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Volibear Build Guide by Samoonah

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Samoonah

~Biting Your Way Up To Victory~ (Jungle/Support) [patch 6.10

Samoonah Last updated on May 31, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Resolve: 18

Threats to Volibear with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Rengar Avoid him early and ward your blue and red jungles. Mid to late game you can adopt him as your little kitty cat.
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Hello there welcome to my guide. Im Blue Cookie, a fellow summoner who started playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3. I joined the game because I've been told that there is a panda skin in the game, yes, that's true... Anyways, I will be guiding you to the way of dominance with the mighty polar bear. I'm still not a pro Volibear player, nor a noob one, but I'm sure that I know how to dominate summoner's rift with this mighty polar bear to carry the team.

Volibear is one of the most underrated champions in League of legends. You rarely see people pick him up. If you're ever solo queuing and really tired of not winning a game, this is your solution. He's one of the most scariest tanks in the game damage wise. He can literally make the ADC'S health bar disappear in a blink of an eye. Please read more about this guide down below to get an idea about Volibear.

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Pros / Cons


+ Very tanky with his passive
+ Capable of chasing and escaping
+ Good team fight initiation
+ High damage output with his bite
+ Scales really well into late game
+ Polar bear
+ Best dance in the game


- Slows and blinds can kill him
- Long cool downs on his abilities
- His CC is basically for a single target
- He depends on his movement speed to get things done

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Jungler Masteries: Cunning (12)

Wanderer // To increase Volibear's movement speed for fast ganking and a better execution of your Rolling Thunder.

Runic Affinity // Basically so you can get blue and red buff a little bit longer in case you wanted to continuously gank and farm for a while.
Merciless // Just to make sure you secure that kill with your big bear bite.

Dangerous Game // For sustain after a fight. You want that little health and mana you spent to return to you.
Jungler Masteries: Resolve (18)

Unyielding // Grants you that extra armor that you want in your early levels for jungling. That extra 5% armor and magic resist will come in handy for early ganks as well.

Explorer // Really good mastery choice for junglers since you move faster (+15 movement speed) in the river and when you're in bushes (if you're escaping with low health).

Runic Armor // This really buffs Volibear's Chosen of the Storm passive along with Warmog's Armor and Spirit Visage.

Perseverance // This mastery makes Chosen of the Storm heals you so much faster. Which means you don't have to worry if you're being damaged and fast in a team fight.

Legendary Guardian // Just adds some more tankiness to your build to slap it on your enemies's faces.

Strength Of The Ages // Every time you kill a large monster or a siege minion you gain 20 and 10 permanent health. A max of 300 health can be added to your health bar. You know what that means right? Yes you do..

Support Masteries: Cunning (12)

Wanderer // To increase Volibear's movement speed for better execution of your Rolling Thunder.

Secret Stash // You really need to harass your bot lane opponents for the comfort of your ADC and to keep him farming, and you can't do that without mana since your basic attack don't do damage.

Merciless // Just to make sure you secure that kill if your ADC can't.

Dangerous Game // For sustain after a fight. You want that little health and mana you spent to return to you.

Support Masteries: Resolve (18)

Unyielding // More armor and magic resist to reduce the damage from your bot lane opponent's harassment.

Tough Skin // Really good mastery for the harassing type of bot lane like Thresh, Zyra, Caitlyn, and Lucian.

Runic Armor // As I said previously, this really buffs Volibear's Chosen of the Storm passive along with Warmog's Armor and Spirit Visage.

Perseverance // This mastery makes Chosen of the Storm heals you so much faster. Which means you don't have to worry if you're being damaged and fast in a team fight.

Legendary Guardian // More tanky. Simple as that.

Bone Of Stone // Every time your ADC get hit, you receive 6% of that damage instead of him/her. Pretty much you're saving your ADC life. Plus you receive 4% damage reduction.

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As for the runes, I use the same runes for both the support and jungle Volibear.

x 9

This rune is particularly to clear the camps quickly and stack up your Frenzy ability.

x 9

Help sustain in jungle and take reduced damage from AD champions in game early.

x 9

Magic resist is important since each game you play, you'd be facing at least 1 AP champ, or magic damage dealing abilities from hybrid or AD champs.

x 3

One of the features that makes Volibear so powerful, is his chasing abilities and single target skills. He can move so fast with his Rolling Thunder and grant himself/teammates an easy kill. The faster Volibear runs, the more dangerous he becomes.

