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Renekton Build Guide by Fearless Taco

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fearless Taco

Culling the Scrubs, a top lane bruiser guide to Renekton

Fearless Taco Last updated on November 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello my reptilian friends i'm Fearless Taco and this is my first guide and it is on my favorite Champion Renekton. Renekton is an ad bruiser who excels early game with his abilities having high base damage and this makes him a bully in lane. This allows him to take control of his lane and allows you to come out on top and be more useful than your lane opponent in teamfights.

I put the name of each anime under the signature (yes I do know it says the name of the anime on the Adventure Time and Elfen Lied signatures).
(Fairy Tail)

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Video Renekton, the pimp of the sands, ap lizard wizard guide. Made me laugh.

The song is here, Weed circulation,

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Good Sustain from Cull the Meek
High base damage, so strong early damage
Reign of Anger gives fury instead of mana
Natural tankyness
High mobility with Slice and Dice
Can bully his lane
Few counterpicks in top lane
Good AoE damage
Renekton is a Crocodile, what more could you want

Cons: His abilities don't scale well so his damage falls off late game
Only single target cc
High mobility champions can kite him
Hard to engage with unless you catch one of their carries out of position
(Adventure Time)

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I take 9 Greater Seal of Armor which is standard for most top laners, most top laners do attack damage and the flat armor helps you survive early game. There aren't very many other yellows that are viable, but you can use Greater Seal of Scaling Health if you know you are going up against an ap top laner, but still the extra armor is better, because the enemy jungler will most likely be ad, and you will take a lot of minion aggro and they do attack damage, not to mention towers do ad.

I take 9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage because Renekton needs the early flat damage. Renekton dominates his lane early on and is a bully, so this is why i prefer the flat ad over armor pen, whats the point in armor pen if you don't have any attack damage, also early on the enemy laner won't have a huge amount of armor. But some people prefer greater mark of armor penetration.

I take 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because normally top laners are attack damage so the mr isn't necessary early but you will need it late game. But Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are fine as well if your enemy top laner is ap.

And finally i take 3 Greater Quintessence of Health Now i am aware that most people dislike these quints but i personally love them, mainly because it makes you look tankier, meaning that you have one more health bar, this is just for physiological reasons. 1st you could use Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage instead, but Renekton already has a huge amount of early attack damage from his abilities and marks, and i feel the extra attack damage is wasted since his abilities don't scale too well and he doesn't auto attack a lot compared to other top laners. 2nd you could use greater quintessence of armor penetration instead, but i like the extra tankyness over the damage.
(Mirai Nikki or Future Diary)

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These are pretty standard top lane 9/21/0 masteries for a few exceptions. first i put 3 points in Sorcery because Renekton has low base attack speed and his abilities have a large base amount of damage so i feel the cool down reduction helps more.

Secondly i put a point in Safeguard instead of an extra point of Juggernaut because when i play Renekton i like to tower dive a lot, especially at level 11 when i get the second point in Dominus. But if you find yourself not diving a lot then go for the second point in Juggernaut . I used to go 21/9/0 in season 2, but after the new mastery tree in season 3, well the new defense tree is op.

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So i normally start Doran's Shield and 1 pot because the extra health regen coupled with Cull the Meek gives you a lot of sustain in lane. But sometimes i start with Doran's Blade, i only do this if i am against a passive laner like Nasus, or anyone who is trying to survive until late game.

Now on your first back, you have three options, you can either start building into a Ravenous Hydra or start building into either a Sunfire Cape or a Spirit Visage, build the Ravenous Hydra if you are winning lane and want to snowball, this item is great for shoving the lane, Sunfire Cape if your lane opponent is ad or a Spirit Visage if they are ap. I like the Sunfire Cape because it synergies with Dominus and the health and armor are good. I also really like the Spirit Visage, because in my opinion it is still broken after the price increase, the cooldown reduction is amazing, the mr is really good because there are not very many good mr items, and the healing works with health regen and Cull the Meek. I've recently started building the Ravenous Hydra first in solo que and i love it. it gives you a lot of damage and is great AoE, and for the lane push, but i would only do this in solo que, in ranked 5s you will be able to trust your adc and mid laner to carry you so you only need to be a massive tank and zone their carries.

