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Ezreal Build Guide by Greenman

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Greenman

Show them your skill (High Damage AD Ezreal): Season 3

Greenman Last updated on April 16, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hey Everyone, this is my first real guide, hope you like it. I Have loved Ezreal ever since I first picked him up, he is so fun to play and can do some pretty amazing things. Recently I have been seeing a LOT of other Ezreals rushing Trinity Force and a The Bloodthirster and complaining that Ezreal is underpowered because he doesn't do enough damage. I am so sick of seeing this, so I am writing my guide to let others know that in order to really dominate with Ezreal and have some serious late game damage, you actually need to build for late game damage *gasp*. So many of you have asked for an actual Ezreal guide instead of a build; well here it is.

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  • Deceivingly high damage throughout the game
  • Excellent maneuverability (2 Flashes)
  • Easily escapes ganks
  • Can buff your teams attack speed
  • Decent farming capability
  • Attack speed steroid Rising Spell Force
  • Across map sniping ult Trueshot Barrage
  • Poke of the gods
  • Quite a bit of utility if building an Iceborn Gauntlet
  • Very fun to play!
  • Very hard to use correctly
  • Very squishy
  • Vulnerable when both Flash and Arcane Shift are on cooldown
  • Mystic Shot cant shoot through minions
  • Ult is difficult to place
  • Mana dependent
  • "Global Taunt"- When the enemy sees you, they want to kill you quickly

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Pretty typical for any AD carry
Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage are my personal favorites because Ezreal's Mystic Shot is a pretty awesome poke early game, and with an extra 15 AD to start off with, it is devastating. If you can land your skill shots, you will win your lane. Greater mark of armor penetration and greater quintessence of armor penetration are also pretty good but it is really all about personal preference.

Greater Seal of Armor is essential for any AD carry, especially for Ezreal. He has a very active early game which lends itself to counter aggression. Since the current meta is AD carry/Support bottom, you will probably be laning against another AD carry. The extra armor will go a long way in the early levels. Another choice can be Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration. Ezreal has mana problems early game but as long as you aren't too aggressive, these should be perfectly fine for mana regen. If need be, just get a couple of mana pots and you should be fine until you can convince your AP carry to let you have the blue buff :P.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. Simply because this is the best in slot glyph. The little bit of magic resistance it provides will go a long way both early and late game with both taking hits from the enemy mid or an AP jungler. This is taken instead of the flat magic resistance Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because you really don't have to worry too much about dealing with the AP mid until at least mid game by which point you would have more MR than if you went with Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. Another choice can be Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction. Lower cooldowns means more Q spam!

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I like to go all out damage for Ezreal. He is the easiest AD carry in the game to position/ escape with with Arcane Shift so I think you can afford to spend the extra points in damage. A good AD carry should never be in the middle of the teamfight in the first place; but spilling over in the Defensive tree will help in lane.

Being high damage, you want all the damage masteries possible: Brute Force , Deadliness , Havoc and Executioner .
This build will focus on Ezreal's passive ( Rising Spell Force) and using his Mystic Shot as more of a damage supplement, so Fury is gotten to bolster this attack speed.
Lethality and Frenzy go well together and also supplement a Phantom Dancer/ Infinity Edge build nicely
Armor Pen masteries are important for any AD carry, so pick up Weapon Expertise and Sunder

In the Defensive tree, you will want Hardiness because Ezreal, being a bot lane AD carry, will naturally most likely go against another AD carry/ Support combo, and the extra armor really helps deal with enemy AD harass.
Durability and Veteran's Scars are meant to beef up Ezreal to be able to take a little bit of harass better.
Putting a point into Resistance is purely because its the best place to put the point. This point can also be put into Perseverance if you would rather the health regeneration over MR.

If you would rather invest in the Utility Tree...
If you decide to go for Utility, Expanded Mind is essential on Ezreal. This will help with his early game mana problems and allow him to spam Mystic Shot more.
Swiftness is a good choice because Ezreal is quite slow, so why not get just a little movement speed.
If it suits you, Runic Affinity is great on Ezreal. I have thought a lot about putting this in but as I have said in the Tips, Tricks and Buffs chapter, both buffs work very well on him, so this just makes blue and red buff a little more tantalizing to get.

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Summoner Spells

Excellent Summoner Spells

The best summoner spell in the game, no doubt. Whats better than one Flash? Two flashes! This is what makes Ezreal such an escape artist; you are in danger? Arcane Shift over a wall.... they still after you? Flash over another wall! If they still manage to get you, they deserve the kill. This summoner spell is a must.

Heal comes in very handy during those multiple times those last few ticks of ignite spelled doom for you, or those times you almost got away. Another use of Heal is to healbait; in other words, fool people into thinking they can kill you and just before they do, heal yourself and finish them off. Since the buff, it gives great sustain in the laning phase. As of season 3, Barrier does pretty much the same thing as heal only it is a better summoner spell.

Another of my personal favorites, a hard counter to that pesky assassin that manages to slip by your team and tries to 1v1 you. Just Exhaust though his burst and destroy him with your combo.

Ignite is just OP. Someone trying to get away with that sliver of health left and your ult is down? just Ignite and watch him rage. Ignite does quite a bit of damage, and true damage at that, which makes it fun for a damage dealing carry to have. You will almost always kill your victim with it if you play your cards right.

