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Lillia Build Guide by Asternova

Jungle [11.23] "Your soul is blooming!" A Lillia Guide⭐

Jungle [11.23] "Your soul is blooming!" A Lillia Guide⭐

Updated on November 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asternova Build Guide By Asternova 40 2 51,646 Views 4 Comments
40 2 51,646 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Asternova Lillia Build Guide By Asternova Updated on November 26, 2021
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1 2
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role Ranked #40 in
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Greetings, people! Welcome to my Lillia guide. I'm Aster, and today i'll try to help you learn more about Lillia, "The Bashful Bloom" and League of Legends!

Lillia is a skirmisher jungler with the ability of clearing camps with ease, and swiftly prance around the map with her fast movement speed. Her strengths are increased as the game goes on, mid-late game she becomes uncatchable and is able to burn enemies down while running around them, or turn fights to her team's favor with her amazing ultimate ability.

I'm Asternova, a mid main and jungle enthusiast, and i started playing League on Season 9. Even though my main role is mid, i began to have interest on how to jungle because of Lillia (who is one of my favorite characters ever)! I've been playing her since her release, and i hope my experience can help you improve playing (or at least help you appreciate) Lillia a little bit more.
Here is my OP.GG, and League of Graphs if you want more info.
Currently peaked Diamond II in Season 11.

This guide was made by my point of view, so if you feel like i missed something or you have a different opinion on anything that you'd like to share, feel free to comment it on the discussion section and i'll try to answer you as quickly as possible!

Short Biography:
"Intensely shy, the fae fawn Lillia skittishly wanders Ionia’s forests. Hiding just out of sight of mortals—whose mysterious natures have long captivated, but intimidated, her—Lillia hopes to discover why their dreams no longer reach the ancient Dreaming Tree. She now travels Ionia with a magical branch in hand, in an effort to find people’s unrealized dreams. Only then can Lillia herself bloom and help others untangle their fears to find the sparkle within. Eep!"
Color Story & Champion Theme:

+ Rewarding to play
+ High damage & good against tanks
+ Good kiting
+ Scales incredibly well
+ Powerful ultimate
+ Great clear speed
+ Built-in sustain
+ REALLY fast
+ Great teamfighter
Lillia is a character with amazing potential, she has both burst and DPS, and she's really strong against tanks/bulky targets because of her true damage & max health damage. She is extremely fast thanks to her Q passive, and has a powerful ultimate. Even though her early game is weak compared to most junglers, once you get to levels 6-9 your ganking and dueling potential are huge thanks to Lilting Lullaby, and putting levels into Q. As the game goes on Lillia's clear speed and amazing scalings more than make up for your early game if you manage powerfarm your way into mid-late game. On teamfights, your job is to prance in and out of them with your fast Q passive movement speed, damaging, harassing enemies, healing yourself in the process, and applying your passive on key targets so you can put them to sleep with your ultimate, and deliver a devastating blow with W.
- Hard to master
- Squishy
- Weak to crowd control
- Bad early game
- Sleep that can be easily canceled
- Underwhelming ganks pre-6
- Only defensive ability is countered by Grievous Wounds
- Slow without AP items
- Counterpicks and counter items
While her kit is easy to understand on paper, Lillia has a lot of room for skill expression, hence why she's know for being a one trick champion. Her early game is very weak since both her Q cooldown and mana cost are high, her bonus movement speed is not much, and her passive healing isn't great without AP eiher, meaning she's bad at 1v1s and vulnerable to invades. She has no hard CC without her ultimate at level 6, so her best early ganking tool is her E's 40% base slow, which on itself is already hard to land on smart opponents. On mid-late game teamfights, she's really fast, but her only defensive ability is a healing, she's still squishy, and a single crowd control ability is all it takes to pin down and eliminate Lillia. And even though her ultimate is strong, it's only a 1.5 second CC at level 6, it has a lot of counters by being a sleep, and sometimes one of your allies might wake up an asleep enemy early, causing both of you to lose the kill.
Dark Harvest is the best keystone for Lillia, it matches her playstyle perfectly, it's easy to stack since she has DoT, and it scales really well, no reason to use any other Domination keystone instead of this one... But there's been some talk around about Predator helping on early ganks... more info on this after i do some tests with it.
The best option here is definitely Cheap Shot, it procs on both E, R, and Chilling Smite, adding a nice amount of extra true damage to the mix. Taste of Blood isn't bad, but unnecessary since you already have the sustain from passive and Ravenous Hunter. Sudden Impact is also unnecessary because it only procs with W, and that ability isn't spammable enough to make use of this rune.
As a jungler, you want to switch to Oracle Lens in one of your first backs, so Ghost Poro is useless here. You can use Zombie Ward if that's your preference, but Eyeball Collection is "easier" to stack, so i would recommend going with that instead.
Ravenous Hunter all the way, it adds more sustain to your self-heal so you can get healthy clears and extra sustain while fighting champions. I can only see Ingenious Hunter being viable with niche strategies like Moonstone Lillia. Relentless Hunter should be Lillia's best option here since it gives her even more MV speed, right? Well... it's only out of combat MV speed, so it's not worth it. Ultimate Hunter might seem like a good choice here since Lillia's ultimate is so important, but her build usually has a lot of Ability Haste anyways, and you'll often get better results with Ravenous.
Your best choice for secondary runes are by far Celerity and Waterwalking, because it works with your Q passive and increases your movement speed overall, while the latter gives you that extra AP boost on river and even more speed so you can travel around the map faster. Nimbus Cloak used to be a viable option, but there's no reason to use it instead of Celerity now that it has received multiple nerfs.
The attack speed excels to kite monsters at early levels, specially at level 1 when Lillia's Q cooldown is 6 seconds, but double adaptive is also viable here, choose it depending on your personal preference. Go with a MR or armor point depending on the enemy composition.
Even though you'll lose damage with this, Phase Rush is still a top tier choice if you're looking for a defensive rune set. Great option to kite melee champions, threats that are hard to get away from, counterpicks, or against characters with slows (Examples of matchups you should use this rune are Olaf, Nasus, assassins, bruisers, etc..).

