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Kayle Build Guide by DixonTheGuideMaker

Top 👼Complete Kayle guide by Dixon 🏆 11.12 ✅

Top 👼Complete Kayle guide by Dixon 🏆 11.12 ✅

Updated on June 20, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker 638 30 1,219,865 Views 39 Comments
638 30 1,219,865 Views 39 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Kayle Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker Updated on June 20, 2021
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Runes: Standard Rune Set v1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Best Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #39 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Top Lane Ranked #39 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

👼Complete Kayle guide by Dixon 🏆 11.12 ✅

By DixonTheGuideMaker
Hello! I play League of Legends since 2016 on EU-West. At the moment I have rank Platinum and my highest rank was Diamond 4 in Season 9. My main champions are: Kayle, Malphite and Nasus. I have almost 2 millions mastery points at Kayle and in this guide I want to share with you my experience that I received since 2016.
- Extremely strong champion in the late game.
- Can reduce armor and magic resistance of enemies due to the ability of Radiant Blast. At the same time, the ability slows down quite well.
- Invulnerability to itself or an allied champion can play a decisive role in a team fight.
- Huge item and rune diversity.
- Celestial Blessing can heal and accelerate allies.
- Interesting combination of support and carry abilities.
- Can be successfully played with both AD and AP builds.

- Very weak champion at the beginning of the game. Kayle is difficult to resist most of the enemies and in fact you only have to gain experience on the line and sometimes farm minions.
- There is no way to quickly exit the battle or quickly reduce the distance. She suffers a lot against gap closers.
- You need to learn how to farm under the tower and to freeze waves of minions.
- There are no hard and reliable control skills.
- Can be stunned and deleted in 2 seconds in late game. You can’t use the ultimate under heavy CC
- You will probably be bullied every game until 15th min.

Kayle’s passive is a very important part of the champion, as it changes her power significantly. The whole playstyle of the champion is built around it. At the beginning of the game Kayle starts as a melee champion. Attacking enemy champion gives her stacks. At 5 stacks Kayle becomes Exalted and gets +30% additional Attack Speed and 8% of bonus movement speed. She is very weak and can’t allow herself to fight against any other enemy champion. At level 6 the passive turns Kayle into a ranged champion with 525 points of range. After level 11 her Exalted form launches waves of fire that deal magic damage and can critically strike.

This ability is the only control tool in Kayle's arsenal. Moreover, this is not some kind of heavy control effect, but only a slowdown. Nevertheless, you should not ignore this ability, since the ability is not only able to slow down, but also causes damage and reduces the protection of the target. Perhaps at the beginning of the game this will not be very noticeable, but in the future you will understand that the ability is very important. Radiant Blast restores mana equal to 50% of its mana cost for each enemy champion hit. So you have to try to hit both the minion you want to last hit from the safe distance and the enemy champion. Sometimes the Radiant Blast is the only tool for safe farming since if you try to use your Starfire Spellblade, some enemies will jump or dash on you. Radiant Blast has bigger range than Starfire Spellblade, that’s why it safer farming.

With this ability, Kayle can help herself a little at the beginning of the game on the line, if things are going really badly. But the mana cost is so high and the healing is so low, so I would not recommend you to use it unless you are in such situation that you have a lot of mana, but no HP. In a critical situation, the bonus movement speed can still save a life when, for example, a jungler comes to you or you want to dodge some enemy’s ability, but it’s better not to rely on it. Later the ability will fulfill another important role. You will be able to support your allies. You can speed up your initiator or you can extend the life of an allied carry. Try to prioritize who needs to be healed and accelerated in the first place. Sometimes you can even sacrifice one ally for the sake of another one. It will take some experience in the game to understand which of the allies is a more important figure and deserves your help.

This ability has active and passive parts. Moreover, both are extremely important. The passive part of the ability allows you to give auto-attacks extra magic damage which actually makes her a strong auto-attack based champion. This will become especially noticeable after you buy the first items for the attack speed ( Nashor's Tooth, Sanguine Blade or Kraken Slayer) and reach level 11. The active part charges your next auto-attack and it deals ranged damage, based on the enemy’s missing health. After level 11 the hit makes an explosion and is able to make damage to several champions in the area. It’s better to use the active part when an enemy champion has below 50% oh health.

