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Anivia Build Guide by Nusaik

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nusaik

Anivia - Icy Death [Build updated for S4]

Nusaik Last updated on December 1, 2013
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[Important] The build at the top of this guide is updated, but the rest of the guide is still being worked on!

Hello and welcome to the first guide I ever made, for my favorite champion: Anivia. Seriously, I must have more than 100 games with her. Anivia is a burst mage. Her damage and CC are amazing and she's definately one of the best mid AP carries in the game. She can outlane most other mid champions with only a few exceptions. Her CC makes her an amazing ganker, and gives her the ability to carry games.

In this guide I will discuss Anivia's abilities, runes, masteries, summoner spells, playing style and more. I will focus on a 5v5 mid lane Anivia, since that's where she belongs.

Please rate and comment on this guide and tell me how I can improve it. I need all the feedback I can get since it's my first League of Legends guide. Hope you like it!

Note - read before voting please!

If you're going to vote, please comment and make sure you've read the relevant parts of the guide first. Please don't downvote just because you don't like X item, or X rune. I explain every choice in my guide and give many alternatives. If you don't like something, comment and I will reply and consider changing it.

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Change log

Completely redesigned the guide and updated the build.

This guide is now updated for the preseason 3 changes.

Made changes to the build and guide layout.

Changed the main item build significantly.

Made changes to rune and item choices.

Changed some item builds and explanations slightly.

Updated the entire guide layout.

Changed the item build to now include the new item Athene's Unholy Grail instead of Morello's Evil Tome.

Fixed some spelling and BBCode errors.

Changed the item build to now include Archangel's Staff instead of Will of the Ancients.

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Pros and Cons

Not sure whether or not to buy Anivia? Here's a quick list of pros and cons to help you decide. These don't describe everything about Anivia of course but they are good to know.


Great damage.
Game-changing CC.
Pretty tanky for an AP carry (with a standard build).
Can carry games very well (good in solo-queue).
<3 Rebirth.


Needs aiming-skills (skillshot-reliant).
Very squishy early.
Very low MS.
Mana problems the entire game.
Difficult to farm with against pushing enemies.

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Here is a brief explanation of my rune choices. The runes I take are pretty standard but still. Of course there are other options than these runes.

Pretty standard for most casters. It gives you some nice magic penetration, highly increasing your early-game damage. This along with magic pen items can get enemies down to very low MR.

Other options:
greater mark of hybrid penetration very efficient and good for harrass.
also good for harrass, epecially against melee champions.

Anivia is very mana-dependent throughout the entire game. These runes help you stay in lane longer. They are better that greater seal of replenishment most of the time because they outscale them already at level 7. I wouldn't really recommend anything but mana regen seals, since Anivia really needs the sustain to get ahead of her opponent.

Other options:
for early mana-regen.
when against AD-mids.
great to make up for her low health.

These are great in lane and help you trade better. Of course, this is assuming you're laning against a champion who deals magic damage.

Other options:
for more late-game scaling.
if you think you're much stronger early-game.

The quints for most mages. These will significantly increase your early-game power. Their efficiency is about the best of all quints. You could combine this with Greater Quintessence of Health for more safety.

Other options:
for a safer early-game.
good to make up for her low movement speed.
maybe good against a Galio.

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I recommend the pretty standard 21-0-9 caster masteries. This will give you the most damage output while also giving you some mana regen and movement speed from the Utility tree. There are other options too though. 9-0-21 can be a good choice if you want more utility and a safer lane. going 9-12-9 is also possible if you want to be more tanky.

1 Your Ignite should be on cooldown in most important fights, so this will give you a nice bonus.
4 CDR, which is helpful throughout the game. It might not seem like much, but it will make a difference in longer fights.
4 Gives you a decent amount of AP.
1 Will help out especially late-game.
2 Not great, but you don't really have other options.
3 Gives you a good amount of extra AP.
1 Good for extra damage and poking with your long range auto-attacks.
4 Starts meaning a lot when you have tons of AP.
1 Useful for finishing off low health enemies.

1 For lower Flash cooldown.
3 More mana.
3 More mana.
1 Even more CDR for Flash and also for Ignite.
1 To extend the duration of your blue buff.

