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Akali Build Guide by IISylarII

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IISylarII

(A)Kali - The goddess of the solo Q.

IISylarII Last updated on January 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide Top

Before we start

This guide isnt FINISHED. I will finish it next week, so have understanding.

My english isnt native language and therefore i will have grammar mistakes. Dont be mad because im trying MY BEST to fix them.

This is my 1st guide here and for someone of you it might be bad and for some good. Ill let you guys decide. I tried to do as much as i can do make it simple, good and understanding.

Thank you everyone for understanding

p.s. if you want use my lolking guide for matchups (since i didnt finished them )

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Introductions: Who AM I? Becoming a DIAMOND player.

Here is a little story about my playing in League ;)

- Hello everyone. My name is IISylarII. Im currently diamond 2 akali main player. And here is story about me.

- Akali is my main champion since S2

- Nothing special but i was pretty good for the start.

- Back than I was in gold division and I was like any other player, wanna be diamond.

- There I started to master my little weapon for YOLO-Q.

- Time passed by, guides, streams watched over and over again.. Wanted to get all tips, tricks, and information from the league so I can prepare myself to the big league.

- And soon that will happen...

This is my season 3 ACC

Here are my S3 stats with Akali :))))

- I started to play Akali often in S3 and I noticed that I was getting very good with her, but not just because she was just OP (back in s2/s3).

- Many solo Q players were like " you are bad, you only play OP champion, thats easy" Well sure, if that is easy, why dont you play akali than ?

I carried alot of games ALONE, just because I knew how to play and react in different situations.

--> The truth is that when you play akali in Diamond leagues, things start to get a bit harder for you. <--

People actually know how to counter you and you will start to get focused more.

They also buy more Vision Ward + Oracle's Lens to make your life a living hell.

So, imagine all that hard focus on you! But you still manage to do good in game, not feed enemy, focus well in team fights, avoid CC.

That's what I did all the time.

First time in my life I was really good with a champion and I could PROUDLY SAY - THAT I'M GOOD!

Good to know below. Something like a tip.

- I noticed 1 more BIG IMPORTANT thing, and that was that I could play Akali every game and not get bored of her.

- All you guys and girls who are reading this, its so important that you find 1 champion that you like to play, and never to get bored of him.

-You need to enjoy playing that champ, eventually skill and elo will come to you.

-I can play her 100 games in a row and still, there are so many new things to do with her, outplaying, crazy kills, crazy dmg, PENTAKIIIIILS, EPIC JUKES.

Guide Top



  • Very good at assassination squishy targets
  • Can snowball very hard if she gets 1-2 kills on lane
  • Mid/Late game damage is HUGE
  • Very mobile champ, good at chasing enemy (very hard to escape her)
  • If she gets resets on her Shadow Dance it can win a team fight or even a game
  • Fun to play
  • Even if you lose your lane in mid there is still opportunity to get back in the game. Solo-q is really funny and you can get kills simply by roaming around the map
  • Good way to do pentakills is to play Akali
  • Easy to carry you out of ello hell
  • She is vailable to play from bronze 5 to diamond 1
  • Sha has HIGH amount of sustain once she gets Hextech Revolver OR Hextech Gunblade


  • Crowd control, health, Magic resist, Oracle's Lens, Vision Ward, tanky champions counter her
  • She has many counters on lane
  • If she isnt feed she will have hard time. Very item dependent
  • If you waste energy on Crescent Slash Twilight Shroud you will be completely useless in teamfights
  • She is squishy - but what assassin isnt?
  • On HIGH elo diamond 1 + she is starting to be useless because people know how to counter her
  • Her Q damage on lvl 1-2 is pathetic weak, if not hit by basic attack or Crescent Slash
  • New Akali players will probably have hard time with lasthitting
  • Need a Crowd control team to be truly effective
  • Melee AP

Guide Top

Summoner spells

I will be simple here

Take in 97% of your games. CORE

Playing against go like

Hard crowd control enemy team

Akali top . Good way to use is after you are lvl 6+ teleporting on bot lane. Possible from 2-4 kills (if enemy mid/jungler is bot). Hard to do it, but if you do it. GG GG

Guide Top


There are 2 ways how you can play Akali.