Kayle’s ultimate makes herself or her allies invulnerable, applies AOE damage and disables her auto-attacks in 1.5 seconds. Very often, Divine Judgment is applied to the allied carry if he gets into a trouble or to the allied initiator, who is going to engage into battle and take the first portion of damage. Try to use it that way you not only make a champion invulnerable, but also to block a lot of damage. It is quite effective to stay behind your AD-carry and make him unkillable right after he gets some sort of heavy control like stun or hook. The whole enemy team will try to kill him immediately and this is the best moment to give him Divine Judgment. Remember that you can’t use it when Kayle was stunned, feared or hooked. That’s why it always better to stay behind all of your teammates. You can save them if they get stun, but you can’t save yourself.
+ + +
Ability Power makes Kayle to be both a carry and support. Your raw DPS will be a little bit lower than you can get from AD-builds, but Celestial Blessing will heal and accelerate yourself and allies much better.

Here is how Fnatic.Nemesis plays Kayle with this build:

+ +
This is an AD-build for maximum early snow ball potential. Kayle is quite strong 1v1 with equal gold and she is a monster if she has the lead. She can even destroy Baron 1v1 with 3 items + boots. This build is a good choice if you are an agressive player or your team is too AP-heavy and it needs more physical type of damage.

Here is the video how I play this build (execution of Baron Nashor is included):

+ +
This is one of possible AD-builds for Kayle. Ravenous Hydra gives you damage, omnivamp and wave clear, which is super for MID lane. You can constantly push and fight with your opponent. Kayle's wounds will be healed quite fast due to omnivamp (healing from both physical and magical damage). Other items are situational, but generally they should give you crit strike chance, attack speed and attack damage. And yes, you can buy AD items even in full AD team if you want. The point is Kayle scales from AD as well and you will deal magic damage by Divine Ascent (after level 11), Radiant Blast, Starfire Spellblade and Divine Judgment

Here is how I play Ravenous Hydra build against Corki:

Combine Ravenous Hydra with Runaan's Hurricane and you will get an insane AOE damage and farming speed like here:

+ +
This is a fun build that helps me to show you how versatile Kayle is in terms of itemisation. If you are a creative person who likes to play different builds in defferent roles and do something off-meta, then Kayle is your champ 🙂

+ +
This build gives more damage than Nashor's Tooth + Riftmaker in the middle of the game, but there can be a lack of sustain due to no +15% omnivamp. It will be no problem after you get 5\5 Ravenous Hunter rune charged which gives +11% omnivamp. So you literally trade sustain for damage for the middle game only, because the overall late game damage is nearly the same.

Here is how I play this build in a game Kayle vs Renekton

+ +
This build is for players who like crazy attack speed. The problem is Kayle disables her own auto attacks by her Divine Judgment and loses some amount of damage. This build is also countered by champions with hard CC or attack speed slowing abilities like Wither or Ground Slam.

Here is how I play Kayle against Fiora on the top lane:
1. It is necessary to block the damage from the opponent's ability by Divine Judgment. To do this, you need some time to learn enemy champions and their animations. The simplest example is blocking the ultimate abilities of Garen, Darius, Veigar, or Lux.

2. You need to remember that Kayle's ultimate has a long cooldown, which means that when you still have about 30-40 seconds left before you can re-use your ultimate, it is most likely your enemy's ult will be ready, so you need to be doubly careful. Opponents who understand this will deliberately provoke you to use the ultimate, so they can kill you afterwards by next massive attack, when their ultimate will be ready and yours will not.

3. Using the ultimate in team fight. If the battle is very hot and you do not see the HP of the most valuable ally, then there is a high risk of missing and ult the wrong one. In this case you can use the ultimate on yourself. If you have someone strong and fed in your team, for example ADC, then it makes sense to save the ultimate for him. Do not forget to periodically review items and scores of your allies to understand who is the most powerful and valuable at the moment and who deserves the ultimate the most. You can also estimate the degree of threat from the enemy team. Do they have extremely dangerous champions who can threaten your ally, do they have such skills in their arsenal that will allow them to break through your army and attack ADC?

4. Do not forget that Kayle cannot use her ultimate if she is under heavy CC. This means that it is advisable for you to position yourself not even next to the ADC, but a little behind him. If the enemies stun your ally, then you can save him with your ultimate, but if the stun is used on Kayle, the game is over then.
Flash is the most popular spell in the game and for Kayle it makes no exceptions. You have to take it in 100% of your games. Teleport is a frequent choice for top-line champions, as this spell allows you to quickly leave your line and move to another one. For Kayle Teleport is good in the early game, because the spell can be used to quickly return to the line from the base and thereby not lose precious experience.