This is your get out of jail free card. Going up against a heavy cc team? No problem! Just pick Cleanse and walk away as they throw all of their stuns in your face. If you end up not picking Cleanse, Quicksilver Sash does its job just as well too.

Currently this has been a season 3 favorite. Barrier does the same job as heal except ignite does not inhibit its effectiveness.

Never Get on Ezreal!

Everything else... Just don't. Flash, Heal, Exhaust, Cleanse, Barrier and Ignite are all way too good to not get 2 out of the 6.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The ability sequence is self explanatory. You are an AD Ezreal so Mystic Shot is your priority as it scales great off of attack damage. Arcane Shift is what makes you so amazing at positioning and escaping, you need to max this second. Essence Flux is almost never used on AD Ezreal. The only reason I suggest getting a point into it early is because it really helps when pushing a tower with an ally, to give him a great attack speed buff.

Skill Rotation

Pokepokepokepokepokepoke with . Soften your prey.
When going in for the kill, either position yourself to hit with or if you are absolutely sure you wont need it to get away, to a spot with a clear line of sight for Mystic Shot and then hammer them with Mystic Shot and your auto attacks.
can be used as both an initiator (to get Rising Spell Force up to 5 stacks before the fight starts), or to pick off low health runners. Trueshot Barrage has a cast time of about 1 second so as a point of reference, it takes about 6 seconds for the barrage to get from bot lane to mid lane (cast time included).Hide in the bush once you hit level 6 and ult them in the face. At early levels, Trueshot Barrage does HUGE damage and you can then proceed to Arcane Shift out of the bush and kill at least one of them.

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Tips, Tricks and Buffs

  • Does not hit minions.
  • You CAN get stacks of Rising Spell Force by hitting allies with it, therefore buffing their attack speed.

  • You can blink through almost every single wall in the game. If Arcane Shift is targeting a spot more than half way through the wall, he immediately blinks completely to the other side.
  • Arcane Shift can be used both offensively and defensively. Offensively, it can be used to position your Mystic Shot so nothing is in the way. Defensively, obviously, it can be used as an escape.


Ezreal is great with both Blessing of the Lizard Elder and Crest of the Ancient Golem .
Since Blessing of the Lizard Elder is typically saved for AD carries (such as yourself), it should be no problem to pick up. Remember that Mystic Shot applies on-hit effects, so it works with the buff.
Crest of the Ancient Golem is a bit harder to get, since your AP carry has dibs. Don't be fooled though, Crest of the Ancient Golem is just as awesome on you. What will it do? Blue buff will not only solve your early chronic mana problems, but it will let you Mystic Shot spam even more!... Now because of Mystic Shot's passive, that translates into roughly a 30 second cooldown Trueshot Barrage if you Q-spam enough. Plain and simple, killing the double-buffed enemy jungler is a god send. May your laning enemies quiver in fear!


Arcane Shift: Where it can take you

By the Wolves

Blue Buff

Barrier by Red Buff by each Base

Second tower at Purple Teams top and Blue Teams bottom lane

Double Golems

Top left and Bottom right of the River (Red circle indicated only place I could not Arcane Shift to)

Second tower at Purple Teams bottom and Blue Teams top lane (Star indicates the longest range I have ever Arcane Shifted)

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VS + x3

The choice is yours, they are both very good starter items. My rule of thumb; If you are laning with a support that has sustain such as Soraka then get a Doran's Blade. If you are laning with a support without sustain such as Leona or Janna, then get Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions. As of season 3 and the inclusion of a Long Sword into the Vampiric Scepter build, you can also start with a Long Sword and 2 Health Potions if you choose.

(NOTE: If you are confident in yourself and are a very aggressive player, it is also ok to get 2 Health Potions and a Mana Potion instead of 3 Health Potions. This way you can Mystic Shot spam all day)


- Great starting item for any AD Carry. Lifesteal, Damage, Health, its all great. If you are having a little trouble surviving or farming early game, a second one wont hurt.
- Gives some decent attack speed early on and is VERY cheap compared to all over boots. If the enemy team is CC heavy, however, mercury treads are a great buy as well.
- Get it soon and you will start to see how much you actually hurt.

Time for the Damage

- When paired with the attack speed and critical strike of your Phantom Dancer, you will destroy.
- To be paired with Infinity Edge. My philosophy is always buy one with the other. They synergize so well with each other and with the added on attack speed from Rising Spell Force you just attack (and therefore crit) that much more. So many people underestimate the power of this combination just because they believe Ezreal is supposed to be built with a Trinity Force. (more details in the section below)
- Your Mystic Shot procs lifesteal. This is a great item on Ezreal. If you feel like you need the extra lifesteal, you can build your Vampiric Scepter into a The Bloodthirster before you build Infinity Edge/ Phantom Dancer.
- With your masteries, this provides all the armor penetration you will need. It is a great/cheap little item for what it does.


