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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Udyr Build Guide by cellopietro

THE TWO PATHS - CelloRockz's Master Guide

THE TWO PATHS - CelloRockz's Master Guide

Updated on November 29, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cellopietro Build Guide By cellopietro 41 7 84,527 Views 52 Comments
41 7 84,527 Views 52 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cellopietro Udyr Build Guide By cellopietro Updated on November 29, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Udyr
    The Tiger
  • LoL Champion: Udyr
    The Phoenix
  • LoL Champion: Udyr
    Immortal Udyr

Hello fellow Summoner!
Welcome to my Udyr Master Guide!

I remember when I started playing LoL because my PC couldn't handle Dota 2 very well. Gotta say though, I was very excited with all the new stuff, couldn't wait to try out so many new heroes! Udyr was the first champion I learned how to play properly.

Holy sh*t! A savage warrior that can turn into 4 different beasts, each with its own play style?!

I kinda forgot him after a while though. But recent events rekindled some past bonds..


Udyr definitely deserved a re-evaluation. I got much deeper into his gameplay and made a complete advanced analysis of how to optimize his every aspect.

Here I share with my learnings you!

This guide is consisted of 3 builds: The Phoenix, the Tiger and the Immortal.

Each of these 3 are at the extremes of an spectrum. Phoenix and Tiger on the offensive end, and Immortal on the defensive. I know this might have sounded complicated, so check out the V-diagram below:

The Phoenix and Tiger builds are focused almost entirely on Damage, and the Immortal on Tankyness.

"But Cello, what the hell do I do with these now?"

Well, it's quite simple really, and there are so many possibilities! Udyr is such a versatile champion, and allows you to explore a lot of different play styles! He can be a Tank, Bruiser, Assassin or even an AP Carry!

While you can follow the 3 builds exactly as they are, what I would call the ideal is for you to mix-and-match the 2 Paths with the Immortal build, and find the perfect balance that best suits your playstyle!

I do understand that all this might be a little confusing. It is rather an advanced concept, the result from a deep analysis. Therefore, if you are still having trouble comprehending it, don't worry! Just ask in a comment,
or send me a PM, and I'll be more than glad to help you out!

Smite is pretty obvious for Junglers. One could argue that Udyr's power is so immense, that he doesn't really need it. But the thing is: Udyr's counter-jungling and map-presence are so monumental, that Smite gives him that extra 10% to ultimately terrorize those who dare to tread between the jungle camps.

Flash is the only tool that Udyr does not naturally possesses in his arsenal:
A proper gap-closer. Activate Blazing Stampede from within a bush and Flash into the lane. The enemy will tremble with the apparition of such a gargantuan beast right in front of him.

Ghost is also a viable option, both while jungling as well as on Top lane.
It is incredibly amusing to run around at 700 speed, stunning everybody with your
bear paw high-fives and escaping the range of enemies' retribution.
When on Top lane, you can pic Ghost it instead of Ignite for extra mobility.
Make sure to take Summoner's Wrath on your Masteries.

This chapter will go over "when" to level these 2 specific stances

Top Lane

Take your offensive stance (Tiger or Phoenix) at level 1, then alternate with the Turtle in order to properly trade in lane. At level 3 get 1 point in Bear for the stun. You don't need more since you wont be running around much until Mid to Late game.


Start with the Turtle so you'll take less damage from the Blue Golem.
Take your offensive stance at level 2 to clear the camps faster, and Bear at level 3 to start ganks.

As a Jungler you'll have to roam around quite frequently, ganking the lanes like a boss, and the movement speed from Bear comes in handy. If you are dominating the enemies with major ganks (duh, why wouldn't you be?) go ahead and level the Bear before the Turtle. However, if you are having trouble farming the jungle (really? you're freaking Udyr!) or just need to be more tanky during fights,
focus on the Turtle instead.

The 4 Stances have a pattern. Udyr will always take the Bear and the Turtle. What actually defines your Path are the two different types of damage output: the
Tiger and the Phoenix

. . .

You are the Tiger, Lord of all Beasts!

