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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Trundle Build Guide by Jax In The Box

AD Offtank Trundle in the Jungle

AD Offtank Trundle in the Jungle

Updated on January 17, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jax In The Box Build Guide By Jax In The Box 83,785 Views 4 Comments
83,785 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jax In The Box Trundle Build Guide By Jax In The Box Updated on January 17, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Before we begin...

Trundle in the Jungle
Melee, Tanky DPS, Peeler, Zoner, Jungler

Please Read: This is a PATCH 4.21 Trundle guide meant on the general use of Trundle in the jungle. Generally, I will be going through on the sections you saw in the Table of Contents.

In-depth Explanations?: I will not be elaborating more than I already have, although I do recognise the importance of certain skills on Trundle such as Pillar of Ice, which does have many uses. If you wish to see a more in-depth guide on how to use Trundle's Pillar of Ice, feel free to check out my friend Cliques007's guide on it here: Master the Pillar, Master Trundle

Top Lane Trundle? I won't be going into top lane Trundle unless you guys want me to include a separate section after this guide is completed. This guide is meant to be jungle-oriented and will only be describing the summoner spells/tips etc. for use in the jungle. Of course, for my subsequent chapter on strategies in teamfights, they can be applicable for top lane Trundle as well.

Results: This guide is not magical. Don't expect to read this and suddenly feel like you can take on anything. Many concepts in this guide might seem foreign to you, and if you scr*w up initially, don't be discouraged. Trundle might be slightly hard to learn initially, but once you get the hang of it, he is extremely fun to play.

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Hello, and welcome to my Trundle guide.

I'm currently writing this guide as a continuation of my friend's efforts, who also mains Trundle. Both of us had an idea, and that was to popularise the Troll King, Trundle. Now, before you go on any further, you might think that Trundle is trash. It's true, he is underplayed, underrated, and commands ban rates not as high as those of Yasuo and Thresh, but with the proper skill, Trundle is definitely viable. He has even been played before in the LCS, an is a common counter to all those "FOTM" champions out there like Renekton, Shyvana, Dr. Mundo, Maokai, Rammus and the like. Now, I'm not saying that Trundle has no counters and weaknesses whatsoever. I'm just saying, that the Troll King really deserves more love, because when I see the amount of Trundle picks out there, and the way people play Trundle, its really bad. So, this guide is aimed at teaching everyone---whether you're a beginner seeking to play a new champion or an avid trundle player---a new method of playing Trundle that may work out well for you all. If you're still interested after reading this wall of text, congrats! You got over the boring part. Let's go on discovering about Trundle.

P/S: I spent quite some time doing this guide, so I would really appreciate it if you are willing to give me an upvote if the guide helped you in any way, so that it would reach out to more people.If you're going to drop a downvote, please at least tell me the reason why, and try out the build first. I know that you guys might think its ridiculous, but trust me, it works.
Abbreviations Used
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Champion Spotlight

If you newly picked up Trundle, this will give you an insight on how the Troll King is played.
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Pros, Cons, and Misconceptions


+ Excellent duelist

+ Good synergy with many champions

+ Excellent tanker with his ultimate, Subjugate, which steals stats and softens up an enemy for your team

+ Good teamfighter that can isolate targets with Pillar of Ice, and arrange for easily aimed skillshots

+ Incredible movement speed with Frozen Domain, good chaser/escaper

+ Pillar of Ice has many uses and can save a teammates life by blocking out narrow paths

+ Is incredible in many aspects, with AS steroids, AD buffs, Armor/MR buffs, slows & great MS

+ Nobody can ever blame you for TROLLING again

+ Great hybrid damage with Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer and Subjugate's magic damage.
As you can see, Trundle has many advantages and can synergise with many champions. He has huge potential in team fights, isolating targets and setting up easily-aimed skillshots with Pillar of Ice as well as soaking up damage for his team with the stolen resistances from Subjugate. That is not to say that he does not have any escape or chasing abilities. The MS from Frozen Domain and slow from Pillar of Ice is more than enough to secure an escape or a kill. Besides that, Trundle also stands among one of the top duelists in LoL, beside champions like Jax and Nasus. Besides that, Trundle also has strong sustain through King's Tribute and great damage output, making him excel in solo lanes and in the jungle. Due to the fact that Trundle relies mostly on his AAs to deal damage and isn't a skillshot-reliant champion like, say, Lux or Orianna, he is also a very easy champion to pick up and learn initially, although due to the many aspects Pillar of Ice can be used in and learning proper target selection for Chomp and Subjugate, he is definitely hard to master.


- Easily kited outside of Frozen Domain

- Relies mainly on autoattacks to bring the pain

- No way of gapclosing immediately, can die easily without Subjugate if chasing an opponent into enemy team

- No long ranged abilities

- No hard CC except for a knockup and slow from Pillar of Ice

- Can be harassed easily in lane and during sieges/attrition battles
Of course, that is not to say that Trundle has no weaknesses. Despite his high damage output and chasing/escaping ability, he is still prone to being kited/bursted down quickly as he is a DPS champion that relies mainly on his AAs to deal damage. Due to the fact that he does not have much CC or an instant gapcloser like Irelia's Bladesurge, Trundle can be kited easily. Also, Trundle excels mainly at location based combat, and smart enemies can lure him out of the radius of Frozen Domain, or use displacement abilities like Arcane Shift to instantly leave the slow radius of Pillar of Ice. As mentioned before, since Trundle is a DPS champion, he needs to constantly attack to deal damage, but bursty champions like Veigar and Talon can burst Trundle down quickly before he can deal damage. Lastly, since Trundle lacks long-ranged abilities and harass, he is not of much use in a poke-oriented composition, and can also be easily harassed during sieges due to, as mentioned before, having no instant displacement abilities.



Q: What's this about? // This is the final part of this section, the MISCONCEPTIONS. I will be addressing this section in a QnA format. If you guys have anything to ask about, feel free to post it in the comments section. I will read every single comment, I assure you, and if the questions are relevant, I will post them in this section so that everyone can benefit.

Q: Trundle only deals single target damage, how is he viable in a teamfight? // Indeed, Trundle deals damage by autoattacks. However, by purchasing Ravenous Hydra, he makes up for this weakness. Moreover, Trundle's power in teamfights lie in his ability to disrupt the enemy team's channels with Pillar of Ice and potentially create great chaos. Frozen Domain gives Trundle the ability to quickly reach enemy squishies and destroy them, and Subjugate ensures that Trundle is tanky enough to do so. As such, he is extremely strong in teamfights.

Q: How is Trundle strong in the current meta? // Nowadays, top laners like Dr. Mundo, Maokai and Shyvana are commonly chosen. This lies in their ability to transition well into the late game by being tanky and at the same time dishing out decent damage. One thing, however is common among all these bruisers, and generally 90% of the top lane and jungle champions: they build tanky items. How does it benefit Trundle, you might ask? Subjugate. This skill allows Trundle to STEAL tanky stats from an enemy. You can hover over the ability icon to see exactly how much. You get my drift? Basically, the tankier an opponent builds, the higher their armor, the higher their MR, the higher their health---it benefits Trundle! Trundle thus not only gins massively increased resistances, he also softens up the previously "unkillable" tank into something his team can easily overcome. As tanky bruisers are commonly chosen nowadays, Trundle fits very well into the current meta due to his ability to siphon resistances off them.

