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Singed Build Guide by JAYZORZ

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JAYZORZ

S3: Singed- the madman of pawn

JAYZORZ Last updated on January 22, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 1

Honor Guard

Defense: 21


Utility: 8

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Changing items based on new season and working out stratergies, will only change items at the second dueto time constraints. Will update fully again soon.

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Hey guys, and welcome to my Singed guide.

Singed is far more viable than given credit for---

I am aware that there are many high profile guides for Singed, and often have a set way of building; however, this is my way to play him and the way that has worked for me.

I realize this build isn't completely orthodox, but urge you to read on and try it for yourself just because it isn't exactly 'meta'.

Using this build, I was also within the Lolking Top 10 Summoners for Singed :).

To show that this build is useful, here is my season 3 stats with Singed thus far:

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Who is Singed?

I'll start by explaining who Singed is.

In my opinion, Singed is an AP bruiser who specializes in mobility and baiting, and transitions into a tanky champion that can displace and slow opponents, whilst dealing reliable AoE damage.

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Pros and Cons


+ Best laugh
+ Can turn ganks around frequently
+ Displace enemy carry
+ Easy to farm with
+ Can stop opponent from farming quite well

- Boring joke
- Susceptible to CC pre-6
- Often assumed troll


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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

My runes are fairly standard in all honesty

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration increases your early game damage by quite a lot, and may surprise enemies by how much damage they actually take. When you get an early level 2 advantage (discussed later), you can put on a lot of hurt while taking little retaliation, and give you a strong lane advantage.

Greater Seal of Armor increases your armour, making laning safer. Helps you to win trades against AD and is just a strong rune choice in general.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist scales, whilst you don't really need MR they are low, but then when you begin to need some magic resistance, they have kicked in and offer strong magic resistance for free.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are strong quintessences on everyone, as ways to gain movement speed are more limited and niche than other stats. They are even stronger when your strength is running away and baiting while kiting with poison.

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Offense Tree

I don't take Offensive masteries because I don't benefit from them as much as I do from the other trees, albeit I often overlook the utility tree because I believe it to be outclassed currently, on Singed this is not true.

The only exception is Summoner's Wrath as this benefits both of my summoner spells.

Defense Tree

Taking everything that mitigates damage and boosts your health, but focusing most on reducing crowd control as this is the only real way you can die is most beneficial.

Durability into Veteran's Scars is a great single point ability and great for early game, just use defensive masteries to become as defensive as possible.

Utility Tree

From the utility tree, I prefer to take Expanded Mind for increased mana pool, and thusly increased health, and Meditation for mana regen. I don't need Summoner's Insight as it doesn't benefit either summoner, so I just take filler points in Swiftness and Mastermind .

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Masteries- Alternatives

You could take 9-21-0, taking improved summoners and magic penetration, however you will have less sustain and a lower health/mana pool. I would only suggest this if you are experienced at singed, and if you play safe.

This would improve your damage, but lower your survivability and susstain, so I would only suggest this if you are confident you can steamroll your lane, which is never something you should assume in ranked (in my opinion)

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Ability Explanation

Empowered Bulwark: Quite a strong passive. Singed gains 25 health for every 100 mana that he buys. This makes Catalyst the protector not only offer significant sustain and health and mana, but also gives him another ~80 free health, which is why this item is considered core on Singed.

Poison Trail (Q): This is ultimately Singed's coupe de grace. Leaving a poison trail can serve to zone an area or make enemies retreat from trying to kill you or even bait them in to chasing you too far, and suddenly finding them self in an unfavorable position, particularly combined with Ignite.

Mega Adhesive (W): This is a very strong ability, but is also quite mana consuming, particularly early game. Has quite a long range, but is delayed. This is best used in chokepoints so to eliminate an enemy team's means of escape.

Fling (E): Another great ability; Can be used to displace an enemy so to put them in a bad position and allow your team a free kill. Also combines well with Poison Trail as it will, in most situations, fling them into the poison.

Insanity Potion (R): This ultimate is what turns Singed from a normal, chasable (but still risky) champ into an escape artist. Offers significant health regen, armour, mr, tenacity and movespeed for getting away. Also offers AP and Mana regen to make chasing even more risky.This skill is necessary if you wish to team fight, so tell your team to wait for it.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > >

My skill sequence is also quite abnormal; I don't even get all abilities by level 4. Why? Read on.

Taking Poison Trail first makes sense because it is your strongest ability in terms of DPS*, and also allows you to gain an early advantage (discussed later).

After gaining an early level, fling and poison trail deal significant damage to a level 1 foe and give you a handy advantage, and also make you very hard to gank if they lose much health, as they won't be able to chase you for very long.

Maxing Poison Trail first increases your DPS* and makes you hard to chase for fear of the damage.

Normally, I'm an advocate for getting all abilities by level 3, maybe level 4, however, I don't feel this is necessary nor beneficial on Singed due to the mana cost on Mega Adhesive, and the bonus damage on Fling.

Insanity Potion makes you incredibly strong at level 6, and typically you will reach this mark before your opponent due to your fast start and harassing ability.

