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Lulu Build Guide by Cuddly Kitten

Support [11.7] Dust em, Pix! | In-Depth Lulu guide (Detailed matchup

Support [11.7] Dust em, Pix! | In-Depth Lulu guide (Detailed matchup

Updated on April 6, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cuddly Kitten Build Guide By Cuddly Kitten 40 1 65,541 Views 10 Comments
40 1 65,541 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cuddly Kitten Lulu Build Guide By Cuddly Kitten Updated on April 6, 2021
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Runes: β€’ Summon Aery (trading) β€’

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
β€’ Standard spells β€’
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[11.7] Dust em, Pix! | In-Depth Lulu guide (Detailed matchup

By Cuddly Kitten

Welcome to my guide about Lulu as well as about some aspects that are important for the Support role!
Lulu is a great pick for anyone who is struggling against assasins and divers and who wants to make their ADC really strong with multiple buffs and protection. She is a great OTP champion as well as blind pick because she can deal with any situation as long as you build and play her properly, which you will learn in this guide.
Why should you play Lulu, you ask? She fulfills the support role really well, because she can do multiple things. She brings a lot of tools to protect her team as well as enable them to make aggressive plays, can have lane control if she isn't heavily outranged but still scales really well, doesn't have any unwinnable matchups if you learn to play her properly and now, with the introduction of Moonstone Renewer, she can even have a bit of sustain. Her roaming potential is pretty good for an enchanter and she counters the current bursty meta, since she is amazing against assasins as well as any divers.
Are you tired of losing because fed Katarina, Talon, Irelia or Yasuo goes 1v5? Just pick Lulu and turn them into an adorable squirrel! You will make it really difficult for your main carry to die, which brings me to my next point - she empowers her ADC like no other enchanter, but she is generally better for protecting only one champion. Sure, you can shield your ADC and ult your toplaner, but with experience, I noticed that buffing almost exclusively one person is better. Which means she's amazing when you have a duo partner!
Does this sound appealing to you? Then you should definitely pick her up with the help of my guide!

I go by the nickname Ryuko Tanari and I'm a Plat IV support main from the EUNE server. I started playing League of Legends around when Xayah and Rakan were released (which is approximately mid-season 7) and immediately fell in love with Lulu the first time i tried her.
I started out as Lulu OTP, not even trying other champions and playing only her until level 30. I played her on more accounts before I finally settled, and I currently have around 180k mastery points on her on my main account. My other mains are Sona and Seraphine, who I am still learning.
I have changed my mains from time to time, but Lulu has always found their place in my champion pool. So, I decided to cover the things I learned from my journey with Lulu, the Fae Sorceress from Bandle City.

Here is my profile if anyone is interested. If you are reading it now, when I released this guide, you won't find much there yet because I was playing on different accounts to experiment with the new sesason, but I will soon begin playing on my main account as well, so wait a bit longer. Enjoy the guide!

No one is perfect - not even Lulu. While she brings a lot of ultility, scales and shines with the right ADCs, can bring down a fed assasin or diver with a point-and-click CC and has unmatched single target protection, she also has mana problems (especially early) and gets outranged by a lot of champions, making it hard to be aggressive every single game (making her a bad pick for players who are looking for an OTP and only enjoy being aggressive).
+ Can be blind picked
+ Scales well
+ Good for duoq
+ Amazing peel
+ Unmatched single target protection
+ Can both engage (with help of allies) or disengage
+ Amazing against assasins and divers (can shutdown a fed carry like Irelia)
+ Good laugh spam
+ Item and rune diversity
+ Can use E on enemy to grant True Sight (good vs stealth)
+ Good at fixing bad positioning
+ Makes the ADC role more fun (Lulu who peels for ADC is their wet dream)
+ Good roaming potential for an enchanter
- Consumes mana really fast when aggressive in lane
- Struggles against long range champions both in lane and in game
- Doesn't have the best synergy with every botlaner (best with attack speed ADCs)
- Peel becomes slightly worse if ADC (or other attack speed based carry) is behind, because it's better for attack speed champions
- No sustain without Renewer
- Squishy
- Needs a frontliner to work at her full potential
- If everyone in your team is behind, you can't make aggressive plays

β€’ Can be blind picked
Lulu is a good pick in any situations. While I'm not saying she is always the best possible option, you can play her anytime you want, especially in those tricky situations where you haven't seen what your enemies picked yet. She is also really good when you see one or two enemies picked, since if it's an assasin or diver, you can pick Lulu and be certain to be useful that game. Also, when you pick Lulu before your opponents, it will make the OTP Rengar's and Zed's think twice before locking in.

β€’ Scales well
Lulu has a lot of damage before level 6 and can take over the lane. After that, champions start to get more dangerous with abilities and items, and her damage starts to slowly fall off (unless you are running electrocute and aren't behind). Worry not though! Her scaling isn't about damage, but about insane buffs for your attack speed carry. Lulu already has great buffs without items, but when she gets them, she becomes even better, and if you individually aren't behind and have at least one person who is doing good on your team, enemy team will have a hard time killing them while they will get ripped to pieces. Press ctrl+4 for style points.

β€’ Good for duoq
Since Lulu focuses mainly on buffing one person (preferrably attack speed ADC), not only is it good to know that you can trust them, but you can also tell your duo to pick something attack speed based that works well with Lulu, like Vayne, Twitch or Kog'Maw. You will also avoid playing with players that don't prefer to play with an enchanter support, which can lead to an unpleasant experience.

β€’ Amazing peel and protection
Since Lulu is an enchanter, she protects her team and carries by keeping them alive while they destroy enemies. Why should you play her over any other enchanter? Unlike the healers, she doesn't get countered by grievous wounds, which were buffed this preseason. She has unmatched single target protection, but that doesn't mean she can only buff one person - one of her most desirable mythics, Locket of the Iron Solari, gives armor and magic resistence to people around you and shields them on your active. And that's not the only AOE protection item, see more in the item section. As for her spells, she has the ability to completely get one person out of the fight for a few seconds with just point-and-click (polymorph), then she can shield and buff the damage of her allies with extra damage on their auto attacks, make someone large by giving them bonus health and slow and knock-up enemies around them, cancel dashes and slow people. The amount of tools she offers for protection is insane. If a carry is ahead and has Lulu by their side, it's very hard to shut them down.
A new item was introduced that deals bonus damage to shields. I feel like it's not a huge problem. Even if the shield breaks, you still give the bonus damage and have your polymorph, Q and R for huge amount of peel.

β€’ Can both engage and disengage
As for engage, you will usually need your team's help unless you are very far ahead. Normally, you can speed someone up, shield them and then Q from them to help them set up a really good engage. You can also ult them for a huge knockup. Beware though, only do this if you won't need your abilities in the next few seconds (or the whole fight if you are considering ulting too). If you are ahead, you can do all of this by yourself. You can even flash into the enemies and ult yourself for the knockup if your team is extremely ahead and they only need someone to engage to win the fight.
Disengage is a bit more practical for Lulu than engage. If you see that a fight isn't going well and you are going to lose it, use your spells and items to get your team out. A few examples could be speeding up your carry so they can run away (prioritize the strongest carry who has a chance to get out), slowing enemies with Q and disrupting a dash with the knockup on your ultimate.
A great item for both engaging and disengaging is Shurelya's Battlesong. Sadly, it was made into a mythic, so you will usually only take it if engage or disengage is the main way for you to win the game, or if you don't need any other mythic.

β€’ Amazing against assasins and divers
This one relates a lot to the "amazing peel and protection" point. Assasins specialize in killing an enemy as fast as possible and then getting out, while divers want to get into everyone's faces and destroy them. Both is very good for Lulu - her spells are kind of short ranged, but if the enemies have to get in your range to kill someone, it makes your job a lot easier. Your main tools for dealing with assasins and divers are ultimate and polymorph. You can just ult the carry that's getting targeted, which will knock up the enemy assasin or diver, possibly disrupting their combo. Polymorph is a bit more tricky though. For some champions like Irelia and Riven, you can just click on them and give your team time to damage them for free. But then there are champions who can cancel or block your polymorph. Some examples would be Zed ulting right when you click on him, which won't polymorph him, because he disappeares, same situation with Master Yi using Q when you click on him, or Yasuo windwalling your polymorph. More of these examples are explained in the "two tips for every champion" section.

β€’ Good laugh spam

β€’ Item and rune diversity
Even in season 10, Lulu had a lot of options and besides Ardent being super strong on her, she could buy a lot of items and take different runes, all in different situations. With the introduction of new items, her diversity increased even more. She now doesn't buy Ardent first every game - actually, only rarely. Instead, she has 5 most optimal mythic options, and that's just the beginning. A lot of items fit her. Runes became a bit less diverse, since Presence of Mind is now pretty bad and Transcendence better than before. Still, she has more than just one option for keystone and a lot of options for her other rune choices. But if you are like me and love being able to build differently almost every game depending on what you need, then she is definitely going to fit you.
If you like the idea but are unsure about what to build, check out the item section.

β€’ True Sight
Lulu provides true sight by putting her E (Help, Pix!) on an enemy. This type of sight reveals champions, that go into stealth and can't be detected by standard vision like wards. This is good against champions like Evelynn, Pyke or Vayne (who goes invisible with her ultimate and tumble). True sight also provides standard sight, meaning if someone goes into a bush, you will still see them.

β€’ Good at fixing bad positioning
Lulu can sometimes fix bad positioning or overextending of your team with her amazing disengage abilities. She can speed up whoever was in bad position, slow or knockup enemies or use items like Shurelya's if she has them. This can't be applied every single time. You must determine if helping your teammate will really save them. This will take a bit of practice, so focus on it, because a lot of the times, if you try to save your teammate who is in a really bad spot, you will both end up getting killed.

β€’ Makes the ADC role more fun
ADCs are getting one shot left and right, because they are fragile, so if anything a bit stronger than them gets on top of them, they will blow up. That makes a lot of ADC players tilted and want to /ff15. But, if they have a Lulu by they side who is keeping them safe so they can dish out damage, it will make the game more fun for most of them, which might even make them play better. And later in the game, if ADC is protected, they can dish out a lot of damage. Happy ADC = profit.

β€’ Good roaming potential
Note that she has a good roaming potential for an enchanter. While yes, someone like Pyke or Alistar can set up ganks much better and Lulu doesn't compare to them, it doesn't mean she can't roam at all. She has multiple tools to make the gank worth - she can either save her ally who would otherwise get killed, or help them kill their laner by speeding them up and slowing the enemy. Lulu can also speed herself up with W so that she can move around the map faster than someone like Soraka would. And sometimes, even stopping by someone's lane and force the enemy off the wave is good if you have nothing better to do. If you are more interested about roaming and when you should do it, head to the roaming section.

β€’ Consumes mana fast
Lulu's mana isn't very high and you will run oom in the early game pretty fast before you buy your first mana regeneration items if you are using your spells often, both aggressively and offensively. Make sure to be careful with your mana and try to always have enough for at least one spell in case you need it to run away when you get ganked or engaged on.

β€’ Struggles against long range
Lulu is pretty short ranged and has to get in range to poke or polymorph someone. If people can just keep their distance and punish Lulu whenever she tries to walk up, it makes her job very difficult. Furthemore, a lot of these long ranged champions are usually some that poke a lot, and since Lulu doesn't have any sustain besides Moonstone Renewer (which can be inconsistent if the mages are just poking you and not letting you touch them), she and her team can get poked out quite easily. Her main way of dealing with long range is to speed herself or her ally with polymorph to get in range faster than they can run and try to keep their distance.

β€’ Doesn't have the best synergy with every botlaner
As mentioned at the start of this section, Lulu shines at her fullest potential when she has an attack speed ADC (or attack speed carry in general), so something like Vayne, Jinx or Twitch suits her kit and playstyle the most. She can still work with other ADCs such as Jhin or Ezreal or champions like Yasuo or Cassiopeia bot, but she becomes slightly worse with them, since they can't use her bonus damage on auto attacks that well. You can still protect them very well with your other buffs though.

β€’ No sustain without Renewer
Lulu doesn't have any ways to sustain without Moonstone Renewer that was introduced as new mythic item this preseason. That means she is very susceptible to getting poked out herself and can't sustain her teammates much either without the item. The biggest problem about this is that not always will Renewer be optimal to buy. One way to get a bit of healing without having to waste the mythic spot on Renewer would be Redemption. If your team just won a fight and wants to push for more objectives (which is usually optimal), some sustain is really helpful, which might be another issue, since if you have Redemption, you usually use it in a fight, not after it.

β€’ Squishy
Lulu is a squishy champion. This means that she can get killed easily, especially if she is in a bad position. You can overcome this con by being in a good position - out of danger but still in range to use your abilities. You might think that this shouldn't be a con, since she has so many tools to peel herself. While yes, it's true, wasting your abilities on yourself isn't optimal. Unless the enemies are just hard focusing you and not your carry, then you should try and protect mainly your teammates. You can become a bit tankier to make this con less worse by building Locket and Guardian set up, which is perfectly viable - if you are tankier, you won't need to waste your important spells on yourself.

β€’ Best with a frontliner
Lulu likes to stay back by the side of her carry, buffing people while staying relatively safe. If there is no one to stand behind though, it makes her job more difficult, plus you are lacking a true engage - Lulu can only engage by flashing in and ulting herself or speeding herself up and slowing people with Q, which can both be only done when your team is really ahead. She is better when she can support someone else's engage by speeding them up or ulting them, and since engage is important to start fights, it can be a real issue.
Not many people like playing tanks that can frontline and engage at the same time, but having a squishier engage like Fiddlesticks is alright too.

β€’ Relies on having at least one carry ahead
Since Lulu is an enchanter whose main focus is to buff her team (or better, her carry), if she has no one who can use her buffs to do something, she can become less useful. That doesn't mean she won't be useful at all - she can still disengage and help her team stall the game until they get their items, but the game will be much harder than if you had at least one person who is doing well.

