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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fable

Squishy, but deadly champions

Fable Last updated on February 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nocturne is a pretty neat jungle. He can become pretty fast, use fear and with his ultimate he can jump pretty far - making ganks a lot easier.

I prefer going for a quick phage simply because it helps you hunt people down.

This build utilizes the W-ability with Berserker Boots and Zephyr; giving you fast attack speed. Couple this attack speed with Black Cleaver and you suddenly become very deadly.

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Talon is a damage dealer. You have to play him carefully, but aggressively. Wait for the right moment to strike!

Your "W" is extremely powerful and this build revolves around doing the most amount of damage as fast as possible. In order to maximize your AD for the least amount of gold you should wait with combining some of the items. Max out your inventory before combining.

The items you want to buy the fastest are BF Sword and Pickaxe. They are cheapest for the amount of AD. But if you get behind to do not be afraid to invest in Long Swords. You want to get your brutalizer and then your boots followed by pure AD.

Lifesteal is, in my opinion, almost useless on him. This is mainly because your damage stems from abilities, not attacks. So you would need Spell Vamp, but that doesn't fit well at all.

Basically you can take down anyone who doesn't have a ton of hitpoints. You are extremely good at chasing your opponents, but you die quickly if focused. Your playstyle should be very aggressive against single opponents, but you have to really bide your time in teambattles. Find the right moment to strike - very much like Katarina.

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This is an awesome mid or top character. You can jungle her, but that will delay your build since you need to take the machete.

The best is to play a roaming mid character. As soon as you push your minions to your opponents tower, go run down and gank in the other lanes.

NEVER!!11one commit to battle. Run around, bait and hunt. If you are to help out in teambattles you need to hit your ulti on multiple foes before closing in. Keep in mind - you will get targeted! You are squishy and your strength lies in the ability to do damage without taking damage - not killing people swiftly.

Rylai's Scepter: Your Q now slows your enemies. Awesome!
Liandry's Torment: Along with Scepter your Q now slows and deals 10% burning damage.
Zhonya's Hourglass: The active ability can be a real lifesaver. I want it for the 100 AP, not so much the armor. You're squishy - deal with it.

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Teemo has a flair for getting targeted so this build also includes some hitpoints. With massive usage of blind and shrooms you run out of mana pretty quickly, but with Rod of Ages first off you don't really have that problem. In addition you can lane more since you gain HP and Mana on leveling. Scepter is essential for hunting people down. Use blind and they will be slowed. On top of this Liandry's torment does 10% current health damage when someone steps on a shroom. Deathfire grasp increases your AP a ****ton - it will also help you take down tanks. Quick kills ftw!

You basically end up with a slow attack speed, but very heavy damage build. I've experimented with attack speed builds, but that doesn't work as well since your play style should be scoot'n'shoot with a squishy like Teemo.


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