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League of Legends Build Guide Author godfeelling

AP Mid Champions Guide

godfeelling Last updated on June 20, 2012
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Hello, i'm GodFeelling from EUW, i play mostly AP Mid, and this guide will go through every mid champion, every champion in detail and AP mid in general.
I hope you enjoy and leave your opinions or dislikes in the comments ;)

Thanks to:

Great help of the guide in general just thank you very much jhoijhoi
Thanks for hosting all of my images xD imgur
Thanks for the guide about bbcode (columms) IceCreamy

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Guide Top

General Items (CORE, Situational and Just No items )

-> Magic Penetration, every AP Mid have to build this, unless the enemy team have strong CC, in that case you go for Mercury's Treads.

-> Good item for laning phase, when having trouble in lane or mana issues just build this and stack 2 of them or 3, you will get a nice boost of Health (160-240 Health), a nice mana regenaration for the laning fase (10-15 per 5) and a little AP boost (30-45).

-> Tanky AP Item, offers you 630 Health + 725 Mana + 80 Ability Power and a quite good passive for laning phase and mid game.

-> If you are AP, you must build this, this is the best AP item ever, 140 AP + 30% increase all your AP, pretty self explanatory, Just buy it.

-> Another tanky AP item, synergize well with RoA, the Rylai's is more of a Frozen Mallet for AP champions, 500 Health + 80 Ability Power, and a great passive to slow down enemies, that can save you or u can chase quite better an enemy.

-> Late Game item, for the AP's, some nice AP Boost(70), and a pretty nice penetration(+40%), if the enemies late game stack MR, just buy this and resolve the issue right away.

-> Nice item, synergize well with very much champions like Ryze or Ahri, you probably will build the Hextech Revolver first (15% Spell Vamp), and late in the game upgrade it, because of the nerf cost of the upgrade now. But this item it's not only good for the laning phase (sustain), but it's good for teamfights too, its quite much like lifesteal for AP, and look that this have an Aura +30 Ability Power and 25% Spell Vamp and 50 AP just for you. So TL;DR, pretty nice item, cost effeciently.

-> Another tanky item, with pretty good Ability Power (+100!) and some Armor (50), and a passive that can change your life, for example you have been focused on a teamfight use the active and u are untargetable for 2 seconds, this sounds like 2 seconds are nothing, but in LoL, 2 seconds can change your destiny.

-> So, their AP is bursting you down? They have 2 AP? Your team is deals mostly magic damage? Just buy this, good Ability power, pretty high amount of Magic Resist, and a passive for all the enemy team, and take a note that this item is quite cheap.

-> Wait, whaat? Your champion is Ryze ? TAKE it, if your champion is not ryze, there's no reason to take it unless you miss or have very much problems or mana, note that this item really boost your AP +75 ( Fully Stacked, but without your base mana or mana ingame, if you have 1000 mana + this item you will get more 30 AP, and that will be 105 AP ), Yes, it gives you quite good AP, but only gives you AP, Mp regen and Mana, it doesn't give you any resist, and the bigest problem is that it takes LONG to fully Stack this passive, although it gives you mana regenaration and enough mana, you will lose part of the fights farming for this item, so i don't reccomend very much, unless you are Ryze.

-> hm, let me guess, you are feed as hell, and you like gambling ? Buy this cheap item that can give you HUGE stats, but take a look that you have to keep at least 8 stacks, for the item worth money, if you get 20 stacks you will rule, if you have 0-7 stacks will waste money. Just buy this when you feed confident and take a look that you cannot die, or else you lose stacks. (Don't forget you need to kill to get stacks. )

-> Good item, although it's expensive can give you alot of DPS or Burst damage, synergize well with some champions like Akali, Fizz, Gragas, Lux, Orianna and Twisted Fate, but still it's situational.If you think you have time to lend an AA, after an Ability, buy it ;)

-> Good item, for Burst Champions, like le blanc or Veigar, it gives you AP, Mp/5 and CD, but the awesomeness in this item is the active, that deals X% of target's health in Magic damage. Buy this if you want to deal more burst damage.

-> Early-Mid Game item, it grants you Magic Pen, little ap and Health, in my opinion its a little bit expensive for what it offers you, but still it's not that bad, i find it quite good on le blanc, just give this guy a try. :)

-> Pretty good item, it grants you almost the same stats that the Deathfire Grasp gives you, but changed active, that it's good for dr.mundo or Vladimir or any AD Carry, still think that the Deathfire Grasp is better, in almost every way.