This is about all for this section. As mentioned above, I will be constantly updating this section with relevant Questions and Answers, so if you have any questions to offer, please do!
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When should you pick Trundle?

You should pick Trundle when there is a certain type of champion you can siphon resistances off. For example, if you're against a full AD enemy team with a Rammus. Due to the enemies building mostly AD, and Rammus stacking armor, you can steal stats from Rammus to become more effective against the enemy team in soaking up their damage.

You should also pick Trundle when you know the enemy has a weak jungler that is incapable of counterjungling. Some examples are Amumu and Tryndamere. Against such champions, you can farm in peace without fear of getting outscaled or denied.

However, there are certain circumstances as well where Trundle is a poor pick. As Trundle is fairly item-reliant, you will not want to pick him against a strong counterjungler like Pantheon that can deny you of your gold and subsequently, your stacks on Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer.

Against enemy team compositions that include only squishy targets and no tanks, Trundle's ultimate is unable to work as well as when there is a tanky member of the team available, as you will not be able to steal as much resistances. As such, avoid picking Trundle into such compositions.
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This section will be split into 3 sections explaining why I take Quintessences & Marks, Seals, and glyphs respectively. I take this rune page nearly all the time for jungle Trundle, unless I'm against certain weird compositions where all 5 of the enemy team is AD or something.
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed and Greater Mark of Attack Speed: I take AS for Quints and Marks because these runes are meant for offense. AS is strong in the early game, where Trundle is at his weakest. These runes are meant to give you maximum clear potential. Attack speed will help you clear faster than AD runes and will also help to conserve your health better by getting more Gift of Heavy Hands strikes off. Due to your passive, I don't find Greater Quintessence of Life Steal to be as useful on Trundle as on other champions.

  • Greater Seal of Armor: I take armor seals in other to mitigate jungle monster damage early, and to help against strong counterjunglers like Pantheon and Lee Sin. Late game, we have so much armor from Subjugate that scaling armor isn't necessary. All you need to care about early is to maximize farming potential, and that includes being as healthy as possible to take as many camps before you back.

  • Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist: Immediate MR is unnecessary early game as jungle camps don't deal magic damage, and the damage mages deal with their spells early games is practically negligible. I take scaling MR as to minimise the amount of damage mages will deal to me once they complete their core items. It is in the late game where mages will hurt most, so you want scaling MR to prepare for that.

TL;DR : Refer to my notes on runes in the cheatsheet
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Double-Edged Sword : I take this mastery because of the 2% extra damage. With your high resistances the 1% damage returned to you is negligible.
Fury : I max out Fury for the 5%AS, which will help in my clear speed, and in turn my devourer stacks. AS will also help me attack faster and thus utilise the on-hit magic damage from Devourer to the fullest.
Butcher : Same reason as for Fury , since I'm jungling, I need all the speed I need.
Brute Force : I max this out for the 10 AD, which is great because Trundle scales well with AD, given his high CSC and AS.
Feast : This mastery is kinda like your passive, King's Tribute. Also for clearing jungle camps, to ensure you stay healthy through it all so you can kill more camps.
Martial Mastery : Instant 4AD for just 1 point? Why not? AD helps in so many ways(see above).
Executioner : I max this out to maximise damage potential on champions.
Warlord : through Ravenous Hydra, Infinity Edge and Trinity Force, you're going to have alot of bonus AD. Therefore, I get the most out all your bonus AD it by maxing this.
Devastating Strikes : You either deal Physical or Magic damage, so you need all the penetration you an get to maximise damage output.
Havoc : Yep, 3% bonus damage is too good to pass up.
Enchanted Armor : I get this to maximise resistances gained from my items and Subjugate. This helps me get as much as 7 or 8 bonus armor, which is great.
Tough Skin : This is for the same reason as Feast , to stay as healthy as possible in the jungle.
Veteran Scars : Flat-up HP is great for the early game as jungle camps really hurt.
Bladed Armor : For clear speed as well.
Juggernaut : With Trinity Force, Randuin's Omen and Spirit Visage, you're going to have alot of HP. Take this to maximise the amount of HP you get.
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Summoner Spells

This section is pretty much self-explanatory, because the two summoner spells I take are the most common for junglers out there. However, there are alternatives, and in this section I'll explain why. I will start with my two classic spells first, Flash and Smite.

You're a jungler, so Smite is a must, no questions asked. Smite has so many uses I can't even illustrate them all. How are you going to secure Dragon/Baron, or even your own Red/Blue Buff against other junglers if you don't take smite? Besides, Riot removed the idea of Smiteless Junglers by making Hunter's Machete, and all subsequent upgrades unpurchasable without smite. There is NO excuse for not taking smite, because without it, you lose objectives, security, EXP, gold, and even sustain since you're building Ranger's Trailblazer.

Flash is, in my opinion, the best summoner spell out there for 75% of the champion pool in LoL. the thing about this spell is that it has so many uses. Remember that time Flash managed to get a last hit onto that fleeing Kassadin? Remember that time Flash helped you dodge Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab? Flash has so many uses, whether it is for catching up to your opponent, surprising them, escaping, or anything. Trundle already has a movement speed buff from Frozen Domain, so I prefer this spell to Ghost 95% of the time.

If you're willing to take the risk, you can replace Flash with Teleport. In the later stages of the game, once you get Ravenous Hydra, your split-pushing potential is incredible. Teleport can easily take you from one place to another, great for split pushing and pressuring baron, that kind of thing. However, taking Teleport means forsaking Flash, which means forsaking a reliable escape tool, and potentially giving up kills due to being unable to catch up to a fleeing target. I wouldn't take this, but if you're very experienced and have excellent map awareness (so you can Teleport down into a fight), feel free to take it over Flash.

In my opinion, taking Ghost is kinda overkill because heck, you already have Frozen Domain and the movement speed buff from Trinity Force as well as the slow from Randuin's Omen. Why would you still need movement speed for? Flash is useful in more circumstances, and also allows for bigger plays. What are you going to do, for example, if your opponent Flashes over the wall and you only have Ghost? While the additional MS will help you cover a greater distance, Flash is generally more useful, especially so since you have no lack of MS. Unless I'm against slippery opponents that rely on kiting like say, Vayne or Lucian, I would pick Flash over this spell any day.

Exhaust is like your ultimate, Subjugate. It makes your enemy weaker and makes you deal more damage to them. This is great against those very strong "right-click to win" champions that rely on auto-attacks to bring the pain, like Aatrox, Jax, or Master Yi. This will practically disable them and make them deal no damage, but for the cost of a spell like Flash that proves useful in more circumstances. Unless you really need the extra edge to catch up/fight a tough champion, I wouldn't get this as Trundle already ranks top among many duelists. I would ONLY get this against tough matchups like Olaf or Udyr. This also works great if you need that extra edge to catch up to fleeing targets in a gank, but otherwise I would avoid it.