By about level 8, maybe level 10, you should take at least one point into Mega Adhesive to catch fleeing opponents, or to slow down potential gankers.

*Damage Per Second

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Summoner Spells

Below I will list the possible summoner spells to take on Singed, with descending priority. I will also state some champions in which certain spells will benefit you more.

Please note, though all are 'possible', I have left some out as I feel that they don't benefit Singed, if anyone.

Ghost: Strong on Singed. Allows you to catch up, particularly combined with Insanity Potion, and Fling on a desired target. Standard Spell to run.

VS: Standard


Ignite: A great summoner spell. Also synergises well with Poison Trail. Increases Singed's already impressive and surprising burst damage early game. Standard Spell to run.

VS: Standard


Exhaust: Stops a large amount of the enemies damage, as well as cripple their movement speed, allowing you to catch up and stay infront of them for your poison. Take if you are scared of the lane opponent's burst damage

VS: Rengar, Jayce, Renekton


Teleport: Great for splitpushing, allowing you to get to action; albeit you may be late. Also relies on a ward to be in the fight. Good if you are going to need to defend from splitpush, or are trying a splitpush strategy

VS: Shen, Nidalee, Teemo


Flash: This is a great spell; however, it doesn't have the synergy with Singed's kit as Ghost does, and I personally am not a fan of taking both, as they serve similar goals. Good if you need an actual blink ability to escape

VS: Jarvan IV


Smite: Don't take this unless you are Jungle Singed (which can and does work, but is not detailed within this build)

VS: Jungle


Heal: Potentially can make your baits even more potent, by allowing yourself to drop low on health before popping heal, then suddenly changing the tides of the fight. However, Ignite is a very common spell and halves Heal.



Barrier: Serves a similar role as Heal. Haven't particularly tested; but is perhaps better for top lane than heal is, due to not being halved by Ignite (and you don't often have a nearby ally to benefit from the heal)


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Items (Offensive)

Item Sequence

Crystalline Flask

Stealth Ward

Health Potion

Boots of Speed and Health Potions are a common start; however if you prefer to use Crystalline Flask that is very effective too, and a very strong starting, or early, item.

catalyst the protector, though slightly nerfed, still offers very nice health and mana. It also grants some great sustain and is still a strong item to grab, particularly thanks to Empowered Bulwark.

Sorceror's Shoes and Haunting Guise grant a lot of magic penetration and a bit of durability. This makes your Poison Trail incredibly strong, and purchasing Enchantment: Homeguard will allow you to heal frequently and make it back to lane with the minions, which is very strong.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is now slightly cheaper, and it was already a decent item on Singed. Now it is even better thanks to its uncanny synergy with Liandry's Torment, of which is our next purchase. Abyssal Mask blends defense and offense perfectly, and synergises with the magic penetration items in this build, making it a very strong item.

From here, you can cap off your build with a Banshee's Veil and Frozen Heart for a significant chunk of mana, health, mr, armour and strong passives, or you can even get a Rabadon's Deathcap to deal... ehem...*tonnes of damage* (Rumoured: Over 9000!!!)

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Items (Defensive)

On a defensive build, sorceror's shoes are a bit out of place. So we swap these for either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads based on the game. Homeguard isn't neccessary if you aren't going to try for kills and need to heal reguarly, particularly if you have strong sustain in your build (such as this), as such I reccommend Enchantment: Distortion.

Again, an early catalyst the protector is a good choice, but if you are the tank you will need to force skirmishes, so you should pick up a Runic Bulwark to help with these. It is also an incredibly good item, probably my favourite of the new items.

Finishing Rod of Ages is still a good idea, but you could look into Ohmwrecker or Banshee's Veil as armour and magic resistance equivelants if you don't want to build much ap.

A Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart or Iceborn Gauntlet, as well as a Spirit Visage add a lot of health and resists, plus offer nice passives that synergise with Singed.

Randuin's Omen also serves a similar goal and nicely ties your build together with decent armour, magic resistance, health, healing and damage mitigation.

Guide Top

Other Items

Disclaimer: Building is very game dependent and as such blindly following a guide is never a good idea, but rather using the tips and basis from the guide can be quite beneficial.

I will state the use of some other items that are strong choices on Singed.

Iceborn Gauntlet gives you good health and mana as well as armour. A more offensive option that Frozen Heart. Adds a Sheen proc too, but slows and deals AoE damage, which is nice. Definently mentionworthy.

Seraph's Embrace gives 1000 MANA!!! Thats also 250 health! Not too bad, shame you need to fill it. But Tear of the Goddess now charges on MANA USE NOT SPELL USE, so your Poison Trail will effectively fill the tear, and then allow you to get this item.

This item is also nice in that it offers a shield that drains 25% of your mana and grants you a shield, and as such having a large mana pool (through Seraph's Embrace, Frozen Heart, Banshee's Veil) is beneficial to this item, and it also is to you thanks to your passive.

Void Staff now stacks quite effectively with flat magic penetration. Get this if you are after damage and the opponents are stacking a lot of magic resistance.

Will of the Ancients adds to your sustain, and helps your team as well. It also helps you to bait and stay alive when being chased.