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My item builds for Anivia are aimed at getting a good balance between damage and tankiness. I like to build Anivia pretty tanky, because she scales insanely well with survivability. With her egg, she has twice her normal health and later on also extra armor and MR. Also, Anivia's abilities sometimes require you to get into the enemy team for optimal usage. With my main build, you can deal a lot of damage while being able to survive a lot of focus. This combined with your CC will make you incredibly strong in teamfights. If they do egg you, it will be hard for them to kill your egg while taking damage from the rest of your team. Of course, this build doesn't lack damage with big items like Rabadon's Deathcap and Liandry's Torment.


sight ward

Start 1
This is what you should usually start with. These items will give you a lot of sustain for a safe start. A ward will provide safety against early ganks. Place it on one side of your lane and stick to that side.

Start 2
This is a possible start choice against opponents with a lot of skillshots ( Ahri, Xerath...). It's very situational though and not really the way to go like it was in season 2. You can get whatever combination of potions you think is best. You can even choose to buy a ward if you're scared of the enemy jungler, but this will hurt your sustain.


catalyst the protector
catalyst the protector
This is usually a key item for sustain in the laning phase. I often rush it together with a Chalice of Harmony to be able to farm easily without having to worry too much about mana problems as long as you don't spam too much. The extra tankiness also helps and might save you when you get egged.

Chalice of Harmony
Great for early mana problems and survivability. The MR combined with health from catalyst the protector and Haunting Guise will make you very hard to kill by your lane opponent (assuming it's a mage). The mana regen will help you farm a lot.

Haunting Guise
Gives you very good damage against enemies without a lot of MR. It gives you a good combination of AP, health and magic pen. This combined with Sorcerer's Shoes will be all the magic pen you need at least for the early-/mid-game.

Sorcerer's Shoes
I tend to get these pretty early because Anivia has very low MS. All together, Sorcerer's Shoes, Haunting Guise, 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and masteries will give you around 40 flat magic pen, which might mean you will deal true damage to enemies if they don't buy MR items.


Rod of Ages
I would say this is the most important item you will get on Anivia. Try to get it as quickly as possible to start getting stacks. The combination of AP, health and mana is essential for Anivia. They're all important stats to get.

Athene's Unholy Grail
All useful stats. AP for more damage, MR for safer laning, mana regen for more spamming and CDR for even more spamming. It's a great item for Anivia in many ways. I suggest buying a Chalice of Harmony early and then upgrading it when you feel like you need to.

Liandry's Torment
Synergizes really well with Anivia's abilities. You will be able to constantly apply the passive with double damage thanks to your slows and stun. The effect has only half the duration for Flash Frost and Glacial Storm, but as long as you place Glacial Storm well, you will keep the passive up for a while.

Rabadon's Deathcap
Tons of damage!


Zhonya's Hourglass
Great item if you're getting focussed hard. With my core build, all that's left to get is armor. Also, if you're laning against an AD-mid, rushing Seeker's Armguard will really help you in survive. It's active will make enemies waste their cooldowns on you while keeping you alive. It's a great baiting and surviving tool. Just remember to use it. Also gives nice armor and AP. It's generally not needed if you can position yourself well though.

Frozen Heart
Great late-game item. You probably need extra armor and the mana and CDR are great too. The passive is most important though. It works really well against AS-/AD-reliant teams. This together with Athene's Unholy Grail will give you a lot of CDR. Note that this item is less cost-efficient if someone else on your team has already bought it because the passive aura doesn't stack. Consider getting something else if this is the case.

Randuin's Omen
Another great source of armor. This also gives you more health and a good active. It's very similar to Frozen Heart, but gives slightly different stats. There can be a lot of factors you'll have to consider when deciding between Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart.

Warmog's Armor
Why not? This is a possible alternative to Rod of Ages or Liandry's Torment if you want health. If the enemy team has a very strong/fed assassin, it will help you not get burst down instantly and possible give away a reset (for champions like Katarina, Akali or Kha'Zix.

Archangel's Staff
A good item for Anivia, especially in combination with other mana items. It will give you great mana regen and a lot of ability power through it's passive (110 with full build and max stacks). Together with Rod of Ages and Frozen Heart it works great. Get Tear of the Goddess early to start stacking mana (it gets passed on if you build it into Archangel's Staff).

Void Staff
If enemies get a lot of MR, this is a great item. The more MR they have, the more efficient it is. This is easy to explain. If someone has 50 MR, Void Staff brings it down to 30 MR, removing 20 MR. If someone has 200 MR, Void Staff reduces it to 120 MR, removing 80 MR. Flat magic pen will be applied after this percent magic pen, meaning you could take away another 20-40 MR after this, bringing everyone down to very low MR.