Swift, fierce, majestic, you strike fear into the heart of those throughout the Fields of Justice. Enemies tremble at the sound of your thunderous roar.

And I mean literally. Activate Wilding Claw and watch as every enemy around you steps back when they hear that roaring sound, too scared of taking the devastating blow from your proc.

With the Path of the Tiger offensive build finished, Udyr should have 415 Attack Damage and he can easily reach the maximum 2.5 Attack Speed. Also, and should give an extra 200 Damage per hit.

PREDATOR: Persistent effect. While on Tiger Stance, Udyr's basic attacks deal 15% of his total damage as bonus damage, boosting them with an extra 60 on hit.

SWIPE: Tiger Stance's active. The voracious Tiger maims his next target with his razorsharp claws, dealing a tremendous amount physical damage. Besides his normal attack, he also deals 900 Damage over the next 2 seconds. As if that wasn't enough, at the sight of his wounded prey, Udyr goes into a bloodlust increasing his attack speed by +75% for 5 seconds.

MATH: Attacking 2.5 times every second, with 415 base Attack Damage, the Path of the Tiger allows Udyr to reach the following stats:

Basic hits: 415 damage + 60 from the Tiger bonus + 200 from Blade of the Ruined King and Muramana * 2.5 = 1690 damage/second

Once every 6 secs: Proc of Stance + Trinity Force = 900 damage over 2 seconds + 1300 combined 1st hit

End result: Over 6 seconds of combat, Udyr is capable of dealing a brutal amount of 12340 Physical Damage to an enemy with 0 armor, or entirely annihilate the enemy's Garen with 3085 HP and 300 Armor.

Of course, this is all raw data. There are many other variables during a Team Fight, such as CC and Slows, other Increases and Reductions, and Udyr himself will be switching between stances. These numbers are simply so you can begin to wrap your mind around the absurd strength and power awaiting...

at the end of the Tiger Path
. . .

The Ravager Tiger

While Fury might seem obvious, Sorcery will allow you to spam your Wilding Claw more often, consequently improving your damage.

all serve the purpose of increasing your Physical Damage output, making your Tiger that much more fearful.

Executioner is plain OP. For just 1 point, it boosts your damage dealt by 5%! The synergy with Wilding Claw is fantastic.
After dropping his prey's HP to below 50%, the ferocious Tiger goes into a rage, eager to finish off his target!

Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage help boost your Physical Damage output, and are the ideal for the Ravager Tiger. However, you could go with the AS marks and MS quints. It is really a personal preference.


sight ward
  • Doran's Blade offer extra Damage, Health and a nice HP recover per-hit to go with your Iron Mantle. You could also buy a Long Sword, which you can then build into a The Brutalizer, and 2x Health Potion instead.

  • Boots are always useful, but not really a must early game as you already have Blazing Stampede. 4x Health Potion is enough to keep you in lane for a long time, but you could get a sight ward instead.

  • Elixir of Fortitude is an excellent item. The extra Health and Damage will ensure your superiority over your lane, and can be a great tool for a kill if the enemy is not suspecting. Also, remember to buy a sight ward. (suggested by YouGotTroubles)

Mana + Sustain

  • Tear of the Goddess solves nearly all your Mana problems and enables you to constantly switch between stances during fights. While it might delay your core a little bit, it is very useful as Udyr would otherwise quickly run out of mana without the Blue Buff.

  • Vampiric Scepter, combined with Iron Mantle, gives you insane sustain and will pretty much allow you to outlast any champion.

Mid Core

  • The bread & butter of your mid game. These items allow you to successfully trade against enemies in lane.

  • The Brutalizer and Warden's Mail will cause an AD melee champion to lose all the exchanges he has with you. The mail will also reduce kiting from ranged champions.

  • Hexdrinker and Negatron Cloak counter most AP champions, giving you 30% magic damage reduction, and a 250 damage spellshield when low on health.


  • The Ravager Tiger's main focus is to dish out a lot of Damage, and as such you should focus on the following items:

  • Turn your Vampiric Scepter into the Blade of the Ruined King as soon as possible. It is a badass boost to Udyr's arsenal, providing Damage from its passive, AS, Lifesteal and an excellent active.