Although Lulu is easy to pick up for any player who wants to try and learn her, she is hard to master. There is a difference between new and experienced Lulu players, even though many people disagree with this. One of the most important parts about Lulu that you need to master is what abilities you should use and when, if you should use them on an ally or enemy or if you should save them for when they are really needed. I can't cover all the situations, but the tips below should help you determine how to use your abilities.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
| Effect radius: 2 000 |
Lulu is assisted by Pix, a faerie, who fires a barrage of 3 bolts to her target every time she uses a basic attack against an enemy, dealing 5 βˆ’ 39 (based on level) (+ 5% AP) bonus magic damage with each bolt for a total of 15 βˆ’ 117 (based on level) (+ 15% AP) bonus magic damage per basic attack. The bolts can be intercepted by enemies in the way of Lulu's target.
Casting Help, Pix! on an ally champion transfers Pix's help to them for 6 seconds.
β€’ You deal bonus damage with auto-attacks. This is really good in lane if you can use it well. If you shield an ally, pix will go with them and assist their auto-attacks.
β€’ Pix’s bolts are blocked by other units like minions, so keep it in mind when trading. He also attacks from his own location, not from the location of a champion he's following.
β€’ Her passive is one of the reasons why she is so good with attack speed allies.
β€’ If you auto attack someone and Pix assist you, you get two procs for Spellthief's.
β€’ Pix's damage is counted towards the champion he is currently helping, so if your ADC is using him, it's boosting his damage chart.
β€’ Abilities that apply on-hit effects (like Runaan's Hurricane or Mystic Shot) aren't boosted by Pix.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
| Range: 925 | Cooldown: 7 | Cost: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 mana |
Lulu and Pix each fire a magic bolt towards the target point, dealing magic damage to the first enemy they pass through, reduced to 70% against enemies thereafter, and slowing them by 80%, decaying over 2 seconds.
If an enemy is hit by both bolts, it will deal 25% bonus damage. Minions take 70% reduced damage.
β€’ You can easily poke with this by using E on enemy and then using Q, that makes it almost impossible to dodge. Just make sure Pix is firing through the enemy so it hits.
β€’ If you combine Q with E on a minion, you can extend its range and poke enemies from afar, but by doing that you lose more mana for less poke than if you used E on enemy, then Q.
β€’ In the past, if you shot Q through something like a minion, anything else hit after that was dealt reduced damage. That was removed in patch 10.25, though! So feel free to use the minions as cover while poking.
β€’ Hitting a target with both bolts deals bonus damage, so you should aim for it whenever possible.
β€’ Using E + Q on enemy can help your team catch up if you are chasing. This can be done from your ally too.
β€’ Pix fires his bolt from his own position.
β€’ Q's bolts can either crossfire, fire in parallel, or fire in opposite directions.
β€’ You can flash + Q and the Q will fire from where you are at the end of cast animation, making it really hard to predict. You will only use this in some situations, but it's still useful to know.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
| Range: 650 | Cooldown: 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 | Cost: 60 mana |
Enemy cast: Lulu launches a spell on the target enemy champion, polymorphing them into a harmless critter. The polymorphed target is also disarmed and has their base movement speed reduced by 60.
Ally cast: Lulu instantly casts erratic magic upon an ally champion or herself, giving the target attack speed and 30% (+ 5% per 100 AP) bonus movement speed for the next few seconds.
β€’ Very strong point and click CC when used on an enemy. If someone like Irelia or Renekton gets into your backline, polymorph them and they will be unable to attack or cast spells while also reducing their movement speed.
β€’ The movement speed reduction isn't affected by slow resistance.
β€’ Enemies turn into different creatures (Squill, Cupcake, Kitty, Dragon or Snowman) depending on Lulu's skin.
β€’ If you feel like you don't need the polymorph (or if you are chasing someone), use it on your ally to give them more movement speed and attack speed, increasing their damage, chasing and kiting potential.
β€’ Keep in mind this ability gets blocked by Yasuo's windwall and spells such as Zed's ultimate can cancel it.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
| Range: 650 | Cooldown: 8 | Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 mana |
Enemy cast: Lulu sends Pix to the target enemy, dealing magic damage and revealing them (granting True Sight) for 4 seconds.
Ally cast: Lulu sends Pix to the target ally, shielding them for 2.5 seconds if they are a champion.
β€’ When you are trading, you need to think about how to use Lulu's E. If you think you can outpoke your enemy (deal more damage then they will deal in return), use it on them as damage. If they can do a lot of damage to you when you poke, shield yourself. Keep in mind that you can't trade with everyone, for example, just casually walking up to Brand to trade auto attacks isn't ideal (unless you can dodge his abilities or are running electrocute).
β€’ Using this on ally gives them Pix (Lulu's passive).
β€’ It's very easy to missclick this ability on enemy in a teamfight instead of shielding your ally. You can overcome this by clicking on the icon of ally you want to shield (typically the icons are on top of the map).
β€’ Pix will return to Lulu if the champion he's following is too far (more than 2 000 units), but the shield stays.
β€’ The damage E does can be blocked by Spell Shield or Riposte, but Pix will still go to the enemy, so you can Q from their location.
β€’ While it's nice that you can grant True Sight against some enemies who go into stealth, don't just do it because you can - ask yourself first if you won't need the shield part.
β€’ Even if the shield is broken, Pix will assist his ally for the full duration.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
| Range: 900 | Cooldown: 110 / 95 / 80 | Cost: 100 mana |
Lulu enlarges the target allied champion or herself for 7 seconds, granting them bonus health, 40% increased size and an aura that slows nearby enemies for the duration. On activation, nearby enemies around the target are also knocked up for 0.75 seconds.
The slow persists for 0.25 seconds after the enemy leaves range.
β€’ This is a really good tool against assasins (but it can be useful against divers too, especially someone like Master Yi who can normally cancel your polymorph, but not if you manage to knock him up with R first). Use R on your squishy ally that's getting targeted which will knock the enemy up and then follow up with polymorph.
β€’ Although this ability can save you when you missposition, try to save it mainly for your team and not yourself.
β€’ It can be used offensively by ulting your ally in the middle of the enemy team, which will knock them up (especially good if you have Yasuo who can follow up with R).
β€’ Wild Growth has no cast time.
β€’ You can interrupt channels (for example Xerath's R) with its knockup part.
β€’ Wild Growth's bonus health isn't decreased by Grievous Wounds but also isn't increased by Revitalize.
β€’ Even though Lulu's ult doesn't count as heal or shield, if her ally was at lower health than what she gave him with bonus health, they will "keep" the restored health even after ultimate ends (so after the duration ends, it won't let them keep more than their max HP), making it a heal that's not modified like a heal.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



















Level 1
You start Q if you think you can bully enemies level 1 without getting outpoked, E in other situations.
Level 2
Take either Q or E (the one you didn't take yet) if you aren't worried about your enemies all-inning you level 2, otherwise W and use it to prevent the all-in.
Level 3+
After you have your three abilities (Q, E, W), you want to have 3 points in your E, then max W, then finish maxing E and finally max Q. This way, you will have W maxed before level 11 - if you decided to put a point into E instead of W before level 11, you would delay your maxed W spike by two levels. Put point into R whenever you can. The reason for this maxing order is that you won't be using E as damage mostly after the laning phase (so the fact that by putting points into it you increase its damage doesn't matter that much) and while it's true that the shield strenght goes up with every point in E, the cooldown stays the same and mana cost goes up. That's not the case for your W though - by putting points into your W, you increase the attack speed you give to you ally, increase the duration of polymorph and the time your adc has the bonus attack speed and decrease its cooldown (which is really important, because your W is a very strong point and click CC). Also, the mana cost stays the same! That's why maxing W first is more beneficial, but we still put 3 points into E to make the shield more impactful. The only time I would consider maxing E first is when I both feel like I will need the stronger shield and can't use polymorph too much (meaning you can't get into range for it often for the decreased CD to matter). Q is maxed last because it only increases damage and also increases mana cost.



















Level 1
Since I wouldn't recommend taking electrocute into lanes that outrange you, you should start Q everytime with this build. It allows you to start being aggressive and dish out damage from level 1. You can trigger electrocute with any combination of two autoattacks and Q, preferred combo would be AA + Q + AA since it's the smoothest. More information in the combo section.
Level 2
When you hit level 2, you will usually want E second with this build, since it allows you to get your E + Q combo off. Take W second only if you absolutely need it to stop enemy engage or escape a level 2 gank.
Level 3+
At level 3, you will take the last basic ability you haven't taken yet and then max Q first for the additional burst. Trust me, you will hit a lot if you have Q maxed, Hextech Alternator and Electrocute ready. Then you will continue maxing abilities just like the standard build - having total of 3 points in E, then maxing W and then finishing E. This can change though. If you feel like you need polymorph a lot and don't need the stronger shield, then you can straight out max W second. On the other hand, if you are just completely stomping your enemies and want more damage to burst them, max E second. If you are not sure, just go for the sequence of Q first, 3 points in E, W second and then E, as that's the general one that works in any game. Also, don't forget to put a point into your R whenever you can.

Lulu is not a champion that requires the perfect combos in order to play her properly. In fact, she doesn't have many combos. Using your abilities on Lulu depends completely on the situation, and rather than trying to do combos, she uses them either on allies or enemies depending on what she needs at that exact moment. Here are some basic combos that can help you when playing Lulu, but remembering to use your abilities depending on what you need is much better than trying to execute combos.

+ AA +
Basic trading combo that you will use in the laning phase. Walk up to enemy, click on them to use Help, Pix! and then get one auto atack in before using Q through them (potentially hit the Q bolt from your position too for more damage).

AA + + AA + + AA
Poking when you need a shield
Approach enemy an attack them. They will turn on you to attack you back, so you will shield yourself, use another auto attack, Q to slow them and attack until you think it's safe - since you will mostly do this if enemies can trade back, you should back away soon after your shield was destroyed to not get chunked too much.

+ +
Assasin repellent
This is your basic combo against assasins and divers. First, ultimate will either cancel their dash that they used to get on top of your ADC or knock them up so they are CC'd, creating a bit of space. After the knock-up ends, polymorph them (using Whimsy on enemy). Then wait for your polymorph to end and then use Help, Pix!. Using it right after polymorph would shield when the enemy can't do anything, which doesn't make much sense.
If your carry is recieving more damage, then shielding right after polymorph is fine.

Polymorphing enemy with spell shield
Normally polymorphing right away is better and faster, but that's not possible when your enemy has spell shield that will block your next ability. In that case, use this combo. If you used Whimsy first, the spell shield would just block it and nothing would happen. Sometimes the enemy assasin or carry will purchase a spell shield item to prevent you from polymorphing them, so don't forget to check their items and do this combo if you need it.
List of spellshields in game: Sivir's ability Spell Shield, Nocturne's ability Shroud of Darkness, item Banshee's Veil, item Edge of Night.

Higher damage output for your carry
Use this ability combination on your attack speed carry. It will give them a shield, extra damage on auto attacks, more movement speed and attack speed, increasing their damage output. It's only good when you do not need polymorph.

+ +
Chasing or running away
This can be used both when running and chasing. Speed up the one who wants to run away or the one closest to the target you are chasing, shield them and then Q from their position so that you can slow your enemies.

You will take these runes if you can trade often. That's usually against enchanters and poke / engage lanes in which you can still safely poke as much as you want.

β€’ Summon Aery is the perfect keystone for any enchanter support, and since Lulu is one of them, you will always want to take it when using the Sorcery tree. It has both offensive (damage on attacks and abilities) and defensive (shield) capabilities, so you can never go wrong with it. Aery can't be sent out until she returns to you, but it doesn't take very long. Phase Rush is only a for-fun rune if you wanna trade and run away, and Arcane Comet can only be good if you want more poke against lanes where you can consistently hit Q - since it slows, it will make hitting comet easier.
β€’ When you take the Sorcery tree, you are usually looking to play more aggressively, and Manaflow Band supports that the best out of these three options, since it makes your mana pool larger and adds a bit of mana regeneration later. You could argue that Nullifying Orb might be good against double AP bot, but I feel like Manaflow is too important, since if there is double AP bot, you will need that mana to shield your ADC and help him dodge stuff with movement speed from Whimsy. It's the best against AP burst, so if there is more than 2 AP burst champions like Katarina or Akali, you might take it - just be aware that you will run oom faster than you might be used to.
β€’ I really like Transcendence because it's basically free 5 ability haste at level 5 and another 5 ability haste at level 8. The reason why I like taking this even more than last season is that you get access to the ability haste ealier than the CDR before, and it's good to get ability haste from runes, since you might lack it if you don't build Renewer. Transcendence really shines after level 11, where after each takedown, your basic abilities will get their remaining cooldown reduced by 20 %, and casting more spells on Lulu is always good. Celerity is also not a bad choice, but that depends on if you like to roam around a lot or value faster scaling.
β€’ I personally prefer Gathering Storm for more scaling and free AP, but Scorch provides some damage in the laning phase, and that "small damage" could be the difference between a kill and enemy escaping with low HP. If you are confident in your laning skills and know you win the matchup, take it, otherwise go for Gathering Storm. You could say this one depends more on the playstyle of an individual player and also matchup, since some matchups allow you to be more aggressive than others, making scorch either better or worse. Also consider taking scorch if it looks like the game won't be longer than 20 minutes thanks to a lot of early game snowballing champions.
β€’ This one doesn't change much. You will take double adaptive force almost everytime and then take either armor or MR depending on enemy team comp. If you see they are full AD / AP, then take two armor or two MR shards.

β€’ You will take inspiration secondary if you think your lane opponents will trade back a lot and you will need the extra mana and sustain, plus you want to scale nicely into the late-game. I usually take Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery against all enchanters. You shouldn't take Magical Footwear if you think you can impact the map with early boots and roaming or if you will need the boots to dodge skillshots. In that case, instead of free boots, take Time Warp Tonic for extra movement speed when consuming a potion or biscuit and immediate 50 % effect after using it. Note, that Cosmic Insight no longer grants ability haste (cdr)! It only gives Summoner Spell and item active haste.
β€’ Runepage with Summon Aery and resolve secondary isn't very common, but it's good in some situations where you are against engage, but feel like you will be able to poke a lot. I especially like this against Thresh, since I'm confident in the matchup to poke, but if he ever grabs me, I'm still a bit tankier. If you are facing someone like Thresh with a poke ADC (like Ezreal), take Second Wind instead of Bone Plating.
β€’ These secondary runes are the best if you plan to roam a lot and you know you will be able to impact the map. Relentless Hunter gives you more out-of-combat movement speed to move around the map faster and get to where you need to be in the right time, while Zombie Ward allows you to get more wards on the map by taking the wards of enemies down, which is really good, since there will be a lot of situations when thanks to this, you won't need to waste your own wards on places that both red and blue side like to have their wards on. If you don't care about vision or you know not many people at your rank ward, you can take Eyeball Collection for some extra AP.

Take resolve tree against engage or hard poke lanes. It will save you and your ADC in a lot of cases. You gain more defensive stats in exchange for a bit of aggressive potential, but you take this in lanes where you wouldn't be able to be very aggressive anyway.

β€’ Always take Guardian as your keystone when using the Resolve tree, the other ones are not good on Lulu, since they are more for self-protection rather than the protection of your carry. Guardian protects you as well as your ADC (or other ally outside of laning phase) and procs if you two are standing nearby - you don't have to stand on top though, there is an indicator to help you out with the range where you need to stay. Guardian was also changed recently and doesn't proc off small damage anymore, which made it even better.
β€’ In this row, you want to take Font of Life. When you slow enemies with your Q or R, your team can then attack them to heal up. While it's nothing massive, it can help. Also, healing your team through Font of Life procs other things, like Ardent Censer, without you needing to shield the ally. Don't get baited by Shield Bash, Font of Life is much better.
β€’ This one can be changed a lot. If you are going against engage champion like Leona, you want to take Bone Plating to be tankier when she gets on you and hopefully it saves your life. On the other hand, if your opponent is someone like Zyra or some other poke support, then take Second Wind. If you are against engage but you think that enemies would proc your Bone Plating often and randomly, you can take Second Wind. Lastly, Conditioning is a good choice if you want to take Resolve because of other enemies who are either in the jungle, mid or toplane, but don't need the increased tankiness from boneplating in lane.
β€’ Take Revitalize for stronger heals and shield, especially on targets that are low on health. This will make your peel even better. Keep in mind that Revitalize doesn't affect the amount of HP you give to your ally by using R on them. Recently I tested Overgrowth and it's actually not terrible in the cases where people target you, since it makes you tankier and still able to use your spells on your ally. It's very hard to predict if the enemies will or won't target you though, so generally, Revitalize is a safer bet.
β€’ This one doesn't change much. You will take double adaptive force almost everytime and then take either armor or MR depending on enemy team comp. If you see they are full AD / AP, then take two armor or two MR shards.