Abyssal Mask
Good early item and possibly an alternative to Athene's Unholy Grail. One problem is that most of your abilities have more range than the aura from this item, so you might have to get a bit closer to your enemies to get in range for it.

Will of the Ancients
Works great if you get high resistances (MR and armor). Even though most of your abilities are AoE, you will deal constant damage, making you heal a lot.


Enchantment: Alacrity
This enchantment always gives you a nice MS boost. It can make up for Anivia's low MS a bit and allows you to kite more effectively in teamfights. This makes it probably the best enchantment in most situations.

Enchantment: Homeguard
This is a must-have if the enemies are pushing into your base. It makes defending much easier and might allow you to catch people off-guard.

Enchantment: Distortion
Possibly very good if you can initiate with Flash+stun/wall often.

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To master Anivia, you have to master her abilities. Anivia is nothing without them. Her abilities can be difficult to get used to and require some practice. She is also very combo-based, which means you have to hit one thing to be able to use another thing. All this can make Anivia difficult to play, but once you know how to use her abilities, you can use her full potential. Here is an explaination for each ability and it's uses.

Ability explanations

When Anivia's health reaches zero, she will transform into an egg with full health. Enemies can attack the egg and Anivia cannot move or use abilities. After 6 seconds, Anivia is reborn with the amount of health the egg had remaining. Rebirth has a pretty long cooldown. This is just insane for baiting. Early game, you can lure an enemy into turret-diving you, then stun them, watch the turret kill him and let your egg save you. Make sure to always make use of Rebirth while under a turret, otherwise enemies can still attack you and kill you easily. With this ability you can pretty much suicide in a team-fight and survive while noone has the time to attack your egg.

Flash Frost
Spoiler: Click to view

A slow-moving skillshot that travels forward in a line. It will explode at the end of its range, or when you press Q again. Targets hit by the projectile are damaged and slowed. Targets hit by the explosion are damaged, stunned and chilled (chilled targets take double damage from Frostbite). Since Flash frost is such a slow skillshot, it has to be aimed perfectly at long range. The trick is to detonate the projectile when it has already damaged your target, so the target is hit twice. Press Q again after the projectile has traveled through your target.

Spoiler: Click to view

Creates an impassable wall that lasts for 5 seconds. When leveled, the wall becomes wider. This is a great CC skill when used correctly. But it can also backfire insanely, killing everyone on your team.

How to use it:
  • Block enemies chasing you.
  • Prevent enemies from escaping.
  • Split up the enemy team as initiation for a team-fight.
  • Block an enemy while you kill another.

How not to use it:
  • Saving enemies
  • Block enemies who have some sort of flash. They will flash over the wall and you and your team will still be stuck behind it.
  • Trolling.

Spoiler: Click to view

A single-target damaging ability. This ability deals double damage if the target is chilled, so it should be used right after hitting an enemy with Flash Frost or Glacial Storm, otherwise it's pretty much a waste of mana.

Glacial Storm
Spoiler: Click to view

An AoE ability that damages, slows and chills enemies standing inside it. It can be turned off by pressing R again. It drains mana every second, so it should be used sparingly. Double-tap the ability for a quick slow and chill. If you leave it on for too long, you will lose all your mana. This ability in combination with Flash Frost can be used to farm an entire creep wave instantly and push the lane. Of course, since it is an AoE ability, it's also great in team-fights.

Ability sequence

> > > or > > >
Because Flash Frost deals the most damage (if you hit it twice) and is an AoE spell, I max it first. It can also be used to kill the three ranged creeps instantly at about level 6. Most people max this ability after Frostbite, since it's a more reliant form of damage (in an R-E combo). I think it's better for poking and farming to max Flash Frost first. Also, once you get used to it, you will be able to hit most of your Flash Frosts.

When to take a point in Crystallize is really up to you. I take it somewhere at level 10-13, since it's most useful late-game. You can take a point in it early for a solid escape, but you will sacrifice damage. Besides, your Q, R and passive are also great escape skills.


Anivia is combo-based. Basically, you have to hit Q or R before E. Your main combo is R-Q-E. Slow them with Glacial Storm so you can land Flash Frost more easily (thanks to the slow). Flash Frost will also stun the target inside the AoE for some extra damage. Finally, hit Frostbite for double damage.

Before level 6, use Flash Frost and frost bite to harass. Only use Flash Frost when there's a high chance it will hit, otherwise you will waste mana, and only use Frost Bite after Flash Frost. The Q-E combo can take most AP carries down to half health if you get the double damage from both abilities.