  • Muramana is another interesting pick, specially since Udyr can stack Tear of the Goddess relatively fast. Besides eliminating your Mana issues and granting a good amount of AD, it adds a massive Damage bonus to your hits.

  • Black Cleaver is a great fit. Can be upgraded from your The Brutalizer, and the AD, Health, CDR and Armor Pen are very welcome.

  • Maw of Malmortius can be upgraded from your Hexdrinker. Grants a nice deal of AD as well as improved defenses against AP champions.

  • Trinity Force is one of those items that make Udyr unstoppable. Besides granting a wide variety of stats, the spellblade proc synergizes too well with your stance switches.


  • If you're feeling too squishy, however, get 1 or 2 items from the list below:

  • Randuin's Omen is another perfect fit in the task of making Udyr unkillable. Provides you with tons of Armor and Health, a passive that will reduce even further the damage of those who are attacking you, and an active that, coupled with Blazing Stampede, will guarantee you that chase or escape.

  • Banshee's Veil is a direct counter to almost every AP champion, specially those with skillshots.

  • Warmog's Armor is a bulky, massive layer of +1000 Health protecting you against pretty much anything. You'll easily hit 3000 HP with this.

  • Sunfire Aegis is a viable option instead of Randuin's Omen. The passive further increases your overall damage.

Finishing Items

  • Bloodthirster is the best option to finish off with an immense boost of +100 AD when fully stacked. The extra Lifesteal wont hurt either.

  • Ravenous Hydra is an interesting fit to Udyr. With the Wilding Claw procs you will clear out minion waves in a blink. Get this if you are planning a lane-pushing strategy.

  • Frozen Heart is an ultimate tanky item, granting a lot of Armor. Also, the CDR reduces the time between your Tiger procs.

  • Guardian Angel is almost cheating. The very earth beneath your enemies' feet will shake as they face the fact that they'll have to kill you twice.

Furor or Zephyr

  • Now as a last purchase, you could either take an enhancement for your boots, or replace it entirely with a Zephyr.

  • Enchantment: Furor is excellent for sticking to your target. With your already-high MS you'll be hitting him constantly, and this boost would make sure you don't lose him in a chase.

  • If you have enough money, you could sell your boots and buy a Zephyr instead. The +10% MS makes sure you don't get much slower. You would be receiving: +25 AD, +50% AS, +10% CDR and to top it off a Tenacity bonus, granting you more resistance to CCs.

You are the Phoenix, The Ancient Redeemer and Purifier!

Evoke the power of the eternal flames, and lay waste to all those who dare to oppose you. Turn the very land to ashes, and watch as only you stand reborn above all else.

In Wingborne Storm, Udyr is able to burst into flames everyone and everything around him. His AOE damage is just too powerful and will decimate the Enemy Team's formation and HP Bars before they can even notice.

With the complete Path of the Phoenix offensive build, Udyr should have 550 Ability Power, and again he can easily cap 2.5 Attack Speed.

FLAME BLAST: Persistent effect. Every 3rd attack, Udyr deals 550 magic damage to a cone in front of him. This allows you to hit multiple enemies at once, maybe even all 5 champions if they're grouped together.

FIRE NOVA: Phoenix Stance's active. The spirit of the Phoenix sends out pulsing waves of fire, dealing 190 magic damage to nearby enemies each second, for 5 seconds. He also casts a Flame Blast on activation.

Here's a little trick: Nashor's Tooth will be adding 100 magic damage to your every hit. When coupled with Spellsword , it adds another 25, up to 125 damage.
MATH: Hitting 2.5 times a second, with 550 Ability Power, the Path of the Phoenix grants Udyr the following characteristics:

Basic hits: 125 Magic Damage per hit * 2.5 + 190 per pulse = 500 damage/second

Once every 3.6 secs: Proc of Stance + Lich Bane = 550 Magic Damage + 460 on hit

Each 3rd attack: Extra Fire Blast = 550 Magic Damage times over 6 seconds = 2750 Magic Damage

End result: Over 6 seconds of combat, Udyr is capable of dealing an astounding amount of 7445 Magic Damage to multiple enemies in the AOE, plus 1650 Physical Damage to a single target, without counting Armor and Magic Resistance. That would equal 3000 Magic Damage to targets with 150 Magic Resist.