- This will give you some very good early sustain, and some help farming. After you get this, nothing will stop you from farming up a storm.
- This can be a pretty fun item when paired with the mana and utility given from Iceborn Gauntlet, and Mystic Shot procs the active ability. The only problem is that it takes quite a long time to build up and will take away from rushing an early The Bloodthirster. If you can manage to get it to max early game without falling far behind the other AD carry, then go for it. I still wouldn't recommend it for ranked however.
- You have Last Whisper for your armor penetration. If you prefer The Black Cleaver, so be it. This trades price and armor penetration for armor reduction and attack damage. For runes, I decided to go with flat attack damage over armor pen so this item just doesn't do enough in terms of dealing with high armor targets. The rule of thumb is that if the target has under 100 armor, The Black Cleaver is better. If the target has over 100 armor, Last Whisper is better. As of season 3, The Black Cleaver also gives a decent bit of health and cooldown reduction.
- This is basically a replacement for Phantom Dancer if you want to spend a little less for slightly less effective stats. The true benefit of this item, however, lies in the Avarice Blade that builds into it. This handy little item gives an extra 2 gold per KILL. This includes minions. This is all not to mention the passive on Statikk Shiv. It is basically chain lighting full of magic damage. The best part is, it can proc off of Mystic Shot! I will be doing some more testing of this item, but it is a strong contender to replace Phantom Dancer in the core build.
- This is a great offensive item, even if it is a bit expensive. Also, because of the amount of life steal/gain that this item has, tanks are pitiful against you.
- By itself, this item really isn't that good. The massive amount of attack speed is really only viable with on-hit builds. This means, however, that this item syngergizes really well with Blade of the Ruined King. The 2 little auto attacks that this item gives don't really do much damage, but they apply the 4% on-hit of Blade of the Ruined King AND it also heals you for half the amount. It may not seem like much at first, but against tightly packed tanky enemies, this combo is freaking annoying. NOTE: If you really want to make use of the Blade of the Ruined King and Runaan's Hurricane combo, play Teemo instead.
- A pretty fun defensive item. This is more of an item for if you are doing well, and want a little bit crowd control as well as a nice bit of health. It is very good to have at least a Phage on hand when fighting fast champions like Singed, Teemo and Miss Fortune as one little bit of slow from one of your Mystic Shots can spell doom to them. If you are being focused more, there are better defensive options for survival so i would only typically get this if you are doing well early in the game. As of season 3, Iceborn Gauntlet is a better choice for crowd control and kiting.
- As of season 3, this is the armor defensive item. Iceborn Gauntlet is a deceptively similar item to Trinity Force yet i would still recommend this against a heavy AD team for its utility. The ability power is pretty useless in this build and the mana is decent but not really necessary. Where this item shines in the fact that it has 60 armor, not to mention an AOE slow and a little more damage on your Mystic Shot. The damage is negligible, but this item will help you if there is a Lee Sin or Xin Zhao that wants you dead.
- This is an good item for AD carries in general. Other than its passive, it is more of an offensive item, yet everything about this is good for Ezreal: Attack damage, attack speed, cooldown reduction, movement speed... but where this item really shines is that it provides as much tenacity as Mercury's Treads. Even though it doesn't provide any health or resistances, it isn't too expensive so it is a must have for those cc heavy teams
- In my opinion, one of the best single defensive item in the game for AD carries. It gives decent health, mana and a nice shield if you happen to get caught out of position and hit by some crowd control. On top of that, it is pretty cheap considering some of the other defensive items you might choose.
- This is a good defensive item to get against a heavy AD team. Its passive does have a very long (5 minute) cooldown, but it also brings a good amount of armor and some magic resist. Though Iceborn Gauntlet gives a little more armor, this is still a good item to get if you want a spread of defenses. If you play careful and don't intentionally put yourself in bad situations, this can be a very good item.
- Good defensive item if you are getting focused by a lot of CC.
- This is basically a Quicksilver Sash with a ton of attack damage added on. This is a GREAT defensive item against caster/cc heavy teams and it will save your ***. The only drawbacks are that it costs a LOT and it doesn't have any more defensive bonuses other than magic resistance, so AD champions can still rip you a new one.
- If the enemy team is heavily using magic damage, this might also be a good choice. Usually, it is more intended for bruiser champions, but there is no reason an AD carry cant make use of it.
- *Sigh* if you must as a last item. The money spent in it really is best spent elsewhere though. you will get more damage out of a The Bloodthirster. Sometimes, though, it really is fun when you are dominating late game to get one of these for kiting and to make your Mystic Shot hurt like a b*tch. The choice you have to make is Damage vs. Utility. As of season 3, Iceborn Gauntlet provides way more utility and is also much cheaper than Trinity Force as well.

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Why no Trinity Force?

I have contemplated this problem for a long, long time. Is Trinity Force worth it?
I finally decided no, its not. So many people complain that Ezreal sucks because he falls off hard late game. This isn't because of the champion, its because people don't build him for late game damage, which I think is the mark of a true AD carry. I came across a post on the forums by LZ06 and I think no one can explain it better than him:
"A few facts...
-The bonus damage from Sheen is based off of Ezreal's base AD, NOT his total AD.
- Mystic Shot procs the Sheen buff, which buffs the next physical attack Ezreal makes
-If Mystic Shot is cast and hits its target, the cast procs the Sheen buff and the buff is applied to the damage dealt by Sheen.
-The ability power means even less to AD Ezreal now that Trueshot Barrage scales off of his bonus AD

So, your 1260 gold is going into the 60-110 (depending on where you are in the game) bonus physical damage your Mystic Shot deals every few seconds.