β€’ Just like in the Sorcery runepage, you will take inspiration secondary if you think your lane opponents will poke a lot and you will need the extra mana and sustain. Inspiration with Resolve tree is usually good if it's a hard poke lane like Brand or if the support is engage like Nautilus, but the ADC is a poke one like Ezreal. You will have the tankiness for when Nautilus engages, but also some sustain against Ezreal's poke. You might be wondering why do I recommend Cosmic Insight here and not on the Aery page? That's because you will need early boots to dodge skillshots in these lanes, so taking Magical Footwear would be really bad - you would get your boots too late. As for Cosmic Insight, even though it doesn't grant Ability Haste (previously CDR) anymore, it still grants item and especially summoner spell CDR, which is more valuable in these lanes, since they are generally more dangerous (which is why you take this Guardian page).
β€’ This will be more common than taking Inspiration secondary with the Guardian page. First, you take Manaflow Band because it allows you to run oom a bit slower, and even in these lanse, you should be able to proc it from time to time with Q. You mostly take Sorcery secondary for Transcendence, though. It might be just my personal opinion, but I think it's really good, and it's definitely better than last season. You get access to the ability haste at level 5 and 8, which is much earlier, and then, at level 11, whenever you get a takedown (kill or assist), your basic abilities will reduce their remaining cooldown by 20 %.

Taking Relentless Hunter and Zombie Ward for better roams isn't recommended for Guardian runepage, since you will mostly take it in dangerous lanes like against Leona or Blitzcrank, in which you won't have many oppoturnities to roam, since your ADC will be susceptible to getting dove.

Now, let me take you into the darkside...

As much as it seems like just "for fun," it's actually viable. Take it either if your enemies are weak early so you can punish them for their picks (like Sona + Jinx), or to win against mages if you are comfortable with you dodging skills and Lulu in general, since your damage is pretty much guaranteed after E + Q, while they have to usually hit theirs. Unless they carry a huge teddy bear around.

β€’ Electrocute is the main reason as to why go into domination tree at all and it's needed for the "electrocute build" to work. It offers some burst damage to your trade combo, making it hit even harder with your maxed Q. Note that you need to hit the enemy with 3 unique attacks or abilities within 3 seconds. If you AA twice and Q, that works procs electrocute too. After that, you need to wait around 20 seconds for it to come up. We don't take Dark Harvest because you take this against lanes that are weak early to bully and punish them, so taking a scaling rune over early game burst one wouldn't make much sense. Even if you plan to roam a lot, which is perfectly viable with this set up, Predator only helps in some situations, since you have speed up from W to get into their faces, and it would decrease your damage potential.
β€’ To be completely honest, nothing just scream take me in this row. That doesn't mean nothing from it works though. You should usually take Cheap Shot, since it adds a bit more damage after someone has impaired movement or actions, meaning he's slowed, stunned, etc. Since you can slow and knock-up, you have some ways to proc it. The damage is also true damage. If you want a bit more sustain, you can opt for Taste of Blood. Do not take Sudden Impact since you have no way of using it.
β€’ This one is debatable and mostly depends on your own playstyle and elo rather than viability. Zombie Ward gives you the ability to have better vision, since if you destroy enemy ward, zombie ward will spawn for 2 minutes without you having to place your own ward down. Note, it doesn't count towards your ward limit. Also, with each zombie ward spawned, you get extra AP - after placing the 10th zombie ward, you will get additional 10 AP. Since you need to destroy enemy vision, it may not be optimal in elos where people don't ward or if you don't care about vision much. Ghost Poro pretty much does the same thing, except instead of spawning after killing enemy ward, it spawns after your ward expires. This is if you care about vision but know that people in your elo don't ward much. Eyeball Collection also gives AP, but instead of relying on wards at all, it relies on you getting a takedown on champions.
Choose based on this - Do you want more vision? No - Eyeball Collection, Yes - Do your enemies ward often? Yes - Zombie Ward, No - Ghost Poro. If you want a safe bet, I'd say go for Ghost Poro, but I prefer Zombie ward the most since it stays 1 minute longer than the poro and if enemies don't destroy it, it's usually in a better position to offer better vision of enemies.
β€’ You should hunt your enemies relentlessly, thus Relentless Hunter is the best option. It offers you out of combat movement speed, making you able to buy Sorcerer's shoes if you are snowballing as well as make you roam a lot better overall - that also pairs well with recommended Zombie Ward. And since you do more damage than usual with this setup, roaming becomes even better, since you can finish off enemies alone. As for the other hunters, Ingenious won't be much of an use since you won't be building many active items with electrocute and it's best with Moonstone Renewer, Ravenous is only a bit of sustain and Ultimate would be better for normal, enchanter set up, since electrocute is based around taking over the early game with lane and roaming power.
β€’ This one doesn't change much. You will take double adaptive force almost everytime and then take either armor or MR depending on enemy team comp. If you see they are full AD / AP, then take two armor or two MR shards.

β€’ Personally I like these two the most as secondary runes for Electrocute build. Manaflow Band helps you with mana problems and you can stack it easily, since you will be trading a lot. I wouldn't change this one if you are going for sorcery second. Next, I prefer Transcendence, because it helps you scale better with this early to mid game focused build. The ability haste and cooldown reduction of your base abilities on takedown feels really good. If you are sure the game won't be long based on the champions, or if you just want a bit more damage in lane, you can swap Transcendence for Scorch. It depends on what you prefer.

Why not other secondary options? Resolve doesn't fit the aggressive playstyle of this build, plus it's mainly against champions like Blitzcrank where you shouldn't be taking Electrocute anyway. Presence of Mind is okay, but I prefer to have mana sustain earlier and more reliably from Manaflowband. Keep in mind that Presence of Mind no longer gives bonus 500 mana, and other options from this tree aren't great. Lastly, Inspiration could be fine with Biscuits and Cosmic Insight (you will need early boots to impact the map, so Magical Footwear is a no-go), but Sorcery is superior, since it has the option to go for more damage (scorch) and offers actual ability haste and reduced remaining cooldown instead of just item and summoner haste from Cosmic Insight.

FLASH: As almost any other champion, you will always want to take flash. It can save you from bad situations as well as secure a kill on an enemy who is trying to get away. You can even flash into enemy team and use R on yourself as an engage, but only if you are really ahead and you know you can survive it (and you don't need R for your carries).
Make sure that when you flash, it's worth it. That means either flashing to get a kill that will help you snowball the laning phase (best if you flash for it and not die after), or flashing away when it will save your life. It's not always easy to determine if you should flash or not. If you see that even if you flash, it won't save you, don't waste it. Sometimes it's better to flash away from danger early rather than waiting until you are low enough that even if you flash, enemies can finish you off. Other option is flashing forward to get in range for your spells, usually R and E. This is only worth it if you are saving your main carry or jungler before an objective AND you know both of you can survive it. Don't just give the enemy free kill by trying to save everyone, determine if you really can save them with flashing forward to protect them.
IGNITE: You can take ignite for more laning pressure, especially if you plan to play aggressively. Ignite does true damage and can be a deciding factor in the early levels. If you have electrocute, you should always take it, on standard build, it's only optional if you think you will be able to use if effectively. You can also use it to reduce healing from someone like Soraka or Dr. Mundo.
EXHAUST: Take this if you know you will be playing very defensively or if you think your spells, items and runes won't be enough to save your ally from enemy divers / assasins, or if you need to protect your whole team from big threats - exhausting a fed Katarina really makes a difference. Exhaust also helps chase after enemies if you already blew all of your spells. In lane, use it on enemy ADC if their duo is engaging on you, or if you are chasing them down to kill them - you can even ensure blowing enemies flash by doing this, since they will get scared and panic flash away.
HEAL: This one isn't very common, because it's mostly taken by ADC's. However, if your ADC decides to take Clense, Barrier, Teleport (or some other spell), then take it.

When you spawn into Summoner's rift, you will purchase these items and start the game with them. Choose one of the support items - either Spellthief's or Relic - and then take a ward and health potions. The support item will upgrade as you progress through the game. First, after gaining 500 gold, you will get access to warding with it as well as better stats, and after gaining 1 000 gold, it will give you even nicer stats, but also disable your income through killing minions / poking enemies.

You generally want to take Spellthief's Edge as your starting item if you know you will be able to trade a lot. Keep in mind that if you use your passive, you will gain 2 procs of Spellthief's. Usually, I take it if I chose Sorcery tree for my runes, but it's not always the case. Always take it with Electrocute though, since you go that keystone against lanes where you can trade. Another reason to take Spellthief's first is that it got buffed and you know gain 20 gold for a proc. If you are not sure if you can trade, Relic is a safer option.
Your other starting item option is Relic Shield. It's more defensive, but becomes better if you can't poke much because you don't neet to greed for procs to get wards and gold. Remember to use it on melee minions and always save one proc for the cannon minion (which arrives every third wave at the beginning of the game). Trading of a bit of AP for safer income is better if you are not sure or know that you won't be able to trade much. I wouldn't rely on Q, as it's easy to dodge, and you won't be able to step forward too often for E + Q in these lanes.
This is the other item you will purchase alongside your support item (spellthief's or relic). Since you will have 100 gold, you can buy both of them. I wouldn't buy only one or none. Yes, it can save you gold, but having a bit more sustain in lane is too good, especially for Lulu, who doesn't have heals in her kit and is able to play aggressively pretty often.
Last thing you will want to purchase before heading out to the Summoner's rift for the first time is stealth ward. It doesn't take space in your 6 slot item inventory and is mandatory not only for a support, but for almost every champion. You will use it to gain vision of your enemies so you can play with more confidence. See more in warding section.

When you first recall from lane, these are the options you can go for. The amount of gold that you go back with first will change depending on how long you have been able to stay in lane. Try to pick the one that suits your game the best and can help you in the laning phase.

This item gives you a bit of nice AP to help you play more aggressively. Keep in mind that only Imperial Mandate, Moonstone Renewer and Night Harvester have this item in their buildpath, so if you want to go Locket, Shurelya's, or you aren't sure, maybe look into buying something else. If you know you are going either Imperial Mandate or Renewer and you have more gold, you can upgrade this to Bandleglass Mirror, but consider other options first - it's perfectly viable to have Amplifying Tome, Ruby Crystal and Boots before going into Bandleglass Mirror.
This item is also what you should go when you have Electrocute runepage, don't want Dark Seal and don't have enough gold for Hextech Alternator.
This is the safer bet. It may seem strange, because this item grants health, and that's usually better in more dangerous lanes where you want to survive. But if you look at all the mythics Lulu can build, they all have Kindlegem (besides Night Harvester which only has Ruby Crystal), which is built from Ruby Crystal, in their build path. Buying this first lets you have more time to decide which mythic you will need in that specific game, and also allows you to survive all-ins. The only time you do not build this on your first back is if you have Electrocute, since you want that Hextech Alternator powerspike as fast as possible.
This item has insanely good value and offers really good stats for a cheap price. If you are even or ahead, I would definitely recommend building this even if you aren't planning to upgrade it into Maejai's. If you can't afford it or want other options on your first back, then buy it on the second. With each takedown (so assist or kill), you get stacks with extra AP, and that lets you stay strong. It's good on Lulu because of how safe she can play as well, making it easy to keep the stacks. If you are noticing enemies focusing you a lot, then you either shouldn't buy it or should sell it for something better.
This is another great option on your first back. It lets you have more movement speed to move around the map (you can even upgrade boots first if you want to roam), dodge skillshots and other stuff. You should definitely buy this item first if you are facing champions that rely on their skillshots, so mages such as Lux, Xerath, or tanks like Blitzcrank and Nautilus.
A lot of the times, if you crush your lane with Electrocute runepage, you will be able to gain enough gold (1 050) for this item on your first back. It's your first big powerspike when playing electrocute Lulu, since it makes your E + AA + Q combo hurt a lot. That means you should definitely try to get it as fast as possible, usually alongside basic boots, spellthief's and Dark Seal.

Mythics are new items that were introduced into the game. They are more powerful that the normal (legendary) ones, but in exchange, you can only build one of them in a single game. That's why you should pick carefully. Each of them also gives you special bonuses for each legendary item that you buy, pay attention to those as well.

This mythic supports playing aggressively, since it gives you more damage every time you slow someone with Q. If you are doing well in lane and you can bully your opponents, this is the choice you should go. They changed it recently and more damage comes from the second proc, where after you slow someone, your ADC has to step up and attack them for extra damage. After that, you will both get extra movement speed, which will help you play more aggressively and potentially chase your enemies.
Even if you are doing well and see that your ADC doesn't really wanna help you with trading, then you should probably reconsider taking this item. It also gives AP with each legendary item, which will buff your abilities in exchange for less ability haste from Moonstone.
When the preseason started, this item was bugged and really bad. But since its changes, it became a viable option for Lulu. In comparsion to Imperial Mandate, Moonstone is the scaling option - not only for its active, but also because of ability haste that it gives with each legendary item purchased. You will heal your allies by affecting champions with attacks or abiltiies, which you already do as Lulu, and it helps you with sustain that you don't normally have in your kit. I wouldn't recommend this item if there are a lot of champions that burst your team, since moonstone has 2 second cooldown and the heal isn't that big, so it wouldn't be useful - by the time you get the second heal, it will be too late for your ally. It's better against poke champions and tanks, since it helps you sustain through fights against these champions that either have to wait for their cooldowns or don't do as much damage.
Another amazing and arguably the best mythic for Lulu is Locket. Why best? Unless you are Lulu OTP, then you should usually pick Lulu into teams that have a lot of assasins or divers that wanna get in or burst someone. Lulu counters that really well, and Guardian with Locket support that even more, making your team really hard to kill. Locket was changed a lot from the Locket we used to know. It still has its active shield, but it now also grants an aura to nearby champions around you, giving them bonus armor and mr that scale with each legendary item you purchase.
I usually take it with Guardian runepage. It will make you and your teammates much harder to kill. On one side, you will be tankier, so you can use your spells mainly on your team, since you will be harder to kill than usual, and on the other, your squishy carries will be harder to burst with your whole kit, locket shield + passive and guardian shield.
You will probably use this mythic the least. It can be good in certain situations, but a lot of the times, it's just not worth it to take away the mythic spot and have it instead of the other options. You will only take it if you need more engage or disengage (or both) and you don't need any of the other options. Examples where Shurelya's could be good are if you have champions like Darius, Nasus (and they are not doing terribly) that just need to get in enemies faces to murder them, or, on the other hand, if you are facing those exact champions and need to run away from them. If your enemies have a lot of dashes or ways to close in the gap, Shurelya's won't be very useful. Since it also gives extra damage, it's better used offensively than defensively.
"They aren't gonna like this."
This is the only mythic you will be going with Electrocute, since taking anything else would defeat the keystone's purpose. It gives you extra damage when damaging a champion and a bit of movement speed - this effect has 40 second cooldown. It gives some ability haste and a nice amount of ability power. What's also really good about it is that with each legendary item, you will gain ability haste, meaning you aren't hurting your scaling that much in case you can't close the game early in exchange for burst early and mid game.
ALWAYS build Hextech Alternator first when going for this mythic. It essentially grants you the same passive (with less damage and no movement speed) for only 1 050 gold, making it a nice item spike, and builds into Night Harvester later.