Kayle rarely uses the teleport to fly to other lanes because she is very weak in the early game and it is unlikely she will be able to provide significant assistance. But she will lose gold and experience from minions for sure, which is not profitable for her. Thus, Teleport at the very beginning must be used exclusively to return to the lane from the base. Pay attention to where the minions are on the map. If they are near your tower, then you should use the Teleport. If they are under the enemy tower, it will be better to walk than use Teleport and immediately run into a danger zone. There is a risk that enemy jungler is sitting there in ambush. While you are running on foot, he will most likely leave to do something else.

The best option that gives you decent amount of damage and makes you a weak, but still a champion after level 6.

Gives some healing and movement speed. This is a good rune for hard match ups and for easier laning phase, but you should be ready that you are just another cannon minion in early game. Sometimes it's fine because there are a lot of tanky champions and bruisers on top lane, which are hard to out trade or kill even with Press the Attack, so it would be better just to relax, farm and skayle 👼💘

This rune is good for On-hit build with Blade of the Ruined King or Muramana. The strongest rune for late game probably in terms of DPS, but not as good as Press the Attack for short trades on the lane. At the moment the rune is not popular among Kayle mainers, but there are all chances that it can become more popular with some champion, items or runes changes in the future. To my personal opinion, On-Hit doesn't work well now, since Kayle disables her autoattacks during 1.5 sec by her Divine Judgment and there are a lot of champions with stuns and other hard CC which don't allow Kayle to stay and auto attack. I would not take On-Hit builds even against a team with planty of tanks. Maybe on-hit is better for destroying tanks in the late game, but the difference is not big anyway. You can try it and decide for yourself what's better.

Is the best choice against champions where you need a lot of extra movement speed and slow resistance. You can pick it into many champions, but the most important to get it against Darius, Nasus, Tryndamere, Singed

This rune is good for MID Kayle when you play against squishy champions. It can be simply activated by using Radiant Blast + Starfire Spellblade combo. So you can try to keep safe distance between you and your opponent and watch Electrocute cooldown. Attack your opponent when it's ready. The rune scales good so your damage will be significant on squishy targets the whole game. If you choose to get this rune, then it would be better to buy Sorcerer's Shoes instead of Berserker's Greaves.

Is an alternative rune for Lethal Tempo. Better for On-hit builds. This rune allows you to charge Kayle's and Phantom Dancer's passives faster. Not popular at the moment.
The disadvantage of the top lane is that you will often face large and strong champions. Many of them have the ability to quickly close the distance and attack Kayle in melee range. And even if you dominate the lane, driving off the enemy under his tower, Kayle has to go into a danger zone. The distance between the towers on the top lane is much bigger and Kayle has neither good escape skills nor enough strength to fight 1vs2. Even a 1v1 against jungler can often be too tough in the early game, despite he has lower level. Kayle is able to dominate some champions after she reaches level 6, but the problem is that she is not Darius, Illaoi, Renekton or Mordekaiser who can sometimes fight 1v2 and win.

MID is simpler in the sense that the distance to the tower and between the towers is shorter, the opponents are also quite fragile and Kayle has the opportunity to kill someone sometimes. Yes, many mid lane champions have longer range. They will only make you to leave the lane most of the time, but they won't kill you. Most top laners can kill Kayle in a direct battle on the line or directly under the tower. But playing on the mid lane has its disadvantages. Due to the weak early game, Kayle is not particularly able to help her jungler in the battle for the scuttle crab or the first dragon. Most 2v2 battles before level 6 will end with enemy victories. Therefore, expect your jungler or the entire team to flame you. When Kayle is in MID it's easier for you, but harder for your team…
1. You are not a champion before level 6. You are a melee minion, so don’t play a hero and try to farm or just get experience. It’s ok to be 20-40 minions behind. Try to not be about 2 levels behind. You will be able to farm later since Kayle has very fast lane cleaning after level 11 and buying some items.
2. If you play with Nashor's Tooth, Sanguine Blade or Kraken Slayer you can try to fight back your opponent with Q+AA+AA+E, but don’t be overaggressive. Most likely the even opponent will out trade you. If you have chosen Fleet Footwork, then you are a ranged minion before level 11 or until you buy Nashor's Tooth or some strong AD-item like Sanguine Blade or Kraken Slayer.
3. You can start to play more aggressively after buying Nashor's Tooth, Sanguine Blade or Kraken Slayer. It’s your first power spike. And you can start to clean jungle monsters. There are enough sustain\damage to kill jungle monsters fast so they would not hurt you much.
4. Try to farm everything you can, but watch the drakes and Baron. If you see that there are about 50 seconds left till the drake, go Recall , buy more items and group with your team to get it.
5. Stay behind your allies, even behind the AD-carry. If they stun him, you can save him by your R. But if Kayle is stunned, it is death for you most likely.
6. Don't forget that Kayle is stronger in team fights than in 1v1 duels. You can go split push if you are really fed and there is no champion who can stand 1v1 against you. But in most games it's better to not go alone into the enemy territory or not stay long there. Be sure, if you go to a side lane alone to kill a wave of minions and there is a stronger 1v1 champion in the enemy team, so if you don't see him at mini-map there is a high probability that he is coming for you right now. So kill the wave as fast as possible using Q+E and go away from there. Don't try to kill a side lane tower and even don't attack it if you are not sure you can kill it fast. I had hundreds of times the situation, when I went to attack side lane tower with 80-100% HP without plates (after 14th min) and it ended with death of my Kayle and no reward for me, because the tower was still standing, but with 20-30% HP instead of 80-90%...
Picture: Kayle player's standard emotional cycle