Later on you can use Crystallize to block an enemy's movement, so you can land Flash Frost easily.

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Summoner Spells

My choice

Pretty obvious. Flash is the best escape spell in the game. It can also be used offensively, for an unexpected attack on your opponent, killing them. So many times I've been able to flash after an escaping enemy, finishing them off with one extra auto-attack (works best early-game). Putting down your Crystallize and flashing over another wall is pretty much a guaranteed escape. Flash will help you get to safety right before Rebirth triggers. There are just so many ways to use this spell.

Hate those luckers? Ignite is the perfect spell for you. It's great for some unexpected extra damage and reduces healing effects like Heal, spell vamp or health regen. For some reason, enemies always barely survive a full Anivia combo, so this spell will probably get you a lot of kills.

Other viable choices

I've taken this spell pretty much every game until level 30. Don't be fooled, Heal is an offensive spell! You couldn't imagine how many kills I've been able to get by using heal. With this spell and her passive, Anivia is a baiting monster. Just stay in lane with 1 health, let your enemy turret-dive you, stun them in tower range, heal and watch the turret finish them off while you retreat to your safe little egg. Baiting doesn't work well with experienced players though, so I've switched to Ignite. But I'd say that Heal is the better spell before level 30.

Also a good escape skill, making up for Anivia's slow movement speed. Good for escaping, chasing, initiating or just getting back to lane faster. I don't think it's quite as good as Flash though.

Always a good spell. Good to take if you're going solo top (which isn't very likely) or if noone else in your team has it. Otherwise, don't take it.

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In this section I will discuss how to lane with Anivia. Your general goal in the laning phase should be to outfarm and outlevel your lane opponent, and gank the sidelanes when your opponent has recalled or your lane is pushed. Learn to last-hit and poke well with Anivia and you will dominate most other midlaners.

Level 1-2

Pretty much just try to last-hit all the creeps. Try not to take any damage from your opponent and play defencive. Don't use Flash Frost before level 2, because you won't be able to follow-up with Frostbite and it will cost mana. At level 2 you can begin to harass with your Q-E combo, but try not to waste your mana by missing Flash Frost. Only use it when you're at close range, or if you can predict your enemy's movement well enough.

Level 3-5

Depending on how much health you and your opponent have left, play offensive or defensive. If you see you are taking too much damage, stay at range and just last-hit creeps. You can also let your passive trigger to get health back and bait your opponent. If your opponent is already low, try to zone him so he gets less gold and exp. Don't push your lane, because you will get ganked and your opponent will be able to get some last-hits under his turret. If you think it's possible, go in for the kill using your combo and ignite. Though your goal is mainly to make them recall so you can get the advantage, a kill is always nice. But don't get too greedy. Turret-diving is very difficult at this level and overextending will get you killed by their jungler.

Level 6-9

After level 6 you have your full combo. With Glacial Storm you can chill enemies more easily and slow them to hit Flash Frost and Frostbite. If you get a blue buff, you can pretty much spam your abilities to harass and farm. Otherwise, just harass in short bursts and make sure you don't leave Glacial Storm on for too long. Try not to recall before you have 975 gold, so you can buy a catalyst the protector. This item will greatly increase your sustain. You can now roam very effectively if you see enemies overextend.

Level 10+

The laning phase should be pretty much over now. Now it's time for roaming, teamfights and map objectives. You could write an entire book about this, but there's not much difference in playstyle here between Anivia and other champions, so I won't talk about this in my guide.

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Outdated, upudates coming ASAP!

Anivia is one of the best mid champions in the game (in my opinion of course) and she doesn't have many counters. There are some champions that can really mess her up in lane though. In this section I will discuss champions Anivia is good against and champions she is bad against (and how to deal with them).

Good matchups

Anivia is one of the best picks against Veigar. You can both pretty much one-shot each other with a full combo, but Anivia has longer range. Rebirth is also a huge counter to Veigar because it will make you survive his burst. It's very difficult for Veigar to kill your egg in 6 seconds if all his abilities are on cooldown. Try to deny him farm as much as possible so he can't get bonus AP.

As long as you stay behind your minions you're fine against Brand, he won't be able to stun you. Get boots at the start and watch him miss Pillar of Flame over and over again. At level 6+ you can keep harassing him with Glacial Storm into Frostbite and Flash Frost.