Suppose this 60-110 bonus physical damage is worth spending the gold on... does this mean you are hitting your intended target that often with the Sheen proc? What about team fights? If you're getting more than one successful Mystic Shot hit on their carries or support or whatever, then their tank isn't doing its job. Mystic Shot can be tanked. Auto attacks can not.

But is it really worth it? Even if you COULD hit your intended target every time? Well, how much gold does AD really cost? If you look to the most efficient AD item ( B. F. Sword) it costs approximately 37 gold per 1 point of AD. 1260 gold is worth approximately 34 AD on this scale. (Also, not purchasing Sheen will allow you one of your more primary items 1260 gold sooner. The Bloodthirster, The Black Cleaver, whatever tickles your fancy...)

What if you could have that 34 AD instead? (obviously, you can't buy AD by the point. But 590 gold is not a long way to go for a B. F. Sword, and if you're building IE or LW that means you could have a Pickaxe, and have that damage even sooner) With Ezreal's passive, he has a pretty decent attack speed.
Even without that, let's say that, in a team fight, Ezreal can get 3 auto attacks off for every one Mystic Shot...
-3 auto attacks and 1 Mystic Shot with 34 more AD: 134 bonus damage
-3 auto attacks (no bonus damage from gold spent on Sheen) and 1 Mystic Shot with Sheen proc: 110(+/-) bonus damage at level 18

pretty close call, but already in straight AD's favor...

Mystic Shot can be tanked. Auto attacks can not.

So you get a similar amount of bonus damage (under ideal circumstances for Sheen), but one of them is certain... relying on a Sheen proc hitting the target you need it to (as in, not the tanky or a minion) seems pretty illogical to me...

1260 is not an insignificant amount of gold and is going to slow you down in your long term goal of buying items that really boost your damage output."

Simply put, for the damage, your gold is better spend investing in late game damage items. Triforce is just a step in the wrong direction; it is a utility item while your main focus is damage.
I cannot stress this enough for all those who down vote me because I don't use Trinity Force, so listen carefully. Ezreal IS AN AD CARRY, THIS MEANS HIS ROLE IS TO DO DAMAGE. YES HE CAN USE ALL THE ASPECTS OF A TRINITY FORCE, BUT IT IS A STEP IN THE WRONG DIRECTION BECAUSE HE NEEDS DAMAGE OVER UTILITY. ANY way you look at it, you get more damage by spending the money that would go into Trinity Force into something else. Build Trinity Force, and lose valuable auto attack damage which SCALES MUCH BETTER as the game progresses. The numbers speak for themselves. If you prefer Trinity Force, that's your choice but Ezreal's with this build will always out damage you when it comes down to it.

Common Responses

  • Ezreal uses Trinity Force because all effects are good for him , AD AP AS, crit, HP MP MovSpeed..
    Yes he CAN use all those stats, but the fact is they are not worth the money. Trinity Force costs over 4000 gold, and half of it goes to health, mana and Ability Power. Since Ezreal's main focus is damage, these are a step in the wrong direction. Infinity Edge has more attack damage and crit, for 200 less gold, Phantom Dancer has much more attack speed, crit and movement speed for over 1000 less gold.
  • Getting a Trinity Force actually makes Ezreal do more damage than a fully stacked The Bloodthirster. His base AD at level 18 is 101.3. 150% of that is ~150. When fired with Q, you do 150 extra damage as opposed a 100 from BT or 80 from IE. Therefore, your statement that says Trinity Force makes Ezreal do low damage is incorrect. You're going to have to cast spells to get your passive up, why not get a little boost?
    This response does hold its ground, except for one little oversight: Attack Speed. Mystic Shots cooldown will be roughly 3.6 seconds with this build late game. Also, late game, this build will give Ezreal (not even counting his Rising Spell Force) about 3 attacks between Mystic Shots with his attack speed. That The Bloodthirster now doesn't just do 100 damage, it does 300 damage over Mystic Shots cooldown. This does not even account for the fact that most of the time, under non-ideal circumstances, Mystic Shot doesn't even have a straight flight path to the intended target; instead it is blocked by an enemy minion or tank. This brings the question to whether you want an extra 150 damage every 3 seconds which hits unreliably, or an extra 300 damage which goes for the intended target without being blocked.
  • If you use another skill ( Essence Flux, Arcane Shift, Trueshot Barrage) to trigger the trinity passive, next basic atack will do, if u make a critical it will add 150+250%= +525damage.
    This is not AP Ezreal. Even so, as AD those skills do **** damage by themselves so it is still more damage effective to just auto attack.

I hope I have convinced you that Trinity Force is not the way to go if you want to deal damage with Ezreal :)


Updated 10/25/2012: Phage
Slow duration reduced to 2 seconds from 2.5
Slow for ranged attacks reduced to 20% from 30%
Trinity Force
Slow for ranged attacks reduced to 25% from 35%

This change makes Trinity Force on Ezreal even less favorable.