Anivia has a weak laning phase and often has trouble farming and trading. If she uses any abilities on the minion wave to last hit with, make sure you abuse the cooldowns. Don’t forget about Anivia’s Passive. It has a long cooldown, so once it’s been popped, make sure you try to kill her while she is most vulnerable. Call for assistance and ask for ganks while it’s down.

Try and hold off from using any dashes that can help you dodge skill shots. Anivia’s Rebirth and Crystallize can be deadly if you have no tools to get away from them. Make sure your dash is always up so you can dodge her Rebirth.
Anivia is a very mana-hungry champion and will need blue buff as often as possible. While she is low on mana, use this as an opportunity to deny her farm.
When you’re roaming around the map, make sure you keep an eye on the minion wave in mid. Anivia can push the wave very fast and you’ll lose a lot of Tower health if you’re gone for too long. Try and roam while she is in base so she can’t take your Tower.

CC is your best friend against Anivia as she is squishy and immobile. But she does have tools to defend herself like her Rebirth and Crystallize. To make locking her down easier, try to flank her rather than running directly at her to make it harder for her to escape. Anivia needs to invest in mana early so she can farm easily. You can benefit from this by using your early advantage to win trades and gain a health lead.

Whenever Anivia has her Passive up, her ability to survive all-ins is much higher. Try to look for frequent trades while her Egg is down, and call for assistance when needed. Anivia comes online when she has unlocked her Glacial Storm as it allows her to farm much more effectively. She will have much more lane presence once her Glacial Storm is unlocked and she will start to look for trades.

Try and stand in the middle of the lane at all times. This will make it harder for her to land her Hookshot in a trade. Don’t get close to the walls as this will give her the opening to engage. If you’re playing as a ranged champion, try and harass Camille with basic attacks whenever she tries to last hit. Camille lacks sustain in the early game, so you can poke her out of lane easily if you keep auto-attacking.

If Camille uses her Hookshot in lane, she will be vulnerable while it’s on cooldown as it’s her main way of disengaging from ganks. Bait out her Hookshot prior to your Jungler arriving in your lane to reduce her chances of survival.
Try and stay closely grouped as a team when playing against Camille to make it very hard for her to engage. Camille will want to lock down an isolated target with her Hextech Ultimatum, but by standing close together it will reduce her ability to do so. Camille will often hunt vulnerable targets who are isolated walking around the map.

Stick with your team to reduce Camille’s assassination attempts.
In addition to grouping closely, Camille cannot easily get on to the backline by running at the enemy. Instead, she will try to flank from the side. So whenever you’re sieging an objective or fighting in a lane, make sure you have sufficient ward coverage to the sides so you can spot her before she engages.
Camille may look for an all-in at level 3 or 4 once she has access to her core abilities. Try and not lose too much health prior to hitting level 3 otherwise it is guaranteed that she will look for the all-in.

Whenever Camille has her Hookshot available, you need to be careful with your positioning as it will provide her with an opportunity to engage if you’re stood by a wall. Stand in the middle of the lane as much as possible.
At level 6 Camille will gain access to her Hextech Ultimatum which can be deadly if you’re low and overextended. Respect her all-in and do not push without vision as her Hextech Ultimatum can also be used to set up her Jungler.

Cassiopeia has a powerful level 2 all in with her Noxious Blast and Twin Fang spam. Make sure you hit level 2 at the same time which is the first wave followed by 1 melee minion on the second wave to reduce her ability to kill you.
Cassiopeia has mana issues in the early game. If she is low on mana, it could be a good time to fight her as her damage output will be heavily reduced as she relies heavily on mana to trade.

