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League of Legends Build Guide Author ph15h

"Sniper, No Sniping!" "Then Quit Running"

ph15h Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Caitlyn - The Sheriff of Piltover

"Sniper, No Sniping!" "Then Quit Running"

Caitlyn is a new champion released alongside the patch for the new year, Even labeled as a Carry by Riot, she fits the role fairly well with her passive along with her great range.

Her range keeps her fairly safe as it is a greater range (650) than most. Tristana has 703 at level 18 thanks to Draw a Bead and Kog'Maw bests her's with Bio-Arcane Barrage active at skill level 2 with 660, and 750 at level 5. Champion skills are still an issue for her, so we'll try to overcome this.

This is my first guide/build so please bear with me. :D Please try out the guide before you vote on it, and comment below so I know where to improve. Thanks.

I don't know how to link all items and skills yet so this build will look quite tl;dr wall of texty. :(

Next revision will add gameplay, some maps and screenshots. I'll probably remove Team Work and integrate it somewhere else like into items and game play.

v.0.7 (January 10th, 2011) Fixed my mistake when it comes to the Ultimate, Ace in the Hole
v.0.6 (January 9th, 2011) Added items for the second build and added the Survivability and Other Items Section.
v.0.5 (January 9th, 2011) Pushed publish... since I forgot to after v.0.2 and also added more icons for the bare chapters. Confirmed Kog'Maw's reach :P
v.0.4 (January 8th, 2011) Added more icons so it doesn't look like a College Essay.
v.0.3 (January 8th, 2011) Added the runes for the 2nd build and the summoner spells for the third.
v.0.2 (January 7th, 2011) Added Icons for the First few sections as well as formatting it so its readable and not just a HUGE WALL OF TEXT.
v.0.1 (January 7th, 2011) Just added the text and underlying basics of "The Carry" Build. Support/ Secondary DPS, and Twisted Treeline builds will follow after

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1st Build: Carry

3 x Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Marks of Desolation
3 x Greater Seals of Clarity
3 x Greater Glyphs of Clarity
3 x Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Quintessences of Desolation

Your main methods of damage deal physical damage (Auto Attacks, Piltover Peacemaker and her Ultimate: Ace in the Hole) so Armor Penetration in the form of Desolation runes are quite handy. The other two skills scale off ability power but are more useful for their utility than for the damage they produce. Those are just frosting on the cake :D

Like Ashe, Caitlyn has mana issues. Even though this isn't a skill spamming guide, her mana regeneration rate is something that needs to be overcome to optimize her damage output. These runes my change over time to accommodate emphasis on activating her passive more often with Attack Speed (Alacrity), but as it stands, I keep it where it is.

2nd Build: Support/ Secondary DPS

3 x Greater Marks of Alacrity
3 x Greater Seals of Clarity
3 x Greater Glyphs of Alacrity
3 x Greater Quintessences of Swiftness

These runes allow you to enter and leave team fights quickly and safely. Alacrity helps you proc your passive as well as increases the rate at which you can apply your on-hit effects in battle. Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction is forgone in favor of more attack speed. You may be asking: If I'm not acting as the carry and am not a full DPS, why would I need more attack speed? Again, it's to proc your passive, apply on hit effects, all the while speeding up the Manamune's progression (not really because of Manamune's cooldown on its progression). There might be a cooldown, but more often that not you won't be hitting that cooldown until pushing towers or team fights. Cool down is important: The more often your abilities are up, the more often you can use them to escape or trap, but we'll be pretty darn close to the cap with our Masteries, items and help of the blue buff. (38%) Any more granted through items or runes would have been in excess of 9+% of cooldown reduction.

The increased speed granted through Quintessence of Movement Speed increases your mobility, allowing you to use your Piltover Peacemaker from different angles, attacking different champions all the while having better targeting for your ult. Allowing you to run perpendicular to the path of escape before firing, and using Clairvoyance to see your target.

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Summoner Spells

1st Build: Carry

2nd Build: Support/Secondary DPS

3rd Build: Twisted Treeline


Explained in the Masteries section along with Spatial Accuracy. But in case I've randomly moved this section above that of the Masteries section:

Being a carry, you should be present at every team fight, while at the same time you need to be pretty well fed in order to purchase all your items. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your early game is shot and you can't farm as well as you hoped and need to Recall in order to heal or buy items. Teleport helps you re-enter the fray and return to your lane as quickly as possible.Team fights can break out at any time, so if you were getting buffs with the help of a teammate while you see the enemy team via your wards and traps zeroing in on teammates pushing a lane, it's best you get there ASAP.

