need to deal a lot damage to benefit from it. There is never a reason to get spell vamp. Warmogs gives better sustain and also gives tankyness that outclasses the sustain from spell vamp for years.

Twin Shadows
Enemy team got so much escape tools and ms buffs that Rylia's doesnt cut it? Then you may get this item, just dont get Lich bane and go Rod of ages instead so you dont get to squishy.

If the enemy team got way to many healers you can substitute this item with Lich Bane. If they got 3 huge healing champs then yeah this may be a good item to deal with them.

Abyssal Mask
I now get this item again as we need to get the damage from RoA back since we replaced it with RG (Righteous Glory).

(if they were to buff it with 10 more MR I would get it more)

. They went out and did it. We now have the extra 10 more MR on abyssal. Thanks Riot!

Athene's Unholy Grail
I actually built this on Singed for a while, but after the nerfs it's just useless for you. RoA outclasses it very hard by the amount of health, ap and mana (which gives more health) it gives. The CDR boost is nice, but not mandatory.

Deathfire Grasp
If someone really is superfed and needs to die fast this can be built instead of Liandry's. If the enemy Vayne is 20/0 then yeah it might be time to deal with her as fast as possible.
-This item doesnt even exsist anymore. Is my guide that old?

Righteous Glory
Gives a free Talisman and Randuins in 1 item with 500 health, 300 mana and a good chunck of health regen. This is an amazing item with your ult. It allows you to charge head in to the middle of the enemy team and just get their carries into your team. Love the item!

Zhonya's Hourglass
This item isnt horrible on Singed, but I would not replace it with Thornmail. You can go this item if the enemy team is full AD, other than that I do not feel like its and standard pickup.

Mikael's Crucible
I dont really feel like this is an insanely good item on Singed, but I could be wrong. I havent gotten to the point to test it. The active has an insanely long CD and the mana regen isnt that strong. Only gives 40 MR and 10% cdr. I might test it one day to confirm if its a horible pickup do.

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Works in progress:

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Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

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Dr. Mundo
Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

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Jarvan IV
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Lee Sin
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Master Yi
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Work in progress:

Not really sure what I want to put in this section. My opinion on proxxy farm will occupy this slot though at least.

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Here is Singed's abilities. I'll give some small amounts of info on these abilities and give you some tips to use them. Under this chapter is some Unique skills Singed has that you may want to read.

Empowered Bulwark Singed gains additional health equal to 25% of his maximum mana.
This is an
Due to his base mana and mana increase per level, Singed effectively receives a bonus to his base health (~54) and additional health per level (~11) up to a 245 bonus health at level 18.

Poison Trail This is Singed main damage output. We max this first because of how constintent its damage output is. Early game I normally just press q 2 times fast when Im in my enemies face and wait for 3 seconds to do it again. This way you save A LOT of mana. Leaving it on all the time wont give you any OP SUPER DAMAGE.

Mega Adhesive Singed's slow is one of the best slows in the game when it comes to its slow percentage. I put 1 point in this at level 8 when my mana pool is large enough to use it without going out for mana instantly, but there are situation where taking one point much earlier will be needed to get a kill, but that is very rare.

Fling The good old fling from Singed. This is the best Fling ability in the game (Sorry volibear). It has the same range as your basic attack, so as long as you can basic attack them you should be able to fling them. It has an 75% AP ratio which means 75% of your ap will be your Fling's damage (Unless Im stupid this is how it works, pleas correct me if Im wrong). The fling distance is 550 (In wikipedia we trust) So you fling people farther than Cait's escape tool. Fling can actually do a lot of interesting thing which I will explain and try to show in the Unique skills chapter.

Insanity Potion A steroid that gives, AP, MS, Armour, MR, Health regen, and Mana regen that lasts for 25 seconds. i've played a lot of Singed and seen a lot of Singed players and Im going to try and explain how to use this. ''Wait what you need to explain how to use this ability???'' -People who have never seen new Singed players.

Ok lets start explaining how to use this ability. What I normally see in new Singed players is that they use it AFTER the enemy has used ALL their damaging abilities. If you are going to use Insanity potion right you must calculate how damage you can take and how much you can deal. Lets say Riven starts a fight. If she starts a fight you have to calculate how much damage you are going to recieve and if she is actually going full in or just poking you. It can be tricky to learn this but the only way to do so is to use it stupidly sometimes. I still just click ult just to see how damage will be reduced so that I can understand how much damage I can take. Ok lets go back to the fight.