As expected, Smite is obligatory, it's impossible to play jungle without it. The real question is which one to use Chilling Smite or Challenging Smite? Chilling Smite is often the most popular option because the slow helps so you can be even more slippery, while also helping you reach long ranged enemies.

Challenging Smite is great against bruisers, tanks, and targets where the extra true damage and dueling potential will be better than Chilling Smite's mobility power.

Even though Lillia is a mobile champion, her only form of mobility is a movement speed buff, that's where Flash comes in. This spell is a must for a reason, it's high versatily. Wheter you want to chase an enemy, use it for a combo, escape, dodge an ability, etc... Flash has got you covered. Always bring this spell.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
You should always upgrade your abilities in this sequence:
Always put points into your ultimate, Lilting Lullaby, when possible.
Your Q, Blooming Blows, should be maxed first, since it's your main source of damage, camp clear, and movement speed.
Your W, Watch Out! Eep!, is the second ability you should max because of the burst damage.
Your E, Swirlseed, is the last ability you should max since it doesn't reduce the cooldown, or increase the slow by level.
| P ||
Lillia's abilities apply Dream Dust against enemies hit, which deals a percentage of the target's maximum health as magic damage over 3 seconds.

Lillia heals against large monsters and even more against champions over the duration of Dream Dust, reduced to 33% effectiveness for each target beyond the first. She may only heal against 1 monster at a time.
This passive is where your DoT and sustain come from, both which will ramp up as the game goes on.
The sustain is your main source of survivability, when low o HP, you can just Q a near monster camp to quickly regen your health (very effective when done on raptors ).
| Q || Radius: 225 (Inner) /485 (Outer) | Cooldown: 6 / 5.5 / 5 / 4.5 / 4 | Cost: 65 Mana |
PASSIVE: Lillia gains a Prance stack for 6.5 seconds whenever she hits at least 1 enemy with her abilities, stacking up to 4 times, with the duration refreshing from subsequent ability hits. Stacks are lost by one every 1.5 seconds when the duration ends. Each stack grants Lillia bonus movement speed.