Explained in the Masteries section along with Cripple. Quoted below just in case.

With the new exhaust no longer completely blinding your opponent, it expands beyond the realm of chasing, escaping and shutting down auto attackers and it's actually useful against casters now besides chasing with the dampening of skill damage (ie. Flash Frost, Disintegrate, Spell Flux, etc) and Item Activation damage dealing skills (ie. Deathfire Grasp, Hextech Gunblade, etc.) The improved exhaust gained through the Mastery allows you to lower their armor and magic resistance along with extending Exhaust's duration by a critical .5s. It might not seem like that significant of an extension but sometimes that's all you need to buy yourself some time to fire off a few more shots, or launch yourself over a wall.

Recommended Alternatives

Run, my friend, run. Helps you get away. Helps you chase. Put a point there instead of teleport if that's your style.

I don't really use Flash since I have 90 Caliber Net, but if jumping 1 wall isn't good enough, jump two! Plus it's quicker to get off and aim than 90 Caliber net.

Flash is added as a summoner spell for 3v3 Twisted Treeline because of the thin walls and great mobility it grants on a smaller map.

Wait... what? I'm not a support. Well, it's great. Get used to it. With Caitlyn being so squishy using it to view into a bush or slightly off lane when somebody on the other team is MIA can save your life. Also? It works very well with your Ultimate. Your Ult's targeting range at level 2 and 3 are much further than your actual viewing and visibility. If you can't target quick enough and they seem to be getting away, Clairvoyance ahead of them.

Mad CC getting you down? Effects slowing your escape? Cleanse. -_- In all honesty, if you're being targeted and focused that much. You're pretty much screwed. Just don't overextend. This is good if you're 1v1ing and can turn the tide in your favor, but don't count on it since its overly long cool down and if you need more survivability and the next wave of disables can come right after. Get Mercs, Banshee's or QSS if necessary.

You can try...

Spamming like crazy? Need more Mana? I guess you can use Clarity.

If you're not jungling, just make use of you high damage. But if you need that extra oomph to finish off minions, then by all means.

Heal If you overextend a lot or the other team is just really overly aggressive, and harassing and outzoning you, this might help early but don't expect this to help you that much later.

I guess...

A great skill, but I'd save this for a support or a tank. Every good team should have this on at least one person. Caitlyn doesn't need this too much since the added damage isn't too effective and she needs survivability and mobility more than anything. Her teleporting to a tower would be better for her.


I don't plan on dying... but when I do, I'll take the time to observe, buy items, and learn from my mistake. The speed boost barely helps you get out of base and the extra health isn't too great if you're just going to get back out to die again. It'll just take them longer to kill you.

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1st Build: Carry

I've chosen the 21/0/9 Masteries build for Caitlyn, just to improve her damage output and escape ability without the need to rely on Flash.

Offensive Masteries

Increases Critical Strike Chance for your champion. I don't like to rely om Critical Strike since it is easily shut down with armor, but a little lucky damage comes a long way when dealing major damage through other means as well.

With the new exhaust no longer completely blinding your opponent, it expands beyond the realm of chasing, escaping and shutting down auto attackers and it's actually useful against casters now besides chasing with the dampening of skill damage (ie. Flash Frost, Disintegrate, Spell Flux, etc) and Item Activation damage dealing skills (ie. Deathfire Grasp, Hextech Gunblade, etc.) The improved exhaust gained through the Mastery allows you to lower their armor and magic resistance along with extending Exhaust's duration by a critical .5s. It might not seem like that significant of an extension but sometimes that's all you need to buy yourself some time to fire off a few more shots, or launch yourself over a wall.

(4/4)(4/4) Sorcery:
I know, I've said this isn't a spamming build, but having your Ace in the Hole, Piltover Peacemaker, and Net available are always nice. The 2 Yordle traps max doesn't allow it to take full advantage of the decreased cooldown of the Sorcery Mastery, unless team fights are really lasting that long and you can keep trapping people over and over (not likely), or a lot of MIAs are being called and you need to get that next trap up ASAP.

