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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Draven Build Guide by chinarp

AD Carry [6.5] A Master Class on How to Play Draaaaven!

AD Carry [6.5] A Master Class on How to Play Draaaaven!

Updated on June 5, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author chinarp Build Guide By chinarp 34 2 1,684,624 Views 13 Comments
34 2 1,684,624 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author chinarp Draven Build Guide By chinarp Updated on June 5, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal



Starting : Option 2
First Back (1300 ~ 2000 Gold)
First Back (900 ~ 1200 Gold)

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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A Master Class

I thank everyone who has read my guide, but I will not be updating it further.
Table of Contents



Hello, Summoner! Today you are going to learn the art of axe-catching as you learn to play Draven. My summoner name is Emperor Taric (previously TheIndianDeft) (#EDGWIN) and I am a Platinum ranked AD carry main (NA). (Add me if you play on NA! We can maybe play games). My guide is not the way that I see everyone play Draven, so even if you area seasoned veteran at Draven, maybe you can still find something new here.
First things first! If you are a mid lane main and you want to learn the basics of being an AD carry, Draven is not my suggestion for you. His Spinning Axe is hard to get the hang of and there are many easier options. Some of my recommendations for starting off ADC players are Sivir Ezreal or Tristana. Although Draven is not my most played champion (I am enjoying myself with Jinx and Lucian right now) he is easily my favorite. Read on now Summoner! FEEDBACK APPRECIATED :)

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Pros & Cons

Draven is very strong in solo queue, due to his ability to just dump on his enemy bot lane and take over the game.
-Snowballs hard with League of Draven
-Insane DPS with Spinning Axe
-Global Ultimate
-Attack Speed Steroid ( Blood Rush)
-Easy to climb the ladder
-Hard to play
-Beaten in lane by many AD carries like Graves or Kalista
- Stand Aside is not a reliable enough escape
-Item reliant
-Falls behind easily; League of Draven makes you a target

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- Greater Mark of Attack Damage : You need these for early trades and farming with Spinning Axe

- Greater Seal of Armor ; You will be facing an AD champion in lane 100% of the time, so flat armor can just give you the extra "oomph" to survive better.

- Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist : You will not be against a heavy AP damage dealer in the early game, with the exception of Mordekaiser, so having late game MR can help you survive one-shot mages like LeBlanc.

- Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed : Draven does not heavily build on attack speed like Vayne or Kog'Maw but every ADC needs this stat. This will help you farm much easier and just increase your overall damage output.

-If you choose to take this route, it is suggested that you follow this build path :
Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and Mercurial Scimitar. Because this rune page does not give you attack speed, but rather armor penetration, you can buy Phantom Dancer over Lord Dominik's Regards. IF YOU ARE AGAINST A TANKIER TEAM, THIS USUALLY ENDS UP BEING BETTER

- greater mark of armor penetration : allows you to shred your enemies without having to buy Lord Dominik's Regards or Mortal Reminder

- Greater Seal of Armor : same as other rune page

- Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist : same as other rune page

- Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage : provides you with the AD that you will need for early game farming. Attack speed is not required in this route because you purchase Phantom Dancer and Youmuu's Ghostblade

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The new masteries are finally here. Thank god! The old masteries supported a low customization play-style with most champions running one of 5 archetype pages. The new pages create masteries that you can feel in-game. There are three mastery pages that you can run on Draven, but as the meta for the new season gets created, this may change.

What keystone mastery to take is debatable because Warlord's Bloodlust and Fervor of Battle are both viable. Here is a rule for masteries. If you are going to have more than 50% crit chance in your build, take Warlord's Bloodlust

Path 1 :

Ferocity Tree - 18 Points

- 5 Points in Fury . Having 4% extra attack speed increases your damage output and eases early farming. Sorcery does not provide much for Draven

- Take Double Edged Sword . Dealing 2% increased damaged is worth for the 2% you take back. wiki mastery=feast could help against heavy poke, but it will not assist you after you buy lifesteal. Double Edged Sword is better for a lane bully playstyle, but if you are going passive, don't take it.

- 5 Points in Vampirism . The 2% lifesteal gives you sustain in lane that can keep you alive for a while combined with a Doran's Blade. Natural Talent benefits AP champions more than AD, and Draven does not gain anything out of the AP.