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Skill Sequence

<<< Keys to Success

Volibear as a Jungler:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Volibear as a Support
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Frenzy The Weaker They Get The Harder You Bite From the Jungler's aspect: I would really max this ability first since it's my main source of damage. Remember, after getting 3 stacks of basic attack on an enemy champion or monster, you gain stacks of frenzy which you can activate to bite your enemy. This ability does 80/125/170/215/260 PLUS 15% of your your bonus health as physical damage PLUS each 1% of missing health they have, you gain 1% increased damage.
From the Support's aspect: I max this ability last, because I really don't want to get some kills and get flamed on all day from low try hard ADCs I get to play with.

Rolling Thunder Too Bad You're Not Fast Enough From the Jungler's aspect: I max this second. The reason being is that every time you upgrade this ability, your movement speed and damage increase. So as a jungler, you would want to get a successful gank by surprising your enemy with a fast running polar bear looking for kills. Rolling Thunder gives you 15% movement speed, and if you're approaching a visible enemy champion the movement speed bonus is increased to 30%/35%/40%/45%/50%. Imagine how fast you'd run if you had Boots of Swiftness + Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed + Wanderer . Your enemy has no chance of running away unless they flash over the wall. It deals less damage than Majestic Roar, but in the end it depends on your play style, I personally prefer assists over kills. From the Support's aspect: This is maxed second as well. The reason for that is that I'm visible to the enemy, unlike when I'm juggling and surprising the enemy with the full speed Volibear gank. So basically the bot lane have time to react unless I surprise them with the Flash > Rolling Thunder > Majestic Roar combo.

Majestic Roar Feeling heavy? From the Jungler's aspect: OK, whenever I play Volibear I max this ability last, unless I need the extra damage or the enemy team aren't mobile and fast, then I'd max it second instead of Rolling Thunder. Again, it all depends on your play style. This ability gives more damage than Rolling Thunder and an increased slow debuff for the enemies as you upgrade it. 60/105/150/195/240 + 60% of your ability power (which you don't have since you're going for a full tank build) as magic damage. Also, it will slow the enemies 30/35/40/45/50% for 3 seconds. I upgrade it first on level 1 because I want to fear the monsters and avoiding the damage they do.
From the Support's aspect: Maxing this ability first gives you the ability to harass the ADC as much as you want, specially low ranged ADC's, giving you time to stack up your Frenzy then bite their butt all while your ADC is farming. Why? Because you're VOLIBEAR!

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Remember Volibear is really dangerous with his movement speed, without it he's basically useless. These boots provide a good of amount (+65) of movement speed that will benefit his initiation to team fights with Rolling Thunder.

This item is really, really, really good with volibear's passive Chosen of the Storm. Together with Warmog's Armor + Runic Armor + perseverance mastery, it's like totally unfair for the other team. Spirit visage increases all healing and regeneration effects by 20%! You do the math. Not only that, also it gives you the amount of magic resist that you need (70 MR) and 500 health to, well, increase your cravings for squishy ADC's and Teemos.

Stats of this item speak for themselves. 850 health, 200% base health regeneration, and 3% of maximum health is restored every second! As we mentioned early, the more the bonus health you get the more damage your Frenzy does.

What volibear needs is movement speed and health to get maximum polar bear dominance in Summoner's Rift. This item gets you up to 60 movement speed, 50 armor, and and 500 health. Pretty good if you want to chase some preys or just disengage and run away.

pretty good item if the enemy team are some what towards the AD side. Its an item you want to finish your build with in that case. Gives you an AoE magic damage which is pretty beneficial in team fights. Not to mention the extra 500 health added to your health bar and 50 armor to slap the enemies' faces with. The down side is that its passive does not stack with Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk. So you have to choose one of them.

Banshee's Veil is a pretty unique item and very affective in high Crowd Control oriented enemy teams. Stats are just like Spirit Visage but with the special passive that blocks any ability used on you for once and then goes on cool down.

Good item when I'm facing a high dps champions with good amount of mobility like Tryndamere or Vayne, this item does its job. Reduces critical strike damages by 10%, attack speed by 15% and gives you 60 armor along with 450 health.

an essential item against Tryndamere, Master Yi, Aatrox, and all these high dps fighters. Not only you need to reduce their damage output with the 100 armor, but also you need that 30% of basic attack damage that they're doing to you to return to them and then finish them off with a big happy meal bite.