Because of her passive, it is advantageous to have her passive proc as often as possible. On attack speed alone, she can't easily out DPS Tristana, but with her passive it helps quite a bit. (I'll need to do the math later to see with similar runes,items and masteries who deals more damage over the same amount of time.) But yeah, Attack Speed is good :P

More Armor Pen = More Damage dealt with Auto Attacks, Piltover Peacemaker, and Ace in the Hole that ignores Armor.

(2/3)Brute Force:
2 Extra Damage is enough. You'll be getting a lot more damage via items and your base stats aren't too bad. The 2 Extra Damage will be nice in the beginning to help last hit, but you shouldn't really consider it a clutch or an ace in the hole.

10% increased Critical Strike Damage. You won't critical strike too much with this build, but when you do it'll hit harder thanks to this mastery.

5% more damage. That's always good to have and should give you more than what an extra point in Brute Strength would have.

Utility Masteries

(1/1)Spatial Accuracy:
Being a carry, you should be present at every team fight, while at the same time you need to be pretty well fed in order to purchase all your items. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your early game is shot and you can't farm as well as you hoped and need to Recall in order to heal or buy items. Teleport helps you re-enter the fray and return to your lane as quickly as possible.

Team fights can break out at any time, so if you were getting buffs with the help of a teammate while you see the enemy team via your wards and traps zeroing in on teammates pushing a lane, it's best you get there ASAP. If you choose to switch out Teleport for something like Flash or Ghost, choose masteries accordingly.

I don't go down far enough the Utility tree for the Flash mastery, so its best you place it in Good Hands. I don't plan on dying, but it's nice to have if you can't allocate it elsewhere. Take the time you're dead to see why you're dead and what your teammates and enemies are doing and how they are acting.

Your low base health and horrible mana regeneration without runes is slightly offset by this mastery. In no way shape or form does this make you able to tank and spam, but it helps your early game when you have low mobility, low health and the mana regeneration due to runes hasn't kicked in yet. It's not much, but every bit of health helps.

Leveling up faster allows you to get better base stats, as well as access to skills. This is never a bad thing. This is chosen over Expanded Mind because Expanded Mind really does little for you.

(1/2)Utility Master This last point can go into Greed, Meditation or Utility Master. I choose Utility Master since having Lizard, Golem or even Baron for a longer amount of time can be a deciding factor for that last push, last skill used, or more damage. Greed is good, but we farm so well with Piltover Peacemaker and Last Hits, it shouldn't be an issue. Meditation gives a nice mana regen, but not significant enough to invest in unless you're going further down the Utility Tree.

2nd Build: Support DPS

For this build I've gone the 9/0/21 Build to increase the amount of times your skills can be used, as well as increase your mobility and grant Caitlyn some mana regeneration.

This isn't a mastery build I'll use often, but if there are other great damage dealers on the team or somebody else feels they can fulfill the role of the carry, but you still want to be useful, without actually playing a support champion or a tank: This is what you do to stay effective and still deal damage as support. Team composition is key, and this should only be used if there's no chance for you to actually play a tank or a support character, or if you just really want to play a ranged DPS and still stay relevant on your team. The masteries should be self explanatory, and the purpose of this build will be expanded upon in its item section.

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1st Build: Carry

Core Items:

Beserker's Greaves / Boots of Swiftness The Bloodthirster The Black Cleaver Frozen Mallet Madred's Bloodrazor Phantom Dancer

This is the build I strive for in most games. With the remade The Black Cleaver being an excellent addition to Caitlyn's repetoire, it's awesome. Most tanks won't have that much armor by the time you build your BF Sword into a legendary item and your Armor Penetration should take care of what they have. The Bloodthirster should help you continue to kill minions and kill the squishies that are irresponsibly farming alone when that phase is over. The lack of survivability is made up for by mobility, excellent range, and hopefully a competently built team with crowd control and disables to ensure your safety as a carry. It's quite expensive, but you should be able to farm fairly well with your skill set and items to get all the items. If they build armor early, The Black Cleaver can be obtained first, before The Bloodthirster.

Doran's Blade: The lifeblood of this ranged carry's early game :P Gives you lane staying ability with increased health. Allows you to farm and last hit better with the increased damage. As an added bonus, you get some lifesteal. Yay.

