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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Cho'Gath Build Guide by Horvat4

An In-depth Guide to Cho'Gath - Everything You Need to Know

An In-depth Guide to Cho'Gath - Everything You Need to Know

Updated on November 2, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Horvat4 Build Guide By Horvat4 5,318 Views 4 Comments
5,318 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Horvat4 Cho'Gath Build Guide By Horvat4 Updated on November 2, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Welcome again, to my 3rd in-depth / detailed guide here on MOBAFIRE, this time featuring Cho'Gath, the Terror of the Void. In this guide, I will make some improvements to some things I haven't done in my past 2 guides and found it a hard mistake. I will go trough many choices and explain everything as better as I can. It is in-depth so every chapter will be long to explain almost everything that you should know.

Cho'Gath is a tank / mage champion. I always play him tank after I found out that he is more useful to team than a mage as a solo top champion, even though he can be played mid as a mage, I think I will make a special chapter for the mage Cho'Gath when I get my computer fixed so I can maybe show a video example or something like that.


Chapters "Who Will You Lane Against & What to Do (Top Lane)", "Chilling & Killing (Mid Lane)" and "Which Route With Cho'Gath?? (Jungle)" are WIP (work in progress) and they will come soon, maybe this week, maybe this month, but I am working on them longer to make them better! I published guide because it has enough information on how to play Cho'Gath and those are alternative chapters! Please, proceed.

Don't downvote this guide if you don't have a good reason. If you don't like it, tell me in the comments below and I'll try to fix it or explain why I have chosen that thing you don't like. If it is complicated, PM me (send me a private message) and I will answer as soon as possible.

This guide is for players used to play LoL and begginers to LoL. Examples are everywhere for begginers, players used to play LoL don't have to read examples.

Here are the shorts used in guide:
  • Champ = Champion ( Leona)
  • CS = Creeps slain in the round of LoL (seen on the right side of the window which pops up when you press tab in game)
  • Pen. = Penetration (armor pen. from greater quintessence of desolation)
  • Vs = Versus ( Maokai vs Malzahar for example, fight between 2 champs, isn't always between 2 champs, can be between 10 champs, 7 champs...)
  • Fb = First blood (first kill in the round)
  • MR = Magic resist ( Force of Nature)
  • CD = Cooldown (for example, Alpha Strike has its own CD before you can use it again)
  • CDR = Cooldown reduction ( Frozen Heart)
  • Gp10 = Gold per 10 seconds ( philosopher's stone)
  • Regen. = Regeneration (HP regen. from Regrowth Pendant)
  • Aggro = Aggresion (tower aggresion, you hit enemy champion and tower starts to focus you)
  • HP = Hit points/Health points ( Warmog's Armor)
  • CC = Crowd control (disables like Bandage Toss or Mocking Shout)
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Pros / Cons


  • Good CC
  • HP increasing ultimate
  • Good sustain ( Carnivore)
  • Able to kill squishy champs fast
  • Good monster stealer ( Feast = 1000 true damage to minions and monsters)


These are some of pros and cons I can think off, if you have a good example of one, comment and I will add it. Most important are listed above.
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Solo top lane Cho'Gath masteries:

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Cho'Gath has lots of options how to play him, so I will go trough all positive (not awesome) choices for him:



Phase Rush

PAC Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: This is a pretty standard choice for Cho'Gath, gives you some more damage output. If you don't feel mana hungry, you can go for Arcane Knowledge in offense tree which will deal nice damage combined with these magic pen. runes. It will increase your damage for sure and your harassment will be more effective (especially because Feral Scream is easy to hit).

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: These aren't so usual rune choices. It isn't because you want to build AD Cho'Gath (even though you can try...), but for some early harassment with your basic attacks (great when you land Rupture, basic attacks combined with Vorpal Spikes and then Feral Scream). It can be really big boost to damage so don't underestimate this choice, it isn't useless.

Greater Mark of Desolation: This is just in case you want to have some more damage with your basic attacks, good if combined with Brute Force or Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x3 (or both). Cho'Gath can be dangerous when played with some additional AD like early Aegis of the Legion for combined damage and defense.