Ohmwrecker is a stalemate killer. It stops nearby turrets from attacking, allowing you to safely and easily dive onto an unsuspecting target and take it out. This also grants nice health, mana and armour. Nice item, great for splitpushing and diving. Get this if you play dangerous around turrets.

Warmog's Armor this item has been changed, and now has the old force of nature passive, slightly nerfed. This item was incredibly strong, then it was nerfed, but now its been changed and seems better. A valid choice, particularly if going full tank and stacking resists.

Thornmail... Enemy ADC fed? Oh well, lifesteal is nerfed. Just build yourself this and watch it go.

Banner of Command is an odd item to say the least, but Singed is one of the few really strong AP splitpushers, and also relies on his minions of which will be buffed. Seems like it could work if running a splitpush strategy (I would suggest Enchantment: Captain to synergise with these).

Deathfire Grasp is once again an awesome item, particularly with some magic penetration. Get this if you don't need to tank up and want more burst damage.

Zhonya's Hourglass adds nice armour, ap and a strong active. If you use Zhonya's Hourglass, particularly for baiting, this item is a great choice.

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Farming on Singed is relatively easy (note the 230 minion kill average for 10 games of play).

To start of the game, look at the team comps.

If you are purple team and your jungler is starting at blue buff, take his wraiths. If you are blue and the purple jungler will start at blue buff, take their wraiths (but be careful as you don't have flash).

To take their wraiths, turn on poison around 1:38 and walk over the wraith area, use a health pot as soon as you can and turn off poison when the big wraith dies. This will grant you time to get back to lane and you shouldn't miss a single minion with full health and 3/4 full mana.

This still does work in the new jungle, but is not as smooth, and I would suggest only if you can guarantee your safety. Also if attempting this, starting Crystalline Flask, 4 Health Potions, a Mana Potion and a sight ward could be a good idea, and seems like a strong start regardless.

Here, you can get an early level 2 and look to dominate the lane. After harassing/scaring the enemy, continue to last hit and try to place poison on your dieing minions so that they will either take free harass or miss a last hit.

Once you bully the opponent out of lane, or you are strong enough to survive a gank from the jungler and the top lane and come out on top, you can push past the enemy turret and use your Poison Trail to kill the minions. This will mean that your minions will not be stopped, and they will either all attack the enemy champion, or with instead hit the turret, and make it hard for the opponent to last hit.

This is also likely to attract the enemy jungler up to top, so you have to be careful and ward out; however, it does make your other lanes safer and you are able to escape most sticky situations with a little bit of thought, and some deep wards in the enemy jungle to cover all bases.

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Team Fights

Singed's main role in teamfights is to displace the enemy carry into your team by catching them out with a Fling. With no carry, your team should have a strong advantage.

Singed's secondary role in teamfights is to cause confusion amongst the enemy team and tank as much as possible with Insanity Potion active; all the while dealing reliable DoT from Poison Trail.

Singed's tertiary role within teamfights is to zone opponents with a Mega Adhesive onto a chokepoint and thusly protect his backline from being initiated on.

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Advanced Tips

Some tips that will help any Singed player automatically become stronger.

Tip #1- Bully
The first of these is that despite mana hunger, Singed is a BULLY, even from level 2. If you are even with your opponent, you will have a little trouble bullying, but you still can.
However, in the farming section it suggests you take the purple teams wraiths before heading to top if possible.

These wraiths will allow you to level up after very few creeps. While the enemy lane opponent is still level 1, just run at them, turn on poison and fling them. It deals suprisingly lots of damage and gives you a strong start to your lane, even if you use a bit of mana. This will counter the potion that used at wraiths and put you in a strong position.

Tip #2- Bait Regeneration

Combining Insanity Potion with a Health Potion grants insane health regen early game, and can save you in a lot of situations, maybe even allowing a turn around. Thusly, I strongly recommend having at least one health potion in your inventory until you have no spaces left to do so.

When being ganked in lane phase, pop Insanity Potion and a Health Potion allow them to chase through Poison Trail and lose a little health. If they step too close to you, turn and fling them straight to turret. Combining with Ignite and a turret shot, can quite often turn a gank into a kill for you, even if they flash in most cases.

Tip #3- Aggravating Opponents

After taking an early advantage from wraiths, try to zone your opponent. If they are too scared to come and last hit most minions for fear of dieing, your job is being done. At this point, whilst waiting to last hit, you should spam laugh.

I recommend you bind Laugh to an easy key to press, as opposed to control + 4, such as 'L'.

This will serve to annoy the opponent, who will ask their jungler to come and will then go all in on you. It is suprising how many times people over extend and rage simply because you can press Laugh.

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In summary, Singed is a viable, legit and versatile champion that can bait during lane phase when the opponents are ganking and end up with a kill and living.

After lane phase, he can attract a lot of attention up at top and completely bully and outlevel the lane opponent.

During teamfights, he can catch out people and displace them, allowing the next teamfight to be one sided.

So, Singed is a multi-faceted champion, of which is not often considered, and shows that Singed is more viable and versatile than often given credit for.