- Take Bounty Hunter . You do not have a consistent amount of crowd-control to benefit from Oppressor . Neither of these masteries really are THAT good on Draven, but you need the keystone mastery, and Bounty Hunter is the better option.

- 5 points in Battering Blows . Extra armor penetration is a great help, especially if you are running Rune Page 1 (Attk Speed Quints & AD Marks). Piercing Thoughts has 0 use to you, because Draven deals no magic damage.

- This is the keystone mastery that you could go with. Fervor of Battle gives you more damage with your auto attacks against champions the more you attack, and stacks 8 times. It increases your damage by a lot from what I have played so far.

Cunning Tree - 0 Points

- This route does not take points here, but they are good options. The real reason why you want this is because of Merciless and Dangerous Game .

Resolve Tree - 12 Points

- 5 points in Unyielding . 6% Armor and MR gives you a good defense to stay alive in fights. The health regen from Recovery is more for bruisers in top lane and doesn't benefit you, because you have Bloodthirster

- Tough Skin can help you take a small amount of less damage while trading in lane. Explorer is made for tanky junglers and supports to roam easier, and you don't really need that.

- 3 points in Veteran's Scars and 2 in Runic Armor . Runic Armor is a very good mastery, and Veteran's Scars is just so good, that you can't do without it. Runic Armor gives an extra "oomph" to your lifesteal.

- Perseverance is more unnecessary health regen that you don't need b/c of lifesteal. Insight lets you have Flash and Heal up more often to get out of sticky situations.

Path 2

Lane bully playstyle, no lifesteal items, strong mid-game. SUGGESTED ITEM BUILD :

This page uses the same everything else, but changes the keystone mastery to Warlord's Bloodlust from Fervor of Battle . I like Fervor of Battle because it provides with bonus damage on your Spinning Axe, but Warlord's Bloodlust a huge amount of sustain, so much that you don't even need to buy Bloodthirster if you don't want to. I suggest taking this path if they have a heavy tank team.

Path 3 :

Defensive playstyle, strong sustain, good all around. ITEM BUILD :

If you are against your hardest counters, this is the best option for you. It takes a 18/12/0 route which allows you to have Secret Stash , Dangerous Game , and Merciless , which are all great masteries. If you find yourself against Graves or Kalista, this is the best choice. The keystone mastery I like with this is Fervor of Battle . Since the most ideal build choice is Build 2, you have Death's Dance and Bloodthirster. Warlord's Bloodlust adds more unnecessary healing, which can be countered by the enemy buying a Mortal Reminder. Here are some of the changes in this page from Path 1.

Feast : Feast instead of Double Edged Sword is one change I made. Since you want to be playing safe, taking 2% extra damage can hurt you. Having Feast gives you extra sustain to keep farming through lane.

Cunning Tree - 12 Points

I did not take points in this tree on my other two pages but it can be very good if against aggro laners.

Savagery : 5 points in Savagery gives you extra damage to minions which can assist with the farming on tower you will be doing. Plus, Wanderer is useful for supports and junglers only.

Secret Stash : Secret Stash is a big part about why this mastery path works well. The sustain the biscuits give is very good. I do not suggest you buy a Refillable Potion if you have this, because biscuits OP!

Merciless : 5 points in Merciless , previously known as Executioner, is one of my favorite masteries. It gives you increased damage to low hp targets to just increase your damage output overall. Also it makes snipes with Whirling Death do more damage.

Dangerous Game : One of the most famous masteries, Dangerous Game increases your survivability in teamfights and can keep you in lane longer if you got a kill. Bandit is pretty much a support only thing, so Dangerous Game all the way.

Skills & Basics

PASSIVE - League of Draven : Draven's passive is what makes him the hardest snowballing ADC around. Every time you catch your Spinning Axe or kill a minion, you gain a stack of League of Draven. When you get a kill each stack of League of Draven cashes into 2 bonus gold. About 10 minutes of farming without kill nor death, you can have 150-175 stacks which is 300-350 gold! However, you lose a large amount of stacks upon death so play safer if you know you have a lot of stacks. Use League of Draven to your advantage in the mid-game by farming with two Spinning Axes

Q - Spinning Axe : This skill has one of the coolest mechanics in the game and it is what makes Draven, DRAAAAVEN! So, if you are unsure what it does, your next auto-attack deals bonus damage, based on a percentage of your TOTAL AD. After the Spinning Axe hits the target, it bounces off onto a location, and if you catch it, you can use it again. You can also hold two Spinning Axes at the same time. Spinning Axe can crit, because it is an auto attack, so the damage potential for this skill is insane. If you stand still, the axe will land where you are standing or near you, and if you are walking, it will land in an area around where you walk. Learning to manage your Spinning Axe is the key to learning Draven MAX THIS FIRST!