-> Good item, still don't find him as a CORE item, maybe for Galio it's must be CORE, but in general i guess that this item is good but no Wowww, that's an awesome item, that's just meh, but like a said it's new, give it a try, if you have mana issues and they ap is bursting you down. Still good upgrade of Chalice of Harmony

-> Great item for countering their AP Carry, this adds you some Magic Resist, Health and Usefull Mana, and not forget that great passive, great item against Karthus or any other AP Carry.

Kage's Lucky Pick -> ok maybe i understimated this item too much, it's still not that bad item to give, since it's relatively cheap, and grants you a little bit of AP, and GP/5, and if you are veigar or such that build Deathfire Grasp just buy it, won't regret it.

; ;

NO, No and NO, these are hybrid or on-hit effects champions not supposed for AP mid champions that must carry games, so just don't buy this items, like never.

-> Too expensive, little AP, and a good passive, but if you are having problems with CC it's better to choose Mercury's Treads, just don't buy this, it's such a waste of a slot.

Guide Top

General Runes

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is a pretty Standard runes, If you are AP, you need Penetration, so i reccomend this runes, and i guess that this are the best one's for AP.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration is a standard, mana regenaration, i prefer this runes over AP/lv, but this is just my opinion, you will need this in laning phase, but it's up to you.

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power If you want a little boost to your AP, but take a note that this only give you kind of 1 AP per level, not very much AP.

Greater Seal of Vitality

Greater Seal of Vitality If you are manaless, like kennen] or [[vladimir, just buy these, you will be more tanky, and in vladimir you will even boost your AP too.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power is to Boost your AP, and unlike the Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power you will gain like 27 AP, that's a little more, i personally like this rune, i don't know, but a little AP it's always good.


Boost magic resist, you choose flat( Greater Glyph of Magic Resist) or per level ( Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, it's always good some MR, because you will 75% of the time against another AP mid, so this MR helps you survive or trade hits.
I prefer per level because on lv 9 you will have more MR, than the flat one's.
Just take a look at the graph :

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power is a standard AP Rune, 15 AP flat, in my opinion is the best rune for AP's, just buy it if you are AP.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed provides you utility instead of AP, good option for Ryze that don't scale that well with AP, and need MS boost to combo. If you want to be faster catching enemies, run from them, go to your lane faster .. etc, buy these, although i only reccomend them for Ryze.

Guide Top

General Masteries

Here we have 2 standard AP Masterie Page, the 21 offense it's quite standard, the you decide you put 9 points in utility or 9 points in defense.

Summoner's Wrath -> When you use ignite, free 5 AP and 5 AD, just 1 point. WORTH IT!

Mental Force -> I just put 3 points on this, and grants you 3 AP, just standard (you need 4 points to advance in the offense tree).

Sorcery -> Always good CDR, and this grants you 4%, pretty standard too.

Arcane Knowledge -> For just 1 point, you can get 10% Magic Penetration.

Havoc -> +1,5% more damage, meh, you have to spend points, right? Increase a little bit you damage late game.

Blast -> More AP ? Get That !

Archmage -> More AP ? Stacks with Rabadon's Deathcap ? Get it! Late game increases pretty much your AP !

Executioner -> End up your enemies, doesn't increase too much, but 6% it's a nice amount, and just for 1 point. Get it !

Ok then, now you choose, you want utility?
Summoner's Insight -> You will use Flash and this reduces this spell for 15 seconds.

Expanded Mind or Good Hands -> Choose one of this you die too much ? Choose Good Hands , looks like 10% is nothing but late game can help you, but still i prefer the expended mind, the mana is ALWAYS usefull for AP

Improved Recall -> just 1 point and u can get recall with less a second, this can save your life or be faster in laning phase.

Meditation -> Mana regen always usefull for every AP, don't forget this, but if you are manaless or you don't have mana issues, go for some MS Swiftness .

Runic Affinity -> Ofc the best part of the utility part, the +20% buffs, you the AP carry, with have the blue buff this will help you prologue that buff.

Now the Defense part.
Resistance -> Put 3 points here, you will be against an AP too, so take this +6 MR

Hardiness -> Need 1 point ? Put this this will help you a little.

Durability -> Health, more durability :3 take it !

Veteran's Scars -> Same as above, but this is flat :)

Just for Ryze <3 unlike the others Ryze doens't need that much of AP, he needs utility, CDR and Spell Vamp.

Offense tree is already explained above, so i will skip to the half of the utility tree.

Transmutation -> Synergizes well with ryze and his ultimate, and with Will of the Ancients that you will probably buy.

Awareness -> More exp, faster lv 18 !, and if you have level advantage in lane you will win the lane easly.