Unless you are running Magical Footwear rune, you should purchase the basic boots early. They can help you with dodging abilities, running away or chasing, or roaming to other lanes to impact the map. When you will upgrade them is based on the game - If you wanna roam, upgrade to Mobility boots before your mythic item. For the other options (Ionian boots, Mercury's, etc), you should first purchase your mythic and upgrade after.

"Let's go around again! Ha!"
I really like these boots because you run around the map really fast, which allows you to roam and get better wards not only in the early stages, but also later in the game. You will have a bit less Ability Haste, but if you feel like you can impact the map, buy them. They are especially good if either of the botlane turrets got destroyed early or if botlane is doomed and you can't do anything by staying there. Just don't abandon your ADC for too long - check out the roaming section of this guide for more information about roaming. They are a bit more expensive than Swifties, but the out-of-combat movement speed is just too good to pass up on.
These are also the boots you take with electrocute if you can roam a lot.
These boots are almost never a bad option, because Lulu uses ability haste well, no matter the rune setup you are running. Generally, you want to pick them if you don't need / want any of the other boots. They also offer a bit of Summoner Spell Haste, and since especially flash is so valuable, it makes them a bit better.
These boots aren't the best on Lulu and you will generally only need them very rarely. You could buy them if enemy team has a lot of AD threats like Tryndamere or Jax that get on top of you and attack you a lot. Note, you should only purchase them if you are getting targetted, as in most cases where people don't overcommit just to get to you, you shouldn't be in danger.
This item blocks damage from auto attacks, so if you are worried about Zed one shotting you, you would be better off with a Zhonya's Hourglass.
Take these if there are a lot of AP threats that can kill you / poke you almost to death. They also reduce CC duration, so feel free to buy them when enemies have a lot of CC that's hard to avoid and you don't want any other boots. Because being CC'd constantly means you won't be doing much, and buying Mikael's Blessing isn't always enough.
Do not take these boots if you are running the standard Lulu setups (guardian or aery). Take them only if you took Electrocute and you are ahead, so they can help you burst your enemies and push your lead even more. If you feel like you did well in lane but your damage is slowly becoming smaller, I wouldn't recommend taking them.

These items are called legendary, but you surely know them as the standard items that you bought before season 11. You will be purchasing them after your mythic item, since they will grant you extra bonuses depending on what mythic you chose. These are more common than those in "very situational section," so usually choose from them. They are still all situational though, so pick the ones that suit your game the most.

This item is a match made in heaven. It almost looks like it was created for Lulu, since this item is best for attack speed carries. Guess what? So is Lulu. If you have ADC like Vayne, Twitch, Kog'Maw, or carry like Master Yi and Kindred, you should be considering this item. It doesn't automatically mean you should buy it - only go for it if your carry is ahead. If they are, then go this item right after your mythic. If they are just doing fine, but nothing spectacular, maybe buy something else and then come back to considering ardent a bit later depending on if they started doing a lot of damage or not. If you have an attack speed carry but they aren't doing well, then don't bother. This item is also good if you have multiple people who can use it, as you can proc it with multiple things - some of the examples would Font of Life, Redemption or Moonstone Renewer.
This item was previously amazing, but a lot of its power was taken away from it and it's now mediocre, but since it still fills its purpose, I put it in this section instead of the situational one. Since Lulu has no sustain outside of Renewer, this item can fill that role. It's really good against teams with a lot of AOE damage. The most important thing about it is the active part. You create a circle which heals allies and damages enemies, and it has a huge range, meaning if you are warding in the jungle and you see a fight happening, you can impact it before you even arrive. The heal also gives your team Ardent buff if you have Ardent Censer. Place Redemption to a place where you think your team will be in a few seconds, because it has 2.5 seconds cast time. You can also use it to try and catch out enemy who is escaping with no health and mobility.
This item was like a love on the first sight, and I knew I would love it when I saw it. It gives you mana regeneration, 60 AP, heal and shield power and a passive that allows you to get movement speed and extra AP for both yourself and an ally that you heal or shield. The only downside of this item is that it doesn't give any ability haste, but I honestly don't think it's a big problem and you should build it if you are ahead or even when you don't need the other item choices. It's also a great replacement for Ardent if your carry can use the AP more than attack speed. Don't make the mistake of creating a mindset of building Ardent with attack speed carry and Staff with AP carries - this item is amazing even for attack speed carry, as it gives extra movement speed, and a lot of attack speed carries can still use the AP. For example, if I have an Ashe and don't need stuff like Mikael's or Redemption, I'd just go both Ardent and Staff.
This item is also a great pickup for Electrocute setup, since more AP is always welcome and it still gives you supporting power.
I always saw this item as something only tanks take, but when I tried it on Lulu, it felt amazing. It makes you tankier against both AD and AP champions, but it also has mana and a surprising amount of ability haste. Bind this to your attack speed carry that's doing well. You just need to immobilize enemies in some way (any form of hard CC, which is mostly your ult, which knocks enemies up) to proc the passive and your carry will deal more damage with their auto attacks. This item is great with Guardian setup, since you need enemies to be close to you so you can immobilize them, and, like I mentioned, it makes you tankier.
Another great item with the Guardian setup. It gives some nice health regeneration, which is a plus with someone without sustain like Lulu, but that's not where the item shines. You will choose one ally (your carry) and redirect some of the damage they take to you. This can be incredibly helpful against assasins, as it will be harder for them to burst your carry down. Note that if you are the one being focused, this item doesn't help much.
Also, if your designed ally is low, you get extra movement speed when moving towards them, which can be helpful to get in range for your abilities and save them.
While this items provides nice 20% bonus healing and shielding, it's mainly bought for the ability to remove CC on its active part. Buy it if enemies have a lot of CC which results in your team being killed (Good examples are Lux's Q, Ahri's E or Sejuani's R). You will also grant them slow immunity, and if you successfully clense a CC, your ally will gain movement speed. It can be self cast. It doesn't work on suppress like Warwick's or Malzahar's R. It also has some nice magic resist, making it even better against those skillshot mages.
Finally, with the season 11 arrival, even we supports got an item for grievous wounds. This reduces healing dealt and is an amazing counter against many champions. It can either be built early against healers that you encounter in the botlane, such as Yuumi or Soraka (Sona not so much, as if she doesn't straight up max her w, it won't be healing much early on), or built later in the game against champions like Sylas who has a burst heal in his kit or champions who build a lot of lifesteal. If you want to build this item early to counter healing enchanters, go for the Oblivion Orb first, then finish your mythic and then Chemtech Putrifier. Note that immobilizing (so knocking up, slows don't count) applies even more grievous wounds.
I wasn't sure at first if this item will be useful, but I actually started liking it quite a bit if the game is going to be long - you can only purchase it after you reach level 13, which won't happen in a lot of games, and even if you do hit level 13 but feel like the game will end soon, don't bother with it.
If you place 20 Stealth or Totem wards, this item will evolve into Watchful Wardstone, giving you 25 ability haste while still being able to store control wards, and increasing the stealth and control ward cap by one. Last upgrade that you can purchase if you have extra gold is Vigilant Wardstone that gives 40 ability haste, which is really good, and also bonus movement speed.
Why do I think it's good in longer games? In those games, you would usually struggle between buying a last item that will make you stronger or saving a slot for control wards. Now you have a slot for control wards that will also make you a bit stronger! While you won't buy this often, as this meta is really quick paced, it's good to keep in mind.

These are also called legendary items. You will only build them in some special situations that happen only in a few games if ever, but it's good to keep them in mind in case you happen to need them.

Zhonya's Hourglass is an item that's usually overlooked by enchanter supports, and even though I don't build it often, it can be good in certain situations. If you see a lot of assasins or divers targetting you, buy it, and when a fight happens, use all your abilities (usually on your carry, but it can vary) and then use Zhonya's active. You must be sure the enemies are targetting you and can actually get to you even when you are in a good position (like Irelia, Rengar or Yasuo) - don't just buy this item because you see a lot of assasins. Usually I buy this when enemies are tilted that I save my team over and over so they just go straight for me - and I go golden.
"Let's put on our thinking caps! Hmm... hmmhmm, hmmhmm... ah, I got it!"
Never buy this item as a first or even second option after your Spellthief's and boots. It's better as a last item to really boost your abilities when you don't know what to do with the rest of your gold or if you have Electrocute and you are just really snowballing and stomping on everyone, thus you don't really want Wardstone. It will make all your abilities better, both on the offensive and defensive side. Usually you can only afford this if it's very late into the game or you are ahead, because it costs a lot, so don't force this item - just go for it if you have the gold and don't need anything else, just more power in general.
If you have a lot of stacks (best if full) on dark seal and are still doing really well, you can upgrade it to mejai's. However, dark seal became really gold efficient on his own, even better than before. It's up to your own choice. If the game is long and you die with your Mejai's stacks, resulting in losing most of them, and have enough gold for another item, I highly suggest you to sell Mejai's and buy something else (applies for 30+ minute games), since the game might end before you stack it again, making other item choices more effective in closing the game out.
Aside from giving you a lot of armor, mana and 20 Ability Haste, this item slows the attack speed of nearby champions. This is very good, since you are already playing Lulu into diving champions and assasins (unless you are OTP), and if there are a lot of them, you can buy this item later in the game to make them less powerful. It doesn't work on Master Yi if he uses ult, so keep that in mind. But it can be really useful when your main priority is shutting down some diver that attacks fast.
Generally, this item is too expensive for a support to purchase, but I still thought it's worth mentioning. It gives a lot of ability haste and ability power on top of a bonus movement speed. If you feel like you are extremely ahead and can get away with building it, then go for it.

Here are some build examples that you can use to understand choosing the right runes and items for Lulu better depending on your game. These are not the only viable options and are just examples, meaning you can still change any item if you think something else fits your game. There are way too many variations to cover, but it should help you more with determining what items to choose as well as give you a build that might not be perfect but is still usable if you just really aren't sure what to go for. Items are in the order that you should be buying them, so if you see Ardent on the 4th place, in means it's best to build it as your 4th item (starting item and boots count too).

Good with a hypercarry | Always useful
This is as basic as it gets, and if Lulu had to have only one available build, this would be it. Now, I'm definitely not saying that this is the best build in every case. It's just good in any game, and if you want to only use one build, then you should go for this. It uses Lulu's potential to buff a carry while still having some AP and mana regeneration herself. It lacks ability haste, that's why Ionian Boots of Lucidity are a must. If you want a version of this standard build without a hypercarry, build Staff of Flowing Water first and then Redemption instead of ardent.

Against divers and assasins | Makes your carry and yourself really hard to kill
This build maximizes the protection of your ADC against enemy divers or assasins. You will have the shield from Guardian, stronger shields from Revitalize, Font of Life to give your ADC some extra healing when he attacks after you slow or immobilize your enemies (which you will naturally), all of your abilities, shield and passive aura from Locket of the Iron Solari that gives extra armor and MR to nearby champions, Zeke's Convergence to make your ADC do more dmg and making you tankier and finally, Knight's Vow to redirect some damage from your ADC to you so they are even harder to burst. If you are getting targetted more often than your ADC (or other carry), swap Knight's Vow for Zhonya's Hourglass. Vigilant Wardstone is just a cherry on top and either Wardstone, Zeke's or Knight's Vow can be exchanged for other items that were mentioned in the item section, like Redemption against AOE or if you need to protect more people at once, Ardent Censer or Staff of Flowing Water to make your carry hit harder, or Frozen Heart to shut down enemy divers that rely on attack speed.

Bursts squishies | Shines the most early and midgame | Lane bully Lulu
This is the ideal build if you are going for Electrocute and don't need to worry about much. You will hit really hard while still having support capabilities. Rush Hextech Alternator as fast as possible and consider buying early Mobility Boots and Dark Seal if you think it's good. You can go for Sorcerer's Shoes instead of Mobility Boots if you want to burst people even more rather than roam. If you can roam and gain something from it, then Mobility boots are definitely better, but if your goal is to destroy your lane, then Sorcerer's shoes are a good option too. Last two items can be changed - only build Mejai's Soulstealer if you got stacks and know that you won't lose them, and Rabadon's Deathcap only if you have enough gold. Otherwise, some other good option for this buildpath instead of Mejai's and Rabadon are Zhonya's Hourglass when you are geting blown after you get your damage off, Ardent Censer for an attack speed carry, or, if you see that your damage is becoming too small or you can't get in range, then opt for normal support items depending on the situation (Redemption, Mikael's, Zeke's, etc.)

Against all sorts of healing
You should definitely build this against Soraka and Yuumi, as those champions heal a lot of damage, so you need to counter that. If you are playing against them, purchase Oblivion Orb first, then choose your mythic (doesn't have to be Moonstone, I just put it as an example to match with healer's ability haste scaling and sustain a bit) and then finish Chemtech Putrifier. If you are against an enemy that wasn't your lane opponent but you know you will need healing reduction against them (some good examples are Dr. Mundo or Sylas, then don't bother with oblivion orb and start building Chemtech Putrifier after you finish your mythic item.
I chose Mobility Boots for the Summon Aery build, because you usually go aery against enchanters, in this case Yuumi and Soraka, and you can easily outroam them with Lulu, since outside of Soraka's R, they can't really match you. On the other hand, you would usually take Guardian against hard engage in botlane, meaning you want to counter healing in the enemy top, jungle or mid. I chose Ionian Boots of Lucidity with it, since you would have to stay with your ADC in the botlane to protect them and wouldn't be able to use Mobility Boots much anyway.

Against poke mages | Sustain
In this build, you focus on getting sustain, which Lulu lacks, and help your allies avoid as much damage as possible before your team is ready to engage. Moonstone Renewer gives you sustain on its own, making it an obvious choice against teams that just want to stay back and poke you to death. Try to get to is as fast as possible, but don't forget purchasing Boots first. The more movement speed you have, the better you can avoid enemy skillshots and save your shield for your teammates. Next up, I chose Staff of Flowing Water, because if you shield someone from damage, you will give them and yourself bonus movement speed to dodge even better. Mikael's Blessing is there since a lot of these poke mages have a skillshot they need to stun or root you with before doing any serious damage, so you will use it to get your team out of danger. Lastly, Redemption can finish it with an AOE heal to top your team's health, which could result in you staying for an objective rather than having to recall to get some health back. If you do not need some of the items mentioned above, you can always go for Ardent Censer to buff your ADC, Chemtech Putrifier against healing or Vigilant Wardstone for more vision control.