Phase Rush

PAC Greater Seal of Armor: These seals are one of the better, they give you one of the more needed defensive stats: armor. I mostly use it for jungling Cho'Gath, but can help versus heavy AD top champs ( Tryndamere). It can make you more tankier early game so if you are in team with players that want to take first blood, you are the one to tank it so you pick these runes, defensive masteries and not Cloth Armor (if you don't Teleport to a ward that your teammate places), you want to take Boots to wait for enemy team, or better, divided team (like 3/5 champs of their team) and finish them (or one of them).

Greater Seal of Replenishment: I pick these in case I want to go more offensive early. They can be important, replacing utility masteries to offensive masteries thanks to these runes can be really helpful. I often go for some more AD early game ( Brute Force + Greater Mark of Attack Damage) combined with these runes. I use them to spam spells early.

Greater Seal of Vitality: Not a bad choice to make yourself a hard tank by taking HP per level runes + Feast HP + masteries HP (and HP per level too). It gives you more sustain because when you level up, you gain even more HP and when you reach level 6, use Feast for getting that bonus HP (mostly on minions, or if a good chance, on champions).



Phase Rush

PAC Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: My favorite solo top glyphs with reason that I get more MR than from flat MR glyphs. Reason I take per level is that I don't need more MR early in the game. It is more important when I have to play vs some AP champ, but top champs are mostly tanks ( Malphite) or stealthed champs ( Talon) or even AD offtanks ( Lee Sin), something I see rarely are AP top champs ( Vladimir).

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: It is a boost to my magic damage. I use them for playing vs some squishy ranged annoying harassers ( Teemo) to deal bonus damage and make them recall more often, or for farming minions. This doesn't make your defensive stats go up.



Fleet Footwork

PAC Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration: (copied from greater might of insight because it is the same effect) This is a pretty standard choice for Cho'Gath, gives you some more damage output. If you don't feel mana hungry, you can go for Arcane Knowledge in offense tree which will deal nice damage combined with these magic pen. runes. It will increase your damage for sure and your harassment will be more effective (especially because Feral Scream is easy to hit).

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: (copied from greater mark of desolation because it is the same effect) This is just in case you want to have some more damage with your basic attacks, good if combined with Brute Force or Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9 (or both). Cho'Gath can be dangerous when played with some additional AD like early Aegis of the Legion for combined damage and defense.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: (copied from Greater Mark of Attack Damage because it is the same effect) These aren't so usual rune choices. It isn't because you want to build AD Cho'Gath (even though you can try...), but for some early harassment with your basic attacks (great when you land Rupture, basic attacks combined with Vorpal Spikes and then Feral Scream). It can be really big boost to damage so don't underestimate this choice, it isn't useless.


(not recommended runes)


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Health: This isn't a good choice, gives way too low amount of HP, quints are better, pick them because HP marks are secondary runes (they give way too low boost) and are mostly useless because you will gain less HP then from 1 HP quint...

Greater Seal of Defense: Flat armor is just better than armor per level. You will need it vs top champions. Per level isn't so needed. Early you will have a lot of armor because of masteries, Cloth Armor and will be able to heal with 5 Health Potions.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration: This is good for support role and for some mid lane mages that have big mana problems, but Cho'Gath can do better with flat mana regen. because of those masteries and items. This is just for early game problems.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: It is a bad choice in my opinion. MR per level give more defense and are way better, this is ok for beggining, but I never pick these because I don't lane vs Kennen every round...

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: Cho'Gath doesn't have so low spell CD, but they aren't too high too (especially Feast for ultimate) so it can be a good choice, but not so awesome because Vorpal Spikes don't even have CD and Feast has low CD, other 2 spells don't have too long CD and I take some CDR items.

Greater Quintessence of Health: Flat HP gives you early advantage, but isn't so noticed later in the game. You might go for them when going for fb, but it is your decision. The great side of this quintessence is that it helps you a lot with jungling early HP.


(some of them I often use)


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Starting Items & Main Builds

This will, I think, be lenghty chapter so make sure you don't fall asleep, please. Listen to some dubstep (Spor - Blue girl is only one I know so click on it and go to YouTube to listen it and hmm...) or something like that and it will keep you awaken. Ok, just kidding, if you don't want to read it, don't, it is up to you if you want to know better about it and why I pick some of my items... I will explain as better as I can. There are many items that can be very useful on Cho'Gath and I will try to go trough all of them.

If you have a suggestion of an item I didn't explain and is good on Cho'Gath please tell me in comments and I will add it as soon as possible.