Not really a fan of it on Volibear but when your team needs it you have to take it. Specially when you are facing a situation where the enemy team has like Yasuo mid, Xin Zhao jungle, and Kog'Maw ADC

A good 400 health with a better 1.5 health multiplier.

A good item as a Volibear support because it provides your ADC (and other team mates that are around you) with 15 Magic Resist. You can also give them a shield with this item along with Face of the Mountain to save them from death. Not to mention the bonus 400 health you get.

I go for this item when I'm facing a support and ADC with heavy Crowd Control effects such as Leona's combo or Vayne's Condemn stun. This item will remove all debuffs on your team mate, in that case your ADC.

A core item for support Volibear. It can heal your ADC, shields your ADC, and gives you 450 health.

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Ok so for the those of you that are new to jungling, let me me break it down for you.

General Info:

In each side of the map we have a a red side jungle and blue side jungle.
The blue side jungle has 3 camps:
  • The Blue Sentinel Camp (the blue buff)
  • The Gromp Camp (big ugly toad)
  • The Greater Murk Wolf Camp (the weird 2 headed wolf]

Also, the red side jungle has 3 camps:
  • The Red Brambleback Camp (the red buff)
  • The Crimson Raptor Camp (the birdy with her chicks)
  • The Ancient Krug Camp (the angry rocks)

And obviously there is a river that separates both team's jungles. It has a monster (which is kind of friendly and innocent to be honest) which is called the Rift Scuttler.

In this river there are 3 huge monsters:
  • The Rift Herald (located on the top between red team's red and blue team's blue)
  • The Dragon (located on the bottom side between red team's blue and blue team's red)
  • Baron Nashor (Takes the Rift Herald's place after killing it)

Smite and Buffs:

The Smite is a summoner spell that deals a specific true damage to the monsters that are located in the jungle or river. When using Smite on great monsters (other than the blue sentinel, the red bramble back, and the epic river monsters) you will be granted a specific buff or a special "trinket".

Let's talk about what each monster grants your as a reward for just simply smiting it:
  • The Blue Sentinel Camp: Will restore your mana (25% of your maximum mana) instantly upon smiting it.
  • The Gromp Camp: Gift of the Toadstool buff. For 90 seconds poisons any unit (including champions) that attack you: dealing 10 + (5% of bonus health) magic damage over 3 seconds.
  • The Greater Murk Wolf Camp: Will summon a nature spirit that grants sight over the nearby crossroads for 95 seconds. Whenever an enemy champion comes in range of the nature spirit, it will chase them for a short duration (basically a moving vision ward).
  • The Red Brambleback Camp: Will restore a large amount of health instantly (20% of your maximum health) instantly upon smiting it.
  • The Crimson Raptor Camp: Razor Sharp. For 90 seconds, will grant you true sight for 10 seconds the next time you are spotted by an enemy ward (you can see wards placed by enemy team).
  • The Ancient Krug Camp: Gift of Heavy Hands. For 90 seconds, every 6th basic attack to stun minions and monsters. Additionally, you can attack a tower to expend the buff early - dealing a large amount of bonus true damage (65 + 15 x level).

Now how about we discuss the buffs you get killing Epic Large monsters?
  • The Blue Sentinel Camp: Crest of Insight buff. Will grant you regen of 5 flat mana (or energy) and 0.5% of your maximum mana (or energy) per second, you'll have 10% cooldown reduction on your abilities and also receive 2 ability power per level.
  • The Red Brambleback Camp: Crest of Cinders. Physical attacks apply a debuff that slows the target's movement speed by 8 / 16 / 24% (5 / 10 / 15% for ranged attacks) for 3 seconds and a DoT that deals 5-56 bonus true damage twice. Also heals buff holder by 1% of their maximum health per 5 seconds.
    When the buffs holder is slain, the buffs will move to the slayer.
  • The Rift Herald: Riot changed the Rift Herald's buff. Killing it grants you Glimps of the void. What that does is that it grants you 5% damage reduction while no allied champions near and CORRUPTION. At 100 charges, your next basic attack discharges all stacks of corruption, dealing 15-270 magic damage (at levels 1-18, damage halved for ranged champions). Not only that, but they also extended the duration of Glimps of the Void and made it last 20 minutes.
  • The Dragons: In the latest patches, Riot changed how dragon gives buffs. Instead of killing the same dragon for several times to get different buffs, Riot tweaked it a bit. Now we have elemental dragons!