Berserker's Greaves: Early game, this will be your you AS increase item as well as increased mobility. All the other decent Attack Speed increasing items are more expensive and this is good for you early game. I normally would advise against Berserker's Greaves for other characters, but like Tristana: It's good to have some early AS.

The Bloodthirster You farm so well, why not get that +100 Attack Damage and Life steal? You'll just hit that much harder and stay that much longer in a fight.

The Black Cleaver It used to be my favorite item for Tristana and Xin Zhao with its Damage and reduction alone, but now that it improves speed, reduces a little less and deals less damage, it's useless right? Wrong. The added bonus was just icing on the cake since you'll be dealing a lot more damage due to its armor reduction. You may be reducing armor less, but with the armor penetration runes and your relentless assault of attacks. It won't matter as much since your and your team should be focusing. -_- Which a lot of teams fail to do and just attack who they see first and feel like it.

Frozen Mallet Survivability? More health. Kiting ability? Speed reduction. Damage? It's good but since that enemy keeps staying in range your next attack will keep hitting.

Boots of Swiftness At a certain point in the game 25% increase in Attack Speed from the Greaves will pale in comparison to that given by items like Madreds Bloodrazor and Phantom Dancer, and Starks if you've got it. Plus the elixirs take care of it. You start to need boots that'll help you kite those idiot chasers with nothing to close the gap, get out of a team fight if things stop going your way, or chase stragglers. Boots of Swiftness rock :D

Madred's Bloodrazor If the other team is building tougher because of your physical damage output, you'll need to get this, especially if they've increased their health through means like Warmogs or stacks. The downside is any good tank would have some magic resistance so it'll cut into your Magic damage quite a bit... but 15% of a 100+ damage attack would still be great since your damage isn't purely phyiscal. Spreading out your damage is key. :( Too Bad we can't do True Damage :p

Phantom Dancer This is really a vanity item. The damage you're dealing should be great with the items you've purchased, but once you start doing so well, and need a 6th item to really shut them down for a last push, it's time for the dancer. Move Speed, Attack Speed, and Critical chance? It's nice.

for more damage output (damage, speed, and critical chance), more survivability (health). They're good.

-_- If the game's still dragging on after you've built well, you just have to start pushing as a team.

2nd Build: Support/DPS

Core Items:

Boots of Swiftness Manamune The Black Cleaver Youmuu's Ghostblade Frozen Mallet

Meki Pendant Gives you much needed mana regeneration early in the game with all the Piltover Peacemaker shots you'll be shooting.

Tear of the Goddess Nice upgrade to the Meki Pendant that'll help you increase your mana pool with your auto attacks and your Piltover Peacemaker

The Brutalizer Gives you a small amount cooldown reduction, a small damage increase and some armor penetration. Since you're not building many attack items, you want a great deal of the damage you actually deal to be dealt. Cooldown reduction helps you get your skills off faster, and sometimes all it takes is 1 second to end your or your opponents life, and 1 second to escape.

Manamune Gives you a damage boost on top of an expanded mana pool and better regeneration. This is for the mana pool as well as the attack damage, but mainly for the mana pool. You probably won't spam Piltover Peacemaker and your other skills 250 times before you can afford the Manamune so it makes up for itself by increasing its pool with Auto Attacks. Sadly, the attack damage is meager and shouldn't be counted upon. You'll get in the range of 40-50 damage boost from the item which isn't much until you've hit the max with Manamune.

Youmuu's Ghostblade It is everything good about the Brutalizer but better. 5 increased Armor Penetration, 5 increased damage, and 5% better cooldown reduction. On top of that, it gives you critical strike chance -_- Which I really don't find use in, but every bit helps. The active is a great one, sadly you're not a melee fighter or else you could've made use of the extended duration. Faster Attack speed and faster move speed. Use it to your advantage as an escape tool or a demolishing tool.

No 6th Item? The 6th Item should be determined by your team and your enemy team's composition. Please choose one from the list below as I list Survivability and Other items.

Survivability and Context Items!

Banshee's Veil
One of my favorite items to have. In either build, you can switch this in if you're getting targeted a lot (as you should, you're squishy), but not able to survive the onslaught of enemies even with your team present). Great item to have all around. Switch out Phantom Dancer in favor of Banshee's Veil or as the 6th Item in The Second build. It's great! Build this fairly early if you see hard CC coming your way from the enemy team's composition.