Now I buy level 2 boots after my first item, because I don't think Renekton needs the early movement speed because of his Slice and Dice. I either buy Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, I normally buy Mercury's Treads because I love the tenacity and the mr is nice as well since there aren't many good mr items. But say they have a vayne adc and an ad mid, then I buy Ninja Tabi. After boots I get either the Sunfire Cape or the Spirit Visage depending on what i bought first (if you got the hydra then build both of these items). After that we get a Randuin's Omen because Renekton's role is to dive into the back line and wreck havoc, this is why i love this item, the active slow and attack speed slow help you survive as you dive, the stats are also really good. I only leave this item out when the enemy team have 4 ap champions and their adc isn't carrying them.

Now I get a The Black Cleaver because by this time in the game everyone has armor and you need to shred it, this is easy to do as Renekton since his Slice and Dice and Cull the Meek apply the armor shred. So in teamfights you have to slice and dice through the enemy front line to get to the carries, this items help your team because as you slice and dice through, you reduce their armor and help your adc wreck their front line. Not to mention the health, attack damage, and cooldown reduction all help.

Now for the last item you have a few choices, i prefer to get a Frozen Mallet because the slow helps keep the enemy carries from running away and keeps them in range of Dominus, the damage also helps for finishing off the carries and you can never have too much health. But there are other options, my next favorite is Locket of the Iron Solari, but i only get this if they have a lot of ap and if my jungler or support don't get it themselves, and as a plus this gives your whole team mr,and again there are few good mr items out their. You can also get Guardian Angel if you find yourself being focused (being focused is a good thing for you) or if they have a lot of ap but their adc is doing well. I normally only get this if they have a fed vayne and 4 ap.

Warmog's Armor is also a good item, because the passive is increased by Spirit Visage, it is also good if their carries are buying a lot of Armor pen or Magic pen. If their carries have a Last Whisper AND a Void Staff then you can consider this item. But of course this item costs a lot of gold and after its nerf it isn't as strong as it used to be. Lastly you can always get a Maw of Malmortius, i used to always get this item before they introduced the new Spirit Visage. Now i prefer Spirit Visage since the stats are better for Renekton and its a lot cheaper. But you can always get this if they have 4 ap and their adc is doing bad.

I would like to take a moment to explain why I prefer Hydra over other aggressive items, such as BotRK and Trinity Force. Hydra is just great for shoving lanes and keeping up pressure in lanes, it gives you some nice life steal, more AoE, an auto attack reset, and the damage and health regen are great. Not to mention how cheap it is for all the great stuff it offers, its broken right now imo.

Now Blade of the Ruined King is just a really strong item no matter who it's on. The specific benefits to Renekton are the life steal (for the same reasons as Hydra), attack damage, and active. I prefer the Hydra to Botrk for many reasons, one the attack damage is three times as much on Hydra, second the AoE on Hydra helps more in team fights compared to the dueling power that Botrk gives you, third the extra health regen is worth the extra 100 gold. But Botrk is still a good item on Renkton, the active helps to stop the adc from getting away with the move speed steal and helps you kill them faster than Hydra. What most people forget about is the unique passive on Botrk, which gives you 5% of the enemy's health as bonus attack damage, which helps you kill tanks. Also the attack speed helps you get more fury, but Renekton has low base attack speed, which in turn means he scales badly with attack speed, but this item is still worth merit.