W - Blood Rush : Very basic ability that gives you a short burst of attack speed and movement speed. The cool thing about Blood Rush is that every time you catch your Spinning Axe, the cooldown will reset. It is a great mechanic that helps you chase or kite your OP brother Darius. However, you don't want to be spamming Blood Rush while farming in lane because it is the only skill that really drains your mana and if you ever run out of mana, it sucks if you can't use Spinning Axe. MAX IT SECOND!

E - Stand Aside : Stand Aside is the only real crowd control that Draven has. Draven throws two axes that knock all enemies aside and slow them. It can be used with quick reactions to stop abilities like Headbutt, Zenith Blade or Valkyrie. Typically, you use Stand Aside as an escape, but take this ability at level 2 to get an early first blood in a strategy discussed below. MAX IT LAST!

R - Whirling Death : Draven's ultimate, Whirling Death is not a large amount of damage, but it is a global ultimate like Super Mega Death Rocket! or Trueshot Barrage. Draven hurls two large axes that hit all enemies in their path. When the axes hit a champion, they will slowly turn around and come back to Draven dealing damage on the way back. You can also press R to force the axes to turn around. Whirling Death can be used to snipe low health targets with good communication or win 2v2 trades down at bot. If you hit a champion with Whirling Death, then INSTANTLY PRESS R, SO THEY HAVE NO CHANCE TO DODGE THE RETURN!. In teamfights, use Whirling Death as soon as they start then constantly keep whacking enemies with your Spinning Axe because they have a larger DPS. In a 1v1, DON'T STOP TO USE Whirling Death! CAST TIME REDUCES DAMAGE OUTPUT!

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Summoner Spells

Flash - You just can't do without Flash on any ADC. It is the best summoner spell to have because it can help you make aggressive plays, dodge abilities like Unstoppable Force, or escape jungler ganks. There are only a few champions who can do without Flash and Draven is not one of them.

Heal - 95% of the time, you want Heal as your second summoner spell to compliment Flash. As a champion who can 1v1 people with ease and has tons of damage, summoner spells like Exhaust or Ignite are useless. Heal gives you the power to survive team fights and tower dives and come out on top.

Cleanse - The other 5% of time, you can take Cleanse. Only take Cleanse if they have an insane amount of early game CC that could ruin your day. Because there is an item called Quicksilver Sash for 1250 gold that does what Cleanse does.


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Champion Select

Once you begin to get better with Draven you can hop into ranked. Draven has carried me out of Gold and into Platinum due to his incredible hard carry high damage play-style. But, Draven can be shut down early game with a hard CC support like Tahm Kench or Nautilus, so knowing when to pick Draven can decide whether or not you will be successful.


Blue Team

First Pick : If you are first pick on blue side, and you really want to play Draven, then make sure that Tahm Kench is banned. I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you do not pick Draven for yourself if you are in this position. You can ask to swap with your jungler or support, but if nobody wants to, pick a more safe ADC like Lucian.

Second/Third Pick : This is where you want to be. Usually, ADC is taken in 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick, so if you are here, you will get a good idea about their composition and if it is safe to pick Draven or not, plus you will get the role you want (most likely). If you see any two of their jungler, support, or ADC, you got lucky because you have an idea what you are facing.

Fourth/Fifth Pick : If you get ADC as 4th or 5th pick, well you got lucky. But if you did, you get to see FOUR of their members. As Draven would say, : "Doesn't get better than this". If they are running a composition along the lines of Riven, Lee Sin, Viktor, Jinx, and Thresh, THEN THIS IS WHERE YOU PICK Draven AND WRECK FACE!.

Red Team

First/Second Pick : Don't. This is where you should not go for Draven. You know one champion on the enemy team who is typically some op top laner who didn't get banned like Fiora or a mid laner. So you have no idea who you are facing and it is too risky.