    Infernal dragon: grants +8/16/24 % AD and AP

    Mountain dragon: grants +10/20/30 % true damage to epic monsters and turrets

    Cloud dragon: grants +15/30/45 out of combat movement speed

    Ocean dragon: restores +4/8/12 % missing mana and missing health ever 5 seconds after 8 seconds of not taking damage

    ELDER DRAGON: Basic attacks and spells burn the target for (45 × Elder Dragon Elder Dragons slain) (+ 45 per Elemental Dragon Mark) damage over 3 seconds and increases the strength of Elemental Dragon buffs by 50%
  • Baron Nashor: Hand of Baron. Grants up to 40 attack damage and ability power (scales with game time), reduced recall time.
    All minions:
    Increase speed to match 90% of average movement speed of nearby champions, capped at 500 movement speed
    Gain resistance to slow effects
    Non-super minions have 75% damage reduction versus area of effect, damage over time, and persistent effects
    Melee minions:
    Gain +50% movement speed when within 800 units of enemy minions or turrets
    Increased size
    +75 attack range
    +75% damage reduction versus champions and minions
    +30% damage reduction versus turrets (similar to cannon minions)
    Caster minions:
    +20 attack damage
    +50% missile speed
    +100 attack range
    Cannon minions (beyond turret range):
    +600 attack range
    +50 attack damage, but attack speed is halved
    Attacks are now Area of Effect (200 range) and deal double damage to turrets
    Super minions:
    +25% attack speed
    Gain +50% movement speed when within 800 units of enemy minion or turret

Now let's talk about jungle items and their abilities and passives:


Smite can be used on enemy champions, for 4 seconds basic attacks deal true damage over 3 seconds. They deal reduced damage to you (20%) and grants you vision on them.

Smite can be used on enemy champions, dealing reduced true damage to them and stealing their movement speed (20%) for 2 seconds.

Can not be used on enemy champions. Grants you 2 stealth wards to be placed and last for 150 seconds.

Here's a picture I took from the internet to show you your basic jungle route and gank.

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Your role in Team Fights

Don't forget that you're the tank, so never be afraid to engage. Your objective is to protect your team as well as granting them kills. Defend your ADC and kill theirs. Try to stay alive. Bad teams would focus you since you're the one who engaged, good teams will do anything they can to kill your ADC. DONT LET THAT HAPPEN! The ADC is the most important player in the team, he/she can carry the game by dealing so much damage in a short period of time and in range. Also, don't forget about your passive, when you're low, keep on fighting unless you know for sure that you'll die.

If your ADC isn't fed and having a bad game, protect the second most damaging teammate in your team. If you find yourself to be the only one doing damage (Which means your team is losing), Just play defensive and try to assassinate any of the enemy team members who's wandering around alone.

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Your role in the game

1- Focus on objects and not kills. Kills won't win you the game. Get dragon, rift herald, baron nashor, enemy turrets, and enemy inhibitors to keep pressure on them.
2- give your mid laner every blue buff he needs, so he/she can spam his/her abilities on the enemy mid laner to try and get a kill.
3- "I'LL GANK LEVEL 6" NO, NO, NO! You're Volibear you don't need level 6 to gank! You can gank as early as level 2!
4- Keep asking your teammates if they need help so they won't blame you for not ganking.
5- Gank and ping before ganking to let your teammates prepare for your royal arrival.
6- Be friendly! Negative comments or verbal abuse will make you lose instead of win.

1- Your job is to keep the ADC alive as much as possible early on.
2- Late game, your job is to protect your whole team since you're the tank.
3- Ward important areas to give your team vision on engaging enemies and objectives.
4- NEVER farm with your ADC, NEVER take kills from your ADC unless he can't kill the target.
5- Engage in team fights to let the rest of your team do all the damage.