ACTIVE: Lillia swings her censer around her, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Enemies hit within the outer edge of the area additionally take the same amount as bonus true damage.
Prance's bonus movement speed is a core part of your kit, learn how to kite enemies and dodge skillshots with it.
You always want to keep max Prance stacks up for as long as possible, the best way to do this is to quickly get 4 stacks from a nearby camp, then you can keep throwing your abilities at nearby monsters, minions and objectives that you encounter while on the way to your destination (essential trick if you're chasing enemies or running away from them).
Landing the outer edge of this ability to ge the extra true damage is crucial, so when fighting enemies, position yourself in the right distance to hit them with it.
| W || Dash Range: 350 | Effect Radius: 65 (Center) /250 (Outer Radius) | Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 | Cost: 50 Mana |
Lillia dashes, though not through terrain, and deals magic damage in an area around the target spot. Enemies hit within the center are dealt 200% increased damage.

Watch Out! Eep! deals 50% damage minions.
This is your main source of burst, landing the center on enemies is essential. You should use this when enemies are asleep because of your ultimate, or CCed by other sources so you can get a guaranteed hit.
There will be certain situations where you won't have CC to help land this ability, in this case you should keep damaging your target with your other abilities, and once they waste their mobility (if they have any), you aim this at the direction that they are going.
The dash doesn't go through walls, it can go through some very small corners around the map.
You can use the small dash for mobility in situations that the bonus movement speed won't help, if you're slowed, etc... Just know that you will lose damage output if you do this.
| E || Lob Range: 700 | Roll Range: Global | Cooldown: 16 | Cost: 70 Mana |
Lillia lobs a seed at the target area that rolls forward indefinitely. The seed detonates upon colliding with an enemy or terrain upon landing or while rolling, dealing magic damage to enemies in a cone, slowing them by 40% for 3 seconds and revealing them for 2 seconds.
Swirlseed is arguably Lillia's hardest ability to use, practice getting used to projectile speed so you can land Es more effectively.
E is a good poking tool for you to use before teamfights, throw as much of them as you can to damage or even getting an ult off if you manage to land it on a high priority target or multiple enemies.
When ganking, avoid using E before reaching the enemy (it's easy to dodge, if you miss the projectile the enemy will know your position and the gank is ruined), instead, use your movement speed to get close to the enemy, then use Swirlseed while close to them for a guaranteed slow.
Throwing E down a lane from base to hit a minion (and potentially an enemy champion to get a global ult off) is a great tactic to get a passive stack so you can get back into action faster. DON'T do this if your laner is freezing the wave.
| R || Range: Global | Cooldown: 150 / 130 / 110 | Sleep Duration: 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 | Cost: 50 Mana |
Lillia casts a magical lullaby over all enemy champions affected by Dream Dust, which renders them drowsy for a few seconds, slowing them by 10%. After the duration, they fall asleep for a couple seconds.