I take 21/9/0 Core masteries.

Double-Edged Sword
You deal 2% more damage but you take 1% more damage. It super good. Take alaways. Dont be afraid of 1% since you will mostly sustain that.

Brute Force

For easier last hitting. Take always

Martial Mastery

For easier last hitting. Take always

Dangerous Game I see many ppl that they dont take this. THIS IS SUPER GOOD. Imagine a teamfight. If you get kills its 5% of you missing health, imagine 2-3 or even more kills. So much health regain <3 TAKE THIS ALWAYS!!!!!!

And 2nd way is to go 28/2/0 Recovery for extra HP reg to survive early game. This masteries are good against squishy champions who are "easy" kill on lvl 6.

Guide Top


These runes are your core.


Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist


greater mark of hybrid penetration

Greater mark of hybrid penetration

CORE. Since they added in new masteries tree Devastating Strikes Akali is getting more dmg. And i have Greater mark of hybrid penetration combined with this masteries. It will help you to do more damage with your auto attacks and with your spells. The best marks you can get.

Greater mark of attack damage

Many of you will ask why should i get these. Well i can tell you i used this back in season 3 only because my lasthiting was bad. By the time i learned how to lasthit with Akali i changed to Greater mark of hybrid penetration. I would recommend this runes to NEW Akali players for start. Your auto attacks will be better, you will lasthit easier, and your Twin Disciplines will do the job of more spell vamp.

Greater mark of magic penetration

Get these if you dont have money for greater mark of hybrid penetration.

Greater Mark of magic resist

These runes are good if you need extra survivability against someone like Mordekaiser Elise Rumble Annie Syndra.

Greater mark of armor

Get these runes if you are playing against Garen Pantheon Lee Sin Renekton Darius.They are really good against you early on, chances that they kill you, are BIG. These runes might save your life.


Greater seal of armor

CORE seal runes you can get. Decrease damage from auto attack from your enemy mid laner (you will play most of the time against range heroes), decrease damage from minions early in the game (super important because minions deal pretty big damage early) and if jungler ganks you they will help.

Greater seal of health

Get these runes if you are playing against Mordekaiser Annie LeBlanc Elise Rumble Vladimir Ryze. You need that extra health because you dont want that these champion burst you down.


Greater glyph of magic resist

CORE runes in nearly every game (except if you play against full AD team OR if you play against AD enemy on your lane-than dont take them. Take Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power instead).

Greater glyph of ability power

Take these runes if you dont have Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power.

Greater glyph of scaling ability power

Take these runes if you are playing against full AD team. Really good runes.


Greater quintessence of health

I pick Greater Quintessence of Health mostly against some AD like; Darius Jarvan IV Wukong Xin Zhao so i can be a little tanky early on (dont want to die).
If you think that you wont die, just replace Greater Quintessence of Health with Greater Quintessence of Ability Power. With runes + masteris you will have on level 1 + 114 health. Great runes to help you from dying.

Greater quintessence of movement speed

  • You will easily dodge skill shots from champs like Anivia Lux Ahri Xerath
  • You will be better at roaming
  • If you play against someone who is pushing you, you will get back faster to your lain
  • Sometimes when I play against someone who is pushing me hard I was returning to lain and I missed a big cannon creep who is worth 45-50g for half a secound (good to know)
  • They will help you chase or run from enemy. Ms without boots 366, with boots 392 and with upgraded boots 413

Greater quintessence of ability power

These runes are your CORE. Better damage with your spells. Get this every time you can.

Greater quintessence of armor

Get these runes if you play against Garen Lee Sin Renekton Pantheon. Really great way to reduce their early game dominance with these runes. On lvl 1 with armor Marks + Seals + Quintessences you will have 69 ARMOR. Thats HUGE !!!