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Smart Casting

Smart Casting is practically made for Ezreal. It seperates the godly Ezreal players from the decent ones. USE IT!!

What is Smart Casting?

Smart casting makes each skill an instant cast to your mouse pointer (much like Flash). Although it is a bit difficult to use at first and there are no range indicators on your skills, it saves a lot of time and allows you to instantly execute multiple abilities at the same time. Now instead of pressing Arcane Shift, selecting a location to shift to, pressing Mystic Shot, aiming it and hoping that everything hits, you can unleash your full arsenal at the same time. Now you don't have to stand still while casting; leaving your enemies' heads spinning at your maneuverability.
  • In order to set it up so that all of your abilities will smart cast, first go into the options menu. Go into key bindings and replace "Smart Cast Skill" 1 though 4 with [Q], [W], [E] and [R]. Now when you cast any of your abilities, there will not be a range indicator, but your skills will fire faster and more efficiently. I personally recommend smart casting on all champions.

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Warding Basics

I am assuming that the people reading this know how to ward properly, but if not, here is a map:Warding is especially important with Ezreal since you probably will be playing aggressively. Your support should be the one warding for you but there is no harm in buying a couple for yourself. I personally always buy at least two wards if I have the space. Other than warding however, f*ck the map; who needs a map! But anyway, WARDS WIN GAMES.

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Early/Mid Game

Laning Phase

Ok time to start QQing the enemy lane to death. Grab a Doran's Blade or Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions and head to bot lane (the current meta is Ranged AD with a support champion bottom lane). Ezreal has one of the best early games out of any Ranged AD for one reason: Mystic Shot.
Because of no Trinity Force, Mystic Shot wont deal as much damage mid-late game but no need to worry, the extra 15 AD from the runes will still make it hit like a truck. Be careful though, you are very mana dependent! If you arent careful you will run out of mana before the 5 minute mark easily. Learn to use Mystic Shot intelligently: if you are behindand the enemy lane is very aggressive, use it to last hit if needed; if you are dominating the lane, almost never use your Mystic Shot to last hit. You should be good enough to last hit most of them with auto attacks, and the 15 AD from runes makes it even easier. If you are dominating, that means that you are zoning the hell out of the enemy team. You should be close enough to the enemies minions to be able to last hit them with auto attacks.
As a goal, you should aim for 150 last hits by 20:00. If you hit that, then you are in good shape for late game team fights.
Here is a screenshot showing proper placement while laning if the enemy isn't too aggressive:

NOTE: It is VERY important that you farm very well early game as other than your ultimate, you don't have a way to efficiently farm groups of minions. This means that you rely on auto attacks and Mystic Shots entirely to farm which is far less efficient than say a Graves Buckshot. For this reason, in order to get ahead, you need to get ahead in farms early. Unless it is a killing blow, if you have the chance to harass the enemy or farm in lane, FARM. If you don't know how to last hit well, Ezreal might not be the champion for you. I would recommend going into a few custom bot games to practice last hitting.

Warding is very important in the river to protect from ganks.
Save your Mystic Shot to poke champions to death so that when you get to level 6, you can Trueshot Barrage them in the face for a kill.

Mid Game

Mid game is where the fun really begins. By this time you should have an Infinity Edge and a Phantom Dancer so you will be doing tons of damage! If everyone else has started roaming around, ganking out of position players, go ahead and join them. If, however, the lanes are still intact, just sit tight and farm until late game, where your damage truly shines. Don't worry about Ezreal's supposed "damage drop-off late game", with this build, you will not have to worry about any loss of damage.


is very easy with Ezreal. Arcane Shift into position behind but slightly to the side of the enemy, and hammer away with Mystic Shot and auto attacks.
Dont forget that you can use walls to your advantage*In this screenshot, Leona and Miss Fortune are hammering away at the tower while i wait behind the wall for an ally to come down the lane. By using your Arcane Shift to get over the wall, you can catch enemies by surprise and quickly change the tide of the battle. In this case, Arcane Shift at the starred location so be able to block them from retreating both down the lane and through the jungle.

You will be able to do so much damage, they wont have a chance to get very far; if they do, just Arcane Shift and Mystic Shot to pick them off. The range on your Arcane Shift Mystic Shot combo will pick off runners with ease, feeding you more and more.Be aware that even if you don't have your Trueshot Barrage, you can snipe kills from far away. Use your Arcane Shift as a gap closer, and use Mystic Shot to pick off the kill. The range on this combo is insane!

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Late Game/ Team Fighting

Now at this point, you did not build Trinity Force so you will be doing crazy damage. Your role in team fights is simple: Stay out of the way and do as much damage as possible. Arcane Shift is your best friend when doing this since it can be used to both escape and re-position. Enemy melee AD barging through your team toward you? no problem! just Arcane Shift over a wall and keep Mystic Shotting over the wall. If the team fight is particularly dangerous, why bother even going in when you can just sit behind a wall and Q spam until they are low! When the enemy team is low enough, just Arcane Shift into the fray and start bursting everyone down.
Be careful though! if you use your Arcane Shift to jump into the fray, you will only have Flash to escape! In other words, it is risky as you are very vulnerable.
- The decision you have to make: to save or not to save.