Generally, these are all the spells I take for jungle Trundle. Of course, you can opt for other spells while laning, or if you think other spells deserve an honourable mention, drop me a comment in the comments section.
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Dude, your build is horrible

I understand how you first felt when you saw this guide. No Blade of the Ruined King? No boots? Only 2 tank items? Why get Infinity Edge? What the hell was I thinking?

But trust me, it works. Now, I know that a conventional Trundle build probably doesn't include damage items like Infinity Edge and would generally focus on buying tons of tank items in general, but doing so will simply make Trundle a tank that deals no damage and can simply be ignored. At most, he will only manage to be a major nuisance with a well-placed Pillar of Ice, but apart from that, the damage that he can do is practically negligible. However, this Trundle build is aimed at achieving maximum tankiness as well as damage, making you a force to be reckoned with. But how can you trust me, you say?

Well, here's my explanation. But before that, lets go over the items again.

!PLEASE TAKE NOTE! : This is NOT meant to say that Trundle should not be played as a tank. If you already have sufficiently fed teammates or you yourself are scr*wing up and dying too easily, do yourself and your team a favour and build tanky.

Item Sequence

Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer 2250
Trinity Force 3333
Ravenous Hydra 3300
Randuin's Omen 2700
Infinity Edge 3300
Spirit Visage 2900
Ignore the <<Item Sequence>>, this picture is there just to show you the items.
Now, on with the explanation.

In truth, when my friend first introduced these items to me, I was shocked. Really shocked. Blade of the Ruined King was something I had always incorporated into my build. But now, thinking about it, indeed, this build works better. Why, you ask? Lets work on a breakdown of the items.

NOTE: I will only be working on items i feel are getting doubted about here. Things like Randuin's Omen and Spirit Visage are pretty standard on Trundle and will be discussed in the <<Item Explanation>> section below.

  • 50% attack speed---50% attack speed is A LOT. With this and a maxed out Frozen Domain, you can hit 2.0 AS, its not uncommon.
  • 25 magic damage on-hit---by itself, it doesn't do much. It can't crit. What it does, however, is that it stacks. Trundle's attack speed steroid and AD buff means that he can easily clear camps at high speed and thus gain Devourer stacks quickly. With his high attack speed, he can also apply the on-hit damage of Devourer quickly. Taking Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer is thus a logical choice.
  • For the Smite bonus, there's nothing much to be discussed about.. We're devourer-jungling, so this item is pretty standard for sustain and the AOE Smite bonus will help us clear faster. Since we already have slows from Pillar of Ice and Randuin's Omen, I find Stalker's Blade unnecessary. The 300+ true damage that Skirmisher's Sabre brings is negligible on lv 18 characters, and the damage reduction isn't really noticeable. Poacher's Knife is for strong junglers that counterjungle, like Lee Sin. You're not one of them.

  • 30AD---Nothing much on itself. Although combined with Chomp, Infinity Edge and Ravenous Hydra, it will give you an additional +225AD. Imagine your damage on a Chomp with Sheen and 250% crit damage. As the description hold true, Trinity Force will give you tons of damage.
  • 30AP---Negligible, because only Trundle's ultimate scales off AP, and the amount of additional damage the 30 AP provides is so small it won't make a difference.
  • 30%AS---With Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer, Frozen Domain, runes and masteries and this, you will get about 2.2 AS or so. That is a lot of DPS considering your AD and CSC as well as the bonus magic damage.
  • 250HP---As with all the other stats on Trinity Force, nothing much on itself, but combine it with Spirit Visage and Randuin's Omen, and you'll have a huge health pool of about 3500, more than enough to support your resistances.
  • 200MP---Pretty meh. Nothing impressive, but better than nothing. You should learn how to manage your mana costs without blue buff, but the slightly larger mana pool might come in useful when say, you're chasing an opponent and spamming your skills.
  • 10%CSC---Nothing much itself. Combined with Infinity Edge however, you should be critting about once per 3 AAs, and with your high AS thats nothing to laugh about. i will further elaborate on the infinity Edge section.
  • 8%MS---Although you don't think this is alot, it actually is. Trinity Force will give you 350x108% movement speed, which translates to 378 MS. That's even more (3 more) than that Graves with a Berserker's Greaves.
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE - RAGE: Basic attacks grant 20 movement speed for 2 seconds on hit. Minion, monster, and champion kills grant 60 movement speed for 2 seconds. The movement speed bonus is halved for ranged champions.

    With this passive, you'll have 398 movement speed while chasing your enemy. And because of your high AS and bonus MS from Frozen Domain, you'll be able to constantly refresh this slow. If you manage to get a 3rd dragon, you will be awarded even with a bonus 5% MS. See why we don't need boots now?
  • SPELLBLADE: After using an ability, your next basic attack deals 200% base AD bonus physical damage. (1.5 second cooldown).

    This passive enables you to truly deal tons of damage. With Chomp's low cooldown, you can constantly proc Sheen, which translates to even more damage.

  • 80AD---Refer to my notes on the AD on Trinity Force.
  • 25%CSC---Combined with the 10% CSC from Trinity Force, Trundle would have 35% CSC by the time he completes both items. Now, take into account the calculations below.
  • 35%. 200% base damage from Trinity Force. 120% base damage from Chomp. Additional 100 damage from Chomp. See how much a single AA, an AA reset with Chomp, followed by relentless attacks with 2.2 AS can bring? That's not even including your masteries, runes, or Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer's on-hit magic damage. You have 3500HP, with the capability to get up to 250-300 armor and 175-200 MR. So with this build, we get a Trundle who's tanky, deals damage, has high mobility, and AOE damage from Ravenous Hydra. See how it all falls together? Try the build out once or twice in custom, then bring it to normals and see how you do. I assure you, you won't be disappointed. ;)

Now, accounting for the absence of Blade of the Ruined King:

Believe me, I know it when other guides out there say Blade of the Ruined King is the core item for Trundle. I agree that it is a great item. It deals % HP on hit, gives lifesteal, AD, and AS. It even has an amazing active that steals % HP, MS and boosts yours.
So, why not Blade of the Ruined King?

Because Blade of the Ruined King is unneeded on Trundle.

Let me rephrase that: the stats Blade of the Ruined King gives are nothing impressive, certainly not as impressive as, say, a Ravenous Hydra. If you replace Ravenous Hydra with Blade of the Ruined King, you get max AS: 2.5/s. The 0.3 extra attacks do not even make up for the AOE damage and the AA reset of Ravenous Hydra. Comparing other stats, Ravenous Hydra has 2% more lifesteal, and 50 extra AD. Plus, Ravenous Hydra's extra 50 AD scales with both Chomp and CSC. In both a teamfight and split-pushing situation, Ravenous Hydra is better than Blade of the Ruined King. The only aspect of which Blade of the Ruined King excels better than Ravenous Hydra is at single-target damage, of which you have plenty already. You do not need that extra 80 damage when you're critting for above 1k. If, for some reason, your team already has a split pusher or everyone is stacking HP for some reason, get Blade of the Ruined King over Ravenous Hydra. Otherwise, just stick with the classic build.