Greater quintessence of magic resist

In some rare occasion you will have to take these runes against Mordekaiser Annie LeBlanc Elise Rumble Vladimir Ryze. If you are scarry of dying take these runes.

Some print screens of my runes. Recommend that you check them

Go like these if you are a new Akali player

Core runes

These runes are very good against HARD AP champions OR if you want extra AP. Point of these runes are not to die early. Because if you do, GG.

Runes against AD replace Greater Quintessence of Health with Greater Quintessence of Ability Power if you want more damage.

Playing against Pantheon Riven Renekton Garen

Guide Top

Skill Leveling + Explanation on Akali skills

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
When fighting use Q(Wait for cd)+R+E+Q+AA combo.

The more AP you have more EXTRA dmg you deal, more AD you have better SPELL VAMP you get

Max 2nd after ultimate
  • This is your main damage ability.
  • Its good for harass, it has low energy cost and if you consume mark with your basic attack or with Crescent Slash you will have some of energy back.
  • Use it for farming, harassing enemy. Mark last longer than cooldown and that gives you chance to double proc your Q.

Max last
  • This spell is very good for juking, making you alot harder to gank or to focus in team fight if they dont have Oracle's Lens or Vision Ward.
  • If you trow Twilight Shroud in the bushes it will reveal fog of war (this is good so you dont facecheck bushes).
  • If you are inside of Twilight Shroud you will gain some of ARMOR/MAGIC RESIST. That is good to avoid damage if somone like Fizz Karthus Mordekaiser Lux ult you..
  • You can slow ppl down if they are inside of it (good for chasing or for running from enemy).
  • You can trow W on jungle creeps and use Shadow Dance on them for free escape.
  • Energy cost early on in the game is very big, try not to use it if you dont need + it has a very long CD.

Max 3rd
  • Use this ability for farming under tower.
  • To proc your Q on enemy.
  • It has higher energy cost, so dont try to spam it on lane/team fights (unless you want to consume Q).
  • To activate your Lich Bane Sheen.

Max R first when you can to reduce cooldown
  • This is what makes Akali players GOOD or BAD.
  • You will need to learn how to use this properly.
  • Good for killing, juking, chasing, escaping enemy.
  • If you get assist or kill in team fight, you will have resets on this spells.
  • It has 3/3 stacks. Early on in the game you need 1:30min to fully stacks this.
  • It has no energy cost. Its FREE to use it anytime.

Guide Top

Explanation how to build against AD/AP team - Core build - Spawn items

Spawn items

For every champ ill list how to start so you dont have to worry about what to pick against which champ, this is just explanation

Cloth Armor Health Potion x5 are good if you are playing against AD champion.

Rejuvenation Bead Health Potion x5 Stealth Ward This start will help you to survive even hardest matchups.

Doran's Shield Health Potion This start is very good. If you can survive with 1 health pot till lvl 6 go with this.

Boots of Speed Health Potion This start is good against skill shot champions. You will easier dodge skill shots.

My core build

Sorcerer's Shoes + Hextech Gunblade + Rabadon's Deathcap + Zhonya's Hourglass + Lich Bane + Void Staff.

Replace Rabadon's Deathcap with Guardian Angel if you want more survivability

Early game

Start 1st with Boots of Speed + 4 Health Potion after 1st back make 2nd item Hextech Revolver, 3rd item Sorcerer's Shoes, 4th would be good to get Needlessly Large Rod or Bilgewater Cutlass <--(if you get money, if not you will buy it in mid game)

Mid game

There are 2 options in mid game. Lets say you are fed, you want to rush Rabadon's Deathcap ASAP OR you are doing decent or you just need more sustain get Hextech Gunblade (recommended to go Rabadon's Deathcap for more NUKE DAMAGE over Hextech Gunblade). After that you want to get either Zhonya's Hourglass or Lich Bane.

Late game

You have your Sorcerer's Shoes + Hextech Gunblade + Rabadon's Deathcap + Zhonya's Hourglass or --> Lich Bane. Lets say you have 4 items. You will probably need Void Staff if enemy have to much magic resist 80-100+ or maybe you want Guardian Angel for extra life magic ressist or armor.