You can take advantage of Ryze's short range by poking him from a distance. Just make sure you don't get too close, you can't win 1v1. Try to zone him if possible but don't get too aggressive. Beware of ganks and don't get in range for Rune Prison.

Before level 6 you can win easily. As long as you can dodge her Orb of Deception and stay behind minions, you're fine. You can outpoke her and force her out of lane. After 6, you should be more careful. Try to attack her when her ult is down or she might use it to dodge and counter-attack. Even if she does, you will be able to survive her full burst (you might need your egg though).

Most mages
With Anivia you can win your lane against most other mages. You have a lot of damage to poke and burst. Even if you take too much damage you can just choose to push the lane with Glacial Storm and get all the gold.

Bad matchups

Not very surprising. Kassadin is, in my opinion, the strongest AP midlaner (not the strongest AP lategame). He counters pretty much all AP carries and Anivia is no exception. It's pretty much impossible to land your Flash Frost against a good Kassadin because his silence will prevent you from detonating it in time. After level 6, he can even flash away from it. His R-Q-E combo will take half your health and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it, because you're silenced.

When playing against Kassadin, try to win the lane as much as possible before he reaches level 6. After level 6, there's not much you can do but stand back and try to farm. Before level 6 you can land your Flash Frost if you stay out of Null Sphere range if you aim it well. After level 6 you shouldn't try to poke him this way because a good Kassadin will always Riftwalk over it, into you. This way you won't do damage and you will lose a lot of health and mana. Try to combo him after he uses Riftwalk and don't use Flash Frost a lot. Mercury's Treads are a great against Kassadin since they will reduce his silence and damage output. I'd highly recommend getting these against him. Also, I've heard people taking AD runes against Kassadin. This actually seems like a good choice but I haven't tried it out myself yet.

I absolutely hate her. The frustrating thing about Morgana is her sustain. She has built-in spell vamp and doesn't use a lot of mana. Anivia just doesn't have this sustain. Recalling too much can get you underleveled, staying can get you in bad spot. On top of it all, she pushes the lane really hard and Anivia can't farm well under the turret without using abilities. This also means you can't go gank and she can.

Try to play passive against Morgana. Farm as much as possible using as little mana as possible. Stay behind your minions so she can't land a Dark Binding. You have pretty much no chance of winning a lane against a decent Morgana, just try to keep it equal and don't feed her (she also dominates late-game). There is one thing that can make you win the lane, ganks from your jungler. Morgana auto-pushes the minions with Tormented Soil so she will have to overextend sometimes to get farm. Use this to your advantage and request ganks. This way you can kill her or at least take a lot of her health. When you have an advantage, try to push it by poking her more and preventing her from spell vamping.

She is pretty much everything Kassadin is against Anivia. She has a built-in double flash ( Distortion), a silence ( sigil of silence) and insane burst damage. A combo including her ult can pretty much one-shot you.

When playing against LeBlanc, wait for her to use her Distortion twice. It has a much longer cooldown than Kassadin's Riftwalk. After she uses it, you know that she can't dash out of the way and you can try and land your combo. You can even try to land your Flash Frost while she is using Distortion. If you can predict her well enough, you can aim at the point she dashed from (shown by a mark on the ground) and hit her after she dashes back to it. This is a great way to counter her but it's insanely difficult against good LeBlanc players. Mercury's Treads are also great against LeBlanc to reduce her silence, snare and damage.

4. Mordekaiser
Poke-resistant with Iron Man. He can poke you a lot if you get in range (which happens when you try to farm) and he has no mana. All this will make you run out of health and mana quickly, which will force you to recall and lose farm.

Try to win in farm by staying at range. Don't stand close to your minions because he will use his abilities on them to get a stronger shield. Try to poke him with auto-attacks, which is easier because he is melee-ranged. Don't use your abilities on him too much when his shield is up because it will only waste your mana. Instead, wait for his shield to time out or poke it away slowly with auto-attacks. Mordekaiser is very gankable because he has no escapes or CC, he pushes the minions and he is melee-ranged so he has to overextend sometimes. Just let him push and ask for ganks.

Very annoying to lane against for some of the same reasons as Morgana. He out-sustains you easily. If you combo him you will have to get in range for Frostbite which means he can land Transfusion pretty easily ( Frostbite only has 50 range more). Vlad has no mana and not many health problems. Because of his passive Crimson Pact he is also pretty tanky. Even if he won't use Transfusion on you, he will spam it on minions to restore his health. You will waste mana doing no damage. He also can't be ganked well thanks to his Sanguine Pool (or Troll Pool).