TL;DR---All of the items in my build synergise together to form a high DPS Trundle that has sufficient HP and resistances to ensure he can dish out damage to an enemy.
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Item Explanations


Item Sequence

Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer 2250
Trinity Force 3333
Ravenous Hydra 3300
Randuin's Omen 2700
Infinity Edge 3300
Spirit Visage 2900

Ravenous Hydra is there in order to compensate for Trundle's single target abilities. This item allows you to split push, clear waves, and even gives you an additional AA reset. If, for some reason, there is already another split pusher in your team like Jinx or Fiora, I would replace it with Blade of the Ruined King.

Spirit Visage synergises very well with Trundle. All of the stats given from this item benefit Trundle greatly. The CDR is great to ensure your Frozen Domain is up ASAP for you to abuse the AS, and who doesn't want more Sheen procs with a lower Chomp cooldown? The health and MR, obviously, serve to help you soak up some damage from that bursty AP Caster like Syndra or Malzahar to ensure you don't get 100-0ed in an instant. Lastly, the passive synergises well with Trundle in many ways, as explained in the ability section.

Randuin's Omen is my preferred armor choice for Trundle, as it will not only give you a nice chunk of health and armor, being the most cost-efficient armor and health item, it will also slow the attack speed of any champion that attacks you. As you are a high priority target late with your damage, enemies will tend to focus you. Therefore, this item is there to reduce damage dealt onto you. Randuin's Omen also provides you an additional AOE slow for catching up to your opponents, and as your role in a teamfight involves diving the backline, the AOE slow works to great effect.

I would only get this if I am going tanky Trundle as a replacement for Randuin's Omen, as the attack speed slow is AOE, and does not require people to attack you. Since no one would attack a tanky Trundle in a teamfight, the attack speed slow from Randuin's Omen will not be applied, but Frozen Heart ensures that you still slow the enemy. As the aura is unique, only 1 member of your team requires this item, so if you're getting this, tell your teammates.

Same reason for getting Randuin's Omen, to discourage enemies from attacking you, and giving them the bloody nose they deserve if they do. I would get Thornmail only if I'm doing well and can't be ignored by the enemy, as well as have a moderate-large health pool because the passive requires you to be attacked in order to be effective.

This would be my alternative to Spirit Visage, if, say, the enemy is skillshot reliant like Thresh, Lee Sin and Blitzcrank. Otherwise, as the base stats are not as good as Spirit Visage, I would leave this alone. Unless the enemy has 3 or more AP casters, I generally do not buy this.
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Bad Item Choices

The following section is dedicated some alternatives to my items you might prefer. I would generally avoid picking these items unless a particular situation arises. Even so, there are some clear NOs even if you want to pick outside of those items I chose.

First off, Trundle does not need any AP whatsoever. Of all his abilities, only Subjugate scales with AP, and the AP ratio isn't even half-decent.

As with all rules however, there are certain exceptions: Sheen and its two upgrades, Trinity Force and Iceborn Gauntlet.

The mana and AP is unneeded on Trundle, yes, but the reason why Sheen is acceptable on Trundle is because of its passive. Since Trundle is by nature, an AA champion and also since your cooldown on Chomp is so low, you can easily spam Sheen proc, which will help you deal alot more damage. Plus, a Sheen can later be upgraded to an Iceborn Gauntlet which provides valuable AOE damage, a slow, CDR and armor. Or, it can be upgraded into a Trinity Force which will give you even greater sticking power with the Phage passive, Rage, as well a bunch of other useful stats like AD, MS, CSC and HP. As such, Sheen and its subsequent upgrades are welcome on Trundle.
Secondly, avoid buying too much of a particular kind of resistance. Why so? Lets look at this little graph here.

Now, as you can see from the graph, 100 armor/MR puts you at 50% damage reduction. 200 armor/MR puts you at 66.6666...% damage reduction. 300 armor/MR puts you at 75% damage reduction. See how the % damage reduction gets lower the higher your armor? The increase in % damage reduction from 200 armor/MR to 300 armor/MR is practically non-existent at 8.33... %. This is the reason why I strongly advise against exceeding the 200 armor/MR point, unless the enemy has built penetration items. So unless you see items like Last Whisper, Void Staff and Black Cleaver, avoid exceeding the 200 armor/MR point.

Of course, when the armor/magic pen items really start making a difference in the late-game where an enemy would potentially have more than 1 armor/magic pen item. Even so, you would want to stick to a definite amount of armor/MR.

Lets take a scenario, for example, of which an enemy Azir gets fed. The fed Azir buys Liandry's Torment and Sorcerer's Shoes. Flat armor/magic pen is easy to itemize against, because you only need to increase your MR by the amount you wish. For example if you have a current MR of 200, you only need to buy an additional 30 MR to make up for the magic pen.

However, % armor/magic pen is a different scenario altogether. You simply can't just keep stacking armor because it will only aid the amount of armor the item is able to ignore. As such, I recommend sticking to a MAXIMUM of 300 armor and 250 MR. That way, even if the enemy has a Last Whisper, you will still have an effective 200~ armor left, enough to tank a fair bit of damage.

NOTE: When you cast Subjugate on a target on an enemy team, look at how much armor you currently have. If it is more than the maximum amounts of armor/MR I have stated above, try not to buy any more resistances.
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Skill Sequence & Explanation

> > >
KING'S TRIBUTE: Whenever an enemy unit near Trundle dies, he heals for 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 % of their maximum health. The amount is increased at levels 5, 9, 12 and 15.

Trundle's main skill for sustain in the jungle. Whenever an enemy dies near him (enemies include neutral monsters and lane minions) he gains a percentage of their maximum health for himself. As jungle monsters have high base HP, King's Tribute will keep Trundle healthy in the jungle. Imagine the huge health you will get back from Baron!

  • Try staying close to a dying enemy champion/minion, even if you cant kill it as King's Tribute activates on any enemy killed regardless whether or not you dealt the killing blow.
  • In a scenario of which you are dying to an enemy with DOT damage, such as Cassiopeia, try killing them first. The health you get back from King's Tribute might well save you.
  • In the late game, try to fight in a bunch of enemy minions when dueling enemies. Ravenous Hydra will kill them, and King's Tribute will heal you significantly.
  • The health gained from King's Tribute can be increased by being in the radius of Frozen Domain, and by the healing amplification from Spirit Visage.
  • If you wish to see the range of King's Tribute, hover your mouse over Pillar of Ice. The range for both abilities (1000) is the same.
    CHOMP: Trundle enhances his next basic attack, dealing 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+ 100 / 105 / 110 / 115 / 120 % of total AD) physical damage and slowing its target by 75% for 0.1 seconds.

    This attack increases Trundle's attack damage by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 for 8 seconds, with his opponent losing half of this amount for the same duration.