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I don't really understand why people don't want to ward and always blame the support for "no vision". Vision Ward only costs 75 gold which is about 5 cs and lasts the entire game (unless it has been spotted by the enemy team and destroyed). Vision on your map gives you many advantages over your enemy team if you placed them correctly.
Here are some examples:

  • Shows enemy champions locations.
  • Early vision on the enemy jungler to avoid getting ganked.
  • Vision on objectives like Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor for a chance of stealing it from the enemy team.
  • Tells you the time of the enemy jungle's buffs respawn.
  • Gives a possibility for the top laner to Teleport on a nearby ward and gank you with a surprise attack.
  • Reveals invisible enemies like Evelynn, Teemo, Rengar, and other champions as well.

A picture showing you where to place your ward trinket, your to use your sweeper trinket, where to place your scrying orb trinket, and finally placing the vision wards.

Yellow circles: Trinket Wards
Pink circles: Vision Wards
Red circle: Sweeping Lenses
Blue circle: Scrying Orbs

took this picture off of the internet to help you guys with your trinket and wards placement.

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Abbreviations Used

This guide is for players of all skill levels. I don't want to make any assumptions about how much of the game you already know, so here is a list of common terms or abbreviations used while playing League of Legends that are not strictly obvious.

AA - Auto-Attack aka Basic Attack - What every champion does when you right click an enemy in range. It's the most basic way to deal damage in the game. All auto attacks deal physical damage. Ezreal mains are incapable of doing this for some reason.

AD - Attack Damage - a stat that increases AA damage and certain abilities. AD Champions are champions that primarily build AD or deal mostly physical damage. Everyone's favorite type of champion, for some reason.

AFK - Away from Keyboard - when a player stops playing the game because they left, disconnected, or simply stopped controlling their champion. Probably report. Only ever happens on your team.

AP - Ability Power - a stat that increases strength of spells. AP Champions are champions that primarily build AP or deal mostly magic damage. My personal type of champion.

ARAM - All Random, All Mid - a 5v5 game mode played on the Howling Abyss where there is a single lane, all players go into that lane, and all players have a random champion.

AS - Attack Speed - a stat that determined how fast you attack, usually good for AD Carry builds or builds that rely a lot on on-hit ability procs.
B - Back, or Recall - Get back from where you are, or use the 'b' hotkey to make your champion recall to base.

Bait - To urge enemy champions to follow, attack, or engage on you to lure them into a trap like being outnumbered or ganked by your team. Salty opponents say this in all chat as a justification for why they died.

Big - When a champion is strong from having a lot of money from farming or kills, relative to everybody else.

BF - B. F. Sword I'm pretty sure this stands for Big ****ing Sword.

Blue [Buff] - The 3-minute buff granted by slaying the Ancient Golem on either side of the map. Exclusively belongs to your mid laner after 2:30. If anyone else takes it your mid laner can justifiably AFK for breaking the rules.

Blue Build - any champion build that relies on 'blue items' that involve on-hit abilities, increase CDR, or increase mana pool / regen on champions. Made popular by builds on Ezreal. Sample Blue Build items: Iceborn Gauntlet Sheen Last Whisper Manamune Muramana Tear of the Goddess Blade of the Ruined King Ionian Boots of Lucidity Essence Reaver. Usually the #1 reason why your carry does no damage.

BoTRK - Blade of the Ruined King.

BRT - Be Right There.

Brush - Bush, same thing. Garen's natural habitat.

BT - The Bloodthirster.

Buff - A boost in ability given in the game by items or objectives. Also, Buff could refer to a balance change in the game due to a recent patch that made a particular champion or item strong relative to other champions or items.

Build - Order of items purchased or the primary item composition of a particular champion. Most players get this wrong.

Carry - To be the primary reason for winning fights, objectives, or the game. Always expected of you in every game.

Camp - Usually when a jungler or allied lane champion heavily favors ganking or staying near another lane to help that lane with fighting. This will happen to you 100% of the time.

CC - Crowd Control - Any ability that impairs or debuffs champions' abilities or basic controls (like movement). What your team always lacks and your opposing team has infinite amounts of.

CDR - Cooldown Reduction - stat reduces cooldowns on abilities, increasing the frequency of when you can use them again.

Comp - the composition of a team. It's always better for the enemy team.

Creep - any enemy that is not a structure or a player character.

CS - Creep Score - the number of enemy minions or jungle monsters you have killed (last hit) since the beginning of the game, denoted by the number at the top right of the screen. This number is always higher on the enemy ADC than your own.