She is an immobile Mage with no escapes. Let her push the wave and then call for assistance from your Jungler to shut her down. In team fights, do not group closely together to make it impossible for her to land a 5 person Petrifying Gaze. Be prepared to turn around if she looks like she’s about to cast her Petrifying Gaze.

Never fight the enemy in the jungle or around an objective as her Petrifying Gaze is really good in tight areas when teams are clumped together. Fight spaced out in a lane when possible. Cassiopeia will look to ambush or assassinate targets that are moving through the river alone. Unless you know where Cassiopeia is, do not walk through the river or around the map on your own especially if you’re squishy. If you die, she may cost your team the next team fight or objective.

Cassiopeia really shines in the late game. She scales better than most champs and she can build 6 items. If you get ahead early- try closing out the game as soon as possible. Not many champions are as strong as Cassiopeia is at level 2. Beware of the level 2 all-in with her Noxious Blast and Twin Fang spam.

Avoid trading with Irelia when she has her passive Ionian Fervor stacked as she will out trade you. Keep an eye on the little bar under her health. When trading with Irelia, keep an eye on low health minions in your lane. Irelia may use her Bladesurge on the minion to escape the trade or run you down after a skirmish.

Irelia benefits from extended trades. Try and avoid going for extended trades with her as she will always win them. Try and lock Irelia down at the start of the fight. This will make it much harder for her to jump around your team and get resets on her Bladesurge.

Avoid fighting too close together as it will allow Irelia to use her Vanguard's Edge on multiple people and allow her Bladesurge to reset. Stand together but not super close together.

Try and fight after Irelia uses her Flawless Duet as it is one of her best tools to start a fight. Ideally, try and also fight around her Vanguard's Edge as it will reduce her chances of getting resets.

Irelia is very strong whenever she has her passive Ionian Fervor fully stacked. Avoid fighting with her at this time. When Irelia hits level 6, her kill pressure intensifies as her Vanguard's Edge is a very good duelling tool. Irelia benefits from extended trades, so try and avoid going for them whenever you can. Keep them short and sweet.

Aim to trade when Jax has used his Counter Strike as it will block basic attacks. It has a long cooldown, so make sure you exploit his weakness. Jax has no build-in sustain and is melee. If you have the range advantage, try to poke and harass him as much as possible to prevent him from looking for the all-in. This will also force him to burn through his potions quickly.

After level 6, every third auto will deal extra magic damage. Do not commit to extended trades with him- especially if he’s been able to stack his auto attacks on minions beforehand. If Jax decides to team fight, try and lock him down with CC before he has the chance to engage. While his Counter Strike will block basic attacks, he is vulnerable to disengage and CC.

Jax will be looking to split push in the later stages of the game. Always keep an eye on where he is at any given time. Do not let him take objectives and open up your base for free. Forcing a fight with a numbers advantage when Jax is split pushing can be a good way to win a team fight. Keep an eye on him when fighting and be prepared to retreat if he leaves the side lane. Jax’s Grandmaster's Might will give him increased defensive stats in a trade. It is very good for duelling.

Once Jax gets his first item, he becomes much harder to duel unless you have items that match his damage. Don't over commit to fighting him without a backup plan. As the game goes along, Jax will get stronger and stronger. Keep an eye on him at all times as he will look to split push and take objectives quickly.

LeBlanc is an early game bully. Watch out for her Sigil of Malice + Distortion + AA combo. Whenever Leblanc’s Distortion is on cooldown, she is squisher and vulnerable. You could use this time frame to play aggressive and go for a trade as she will not be able to escape or trade as effectively back with you.

Standing outside of the minion wave and far back is a good way to reduce Leblanc’s ability to push and poke at the same time with her Distortion. If you stand as far back as you can, she will be unable to land her Distortion on you regardless.
LeBlanc is an assassin. That means if she gets ahead of the early game, she can snowball really hard and stomp the game. Do not overextend or trade aggressively when you know that she can kill you.

Make sure stay grouped with your team and avoid walking through unwarded areas of the map when you don’t know where Leblanc is. As she is is an assassin, she can easily burst you down if you’re caught out of position. To counter LeBlanc in team fights, you need to CC her as soon as she uses her Distortion. Once she is on your team, CC her immediately and focus all your efforts to take her down while she is CC’d.