Third/Fourth Pick : Maybe. It depends on who you see on the enemy team. If you know the enemy bot lane, use your judgement or the match-ups up above to decide what you want to do.

Last Pick : Typically, you end up supporting in lower rankings if you are last pick, but if you get ADC, you know their entire team, so you have knowledge of everything!

Remember, Draven is not like Ezreal or Lucian in that you can't just pick him blindly. Use the match-up guide above or your best judgement to decide what you want to play.

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Support Synergy

Your support is such an important part of how you play. It is what tells you how you should be playing your lane. These are the guys who you're going to lane with and how you should do it.

































Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench







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(Lane specific match-ups are above. This is general)

While farming, ALWAYS HAVE TWO Spinning Axes READY!. With two axes, you get way more stacks of League of Draven and also you can keep the lane where you want it to be at all times.

Wave control is a very in-depth thing that I can't delve in to too much. However, to maximize your farm and stacks of League of Draven you need to know the basics of this.

-If you are winning lane against aggressive laners, freeze the lane near your tower, but not in tower range.

-If you are winning lane against passive laners, shove the wave to their tower, and make sure to have the river warded.

-If you are losing lane against aggressive or passive laners, try not to let the minion wave reach your tower and clear big waves of minions at every opportunity you get to hit them.

-When you get a kill or force the enemy to recall, make sure you push the wave to their tower and then recall. This will deny them experience, gold, and will teach you to not overstay.

-Before you recall, try to clear any minion wave approaching. However, do not do this if you are going to die. Your life is more important.

-When you are about to take a tower, let the tower kill all of your minions (sorry minions) and then take it so they don't get the extra experience and gold.

-If you were forced to recall due to extremely low health and a big minion wave is approaching tower, use Whirling Death on the wave. It is worth using to clear waves from afar.

-If you can't use Whirling Death for whatever reason, as your support to try their best to avoid the minions from getting to tower.

-Always check your gold to see what items you are going to buy. If you are just a few gold short of what you want, take the krugs or gromp depending on your side

This is very basic wave control and support and mid lane mains can tell you all about it. Good wave control can make a lead even larger or make a deficit smaller.

Start off by taking a point in Spinning Axe and giving your jungler a leash of 3 auto-attacks (with Spinning Axe on, so you should use two empowered auto attacks and one regular]]. Walk to lane with two axes in hand and shove it as fast as possible. Get level two before the enemy bot lane and take a point in Stand Aside. If you have an aggressive support, this works even better. Throw out Stand Aside into the enemies who are level one still, and chunk them out with Spinning Axes. If you have Blitzcrank, Leona, Nautilus, or Thresh, this works wonders and will either get first blood or burn the enemy Flash.


Just keep farming. Remember to be aware of the enemy jungler location and try your best not to die with more than 100 stacks of League of Draven.

Another cool aggressive move that you can do with Draven is that if you ever see the enemy support roam and the ADC free farming, just use Stand Aside and chase with Blood Rush. You can easily pick-up a free kill or get their Heal and Flash on cooldown.

Once you have Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer you can Flash onto them when you both are full health and kill them. If your Spinning Axes crit, it will only be a few auto attacks.

This is also the time you would like to be rotating mid to begin to teamfight. However, if their ADC is not named Vayne or Tristana and is farming bot lane for an extended amount of time, stay there and kill them. Because you can.

Also, make sure you watch the map during laning for any opportunities to use Whirling Death for an objective steal or to snipe an enemy.

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Starting Items
First Back
First Items
PDS, Shiv, Firecannon, or Ghostblade?
Life-Steal Items
Armor-Penetration Items

Starting Items

In season 5, the only starting option that was worth getting was Doran's Blade. Now a new item, Cull, is also great.