Sustaining tank's damage | Kiting
Since tanks don't deal enough damage, you will take Moonstone Renewer and outheal anything they manage to do while your team kills them slowly. If you feel like you would be better off if you could just keep your team away from them rather than trying to heal the damage they do, take Shurelya's Battlesong to give your team some movement speed so they can reposition after the tanks engaged and attack them from a safe distance, since a lot of the tanks don't have another way to close the distance after they used the first. Redemption is good for the same reason as moonstone - sustaining through tank's damage that can't burst your carries (usually) and Zeke's Convergence makes you a bit tankier against them while making your attack speed carry stronger. Last item can be changed if you do not care about vision at all.

Even though a lot of ADC's would want a good Lulu on their side, she will perform the best with an attack speed ADC. That's why I suggest you should either ask your ADC in champ select about who are they planning to play before you pick Lulu, or find a good duo partner that you know will play someone like Vayne or Kog'Maw. That makes it easier for you to play Lulu not only because you know you will have a good champion synergy, but also because you can trust your duo partner and know that if you enable them with all the shields and buffs, it won't go to waste.
This, of course, doesn't mean that she can only be played with those kind of champions. If you really like Lulu, you can play her with anyone - just be prepared that you might not always be able to play her to her full potential, but even if you can't use your aggressive part of your kit that well (bonus damage on auto attacks), you still have a huge amount of tools for protection and peeling. And besides that, Lulu has a lot of item and rune choices, making her be able to adapt to whoever she is playing with.
A lot of the times, you will face enemy duo in which I would recommend different runes for their support and their ADC. That's why I covered more than one runepage in the matchup section based on the ADC that enemy support has, so rather look there if you want to know what runes or specific items to take each game.

β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… - best (ideal) synergy, β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… - strong synergy, β˜…β˜…β˜… - alright (ok) synergy, β˜…β˜… - low synergy, β˜… - no synergy

APHELIOS - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The weapon of the faithful
Aphelios was previously very strong and one of the best ADCs with Lulu, but with the preseason changes, he got weaker. I personally haven't seen an Aphelios ever since this preseason started, so I'm not sure how good they still are together, since previously, this was a really good combo. The fact that Lulu can still peel for him and make him a monster definitely didn't change though, that's why i would still rate this synergy as 4 stars. The only problem he has is getting focused and dying, and since he has no mobility, it's very likely he will get hit by some skillshots that will cost him his life. But, if he gets all the buffs from Lulu, it's more likely that ge can survive and carry the game.
How to succeed with Aphelios? He is a bit weaker early game, so you should opt for the normal Lulu runes ( Summon Aery / Guardian) and get him through laning phase so he can purchase his items and start dealing damage. Make sure Aphelios is always in a safe spot, and if it's not the case, you can help him reposition with the movement speed from your Whimsy. If you are facing a lot of CC enemies, definitely go for Mikael's Blessing, because Aphelios has no way to dodge aside from flashing away or if he has Galeforce, but even that has a cooldown.

ASHE - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The frost archer
Ashe has been a strong ADC for a very long time, and Lulu makes her even better. Ashe is immobile, and Lulu helps her with that because she can protect her from anyone who wants to get on top of her. Aside from that, Ashe can poke a lot in the laning phase, allowing Lulu to play more aggressively as well and get in range of her spells thanks to Ashe's slows - you two together actually have a lot of those, allowing you to kite for days, plus Ashe's R compliments Lulu really well, since she can engage with it, which is something Lulu has difficulty with doing on her own. Lastly, Ashe gets a lot of attack speed from her build and Q, and each of those auto attacks uses Pix's damage if you give her the shield.
How to succeed with Ashe? You two can get away with being aggressive in the lane, so unless your matchup really doesn't allow it, you should go ham. Let Ashe slow them first, since she can either auto attack them for guaranteed slow or hit them with W, which is also fairly easy, and then get in range for your poke combo. When you both hit level 6, let Ashe engage first, speed her up with whimsy so she can get in range and have more attack speed, and melt the stunned target down. If the Ashe isn't very aggressive, don't overforce things and rather stay by her side and peel for her. If Ashe didn't get many kills, she will be very likely to start playing the role of supportive ADC with a stun and slows, so if possible, try to look for a different carry to buff. If your Ashe is doing good and is aggressive enough though, then buffing her maker her very strong. If everything has been going fine, opting for Imperial Mandate is really good for Ashe, since she can followup easily thanks to the slows and her range.

CAITLYN - β˜…β˜…
The sheriff of Piltover
Caitlyn wants a support that has a stun or something similar to it so that she can set up her trap combo and deal a lot of damage, and Lulu doesn't have that. She can still help Caitlyn stay alive by peeling for her, but Pix doesn't do much because Caitlyn doesn't use attack speed. Cait is very lane domimant though, so Lulu is able to position and poke more aggressively, since Cait can always back her up with her range and damage.
How to succeed with Caitlyn? Although this synergy isn't very good, it can be compensated. Since Cait can deal a lot of damage in the lane from a safe distance, you should go Electrocute if the matchup allows it. Since Cait needs you to be aggressive with her, taking Electrocute will make your aggression more powerful, and if you slow them with Q, Cait can set up a trap under them even if you don't have a real stun. Later in the game, Cait can't use the extra damage on auto attacks as well as most ADCs, but if she is carrying, then you should stay by her side and make sure nothing one shots her.

DRAVEN - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The glorious executioner
Draven does a lot of damage and Lulu supports him well in that, because she can protect him with shields and ultimate while also giving him movement speed to do Draven things. This can be both done in lane and outside of it, but especially in lane, if Draven has a Lulu backing him up, he can be more confident. Sadly, it's usually better for him to have a support who cat set up the fight like Leona. He also isn't very attack speed oriented like some other ADC's, that's why the synergy is only "ok."
How to succeed with Draven? If you ever played with a Draven, then you know that they like to play aggressively, starting in the laning phase. Definitely go Electrocute and play aggressively with them if your matchup allows it. Gaining a lead for Draven can be devastating and can potentially snowball into a win really early on, so if you trust your Draven, go for early game oriented items and runes. Consider speeding Draven up with Whimsy often to help him catch his axes and have extra movement speed to get in range for his auto attacks that hit like a truck. Sadly, if you fail, your Draven will still want to be aggressive even when behind, resulting in more and more deaths. In that case, do not overcommit with him, just try to ping him back and peel as best as you can without risking dying as well.

EZREAL - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The plodigar explorer
This is a really underrated duo. While it's true that Ezreal doesn't use attack speed and his Mystic Shot doesn't proc Pix, there still is some synergy if the Ezreal is good. If he blinks in, Lulu can give him protection to do his damage and get out. Also, her slows allow Ezreal to hit his skillshots better.
How to succeed with Ezreal? I actually had a lot of success with Electrocute when paired with Ezreal, since he likes short bursty trades and can also peel for himself with blink, allowing Lulu to go into more aggressive runes and item choices. If you do not trust your Ezreal to back you up in the lane, then go for Summon Aery, unless Guardian is good against most of the enemy team. Since Ezreal likes to stay back and poke, an amazing item to purchase with him is Staff of Flowing Water. It will give you both extra AP (bonus - if you went electrocute like I recommended, Staff is even better) and some movement speed. The AP is especially good, since Ezreal's abilities scale off of AP too, and he can't use Ardent very well.

JHIN - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The virtuoso
Jhin has a lot of range on his abilities, allowing him to attack from a distance, but Lulu needs to get a bit closer to help him. While she can provide a slow for Jhin's ultimate and protect him since he's immobile, they don't really synergize well and there are much better partners for both of them. It's worth to note that Jhin gets extra AD with bonus attack speed though, and he can use that pretty well.
How to succeed with Jhin? You need to try and play aggressively and hit your Q, so Jhin can root from it and get in range to auto attack them. He usually goes for short trades, so think carefully if its smart to all in or not. If Jhin has fourth shot and you see him moving forward, speed him up with whimsy so that he can get in range, because it hurts a lot and with a potential Q, you can chunk enemies really nicely. After laning phase, you can protect Jhin from enemies that want to jump on him, but your damage boost on shield is better on someone else like Master Yi if possible.

JINX - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The loose cannon
Jinx is an immobile hypercarry, and immobile hypercarries go really well with Lulu who can protect them and make sure they do a lot of damage. Even though Lulu can't set up Jinx's traps, it doesn't really matter because once Jinx hits her items, it will be very difficult to deal with this duo. She will be pumping out a lot of damage from afar, and if someone manages to get closer, Lulu will stop them.
How to succeed with Jinx? Just like most hypercarries, you should try and get Jinx out of lane as fast as possible. That doesn't mean standing behind her though - you should stand next to her or in front to create pressure. Jinx needs gold and her items, so if you let her be zoned out, she will hit her powerspike later, and that's something we don't want. Try to shield as much as damage while keeping enemies away. You can also slow the enemies to make it harder for them to juke Jinxe's traps and skillshots. Once the laning phase is over and Jinx gets some items, buff her and watch her destroy the enemy team. You should go for Summon Aery or Guardian with Jinx.

KAI'SA - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
Daughter of the void
Even though Kai'sa wants someone who locks her target down so that she can get her passive procs, this duo is better than people think. Kai'sa has a lot of damage, and with Lulu's buffs, it becomes easier to get it off. Plus, if Kai'sa jumps in, Lulu can ult her to get a good knock up.
How to succeed with Kai'sa? Generally, you want to be playing a bit more passively, since Kai'sa doesn't have many ways to follow up if you decide to be more aggressive, unless she sprints forward, which leaves her with no tools to fall back if she needs to. You should be poking the enemies and let Kai'sa farm until level 6, which is when you get your best bet for a kill. Kai'sa can jump in with her ult, then you will ult her for a huge knockup, shield her and after the shield is broken, polymorph the enemy ADC. This way, you will have a big chance to score a kill. Don't forget to focus ADC and not the support and check if you are safe from enemy jg first before doing this! Keep in mind that Kai'sa can use both Ardent Censer and Staff of Flowing Water very well, so both are perfectly viable options.

KALISTA - β˜…β˜…
The spear of vengeance
Kalista is not very common, but when she does show up, it's usually with some engage support like Thresh. She can do a lot of damage early if Lulu gives her buffs, but she doesn't scale well which is what Lulu wants. Overall, not a good duo unless you snowball very hard and make enemies /ff 15. Also, she can only throw you in with her ultimate if you are very ahead for a CC combo - she throws you in and then you ult yourself for another knockup.
How to succeed with Kalista? Unless the matchup is terrible, try to encourage her to be aggressive with you so you can snowball. Going Electrocute supports this playstyle, but you can also go other runes if you aren't sure if your Kalista will play aggressively or if you feel like you can't play aggressively yourself. If Kalista gets ahead, definitely buff her, as she can be strong too if you support her with items and buffs from your kit.

KOG'MAW - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The mouth of the abyss
This duo is perfect, and when enemies see it, they already know Kog'maw will be very hard to deal with. He has a lot of damage, and when Lulu buffs him, he can do almost anything he wants, both in the lane and outside of it. Kog'maw even has a skin (Arcanist Kog'maw) which has a lot of things similar to Lulu.
How to succeed with Kog'maw? It's best if you two are duo and can communicate when to go for trades or all-ins, but it can also be executed with a stranger through pings. Just make sure you two are on the same page - do what he does. If he wants to sit back and farm it out, that's perfectly fine, since you scale really well, so just make sure he doesn't get forced out of lane and keep your presence with poking and protecting him. If he knows that he can play aggressively (that's the better approach, but don't force this playstyle onto your ADC if he doesn't feel comfortable with it), then support him with attack speed and movement speed from Whimsy (since Kog'maw will activate his ability that lets him have bigger range, making it hard for enemies to even get close for you to polymorph them) and other buffs that you have available. Later on, this doesn't change - follow Kog'maw everywhere he goes, make sure he keeps farming and is safe when fighting. Even though I said you will be playing aggressively if possible, going for Summon Aery or Guardian is still better than Electrocute, since you want to protect your Kog'maw as much as possible so he can never be killed. Also, definitely build Ardent Censer if your Kog'maw isn't massively behind.

LUCIAN - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The purifier
Lucian likes to all-in, and Lulu can buff him so that he is able to do that. He is short ranged, so he needs to be protected in order to not get blown when he gets close to get some damage off, but since he doesn't use attack speed as much and likes to mix attacks with abilities for damage, this duo is only average.
How to succeed with Lucian? Most Lucian's will play aggressively in the laning phase and you should be looking to support that. When Lucian dashes in, shield him to boost his damage as well as block the enemies damage and then Q from his position to have a better chance at hitting them with it. Go either Electrocute or Summon Aery with him - if you feel like you will buff Lucian most of the time because of being unable to be far ahead, then choose Aery, but if you are confident and know that you can also step up, Electrocute is definitely the better option. Some of Lucian's abilities scale nicely off of AP, and since he doesn't use Ardent as well as other ADCs, definitely look to pick up Staff of Flowing Water.

The bounty hunter
Lulu and Miss Fortune can be really dominant in lane against some matchups and Lulu can peel for MF when she gets dove, but Miss Fortune doesn't use attack speed and Lulu doesn't have anything to set up MF's ult besides a slow, making this duo not very good.
How to succeed with Miss Fortune? First of all, you should be looking to play a bit more aggressively. Miss Fortune has a really easy-to-hit slow, allowing you to get in range for your poke and back off before it becomes too dangerous. Generally, MF will want to poke and wait for her level 6. If you see a good oppoturnity (look at your and enemies items, their HP and lastly, make sure enemy mid or jg aren't missing), then you can flash into them, knock them up and then polymorph the ADC so he can't escape - all while MF will be channeling her ult that does a lot of damage. Outside of lane, she can't use your attack speed as well as some ADCs, but if she is fed, protect her from any potential fed enemies and hope that your team has a better engage for her then you are able to offer. Going for Mikael's Blessing is a very solid choice against CC teams, even more than normally, since MF will have to stay in one place in order to get full potential from her ult, making her vulnerable to getting CC'd and dying. Since you can't really offer her anything like Morgana's Black Shield to prevent enemies from interrupting her ult, make sure to stay close to her and zone them away.