Super late game 50min + build

Mercury's Treads + Hextech Gunblade + Guardian Angel + Zhonya's Hourglass + Lich Bane + Void Staff.
Sell: Rabadon's Deathcap and get Guardian Angel. You dont have to do it but i like to play in this stage of game with Guardian Angel more than with Rabadon's Deathcap.

Against AP team --> 2 or more AP enemy

This items should be your core items Mercury's Treads Hextech Gunblade Abyssal Mask

I cant really tell you what your build should looks like since it all depends on situation. Try to stick with "MY CORE BUILD" IF YOU CAN (after getting those 3 items "when playing against AP team").

Playing against FULL AD team

This should be your core items Ninja Tabi Hextech Gunblade Zhonya's Hourglass

  • Enemy have true dmg Darius Olaf ? Warmog's Armor or Sunfire Cape
  • Enemy got to much attack speed champs ? Randuin's Omen
  • Enemy got heavy AD burst champs ? Guardian Angel
  • Consider to buy Thornmail. You need health so this item can work. When i say u need health i say because when you play against Tryndamere and you have 2000 health. Late game when he will 3-4 auto attack you, you will be probably under 50% or even lower. Health keeps you alive with this item. Thornmail is useless on 2000 hp. Remember that.
I cant really tell you what your build should looks like since it all depends on situation. Try to stick with "MY CORE BUILD" IF YOU CAN (after getting those 3 items "when playing against AD team").

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Early/Mid/Late game

Early game

Akali is weak early game.

You need to play safe but in some case aggressive.

You can kill enemy mid if he is low by using combo below;

If he is low on healt, use Mark of the Assassin (wait for cd) than Flash + Ignite+ E + Q + AA

Do this if they dont have flash/cant escape/sure kill.

Keep track of enemy jungler/top/support !!!

If you know position of them it will decide how you will play. Aggressive or passive.

If you noticed that enemy jungler is top/bot start to play aggressive vs enemy MID, since it will be 100% 1 v 1. No one can gank you.

Early game goals --> Sorcerer's Shoes Hextech Revolver.
Take one of these 2 items if you have money sustain --> Bilgewater Cutlass fed --> Needlessly Large Rod.

Mid game

Now you have your Sorcerer's Shoes Hextech Gunblade or Sorcerer's Shoes Hextech Revolver Needlessly Large Rod.

Your new goal is to make Rabadon's Deathcap Zhonya's Hourglass or Abyssal Mask<--if playing against double/triple AP team.

You will have fights for or standard team fights, so when that time come, try to position yourself so you can Flash (if you need) + jump on enemy carrys and kill them.

- Tip: Ask jungler for blue buff, energy regain is SOOOOOOOO good on Akali with blue. Many ppl dont realise that.

Mid game goals ---> Rabadon's Deathcap Guardian Angel Zhonya's Hourglass Abyssal Mask Lich Bane

Good to know when playing in early --> mid/h1]

When you come back from 1st buy and situation in game is like this

  • Enemy mid is pushing hard and he is at your turret ? Great ! You are lvl 6, wait for 3/3 stack on ult (1:30min fully stacked), call jungler and kill him over and over again.
  • Enemy mid is playing passive ? Go roam top/bot. Clear your wave !
  • EASY LAIN--> snowball on him, focus on killing him as much as you can (at least focus on him while he is worth some gold) + ROAM !
  • You are counter picked ? Try roam top/bot, but always try to clear your minion wave.
  • Enemy MID is "B" ? Go back and buy, wait your ultimate to stack and try kill mid with out or with jungler help.

Late game

Akali late game is very good, you will 1 shot enemy APC/ADC. But they can kill you easy if not played well.

You will have your Sorcerer's Shoes + Hextech Gunblade + Rabadon's Deathcap + Zhonya's Hourglass + Lich Bane and you will hurt alot !