(which items to start with and why)

There are many options, I will go trough ones that work quite well. I will list them here so you can see and then I will explain each:


Doran's Ring
This isn't a bad item to start with. Not only because of HP. It gives nice mana regen. and some AP for early game damage. Pick if you feel you have enough defense stats for opponent you will lane against and you think you will need more ranged damage from Feral Scream because of laning aganist someone like Teemo or Kennen.

Doran's Shield
This is often built for great sustain. Gives HP, HP regen. and good amount of armor. It is a very good pick vs many champions. It is one of my favourite and I build it almost every game if I don't feel the need of some more movement speed or something. Sometimes I buy it after Boots because it is really great early game item.

Ruby Crystal
Not so great starting item but works well sometimes because of getting an early catalyst the protector for mana, HP and regen. for both, but I am not a fan of this item at all. Actually I never took it, but I've seen some Cho'Gath players that have done well with it. 180 HP isn't little early seriously.

Regrowth Pendant + 1 Health Potion or 1 Mana Potion
This is for laning vs someone who constantly deals damage and keeps you outfarmed. Champions that are able to do that are some like Swain (I play him top too and trust me, it isn't easy to lane against him if he is skilled). In that case (if he is stupid enough to push without sight ward, call your jungler for help. This item is just helping you get more HP until your jungler comes. It can be upgraded into Warmog's Armor or philosopher's stone. Buy philosopher's stone if you want to get some more gold and mana regen.

Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potions
It is a very good pick. Always take it vs some heavy AD champs like Tryndamere to lower his attacks and get some more sustain using potions. It can be bought vs many champs like Riven because she can easily come to you using Broken Wings and her shield to deal damage, stun you and get away. Early great item that Cloth Armor can be upgraded to is Aegis of the Legion which will make you more tanky and give you more AD. Talk to your support who will buy it because aura is unique (you don't get doubled boost from 2 Aegis of the Legions, for example).

Boots + 3 Health Potions
Pretty standard option. Makes you dodge some skills (like Javelin Toss) much more easier, get to lane or somewhere on the map faster. It is often taken to steal enemy buff in a premade team or if team in solo / duo queue agrees. Nothing much to explain about this item.


(which items I often buy and why)

Top lane Cho'Gath
Jungler Cho'Gath

Lets begin explaining items from my 2 main builds for Cho'Gath, for jungler and for top lane. For me, they work very well because I am able to tank everything easily and still be able to deal enough damage to champs and towers.


Mercury's Treads (top lane / jungler)
I think it is very important because of the passive. I will make special chapter for boots so you can see what I think of every type. Go to the "Which Boots to Buy and Why?" chapter to read more.

Wit's End (top lane / jungler)
This is very important item in Cho'Gath build and I take it almost every time. Works very well for dealing damage (42 magic damage with basic attacks + same effect damage from Vorpal Spikes) and for destroying towers (40% bonus attack speed). Gives some MR which is still a part of being a tank. It is a big diffrence if you don' have this item. It deals really high damage in team fights and I think is a very good choice on Cho'Gath. It is also good for late game tanking towers to destroy them faster.

Randuin's Omen (top lane / jungler)
This item works very well on most of the tank champions, gives nice armor, some HP, little HP regen, but it is built from Heart of Gold which is bought early for gold and HP and upgrades in such an awesome item that makes you harder tank and gives you ability to slow enemies around you. Don't tell that it is useless because you can help to yourself by slowing enemies while they are chasing you or help your teammate while enemy near you wants to kill him or similar. It really is worth buying.

Rod of Ages (top lane) (& Banshee's Veil)
Ok, this item is a little complicated to explain. It is here to boost your AP, but gives you HP and mana which are both very important. Passive works like Feast, but gives HP, mana and AP over time (I think 10 stacks which you gain per minute, 18 HP , 20 mana and 2 AP which is 180 HP, 200 mana and 20 AP in 10 minutes after buying it and it is a really good help). Another awesome passive is that you refill 250 HP and 200 mana over 8 seconds. That passive is an upgrade from catalyst the protector which you can often see bought from mages on mid lane. They buy it because of that refill. This item can always be replaced with Banshee's Veil which can save you actually because of that low CD passive that blocks 1 spell every minute or 45 seconds, not sure, but it is awesome. I don't know if it can block ignite like Pantheon's passive, but is similar. While jungling, I replace it with Sunfire Aegis for even more effective clearing the jungle / minion wave.