Mercury's Treads
This item is quite the lifesaver if they've broken through your Banshee's Veil or there's an AOE effect active that applies disables to you. It's a great investment if your enemy team have a lot of CC and your great mobility isn't helping. Switch out in favor of Boots of Swiftness Berserker Greaves.

Quicksilver Sash
Underrated, under used item. It's such a great investment. Unlike Cleanse, it removes ALL debuffs. Ignite -_- Wasted/ Mordekaiser's Children of the Grave? Gone. Warwick's Infinite Duress? Why are you standing there Warwick?. Malzahar's Nether Grasp? Spell combo's now on Cooldown, Malzahar? Basically it'll save you more time than not and the increased Magic Resistance helps. It also has a relatively short cooldown in comparison to Cleanse and skills that constantly apply debuffs. And it's dirt cheap at 1440G. Also please remember: Pop-up is not a debuff. Don't waste it.

Wit's End
People say it's underpowered, and I'd like to agree, but this item can be game breaking for the enemy. If purchased early, you may utilize it to cut down the lane staying ability of many of your enemies, especially casters. Later in team fights, if the enemy has no mana they lose their use in battle while taking 42 more magic damage (assuming they're not using another form of payment for skill costs Garen Dr. Mundo Katarina Tryndamere Vladimir Mordekaiser Akali Shen Kennen. Your Attack speed and the increased attack speed from the item are sure to whittle down your enemy. Nothing is funnier than a Kayle typing "Hacker" into the chat box when they realize they couldn't use Intervention or Divine Blessing on one of their allies.

It's not as great as a stun, silence or a pop-up, but it'll do its damage over time. I'd like to think of Wit's End as the body blow in boxing. It might not do as much damage as a blow to the face, but attacking the body pays off in the end. Casters focused on their combos, burst damage and health often forget that their mana is decreasing at a steady rate. Their spell costs and the help of your Wit's End are sure to exhaust their mana in no time. -_- Use it on Anivia and Malzahar early in the game for explosive results. Can be the 6th item in the second build, or used as an alternative to Madred's Bloodrazor if that 4% isn't doing much more, Phantom Dancer, or The Black Cleaver if they have no armor stacking teammates (which is stupid, because every good team has a tank... you might just get lucky).

Stark's Fervor
Life steal, Attack speed, increased health regeneration and armor reduction? Great. This'll help you fight longer and the buff helps your team out in a team fight. Get this if nobody else on your team has purchased it and you have a large number of people who auto attack as a form of damage.

A great new item. It gives you more attack damage, magic resistance, and it saves you when a spell hurts you bad. This has saved me multiple times. With our relatively low HP, it'll activate often, but that also means their combo has gone off. Giving you 300 more HP to escape.

Highest damage from a non-growth item. It's best for champions that make major use of critical strikes with its 250% passive, but it is quite helpful for just pure damage. A farmed The Bloodthirster and a full stacked Sword of the Occult will overpower it, and its cost is relatively high. I'll save this item for an Ashe Tryndamere Gangplank,etc, but if you're doing so well and want a quick attack boost Look no further.

Warmog's Armor+ Atma's Impaler Combo
The extra health granted from the item is great. It'll help you survive long enough if you've been targeted to allow your team to mop up. You farm so well, you'll hit that extra bonus quickly. Atma's Impaler Grants you armor, as well as 35 extra damage after your Warmog has hit max growth. It's not much, but armor and health may help you survive later in the game when people have farmed and become fed enough to attack you when your team's protecting you.

Sword of the Divine
60% increased attack speed, and 100 magic damage applied every fourth attack. The active helps you hit champions that dodge often like Jax and Udyr while also granting armor penetration to take down those uberarmored tanks. The 100 Magic Damage is beneficial because spreading your damage around helps prevent a hard counter and requires them to build Magic Resist as well instead of only Armor.

Splash damage! You're already doing a great deal of damage. Let it splash and hit other enemies. Great for farming since you can just sell it for a better item later. It's quite expensive to fill such a purpose, but if you need that extra boost in farming, I guess you can. It's also great with your Ultimate Ace in the Hole. Your ultimate procs on-hit effects, so you can deal major damage to surrounding enemies. If you're dealing 700+ on your ultimate, a small amount spread amongst your enemies is great. This can also work when somebody's trying to block the bullet for an ally. The splash damage will kill people who are idiotic and just standing behind the person intercepting instead of running away.

