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Yorick Build Guide by TheWonderbolt

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheWonderbolt

Yorick: Now with 40% CDR! | Updating a Lot... WIP

TheWonderbolt Last updated on March 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Short Introduction

Hey guys!
My name is THEWONDERBOLT. Wtf is a Wonderbolt?
Don't google it or you will find "My little Pony" (and I mean not Hecarim. Lol.)

So: Why should I write a guide like this?
Well, I saw many Yoricks. Many Failricks.
Maybe I don't have a high elo (Lol. I am a Ranked-Troll.) but I think that's not that important to win a game or just having fun.

It is my first Guide. Not only on Mobafire! My first guide ever! Please give me some critique!
Now lets start with dat sht!

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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
For some more damage. Your ghosts are scaling to Aromor penetration to 100%, to your AD just to 35%. Also the extra AD is just good for two of four spells. NEVER Pick +AD-runes! You will have enough AD from your Manamune (don't underrestimate Manamune!) and Trinity Force!
for some more defense.
Yorick is an offtank. What does this mean? An offtank is a champ who has the capability to tank on and kill an enemy. You need these runes to be more Tanky in the early levels! Against hard AD-champs it will save your ***.
Oh. Many people hate Per-Level-Runes. But I have to say, that ALL champions get more armor than magic-resistance at level 18. To scale the difference down I pick these runes. You will always have the same amount of armor and MR.
Wow. Runspeed-Runes. Why? They are expensive and so useless!
NO, JUST NO! Sometimes, maybe you know the scenario, someone is running away and you have no shoes, because you are lvl 4 and started with Mana-regen. Now think please..
You slow down with Omen of Pestilence and Exhaust for about 62,5% (normally you have 370 MS with boots at lvl 1) and get 15% Movement-Speed with Omen of War AND 4,5% from your runes and 3% from your masteries. You have 320 MS at lvl 1 - With masteries and runes you come up to 344 at level one! With your debuffs, the enemy has 370-62,5% (138,75) MS.
Congratulations! It's your first blood!

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In fact of the new Items and masteries we got with the preseason-patch at the 5th December 2012 we surely have to switch out build too.
We also have a NEW core build!

Order: 1st: Boots of Speed + Health Potion x3
→ Since they removed our loved Meki Pendant, we have to get boots instead. So we cannot spam from level 1 :,(
2nd: Tear of the Goddess + Sight Ward + Crystalline Flask
3rd: Manamune
VS AP: Negatron Cloak and/or Sheen
VS AD: Glacial Shroud and/or Sheen
5th: The Brutalizer and/or Sheen
6th: The Brutalizer and/or Sheen
7th: Glacial Shroud and/or Negatron Cloak
8th: Frozen Heart and/or The Black Cleaver
9th: Trinity Force!!!
10th: Frozen Heart and/or The Black Cleaver

As last Item I would take a Banshee's Veil. Due to the fact we still get AD by Mana we can easily grab this mana and live boost while still having this nice extra spell-block and some extra MR? We don't build any extra magic-resistance in this build. (Expect of the Boots)
They may nerfed the Manamune, but never forget: This item makes you spamming your abilities while giving you some nice AD. In this build you still get ~70 AD just by your mana! Isn't it nice? And also, if it is fully stacked it builds to Muramuna which has a really nice active we can use to bully our opponents.

The Black Cleaver – reworked! Is this item now stronger or less effective?

Well, the The Black Cleaver was never a really good choice on a champion like Yorick who was a (Original from Phreak:) “AD Mage with tons of damage”.
He had to deal damage with his spells. And he still has to! But since the patch the The Black Cleaver is the perfect item for us. Lets have a closer look:

The Black Cleaver:
- 250 LP
- 50 AD
- 10% Cooldown reduction
- 15 Armor Penetration
And the unique passive to reduce the enemy armor by 7,5%, stacking up 4 times every time you deal normal damage to him! But what does that mean?
He summons ghouls. This ghouls have unique effects like a movement buff, slow and heal.
But the real points are their normal attacks. The new The Black Cleaver procs on every hit they and you do! That means that their armor will shred by 25% once you summoned all ghouls in under 1 second! This Item is now a great choice on our lovely gravedigger!