Dcap - Rabadon's Deathcap.

Deny - Prevent an enemy champion from last hitting or farming by being an active threat to their lives because of long-range attacks or abilities. Also known as "ruining the fun."

DFG - Deathfire Grasp. RIP.

Disengage - Avoid a fight by some form of impairing ability, CC, or simply running away. What ******* do.

Dive - When a champion quickly enters an area of high danger (like turret range) to kill an enemy champion and leave before there can be retaliation or they themselves die. What real manly men do.

Dodge - Leaving champion select before the game starts to avoid playing, usually results in a time penalty. Always happens when your team has an amazing comp and never when your team has a garbage comp.

DOT - Damage-Over-Time - abilities that inflict damage over a set period of time rather than instantaneously.

DPS - Damage Per Second - The damage output capability of a champion.

Drake - The incorrect term for Dragon used by European players and other people who don't know how to play the game.

Duo Q - Duo queue is when two people queue for ranked together. It's also how people hold champ select hostage and your team's ability to FF.

ELO - The pre-Season 3 way of determining relative skill and rank overall. The higher your elo, the better you are ranked in the game. Divisions correspond to ranks now (Diamond 1 ~2.5k elo, Plat 3 ~ 2k elo, Plat 5 ~ 1.8k elo, Gold 5 ~1.5k elo, Silver 5 ~1.2k elo).
Elo Hell - See Solo Q, below.

Engage - Having both teams commit to a fight usually by initiation. What manly men do.

Face Check - To physically send a champion into a brush under fog of war to gain vision on the area of that brush. What you should never ever do. Use **** like Scrying Orb if you really want to know what's in there.

Farm - as noun: kills on creeps that give you gold; as verb: to kill creeps to obtain more gold for items.

Fed - Adjective form of 'feed'.

Feed - to give many kills to a champion thereby making them strong due to them being able to purchase more items, may be intentional or unintentional. Everyone on your team does this except you.

FF - Forfeit - To surrender the game after the 20 minute mark by typing '/ff' in chat. Your team never knows the correct time to do it.

FFS - For ****'s Sake - Usually said when team refuses to cooperate or help each other, or when stupid things keep happening.

FH - Frozen Heart.

Flip - To land a flipping ability to displace a champion backwards like Fling or Rolling Thunder.

Focus - having multiple players on your team target a similar enemy or commit to the same strategy. Never happens in Solo Q.

FotM - Flavor of the Month - The most recent most popular champions to be played based on the latest patch or balance changes.

FP - First Pick - The first person to pick in Champion Select. The "God" player of your team who bans the wrong champions and will instalock their main and immediately get countered.

GA - Guardian Angel.

Gank - When a jungler goes to a lane unbeknownst to enemy champion(s) and helps the allied lane champion(s) to win a fight by outnumbering them, usually resulting in a kill. Always happens against you, never happens for you.

HAM - Hard as a **********er - Going all-in or balls-deep committed into a fight or engagement. What manly men do.

Hard CC - Any form of CC that completely disables a player's control over their champion for some amount of time (stun, knock-up, displacement/knockback, fear). What your team always lacks and wastes on useless targets.

Hook - To land a disabling skillshot like Death Sentence.

IE - Infinity Edge.

Initiate - to start a fight, usually by some spell or CC ability, encourages the other players to engage in the same fight.

Invade - When a team goes into the opposing jungle area at the beginning of the game to either steal a buff, kill an unsuspecting enemy, or startle enemy champions enough for them to waste one of their summoner spells. Always gives the enemy team first blood no matter who invades who.

KDA - Kill/Death/Assist - The score of how many kills, deaths, and assists a player has. Getting this really high is the only way to win games, who needs to kill Nexus when you can kill champions.

KS - Kill Steal - to purposely wait to last-hit an enemy champion for the kill thereby denying allied champions the kill gold. Basically what every player on the team does who is not the ADC.

Lane Gank - Ganking through the lane brush, taking advantage of fog of war and minion wave positioning.

Leash - To assist the allied jungler with killing jungle creeps, usually the large monsters.

LoL - League of Legends.

LW - Last Whisper.

Map Awareness - Having good knowledge of what's going on in the game outside of your own field of few or particular lane. This usually relies on checking the minimap often. What nobody on your team has.