Frozen Heart (top lane)
This item can ruin enemy team's teamfight. It isn't only help to you, it helps your team too by slowing enemy attack speed by 20%. It is an awesome aura and I think it should be bought by tanks on top. It also gives 20% CDR and that is freakin' amazing. Another 2 effects are 100 armor (it is a huge diffrence in fights) and 500 mana for free spamming, combined with full mana bonus from Rod of Ages gives a total of +1225 mana, how sweet.

Sunfire Aegis (jungler)
It is a very useful item with that passive, you will be burning minions and clearing waves even faster. HP from it isn't that great, it is better from Randuin's Omen, but it doesn't offer so much defensive stats and AoE slow that Randuin's Omen actually does offer so it isn't a replace to Randuin's Omen. That's why I take both when jungling (read passive from both to understand better if you still didn't get it).

Force of Nature (jungler)
Biggest MR boost in LoL. I replace it for Frozen Heart from top lane build because I need that movement speed and HP regen. This item is really strong late game (for example HP regen. from this, Randuin's Omen and baron buff is insane). I don't build it in top lane because I don't buy Rod of Ages when I see that Banshee's Veil is more needed for me so it is the one to give me more MR. Rod of Ages solves mana problems and gives bonus to spells.

Guardian Angel (top lane / jungler)
This is item focused on entering the fight first late game. Sometimes, enemy team will be forced to focus you and you will not / won't die, you will revive and your team will have big chances to actually win the fight (if enemy team isn't really fed). Be sure to know if you have or you don't have it when entering team fights, you can't enter like an idiot into all of them without your mates and die because it will ruin the game. It also gives great defensive bonuses which are key for tanking late game.
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Other Items Possibilities

This is kinda complicated if I just start explaining so I will make a table of it so you can understand it better and get here whenever you need to look at something you are interested in for help or something like that.

If you have a suggestion of an item I didn't add and is good on Cho'Gath please tell me in comments and I will add it as soon as possible.

Note that some items will be repeated because they have more effects (for example, Guardian Angel will be listed under "Armor items" and "MR items" because it gives armor and MR)

Some items are NOT listed or explained because they are moved to chapter "Items Based On How You Are Doing" or "Starting Items & Main Builds" chapter with special reasons.

Here it is, the majority of a table, simple and useful:

HP items SPACE
MR items SPACE
Armor items SPACE
Damage items SPACE
Attack speed items SPACE
AP items SPACE
Mana items SPACE
Mobility items SPACE


Aegis of the Legion

This is a great choice for early solo top damage and defense. Gives good enough armor and MR + it gives damage. As the things get better, it is an aura which means it can help your teammates (early it can help your jungler while ganking), but a unique aura which means only 1 member is buying it. Ask a support who will buy it.

Locket of the Iron Solari

This item is good for support because it gives defensive abilities which can protect your allies, but it can be good if support has no item slots to buy it. It can save you, gives nice defensive stats and you can help your team. I think it is a good item for your team to have. I usually replace Randuin's Omen with this if I feel the more need of this. Also, it is made out of Heart of Gold as Randuin's Omen.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Another good choice for Cho'Gath, I gotta admit that he has a lot of CC, but why wouldn't we become even more annoying to them? This item makes chasing easier because if you don't hit with Rupture you will hit with Feral Scream which will cause passive from Rylai's to slow the enemy. I think it is a good replace to Rod of Ages / Banshee's Veil.

Shurelya's Battlesong

This is one of those situational items which also belongs to support, but it can be bought by yourself. It is like a replace to Ghost and is made from gp5 item and gives some HP and CDR which can be really useful. I know it isn't a superb item for Cho'Gath, but is a help for chasing and escaping. Think about buying it and when to use it. You won't use it for faster leaving the base...

Trinity Force

This is item that combines almost every peace of boosts, it doesn't give so much defense though, but it is really hard offensive item. Gives doubled basic attack every time you use an ability from Sheen effect (2 sec CD), 30% possibilty to slow the enemy from Phage effect and movement speed from Zeal. It really is great and you should buy it when you have big advantage.

Warmog's Armor

This is item when you are in a need of HP because you are getting crushed from enemy team or you just want to be more tanky. It gives very good boosts when you have full stacks. The problem is that it doesn't give you armor or MR or some damage, but only HP and HP regen. Don't think that I think it is useless. It isn't, it gives over a 1000 HP and makes you even more powerful.