If you play against Vladimir, poking is pretty much useless. If you wan't to attack him, do it in full bursts so it will take him a long time to get his health back. While he has low health, use it to your advantage and keep harassing him and try to prevent him from healing. Remember that he has his Sanguine Pool to escape from pretty much anything so don't get greedy and turret-dive him. Also try to use Flash Frost after he uses Sanguine Pool and make him use it before your jungler comes in to gank. Ignite is an obvious choice against him to reduce his healing.

The perfect counter to most mages. His passive, Runic Skin allows him to stack magic resist and still do tons of damage. He has no mana problems at all and can gain health with Bulwark. All this gives him great sustain and makes him deal much more damage to you than vice-versa. With his ult Idol of Durand he can lock you up and do a lot of damage, making you very gankable.

The best thing to do against Galio is put your ranged AD carry mid. This will make it impossible for him to lane because he is melee-ranged and can't make use of his passive very well. When laning against him, try to avoid his skillshots as much as possible (which is really hard against a good Galio) and focus on farming. mercury's threads are a must-have against him. With mercury's threads you can simply walk out of his ult, not taking damage (which is rediculous and shouldn't be possible in my opinion). Ofcourse they also give magic resist.

Dat range, omg dat range. Lux is the queen of poking with her abilities. Her abilities are fast-moving projectiles, which makes them very difficult to dodge, especially with a slow champion like Anivia. Her lazer (also known as finales funkeln) can snipe you or your egg from a huge distance.

Getting upgraded boots as soon as possible is a must. This will make her abilities easier to avoid. Her Light Binding snares up to 2 targets, so always stay behind 2 or more minions. Lux is very squishy and has mana issues so poking her is the way to go. Don't stay with little health because she will kill you with finales funkeln.

He takes full advantage of your low movement and health. His barrels can poke you out of lane slowly, he has good sustain with Drunken Rage and his passive and he is pretty tanky (built that way usually). All this gives him more sustain than you. Also, he can throw you, or your egg, away from the safety of your turret using his ult, Explosive Cask.

Take Boots of Speed as your first item against him. This will make his barrels easier to evade. Early-on he is pretty pokable and isn't tanky yet. Stunning him will make him gankable even though he has Body Slam, but try to make him use it offensively right before a gank so he has no escape. After level 6, always keep his ult in mind when positioning. Imagine where you would be if he landed his ult and be careful for ganks.

A really annoying opponent. He can easily dodge Flash Frost with Playful / Trickster, and counterattack. If you're in a bad position he can take away half your health with one combo and jump away without you being able to counter-attack. He can also get your egg down fast with his Seastone Trident.

Before level 6, you should just farm and stay safe. You can poke him with auto-attacks more easily because he is melee. Only use Flash Frost if you know Playful / Trickster is on cooldown. After level 6, you can more easily get him chilled with Glacial Storm, which is harder to evade entirely. Just try to attack him when his abilities are on cooldown.

An insanely strong mage. Her burst-damage is unmatched and she has an AoE stun with her passive Pyromania (in combination with Incinerate or Summon: Tibbers). One of her ult combos will instantly kill you from full health.

Your advantage over Annie is your range. She is easily poked because she's very squishy. Don't get close to her. Watch for her stun (she giggles and has a blue-ish circle around her when it's up) and avoid her when she has it. Wait for her to use it on minions before getting close. The worst thing you can do against Annie is getting baited and turret-diving her. This is a classic Annie strategy. She will stun you under her turret and blow you up instantly with a full combo before you can do any damage.

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In conclusion I would like to say that I'd recommend any player to buy Anivia. She can be played and built to suit different roles and is very fun to play. Anivia is difficult to play but playing her will greatly improve your skill level. She is one of the strongest casters and if you can play her well, you can dominate high elo ranked games. She's definitely underplayed (I've played against her about 10 times in 1000 games) but she's one of the best and most fun to play AP carries. So be original and buy her!

Also, I would like to say: "I TOLD YOU SO!". Anivia is FINALLY being used in ranked games and tournaments A LOT. People finally understand her true power. I've been playing Anivia a lot months before she got this attention. Too bad I'm not the only Anivia player on the planet any more though :(

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope you like my guide and that it was helpful. If you liked it, please vote it up (this guide has now been viewed about 800 times and hasn't even been rated a single time) and leave a comment. Thanks!