Now finally the Trinity Force this item is also really strong on anyone, but it has good benefits for Renekton. First the move speed it gives (its dismal but still is helpful) helps with chasing down carries coupled withe rage from Phage (Botrk is better for this), the spell blade proc from Sheen increases the damage from Ruthless Predator and the ap increase the damage on Dominus by like 5. The mana is a bit of a waste as is the crit from Zeal, unfortunately Ruthless Predator can not crit (if it could this item would be better than Botrk). In my opinion Botrk does everything that Tri force does on Renekton but better, attack speed (10% more on Botrk), chasing, damage (5 more on Tri force), etc. Not to mention Bortk is 528 gold less. So if you have a Tri force fetish or want your hands to be doubly red then this item is for you! If not I believe Botrk is better.
(Deadman Wonderland)

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Now starting Ruthless Predator at level 1 is a must. the damage and stun at level 1 are really strong, it helps if you are invading or are being invaded, not to mention if you have a little skirmish at level 1 in your lane you are gonna want the damage and stun to show him who is boss in your lane.

Then at level 2 you should have 50 fury, this is when you chunk them and start to deny them farm, this is why i take Slice and Dice at level 2. the idea is once you have 50 fury at level 2, is to slice at them (DO NOT DICE BECAUSE IT WILL USE YOUR 50 FURY AND YOUR DAMAGE WILL BE REDUCED BY A TON) then Ruthless Predator their face and watch them run away crying as you auto attack them and make sure to spam laugh (the damage from 50 fury Ruthless Predator at level 2 will do between 1/3 of their health to 1/6 depending on the enemy champion, what you started, their level, and what they started).

Then we take Cull the Meek and max it first so we never have to leave lane and make them cry as you regen all your health back from their petty harass. Then max Slice and Dice (if you have read my guide before then you will know I used to max my W before my E, but I have realized that I prefer to max E second) for a few reasons, first when you put points into E the damage from both the slice and the dice increases by 30, compared to the increase of 10 damage from W, secondly I like the cooldown shorter on my E than on my W, mostly because the mobility is a double dash and we need that up as soon as possible, also the stun on W isn't that great and it doesn't increase as you max it. Then lastly max Ruthless Predator. And of course put points into Dominus at 6, 11, and 16.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite You want to kill them right
Flash This is broken, abuse it

Other Options
Ghost You can take this instead of Flash but I prefer the extra mobility of hopping walls, and Flash is better for tower diving. Also since Slice and Dice has a long cooldown i like the third jump, because if you Slice and Dice to and enemy to close the distance and Flash to get in range for a Cull the Meek, they will rage and scream "TRYHARD" at their monitor and no doubt type in into chat in all caps. But some say that you don't need flash because you have a jump already, and they prefer the lower cooldown speed boost of ghost, its up to you.
Barrier Take this if you want your lane opponent to cry because they can't kill you. I never take this but if you do replace Ignite with this.
Teleport This is really good for creating map pressure and can help you carry your bot lane with a Teleport gank, not to mention the walk back to top takes forever and if you lack patience like me then this spell is for you. Replace Ignite with this. I normally only take this on mid laners, and farming top laners.

Umm... just no
Clairvoyance Supports don't even take this anymore
Clarity This is helpful if you find yourself having early mana problems. You know because Renekton has high mana costs...
Cleanse 1st off we get tenacity so we don't have to get this, and second this is an adc spell since they can't afford to waste item slots on tenacity.
Exhaust Meh, Ignite and Teleport are better.
Garrison No
Heal If you really want this, then just take Barrier its better.
Revive Only take this if you couple it with Teleport, because this way you will never miss farm, but people will think you are trolling.
Smite You aren't jungling.
(Elfen Lied)

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Top Lane match ups

7/10 : I've played this match up from both sides multiple times, and this is a hard lane for Renekton, from the Aatrox point of view you need to play safe until around level 6 and after that point Renekton can't win a 1v1. To win this match up you need to scare him early, go in early at level 2 and get your 50 fury Ruthless Predator on him and since he is squishy it will do a lot. Then you need to freeze the lane and jump on him every time he tries to farm, you need to try to stop him from autoing the minions, which is why we freeze the lane. If you get a kill on him early you will dominate the lane, but it's Aatrox and his passive makes this very difficult. Ask your jungler for help and get a The Brutalizer because damage helps against Aatrox better than tankyness (the more he can auto you the more he can heal (even if he can't kill you) so how do we stop him healing? by killing him faster of course!). If he gets a kill on you the lane is lost, just hug your turret, try your best to farm under the turret, and call for your jungler.