LeBlanc can go for bursty trades in the early game as soon as she unlocks her Sigil of Malice and Distortion. She can also proc Electrocute very easily with her Sigil of Malice + Distortion + AA combo. Once LeBlanc hit’s level 6, her kill pressure intensifies as her Mimic is very versatile. It also has a very short cooldown, so play respectfully. LeBlanc is very strong in the mid-game once she has lots of AP and items. Make sure you group with your team so she cannot burst anyone down quickly.

Nasus doesn’t want to fight in the early game. Instead, he wants to focus on farming and stacking his Siphoning Strike. Try to fight him when he is focused on stacking as he may focus on the farm rather than fighting you- which will allow you to gain a health advantage.

Do not push Nasus under his turret as it allows him to farm safely. Instead, freeze the lane towards your side of the map so he has to overextend for farm.
Once Nasus has some levels behind him and has multiple points in his Wither, he will have good gank set up. You’ll need to play safer if the wave is closer to his side of the map during this time so you don’t die from ganks.

Nasus will be looking to split push throughout the mid-game. He is good at split pushing thanks to his Siphoning Strike. When Nasus is split pushing, you can use the numbers advantage to start a team fight. While fighting, check the map and be keep an eye on Nasus. Be prepared to disengage if he’s about to take a tower.
If Nasus is grouping for team fights, try to lock him down with CC so he is unable to get on to your carries and kill them with his Siphoning Strike and Fury of the Sands.
Nasus is at his weakest in the early game. Try to deny as many stacks as possible so he is unable to scale quickly.

The longer the game goes, the stronger Nasus gets. Make sure you end the game as quickly as possible. While he will be focusing on farming, once he has his Fury of the Sands, his kill pressure will increase and so will his survivability. Make sure you’re not too cocky otherwise he can turn the exchange around.

Nasus is very dangerous because he puts you into a very inconvenient situation. You either harass him and slowly going to his tower (where you become an easy target for a gang) or you play passively and Nasus is going to get 400-500 stacks on his Siphoning Strike. So this is lose-lose situation when you play against him. Take the rune Phase Rush it will save your life a couple of times.

Always watch your positioning during the laning phase. Try and stay at max distance so it’s harder for her to root you with her Tangle-Barbs. This will also make it harder for her to get a good Pop Blossom off as she has to close the gap in order to stun you. Stand outside of the minion wave at all times if possible. This will make it harder for Neeko to push and poke you at the same time with her Blooming Burst.

Once Neeko has her Pop Blossom, her kill pressure will increase. Make sure you back when low whenever she has her Pop Blossom up. Disengage is your best friend when dealing with Neeko and her Pop Blossom in team fights. Disengage as soon as Neeko walks forward and tries to engage to minimize the usefulness of her Pop Blossom.

Ward your flanks and nearby bushes when sieging objectives as Neeko may use her Passive and Shapesplitter to get a good engage off with her Pop Blossom. Splitting up and not standing too close together will help reduce how many people Neeko and stun with her Pop Blossom. Group when team fighting, but don’t stand too close together.

Once Neeko hits level 6, her kill pressure intensifies. When fighting her, keep in mind that she can cast her Pop Blossom and deal damage and CC you. When Neeko has completed her first item, she will have tons of wave clear and will be able to push the wave very fast. You’ll need to make sure you can push the wave back so you don’t lose your Tower early. Neeko is good in team fights thanks to her Pop Blossom. Disengage as soon as you see her channel her Pop Blossom.

Renekton is an early game dominant champion. Expect him to play aggressive and go for kills. Whenever Renekton is above 50 Fury, his next ability will be empowered. Stay at max distance so he cannot get an empowered Ruthless Predator or Cull the Meek off on you. Avoid fighting when he has tons of Fury too.
Do not underestimate Renekton range with his Dash Slice and Dice. He can use it on the minion wave to close the gap and trade with you.

Renekton will look to split push when no team fights are occuring. Make sure someone who can contest him is stopping him from split pushing. Do not send someone who is unable to beat him to stop him from pushing. For his Slice and Dice to be effective, he will need to get as close to the enemy as possible in a team fight. With this in mind, Renekton will probably try to flank in a team fight rather than run towards you. Make sure your flanks are warded so you can spot him before he gets the chance to engage.

Renekton has great pick potential so watch your positioning. It is not uncommon for Renekton to Flash Cull the Meek to catch someone out who is too far forward. Renekton is an early game bully. Expect him to play aggressive and go for kills. Once he is level 3, he gets his first major power spike and can easily force a Flash. Expect this and play respectfully.