This is the standard start for Draven against and with most champions. For 450 gold, you can get
  • 8 Attack Damage
  • 80 Health
  • 3% Life Steal
The 8 Attack damage is great for early trades with the enemies and just to help you farm a little easier with Spinning Axe. 80 Health makes you a tad beefier and helps you not be a squishy little Draven who can easily take a beating from a few hits from Mystic Shot or Piltover Peacemaker. The 3% life steal is my favorite part about Doran's Blade now that it is no longer a unique passive with on-hit heal. Pretty much, these things stack, so buying two is not punishing. Also, 3% life-steal, combined with the 5% from Vampirism , and 20 health every 20 seconds from Feast AND even Secret Stash !?!? DAMN! Insane sustain to make sure that you ain't dying today!
This is a new item option that has opened up for marksmen with the new pre-season and some top laners like Gangplank who are very farm heavy. This thing costs the same as Doran's Blade but gives 5 AD instead of 8 AD, and 3 on-hit health instead of 3% life steal. So pretty much this thing costs the same and has worse stats right? Nope. The unique passive makes it very gold efficient. So for the first 100 creeps you get 1 extra gold each, and after you kill the 100th, you get a 300 gold bonus. So you get those stats for 50 gold essentially. Cull is not good if you are going to be trading often, because you will be outclassed if the enemy ADC is not named Kog'Maw and bought a Doran's Blade. If you think you are going to be playing a very passive lane, (usually including both bot lane duos having healing supports), Cull is a better option. However, 80% of the time you are going to have aggressive lanes, so you usually end up buying a Doran's Blade but Cull is a good item, that can even be bought if you are forced an early recall or died in an invade or something. Enemy laners I would buy this against : Soraka, Janna, Tahm Kench

First Back

1300~1700 Gold

B. F. Sword is probably the best back that you are going to end up getting. With the preseason, this thing's price went down by 250 gold so that if somebody is winning lane hard the B. F. Sword is not an insane power spike (similarly done earlier with Needlessly Large Rod) For 1300 gold, you get 40 attack damage. That's it. What else do you need? If you can complete this item before the enemy ADC completes their best possible first back, (usually either B. F. Sword, Zeal, Phage, or Bilgewater Cutlass) you are golden. You have a large advantage in the lane now and it is the time to pressure by going aggressive.
Is there really much I have to say about Boots. You can ask someone who has played League of Legends for a week and they will tell you why these bad boys are the best kicks on the rift! But seriously, if you have extra 300g after you purchase the B. F. Sword, get these. They get you to lane faster, help you chase, help you run away, allow you to dodge that pesky Death Sentence and more. But, they are not priority over your damage.

875~1200 Gold

If you went pretty even in some early trading and you were forced to recall, or you got ganked and died, this is probably what you're going to end up with. Usually, with Draven, due to his passive, League of Draven, if you get a kill in lane, you will be able to afford a B. F. Sword and maybe more. However, Pickaxe is your next best damage item.

<875 Gold

I have already explained over here why Doran's Blade is such a strong item. If you got destroyed by a level 3 or 4 jungler gank by someone like Vi or Lee Sin, this is your best bet. More health, more lifesteal, more damage. You can't go wrong with that. Also, it is much better than Long Sword and Health Potions.

First Items

Infinity Edge is one of my personal favorite items in the game. It gives a large amount of attack damage and 20% crit chance. But the fun part is in the passive, where your crits deal 250% damage opposed to 200%. This just makes those Spinning Axes hurt more. Many Draven players take Bloodthirster first for more attack damage and 20% lifesteal. The Bloodthirster passive shield is very strong and can keep you safe and I can see how you can prioritize it first. But, I value crit chance very highly. With almost every ADC building crit now, RNG is becoming more and more prominent. Getting that crit at the right time can turn the tide of a fight, and it is very frustrating when the enemy won a duel with you, because they got more crits off. Also, it builds out of B. F. Sword and Pickaxe, so you can still build into it depending on how your first back went. Get this boy first.
These are the standard boots option for marksmen. 30% attack speed is a lot more than most people give credit for. No other choice of boots can really work on Draven so pretty much always get these. You should upgrade from Boots to Berserker's Greaves sometime between completion of Infinity Edge and your second item. Also, whenever you have spare gold in the mid-game, make sure to buy Enchantment: Furor. It gives you a short boost of movement speed when you deal single target damage, which is pretty much 99% of your damage. Homeguard isn't here anymore, so make sure to buy Enchantment: Furor.

Phantom Dancer, Statikk Shiv, Rapid Firecannon, or Youmuu's Ghostblade?