  • Positioning + focus
  • Never ever go 1st in team fight. You will get focused and you will die.
  • Dont forget this !!!

If you dont focus in late game good, you can lose game EAZYYY.

Your job is to kill ADC. Use EVERYTHING to kill him, even if you die for killing enemy ADC. Your job is done.

After killing ADC, try to aim for APC or if top is heavy DMG dealer like Riven Rengar Kha'Zix ...

Your MAIN job is to KILL, not to protect your allys.

Late game goals --> Warmog's Armor if you need HP to survive enemy true damage or burst, Guardian Angel for extra life, late game extra life is crucial, Void Staff if enemy have 100+ mr, Rabadon's Deathcap if you need more gamage.

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Lets re-look Akali job/tips/gameplay

  • If you consume your Mark of the Assassin you will regain energy
  • Your Mark of the Assassin doesn't aggro the creeps, only your PROC does
  • You can consume mark with Crescent Slash
  • Do not use your Shadow Dance for farming, it has big cooldown early lvls (6/11).
  • You can use Crescent Slash when you have Sheen Lich Bane to deal more dmg on turrets, creeps or champions
  • Do not go 1st in team fight. You are assassin, you wait your objective so you can kill him
  • NEVER EVER CHANGE YOUR FOCUS ! Always focus 1 target !!!
  • You are single target champ, so your job is to focus one champ and kill him ASAP
  • Always use your DOUBLE Q proc (if you can)


  • Shadow Dance animation is faster than Mark of the Assassin which means you shouldn't use your Crescent Slash right after using your ultimate because you won't proc your Mark
  • Don't forget to use your active items

When i play i do always this trick

  • 1st Ask your support to clear jungler wards with Oracle's Lens or Vision Ward
  • When I play akali, in 90%games Im trying to come enemy team from behind. With no vision, your plan is almost done.
  • I do that since tanks are always 1st, APC is somewere in the middle, and ADC with support last (if you are trying to rush ADC/APC by standard way "go with team and rush like crazy kamikaze" youll end up dying or eating all CC)
  • 2nd Ask your allys to start fight.
  • 3rd When TF starts, wait a little that enemy use all CC they got on your tank.
  • 4th Now is your time to shine. Go for ADC > APC (who ever is more stronger, kill 1st). Youll see with this method youll kill them easy and you might make some crazy pentakills how i did.

    This is what I do all the time. Maybe someone is doing this like I do, if no Im glad that i helped you.

Guide Top


Offensive items

Bunch of ap + ap % increase. What more to say ? TONS OF DMG !!

From all items, this is my favorite ! Build this ALWAYS. Best passive in the whole game from all items !!

Combined with Haunting Guise + Sorcerer's Shoes you will get PURE 50 MR shred !! Good mid game item.

This item is really good. It makes her Queen of 1 vs 1 duel. CRAZY SUSTAIN <--- !

I love this item ! Get this after this order; 1st-> Boots of Speed 2nd Hextech Revolver than buy 3rd Hexdrinker. Very good item agains Brand LeBlanc Veigar cassiopiea Syndra Gragas.

Good early game if you need extra HP to survive enemy burst. Magic pen is also good.

I dont like this item. 2900 gold = 500 hp + 80 AP. My opinion = DONT BUY IT !!! If you buy it for HP, get Warmog's Armorinstead. If you buy it for more AP just w t f ... --> (many better items than this) if you buy it for slow, you dont really need that much of a slow. You got Flash + 3 ults + Hextech Gunblade for slow. I never ever get this item.

Enemy over 80-100 MR? NP, get this and deal true dmg.

This is like your 3rd Q proc. The more AP you have, the harder you will hit. Get this if you have 200+ AP. Never before.

Core boots unless you need Mercury's Treads to avoid crowd control or you want extra MR to survive enemy AP damage.

Good item if you team have 4 AP and you want to play AD akali.

To be honest i never buy this. I would buy this if enemy have 3 or more tanks.

Dont buy this. There are many better items if you get feed. Waste of money.