(Sorry for all these uneeded paragraphs)
Riven goes in and starts a fight. I know she will deal lets say half of my HP bar with 1 combo+basic attacks. I know after trading with her in lane before I reached 6 I can outdamage her if I fling her, put on poison trail and basic attack. With this knowledge I know I can start a fight and I know for sure if I mix between kiting her abilities and basic attacking her I will win that fight. Therefore I click ult when she dashes to me so that I can survive her burst and win the fight.

The insanity potion paragraphs may be written in a better way (I feel like it's written horrible now) but for now it will stay like this and I will find a better way to explain it.

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Unique Skills

Singed has a lot of hidden abilities he can use to his advantage in a fight. I will try to make some recordings of this so that you can see them and understand them. Lets get started!

Fling loves dashing champions:
Did you know you can Fling people while they're dashing? Indeed you can. What type of dashes does this mean? All of them, but I cant just say all of them and not give an example on how to use it.

Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net can be countered if you cordinate your fling right. If you can anticipate her using her E you can fling while she dashes away and you fling her right back to your face. Her ability will go on cd and she will probably yell ''OMG BUG GG REPORT RITO'' in all chat (not kidding this happens way to often)

Same goes for Tristana's Rocket Jump. if you can predict when she uses the jump you fling her back to you. Vayne Condemn works the same. Predicition is very important when it comes to those abilities since it can mean the difference between them dead and you dead.

Jarvan IV can be tossed out of his E+Q combo, but it's easier to fling him out than the others, why so? Since it's easy to see when he does it. if you see him toss his flag down instant channel the fling. It will 90% of the time toss him out of it.

Note: If you're fast and can predict it you can toss Lee Sin out of his Safeguard and of his Resonating Strike.

Note 2: You can fling people who has teleporting abilities. Champions like Kassadin and Ezreal can be flinged you have to do at the start of their channel (I thank Vuks69 for the heads up on this one!).

Void toss:
Singed can fling people over walls. Any walls Cait can jump over Singed can fling them over. Some of them are very easy and some are veary hard, I still have problems with some of them! (Some of them are very situational so you wont get to practice them that much, I'll try to get a video out on this one!)

Mega adhesive+fling combo
This is very easy. Click w and instantly click e. Now you will use mega adhesive while flinging them. This very good for kiting and it saves you time. This is extremely useful now that Singed can snare with his W.

Sky auto attack:
While you fling someone you can auto attack while they're in the air. They cant retaliate against this in any way so try to abuse this. There are different ways of doing this. One of them is to fling them and instantly right click them. This will make you auto attack them. This is the safest way to do it. The other way is to click the ''a'' button after you fling them. The a button is an ''auto-attack'' move. This means that if you click a you will walk towards that direction and the first hostile (jungle creeps doesnt count if they arent aggro'd) creep or champion. This is also very good to use if the enemy tries to kite you in brushes. You might want to smartcast auto attack move to make this be efficent.

Invisible poison: (This may be outdated and I will need to update this)
Very easy, just walk into a brush. This will make the poison invis for the enemy while your inside the brush, you can use this to bait enemies into brushes when both of you're low so he just walks into your poison.

There is another type of invis poison. Bind Q+T to poison and click them very at the same time. This will make a very small cloud of poison that the enemy cant see.

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One day.

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Change Log

24.06.2014 edit:
-Changed some minor grammar mistakes.
-Removed ''versatile roles'' and replaced it with hidden abilities in pros/cons instead (I feel this is a bit better to have)

The runes section has been started, I'll hopefully make the notes more indept later on, but for now they'll do.
-Working on the items section.

More items in the items section
Some extra match ups.

Ok so I'll try and update the guide. I havent worked on it forever and will hopefully get it going again! I removed tear and added lich bane instead. I tried lich bane out and I enjoy the item. It gives the minimim amount of mana you need + it gives movement speed and it is good to use if you know how to sky auto attack.

Sorry for the low amount of updates! Im very tired after coming home from my job. Remember I accept all constructive critism! If you find something you dont agree with I'll look into it.

So I one month ago I said I would update more often..... That seems to be a lie. Anyway I got some inspiration (partly because the guide is going more up and up in viewer numbers) So I did a huge update with match ups and items. Hopefully I'll update again very soon.

More match ups and new items are added in one of the build path. Added Righteous Glory to Items list and a new opinion on Abyssal scepter. I also did not update the guide very soon so it seems like I cant keep saying that, but i will anways. I will hopefully update the guide soon!