  • When Saving- You can easily pick off runners of those who choose to recall in an obvious spot.
  • When Not Saving- You can blow it right through their team for a nice chunk of damage and to get your Rising Spell Force up to 5 stacks. (this is the best option for those *close call* team fights)
Endgame I usually choose to use it in the beginning of the team fight for a couple reasons:
  • Since you aren't AP Ez, the damage of your ultimate isn't that amazing and therefore, is not that reliable when picking off runners unless they are at very low health. With just a little bit of magic resist, the damage goes down exponentially.
  • 50% attack speed is a HUGE boost to damage; almost too good not to have when starting a team fight.
  • I know it seems simple, but it is a lot easier to hit the enemy team when they are grouped up together rather than a lone runner possibly in the fog of war after the fight. It is simply less likely that you will wiff the ultimate if you use it beforehand, especially if you aren't that good of a shot with it.

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Laning: With and Against

With: A support overview

Supports come in 2 kinds: Sustain and Non-sustain (usually crowd control). Sustain supports such as Soraka are better suited for keeping your lane maintained while you farm until late game. Non-sustain, or crowd control supports, are usually for aggressive kill/poke lanes.
(Note: As an AD carry, you should be farming as much as possible for lane game anyway, but some AD champions you lane against need to be poked, harassed and zoned so they don't turn into late game monsters such as Kog'Maw and Vayne. In a similar way, some supports make it very easy to get kills, and the advantage should be taken if the opportunity presents itself)

With: Alistar is a wonderful combination of sustain and crowd control. He makes a great laning partner if he knows what he is doing; the only problem is that it takes good coordination to make great plays with an Alistar as he can easily Headbutt an enemy out of the way of your Mystic Shot or Trueshot Barrage. It may not be much, but Triumphant Roar gives you a little sustain that might mean life or death in a lane.
Against: Be VERY afraid! If he manages to get a full combo off on you or really stun you at all, you will either take massive damage or, more than likely, die horribly. For the love of god, make sure you ward the lane bushes.

With: If you find a Blitzcrank that can land his Rocket Grab, friend request him, dual que with him and love him forever and ever. I love laning with a good Blitzcrank because a landed Rocket Grab basically spells death for the enemy AD carry. If you see him successfully grab someone, instantly ult to where Blitzcrank is and by the time the enemy knows what is going on, they will be very dead. The only problem with laning with him is that his Static Field occasionally steals minions. Laning with a Blitzcrank is by all means a kill lane.
Against: Same as Alistar, except he does way more damage; especially early game. If you get Rocket Grabbed, you will die. If you don't, the Blitzcrank is bad. It is essential to ward the lane bushes.

With: Very aggressive in lane. Not really the best support for Ezreal, but Galios Idol of Durand sets up kills quite easily. He is also quite good if for some reason there is an AP champion bot.
Against: Galios poke is a bit of a pain early on but he is at his strongest when laning against AP champions, so his damage will fall pretty hard if he builds armor to counter you. All you really need to worry about is his ultimate. Get a Quicksilver Sash if necessary.

With: For having a lack of sustain, Janna is a wonderful support for Ezreal. The movement speed she passively gives is amazing for chasing. On top of that, she has a slow, a knock-up, a shield that gives you 50 AD at max level and an ult that can get you out of sticky situations. Her Eye Of The Storm is awesome enough by itself, but put everything together and the lack of crowd control that Ezreal has doesn't really matter anymore.
Against: Janna is a relatively passive laner and is basically a disengager. Other than the increased damage the other AD will get from Eye Of The Storm, there isn't much to worry about offensively. However, since she can easily disengage, it might be difficult to get kills in lane. Baiting her to use Monsoon will probably be the only way to get kills after lvl 6.

With: Karma is not that good of a support for Ezreal. Her sustain is not nearly as good as say a Soraka or Sona and her Spirit Bond slow leaves much to be desired. She is a very good support, but she is not for Ezreal.
Against: As long as you keep your distance so you aren't close enough to get hit by her Mantra+ Soul Shield combo, you will be fine.

With: So. much. crowd control. A kill lane if I've ever seen one; if she get her full combo off on an enemy that isn't full health, they are more than dead.
Against: A copy/paste of Alistar in lane. If she catches you, you are basically dead. Warding the bushes is very important for laning against her.

With: Lulu is a great support for Ezreal. With her combination of Whimsy and Wild Growth, she is a very safe support to lane with. Her 80% slow from Glitterlance is also very good for aggressive play.
Against: Be very wary of getting too close to either her or her AD lest she Wild Growth and knock you into the air. Not much else to laning against her though; like Janna she is more of a disengager.

With: Same with most other supports with crowd control, her Dark Binding can line up combos quite well. Her Black Shield is also VERY useful if you happen to lane against a champion like Taric. The bad side of having her as a support is that her Tormented Soil can steal minions, not to mention she offers you absolutely no sustain. Not the best support for Ezreal, but she does her part.
Against: Your Mystic Shot goes right through her Black Shield. Enjoy that. It might suck if you have a crowd control support however. You should also be able to easily avoid her Dark Binding and even her Soul Shackles with Arcane Shift if need be. She really is not the best support to go against Ezreal with.