MIA - Missing in Action - When an enemy champion is no longer in vision and may be roaming, when enemies are not located warning your allies to be careful of where they may pop out. It usually means you need to stay the **** back because you're about to get ganked. What your mid laner forgot to say about his opponent.

MMR - Match Making Rating - A number used internally by the LoL client to pick teammates and opponents to play with, is similar to ELO but not quite. It's always higher than everyone's actual rank / elo, apparently.

MR - Magic Resistance - stat used to reduce magic damage by percentage. The formula for determining the final damage amount is damage × 100/(100 + MR).

MS - Movement Speed - stat for determining how quickly your champion moves.

Nerf - a balance change in the game that makes a particular champion or item weak relative to other champions or items in the game. Always happens to FOTM champions and other champions you like playing.

NL - Needlessly Large Rod.

Objectives - Anything ranging from enemy structures, jungle creeps, or major boss battles (Baron or Dragon) that give the team a direct advantage from a gold bounty to a temporary buff. What your team is allergic to getting.

OMW - On My Way - to where your allies may be or where they want you to be.

OP - Overpowered, something that is unfair or imbalanced about the game and its design. Typically a champion on the enemy team that has a lot of kills. Or the champions that are always picked/banned in every game. The excuse everyone makes when they die or lose.

PD - Phantom Dancer.

Peel - Keeping an allied carry or squishy champion alive by using some sort of CC ability on them or the enemy champions pursuing them. What nobody ever does for their ADC.

Ping - The delay between your computer and Rito's servers. What you complain about and despise all the time if you play on the East Coast.

Poke - Abilities (usually in the form of skill shots) that may be done from long range and damages enemies without fully engaging or necessary retaliation. The least fun aspect of the game since it can be done from entire screens away with little to no counterplay.

Proc - Trigger an effect, like Liandry's Torment Rylai's Crystal Scepter Sheen Lich Bane Trinity Force passives that need to meet certain conditions before activating.
Pull - To land a grabbing skillshot like Rocket Grab. Also means to aggro the Dragon and have him chase you towards the edge of the Dragon pit.

Rambo - When a champion unnecessarily gives away a kill by running into enemies while clearly outnumbered and overwhelmed.

Red [Buff] - The 3-minute buff granted for slaying the Elder Lizard on either side of the map. What exclusively belongs to the ADC after lane phase.

Rito - Pls.

RoA - Rod of Ages.

Siege - When multiple team members stay outside of an enemy turret range trying to poke down their enemy champions or attack the turret without taking much damage themselves.

Soft CC - Any form of CC that partially disables a champion for some amount of time (slow, silence, root).

Solo Q - When one person queues for ranked 5v5 by themselves. The most anti-fun and frustrating experience that every player needs to suffer through if they want to be recognized by high-ranked teams. Aka the real Elo Hell, where everyone you get matched with is terrible and toxic.

Split Push - To split up the team and push all lanes in an effort to either avoid team fights or re-group later in one lane while applying pressure to the other lanes.

Squishy - The opposite of tanky, a champion with low amounts of HP or defense that is relatively easy to kill.

SR - Summoner's Rift - the primary 5v5 map in League of Legends.

Tank - To soak up or block most hits from abilities or attacks by having a very defensive or healthy build.

Teeto - Satan - Teemo.

TF - Team Fight - To engage in a (usually full) 5v5 fight between the two teams. Could also be Trinity Force, the most slot-efficient damage item in the game.

Tower - another name for a turret.

Toxic - When a player has a negative attitude, verbally abuses other players in chat, or actively uses swear words or racial slurs which hinder the enjoyment of other players. Toxic players should be reported after the game. See Solo Q.

TP - Teleport - Using the Teleport Summoner's Spell or a global teleportation ultimate like Destiny or Stand United.

TT - Twisted Treeline - the 3v3 map in League of Legends.

Wave Clear - The ability of a champion to quickly kill a wave of minions, usually via AOE abilities by a mage. Your team always lacks this so you lose quickly and the enemy team always has this so you win slowly.

WOTA - Will of the Ancients. Don't buy this item ever it sucks, unless you're Vladimir then it's just stupid.

XX:XX B or XX:XX D - The objective timers for when the next major objective (Baron or Dragon) will be up. B is for Baron, D is for Dragon.

Zone - Preventing an enemy champion from properly positioning by posing as an active threat to them in a particular area.

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