    Chomp is a great ability, kind of like Dr. Mundo's Blunt Force Trauma. It serves as an AA-reset, Sheen proc, AD buff/debuff for your enemy, and a slow to make sure you manage to get an extra auto in. You want to max this skill second, as this is Trundle's bread and butter spell, and what makes him an excellent duelist due to his stealing stats. The mana cost doesn't increase, and the cooldown is always 4 seconds, so if you wish, you can always have a bonus 40AD as and when you wish. Don't be afraid to use this ability in the jungle, the low mana cost makes it spammable. Chomp works best against AD characters because it reduces their AD, so select a target carefully in a teamfight.

    • Chomp serves as an AA-reset, thus you can use this right after a basic attack for maximum damage potential.
    • Chomp briefly slows targets. Use this to your advantage in a gank to squeeze in an additional AA in this order: AA>Q>AA
    • Chomp works on turrets, albeit the debuff is not applied. However, you still retain the 40AD buff and procs Sheen. This combined with Frozen Domain makes Trundle an excellent split-pusher due to his high tower-destroying speed.
    • Spell Shields will block the ability.

    FROZEN DOMAIN: Trundle coats a target 1000-radius location with ice for 8 seconds, gaining 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 % bonus movement speed, 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 % attack speed, and 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 % increased healing and regeneration from all sources while he is on it.

    This ability is Trundle's main escape tool, initiation tool, and damage tool. As seen from the description, it gives Trundle incredible stats, and the cooldown is hardly as long as other AS steroids like, say, Warwick's Hunters Call. Frozen Domain gives Trundle many benefits within the circle. However, smart opponents can lure you off the circle, so make sure you don't get baited! I max this second as you will get an increased 15% AS per level, unlike champions like Olaf that only gain an additional 10% AS. Moreover, its mana cost doesn't increase with level.

    • Frozen Domain increases healing. Use it in conjunction with your passive, King's Tribute by placing it when about to kill a camp, to increase health gained, or lay it down when you level up/get healed by an ally to increase health income. You can also use it when using HP pots, or when casting Subjugate.
    • Due to Frozen Domain's relatively high mana cost(60), use it sparingly without blue buff, but don't be afraid to spam it with Crest of Insight /Blue Buff.
    • Frozen Domain coupled with Chomp makes trundle a great split pusher. See my section above for why.
    • Frozen Domain makes an excellent tool to escape/chase an enemy due to the increased movement speed. Don't be afraid to lay it down due to its relatively low cooldown.
    • Frozen Domain lasts for 8 seconds, and has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Stacking CDR can effectively reduce the cooldown of this skill to become around nothing at all.

    PILLAR OF ICE: Trundle creates an icy pillar at a target location for 6 seconds, creating impassable terrain and slowing all enemy units by 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45% around the pillar for .25 seconds. The slow duration is refreshed if enemies stay within the area around the pillar. Enemies caught in the centre of the eruption are briefly knocked back.

    This is the main difference between good Trundle players and bad Trundle players, as proper usage of this skill can make plays. Appropriate use of Pillar of Ice will leave your teammates grateful, inappropriate use of it will leave your teammates raging. It creates impassable terrain, so usage of this can block certain pathways. I will try to update this section with examples of well-placed pillars.

    However, if you wish to know more about how to use Pillar of Ice, which is key on any Trundle player, feel free to check out my friend Cliques007's guide here: Master the Pillar, Master Trundle

    SUBJUGATE: Trundle drains 20 / 24 / 28 % (+ 2% per 100AP) of an enemy champion's max health as magic damage and 40% of their armor and magic resist, half immediately and half over 4 seconds. The armor and magic resist bonus/reduction lasts for 4 after it has been fully applied.

    This ultimate is what makes Trundle such an excellent duelist. If used on an appropriate target, Trundle is capable of tanking entire teams with his stolen resistances. keep in mind that this does not actually buff yourself, it also debuffs your enemy by shredding their resistances, like how armor/magic pen works. In a teamfight, you would generally want to aim Subjugate onto the tankiest target, but if there is a high priority target like Jax that your team needs to burst down quickly, you can use it on them to soften them up for your team. Subjugate comes off cooldown rather quickly as compared to ultimates such as Blade Waltz, so don't be afraid to use it even in small skirmishes. The main thing you have to take into consideration about this skill is whether you want to use it on a squishy to burst them down faster, or aim the tank to further increase your stats. As with any ultimates, you want to max this whenever you can for the duelling potential.

    • Subjugate deals %HP damage. In order to maximise its damage dealt and your health gained, try casting it on a target with high health.
    • The heal from Subjugate can be increased by being in the radius of Frozen Domain and the healing amplification from Spirit Visage.
    • The power spike you gain at level 6 with Subjugate is huge. After level 6, you can easily kill enemies you would have difficulty with previously.
    • Try to use this skill after after an enemy has used a defensive buff, such as Jax's Master-At-Arms active and Annie's Molten Shield. This also works opposite, as with the armor from Olaf's Ragnarok passive, where you would want to use it before Olaf casts Ragnarok in order to gain maximum armor/magic resist.
    • Spell Shields will block the ability.
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Pillar Placements

As you might already have noticed above, I recognise Pillar of Ice's potential to make big plays. Trundle can make use of this ability to do many impressive feats, such as blocking off a certain location etc. I have included a map below on pillar placements.


  • Green : Fairly easy to block the path, no practice needed.
  • Yellow : Can be a bit tricky as you won't block it completely every single time, but you'll do fine in most of it.
  • Red & Black : These locations are very hard to successfully summon your Pillar of Ice in and trap the enemy. And that's why you need to go train and make sure you learn the EXACT placement of the pillar. These spots need training and even after that you won't be able to block the enemies every single time.

The information you saw above was taken from my friend Cliques007's guide Master the Pillar, Master Trundle. Please do check it out for the full tips and tricks on using Pillar of Ice!
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About Warding

I have attached a map below on the general spots that are best to ward. Of course, I will be elaborating on it below.

PURPLE = Vision Ward
GREEN = Stealth Ward
These are the general spots you would want to ward as jungle Trundle. Of course, you might be wondering why you should ward these locations. Why should you even ward? Alright, you can let your warding options extend greatly beyond the map given above, but you DEFINITELY should ward.

So, why should you ward? The answer is simple. Warding wins games. To know where the enemies are at any moment is a very important matter throughout all stages of the game. Wards provide the additional map awareness to get that information constantly. Where is that enemy Lee Sin trying to gank? Where is that missing Rengar heading to? Whether or not you have information about the whereabouts of your enemies makes a huge difference. It allows you to tell when to go recall, when you are free to push and overextend, when you are getting counterjungled, when you can gank, if buffs/dragon/baron are taken yet, just to name a few. Without wards, you would just play a guessing game which is not only extremely inaccurate most of the time but also very risky.

I have already stated above that apart from the warding locations provided, you are free to ward somewhere else. However, if you do wish to do so, you must take into account some clear No-Nos! As a general rule of thumb, you should not ward :
  • where no additional sight is provided.
  • where there are no branches.
  • only monitoring parts of entries.
  • at walls.
  • right besides bushes.
  • besides an edge instead at the cone end of it.
  • at places that provide little or no information at all.

Obviously, you want to ward at a location where you can make the most out of it. Objectives like baron/dragon/buffs are, as such, prime locations to ward. Apart from that, you can also ward a location that gives you the most branches of information, such as where you suspect an enemy might be ganking soon etc.