Good item against skillshot champions or champions who can catch you off guard LIKE Annie Nautilus Lux Ashe.

Armor + Magic resist + extra life from it. Very good item.

Very good item against 2+ AP. Cdr + HP + better healing effect is super good. Akali gets ALOT of good stats+ sustain with this item.

If you ever want to buy HP on akali,

get this item

. 2830 GOLD COST = 1000 hp. Compared to Rylai's Crystal Scepter its way way better to go warmog's armor.

Good item against full AD team. You need HP so this item can work.

Very very good item against ATTACK SPEED champions. Only small problem is that you will probably have Hextech Gunblade + Zhonya's Hourglass and you will have to use 3 items. I find that hard to use.

Best boots to get if you play against 2+ AP and if enemy have to much of crowd control.

Decent item. You can get it if you are playing tanky Akali

Consumable wards / trinkets

I get this after my 1st big item is done. Recommended to buy it.

You can buy it after you have at least 3 main items.

Get it if you are playing against Vayne Kha'Zix Rengar or any stealth champion.

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Good bans when playing Akali

It all depends on elo you are playing in my opinion. But ill list all champions i think its good to bad (i will update this every time i think there is reason to)



If I play Akali I BAN ZIGGS ALL THE TIME. In high ELO ppl can actually play him really good. Ppl consider him as weak and easy to kill (when you play Akali). Good Ziggs will harass you pre 6 with his Short Fuse + Bouncing Bomb, and sometimes you can die if not played well. After lvl 6 he will start building Chalice of Harmony --> Athene's Unholy Grail (more pushing power + little bit of resist)... That means 24/7 pushing the lain from his tower and no way to kill him really (with 1 combo he will clear go back, over and over again). He will stay behind, do nothing but the farm. Even if you jump on him, he will just jump away from you and if timed well he will deny your Mark of the Assassin proc. Definitely the worst matchup i have to play against.


Isnt hard but when you play against him only problem is that he will roam. He can get kills and after that he can snowball on you. Stealth Ward buy 2X of them and ward each side of lane.



At the moment she is a really good jungler. You will have to play passive the whole lane phase or else she will gank you. Good way is that you have Twilight Shroud so you can escape gank.

Good Lee Sin will camp you like hell. Buy 2x Stealth Ward and ward each side of the lane. If he Q you wait until he jumps on you and than flash away (IF NEEDED).


She cant do much pre lvl 6. But once she is lvl 6 she will probably buy Vision Ward come to mid and kill you with his mid ally. Scary jungler. In team fights you will need Zhonya's Hourglass to bait or survive her focus.

Other good bans are Shyvana Dr. Mundo

Top lane


Is scary since he can ult from distance and you wont be able to see him. He can kill you easy with his mid lane.


His resets are scary. Epic damage mid/late game. You will need to focus him in TF so he doesnt get resets.


Thresh The Box can save his team mates, his Death Sentence can be game breaking, his Dark Passage will save his teammates from you. His Flay is annoying. Recommended to ban

Lulu She can Help, Pix!, she can Whimsy you and her Wild Growth deny your burst.

Blitzcrank Rocket Grab game breaking hook, Power Fist annoying, Static Field is annoying to.

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How to ward

Blue side

  • 1 Ward here when warding at 3 is too dangerous. You can put a ward here from behind the wall, which makes it very safe.
  • 2 Best location for warding the right side. This is especially important against Twisted Fate because he will use his ultimate from this brush to gank bot lane. Gives more vision of dragon/river, gives you more time to react to a gank, and vision of more paths.
  • 3 Warding here is EXTREMELY important against junglers with huge gap closers such as Nocturne Shaco Fiddlesticks Jarvan IVetc. This is a common area for these kinds of junglers to gank from and without a ward you can be baited. I ward here at 2:35 aprox time.
  • 4 You can ward the enemy blue to set up a steal. Good idea if you're against a mid laner that's highly dependent on blue buff such as Anivia Ryze Karthus Kassadin.