2/10 : This match up is fairly standard for Renekton, play aggresive early game (but not to aggressive, if you allow her to get ahead early by giving her a kill she will be able to beat you) and push the wave to the turret (if you do do this then make sure to buy wards because by shoving your lane then you are basically asking the enemy jungler to gank you). Akali has trouble farming under the turret at early levels, and an underfed Akali is a useless Akali. Akali is very weak from levels 1-5 so if you can deny her early farm then once she hits 6 she won't have the burst to kill you and you will be able to win a 1v1 no matter what point in the game. Just play aggressive, bully her, and shut her down and you will be more useful.

5/10 : This is a pretty boring match, basically cho'gath will never run out of health (if he can farm well enough) and he will be able to out sustain you. Cho'gath can farm under the turret well but he has to use abilities and he has high mana costs and a low mana pool.He is also very tanky even early on and he has good disengage, he is able to silence you and knock you up, which stops all your damage. The best way to handle this match up is to push the wave to the tower, ward up, and try to out farm him. Getting your jungler and/or mid laner to help you dive him is also really good, especially if he has a lot of stacks of Feast. Always, ALWAYS remember that he can take away a quater of your health with Feast, when i play Cho people always forget and don't expect you to kill them.

7/10 : Well, this is a total skill match up. You need to hit level 2 before him, if you do go in and manage to chunk him, he will have to stand back. If you can punish him every time he comes to harass you and farm. But remember Darius does a lot of early damage like you from his passive Hemorrhage (which is magic damage) and of course his Noxian Guillotine which does true damage. Your first item needs to be that Giant's Belt into the Sunfire Cape or if you killed him get a The Brutalizer because if Darius loses lane he will build tanky instead of damage. Just play safe and if you can't get an early advantage by getting him low, then just play safe and farm.

6/10 : Well you only have one option here, you need to shut her down early ( I like to start Long Sword 2 pots), from levels 1-6 Elise is very weak and you need to capitalize on this (get an early Doran's Blade if not two or a The Brutalizer). After levels 7-9 she just simply out scales you and can win a 1v1 if you don't get ahead. Don't push the minions to the turret, Elise can farm very well under the turret and you are going to need jungle help if you don't kill her early yourself.

4/10 : This is your match up to lose, Fiora has weak damage early game compared to Renekton, not to mention she is very squishy and best of all, her Riposte DOES NOT stop the stun from Ruthless Predator. Because Renekton's Ruthless Predator auto attacks TWICE, while Riposte blocks ONE auto attack allowing the stun to still work. Make sure to push the lane to the tower and ward up, Fiora has a horrible time farming under the tower. This match up is similar to Akali in the sense that if she is denied farm, then she is useless. Deny her gold and you can win a 1v1, DON'T let her get kills or she will snowball and be very careful when diving her because of her ultimate Blade Waltz because she become invulnerable for a long time.

4/10 : There are 2 types of Gangplank players, ones that use Parrrley to farm, and ones that use it to harass. Most will harass you at levels 1-3, then you put them in their place. I like to start Long Sword and 2 health pots, because GP is very squishy and the damage from your 50 fury Ruthless Predator will nuke him and make him realize he needs to Parrrley for farm, because if he tries to harass you, you will heal through it and destroy him. Also I don't take Doran's Blade because at levels 1-3 he will harass you and you need to be over half health to scare him off.