With: Nami is a very aggressive laner as she brings both CC and a heal to the lane. Her Aqua Prison is a great source of crowd control as enemies who are caught in it are knocked up for quite a long time. This time can go great with Ezreals combo as in the time that the enemies are knocked up by her Aqua Prison and then her Tidal Wave lasts perfectly long enough for you to get both your Trueshot Barrage and Mystic Shot combo off. Her Ebb and Flow is also a decent sustain in lane. Tidecaller's Blessing is also like a mini red buff on your auto-attacks and Mystic Shot as well.
Against: Her Aqua Prison is quite hard to land as it has a relatively small area of effect, so as long as you don't get caught in it, you should be fine. Her Tidal Wave, while having a VERY long range, is also very slow. You should have enough time to Arcane Shift out of the way.

With: I have mixed feelings about Nunu as a support. On the upside, Blood Boil is a wonderful skill for an AD carry and if he hits an enemy with Ice Blast, they are basically permanently slowed. These two things together make for a powerful kill lane. The only problem is that every once in a while he has to steal one of your minions for Consume. If you get enough kills with a Nunu to make the loss of last hits worth it, then by all means lane with one.
Against: Nunu is a *****. Get used to being perma-slowed and be sure to Arcane Shift out of Absolute Zero immediately. Other than that, if you have a support with any kind of heal, you should be fine.

With: Shen serves his role better as a solo top than a support, but i have seen quite a few support Shens. The healing from his Vorpal Blade is about the only support thing about him. Sure his Shadow Dash is nice but there are multiple other supports with better and more reliable crowd control, and his Stand United is global anyway.
Against: NEVER tower-dive with a Shen on the other team. His Stand United+ Shadow Dash combo will kill you. Otherwise, be sure to keep your distance to avoid being taunted.

With: Feel free to spam your Mystic Shot all day due to her Infuse. You will also never die unless you do something stupid. Other than the free Mystic Shot spam, there really isn't much of a chance to be aggressive with Soraka as she has sustain, but no crowd control other than a silence which is negligible. Soraka is more for those of you who like to farm in a corner for half the game then unleash hell when you have farmed your face off.
Against: Don't expect to get any kills. If she does manage to heal either herself or her AD with Ignite on them, feel free to be aggressive without much retaliation.

With: A more aggressive but less sustainable version of Soraka. Her Aria of Perseverance is good for healing you up after being poked but it can't handle the damage that Soraka can heal through. On the other hand, her auras are amazing and her Crescendo is a great ultimate. In my opinion, she doesn't have enough crowd control to be considered a kill lane for Ezreal, but she is still a great support for those who like to sit in a corner and farm up a storm.
Against: A Soraka with a more annoying poke. Her Power Chord does quite a bit of damage early game and she can heal through most of your poke, but because of that she lack any survivability at all. One Mystic Shot should take a nice chunk of her health, just make sure to bully her. Be VERY careful after lvl 6 when she has her Crescendo.

With: A perfect balance of sustain and crowd control. Taric is a great support for Ezreal as not only can he set up kills quite easily with his long ranged, targetable Dazzle stun, but he has great sustain in his Imbue. On top of that, his ultimate, Radiance, gives you bonus AD. Now it is not as good as Jannas Eye Of The Storm, but it is still pretty good.
Against: If you get close enough to him, his Shatter does quite a bit of damage. The funny thing is that the speed of his Dazzle is so slow that when he casts it, you can Arcane Shift to safety before it hits you.

With: Coming soon!

With: Not the best choice, but he still does his part. Even with the lack of crowd control, Zilean provides excellent lane dominance with his Time Bomb and his Time Warp makes getting out of ganks easy. He will tend to steal some farm with his Time Bomb, but he is suited for a very aggressive lane; not to mention Chronoshift can save your a**.
Against: Pray you have a support with sustain. His Time Bombs HURT early game and will take quite the chunk out of your health if he manages to hit you; not just that but after lvl 6, you wont be able to hope to kill either him or his AD carry if they play smart. There is a bright side, however. His Time Bombs will steal a LOT of minions from his carry if he abuses them. Also, he pushes the lane quite fast so you can safely farm at your tower if need be.

Against: An AD breakdown

In much the same way supports come in 2 kinds, AD carries typically have 3. They can be strong laners, mid game carries or late game destroyers. Some are a mix of all 3, and just require a skillful hand to excel in the game. An example of this type of carry is Ezreal himself. If you rush a Trinity Force, you will hurt in the laning phase while your late game damage will be pitiful. This build can have different results depending on the order you build the items. For example, if you get a The Bloodthirster and Last Whisper early then you will be stronger in lane and mid game while if you build an Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, it will take longer to get going but you will destroy late game. How you choose to build all depends on how your lane is progressing and who you lane against; whether they be strong in lane, mid game or late game.

Her Volley out-ranges your Mystic Shot slightly, but your Mystic Shot does more damage. The key to victory with her is to dodge behind the minions when she fires her Volley and Arcane Shift out of the way if she Enchanted Crystal Arrows you. At early levels, Volley has a long cooldown so if she misses with both of those abilities, she is free game.