Purple side

  • 1 Ward here when warding at 3 is too dangerous. You can put a ward here from behind the wall, which makes it very safe.
  • 2 Best location for warding the right side. This is especially important against Twisted Fate because he will use his ultimate from this brush to gank bot lane. Gives more vision of dragon/river, gives you more time to react to a gank, and vision of more paths.
  • 3 Warding here is EXTREMELY important against junglers with huge gap closers such as Nocturne Shaco Fiddlesticks Jarvan IVetc. This is a common area for these kinds of junglers to gank from and without a ward you can be baited. I ward here at 2:35 aprox time.
  • 4 You can ward the enemy blue to set up a steal. Good idea if you're against a mid laner that's highly dependent on blue buff such as Anivia Ryze Karthus Kassadin.

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  • Early items

    Boots of Speed Health Potion 1st buy Hextech Revolver2nd buy Sorcerer's Shoes

  • Tip

    - She is squishy, keep that in mind.

    - You cant really do much until lvl 6.

    - She will try to Orb of Deception you and sometimes she will active Fox-Fire, when she does that, just shroud to avoid auto lock on you from that spell.

    - Stay behind the creeps to avoid getting hit by Charm

    - Do not tower dive her since she can Charm you and easy kill you

    Pick MS quintessences + with boots you will have 391 MS. Quite easy to dodge skill shots.

  • How to play on lane

    - Farm until level 6
    - When she use her Orb of Deception rush her


Annie [


[*]Early items

Boots of Speed Health Potion 2nd buy Hextech Revolver 3rd buy Hexdrinker


- He can stun you with Sear if you got already hit by 1 of his abilities
- He is squishy, easy to kill, but hard to get to him
- You can use Flash to avoid being hit by his abilities, but if you do it, try to kill him
- When you rush him use your Twilight Shroud and position yourself some were on the edge so he cant hit you. Most of brands will trow Pillar of Flame in the middle (needs practice on this)
- Try to fight him if there isnt any of minions, since Pyroclasm will bounce to them and hit you probably.

[*]How to play on lane

- If he uses Pillar of Flame you can rush him
- Farm pre 6
  • Early items

    Boots of Speed Health Potion 1st buy Hextech Revolver 2nd buy Haunting Guise
  • Tip

    - On lvl 6 you can rush her with Q+R+E+W. Do this combo, she cant ult you since she cant see you.
    - !_One trick_! you can do is this Q+R+E than she will probably ult you. Flash over her, watch her how she fail ult. Free kill after that (this is hard to do, but when u do it you will laugh so hard:D)_!
    - If she hit you with Noxious Blast shroud immediatly
    - You can buy Quicksilver Sash to remove her Petrifying Gaze
    - I started to like Hexdrinker item against powerful burst champions. Worth buying. Saved my *** many times.
    - If you jump on her she will trow her Miasma on top of you if you are in Twilight Shroud
  • How to play on lane

    - Dodge her Noxious Blast and farm
    - Jungler help would be really good here



  • Early items

  • Tip

  • How to play on lane

  • Early items

  • Tip

  • How to play on lane

  • Early items

  • Tip

  • How to play on lane

  • Early items

  • Tip

  • How to play on lane

Twisted Fate

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If you guys ever wanted to be a better player overall or on Akali? I can teach you.

Positioning, how to play against matchups, if you ever had hard time laning against some champion ?
Ill do my best to explain how to beat him how to survive early, how to do combo, how to roam or how to do pentakills.

You can ask me any information or question on what do you want answer.

I think i have enough experience on Akali that i can give tips and teach ppl.

Ill charge 8€ per 60 min. + bonus ill spec 2 of your games.

Plan is like this: 1st i spec 1 of your game tham ill see where did u do wrong 2nd we talk about your mistaks, answering on any question, ill give you tips, how to play against champs against what you cant play, position in mid/late game. After we are finished ill spec 1 more of your game and ill let you know how did you do in game.

If you want that i spectate more of your games ill charge 2€ per game or 1€ if you have any game recorded on your lol-replay.

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