Intelligence -> CDR, get it !

Mastermind -> Reduce your summoners spells cd, so it's quite good since it only takes 1 point.

Guide Top

General Summoner Spells

Flash -> pretty standard you can flash through a wall to escape or chase.

Ignite -> Helps you getting those kills early game and you will have more burst and don't forget the -50% healing passive what is good for Dr. Mundo or Vladimir.

Exhaust -> Slow and deny the enemy damage by 70%, pretty nice spell.

Ghost -> Good for escaping or chasing, but flash is insta, so i think it's better. But if you prefer this take it, why not ? synergyze well with Ryze

Heal -> If you are new to a certain champion or even to the game take this is quite safer.

Teleport -> If you go base pretty much often take this, you will have a good advantage in laning phase.

Revive -> Useless, 9 minutes cooldown. But if you are trolling wich i don't support, take this, you will be the best ! xD just kiding .

Smite -> You are not jungling? Don't take it, but like a said above if you are trolling you will be pretty good too.

Surge -> Not good spell overwall, but seems nice if you are hybrid wich you are not :)

Cleanse -> This is not a bad summoner spell, but if you want to "cleanse" in game you just need to buy quick silver slash.

Clarity -> You have mana regeneration in game, don't waste a summoner spell.

Promote -> hmm if you are trolling .. Just bad spell overwall.

Clairvoyance -> You are not support. Don't take it.

Guide Top


-> -> ->
You want to max Tormented Soil first, then i go for Dark Binding and last but not the least Black Shield, and as all ultimates level up Soul Shackles at 6,11 and 16.

+ Good CC
+ Awesome Damage
+ Sustain Soul Siphon
+ Shield Anti CC
+ Tanky
- Low damage if miss's Dark Binding
- Long CD burst
- Mana issues
- Nerfed alot
- Evil :(

Start with:

+ 3

First back:

+ or catalyst the protector

Upgrade your boots:

Whenever possible:

Next you want some damage:

Now decide what to buy first:

Need Armor?

Need More Damage?

Need Magic Resist ?

Common End Game build

-> -> -> -> ->

- Try to last hit well in early levels 1-4, and control well your mana pool.
- After bought Doran's Ring or catalyst protector farm with Tormented Soil
- If you are low Health use Tormented Soil as much as you can.
- Don't push the lane to much.
- When you recieve a dot or to protect from ganks shield yourself (ALT + E).
- Ask to your jungle for the blue buff, if he doesn't give you try to no rage at him, and be nice, he certainly will give you in the future.

- At this point try to harrass more the enemy after lv 6 it's quite easy to get a kill just don't fail Dark Binding
- When you destroy mid's turret or it's pushed a lot, go gank some pushed lanes, or help allies.
- Try to be always with the blue buff.

- If you are tanky enough you can engage with Flash + Soul Shackles + Black Shield + Zhonya's Hourglass active.
- Put your Tormented Soil on a Stunned enemy, note that this spell doesn't deal that much damage instant, this deals damage if the enemy stay still in the tormented and get their magic resist reduced.

Guide Top


-> -> ->
Max ofc whenever you can Spirit Rush, then your priority is Orb of Deception, great damage overwall with True Damage, then Fox-Fire that deals great damage too and last but no the least Charm.

+ Taunt without taking Damage \m/
+ Awesome burst damage
+ Good sustain Essence Theft
+ Awesome ultimate
+ Hot sexy 9 tails ^^
- CC is skillshot Charm
- Long CD Ultimate
- Some mana issues (Stacking Passive)
- Little Squishy
- Doesn't scale that well into Late Game

Start with :


1st time base :


Upgrade Boots :



Damage, Health and great utility?

Now decide what to buy first:

More sustain and an AP aura ?

More damage ?

More durability ?

NOTE: You can use Rod of Ages early, and late game you don't have to buy Zhonya's Hourglass, but i rush for AP on Ahri because she owns early-mid game.

Common End Game build

-> -> -> -> ->

- Last hit as much as possible
- Lv 2 try to combo Charm + Orb of Deception
- After lv 6 you can escape from ganks with Spirit Rush or Flash
- With the blue buff Spam, Harrass and farm with your skills
- If you are low health spam even more ! Don't forget your passive ;)
- Lane pushed ? No Spirit Rush ? Go for your Wraiths, and get some gold and experience

- Like Morgana, try to Gank as much as possible
- Combo with Charm + fox-fixe + Orb of Deception + Spirit Rush + Ignite
- Use well your Spirit Rush, or use it to kill someone or escape from a certain death.