SAMIRA - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The desert rose
This might be a surprise to some people. Samira doesn't use attack speed as well as other ADCs except for getting her ultimate ready faster. The reason why I rated this synergy as 3 stars is that Samira needs to get in the faces of her enemies, and Lulu can support her really nicely in that. She can knockup everyone around Samira, letting her have more time to damage them and also slow them if they are too close to her. They can also dominate lane if their enemies are squishy, making this an okay combination.
How to succeed with Samira? The first thing I'd recommend if your matchup allows it is to take Electrocute, because if you do, you two will walk over the laning phase. You will play really aggressively. Slow enemies down (feel free to speed yourself up with Whimsy or save it for polymorph, because Samira doesn't need it, she can just dash to get in range) and then watch Samira as she murders them. Use ult on her at the moment she dashes in, because she will most likely be near a lot of enemies, allowing you to get off a nice knockup while still supporting her. Since Samira can't poke really well and has low auto-attack range, your best bet is all-inning. If you see that your Samira wants to escape, walk closer to her so that she can dash to you and get to safety.

SENNA - β˜…
The redeemer
I feel like Lulu and Senna have no synergy. Senna doesn't use attack speed at all, doesn't want to go in and rather stays poking at max range and needs a tank to soak all the damage. The only good thing is that Senna has sustain which Lulu lacks, but that's just not enough to be a good synergy.
How to succeed with Senna? The best thing you can do is not pick Lulu, but if Lulu just proves to be a good pick (either enemies have a lot of divers and assasins or you have another attack speed carry on your team), then you can work around it. You can try going Electrocute if your matchup allows it and poke with Senna while she backs you up with her heals and roots. If you can't do that, just stay safe next to her, help her get as many stacks for her passive as you can and transfer to another carry later on, unless Senna is the only one doing well. One little nice trick that you can do is stand in the middle of Senna and enemy so she can Q off of you, then you will slow the enemy even more with your Q, allowing your Senna to get a nice stack while still healing you. Also, if you see her trying to snipe enemy across the map, shield her for bonus assist gold.

SIVIR - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The battle mistress
You don't see Sivir often, so it's hard to know what to expect. I feel like she isn't someone who has a ton of damage to be able to carry with Lulu's buffs, but she can still use attack speed and shields while dishing out some damage. She also has some lane pressure and she can protect herself by blocking skills entirely, which is something Lulu can't do, so that's a nice plus.
How to succeed with Sivir? In this lane, it's hard to say what rune you should take, since it depends entirely on how aggressive the Sivir player is, so just go with whatever suits your matchup the best. Try to poke a lot in the laning phase, since Sivir can follow up with her poke really nicely. A good combo to use is Lulu's Q into Sivir's Q which will be easy to hit because Lulu's Q will slow the target and both abilities can hit through minions. She can also get both of you out of danger or in range to start attacking with her ult, and if you give her your whimsy, she will have a lot of attack speed.

TRISTANA - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The yordle gunner
Something that's not talked about much, but should be. Tristana has a lot of early game damage and excels at jumping in, killing someone as fast as possible and jumping out. Lulu can give her attack speed and movement speed buff, ult her for knockup when she jumps in and shield her which empowers her attacks and protects her. If you haven't tried this duo yet, I recommend it - it's especially strong against champions like Lux support. You see a missed binding, jump in and murder both her and her ADC.
How to succeed with Tristana? Just like mentioned above, you have to be careful. Tristana can dish out a lot of damage, but if she gets caught by CC after jumping in, it might be a bit troublesome. Instead, encourage her to wait until the enemy misses their most important skillshot (Lux Q, Blitcrank Q, Zyra E, etc.) and then spam ping to jump in unlesss you two are already behind. Buff her and watch her destroy the enemy botlane - don't forget to tell her to target the ADC first, unless you two can finish the support off quickly. Surprisingly, even though Tristana can murder squishy enemies early, she is also quite good later on, so don't hesitate to buff her the whole game. She will likely jump around a lot, so try and be in her range to protect her while still being safe. If that proves to be a problem, consider buying Zhonya's Hourglass to protect yourself so you can help Tristana out and not get blown while she killes the enemy team.

TWITCH - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The plague rat
Twitch has insane amount of damage, but also no mobility (outside of stealth), which means he can't do much if he just gets one-shot. Guess what? You prevent the one-shot and make that little rat go nuts. Other than keeping him alive, you also give him offensive buffs, which make him very strong. He will murder everyone if you help him stay alive for a few seconds.
How to succeed with Twitch? Since this duo is so well-known, only by picking Lulu besides Twitch will make the enemy team scared and ready to target him, and you will be there to prevent that from happening. Make sure to peel for him even if he isn't fed - just being even is enough for Twitch to destroy everyone after he gets some items. I would definitely suggest going for Summon Aery or Guardian to protect him even more, unless you know you can stomp on the enemy botlane really hard if you take Electrocute. If you see Twitch going into stealth, back off a bit to still be close to him but not make it obvious that he is there - you aren't fooling anyone, if enemies see a lonely Lulu running up to them, they already know Twitch is nearby. You can actually abuse this as well though - if your Twitch isn't on the map, you can start suddenly going forward, which will scare your enemies and zone them off, thinking that Twitch will pop out anytime. Do not overstep though, since if they realize you are bluffing, you don't want to be in danger. In the late game, put all of your resources on Twitch, since he will be incredibly powerful, and buffing someone else would be a huge waste of this duo, unless that "someone else" is also an late game attack speed carry that is more ahead than Twitch.

VARUS - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The arrow of retribution
This is about the on-hit Varus, the poke one doesn't have almost any synergy with Lulu. You provide the much needed peel for the on-hit Varus, making him able to get a lot of attacks off, which proc Pix. He also has a hard CC ultimate, something Lulu is missing. If the Varus doesn't use all his abilities on wave and actually pokes with you, you can poke more aggressively.
How to succeed with Varus? First, you need to determine how good the Varus is by watching him. If he is hitting his abilities, then you are safe to step up and poke, since you know he will back you up. But if he seems focused only on farming or is missing a lot of his skills, then stay next to him, protect him from danger and make sure he will get as much farm as possible to hit his item spikes. If you see a good oppoturnity for a Varus ult, ping it and then give him attack speed to kill the rooted enemy as fast as possible, since the other botlaner will have to move away to not get rooted as well. Later on, you can turn Varus into a machine gun, and provide him with buffs to make up for his immobility. Consider going Mikael's Blessing against a lot of CC champions even more than usually, since he doesn't have many ways to dodge outside of Flash and potential Galeforce. Don't forget to check if your Varus is really going on-hit. If you see him building a bunch of lethality or other poke items, don't bother with Ardent Censer that's mainly good for the on-hit Varus, and instead opt for Staff of Flowing Water.

VAYNE - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The night hunter
My personal favorite duo. Vayne already has a really strong late game and can shred tanks which can be problem for some ADCs. You provide her with peel, shields and other buffs, making her able to basically just go in and be Gosu. Don't overlook this in the laning phase though - you are good both in shorter trades (you buff Vayne so she gets 3 auto attacks and then you back off, resulting in very good damage) and all-ins (once you get your ultimates). If this duo gets ahead, it's very hard to stop it from stomping on everyone or run from it.
How to succeed with Vayne? Even though Vayne is known for her strong late game, she can do some incredible damage in the laning phase as well. Like mentioned above, try to go for 3 auto attack trades where you buff her with your whimsy and shield to get them off as fast as possible and make them hurt even more and then back off. If Vayne manages to throw someone against a wall and stun them, it's a good time to all-in and kill them as fast as possible. You can also run your enemies down if you are ahead with the movement speed from Vayne's ultimate, your whimsy and a dash from tumble, which will make your enemies scared to step out of tower range. Then you can freeze the minion wave on your side and punish them by running them down if they ever step up to farm, setting the enemy botlane really behind. Vayne players like to get really close and personal with their enemies, so make sure to stay as close to her as possible, since it takes just one blink for her to be between the whole enemy team. Going for Redemption might be a good idea to provide her with some extra healing if you can't reach her with your abilities, but Ardent Censer is definitely the number one item that comes to mind when I'm playing with a Vayne.

XAYAH - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The rebel
Xayah is better with someone who provides her CC so that she can get a lot of feathers off, but that doesn't mean she isn't good with Lulu. Not only does Lulu provide a slow, allowing some extra feathers and giving Xayah more kiting potential, but she also gives her attack speed, and trust me, if Xayah gets a bunch of feathers and calls them back, it's a lot of damage. She also has ultimate which makes her untargettable, allowing you to have more time to reach her and save her if she's in a bad position.
How to succeed with Xayah? First, you need to remember Xayah's cooldowns, because they are arguably the most important to remember out of any ADC. These are her base cooldowns before she puts any more points in the abilities - Q has 10 seconds, W 20 and most importantly, E's cooldown is 12 seconds, going down to 8 as a lot of Xayah's max this first. Why is this so important? Xayah's main damage potential comes from recalling the feathers (meaning using E) that appear on her next 3 auto-attacks after using an ability. If she already used her E, it's a really bad idea to start trading, because she won't be able to help you much. Make sure to keep an eye on her so that you only take trades when Xayah is ready to back you up as well - she needs her E in order to do as much damage as possible, which is needed to win a fight. She scales really well, so make sure to save your buffs for her if she is doing well.

Lulu doesn't have any matchups that are just straight up unplayable, because if you take the right runes, items and play it right, you can always win. That's why there are only matchups from 1 to 4 stars. Don't be ashamed if you lose a matchup that's rated as one or even two stars, because sometimes you will just get 4 people over and over again in the bot lane, and at that point, the matchup doesn't really matter. Or maybe you are just learning Lulu - that's fine too.
Lulu lacks sustain (outside of Moonstone Renewer), she can only block some amount of damage with a shield, and so if someone pokes a lot, her and her ADC will slowly be poked out and forced to back even if they don't want to. On the other hand, if she is against some melee champion, she mostly has an easy time because she can poke safely, and if the melee champion engages on her or her ADC, she has tools to deal with it. Against other enchanters, she can play somehow aggressively, but the lane is usually decided by the ADC - if your ADC is more dominant and enemy Soraka has a scaling ADC, you will probably win lane. Skill plays a role in those matchups as well, because it's even on paper and mostly depends on which botlane duo plays it better.
Generally, Lulu is strong against engage champions, fine against other enchanters and weak against poke champions.

β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… - hard matchup, β˜…β˜…β˜… - even matchup, β˜…β˜… - easy matchup, β˜… - very easy matchup

ALISTAR - β˜…β˜…
The minotaur


ANNIE - β˜…β˜…
The dark child


BARD - β˜…β˜…
The wandering caretaker


BLITZCRANK - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The great steam golem


BRAND - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The burning vengeance


BRAUM - β˜…β˜…
The heart of Freljord


JANNA - β˜…
The storm's fury


KARMA - β˜…β˜…
The enlightened one



LEONA - β˜…β˜…
The radiant dawn


LUX - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The lady of luminosity


MORGANA - β˜…β˜…
The fallen


NAMI - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The tidecaller


NAUTILUS - β˜…β˜…
The titan of the depths


PYKE - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The bloodharbor ripper


RAKAN - β˜…β˜…
The charmer


SENNA - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The redeemer


SERAPHINE - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The starry-eyed songtress


SONA - β˜…β˜…
Maven of the strings


SORAKA - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The starchild


SWAIN - β˜…β˜…β˜…
The noxian grand general


The river king


TARIC - β˜…
The shield of Valoran


THRESH - β˜…β˜…
The chain warden


VEL'KOZ - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The eye of the void


XERATH - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
The magus ascendant


YUUMI - β˜…β˜…
The magical cat


ZILEAN - β˜…β˜…
The chronokeeper


ZYRA - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
Rise of the thorns


>> Lasts for 90 - 120 seconds based on the average level of all champions.
>> Limited to 3 on the map, shared with Stealth Ward from support item. If you put 4th Totem Ward down, the one you placed first will disappear.
>> Takes 3 auto attacks to destroy.
>> Gives 10 gold and a bit of experience (keep this in mind if you destroyed one early, because you will hit level 2 powerspike faster).
>> Is only visible for a little while when it's placed and then disappears. You can make it visible and able to be attacked again with Oracle Lens.
>> Can be purchased from shop for free.

>> Lasts until destroyed
>> If you place it in a bush, enemies just need to approach it to see it and attack it. If you place it outside of bush, enemies will see it and be able to attack it even from a distance.
>> Takes 4 auto attacks to destroy.
>> Reveals and disables enemy wards around it, excluding control wards. Also reveals trap's like Teemo shrooms and camouflaged enemies.
>> Limited to only one Control ward on a map.
>> Destroying it gives 30 gold and a bit of experience.
>> Can be purchased from shop for 75 gold.

>> Lasts for 150 seconds.
>> Limited to 3 on the map, shared with Totem Ward from shop. If you put 4th Stealth ward down, the one you placed first will disappear.
>> Takes 3 auto attacks to destroy.
>> Gives 30 gold and a bit of experience.
>> Is only visible for a little while when it's placed and then disappears. You can make it visible and able to be attacked again with Oracle Lens.
>> You gain access to it after upgrading your support item through quest to either Frostfang, Targon's Buckler, Runesteel Spaulders or Harrowing Crescent. It also stays when Support item is upgraded to its last version.

>> Lasts until destroyed.
>> There is no limit to how many you can have on the map.
>> Takes 1 auto attacks to destroy.
>> It's visible, meaning enemies can destroy it anytime. That's fine though, because it's not usually used for longer vision, but rather for a quick look at a far place, since it can be placed from a long distance over the map.
>> Grants 15 gold and a bit of experience when destroyed.
>> You usually won't be taking this, because it swaps places with Totem Ward or Oracle Lens, and you really need Oracle Lens to clear out vision.

>> Lasts for 60 seconds.
>> There is no limit to how many you can have on the map.
>> It's visible and enemies can scare it away by approaching it.
>> In order to use it, you need to have the Ghost Poro rune.
>> It will appear after your wards expire, granting sight. For every Ghost Poro spawned, up to 10, you gain a bit of AP (since you are Lulu).

>> Lasts for 120 seconds.
>> There is no limit to how many you can have on the map.
>> Takes 1 auto attacks to destroy.
>> It's visible, so enemies can destroy it whenever they are in range.
>> Grants 1 gold after destroying it.
>> In order to use it, you need to have the Zombie Ward rune.
>> After you takedown enemy ward, Zombie ward will appear on the same place, giving you a vision. For every Zombie Ward spawned, up to 10, you gain a bit of AP (since you are Lulu).

"Warding is only the support's job!"
I'm sure you have heard this sentence, and let me tell you, it's wrong. While yes, you have access to more wards through your support item, you should never be afaraid to ask your teammates to ward too or go with you when you ward, because you can't cover all the good places alone.
Now to the question - why should you ward? These answers should encourage you to ward as well as give you general idea behind warding. It's possible I didn't cover everything, but these are the most important reasons.
  • To have vision of the enemy jungler and predict his ganks for both you and your team (make sure to use pings and let them know where the jungler is if you see they are not watching their minimap).
  • To have vision of important objectives like dragon, herald or baron and either contest or even steal it. If you know you can't steal or contest it and you see enemies doing it, you can at least use the time to push, go for another objective or steal their jungle.
  • To have vision of the enemy midlaner and see if he's roaming.
  • To have bush control in lane.
  • To have a ward in the enemy base for a potential backdoor by your ally with TP.
  • To have vision in important areas so you don't have to facecheck.
  • To not lose sight of the enemy you are attacking.