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Skill Sequence

Solo Top - DAMAGE

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Jungling - DAMAGE

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Solo top - TANK

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Jungling - TANK

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells - Why these?

THIS is you MAIN summoner spell
Exhaust is a very defensive Summoner Spell.
We just need it, because no other Spell would make sense

Why don't you take Ignite? It is all what Yorick needs!
NO! It is **** on Yorick: Ignite is just usefull if you have a quite nice burst damage - the only burst damage is your Q-spell! Your ghosts also deal way more damage than Ignite could ever do. It is kinda useless on Yorick!

How about Clairvoyance?
Yorick is not a support Champ. Just don't take it. Please.

I die so often! I will pick Revive now!
Aha. Revive. There are just 4 champs in the whole game which are good with revive. These are Karthus, Garen, Heimerdinger and Rammus. These champs are the only one which can deal damage or save your base without dying. Sorry, Revive is useless on him.

But you can't tell me that Flash is useless on him!
Well, I can. See: Teleport is one of the best summoner spells in the whole game. You can use it for a fast gank (to teleport to a Sight Ward or Vision Ward) or just to get back to your lane very fast. Yorick doesn't need to flash out from enemys. And if you have to, you can slow ALL of them with Omen of Pestilence and get some MS from Omen of War - so you can escape easily without wasting a summoner spell.
In an one-on-one scenario Exhaust will make you winning this fight.

I have mana problems. Should I pick now Clarity?
You will have problems with your mana if you are spamming without having a Manamune or Tear of the Goddess. Spamming abilities is just good if you stack buffs/debuffs or an item. Yorick can just stack an item.
Clarity is nice - it would make you staying on your lane for a very, very long time - but in the endgame it is just useless. Don't take it.

In one build you don't have Exhaust. But why?
As JUNGLER you have to kill or steal the enemies buffs and/or Dragon and Baron. Normally you get focused with CC. Cleanse is the perfect counter to it. Even in a teamfight you can't get shutted down by CC with this spell. You won't need Exhaust if you are intelligent enough to gank with red and your W-spell.


This is a very nice summoner spell for Yorick. It can save you, you can get closer to someone and kill! It is just like your Omen of War - but with more MS! Take Ghost If you think that it will save your butt!

Heal... Many people say that this spell is one of the noobiest spells ever. But it isn't. It can change a teamfight. Heal is very good because your Spirit Visage makes this spell even stronger. I like it very much.

Something I have to say about the Glass Cannon build here..

Maybe you wonder why I've picked flash this time. I wrote that we won't need flash just some lines ago. Yeah, but the Yoricks in the other builds live from Spirit Visage and Hextech Gunblade/ The Bloodthirster. This time we don't have Spirit Visage. What does that mean?

- 200 Health
- 50 MR
- 15% CDR
- 20% more heal

That means, we miss ALL these stats!
Maybe you think, that this is not that much, but if you look closer you will think, that we've build **** there. But we're focused on the damage this time, not on your survive ability
To have nearly the same survive ability we NEED Flash this time.

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Pros / Cons

~ Pros of being Yorick ~
- OP
- Not squishy because of very strong heal
- most players have much respect
- your team will love your revive
- when you think that you die, you wont
- passive reduces even true damage
- you are f*****g cool.~ Cons of being Yorick ~
- very mana depend early-game
- sucks against AOE-burst-champs like Vladimir, Mordekaiser or Heimerdinger
- his ghosts can be eaten by Cho'Gath and Nunu

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Warding, farming and pushing.

The red dot at the following picture is the point where you ward.
Why do we ward here?

We ward here cause it is the most effective way in all cases. Do you know why?
[*] Ganks (You see the jungler coming)
[*] You protect your teams blue buff
[*] You protect your nearly your whole lane

Interview Mode on:

Hello guys! My name is Wonderbolt and I will now ask our todays guest YORICK something about farming.


sowwww Yorick? You know you're OP, right?

No, you're a noob.

Fine. Now please: Tell me how to farm when playing you.

Just lasthit minions with your autoattacks until you got your Tear of the Goddess. It is useless to lasthit with your spells when you can't stack this great item.