All in all, ward locations of which you think
  • a potential enemy is hiding in
  • where your enemies are likely to ward (for Vision Wards)
  • where your ward is not easily supported
  • when you feel that that location might be threatened (eg. your buffs/dragon/baron)
  • your teammate might teleport to

Generally, take these few factors into account when warding. They should serve you well.
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Jungling Routes

My jungle route is as follows below. I do this for maximum sustain in the jungle in order to maximise gold gained before I recall.
I split the jungle into 3 different categories:

Buff Camps: Baron Nashor, Dragon, Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel
Damage Camps: Krugs and Gromp
Vision Camps: Rift Scuttler, Wolves and Raptors

I have listed these camps in their importance and Smite priority. Obviously, if a camp like Baron Nashor is under contest from the enemy, you would want to conserve your Smite rather moreso than, say, to secure a Rift Scuttler.

Note: In the late-game, where the Gift of the Toadstool buff and Gift of Heavy Hands are no longer as significant in your clear speed and sustain, I find the vision buff the Crimson Raptors give to be more superior as vision control means a large deal, especially when Baron Nashor and Dragon is going to be regularly contested.

I get standard jungling items, which are a Hunter's Machete and 2 Health Potions. My first skill would be Chomp. I usually start with the Krug first, asking for a leash from either Top or Bottom depending on which side of the map I am on, and asking the other laner(s) to guard Blue until 1:50. I use Smite immediately on the Krug when it first spawns to immediately gain the Gift of Heavy Hands smite bonus, which stuns jungle camps every 6th attack. Due to Trundle's high AS, this buff will be very well utilised and will also help reduce damage dealt to you.

Upon hitting level 2, I put my first point in Frozen Domain for the AS bonus. Following that, I go for the Red Brambleback for the Crest of Cinders , otherwise known as the Red Buff. This will also help me clear buffs faster, in addition to ensuring that I won't get counterjungled by junglers such as Lee Sin, who can finish their own Crest of Cinders /Red Buff and attempt to steal mine. I would use 1 Health Potion here if my health dips below the 450~ mark.

After finishing with the Red Brambleback, I head for the Raptors, more commonly known as the "chicken camp". I clear it ASAP, and now look for a gank in preferably mid/top or mid/bot, depending on whichever side of the map I am on. Once I clear the Raptors, I hit level 3. if I manage to find a ganking opportunity, I put one point in Pillar of Ice. Otherwise, I put the point in Chomp and continue farming.

Note: At this point, you would want to look out for gank opportunities, as the Crest of Cinders /Red Buff is good for chasing down opponents due to the slow it gives. Be mindful of your mana and HP, and always remember to ward.

Afterward, I turn to the Murk Wolves. The Smite bonus this camp gives is actually pretty bad, so I would avoid smiting this camp, and conserve it for later.

By the time I reach the Gromp, my Smite should be up. In order for maximum clear speed, I smite the Gromp to gain the Gift of the Toadstool passive. I would use my last Health Potion here. It is usually around this time that the Gift of Heavy Hands buff wears off.

Following the Gromp, I now take to the Blue Sentinel for the Crest of Insight , more commonly known as the Blue Buff. Due to Trundle's high mana costs early, you would want to take around the first 2 Blue Buffs or so. The Gift of the Toadstool will help you clear this camp faster. I would avoid using Smite this camp unless you are giving the buff to a teammate or it is contested, because it only gives you mana in return, of which the Crest of Insight /Blue Buff already provides you with aplenty. At this point, I would either allocate the point in Chomp, if I had put a point in Pillar of Ice beforehand, or vice versa. Upon finishing with this camp, I would have near 750~ gold if I hadn't netted a kill/assist on my ganks, which still isn't enough for my Ranger's Trailblazer and a Dagger. From this point onward, I either decide to take the Rift Scuttler, or help my teammate hold the lane.

So we come to the Rift Scuttler, which is great at providing vision and giving the extra MS you might need to get away from an opponent. At this point, it is when enemies would usually group up and start to contest dragon, so taking the Rift Scuttler can alert you to an enemy's presence. As the Rift Scuttler does not provide any Smite bonuses, I would avoid smiting this unless it is under contest or you are about to recall.

PAST Ranger's Trailblazer:

After your first back, your route would be the same. I would start from the Krugs again, smiting it for the passive, and so on. If all goes well, you should have your Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer by the 7~8 minute mark. Since the old passive from Feral Flare, of which you immediately start getting stacks upon purchasing Hunter's Machete does not apply to Ranger's Trailblazer - Devourer anymore, and also since you now get 2 stacks from kills/assists, I look to help the team whenever I can. Try giving the kill to your teammates if possible, especially if they are "snowbally" champions like Riven and Akali, but don't be afraid to get the kill if you think your laner can't get it. Remember, a kill secured is better than no kill!
However, if your laner, for example, is getting ****ed on 0:6, and requests for assistance by say, a gank or Crest of Insight /Blue Buff, it is generally better to decline his request and help other lanes snowball. Given the way your teammate is constantly dying, giving him the Crest of Insight /Blue Buff practically means donating it to his lane opponent, which is even worst for him. In the event when you come to gank, you might want to choose to take the kill, since at the rate of which he is feeding, an extra kill won't help him much, but might very well help you gain an advantage over the enemy Jungler.
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Counterjungling and Invading


As with all weak junglers, I would avoid counterjungling if I can help it or unless I am in a unique situation. Counterjungling basically refers to entering an enemy's jungle and clearing his camps, ambushing and killing him, and the like. In a nutshell, it puts you further ahead and sets your opponent further behind.

Generally, there are two kinds of counterjungling. There are, namely:
  • Camp clearing (of which you would want to do against most opponents), and
  • Enemy hunting (of which you seek an enemy jungler to kill him)

Both types of counterjungling require both strong map awareness and the capability to GTFO if things turn rough. Junglers like Shaco and Rek'Sai, as such, excel at counterjungling. Although Trundle does have escape mechanisms with Frozen Domain and Pillar of Ice, junglers like Lee Sin can still easily catch up.

The bad thing about counterjungling is that you are in an ENEMY jungle. This means that you are within close proximity with enemy laners and as you probably don't have much vision as of low levels in the enemy jungle, you are wide open for a counter-attack. The distance you are from allied laners also mean that it is harder for them to assist you in say, a skirmish between you and an enemy jungler.

Counterjungling is a high-risk, high-reward kind of thing. Due to Trundle's early game not being particularly strong, I would honestly avoid counterjungling because if you get caught, you're practically dead. Frozen Domain's 20% AS early on is piss poor compared to, say, Xin Zhao's Battle Cry, meaning that against junglers like Warwick, Olaf, Udyr or even Nocturne, you are likely to lose duels early on.

You should counterjungle if you are against an extremely weak opponent like Rammus or Amumu, that have weak sustain and cannot duel with you early. In this scenario, you want to deny them of their gold and experience as much as possible so that they cannot just transition into a godlike late-game phase where they have 5 or 6 items.