You can ward when recalling and it won't interrupt the recall. You can also ward over walls.

You should always keep 2 Control Wards in your inventory and have a slot for them because they are very important. Do not die for them though, that can be fixed by placing them better. You should place them at a spot where they are useful (either for your own vision or denying enemy vision) but you can also protect them. Keep in mind that you can only have one control ward on map at a time, so if you place another one, it will replace the first one.
With the introduction of Vigilant Wardstone, you don't need to have a slot only for Control wards, as this item stores all your Control Wards while providing you with extra stat bonuses. You will only purchase it in long games as a last item if ever, but it's good to know that you don't need to have a slot of control wards alone without any other benefits.

If you have another control ward in your inventory and see the one you placed is being killed, you can put the one in your inventory somewhere else to deny the enemy team gold (only if you are in a good or at least decent place for the control ward)

These are the wards you should aim for in the early game. The light ones are those that you should be able to get to every game, because they are in safe places, and then place the ones you feel like you need depending on the situation. The dark ones are really good "deeper" wards that you can get early because they will tell you a lot of information about the enemy jungle and make you almost ungankable if you don't forget to watch your minimap. Get those if you know it's safe, even better if you have your jungler with you.

Remember to put your control ward somewhere where you can protect it so you just dont give free gold to the enemy team while robbing yourself off of 75 gold.

You will need these much more in the mid game and late game. They are used to prepare for objectives like dragons, heralds and barons. You should set them up before the objective spawns if you aren't behind, otherwise just check them if you think your enemies are doing them (the best ones for that are wards over wall, but you can't always have those - blue side can check dragon like this and red side can check baron and herald like this). Just like in the first pictures, the light ones are safe while the dark ones are more risky and you will need to know the position of your enemies or take an ally with you (or both). Only use the wards in the midlane if you think you will need to have vision there and your minions won't provide it because they are too close to your base.

When you are pushing enemy turrets, make sure to have the jungle next to you warded so you don't get flanked and die.
If you are behind, ward your jungle, and if you are ahead, ward the enemy jungle.

You can't leave the lane whenever you want and go warding. While yes, you don't need farm so you are more free than other roles, you should still think about these two importang things when you want to ward - will you miss too much exp and are you leaving your carry too vulnerable to safely farm and not die if you leave him alone? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you shouldn't go ward. Of course you can put a ward in the lane bush any time you want, but if you are leaving, make sure you ask those two questions.
Best times for warding is when your ADC just backed but you don't need to, when you are coming from base, when you see the enemy jungler topside (so you will be able to get better wards in his botside jungle) and when your ADC isn't under any threat when you leave. Big plus is if you have your jungler around and go warding, because that will help you get deeper (and much better) wards if you ask him to go with you.
Some wards need to be placed on time, and those are especially wards for objectives. Make sure to put them there before the objective spawns, but not too early because they could be cleared quickly by the enemy support or mid, not giving much information. You can also carefully place a ward when the objective is already spawned but you are suspecting that the enemies are doing it.
Later in the game, you will be mainly warding around objectives. This is where warding gets a bit more dangerous, so if you don't feel safe and don't have any way to check the area, ask your team to go with you.

Make sure you purchase Oracle Lens when you finish your support item and get access to wards through it. When you are warding, you will also want to sweep areas with it and destroy enemy wards. Don't just use the oracle lens randomly, think about where the enemy probably warded (or maybe you saw them ward) and do it there. Also, if you have priority, sweep the area around an objective that you are planning to do few seconds before it spawns or use your Control Ward on it - that one also denies enemy vision, but enemies will probably be able to destroy it if you use it aggressively, so make sure to make it's worth it.

Roaming is a very important skill every support main should have (not saying supports are the only ones though). It basically means you roam around the map and try to either gank your lanes to get a kill or summoner, get vision with your wards, or help your jungler out.
You should always rotate if you can and you see your jungler is in danger or planning to invade because if you can help him and get him ahead, it will make the game easier for your whole team. You should also roam when you have a free time in lane and also recall a little before your ADC so you can go back to your lane through jungle (the path closer to mid) to get some wards and help your team out. But there's one main rule that you have to follow before you roam: Your ADC has to still be able to safely farm without dying, either because he isn't bot, the enemy support is also not there, the minion wave is near your turret (and he isn't in danger of getting dove), he's ahead or he has a ranged ability like Ezreal, Varus, etc.
β€’ PROS β€’
+ You will be able to get vision
+ You can help get your team ahead by getting a summoner, kill, invade or something like scuttle crab
+ Your team will be more confident to make plays if you are there too
+ Your enemies (especially mid and jg) will tilt that you are there and the enemy support is not
+ You can also countergank when enemy support ganks too so he can't achieve much

β€’ CONS β€’
- ADC might lose a bit of farm
- If you roam at a bad time, it might cost your ADC farm or even life

Usually people just go do their stuff and don't really think about League in this part. That's fine if you just play for fun, but if you want to maximize your chances or winning, the game stars for you right there.
Ask yourself the following questions and answer them. If you do that, you will create a gameplan in your head which you can then follow to make deciding how to play and what to do a lot easier.

β€’ How do I play my botlane matchup?
Look at the enemy ADC and Support and then at you and your ADC. Think about what you should be doing in lane, what abilities do you need to watch out for, how aggressive you can be, stuff like that. You can also use my guide to help you with this question, since I provided some tips for both support matchups and ADC synergies.

β€’ What kind of jungler am I facing and what kind of jungler do I have?
This is very important for the laning phase, since you need to know what kind of ganks can you expect from both junglers. It will also help you with wards, since if you figure out what kind of ganks might come, you will know what wards will be useful against them (for example, against Nunu, you will need a deep river ward so you know he's coming before it's too late). If you are facing someone who can lvl 2 gank you, be careful. If you know enemy jungler started on topside and won't gank top or mid lvl 2, you can expect him in the botlane around 3 minutes. Of course you will adapt your play to where the enemy jungle shows, but having a general idea is very good. For example, if you know you have a jungler like Master Yi who won't really gank you and enemies have Zac who haven't been on the map for a long time, maybe it's time to play a bit more passive until you know you are safe.

β€’ Can I invade or expect an invade?
Look at both teams and think about each champion level 1. If you think your team is stronger, you should definitely invade and try to get first blood and maybe even steal enemy blue / red buff. If you think they are stronger level 1 and they might invade (always expect it with hook champions like Blitzcrank), stay in a good position and let your team know invade might be coming. In both cases, rush into the jungle right when the gates of your spawn open.
These are the best positions to stand in at the start of the game on both sides, since you will see the invade coming but will have enough time to escape from it. Blue ones are for blue side and red ones for red side. On the blue side, if you wanna stand in the dark blue one, make sure at least one person is standing in light blue one next to the midlane. On the red side, if you want to stand in any of the dark red ones, you will need at least one person on the opposite wall side. Both of those are because you would be vulnerable if you stood in the dark ones alone with your team in the base, since you would open yourself to the possibility of getting flanked from behind. The light ones are safe to stand in alone.

β€’ How can I influence midlane with roaming?
You will always roam to help your jungler and put some better wards, but knowing how the midlane matchup goes can be very helpful. For example, if you know your midlaner can snowball and win lane, you can help him (check out the roaming part of this guide). But you can also analyze that the enemy has someone who will be able to get on you as soon as you show up and kill you - that could put your mid at disadvantage and you don't want that. You will see whether you can gank your mid or not as the game goes and one of the midlaner's gets ahead, but having a general idea about it is useful.

β€’ How is our lvl 2 vs our enemies lvl 2 powerspike?
This basically falls into the answer of our first question about botlane matchups, but I wanted to put it here because it's very important. You will usually rush lvl 2 unless something unexpected happens, but make sure you know what you and your enemies do level 2 to use your lvl 2 powerspike correctly and also know what to expect when they hit it first.

β€’ What other champions are there in my and enemy team?
What kind of mid and top do you have and what kind of mid and top do your enemies have? If you see you are against someone like Twisted Fate or Shen, look at when they hit level 6 and keep an eye on them from that moment, because they are likely to come to your lane and ruin that all-in that would have been otherwise perfect if it was 2v2. Also check how possible it is that the enemy mid will roam and how fast they can get to you.

β€’ What is your team's and enemy team's win condition?
This is a very long topic, but I'll try and go over it quickly. You want to play to your win condition while also denying win condition of your enemies.
Here are some common win conditions. Engage comp (someone like Lissandra, Sejuani, Zac, Malphite, Lucian) will always want to engage on as many enemies as possible and will try to hide and surprise you with engage. Pick comp is similar (someone like Thresh, Ahri, Blitzcrank, Zed), but instead of waiting to engage as a team, they will want to pick a lonely target and force 4v5 - that's why you shouldn't walk too far from your team against those. Poke comp (something like Vel'koz, Ezreal, Ziggs, Gragas) will siege turrets and poke their enemies out before actually engaging and killing them while also having disengage to get out if needed. Split push comps (something like Nasus, Fiora, Camille) will try and push turrets, mainly at bot and top, while avoiding teamights.
Lulu can fit into almost any team comp, as she is good in teamfights that engage comps want, can polymorph enemy for the pick comp so that they don't run away, can disengage fight for the poke comp and can also help her adc clear waves faster in the split push comp and protect him if the enemies are all mid while your midlaner and toplaner are pushing. So decide on your win condition based on your team (not yourself) and adjust your playstyle based on that.

β€’ What items will I buy?
You will usually decide this in the game, but even in the loading screen, you can take a look at all the champions and figure out what items you might need to buy. Definitely check out my matchup and item sections, because they can help you figure this answer out.

Laning phase is a very important stage of the game and in come cases, it can even decide if you win or lose. Here are some steps that will lead you to success if you execute them correctly!

Remember that even though Lulu is an enchanter, she deals a lot of damage early game and you should abuse that. Do not just stand behind your ADC and shield without having any other presence in the lane. Step up and show them what purple tastes like.

β€’ Figuring out where enemy jungler started β€’
First thing that you have to do after helping your jungler with buff or just being in a good position in your jungle (shown in the loading screen + before minions appear section), you have to look at when does the enemy botlane and toplane arrive to lane. The one who shows late is likely to have helped their jungler.

>> If enemy botlane shows late, be careful until you see them, since they can be hiding in bush, waiting to attack you. If you see them coming from their jungle, you can assume enemy jungler started bot side. In that situation, look at the enemy jungler, and if he seems like a strong level 2 champion, be careful of level 2 gank which could result in enemies getting an easy lead. If it doesn't happen, you already know you won't be seeing enemy jungler for a few minutes since he is probably pathing topside.
>> On the other hand, if enemy toplane arrives late, you can assume enemy jungler started topside and will probably be pathing towards botside, so expect him around the 3 minute mark and start playing a bit more carefully than you normally would at that time if you don't see him somewhere else on the map.

Your jungler can play a role in this too. If he is strong level 2, you can coordinate level 2 gank with him and have an easy lead secured for yourself. If your jungler starts bot, he won't be able to help you much since he will likely be pathing topside. On the other hand, if he started top, you can expect him to be around botlane around 3 minutes, so preparing for that with some poke and wards could help you get off a successful gank.

β€’ Level 1 + level 2 powerspike β€’

>> Your first goal in lane is to push for level 2.
>> Make sure you didn't help your jungler too long, because getting into the lane first (or at least on time) and starting this push is really important for the laning phase.
>> You and your ADC will hit level 2 after killing the first minion wave and then 3 melee minions (which are the ones in the front). While pushing for level 2, there will be some windows where you aren't attacking the wave to let your ADC safely last hit it, so use that time to poke your enemies with either E or Q - take Glitterlance (Q) if you can force them off the wave level 1 and use auto attacks without getting punished - usually against melee supports, and take Help, Pix! (E) if against ranged supports and use it either offensively or defensively depending on the situation. In both cases, use the push to make the enemy minions stop attacking you after you poke.

The whole time when you are pushing for level 2, keep an eye on your minions as well enemy minions to know when the enemies will hit it. If you hit it first, immediately start attacking your enemies with your ability advantage, and if they hit it first, back off and wait until you catch up.

β€’ Trading and all-inning β€’
Each lane depends on the matchup. I suggest you read through the tips I put in the matchup and synergy section that will help you decide how you want to play your lane. Generally though, try to be as annoying as possible. Whenever you see an oppoturnity, go for a poke.
>> Poking as Lulu isn't anything complicated. You will get some auto attacks and use your Q and E when you get the chance. Be careful when using W when you are just trading by yourself because you might need it, but it can be helpful, especially when you need the extra movement speed to get in range of your abilities.
>> You will also need to manage your mana well, because Lulu gets pretty weak pretty fast if she runs out of mana. Use your spells wisely and Q when you are at least 90 % sure it will hit. I recommend that you try and always have mana for at least one spell in case you get in danger.
>> You should also use a move called trading stance - you will stand on your dying minions (or close to them), keep an eye on them, and as the enemy ADC is trying to last hit it, you will poke him. This way, he will be hitting your minion rather than you. And if he chooses to go for you, he will lose the gold from the dying minion. If you learn to use this correctly and poke as much as possible with it, you will be more dominant in your laning phases.
>> Trading the same amount of ADC is worth it early in the game if he doesn't have a sustain support, because he only has one Health Potion and you have two.
>> If you decide to go for a longer trade or all-in, you have to have your ADC with you, because you usually dish out some damage and then need to back off, while most ADCs do consistent damage. First step for a successful all-in is figuring out if you win it. Look at enemy levels, items, champions (some are weaker or stronger at laning phase), mana and health. If you decide that you have a good chance of winning the all-in, feel free to engage it. You can start by using Q (or E + Q if you won't need the shield) on the enemy you want to all-in, then either speed up your ally if he needs to get in range or polymorph the enemy otherwise, following up with auto attacks and a potential ultimate if you have it and need it.
>> If you go for this, consider using Ignite early to reduce the amount Summoner Spell Heal will heal, because most ADCs have it.

You should especially poke or all-in if the enemies wasted (missed) their important abilities, if you have ultimates and they don't, or if you have an item advantage. Remember that the fact you got a kill few minutes ago doesn't mean anything until you actually go back and buy something for the gold you earned.
When you are trying to dodge stuff, try to learn to click closer to your character, because you will be able to move your hand faster and dodge easier.
Remember to always watch your minimap and adjust your level of aggression based on that - when you can't see enemy mid in lane and don't know where their jungler is, you should play closer to your turret.
Keep in mind that for you to have a better gold income, you need to proc the passive of support item you chose. If you have Spellthief's Edge, keep an eye on the cooldown above the panel with abilities and make sure you poke when you have 3 procs available so you don't waste it. As for Relic Shield, you can start using it early to execute some low health minions and get to level 2 faster. After that, use it on the melee minions (the ones in front) only because they grant more gold than caster minions, and always keep one proc for cannon that arrives. In lane, a cannon minion appears every 3 minion waves.

Ping summoner timers and check them if you are not sure. Knowing when enemies have their flashes and other summoner spells up can be important for a botlane fight.