Guardian Angel
Decent armor and some magic resist. The revive is nice. If you're being targeted and you die, hope that your team is nearby to save you when you respawn and they do hold their own for you to covertly revive and massacre. If you're the last standing, you're out of luck any way. I don't think anybody leaves a temporarily killed dead body after Summoner level 10.

The Elixirs

Fortitude and Agility give you boots in accordance with what I've stated above in the Carry Build, but why the other two?

Elixir of Brilliance Cheap Available cooldown reduction without the need of buying a permanent cooldown reduction item for your build, just in case you can't get the Golem Buff. The Ability power doesn't do much for you since your main damage is physical, but the Yorlde Snap Traps and the 90 Caliber Nets hurting a bit more for that duration are fine. Don't buy this until you're done with a build completely since it shouldn't be taken in priority to the others.

Oracle's Elixir Time to go ward hunting. :D Just like visibility is great for your team, destroying wards and ridding them of their visibility is also great. You also gain some gold. Not much, but the other benefit is good enough. This should normally be bought for tanks since they live the longest, but if you've got money to blow, then blow money you shall. Also helpful when you have stealthers in your game Shaco Evelynn and Twitch. Teemo and Akali not so much, but it can be helpful if they try to escape with it.

Items to Mull over

Trinity Force So expensive, but every on-hit effect it grants can be deadly. It's an improved Sheen for those of us not building AP with its 150% attack damage, slow (kinda overshadowed by your Frozen Mallet and gives you increased attack speed and crit chance in case you can't/don't want to build your Phantom Dancer

Sword of the Occult Can be added if you're doing extremely well early game. It'll grant you 110 damage at full stacks, and increase your movement speed. Helping you escape and chase.

Manamune Can be added to the first build if you need some more mana and damage.

Frozen Heart Mana, Armor, Cooldown reduction, enemy attack speed reduction. Again, this item is for more survivability. The armor helps you take a bit less damage, helping your survive more often from ganks and team fights where physical champions are attacking you. In the 2nd build you would have too much Cooldown reduction and go beyond the cap, so this aspect does little. Mana is a good bonus since it might help your Manamune and making sure you have the pool for the skill use.

Thornmail The highest amount of armor your can get from a single item. -_- People will target you, but they'll be hurting. Let them hurt.

What? NO WARDS? -_- Yes Wards

Wards shouldn't be considered a part of the build. Any team and any champion would make use of wards, but Caitlyn, she uses them to great effect. Wards are essential and you should buy them whenever possible and when your old wards time out. Proper placement of wards can help you spot ganks, set up ganks, and make use of Ace in the Hole when they are out of visibility range. A map of great areas to place wards is coming soon... but for now just think of where you would put wards if you wanted to make sure nobody would ambush you. You farm well enough, and the cost is negligible. That's the same as 3-5 minions kills for the Sight Ward and 5-8 for the Vision Ward. Vision Wards are necessary when laning against a stealther, because with that gone, they're just another target. Shaco can still Deceive away to widen the gap, Evelynn can still use Shadow Walk's stun and still escape, so be aware.

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Ace in the Hole -> Piltover Peacemaker -> Yordle Snap Trap <=>

Ace in the Hole
Psst... did you know your Ace in the Hole activates on hit effects? Now you know :P Dealing 200% your additional damage (items/masteries/runes), this baby is sure to deal high damage. The range listed only applies to when the shot is targeted. Originally, I thought the range was global from the moment the attack was triggered/targeted, but sadly that isn't true. I guess the Twisted Fate glitched or something. You do have some leeway in terms of distance from the targeting range, but not a great leeway. Walking/running distance is still covered for the few seconds of channeling. It's still great because if the enemy has used Recall or another transportation skill, as long as the shot is fired, the enemy can be anywhere on the map and it would still hit (besides being blocked or dodged.) Sadly, those two things can also ruin your Ultimate. Pantheon's Aegis Protection and the high dodge rates of Jax and Udyr have the chance to ruin your ult if they're running away.

But... Ace in the Hole is still great for stragglers of team fights. Even if you're the furthest from the enemy, and know you can't kill them, but you have a teammate chasing them, but they're getting away: use it. I don't know if it's because Caitlyn is new or what, but enemy champions tend to weave, thinking it was like Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow when you can dodge them, increasing the time it takes them to reach their intended destination. This allows your teammate to catch up. Or if they're not weaving, it'll proc the on-hit effects of the Frozen Mallet and The Black Cleaver, allowing your teammate to have an easier chance to attack. :D If not, it's still fun to watch them squirm. Level this when Available.