Abyssal Mask

This is one of those items that are needed when you have fed mage, but their magic damage is still high. You get MR for reducing enemy magic damage, AP for boosting your damage and an aura for reducing enemy MR so your team can penetrate even more of the enemies MR. I usually get it when I am in a leading position.

Quicksilver Sash

This item is just a replace to Cleanse and it is better to buy it then take Cleanse. It is a great counter to Cassiopeia, Veigar and similar mages. Gives you great MR bonuses. Can you imagine Gangplank with Cleanse and Quicksilver Sash? It makes me laugh because it is like 3 times Cleanse :) Impossible mision to chase him or stop him from killing someone.


As I said, heavy AD champions still exist and are annoying. This item is always taken vs Tryndamere and vs AD teams. For example, I played a match when I was Gangplank top, Shaco (AD) was jungling, Twitch was mid and Corki was bot with Blitzcrank. Hah, what else would enemy buy then Thornmail? They coutered us so easy and just crushed us in teamfights every time because we hurt ourselves while hitting all of them... So, that's why you should pick Thornmail.
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Items Based On How You Are Doing

Here are 3 positions how you are doing in the game. I will list and explain items which are good for every categories.

If you have in mind any other item for any of these positions, tell me in comments and I will add it as soon as I can.


(you are leading the round)

These are the ones that you buy when you have great early game advantage, you often kill your enemies, you are in 5+ killing spree. There are many good choices for this position and I will explain all that aren't explained above . You take them earlier then you would actually do. Here they are:

HP items
MR items
Armor items
Damage items
Attack speed items
AP items


Zhonya's Hourglass

This is my favourite item on AP carries because it always lets me to escape from fights with low HP (I activate it in time just for reason that my team finishes enemy that wants to cacth me, jumping with ultimate when playing Fiddlesticks, etc.). It is a great item on Cho'Gath because it gives great AP and armor bonuses. It is an item worth buying in big advantage. 3100 gold is too much when you aren't doing so well and doesn't give more defensive stats you will need with other items like HP.

Rabadon's Deathcap

I often buy it when I play him mid lane, but it is ok when leading the top lane. Damage with it is just not normal, but also, like for Zhonya's Hourglass, it isn't cheap and doesn't give boosts you will need. Buy only in great advantage. Otherwise it isn't worth spending time to get that 3600 gold, defensive items are more worth when you are doing fine or bad.

Hextech Gunblade

Another item for dealing insane damage, this one boosts AP and AD so your basic attacks will deal even more damage combined with Vorpal Spikes. It also gives life steal and spell vamp for huge sustain. I like the active, it slows the enemy to ensure hitting with Rupture and deals quite big damage for that CD.


(you are losing the round)

It isn't so much fun to play in bad teams. I often get them in solo / duo queue, but I recommend you to play with premade team (without bad players). Anyway, I have some items I always buy when I'm in a bad position, farming bad, failing, dying often, etc. Here they are:

HP items
MR items
Armor items
Damage items
Attack speed items
AP items

Don't think that these items can't be good, I just buy them in bad position, for example, Rylai's Crystal Scepter makes me escape faster with slow and catch low HP enemies to finish them and get some advantage.
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Which Boots to Buy and Why?

I think that I should make special chapter for this because it takes too much space in "Items" chapter. So, not only Mercury's Treads are good on Cho'Gath. Let's explain every type.

SPACE These are one of the more important ones. Not only they give MR, but they give tenacity, CC reduction time, for example, if enemy champion slows you, I don't know, for 3 seconds, it will be reduced to ~2 seconds (3 x 35 / 100 = 1.05, 3 - 1.05 = 1.95 or ~2, but forget about my maths, it is fun to me, I know that most of you don't like it). It is a big help if enemy team composition looks like this: Nasus top, Udyr jungler, Swain mid, Ashe AD and Alistar support. You want to buy it vs heavy CC enemy teams. You won't buy it if enemy doesn't have so much CC. Champion that is first on my mind is Soraka with only that low duration silence.

SPACE I take these boots when they have hard AD team, when they have Xin Zhao top and Shaco (AD) in jungle. It has no other effects but movement speed increase and some armor. Nothing much to explain actually. Pick them only if you feel the need of them.