β€’ Backing (recalling) β€’

>> You need to make sure to back at the right times. If you want to recall, try and time it with your ADC or slightly before your ADC (if he isn't in danger) so that you can either get to lane together or you can have a bit of time for roaming before your ADC arrives to lane. It's also good to recall when you have enough gold to purchase a good item.
>> Before recalling, push the wave into the enemy turret if it's already on their side or let it crash in the middle. Only freeze before backing if one of you is staying or if enemies aren't in lane, because if both of you recall, your enemies will just easily break the freeze, making your effort worthless.
>> If your ADC recalls and you don't want to yet, you will either stay and defend your turret if you can and the enemies are pushing, or go roam if they freeze their wave or aren't in lane at all.

β€’ Escaping ganks and assisting your jungler's ganks β€’
Different junglers have different ganks, that's why you should have them figured out before the game started so you know what to expect. Depending on what type of gank you are expecting, place wards and watch the minimap so you can see it coming and avoid it.
>> Your number one priority should be getting your ADC out and then yourself. Use W to speed up your ADC (unless you will need the polymorph) and slow enemies down with your Q. If the enemy botlane is low and you see a jungler coming, you can try to turn on them, kill them as fast as possible and then turn on the jungler - don't just run if you feel like you can win the 2v3.
>> When your own jungler is about to gank you, don't go in too early because that would make it obvious. If you think he's close enough, use all of your abilities offensively to make sure you get the kills (unless you are low and really need them for defense, even in a gank). After a successful gank, either push the wave under enemy turret, go roam or do the dragon. Do not just immediately recall.

Something less experienced enemy players do is play more aggressively when a gank is coming for them, so if you see them just randomly going forward, start running and expect a gank.

β€’ Minion wave management β€’

Farming under turret - Even though farming is your ADC's job, you have to help him before he has some AD when the enemy wave gets under your turret. The melee minions die from 2 tower shots and 1 auto attack, so don't touch them and let your ADC last hit them on their own. The caster minions need 1 tower shot and 2 auto attacks. Keep in mind that if you shield your ADC, it will give them extra damage on auto attakcs because of your passive (Pix).

>> Freezing: When freezing a wave, you will want to tank the enemy minions at the spot where you want the freeze in and wait for your own minion wave to arrive. You usually freeze next to your tower for 3 reasons - either you need to play safe, you want to zone your enemies or your ADC is coming to lane and wouldn't get them if you didn't freeze because the turret would kill them - those are the times when you should freeze. Make sure they are only near turret, but not in it, because if the turret hits them, it will end the freeze.
>> Pushing: Push when you want to recall, roam (for wards, gank, dragon, or just to help your jungler out) or pressure their turret when you can - either they backed or you are winning the lane. You push by Q'ing the wave, attacking it and in some cases when you don't need those abilities, you can even smash W and E on your ADC to make his attacks better. Make sure you have important spots warded and know where enemy jungler, top (if he has Teleport) and mid is and how fast they can get to you and adjust your position based on that, because pushing puts you in a dangerous spot where you are vulerable to getting ganked.

In this stage of the game, laning phase is over and you will be slowly beginning to group with your team. Very important part of the mid and late game are objectives, they can help you close the game easier or just get an advantage, especially dragon soul, elder dragon and baron.
If you see an important objective coming up, you should go back, refill your wards, then prepare the vision for the objective with the help of your team and then try and contest it. If you come to the objective when it spawns, you are late.
Your ADC will probably want to farm the side waves while nothing is happening, so make sure they are safe with wards and staying on the same side so you can rotate to them or help them push a tower.
Remember - objectives are more important than kills, but kills can lead to objectives! If you kill someone, spam ping your team to go for turret or objective (drake, baron) unless you are all super low.
The priority of which objective you should take goes like this: Nexus -> Elder Dragon and Baron -> Dragon Soul -> Inhibitor -> Turrets and elemental drakes.

Dragons are one of the first objectives that you can get when the game is starting. They provide you with buffs after you kill them, and if score a kill on 4 dragons, you will get dragon soul based on what dragon you killed last.
First 3 of them are spawned randomly, and then, every elemental drake after will be the same as the third one that spawned. Additionally, based on who the 3rd one was, the Summoner's Rift will change to make the game a bit different.
Elder Dragon spawns after one of the teams obtains dragon soul and it's a high priority late game objective.

>> Attack type: Cloud Drake attacks the fastest and has the highest movement speed, so he can chase you quite well - if you hit him and don't plan on killing him, he will make you pay for it. He attacks a single target.
>> Buff: + 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 ultimate ability haste
>> Soul: You will gain 10% movement speed. After you cast your ultimate, you will gain additional 30% movement speed for 3 seconds (30 second cooldown so people with low CD ultimates can't abuse it).
>> Summoner's rift change: A wind will create around Blue and Red buffs and in Dragon Pit, granting movement speed to anyone inside.

>> Attack type: Infernal Drake deals AOE damage, so it can hurt all of your team at once.
>> Buff: + 4 / 8 / 12 / 16% Attack Damage (AD) and Ability Power (AP)
>> Soul: Every 3 seconds, your next damaging attack or ability on an enemy will cause a small explosion, dealing extra damage to the target and nearby enemies.
>> Summoner's rift change: The brush nearest to Blue and Red buffs burn away, and new pathways open up through the Blue and Red buff pits.

>> Attack type: Attacks slowly, but his AOE attacks hurt a lot. It also has the highest armor and magic resist out of all elemental drakes.
>> Buff: + 6 / 12 / 18 / 24% armor and magic resistance
>> Soul: After not taking damage for 5 seconds, gain a shield.
>> Summoner's rift change: In each jungle, rock appears, creating extended fog of war as well as a new hiding place. It also appears in front of Dragon Pit.

>> Attack type: Ocean Drake's attacks slow your movement speed for 2 seconds. You can abuse this by attacking Ocean Drake that will attack fleeing enemy, slowing them and potentially help you catch up to them.
>> Buff: Restores 2.5 / 5 / 7.5 / 10% of missing health every 5 seconds
>> Soul: Dealing damage to enemies heals you and restores a bit of mana over 3 seconds. This effect is less effective against monsters a minions.
>> Summoner's rift change: Most of the bushes become larger, allowing you to stay hidden for longer. New Honeyfruit spawns near Blue and Red buffs. Water pools into puddles throughout the jungle, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

>> Attack type: Elder Dragon can attack multiple targets at once. It also has a lot of health.
>> Buff: Elder Dragon’s buff gives players an execute. Anytime a player has Elder Dragon buff and deals damage to an enemy that's below 20% health, it will execute them. This buff is incredibly powerful and can turn the game completely.

>> Turrets provide protection through attacking enemies that get near them. Both sides have 3 of them in each lane (one in base) and 2 of them protecting the Nexus directly.
>> If there are enemy minions under your turret, enemy champions will have to be in turret range and attack you for the turret to start attacking them. If there are no enemy minions under your turret, it will start attacking enemies immediately when they get in its range.
>> They are needed to protect your nexus better, so try to take down enemy turrets while protection your own. Killing a turret grants you gold and removes the protection for your enemies.
>> The first turret destroyed in the whole game grants bonus gold, just like first blood kill.
>> In the first 14 minutes, turrets have special armor called turret plating that protects them. Taking these turret plates down grants gold.
>> Attacking a turret requires you to be close to enemy territory. If you don't know where your enemies are and aren't sure if you would beat them when they come, don't risk it, as you would be an easily kill for them. If you really want to push a turret, secure vision around it first.

When damaging a turret as Lulu, do not just use whimsy on your teammate. While yes, you will grant them attack speed to destroy it faster, you will also put it on cooldown. Only use it if you are 100% sure that you won't need the extra movement speed or polymorph in the next few seconds.

>> Each team has 3 inhibitors in base in all lanes behind the last lane turrets.
>> They respawn after 5 minutes from when they were destroyed. Until you destroy at least one enemy inhibitor, you can't attack the two turrets near Nexus.
>> Killing an inhibitor will spawn Super Minions for the team that killed them in the lane where the inhibitor was killed. They are more powerful, allowing you to push better - but they can also push better on their own, allowing you to take another turret while enemies have to deal with them.
>> Be careful when your inhibitors get destroyed, because you will be vulnerable to backdoor - that refers to a champion sneaking in your base while no one is around and ending the game before you can recall.

>> Rift Herald is spawned at the same place where you will see Baron Nashor later. It spawns up to two times per game (if the first one is killed in time). It despawns permanently at 19:45, or 19:55 if in combat, to let Baron take over.
>> When killing her, attack the pink place at the back, because it deals extra damage, allowing you to slay her faster before enemies can even notice you.
>> After you kill her, Eye Of the herald will appear on the ground and you will have to walk over it to collect it - if you don't, it will despawn after 20 seconds. Using it will summon Rift Herald in lane, and after a short delay (if there are no enemy minions outside of turret), she will charge at the enemy turret and deal a lot of damage, knocking away enemies that were near it. It will also damage her.
>> Whoever picks up Eye of herald will get faster recall.
>> If enemies spawn her, do not underestimate it and go help your team protect the lane where she has been spawned - she can take more than one turret down.

>> Baron Nashor spawns at the Baron pit at 20 minutes.
>> Killing this monster takes team coordination. Make sure you have vision control to see your enemies coming and tell someone from your team to zone them away so that they don't steal it. It's best to go for it when the enemy team dies.
>> The team that kills Baron gains Attack Damage (AD) and Ability Power (AP), faster recall and the ability to buff nearby minions to make them more powerful for every teammate that's alive. It lasts 180 seconds (3 minutes).
>> If you are dead when Baron dies or die with the Baron buff, you won't have it anymore.
>> After you kill Baron, push some turrets if it's possible.

When doing any objective, junglers are high priority target thanks to their access to Smite. Make sure to protect your jungler and use Whimsy on the enemy jungler to polymorph him and not allow him to smite the objective you are trying to secure.

In other words, a fight where a team faces another team. These will happen a lot whether you want it or not, because people usually don't try to play to their win conditions, but rather fight over and over until one team wins. They are also used when fighting over an objective. That's why it's important to know what to do when a teamfight breaks out.

β€’ Starting (engaging) a teamfight
>> Lulu is good both when enemy engages first or when your team engages first, because she has a lot of tools to counter enemy engage but can also support her own team's engage. However, she is not good as the main engage.
>> Luckily, being the main engage isn't usually your job. When starting a fight, focus on how you can help your engagers (champion like Maokai, Amumu, Neeko) while also keeping all the tools you will need for your carry to save them. Things you can do for your engagers mainly include speeding them up with Whimsy or Shurelya's Battlesong if you have it and slowing enemies with Glitterlance (if you are not in range, you can shield your ally first and then Q from their position). Also, if you have someone who engages but feel like you need more CC to get the start going, you can ult them for a knock up on the enemies.

Using your abilities:
>> I have already gone through the ability details, so if you are interested more in that, go into the ability chapter.
>> Generally, you will want to use Help, Pix! (E) mainly as a defensive tool and a way to give your ally Ardent Censer, Staff of Flowing Water and Pix's passive. You will use Whimsy (W) and Wild Growth (R) defensively or offensively depending on the situation, and Glitterlance (Q) to slow enemies who are trying to get on your team or as your main damage tool if you took Electrocute.
>> The most important thing about using your abilities in teamfights is saving and using them for your main carry and against the highest enemy threat. Of course you can still shield your Malphite if he is getting low, but that's only if your carry doesn't need it. You should also have a gameplan when you leave the lane and enter midgame. Put on your thinking cap and determine who is the strongest player on your team, in other words, "your carry." Do not only look at their KDA, but also at their items and how well they scale. Your carry isn't always ADC, although it helps if you can peel someone who uses attack speed since that's when your kit truly shines. As for the enemies, it means you need to save your polymorph and R if there is someone like fed Rengar and Katarina who will definitely try to kill your carry - at that point, DO NOT use it offensively - defensive option is priority, because your main job is to peel for your carry as best as possible.

If there is a teamfight going and you don't want to missclick your E, use the champion icon that you have either in the left / right side of your screen or above your minimap. It will still shield them and avoid the missclick possibility.

Disengaging a bad teamfight:
>> When you see a teamfight is going to go wrong or already ended really badly, it's time to disengage. Prioritize helping someone who has a shutdown, your carry and allies without any movement speed or mobility abilities to get out. You will do that by speeding them up with your W (or Shurelya's Battlesong if you have it) while also slowing the enemies that are chasing you with Q.

>> Very important part of teamfighting, especially for Lulu, is positioning. If you step too close than you should, you will get blown up and won't even need to use any tips because you will probably be dead or forced to use your defensive items and spells on yourself - which you usually want to avoid if possible, because your job is to buff and peel for your carry, not yourself.
>> Generally, you will want to position in the back, behind your tanks or engagers and next to your carry (if they are someone who wants to go in like Master Yi, you should just stay behind them in a safe spot where the enemies can't reach you easily but you can still reach your carry and cast spells on them) so you can protect them.
>> There are also other things you need to keep in mind while positioning. Are there any AOE threaths (like Orianna R or Ziggs R)? Then you should probably aim to be spread out a little bit more, but still in a way where you can cast spells on your teammates. On the other hand, does the enemy team have someone like Rengar who wants to jump in and kill someone? Then your team should be closer together.
>> Stay with your team for most of the game if possible, especially if the enemy team can easily kill you (which is in a lot of situations, because you are squishy). You don't want to waste your spells on yourself just because you were in a bad spot, because enemies could then force a teamfight and win it before you can get your cooldowns (mainly ultimate) back. Dying is also not good though. If you are in a bad spot and have to use your abilities to save yourself, ping your team to let them know you don't have them and wait for a better fight oppoturnity.

This is a bonus if you want to learn Lulu even more and learn tricks you can do against each champion in game as well as how you can look to support them. Even though I said two tips against every champion, it doesn't include supports and ADC because I alerady covered those. Hopefully this will help you in your games!






β€’ Lulu is known to be the first champion to be announced through an β€žArt spotlightβ€œ on Riot’s Youtube channel, first champion playable on PBE before her release on live servers and first champion to have her own login screen.
β€’ Lulu was the last champion to release with 2 other skins besides her original one.
β€’ Using Lulu’s E on enemy will grant them a debuff that says β€žHey, listen!β€œ referencing Navi from The Legend of Zelda.
β€’ In chat, the enemy player's champion name is replaced by Squill, Cupcake, Kitty, Dragon or Snowman when affected by Lulu’s W – name depends on what skin is Lulu using.
β€’ Lulu and Veigar are friends.
β€’ Lulu was reffered to as "suppordle" by her designers (support yordle).
β€’ Lulu has a really good laugh spam.

That's all for my Lulu guide. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new that will get you that sweet LP and rank you always wanted. I would really appreciate it if you left a comment or vote - don't hesitate to ask anything you need, I'll be happy to help you! I also wanted to thank jhoijhoi because thanks to her guide about "how to make a guide," I was able to understand the coding much better and I would probably have never done this without it.
Good luck on Summoner's Rift!


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