The next instance damage taken by the sleeping targets wakes them up and deals additional magic damage.
This is the most important ability of your entire kit. It's amazing to use it after applying Dream Dust to multiple enemies with Q's AoE radius on teamfights, or to pick off important targets.
After ulting on an enemy, you want to retreat out of their attack range with your fast movement speed while they're still drowsy, so you can take as little damage as possible and also heal because of Dream-Laden Bough, then you can return while they're asleep for the finishing blow.
Dream Dust lasts 3 seconds, that's the window you have to ult, sometimes you can wait to use your ultimate right at the end of those 3 seconds to stall for time, you can do the same thing by hitting a sleeping enemy right as they're about to wake up. Why is this useful? Stalling like this can be useful if you need to wait out an enemy skill like a shield so you can get as much damage as possible on them, or if one of your teammates is coming to secure the kill, but they won't get to you in time. Don't forget this trick!
Your jungle starter item, you will always purchase either this, or Emberknife depending on the match. Purchase this item if you want to updrage your Smite into Chilling Smite after using the spell 5 times.
Your dueling option, go for this instead of Hailblade if you want to upgrade your smite into Challenging Smite.
Refillable Potion
Also mandatory, this item will make sure to keep you topped up in the jungle if your HP while clearing or after fighting!
Stealth Ward
Vision is key, make sure to place your first wards in spots where you will make the most out of them.
Lost Chapter
Lost Chapter (or at least some of it's components) is your main goal at your first back if you're going to build Liandry's or Luden's. Really well rounded item, mana to make sure you won't run out of it, AH to lower your cooldowns, and 40 AP to get you started.
Leeching Leer
Opposite to Lost Chapter, you should build Leeching Leer if you're going to purchase Riftmaker. Good dueling item thanks to the omnivamp and the HP, the main downside however is that it doesn't grant you mana, you have to be careful with that fact.
Alongside your first mythic component, boots should also be one your main goals at first back, more speed is really valuable in almost every scenario.
Dark Seal
Great item for snowballing, grab this if you have some extra gold or a lead. You can even upgrade it into Mejai's Soulstealer if you have a good amount of stacks.
Control Ward
Control wards are essential every game, try to get at least one every time you can. The ability of denying vision to your enemy and granting it to yourself is ectremely powerful.
Oracle Lens
Always switch your trinket to Oracle on your first back. As a jungler, you will be roaming around the map for most of the game, this trinket will allow you to remove vision while doing this, take out as many wards as you can!
Liandry's Anguish
The standard option. Know that you can never go wrong with Liandry's, the burn damage is awesome combined with Lillia's passive, and the stats are amazing as well, besides AP and 600 mana, it also grants a lot of AH to make sure you can keep spamming your spells. Liandry's can be used on every scenario, but it excels against tanks and targets that build a lot of HP.
Luden's Tempest
Even though Liandry's can be used on a lot of situations, you have other mythic options that are better depending on the match. Luden's Tempest as an example is amazing against squishy targets, the burst it offers is lethal against them, while also granting magic pen and extra movement speed for you. Make sure to purchase this item against compostitions made of around 4-5 squishy champions.
What Riftmaker lacks in clear speed and mana, it makes up for it with damage potential and sustain. Get this item when you're against bruisers and enemies that tend to build resistances (magic resist in our case) instead of HP. Even though this item is very strong, you have to be concious about your mana with it, since it grants none. Staying in the jungle to regen your mana because of your jungle item, clearing your Blue Buff and Gromp (and eating some Honeyfruits around the map) will help you with this problem.
Demonic Embrace
Demonic Embrace is a core item for a reason, it has great stats, a passive to make sure that you'll get rewarded with more damage by building tanky items, and of course, it gives you the infamous 7 seconds burn damage when paired with Liandry's. Build this as a standard item, or at 2nd or 3rd if you're against really tanky compositions.
Cosmic Drive
Cosmic Drive is all you could ask for in an item. It gives you a LOT of AP, AH, HP, and even movement speed to make you even faster! Plus, it has a Phase Rush like passive that gives you 40 AP for free. Build this as a standard item, or 2nd/3rd if you want to extend a lead and you're not against a super tanky coms.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
These boots are extremely strong right now, you get a lot of AH and even summoner spell AH o lower your Flash cooldown for a low price, allowing you to save more gold to spend on other items! Purchase this as a general option.
Mercury's Treads
A great option for fighters, get these boots if the enemy team has a lot of CC or magic damage.
Plated Steelcaps
Similar to Mercury's, but if the enemy team has a lot of physical damage instead. Great against ADCs, bruisers, and assassins.
Sorcerer's Shoes
Good against fragile targets because of the magic penetration. Go for this if you're against a squishy composition or if you're ahead just want to snowball.
Zhonya's Hourglass
Almost a core item, Zhonya's is a must on almost every AP champion's build for a reason, specially when assassins are meta. This item is perfect on Lillia because she can use it after ulting when enemies are drowsy so she can stay safe until they fall asleep, or just for more survivability in general. You will find yourself building this almost every game, go for it if the enemy team has a lot of AD threats, assassins, or burst in general.
Banshee's Veil
Zhonya's counterpart, get Banshee's Veil if the enemy team has a lot of dangerous AP champions. Generally they have CC abilities that can get easily get you killed, the spellshield should help with that.
Morello has some pretty decent stats for Lillia, and she spreads the effect very well thanks to her AoE abilities (mainly her Q). Get this item if the enemy team has a lot of champions that rely on healing.
Mejai's Soulstealer
Mejai's stats are PERFECT for Lillia, you get HP, bonus movement speed, and a HUGE amount of AP. This item is amazing for snowballing, upgrade your Dark Seal into this if you managed to get a lot of stacks and you want to snowball the game.
Void Staff
Your damage option against enemies building MR or full squishy compositions. The main problem with Void Staff is that it doesn't grant you any form of resistance or bulkiness, dodging enemy abilities and engaging at the right time is even more important with this item.
Shadowflame on the other hand is an alternative option to Void Staff. It doesn't give nearly as much magic pen, but it's essential if you're against enemies with a lot of shields, like Lulu, Sett, or bruisers with Sterak's Gage.
Rabadon's Deathcap
The item of absolute destruction, this item is crazy on Lillia because of her high scalings. It's quite costy, but effective, go with this item if you're fed or as a late game purchase to boost all of your abilities.
Dead Man's Plate
It doesn't grant any form of AP to help you scale, but the tankiness and the extra movement speed that this item gives shouldn't be underestimated. This is your go to option against full AD comps or if your team doesn't have any tanks and you're the most likely to get focused.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Good item for kiting enemies because of the slow, also good for AP fighters thanks to the 350 HP it gives. Unfortunately, it's not a core item for Lillia anymore like it used to be on S10 because it's outclassed by Demonic Embrace and Cosmic Drive as an AP bruiser item, and the necessity that AP characters have for survival items like Zhonya's Hourglass or anti-healing effects like Morellonomicon right now.
Spirit Visage
Only go for this item if the enemy team is completely made of AP champions. The increased healing effect pairs well with Lillia's passive, or if your team has a healer in it too.
Moonstone Renewer
It's not a meta item on Lillia anymore, but it's still a fun mythic to use on off meta strategies like healer Lillia or support Lillia, make sure to get a Staff of Flowing Water with it too if you're going with this (DON'T TRY IT ON RANKED).
Staff of Flowing Water
Like mentioned above, good item to pair with the Moonstone off meta build, this item grants AP and AH buffs for your teammates while also granting them to yourself!
Elixir of Sorcery
Don't forget to get an elixir if your build is full or if the game is about to be decided in a fight and you don't have enough money to buy another item!
When the game starts, your main objectives as a powerfarming jungler are: Get a good first clear, contest scuttle if possible, gank if you see an opportunity, and keep farming the jungle. Now let's cover how to achieve this in details.
The first clear is extremely important for every jungler. When playing Lillia, you want to quickly clear camps with your AoE abilties, abusing the monsters' patience bar while using your fast movement speed to kite them with auto attacks.