Piltover Peacemaker
It's a great skill for farming and harassing. It deals 100% of your attack damage on top of the bonus damage from the skill with each enemy hit dealing decreasingly less down to 70% of its damage, so it's still semi-decent down the field. Level this whenever you can, unless it's time to level your ultimate.

Yorlde Snap Trap
It has a rather small activation area and doesn't provide vision, so it's like Nidalee's Bushwhack / Pounce more than it is like Teemo's Noxious Trap. It might not deal as much damage Nidalees since you're not building AP, and can't save you from a gank all the time since nobody seriously walks directly into the middle of a bush when trying to gank, it is good since it temporarily disables your enemy. This gives you the advantage of getting off more pot shots than it does, but like I've said, has less of a chance to activate with its relatively small activation area, does little damage, and doesn't have the stat reduction of the other two.

A well placed trap can stop your enemy from escaping,stun random enemies while they run around in a team fight and stop other enemies from messing up the aim of your ultimate, Funniest thing was to trap a Rammus trying to take the shot for a low health Teemo, only for the Teemo to die from my ult and allow my team to mop up Rammus since he was the only one left alive.

90 Caliber Net
Level this concurrently with Yordle Snap Trap or however the game is going. Just make sure to have a point in it before level 6. This'll help you chase when shot in the opposite direction acting as a Flash replacement, or escape when pointed at the enemy: Slowing them as well as pushing you back. If you need to slow down an escaping enemy before obtaining your Frozen Mallet, use the skill when against a thick barrier or in a diagonal trajectory to not offset your chase that much. Make sure it hits or you've just let your enemy escape with a missed slow, and an increased distance between you guys.

This is my flash replacement. The increased cool down and the fact that it no longer pops projectiles, makes me look elsewhere for an escape. Although 90 Caliber Net might not have the range of Flash, and takes more time to aim and get off than Flash does, its ability to be available more often is useful. As you get used to its range and aiming with it, it'll be like second nature, and your Flash Replacement as well. Just try out the range of the push to see where you can escape... before you make a fool of yourself like I did in my first game as Caitlyn and shot myself nowhere.

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Team Work

Being a Carry, your goal is to get in, deal damage, then get out safely if things aren't going your way since people will focus you and your sexy hat. Stay on the outer rim of the battle. You have great range: USE IT. Randomly place (well not randomly) Yorlde traps around the battlefield whenever one is activated. Put one on the escape route as well just to make sure at least one straggler has to stay or avoid it.

Work with your team to make sure your ult hits the intended target. Skills like Gragas' ult can spread out enemies in a team fight, Tristana's Ultimate can unclump them for you, Ashe's can stun them, Blitzcrank can pull them out of your way (or into your sites if they're at an odd angle, etc. Also: use your Yordle Traps to make sure your teammates ulimates and skills hit too. Oh no. Morde's Ult isn't enough to finish off that straggler and you need some help in this team fight. Move out of the way of blockers and ult them :D. Skill shots in a frenzied battle can be hard to land, so it'd be nice to help your team out. Locking down somebody can make shots like Ezrael's, Nidalee's, Kennen's, Corki, Anivia, etc that much more effective if they target after you've locked them down.

Push with your team when you have a chance. You don't really have any inherently great pushing skills but as a team or with your creep wave, you can. If they're tower hugging, or aggressively pushing your tower take the time to make it work for your team's favor. People just love to trigger your traps at their own tower thinking the damage doesn't mean much since they're safe. Wrong. This allows you and your team to farm better since there's one less factor of harassment and you're dealing them a blow to experience. It makes them hug towers longer. Also more teammates and a tower diver attacking them, they'd think twice. :P Locking them foolishly at your tower after they've dived can mean the end for them.

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This is just the first edition of the guide/build. I'll be sure to update it and make it a grade A Guide. Hopefully I'll have all the icons ready, game play, and additional items for survivability as well as the build for Twisted Tree line.

Like with all guides: Please read and try out the guide before you down vote it. :( Also, please leave a comment on how I could improve it if you can. Leave a comment any way, it'll help me see its progress.