But Yorick! Your early game harass is really hard! How can you say something like this?

If you lasthit all minions with your speels, you will run out of mana too fast. So you are an easy target. To harass your enemy you can use your skills directly.

So you mean it is better to lasthit straight off with normal attacks before you have your Tear of the Goddess?

Not even then you should lasthit EVEY time with your skills. It is just useful if you can harass your enemy with it. If not you will push your lane - then you will get some enemy ganks.

Thanks, mr. Gravedigger... wait. Why am I inside of a coffin?

hue hue hue....

When to push a lane!

Push your lane when...
- You warded the river!
- Your enemy is dead!
- Their jungler is busy and/or babysitting another lane!

OTHERWISE the enemy jungler will come and kill you. Pushing a lane is the worst thing you can do on a toplane!

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His Counterpicks

Why are these Champions his Counterpick?

Nunu is one of the biggest counters to Yorick. He can heal himself by your Ghosts and he is slowing you down so hard - you cannot harras him, but he can harass you.
Mordekaiser is THE OP-champ ingame. He counters you because his Creeping Death is killing your ghoules instantly and gives him shield.
Udyr can kill you that easy because his Phoenix Stance kills your Ghouls nearly instantly and deals pretty nice damage. If you think you have him, he will go for Bear Stance, stun you and kill you with Tiger Stance. If you harass him he will go for the Turtle Stance and heal himself too strong.
Trundle is just hardcore against you. His passive Decompose is scaling on your ghosts. You heal him while using abilities. Thats not good. He also steals you 40 AD with his Rabid Bite.
Xin Zhao is just OP. he reduces your armor, knocks you up and heals himself. If you think you win, he will pop his ultimate and instantkills your ghosts. GG!
Dr. Mundo will bring you hard times. VERY HARD TIMES. His Burning Agony will kill your ghouls that fast, you won't be able to stack your passive. Once he got his Masochism you will suffer: the closer you bring him to death, the stronger he gets. Also his ultimate Sadism will bring you pain: If he is low on live, this spell won't cost that much. The combo of his extra AD and Infected Cleaver makes him OP against you. Because of the hybrid damage of Dr. Mundo you are not able to take resistances to get a bit more safety.
The only thing you can do is lasthit with your ghosts - but don't let him harass you. Ask for many ganks and try to get fed.
Cho'Gath will bring you hard times too. His pure AOE-Damage is OP against you: he attacks you AND your ghouls. This will bring you pain. And if you think, you can kill him he will eat your face. He is more OP than you. So pay attention!
Oh **** no. We have a very rare solo-top-pick: Ryze.
This guy is even more OP than you. Once he got his Ultimate ( Desperate Power) He will destroy you. DESTROY! He focus you, heals himself and kills your ghosts. :) Have fun!
This. Is. AOE-Burst!
Oh no, srsly. You will need some good ganks if you have a Vladimir as enemy. He heals himself, pools out of your ghosts and more countering.
Freking ****. Hate Spike. Just Hate Spike. You. Will. Suffer.
Oh! I heard your ghosts like chasing. I like being chased! Lets play thhis game!

Guide Top

A little thanks.

I want to thank you guys for the reading of my first guide. :)
It took about 12 hours to write it and it was very funny. I always play my Yorick like this and I would love to get some critique. I hope you guys like it.

UPDATES (lawl. after 12 hours of publishing)
-> Cho'Gath added as counterpick.

-> Ryze added as counterpick.
Some bugs fixed. :)

-> Vladimir added as counter.
-> Evelynn added as counter too.
Some formulations fixed. Some Bugs too.

-> Singed added as counter

-> Thanks for all the upvoters! You brought me to place 5 with my first guide!
-> Fixed some formulations/bugs
-> Added a summary of the Item sequence (WIP)

-> Wow.. I was just queing up too much! I did not notice that I got up the place 3!
**** yeah. Really thanks to you guys!

-> Major update after the preseason-patch! New builds/old ones reworked, masteries changed

I uninstalled LoL so I also won't update this guide! GL and HF to all players, but The playerbase in EUW is just to scumy.