Ideally, your first clear should go like this:
Red side is the best one to start as Lillia, it's way healthier because of camps with multiple monsters like Raptors, and because you can clear both Blue Buff and Gromp at the same time at level 3. You can use Smite early on either Red Buff or Krugs to reach Blue Side faster.
But sometimes you want to start Blue side instead if you want to play for your laner(s) on Red side to help them right after clearing in case they're easier to gank or need the early help. In this situaton, your clear should be like this: This isn't your ideal clear, but it's important to recognize when to go for it. Krugs used to be a skippable option back in Season 11 since they take a bit longer to clear, but now they're the best way to reach level 4 early. Use the movement speed from your passive after clearing them to quickly gank a nearby lane, get to Scuttle crab, or counterjungle.
Even after pre-season changes, Scuttle fights might still happen as a jungler, and there's a few things you need to take into consideration if you want to win one. First, observe who has priority in the nearby lanes to know who will be able to arrive first in case a fight breaks out. Another thing to note are the champions themselves, Lillia is a weak early game champion, so if your allies aren't that great early compared to the enemy champions too, is best to just give up that Scuttle and clear the other one, or even skip both if necessary for your survival. TL;DR: Scuttle isn't worth the hassle of fighting for it like it used to be, if you feel like it's safer to skip it, do it.
Small tip: if you think that no one will try to steal your Scuttle or if you need to clear it as fast as possible, you can use Smite to remove the shield instantly. This is really useful for junglers like Lillia that have no CC to use on monsters.
After your first clear your objective is really simple, clear all your nearby camps while playing around objectives, because if there's a nearby fight, you can quickly prance your way there to help your team, and possibly secure a Dragon or Rift Herald if you're successful.