- At this point, with Ahri and every other AP Carry, you should have the blue buff
- Try to hit carrie's on teamfights with your AoE skills
- Use your Charm well, never use it against Tanks.

Guide Top


-> -> ->
Like all the ultimates over here max at 6,11 and 16. Then max Noxious Blast for good dot/harrass and sustain with Hextech Revolver, then go for the Twin Fang and last Miasma, that's good slow and dot poison for your Twin Fang. You combo/harrass should be like Noxious Blast + 2x or 3x Twin Fang, in teamfights or 1vs1 you will open up with Miasma, then Petrifying Gaze, and then just Q+E Q+E Q+E Q+E Q+E Q+E ..

+ Awesome harass
+ Great sustain with Hextech Revolver
+ SICK damage !
+ Awesome ultimate (STUN)
+ Slow and +MS buff
- Needs quite skill and fast on Keyboard
- Needs Blue Buff for spaming skills and use passive
- Needs a good position on teamfights
- Need to smartcast Twin Fang *
* You just need to get used to smartcasting spells, and in Cassiopeia it's a must that you have Twin Fang smartcasted, i for a quite long time ago i just play with everything smartcasted, unless rumble ultimate, that i guess it's quite impossible to do it smartcasted xD.

Start with :


1st time base :


Upgrade Boots :

Now you will need some sustain in lane :

and later upgrade it to

Now damage?

Dying too much? Need a little survability?

If they are buying Magic Resist because you are awesome, just buy

You continue to die even with Rylai's Crystal Scepter ?

if Magic Damage is hurting you
if Physical Damage is hurting you

Teamfights came ?!

Common End Game build

-> -> -> -> ->

- Last hit as much as possible, try to not use skills on minions, or you will waste usefull mana
- Harrass the enemy with your Noxious Blast and then as much as possibles Twin Fang
- At level 6 you can burst down the enemy easly, poke and when your enemies are like 70-80% HP you can burst down easly with Miasma, then Petrifying Gaze, and then just Q+E Q+E Q+E Q+E Q+E Q+E

- Gank other lanes, get double kills, get fed, cassiopeia is a beast at chasing enemies, don't forget the good CC she have and the damage.
- You can 1vs1 everyone if you have your Petrifying Gaze
- Have the blue buff every time, it helps you sustain in lane, while harrass the enemy without mana issues.

- Be sure to be back in teamfights, position is everything, when the teamfight breaks, just combo the carries as fast as you can.
- By this time you can make blue buff without losing too much health, take advantage of that, and make it
- Participate always in team objectives like baron nashor or dragon.
- Don't go by yourself, in late game every error is crucial and can end the game, you need to be with your allies.

Guide Top


-> -> ->
Max ulti, good MS and Spell Vamp for sustain, or 1vs1 an enemy, max Overload your main damage with 2 seconds cooldown, then your Rune Prison that's your CC, and last Spell Flux
You combo will be something like Overload -> Rune Prison -> Spell Flux -> Overload, this will be your harrass.
You best damage combo is Overload -> Desperate Power -> Overload -> Spell Flux -> Overload -> Rune Prison -> Overload or just smash your Q+W+E+R letters and you get almost the same result xD
Try to Smartcast this and you will be a beast!
+ Pretty Tanky Late Game
+ Sustain with Desperate Power
+ Great damage
+ CC
+ Just a Beast late game
- Not that good damage Early
- Needs smartcast to be a beast
- Needs gold for items
- Squishy early game

Start with:



catalyst the protector

Upgrade Boots:

Go for some Armor and Mana:



Then if you need or want more sustain buy:

Enemies buying Magic Resist (+200) ?

Now complete:


Are you fed?

Common End Game build

-> -> -> -> ->

- Last hit early on, don't waste mana until mana of the goddess
- When you buy mana of the goddess spam skill every 4 seconds, (last hit and/or harrass)
- Harrass with Overload -> Rune Prison -> Spell Flux -> Overload
- At level 6, you have your ulti don't forget when you are missing some HP, you can use it to recover a good amount of health, don't be afraid to use it, since its low CD and it's reduced by 1 second each time you use a skill

- Gank other lanes, it's a sure kill since you have snare ( Rune Prison)
- Continue to spam skills, if you have blue buff, so you can farm gold easier, faster and stack mana.
- Help your team completing objectives like dragon and baron

- Here you are a beast, just smartcast you spells and spam it in teamfights (in carries)
- Always stun first carries or squishies targets and spam it, if you begin with Rune Prison your teammates will catch the target easier.


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