This is where the laning phase starts to live its final moments, as usually the jungler and support begin to group mid, followed by the ADC. Most critical strike reliant marksmen need Infinity Edge as their first item followed by one of either Phantom Dancer, Statikk Shiv, Rapid Firecannon, or Youmuu's Ghostblade. All four are viable items on Draven and I will be explaining the benefits of each and you can decide which you need depending on your situation.

  • When You Want to Buy it : You are wrecking your lane, but it looks like you may be the only carry for your team. Phantom Dancer, my personal favorite of these four, costs 2700 gold and gives attack speed and crit chance. The best thing about the item is the passive, which makes the last champion who you attacked deal 12% less damage to you. This makes it incredible for 1v1s and this combined with Bloodthirster are some seriously strong offensive items that also provide a good defensive passive. I get this about 50% of this time.

  • When You Want to Buy it : Everything is going fine, but your team lacks strong wave clear, and your lanes are getting shoved in really fast. Statikk Shiv and its counterpart Rapid Firecannon give identical stats, have the same gold amount, and build the same way. The only difference is depending on if you want wave clear and teamfight presence versus siege potential. If you want one or the other, about 75% of the time you would want Statikk Shiv. In a big teamfight, just getting a crit on all the team members is a noticeable amount of damage. It makes your Spinning Axe act like Switcheroo! and who doesn't love being Jinx? Also, this is the best one to get if you just got destroyed in lane

  • When You Want to Buy it : You are doing decently but you have a mid laner with no siege potential, like Talon. Also, if you are the only ranged champion on your team, get this. I personally prefer Statikk Shiv to Rapid Firecannon, but its passive can come in handy. The increased auto attack range allows you to take down towers easier and safer, and deal some painful damage from a safe distance. But, you can't get the AOE crit like you can with Statikk Shiv

  • When You Want to Buy it : You are demolishing your lane and your team is demolishing their lanes. This game is going to end really fast.. Youmuu's Ghostblade is the true luxury item on Draven. You will only see me buy this thing if my entire team is fed and the enemy is most likely going to FF@20. It doesn't give any flat attack speed, but it does give MORE DAMAGE! The active gives you an attack speed and movement speed steroid which should end the very fast-paced skirmishes that happen in one-sided games.


Life-Steal is an essential stat to have in your build for nearly very ADC. You can get away with buying both of these guys if you want, but you will need to either sacrifice a Quicksilver Sash or an armor-pen item. So it is suggested that you pick only one.

- Bloodthirster is the original ADC powerhouse item. It is as old as the game itself, and for almost every season it has been a must buy for every ADC. A **** ton of lifesteal combined with 75 AD is just brutal and is what takes your damage to another level. About 95% of the time you will want this item over Death's Dance. Because Draven has no built in sustain, like most marksmen, you really need the large 20% of life-steal that it gives. The amazing thing about Bloodthirster is how it is an offensive and defensive item. The disgusting amount of AD combined with the shield passive, which pretty much increases your maximum health by 350. If you are feeling really courageous you can get this before an attack speed item, but I do not suggest it.

- Many people have dissed Death's Dance for being a bad item, but I disagree. It has two different unique passives which can help a lot and it is not built that often, so many people are surprised when they notice the bleeding one. One passive is that all physical damage heals for 12% of the damage done, which is pretty crazy for Draven. Your Spinning Axe, if it crits, will be doing any where around 1500 damage, which is a heal of 180 health. The other passive, causes 12% of damage taken as a bleed, which is very good for countering champions like LeBlanc and Zed. It has a very convenient build path consisting of very cheap and easy to get items, which are still strong on their own. Death's Dance is only good on very high single target damage dealers, because it is reduced to 33% effectiveness if it is AOE damage, like Vayne, Aatrox, Olaf, and of course, our homeboy Draven. However, the item is very pricey for what it gives, so only get it if you are going to make use of both passive effects.

Armor-Penetration Items

A common misconception in Bronze and Silver elo is, "If I just get more attack damage and attack speed, I will totally kill that 400 armor Rammus!" Armor pen is such an important stat, and if you really need it, you can buy it any time after your first two items.

This thing is basically your new standard Last Whisper from last season. A strong amount of armor penetration and % damage on tankier opponents. That passive is what makes this item way better than Blade of the Ruined King and its why I don't ever get that item on Draven, or any ADC pretty much.

