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Udyr Build Guide by WLTx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WLTx

Controlling your Four Spirits - A Guide to Udyr

WLTx Last updated on December 9, 2013
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Hello. I'm We Love Trolling and I play a lot of Udyr. I mean a lot. I also watch alot of anime so yeah! :D So without further ado, let me take you to my Q&A.

"You say you play Udyr so much but you only have XXX games with him in ranked!"
Correct. I don't have 500 games with him in ranked. Normals are a different story however.

"You are only Silver/Gold/Plat/etc.. why should I read this guide?"

I am Silver because I suck with every other champion besides Udyr. Just trust me when I said I know what I am doing with Udyr and can learn by reading this guide.

"I've seen you in a game before and you carried/fed the **** out of our/the enemy's team."


"What stance is the best?"

Personally, tiger OP. But Phoenix can dominate just as hard as tiger can.

"Hurr this isn't viable anymore cause Trick2g/whoever/etc. blahblahblahblah fking nub..."

No. You are reading my ******** guide. If you are going to throw a fit saying I suck at Udyr cause a famous Udyr player does something else, then go read their guide. o wait. No. You're reading mine. So please either shut the **** up and keep reading, and learn something about the Udeer, or please leave.

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Phoenix and Tiger Debate / Pros and Cons

Now personally, Tiger Stance is better to ME in a lot of aspects, however Phoenix Stance can do much that Tiger can't. So in statistics, they break even. In sheer badassness, Tiger takes the cake.

So what are the Pros / Cons to each stance you may ask? Well, before we get into the Phoenix / Tiger p/c's, lets get into Udyr himself.


    High damage
    Great sustain
    Very high mobility
    Easy tiger cheese
    High clearspeed on either Phoenix or Tiger
    Can carry
    Looks ****ing awesome
    6 sec stun
    Kited easily
    Ridiculous mana problems
    Exclusively melee
    Almost useless after 45+ minutes
    Naturally pushes the lane
    No gamechanging-esque ultimate

See? Udyr is a ****ing bad-***. But that's just him in general. Lets see his ups and downs of his most debated stances.

    Level 1 cheese
    Adds more damage onto auto attacks
    Most champions can't 1v1 a tiger
    extra auto attack damage also works with life steal
    huge attack speed buff that lingers
    able to deal huge amounts of burst in little time
    ridiculous damage over time with red+ignite+q proc
    snowballs out of control
    Not nearly enough pushing power as phoenix
    armor can seriously **** you
    you must spam q in order to win fights, leaving you manaless
    all or nothing

Now, let's list Phoenix.
    Super jungle/wave clears
    Give the middle finger to armor!
    Allows you to go sunfire cape and wit's end, doing ridiculous amounts of magic damage

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