5/10 : I don't know whose idea it was for Garen to be a counter to Renekton but I disagree ("Garen is Steve Irwin" yeah sure, then that makes this Croc the only one Stevie couldn't catch). Garen and Renekton are actually similar in some aspects, they are both bullies, both ad casters, and are both manaless. For some reason all Garens are super cocky, i'm pretty sure their minds work something like this "If I Decisive Strike him every time its off cooldown and Judgment him afterwards then I don't need to worry about farm" Well unfortunately for him, you can actually win trades. What you need to do is wait for him to Decisive Strike and run at you, then prepare a Ruthless Predator for him, after he silences you and starts to spin keep autoing him and Cull the Meek in the minions wave for the healing. If you keep fighting you will win because while you are autoing you are gaining fury and your abilities will destroy, just fight him and he will have to fall back because once he is done spinning he loses most of his damage and your auto attacking is better than his (get a brutalizer). If he is passive (very rare) then freeze the wave and ask for jungle help, he farms well under the turret, and just try to out farm him. If he builds tanky then you will win every 1v1. Pfft Garen is Steve Irwin my ***.

6/10 : Well she can out sustain you, does true damage, has a good stun/slow, is naturally tanky, and she can farm incredibly well under the turret. This doesn't leave us with many options, the only option we have is to freeze the lane, call for jungle help, and try to out farm her. Get a The Brutalizer early. But of course diving her is very difficult with her Equilibrium Strike and healing from her Transcendent Blades, and with her Bladesurge it is very difficult to out farm her. This is really a skill match up, if she slips up and you get an early kill on her then you've won the lane, but vice versa, this is also the same.

5/10 : Jarvan is not played top a lot (only played against 2, both as Renekton) and this match up is interesting. He is actually very tanky early on without having to build tankyness allowing him to buy a damage item first because of Demacian Standard. Because of this he does a lot of unexpected damage, but of course we all know what happens when he uses Cataclysm, we can Slice and Dice our way in to it or out of it depending on the situation. And of course we can use an amazing wombo combo dubbed the 'Cage of Malaria' ( Cataclysm + Dominus (also known as 'The Malaria Shield', refer to the video at the beginning of the guide)). Whether he is on your team or not this combo works. In lane he is a good duelist and can push just as well as you, not to mention he can farm under the turret well, so pushing the lane to the tower won't work, we could win a fight early on but his passive hurts, freezing the lane and calling for jungle help won't work either because he escapes ganks easily with his Q&E. Either get ahead early and try to zone him or if that fails just focus on farming.

4/10 : Whenever i see a Jax picked before me i always pick Renekton, he is just such a solid counter. Jax is relatively weak until 6, and even then he power spikes when he hits level 9ish (or when he gets his trinity), so you can easily bully him early levels, the only thing to watch out for is his Counter Strike but this is easily dodged with Slice and Dice. He can be hard to kill at times, so the best method if you fail to kill him early is to freeze the lane and zone him, you need to deny him farm before he becomes the late game anti-carry that he is. Bully him early with you 50 fury Ruthless Predator which Counter Strike does not block, and zone him.

10/10 : This is probably one of the hardest match ups you will face as Renekton. He will make your life hell, he will poke you every time you try to farm denying you farm and fury, he has great disengage with his Thundering Blow to stop your damage. He does about the same amount of damage as you hammer form and can change to ranged to poke and harass you. You have only 2 option to survive this lane, first start either Elixir of Fortitude and 3 health pots or Long Sword and 2 health pots, and just try to kill him at level 1-3, if he is cocky you might just get lucky enough and get first blood, if you do you have escaped the hell that is Jayce vs Renekton, and from there you can keep bullying him. But keep in mind killing at level 2 is very difficult to do and if you mess up and die, well, its over. You might want to go 21/9/0 but you are leaving yourself open to counter attack and minion aggro, your choice. Secondly you can take the safer route and start normally and just try to survive, ask for ganks, he will push the lane with his Shock Blast. Avoid this match up at all costs, if you are in 5 premade team, consider a lane swap, but of course he does better in a 2v1 lane.