Once Renekton is level 6 and unlocks his Dominus, he can be really aggressive and kill you. If you’re low, recall and avoid pushing the wave if he’s ahead as he can all-in you while you’re overextended. After Renekton has completed his first item, his kill pressure also increases. Avoid trading or duelling him unless you’re ahead.
Here is how I play Kayle vs Renekton:

Riven is an early game dominant champion who can take over the lane through short trades. Try not to trade with her unless you can match her trading potential.
Riven will often play hyper-aggressive and try to outplay you with her Broken Wings. If possible, try to bait out her main abilities and then re-engage when she has cooldowns. This is your best bet when laning against a Riven.

Keep the minion wave frozen near your Tower. If you are playing close to your Tower, her all-in potential is limited as the Tower will protect you and she will not be able to look for frequent trades. Riven will be looking to split push when no team fights are occurring. Make sure somebody who can contest her is sent to stop her from pushing. Avoid fighting her during the mid-game though unless you’re stronger.

Teamfights will be difficult for Riven as she is prone to CC, disengage and gets kited by champions easily. To make team fighting easier, she will probably flank or Flash in to engage. Ward to the side when sieging an objective to spot her before she gets the chance to engage. Riven is quite good at picking off champions when they’re too far forward or alone. Don’t let her pick someone off by staying in line with each other. Do not group too closely as it may allow her to get a 5 person Ki Burst stun.

Riven can easily 1v1 any champion at level 3 if she is in a favourable matchup. Do not overextend to reduce her chances of killing you.
When Riven unlocks her Blade of the Exile, her all-in potential increases dramatically. Make sure you disengage if she tries to fight you unless you have an advantage.Once Riven has completed two or three items, she becomes very strong and will be able to take down any squishy champion that is not a tank. If you see her running towards you- just back away.

Here is a nice example how to play Kayle vs Riven

As Teemo is a ranged champion, expect him to try and harass you as much as possible. Investing in defensive starting items could be a good way of dealing with him from the get-go. Teemo will place Shrooms Noxious Trap around the edges of the lane. Avoid walking to the side of the lane and only walk the path your minions take to reduce your damage taken.

Be prepared to sacrifice some CS for XP and health. Teemo has a lot of kill pressure if he takes Ignite and is able to harass and poke you down. Teemo may not join team fights as he isn’t very good in them. He may instead be split pushing and trying to take objectives in the side lanes. Make sure someone is able to stop him from splitting.

Teemo will place Mushrooms Noxious Trap around objectives and in high traffic areas. Avoid going anywhere that Teemo has recently been in without a Sweeping Lens. He and his teammates may be ready and waiting and try and pounce on you.

As Teemo will be split pushing or away from his team during fights, you could use the numbers advantage to force a fight 4v4 or 5v4. Just keep an eye on him and be prepared to rotate if he gets close to your tower. At level 6, Teemo’s pressure increases thanks to his Noxious Trap giving him extra damage and the ability to place Noxious Trap all around the map. At 40%+ cooldown reduction, Teemo is able to play a lot of Noxious Trap around on the map.

Tryndamere will look to split push during the mid-game and he’ll rarely join team fights. You can use the numbers advantage to force objectives or look for favourable fights to gain an advantage. If Tryndamere is split pushing in the bottom side in the mid-game, avoid sending lots of people to stop him when Baron’s up. It will take you some time to kill him even if you commit 5 champions to kill him which could give his team lots of time to take the Baron.

Try to fight when Tryndamere doesn’t have his Ultimate up. This will make it incredibly difficult for him to dish out lots of damage in a team fight. Keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map in the early game. Tryndamere has lots of kill pressure and if you push, he could easily all-in you and chase you down the lane.
Look for fights when he has little Fury in his resource bar. The more Fury he has, the stronger he will be.

Whenever his Undying Rage is down, try to abuse the cooldown and look for kills. Once his Undying Rage is up, his kill pressure and survivability increases a lot. If Tryndamere has Ignite, expect him to play aggressive and look for an all-in at level 2 or 3. Once Tryndamere hits level 6, his survivability increases a ton. Avoid committing to fights with him when his Undying Rage is up unless you can easily beat him in a skirmish. Tryndamere is really good in the late game and will look to constantly split push and take objectives. Do not let him take your towers for free while you skirmish in the mid lane.

Kayle is at her weakest in the early game. Try to abuse her weakness by playing aggressive and getting kills. Putting her behind in the early game will reduce her ability to carry later on in the game. Keeping the minion wave closer to your side of the map will force Kayle to overextend for farm. Once she walks up and tries to last hit, you could play aggressive and try to all-in her.