You will hardly see champions with more than 100 Magic Resist in games, making you that much more of a threat to anyone other than the tank. 80% of all your damage is Magic, and will have devastating consequences to those not prepared. While the numbers might not seem as high, the Tiger's single target focus damage output might be easily surpassed, by unlocking the true hidden potential that lies...

at the end of the Phoenix Path
. . .

Flaming Phoenix

Again we take Fury and Sorcery. The AS increase is just as important for the Phoenix, maybe even more, as it increases the number of procs.

serve the same purpose, increase your Magic Damage output. These alone will provide you with +20 AP at Mid Game, not to mention the Magic Penetration and damage dealt bonuses.

Spellsword is the secret weapon of this Mastery build. 5% AP dealt as magic damage on hit, for just 1 point!
At Late Game with full-build you should have at least 550 AP. In this case Spellsword would add 27 magic damage to your every hit.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power increase your Magic Damage output. Notice that we also take Greater Mark of Attack Speed. No matter in which case, AS will always be important for Udyr.


sight ward
  • You could get an Amplifying Tome instead of the Doran's Ring, but that's trading +60 Health, +3 MP/5 and 4 Mana when you kill a minion for just another 5 AP. Besides, the ring is also cheaper and you could then buy 2x Health Potion.

  • Boots are always useful, but not really a must early game as you already have Blazing Stampede. 4x Health Potion is enough to keep you in lane for a long time, but you could also get a sight ward instead.

  • Crystalline Flask is a great item, it provides you with 3 charges of both HP and MP regen. It can be worth buying, even after Doran's Ring, if you're having trouble in lane.

Early Core

catalyst the protector
  • Fiendish Codex is your next target item. Nice AP boost plus CDR. You could, however, buy the Tear of the Goddess first if you're having Mana issues.

  • Get Tear of the Goddess next as it will nullify your worries about Mana. Also it's a required item for the Seraph's Embrace which we plan on getting later in the game.

  • catalyst the protector is an optional pick. While not really necessary, you should buy it if you're feeling too squishy. You can also build it into Rod of Ages later on.

Mid Core

  • Nashor's Tooth is not just amazing item, it's also a vital part of our build. Nice deal of AP, even better AS, an outstanding 20% CDR, and above all else a passive that will deal 15 + 15% of AP as magic damage on every hit. Coupled with Spellsword your auto-attacks will be just as dreadful as your abilities.

  • Here's a good time to get your Boots of Swiftness, as MS is a core factor on Udyr no matter which Path he takes.

Late Core


  • At this point, Lich Bane should be your main focus if you want to stay in the offense. The amount of magic damage you will do when activating stances will be nearly the same as a Fire Blast from the Phoenix, doubling your total output.

  • Guinsoo's Rageblade is an unusual pick for most champions. However, if you look closely, you'll realize it sygergises perfectly with the Flaming Phoenix. Giving moderate amounts of both AP and AD, you also get +4% AS and +4 AP while hitting with basic attack, stacking up 8 times. As if it wasn't enough, if your Health bar falls below half, you get an extra +20 AS, +10% Lifesteal and +10% Spellvamp until you exit combat. This item literally makes going 1x1 against you nearly impossible.

  • Udyr does not have long range abilities, so if you're looking for magic resist reduction get the Abyssal Mask. Will also help you face other AP Carries thanks to the +45 magic resist.


  • Rod of Ages entirely removes that squishy feeling you'll probably get if you only go for offense. Good amount of AP, Health and Mana which will also translate into another 20 AP due to Seraph's Embrace. It also builds off your catalyst the protector.

  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter is your alternative for Frozen Mallet. While the slow might be smaller, you can make more use of the 80 AP than the 30 AD.