Or, you can also choose to counterjungle if your enemy is extremely weak without a certain buff like Fiddlesticks, which is extremely dependent on the Crest of Insight /Blue Buff. Try to rally your team early on if you wish to invade and steal their buff, because most junglers will likely have leashes from their laners.

Thirdly, and of which is the most probable reason for you counterjungling, is the fact that the enemy jungler recalled/died, and you know you can take a few camps uncontested.

Of course, there is the last option of which your team fed a few kills to a Lee Sin or Pantheon that is currently higher-levelled than you, more well-itemised than you and is roaming around your jungle, waiting to catch you unawares and kill you. In such a scenario, you can only hope to either:
  • Ask for your laner's assistance in surprising and killing them, or
  • Counterjungling in return.

Counterjungling in such a scenario is extremely risky, because at the rate of which they are ahead, if you run into them in their jungle, there is an extremely high probability of which you will die. I would only do such a thing if I have sufficient vision control, or am within the proximity for a teammate to come and assist me. Otherwise, I would focus on ganking and helping my laners snowball.
Alright, now that you've read the general knowledge on counterjungling, lets go through the tips and tricks on counterjungling.
  • Like your own jungle, the camps you want to prioritise are, obviously, the Red and Blue Buff Camps. Taking them means setting your opponent back the most, especially if they are buff-reliant junglers like Rammus and Fiddlesticks.
  • When counterjungling, try not to use Frozen Domain as the large radius of the ability means that it will alert enemy junglers to your presence if they are nearby. Unless you are confident of clearing the camp quickly or the enemy jungler is dead/recently recalled to base and the enemy laner is still in lane, avoid using Frozen Domain.
  • While the Smite bonus for the Murk Wolves is pretty useless in your own jungle, its great when counterjungling. The wolf can scout enemies for you, meaning that you can give your team the assurance that no gank is coming to them or alert them in advance. of course, if you're against a weak jungler like Tryndamere which I've stated early on, this will help you to catch them off guard if you're still nearby and they're doing a camp.
  • If you're killing camps with multiple little monsters like the Wolves and Raptors, consider leaving one small monster alive if you're not in particular need of experience/gold. The camp will not respawn as long as the monster stays alive, and this will help deny your opposing jungler farm. If you are doing Crest of Cinders /Red Buff or Crest of Insight /Blue Buff, however, you might want to finish the whole camp to take note of the timer, so that 5 minutes later, you can return to clear it again.
  • I wouldn't consider taking Poacher's Knife even if counterjungling is incorporated greatly in your playstyle. The smite bonus is absolutely horrible in the late-game. It doesn't give you sustain like Ranger's Trailblazer or bonus true-damage and damage reduction on hit like Skirmisher's Sabre. The bonus even requires you to be in the enemy jungle in order to apply it. Of course, if you're comfortable with the item, you may choose to get it, although I would strongly advise against it.

Alright, thats all for now. Should I find any more tips about counterjungling in the future, I will further update this section, but until then, this should suffice.
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Ganking Methods

Below is a picture I have made to highlight the 4 kinds of ganking you should be using as Trundle. I will, similarly to the previous session, be elaborating more on this below as well.

Red Arrow : Tribush Gank
Blue Arrow : River Gank
Black Arrow : Lane Gank
Yellow Arrow : Tower Diving
These are the 4 ganks you should know about as jungle Trundle. I will be dedicating a paragraph to each of these ganking methods (I'll leave counter-ganking out for the time being).

1: River Gank
  • For Trundle(and practically any jungler), river ganking will be the way you gank 50% of the time. As you already saw from the arrows in the map above, river ganking can be used for all three lanes. Basically, you simply walk up to the lane via the river upon seeing a good ganking opportunity, then blow your skills and abilities while chasing your enemy back to the turret, hopefully getting a kill/assist in the process. River ganking is that simple. Its extremely easy to pull off.

2: Tribush Gank
  • Secondly is the tribush gank, which involves entering the lane from the tribush. This will work if your enemy is overextending greatly to the extent of your laner's turret. When this happens, tribush ganking is optimal, because if you attempt a traditional river gank, the enemy can escape via the tribush. However, if you gank via the tribush, it seals off his escape route, and since the river is a good long way from him, the chances of your gank's success is greatly increased.

3: Lane Gank
  • Thirdly, and of which is the toughest to pull off in my opinion, is the lane gank. As with previous ganking tactics, the name speaks for itself. You simply walk up to the lane, stay undiscovered, and surprise the enemy together with your laner when the time is right. Because this is a complex tactic and requires great coordination between you and your laner, I find it very difficult and often, not worth the time.

    There are 3 ways of lane ganking. The first of which is you simply present your face in the lane through abilities that can help you reach the enemy undetected or before they can react to it. Examples are abilities great range like Vi's Vault Breaker- Flash- Cease and Desist combo, stealth abilities like Twitch's Ambush, Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt, Shaco's Deceive and Talon's Shadow Assault. Lastly, skills like Sion's Unstoppable Onslaught can also be used to get him to lane quickly and effectively to pull off a lane gank. Since Trundle has no such abilities, this option is out for him.

    The second option is to use global abilities such as Shen's Stand United, Nocturne's Paranoia, Rek'Sai's Void Rush, and Twisted Fate's Destiny. Due to Trundle not having such abilities, the only option for him is to use Teleport to quickly come into lane and catch out an overextended enemy laner.

    The final and most probable option you would use for Trundle, is the classic lane gank, of which when your laner is pushing to an enemy's turret (see the map above). At such a scenario, you go inside the lane bushes and move closer to the enemy along it. Because the enemy laner is pushed to his own turret, he cannot see your advance. Afterward, your laner must retreat and let the enemy push out slightly. Upon seeing such an opportunity, you reveal yourself and blow your abilities on him as per the previous 2 methods of ganking. This method is very risky and often not worth the effort, because it requires great synergy between you and the laner. If you reveal yourself for just a moment or your laner makes the bait too obvious, the gank would already have failed.

4: Tower Diving
  • Finally, we arrive at tower-diving. Tower-diving is simply to pursue an enemy champion while in range of the enemy's tower. This term is not really considered a gank per se, but as you have already seen from the map above, tower diving can take place in the form of many methods, ganking included. Basically, I would ONLY do this if I have great confidence that I can pull it off OR the enemy's HP/MP pool is exhausted. Turrets deal insane damage early game, so I would generally avoid tower diving until later in the game, around level 7/8+. Recognise that this method is very risky, because in the case of which the enemy manages to survive for long enough, the turret might very well give him a kill instead of you.

    I don't usually recommend tower-diving as it is very risky, and Trundle does not have any instant gapclosers, making him susceptible to being kited underneath the turret, especially so if your opponent has alot of mobility, like Riven or Ezreal. If I am going to do so, however, I like to ensure a few prerequisites before I initiate this course of action.

    1: The enemy's Flash or Ghost has been used.
    2: The enemy is low on health and/or mana.
    3: Friendly minions are pushed to the enemy's turret.
    4: The enemy does not have any way of turning the tables through abilties (eg. Tryndamere's Undying Rage or Renekton's Dominus.
    5: Both yourself and the laner have sufficient damage and HP to tank the turret and/or possible counterattacks/finish the enemy off.