I do not see myself buy this item that often, but it comes in handy. Instead of the % damage on high health opponents, this item has grievous wounds, which reduce healing. There are not many champions that rely on healing opposed to health for their tankiness, but there are some. Champions I would make sure to get this instead of Lord Dominik's Regards : Dr. Mundo, Aatrox, Vladimir, Swain, Volibear, and maybe a fed Olaf.

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The core of League of Legends are the teamfights. Unless all lanes went the same way, teamfights determine who is going to win the game. As an immobile ADC like Draven, positioning is incredibly important, especially with Draven due to his unique Spinning Axe mechanic. Constantly kiting with Blood Rush by catching your Spinning Axe not only can triple your damage, but also makes you get away from enemies.

If you are behind in a game, do not go for the enemy ADC. Just hit whoever you can be in safe range to.

When a fight erupts, throw Whirling Death through the entire enemy team FIRST. Once you get "into the fray", the cast time on Whirling Death will severely lower your damage output.

Please, please, please do not do this thing that a lot of bad Draven players have done before. They throw their Stand Aside and Whirling Death out at the same time, and Stand Aside knocks enemies aside, and Whirling Death ends up hitting nobody! Don't do that.

Ideally, you want the enemy tanks and assassins off your back and you in free range to melt the enemy squishies with your Spinning Axes. However, life isn't always perfect. Teamfights can have so many different factors into them that it is hard for me to describe on how to do them "correctly". Factors like enemy ultimate availability, enemy positioning, and etc. Here are just some of the more general things that can happen in fights.

Jumped on by an enemy tank
If someone like Shyvana or Renekton gets on you, what you should try to do is throw your Stand Aside and keep kiting backwards with resets on Blood Rush.

Jumped on by enemy assassin
If you get hopped on by someone like Zed or Kassadin you are probably a dead man. What you can do however, is try to take the fight to them. If you know you are likely going to die, you should try to fight in your last moments. If Zed uses his Death Mark on you and starts to get you to low health, use your lifesteal and crits to heal yourself back up and kill him! From many games of Draven I can assure you that with Infinity Edge, Statikk Shiv, and Bloodthirster you can probably fight an assassin, provided you both are equally fed.

Stay near your tanks. Sure, you can deal over 7000 damage in one fight, but you can die in half a second. You need to these guys to make sure you keep breathing.

SPAM CLICK Blood Rush. In fights, you don't need your mana for anything but this. MASH THAT W KEY!

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A Thank You

AHHH! I would like to thank everyone who viewed, upvoted, and commented on this guide! As of November 5th, we are currently the number one Draven guide! (This picture was taken after that date, but I don't lie!)

Also, as of November 21st, we are the second highest on the Highest Rated 30 Days on ALL of MobaFire! That is just insane to think of and congrats to Mr Sample Free on being number one!

As of November 25th, 2015, we have reached 100k views! It is insane to think so many people have viewed my guide. Thank you!

As of January 3rd, 2016, we have reached 200k views! I am really glad you guys enjoyed this guide and I really appreciate every upvote, comment, and fan who adds me.

As of January 22nd, 2016, we have reached 300k views! Thanks a million for everybody who read.
As of February 17th, 2016, we have reached 400k views! This is more support than I could have dreamed of and I thank everybody here.

As of March 19th, 2016, we have reached 500k views! I am still in shock people read what I write! A half million people is just crazy to think about!
As of April 8th, 2016, we have reached 600k views! Wowzas!

Today, when I am writing this, is November 29th. It is the one-month anniversary of this guide. 109,783 people have clicked and on my guide in the month it has been up. I can't thank all of your so much! Once I am finally finished with the items section (I have been busy recently, sorry!), I may create a Lucian or Sion guide. If you would be interested in a guide for either in this style, please comment and tell me!

Here are a few people I would like to thank :
Elusive Ferret and her astounding Ahri Guide for letting me know what a perfect guide should look like.
Also, jhoijhoi for her BBCode Guide which showed me the basics of how things work around here.
And BrandonTitan for giving me the idea to make a MobaFire guide. Go check out his Poppy Guide


This was my guide on how I play Draven. There are many different playstyles for every champion but this is a way that I see fits best. This was my first guide, so if you enjoyed, please comment and upvote. Travel on now summoner, onto the rift! Start up a normal game, instalock in Draven and WRECK FACE!

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