  • Besides the great Armor bonus and the CDR from Frozen Heart, the extra Mana is specially useful, as with Seraph's Embrace it will also provide extra AP.
    Arguably this could work well with Zhonya's Hourglass against AD champions, but I haven't yet found a good use of the invulnerable-active for Udyr.


  • Hextech Gunblade. This little thing is a massive monster mamma jam. Realistically talking though, in most games you wont have time/gold to buy it, as you should focus on your other items before. However, if for some reason the match is taking incredibly long, and you don't know what else to do with your money, go ahead and buy it!
    Hextech Gunblade grants you a huge deal of AP and AD, Lifesteal and Spellvamp. Its active will deal nearly 400 magic damage and slow your target for 40%. This has a 1 minute cooldown, but if you keep hitting enemies you'll be able to use it again in no more than 10 seconds.

  • Guardian Angel is almost cheating. The very earth beneath your enemies' feet will tremble as they face the fact that they'll have to kill you twice.

Furor or Zephyr

  • Now as a finish off, you could either take an enhancement for your boots, or replace it entirely with a Zephyr.

  • Enchantment: Furor is excellent for sticking to your target. With your already-high MS you'll be hitting him constantly, and this boost would make sure you don't lose him in a chase.

  • If you have enough money, you could sell your boots and buy a Zephyr instead. The +10% MS makes sure you don't get much slower. You would be receiving: +25 AD, +50% AS, +10% CDR and to top it off a Tenacity bonus, granting you more resistance to CCs.

Become the Unyelding Avatar of Force!

With the strength of the 4 Eternal Spirits, no one has ever been able to claim his life in battle. He will protect the Spirits' Temple at any cost.

Now this is not one of the Paths. Immortal Udyr is a set of Items, Masteries, Runes and different type of Gameplay, that I use to build Udyr into the role of Tank. As such, this build works both on Top and the Jungle. And it can be utilized in conjunction with either the Tiger or the Phoenix Path, since it does not involve Abilities.

Immortal Udyr focus primarily on 2 things:
  • Defenses: Health, Armor, Magic Resistance, Damage Reductions and Regeneration.
  • Mobility: Movement Speed, CC and Slow Reductions, Escaping, Chasing and Harassing.

  • Level 1: 585 / 8 Hp-5s
  • Level 18: 2440 HP / 21 Hp-5s
  • Hybrid Build: 5042 HP / 84 Hp-5s
  • Level 1: 24 Armor / 30 Magic Resist
  • Level 18: 92 Armor / 52 Magic Resist
  • Hybrid Build: 192 Armor / 108 Magic Resist
  • Versus AD Build: 402 Armor
  • Versus AP Build: 202 Magic Resist

M. SPEED: At the beginning of the game, Udyr already has with 360 MS. The following calculations will consider he's with the full bonus of Bridge Between:
CC/SLOW REDUCTION: Stuns and Slows will have their duration reduced by 15% due to Tenacious . Plus 15% reduced effect of Slows due to Relentless . This will make you much harder to stop.

BEWILDERMENT: You should be aware that your enemies fear you. They see that Udyr at the battlefield and they know you are dangerous. Sooner or later, they will focus you, because they know if they don't, you'll make them regret it.

Here's where the trick comes in play: Abuse that fact. Provoke them. Before teamfights, rush in and assault your target, hitting him once, and rush back out. They will attack you, and eventually make an attempt for the kill, and probably fail because of your incredible speed and tankyness. This is enormously distracting, and most times will disrupt their formation and result in a victorious fight for your team.
Of course, you must learn not to hesitate in order to do that. But you shouldn't be afraid, after all...

you are Immortal
. . .

Immortal Udyr

Hardiness over Resistance as it negates more overall damage. Coupled with Unyielding , Block and Honor Guard will reduce 20 damage of every auto-attack from a Caitlyn Mid Game.

provide you with nearly +60 HP at lvl 1, and more than +200 HP at Mid Game.

Relentless & Tenacious are your best tools to become the mighty beast we're aiming for. 15% CC reduction along with 15% Slow reduction make you that much harder to stop, specially if combined with Mercury's Treads or Zephyr.