SPACE Ok, they aren't so popular on Cho'Gath, but they do pretty well vs champs like Teemo because you can constantly harass him even more effectively with Feral Scream and you can't actually harass well with basic attacks because of Blinding Dart. You should really think about before buying these boots if you need more defense or tenacity from Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, but damage from these boots isn't so low and it is worth buying them vs annoying ranged harassers team.

SPACE Ok, I never picked these because I always change this CD with Frozen Heart, Randuin's Omen, blue buff, Shurelya's Battlesong and such, but they aren't useless. If you are doing well and you want to go for more offensive items without CDR like Zhonya's Hourglass and Rabadon's Deathcap they are really useful.

SPACE About these boots, they give movement speed, nothing more, but it can not be interrupted or lowered (like Mobility Boots). It is just for entering fights and chasing enemies more effectively. It can really help you and ruin enemy team's tactics so keep in mind that these aren't useless too.

SPACE Last choice, the one for entering fights and nothing more. Ok, maybe going faster trough map, but mostly for entering fights and starting by faster getting in range to Rupture an AD carry and immediately melting him down with your team. It is a very good choice, but just for entering fights, buy if you need that ability of entering faster because there can be someone who can already do it.
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Summoner Spells

Every player has its own decision. I can't blame if someone picks Revive on Yorick, maybe it is just for fun or for trolling or for real, but weird people still do exist and are borning every second. Leave in the comments if you think I'm one of those weirdoes (I know you won't say, I know because all are in love with me <3). Let's go trough summoner spells? Yeah...


It is logic, but I will explain even though I have no time. Just kidding, I gotta stop. OK, lets take this seriously. Good choices for summoner spells are the following:

You are probably asking why the best spell, Fortify, isn't listed under good choices, right? Well, today I'm Mr.Weirdo so I forgot why. Let's explain why are those up, or down, or below, or above, just whatever, lets explain them!!!

A must on Cho'Gath because of Flash + Feast combination. Not so much to explain, you will get it if you don't take Flash how it feels to see them Flashing away from you so you can't Feast them. Rupture them and they will Flash after that, slow them with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, they will have good chances to escape, use Ghost, they will go under safety of tower. OK, conclusion: killing enemy champs without Flash isn't always successful and may result death from tower if you aren't too tanky or they slow / stun you, you fail Ghost, blah blah blah.

Good spell for split pushing (pushing lane while other 4 players are pushing other lane or want to do baron) so you Teleport in fight. I saved my team a lot of times so I almost always take Teleport (special cases always exist, like taking Ignite to kill Tryndamere after Undying Rage...). Also a good way for early dominance (if enemy top laner doesn't have Teleport) because you will be able to get him to low HP, he does it too, you go to base and Teleport back full so he can't farm because he will die if he tries because you will eat him.

Self explainable, taken if jungling for stealing buffs or dragons or counter jungling (stealing big wraith or similar), just whatever. Haugh.

Good for chasing enemy, but it doesn't replace Flash so you want to pick Ghost + Flash which resulted to be good actually. Plus, you will almost every time escape from enemy team by activating both. A good replace to Ghost can be Shurelya's Battlesong, but we will read about that later.

Tryndamere is playing vs you or you want to take enemy HP low because they can't heal and you can easier kill with Feast, doesn't work so well vs Soraka + Lulu + Taric combination like Dignitas played on tournament, but it is the rarest combination. I have to go to sleep...


These are just spells that can be useful if you can't do without 1 of them or something like that. Average choices are:

I'm still not sleeping so I will be hopefully able to explain them. Or not? Meh, lets go into it!

If you didn't go for mana regen. masteries and rues and items or something like that. This could be a combination for new Cho'Gath players: Clarity + Flash. Never tried it, but I know it does good to people who are new to this game or are used to Clarity.

Excellent for chasing enemy to eat them with your Feast, but other great choices still exist man... You can go for Exhaust + Ghost for extreme chasedown <3 Profit.

Hehehehe. Same as Clarity. Clarity + Heal = whole game in lane. Hehehehe. Now it is time for me to go to sleep...


The title says what they are. They are for trolling, new players, skilled players..., good looking girls or grills. Here we go: here they are: listed:

Yeah, sure.

Never heard of Quicksilver Sash?

No more. I will die.

What is this shi"p"?

Great spell, why wouldn't we take it?


I have finished explaining them. No more humor because it is annoying so I will have to stop.