Once Kayle hits level 6 and unlocks her Divine Judgment, she will also become ranged and she’ll find it easier to last hit. She will be able to also poke you down and trade more effectively. You’ll need to be more strategic when trying to fight her from now on. Try to end the game as quickly as you can as the longer the game goes, the stronger Kayle becomes.

Kayle will tend to be split pushing during the mid-game. You can use this time to force a team fight with the numbers advantage while she is pushing in a side lane.
Kayle is rather vulnerable when her Divine Judgment is on cooldown. Try to force fights and kill her while her Divine Judgment is down.

Kayle is really weak in the early game. Try to abuse her as much as possible so she is forced to back early and delay her first major power spike.
Once Kayle hits level 6, she will become ranged and get a lot of added protection thanks to her Divine Judgment. You need to always consider her Divine Judgment when trying to fight her post level 6.

As Kayle becomes stronger as the game goes along, you really need to end the game as quickly as possible. If you cannot end the game and it gets to late game, you are gonna find it difficult to win.

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As the Rune Wars raged, Mount Targon stood as a beacon against the oncoming darkness—Kayle and her twin sister Morgana were born beneath that light. Their parents, Mihira and Kilam, began the perilous climb in search of the power to save their tribe from destruction.

Even when Mihira learned she was with child, she pushed onward. At the mountain’s summit, she was chosen as a divine vessel for the Aspect of Justice, wielding a sword that blazed with a fire brighter than the sun.

Not long after, the twins were born. Kayle, the elder by a breath, was as bright as Morgana was dark.

But Mihira had become a fearsome warrior, far greater than any mortal. Kilam began to fear her new divinity, and the sorcerous enemies that were drawn to her light. He resolved to take the girls out of harm’s way, journeying across the Conqueror’s Sea to a settlement where the land itself was said to offer protection against magic.

In their new homeland, Kilam raised the twins, their temperaments growing more different with each passing day. Kayle was precocious, often arguing with the settlement’s leaders about their rules—she had no real memory of her mother’s powers, but knew the laws were meant to keep them all safe. Her father rarely spoke of such things, but Kayle was certain Mihira had saved them by ending the Rune Wars on some distant battlefield.

When the twins were teenagers, a streak of flame split the sky. A sword smoldering with celestial fire struck the ground between Kayle and her sister, breaking in two—Kilam was distraught when he recognized the blade as Mihira’s.

Kayle eagerly snatched up one half of the weapon, feathered wings springing forth from her shoulders, and Morgana cautiously followed her example. In that moment, Kayle felt more connected to her mother than ever, certain that this was a sign she was alive and wanted her daughters to follow the same path as her.

The people of the settlement believed the girls had been blessed by the stars, destined to protect the fledgling nation of Demacia from outsiders. These winged protectors became symbols of light and truth, and were revered by all. Kayle fought in many battles, flying at the head of the growing militia and imbuing the weapons of the worthy with her own sanctified fire… but in time, her pursuit of justice began to consume her. Seeing threats within and without, she founded a judicator order to enforce the law, and hunted down rebels and reavers with equal fervor.

But there was one person she softened her judgment toward. To the dismay of her followers, Kayle allowed Morgana to rehabilitate wrongdoers who appeared humble enough to admit their guilt. Kayle’s protege, Ronas, was the most disapproving of all—he swore to do what Kayle would not, and attempted to imprison Morgana.

Kayle returned to find the people rioting, and Ronas dead. Consumed by rage, she looked down upon the city, and summoned her divine fire to cleanse the city of its sins.

Morgana flew up to meet her, raising her blade. If Kayle was to purge the darkness she saw in mortal hearts, she would have to start with her own sister. The two battled across the heavens, each matching the other’s terrible blows and striking the buildings beneath them to rubble.

Abruptly, the fight was halted by their father’s anguished cry.

Kayle watched Kilam die in her sister’s arms, a senseless victim of the violence that had overtaken the city that day. Then she held the two halves of their mother’s sword in her hands, and vowed she would never again let mortal emotions rule her. As she leapt back into the sky, soaring high above the clouds, she felt she could almost see Mount Targon beyond the horizon, its formidable peak bathed red by the setting sun.

There she would seek perfect, celestial clarity. There she would stand at her mother’s side, and fulfill her legacy to the Aspect of Justice.

Though she has been absent from Demacia for many centuries, Kayle’s legend has inspired much of the kingdom’s culture and law. Grand statues and icons of the Winged Protector give strength to the heart of every warrior who marches to illuminate the night, and banish all shadows from their land.

In times of strife and chaos, there are many who cling to the hope that Kayle might eventually return… and others who pray that such a day will never come.

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