After doing the math, I feel like all of the Tier 5 masteries are pretty much worthless. You get much better bonuses spending your points elsewhere.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and Greater Seal of Armor are pretty standard. Greater Mark of Attack Speed and Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are the best tools for Udyr to establish his dominance over the the game.


  • Pretty standard for Junglers. However, choose the starting items of the according Path if you're going Top.

Early Core

  • Phage is one of the best first items for you as it gives AD, Health and even a chance of slow proc, which is great for ganking.

  • Vampiric Scepter is always useful. It boosts your AD and grants you Lifesteal so you wont have to return to base too often, while ganking and clearing jungle camps.

  • As a Jungler you'll be roaming around and chasing opponents, so it's best to get Boots early on.

Mid Game

  • The Bilgewater Cutlass will further increase your Damage and Lifesteal, and even give you an active slow.

  • Boots of Swiftness will help Udyr to shine due to his MS. You'll be much more than a nuisance for the enemy team as your ganks become much stronger.

  • Giant's Belt is necessary as you need Health to do what you do best. In case the enemy team is giving you a hard time, you might want to get the belt and then turn it into a Frozen Mallet before buying the Bilgewater Cutlass.


  • Aim for Frozen Mallet next. Increases your AD as well as your Health by a whole lot. Not to mention the totally OP perma-slow effect. Besides being ultra-fast you now slow your targets too. Nobody will be able to escape from you.

  • Blade of the Ruined King helps you stay in the game during later phases. In Late Game the enemy team probably wont be targeting you during teamfights anymore, but BOTRK allows you to keep helping your team by dealing more Damage due to its passive and slowing with its active.

  • Iceborn Gauntlet also provides you with a slow, a nice Armorboost and it increases your Mana, and will often proc as you switch stances. Consider buying it instead of Frozen Mallet if the enemy team is mostly AD.


  • Randuin's Omen is one of the items that make Udyr unkillable. Provides you with tons of Armor and Health, a passive that will reduce the AS of those attacking you, and an active that, coupled with Blazing Stampede, will guarantee that no one can ever keep up with you.

  • I usually take Spirit Visage instead of Banshee's Veil when tanking specially because the 20% Healing increase . Gives you insane sustain specially when using Iron Mantle. The +20% CDR is also very useful.

  • Warmog's Armor is a bulky, massive layer of +1000 Health protecting you against pretty much anything. The HP Regen will allow you to recover from fights in a matter of seconds, even more if you have a Spirit Visage. Trust me, the enemy team will *sigh* when they see you approaching with this little thing.

  • The Runic Bulwark is the most overall defensive item, so it's a great choice when the enemy team has mixed AP and AD. It will increase all your defenses and even grant and aura that helps allies as well.


  • Frozen Heart is an ultimate tanky item. Grants you tons of Armor, and coupled with your Randuin's Omen, will greatly hinder the enemy team's Damage. Also grants +20% CDR.

  • If your opponents are mostly AD, you might wanna get a Sunfire Aegis on top of your Randuin's Omen. The passive will also increase your overall Damage.

  • Thornmail is another viable pick against AD enemies. Besides the +100 Armor boost it also returns damage and might be a direct counter to some champions.

  • If their AP Carry is giving you hell, Banshee's Veil might be a good choice. The spellblock can be a great asset against some champions.

And finally...

  • Can you imagine, after all we discussed above... on top of all the things that make Udyr nearly unkillable... having to go through the trouble of killing him TWICE?
    It'll pretty much turn you into a God. 0 deaths in games will become an usual thing.

We've reached the end of our journey!

You have walked the Paths of Enlightenment and finally conquered your rage, Summoner!
Now you are a true guardian of Runeterra, able to channel the power of the 4 Spirits and wield it with expertise.

That's it! Hope you've enjoyed my Udyr guide! Hope you have as much fun playing him as I had writing this guide. I'll probably add a few things in the future, but if you have any opinions, suggestions, would like me to add something or just want to discuss any subject, feel free to comment and let me know!

And of course...

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cellopietro Udyr Guide
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