+ one of those positive ones


That is my logic for playing Cho'Gath because you need to think how to finish them with Feast. They can escape on many ways and you want to stop them!
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Skill Sequence & Skills Explanation


First I will explain how I level up spells (sequence of leveling them) and then how to use every spell or how not to use it. Lets start:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This sequence is for my solo top Cho'Gath. It is focused on harass, easy creep wave clearing and harass. Double harass because I am aggressive. I do place wards and then play very aggressively, especially on Cho'Gath, I spamm my Feral Scream on creep waves, but on way to hit champions too. It really annoys them, but they can't help it. I usually have at least 2 kills on level 7. I am very aggressive, but aggression sometimes solves everything and that's what I like. This was long enough. Let's explain leveling for jungling Cho'Gath.

For jungler I level up the same but only in case I gank at level 2 (Kill blue buff and instantly go for gank on top or bottom, depends on side I am, if I'm blue team, I gank top, if I'm purple team, I gank bot lane).
If not I take Vorpal Spikes first and then lvl. 2 = Rupture - lvl 3. = Feral Scream and I just keep following the sequence mentioned above, leveling up Feral Scream first because it's main damage skill, after that Rupture which has big damage, but isn't assured hit and after that Vorpal Spikes which are just not that good as two other skills, but are big helper too and you can choose leveling them up earlier or level up one level one skill and one Vorpal Spikes.


  • CARNIVORE = Whenever Cho'Gath kills a unit, he recovers 32 + (2 x level) health and 3.25 + (0.25 x level) mana.
  • RUPTURE = Cho'Gath stomps the ground, causing the target area to quake with the animation being visible to both teams. After 0.75 seconds, spikes emerge at the location. Enemy units in the area immediately take magic damage and are knocked up for 1 second, and when they land are slowed by 60% for another 3 seconds.

    Cost: 90 mana
    Cooldown: 9 seconds
    Range: 950
    Radius: 175

    Leveling up:
    Magic Damage: 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 305 (+1.0 per ability power)
  • FERAL SCREAM = Cho'Gath screams in a cone in front of him, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the cone, and silencing them for a few seconds.

    Cooldown: 13 seconds
    Range: 700
    Cone Width: ~60ยบ

    Leveling up:
    Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana

    Magic Damage: 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+0.7 per ability power)

    Silence Duration: 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3 seconds
  • VORPAL SPIKES = Whenever Cho'gath performs a basic attack, he will launch spikes which deal magic damage to all enemies in a line in front of him.

    No cost
    Range: 500

    Leveling up:
    Magic Damage: 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 (+0.3 per ability power)
  • FEAST(ultimate) = Devours a target nearby enemy unit dealing true damage. Feast always deals 1000 true damage to minions and monsters. If the target is killed, Cho'Gath grows and gains extra health. This effect stacks up to 6 times and Cho'Gath loses half his stacks rounded up upon death.

    Cost: 100 mana
    Cooldown: 60 seconds
    Range: 100

    Leveling up:
    True Damage to Champions: 300 / 475 / 650 (+0.7 per ability power)

    Health Increase: 90 / 120 / 150 per stack

    Max Health Increase: 540 / 720 / 900


    (White = Top lane
    Orange = Jungling)

    My favourite one for Cho'Gath, gives soooooo much sustain. I am able to stay in lane for a huge amount of time. I deal damage to enemy, he deals to me and I heal, isn't that lovely? Yes, it is. It is also for little help with mana.

    It is ability which makes Cho'Gath a viable jungler. You get HP from big creeps (like brown wolf) + HP from this ability.

    It does good damage, but hitting with it becomes a problem. That is the only reason I level up Feral Scream before it. Ok, not the only, but one of the biggest reasons! I think you should use it only for catching enemies because it uses a lot of mana. Be sure to harass with it when you know you will hit. You gotta think where your enemy will move or which abilities he has. For example, you won't use it on Tryndamere because he can easily escape using Spinning Slash, try to hit when you see an enemy is stuck between minions and he has no way to dodge and then do as bigger damage as possible to him.

    While jungling, you want to use it to prevent creeps damage you for few seconds or for ganking. While ganking think about what I said in description for top Cho'Gath!

    Feral Scream
    Biggest early game harassment damage. Deals great damage to enemy champion and hits whole minion wave. Try hitting it like that. Not only champion / only minions, but both. I level it first because of that insane damage and great minion clearing. People level up Rupture first, but it isn't so smart because you can't hit enemy champion with it every time, what you can with Feral Scream.