Of course, you can modify this strategy if the situation asks, if one of your allies is constantly getting pushed into tower as an example, you can start playing around that side of the map to help them, and possibly secure a few kills (just know that this makes the objective from the other side of the map vulnerable, so ask for one of your laners to ward it, or place a pink ward there yourself). Alternatively, if you see the enemy jungler doing this, you should try to secure the objective on your side of the map if possible, gank a lane if you see the opportunity since they won't be there to countergank, or at least steal a few of their camps with your fast clear speed to get an advantage.
To start things off, know that early ganks aren't one of Lillia's main strenghts at all. Your objective in the early game is to farm your way into a good mid-late game, but that doesn't mean that early games aren't doable. Lillia has no hard CC pre-6, so the best scenario to pull off a gank is to not force them and only go for one when the enemy is mispositioned near your team's tower, or if your ally has any form of hard CC that will help secure the kill, then use your Prance movement speed from a nearby camp to reach the lane quickly ( Raptors for mid, Gromp / Krugs for bot/top, and Scuttle for all lanes) then you can throw a Swirlseed when you're close to the enemy for a guaranteed hit.

Post 6 you have unlocked your ultimate, and with that now you have a hard CC tool that's great for ganking and dueling. At this point in the game you should also have a little more AP, meaning your bonus movement speed will finally start to kick off. With all of this, your gank timings are more forgiving and you're able to be more aggressive with the huge damage output from W + R. Note, if you ever get a successful gank, help your ally clear the minion wave, it's an easy job because of your Q, and it helps everyone! You get some extra XP and gold, while your laner can go back to base and have a good positioned wave waiting for them when they return.
I wouldn't suggest that you should try to invade as Lillia because she's not exceptional at it, your best tool at level 1 to help on them is E, and you don't want to take that instead of Q, otherwise you will sacrifice your early clear. So always take Q at level 1, and only go for invades if your team is confident on it and has better early game champions or champions with more CC compared to the enemies to get potential kills, examples are Lux, Blitzcrank, Morgana, Ashe, etc...
Because of Lillia's weak early game, other junglers might try to invade you to get an advantage. To prevent this, ward entrance spots like the pixel bush on both sides or the tribush if you spawned on blue side just as you leave spawn, and position yourself in a place that you will have a good line of sight of one of the entrances of the jungle while being safe of enemy attacks. Ask the laner(s) on the opposite side of where you will start clearing to ward your buff camp if you're afraid it will get stolen.
But sometimes having knowledge on the enemies' position doesn't change anything and you still get invaded anyways, what to do in this scenario? If your team has a number advantage or better level 1 champions, you can try to fight to get a few kills and chase the enemies out of your jungle. If this is not possible, retreat, not dying that early on is the worst thing that could happen to you, so you should steal the enemy jungler's buff on the opposite side of the map in response, or if that's not possible too, start clearing your other buff instead, just know that your early game will get significantly harder if you choose this option.
Fights for objectives have become even more important now, and you're starting to scale, what to do now?
Because of the extra AP you should have by now with 2-3 items, both your clear speed and Prance movement speed should be faster, allowing you to keep high CS numbers while zooming around the map at Mach 3 to help your team get kills on mispositioned enemies.
Vision wins games, activate Oracle Lens to remove enemy wards and deny them information about your team, while using your movement speed to go from ward to ward and destroy as much of them as possible. Additionally, place Control Wards while you're doing this in key locations, like the river, objectives, and even the enemy jungle if you're counterjungling. Clearing the Rift Scuttler is also essential to gather vision in the middle of the river and objectives for 90 seconds.
You won't be running around trying to get into as much 1v1s as possible as Lillia unless you're ahead because she thrives with her team, but dueling is a core part of a skirmisher's kit. Here are a few tips on how to perform one:

Against melee opponents, you have kite them with your abilities, basically using your bonus movement speed to run around them and keep them in the distance of your outer Q radius to land the true damage while not allowing them to damage you (E's slow helps a lot in achieving this). Since they'll want to close as much distance as possible on you, that makes their movement extremely predictable so you can land your W.