Caitlyn counters you quite easily. Both her auto attack and Piltover Peacemaker out-range you horribly, so the only thing you can do is try to survive and not get hit by her Piltover Peacemaker. Her ult, Ace in the Hole also renders Arcane Shift basically useless as if she is locked on, it will still hit you. Best of luck, she will win the lane.

Many people compare Corki to Ezreal and say that he does what Ezreal can do, but better. It is true that Corki does do more damage than you, but it comes at a price: Corki needs to be very close to you to take full advantage of the armor shred and massive damage of his Gatling Gun. Not only that, but he is far more mana intensive than you are. Keep him at range if you feel you cant trade hits with him and if he gets too close, just Arcane Shift away. After level 6 if you try to poke him with your Mystic Shot, he will just poke you back with his ultimate so be careful and try to make him swing and miss to drain his mana and make him vulnerable. It is almost never a good idea to Arcane Shift close to a Corki because of the armor shred of the Gatling Gun. As with laning against another Ezreal, this lane all comes down to who is more skillful.

He does quite a bit of damage if he manages to catch his axes in sequence, the up-side of this is you can see where his Spinning Axe will land which makes it a lot easier to land Mystic Shot. Take advantage of when he fails to catch his axe to do damage to him, as he really doesn't amount to much without it. If you are against a good Draven, it will be tough, but he does have much less mobility and survivability than you so you can outplay him.

"Its all skill". The better Ezreal will win; which is hopefully you. If the enemy Ezreal rushes Trinity Force just laugh at him and farm till late game when he tickles you and you can 3 shot him.

He is very beefy and his Smoke Screen makes it very difficult to use skill shots, a thing which you are not in short supply of. Most of his damage comes from short range Buckshots so try and keep your distance when harassing. His power wanes greatly late game so if you keep up your last hits, you should be fine.

Kill him fast and kill him early. Be very aggressive with him and try to keep him from farming because if he does, he will tear up the late game. You can out damage him at the early levels so trading blows should be easy, and he has no natural escape so he is a sitting duck if you decide to go in for the kill.

She can't deal with harass at all and here only good poke ability is Double Up which is obvious and easy to not get hit by. If she somehow manages to Bullet Time you, just Arcane Shift out of the way. You should be able to destroy her in lane.

Her Spell Shield is the bane of your existence. If she is good, every time you Mystic Shot or Trueshot Barrage, she will take no damage and gain mana. Your best bet against her is just to try and out-farm her and avoid using abilities offensively. If you poke, poke with auto attacks.

You are better than her in every way. Enjoy it.

Buy Vision Wards and profit. He is very squishy which means if you catch him alone, you can burst him down effortlessly. Be careful to not overextend if you don't see him however, because if he catches you off guard with Ambush, it can spell your doom.

A good Varus is quite difficult to lane against. I would recommend starting with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions for Varus because the boots will help you dodge his Piercing Arrow quite easily as you can see it charging. The two very important things you need to do when playing against him is be sure to Arcane Shift out of the way of his Chain of Corruption ultimate and be careful if you have stacks of Blighted Quiver on you. If Varus hits you with an ability while you have stacks on you, it does a percentage of your health in magic damage as a bonus which hurts badly.

Vayne is a tough AD carry to lane against. First of all, if you let her farm until late game, she does way more damage than you and she does true damage with her Silver Bolts. Second, she has quite a decent poke with her Tumble. The good part is that your poke is better early game, which is when you need to dominate her. If her Final Hour is up, stay away from her. Also, for the love of god, stay away from walls! If Vayne Condemns you into a wall, you are dead.

Losing your lane? No problem!

Since in the laning phase your top priority is to farm, it is more than ok if you NEED to use Mystic Shot to farm. In a normal scenario, it is true that auto attacks are sufficient, but sometimes thats not enough since aggressive lanes can sometimes zone you far enough away where you can't last hit minions. As far as dealing with aggressive lanes, my advice is to just be patient, be careful and take what you can for last hits. Aggressive lanes are usually risky because they open themselves up to easy counter-attacks and ganks; you need to use this to your advantage. Have the jungler gank often to punish them for overextending. Also, just wait until they make a mistake and open themselves up to an easy counter attack. Use your head and play smarter than them. In addition, all the time spent harassing you will hurt their farm as well. As for item build, my advice is to skip a Doran's Blade completely unless it is necessary for survival. Since you will have a gold handicap, any gold spent not on your late game build will put you farther behind. Your first items should be Boots of Speed and Health Potions. Early boots will also help you dodge enemy skill shots as well. Get a The Bloodthirster as soon as you can to counter enemy harass with sustain. Once you have your full boots and a The Bloodthirster, it should be easy to win damage trades with the enemy lane.

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So many people build utility on Ezreal, that hardly anyone knows what he can be truly capable of. It really is sad to see that he has such a bad reputation, but don't listen to anyone. The truth is, he is so powerful if built for damage like any other AD carry, and he is also so much fun to play. Because he is entirely skillshot based, he is VERY hard to play well however; but if you can take the time to master him, it is well worth it. Good luck everyone and most importantly, have fun :).

Special thanks to jhoijhoi for his guide on how to build guides.

Hoped you enjoyed the guide, please rate and comment! :)

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Here are some screenshots courtesy of Tydal

And a couple games from Devyatov

More coming soon, but if you have some games using my build feel free to share them!