    In jungle, you want to level it up first too because of that insane damage while ganking. I got so much kills thanks to this skill. I ended ranked game with 13 0 30 or something like that because in start I just got 4 or 5 kills using great damage of this skill and owned later in game when I leveled up other spells, but it mostly depends on good build and I mentioned build which will make your jungling and ganking superb and very effective.

    Vorpal Spikes
    Great for playing more offensively, especially when going for AD masteries and runes. It will deal tons of damage. I level it up second only if I go for more basic attack damage trough runes and masteries helped by Wit's End which is for both, damage and faster tower destroying. In other case I level it up last because it isn't such a great helper like Rupture or Feral Scream

    It is a helper for early ganking and you take it at level 1 for bigger damage on creeps, but again level it up last because other abilities deal just too good damage to be ignored.

    Feast (ultimate)
    It is a great ultimate, has low CD, does good damage, gives you bonus HP, deals true damage, but the problem is range and that is why I always take Flash. (only exception is Ghost + Exhaust, but still you have more chance to kill him with Feast if you have Flash then Exhaust and Ghost, but it is up to you). Make sure to use it on enemy champions only if you know you will kill him! If you know you won't kill him, Feast a minion (if you don't have 6 stacks, of course). If killing minion with Feast, make sure it is a tank minion (one with the biggest amount of HP because it kill him instantly with that 1000 true damage).

    It is an ability that makes him especially strong counter jungler. If enemy team is killing, for example dragon (drake), you can Smite + Feast and that 950 gold goes to your team (190 x 5 members = 950 gold to whole team) which isn't a small change. If you steal baron with it, nicely done, but it isn't so easy later in game so it takes a lot of practise, but practise makes a player.


    Ok, this is just if you didn't get it or you are too tired to read all I wrote above (it doesn't cover everything written above, but some stuff you should keep in mind when playing Cho'Gath):


      Great skill for jungling or getting HP back by killing creeps.
      Practise hitting it, but don't use it when you know you won't hit it. It takes a lot of mana when spamming for nothing so DON'T SPAMM if you don't have enough mana, blue buff, great mana regen. or similar.
      Early game harassment, great damage, almost assured hitting, great silence (3 seconds on 5th level).
      Bonus damage, great combined with AD, good harassment when you hit Rupture, few basic attacks and then Feral Scream.
    • FEAST (ultimate)
      Awesome counter jungling ability, HP bonus, true damage, finishes Rupture + basic attacks combined with Vorpal Spikes + Feral Scream combo if you deal enough damage to finish enemy champion with it.
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Chilling & Killing (Mid Lane)


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Which Route With Cho'Gath?? (Jungle)


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Thank You & History


This is a list of those who helped me on any way with this guide. If you help me by, for example, suggesting an item, you will be listed under this section.

I really have to thank jhoijhoi for helping me to make my guide look just awesome like this. Go check her guides, especially Making A Guide from where I learned how to do everything so cool.

Thank you, Slappiz, for making that awesome guide "Counter picks against each individual champion" which helped me with making my "Who Will You Lane Against & What to Do (Top Lane)" chapter. Such a useful guide.


  • 2nd October 2012 - First published this guide with "Introduction", "Pros / Cons", "Masteries", "Runes", "Starting Items & Main Builds", "Other Items Possibilities", "Items Based On How You Are Doing", "Which Boots to Buy and Why?", "Summoner Spells", "Skill Sequence & Skills Explanation", "Who Will You Lane Against & What to Do (Top Lane)", "Chilling & Killing (Mid Lane)", "Which Route With Cho'Gath?? (Jungle)", "Thank You & History" and "Summary" chapters.
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This is it about Cho'Gath, I think you will find it useful. I was writing it for a very long period of time to make it as better as possible. I have no other words but "Thank you for reading this guide" because I think I wrote a whole book :) Enjoy your Cho'Gath adventures, hopefully someone will find him a great character after thinking that he is bad.

If I had some grammar problems or similar, please tell me because I can't learn English perfectly. I am still studying it. I am 15 years old and English is awaiting me more and more because today people can't live without English. Anyway, as I said, please inform me of any mistakes that I made it and I will fix it when I have time to read comments (I think it will be once in 2 days or so).

Thanks a lot guys.


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