Against ranged opponents, you have to use your movement speed to dodge skillshots and to keep up with them, because they'll try to get as much distance as possible away from you. Once you've closed enough distance (and preferably after your enemy has wasted their mobility tools if they have any), use your W in the direction they are walking towards to hit the sweet spot. Swirlseed or Chilling Smite's slow are great against them (and speaking of Smite, remember to use it on a nearby camp if you're dueling on the jungle and you need a free heal, sometimes this can be the difference between life and death).
Avoid teamfighting mindlessly around the map, this will likely result on your team getting picked off, or at least wasting resources like spells or long cooldowns that would be far more useful if used on a fight for a Dragon or the Rift Herald.
Late is similar to mid game, but if you got to this stage in the game, you have scaled even more! Unless you're far behind, of course. Your movement speed and damage output are unreal at this point so you can shred your enemies with ease, late game is your reward for all the powerfarm and hardwork, make good use of it! Nevertheless, remember to prioritize objectives over kills, yes, you can and you should abuse your power, but objectives are what wins games, always remember that.
Elder Dragon > Dragon Soul > Baron Nashor
Every objective is important, but it's also vital to know which one to prioritize over the other. Elder Dragon comes first, it gives a powerful execute that will surely win every fight to your team's favor, it should be prioritized over the others, but games will hardly reach the point that it'll spawn. Dragon Soul is the second you should prioritize, this is the big reward for all the drakes that your team has slain. Dragon Soul is also a permanent reward, which is the reason why it's superior to Baron, even though the latter has a great push potential to take down structures and finish games.
Teamfighting is a core part of League's mid-late game, and understaing how to play one correctly is more than crucial to have a good game. As Lillia, your objective in teamfights is to be constantly moving in and out with your movement speed while wreaking havoc by whittling the enemies with your burn damage, healing yourself, and applying crowd control (repeat the first three steps until you win). Now here are a few examples on how to perform this:
When both teams are just about to fight, your job is to constantly spam Swirlseed to poke them, you can take a relatively good chunk out of their health because of Lillia's passive DoT. And if your E manages to hit 2-3 key targets while doing this, you can activate your ultimate to put them to sleep. Just make sure that your team is actually able to follow up before ulting, otherwise it's better to use your ultimate on another opportunity.
As the name suggests, this is a really simple way to have impact on a fight. Stack your passive as much as you can in nearby minions or monsters, run into the middle of the enemy team, apply passive to as much of them as you can and use ultimate, then you either run away or use Zhonya's while you wait for them to fall asleep... so you can come back and finish them.
You should try to perform this after your team has already engaged, since the enemies won't have time to focus on you.
Similar to the above, this is one of the most infamous ways to play Lillia, this is a devastating teamfighting combo, the enemies won't have enough time to react. Perfect for starting fights, or if your team lacks engage.
yes, i died right after because i forgot to wait for my team, but you get the point, it works 99% of the time! ( •́ ∧ •̀ )/
Not every game is the same, unfortunately, there will be situations where you will be weaker than your enemies/allies. But fortunately for us, Lillia is a champion with a solid amount of utility, so you still have some playstyle options.

Keep fishing for good ultimates, Lilting Lullaby's power shouldn't be underestimated even if you're behind, getting a good ultimate for your team is still a priority. Keep using E or try to get Flash + Q + R + Zhonya's plays if you have that item, so you're team can sweep the enemies while you're safe, sound, and now coming back to the game with the takedown gold!

Watching over the backline is something that's very overlooked in most situations. Carries, supports, and squishy champions on your team are key targets for enemy divers and assassins, if you see that they're likely in danger because of this, you can adapt a "warden" playstyle by staying in the backline to help them against these threats and even being able to get a pick off on them in the process.
Swirlseed has multiple uses, and because of it's global range, there are a lot of spots around the map that Lillia can throw one to get intel for her team, poke enemies, get a global sleep, or get a movement speed stack if it hits something. Some of these might take a few tries to perform, but a few attempts at practice tool should be enough for you to master them! Here are some of the most useful ones:
Bambi is a really fun and strong champion, nothing beats the feeling of speeding through the map while putting your enemies to sleep for all eternity. If you want to main or even just play one match with Lillia, i suggest go for it, she is completely worth it.
And this was my Lillia guide! This was a lot of fun to make, and i'll make sure to keep updating it. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, and like i said in the beginning, i hope that it helped you improve or at least appreciate Lillia a little bit more!
A big shout-out to my friends for all the words of encouragement.
Guide written and coded by me.
Video footage and banners edited by me.
And of course... a huge thanks to you for reading!⭐
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