    Obviously, you want to kill the enemy as quickly as possible while minimising damage dealt to you by the turret. As such, the conditions mentioned above are key to helping you achieve this goal.

Basically, these are all the ganking methods that you need to know about. I'll leave counterganking and ganking prerequisites for later, but no worries, I will definitely elaborate on them!
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Ganking Prerequisites

Alright, now we come to ganking prerequisites. Obvious when ganking as Trundle(or any other champion) you would want to succeed. As such, there are several conditions I like to satisfy before I decide to gank. Before that, let's refresh your memory of the 3 types of gank patterns with this map.

Red Arrow : Tribush Gank
Blue Arrow : River Gank
Black Arrow : Lane Gank
Yellow Arrow : Tower Diving
If you haven't read the previous chapter, I strongly advise you do so now. Before you get to ganking itself, you must first know which routes and strategies to employ. Assuming you have, lets move on.

1: The enemy laner(s) is overextended
  • This is what i find the most important requirement when ganking as Trundle. You need to have a window of opportunity to go in. As mentioned in the previous chapters, Trundle does not have any gapclosers, unlike other champions like Nocturne, Master Yi or Jax. As such, he has to walk up to his opponent in order to attack him. Without an overextended enemy, your gank will most likely result in a failure, unless your enemy is very low OR you have a laner like Warwick or Skarner that can prevent an enemy from escaping long enough for you to arrive.

    So, unless a scenario happens like the one I described above, don't bother wasting your time ganking a pushed lane! It will most likely result in failure. If you have a teammate that can't tell what's good for himself and keeps crying for a gank despite his lane being pushed to the enemy turret, please do not accede to it unless you think it has a good chance of success. Just explain your reasoning to him and decline his request.

2: The enemy laner's HP is low
  • The lower your enemy's HP is, the faster you would take to kill him. Would you rather face off against a Malphite with 1500HP or a Rumble with 300HP? Obviously, you would rather choose Rumble, who has significantly lesser HP. There's not much to explain about this, because its plain common sense that the lower an enemy's HP pool is, the greater chances of your gank succeeding, which brings me to my next point.

3: Your laner has sufficient HP to withstand a potential counterattack
  • Now, we all know what happens when its obviously clear a laner can't escape from a gank. Since his option of escape has been nulled, the only option is for him to stand ground, fight, and hopefully grab a kill. This is especially so for champions that lack escape and have extremely powerful executes like Darius or Garen. Even Yorick, for example, will use his Omen of Death to try and kill either of you. In most cases, the one targeted by the enemy is the one who first attacked him, of which will be your ally laner in most situations. It is important that your laner has a good amount of HP left or a reliable escape tool. Trundle isn't like Alistar, that packs a good amount of CC and can still heal a laner if things get rough. Apart from Pillar of Ice and hopefully Crest of Cinders /Red Buff, you have no CC of any sort, certainly not enough to save your laner just in case things get awry. When you gank, your mindset is that you want to set yourself and the laner ahead of the enemy. Don't feed a kill to the enemy for no reason and give up that advantage.

4: Your enemy's cooldowns are blown
  • Its pretty much common sense, as per the section on your enemy having less HP. Would you rather gank a Riven with her Flash, Broken Wings, Valor, and Ki Burst all on cooldown, or risk her escaping all the way to her turret with a single combo? The answer is obvious. There's not much to explain regarding this as well since its common sense once again. For the same reason, you would also want their summoner spells like Flash, Ghost and Exhaust, as well as their Stealth Wards if they are champions like Lee Sin, Jax, or Katarina. The way to bait the enemy into blowing their cooldowns leads to the next section, which is:

5: Let your laner engage first if possible
  • Think about it for a second. Against two enemies, would you want to stand and fight, or turn tail and run? Especially in the laning phase, there's no way for a champion, no matter how powerful he is, to face two enemies in a duel unless you get outplayed/kited. Therefore, most enemies will run when they first see you. Letting your laner engage first means that your enemy will blow more cooldowns on the duel. After the initial skirmish, you come in with Pillar of Ice and Frozen Domain. Since your enemy's spells are on cooldown, they won't be able to escape you, thus increasing the success rate of your gank.

6: Have Crest of Cinders /Red Buff on-hand
  • As mentioned before, Trundle only has 1 slow through Pillar of Ice. Upon using it for the initial knockback, you won't have any capability to slow your enemy, and from the on, you fully rely on the additional MS from Frozen Domain as well as CC from your ally to continue staying in range for more AAs. Crest of Cinders will apply a slowing debuff that also deals true damage over time, thus maximising your damage output as well as slowing your enemy sufficiently enough for you to stay in range for more AAs.

7: Have foresight
  • Is the lane in question pushed? Is the enemy jungler nearby? Is there the risk of a countergank? Are enemies from other lanes MIA? You have to take into account these factors when ganking. When ganking, you want to succeed. As such, foresight is very important. Would you rather gank bot and help your allied Tristana snowball, or gank top and let the fed Darius potentially pick up a double kill? Obviously, you'd want to snowball your winning lane(s), and unless you yourself are doing well, try to avoid losing lanes unless necessary. Before you even gank, you have to consider what could happen during your gank. if the enemy jungler or other laners shows up, are you and your ally strong enough to fight 2v2 or 3v3? Trundle's abilities are purely single-target, so be careful about such instances. Have foresight,and think about what could come out of your ganks. This will help you make smarter choices.

These prerequisites should be taken into consideration when ganking as Trundle. While it might not be possible to satisfy all of them, It is always better to gank a lane that has the following factors mentioned. Remember your strengths, think about the outcome of the gank, think about whether or not it is worth it. Then, make a proper decision. And finally, remember something. If you did decide to gank and it scr*wed up, it should be yourself and not your laner you should be blaming! As already mentioned, having foresight and predicting what could potentially go wrong are key when jungling as Trundle. Raging will only make your ally more frustrated, and worsen your overall experience.
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Upcoming Chapters

For upcoming chapters, I wish to include some useful tips, strategies, effective team compositions, ganking tactics and further brush up on the matchups section. If you guys want it, I could write a guide for Trundle in the top lane if I have some time.

League of Legends is a constantly evolving game, and every now and then, a new trick might surface that all of us know little about. I assure you I will be there constantly to make sure this guide is up to date.

To all you guys out there, my personal promise to you all is that I won't let this guide remain stagnant. Although at times, it might be a week or so before I update the guide thanks to exams, I will ensure that this guide is still useable.

So to round up it all, thank you for taking the team to read my guide, and I hope it has helped you!
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Without some of you guys helping me out as much as you have, I would never have made this guide, much less get it to what it was today. This section is dedicated to those who have helped in this guide and its making, one way or another.

Jhoijhoi, for her guide Making a Guide that helped me in the construction of mine.

Cliques007, for letting me use the images from his guide Master the Pillar, Master Trundle which I highly recommend you take a look at as well as for advertising my guide.

You, the readers who have dedicated their time to reading this guide and made me feel motivated enough to continue writing. You guys are great!
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