9/10 : This is the second hardest match up you will face (second only to Jayce), she has the same deal as Jayce, she has good poke and can auto you, because of this she can zone you and deny you farm and fury. She also has good disengage with her Reckoning which slows you and Divine Blessing which gives her a speed boost and heals her. She also has her Intervention which means you will never kill her. You also have the same two options as with Jayce, start red pot or long sword and kill her early (this is slightly easier since she can't poke you from level 1 like jayce, and because she is squishier) or start normally and tough it out, she is slightly harder to gank though so i prefer the first option.

8/10 : This is a very similar match to that of Kayle but slightly easier, mostly because at level 2 he probably won't have his Lightning Rush but that's about it. Start red pot or long sword and kill him early, or tough it out, but he is even more difficult to gank than Kayle thanks to his Lightning Rush. He can also start harassing from level 1 like Jayce, not fun, not to mention he destroys team fights, and rushes a Seeker's Armguard.

3/10 : Kha'zix is an assassin, he doesn't cope well against full tanks, he does quite badly against offtanks as well, for many reasons, mainly being he can't 1 shot you, actually his damage is pitiful after you get your Sunfire Cape, but keep in mind he does a good bit of damage early game with his Unseen Threat and if you are isolated Taste Their Fear does the most damage of any ability at level 3. But as long as you aren't isolated you will win a 1v1, fighting in the minions helps you in 2 ways, less damage from him, and more healing from your Cull the Meek. Just chunk him early and zone him, remember if the trade goes badly for you don't go back in, just till 6 then fight him again and you will tanky enough to win. Don't push the wave to the turret for 2 reasons, he can farm well under turret and he can heal with his Void Spike. If you freeze the lane he will run out of mana because he will have to Void Spike to farm and then you can deny him farm, once he out of mana that is. If Kha'zix is put behind early he falls off and becomes useless.

6/10 : This is a total skill match up, you are both early game bruiser who bully and are manaless. The way to win trades is the same as Kha'zix, fight in the minion wave, for 2 reasons, the healing from Cull the Meek and because in a minion wave it is much harder for Lee to land his Sonic Wave. Technically Lee can also heal in a minion wave much like you, but it is harder to do, and for it to do any significant healing he will have to be at least level 6-7 and be maxing Iron Will, then once he uses Iron Will he would use Tempest and since Iron Will gives spell vamp this would heal him, but I've only seen one Lee Sin smart enough to do this. Lee farms well under the turret so forget about pushing the wave into the turret, if you get ahead freeze the lane, but of course he can farm with his Sonic Wave, if you want to be a **** then you can take his Sonic Wave and deny him farm while spamming laugh. If he gets an early kill on you hug your turret, call for jungle help, and try to out farm him.

7/10 : Lissandra counters basically any melee off tank, or any melee for that fact. She has good poke, and good disengage, the only reason she is not as high as Jayce and friends is because she doesn't have the damage to stop you from farming. Sure she can Ice Shard you but if she does spam it she will run out of mana fast leaving her weak to counter attack, but if she waits every 18 seconds to Ice Shard for free by using her passive Iceborn then you will be able to heal through and farm, not to mention her Ice Shard is hard to hit if it doesn't go through minions. She is also pretty tanky for a mage. You could say she can auto you, but lets be honest, her autos aren't going to stop us from farming, not to mention she will probably take more damage from minion aggro since she has such a short auto range. The other reason she is difficult to lane against is because of her Ring of Frost which roots you in place if you get close to her, so as soon as you Slice and Dice in she will Ring of Frost you then land an easy Ice Shard and walk away. Some Lissandra's use their Ring of Frost to farm, if you see this, immediately go in, her Ring of Frost has a long cooldown. The good thing though is that you can time your Ruthless Predator to interrupt her Glacial Path since it is canceled by hard cc. To win this try to get an early kill if you get the chance, if you do then freeze the lane since she can farm well under the turret. If you can't then just try to out farm her, be careful of ganks, junglers lover ganking for her.

6/10 : Well you aren't going to be able to kill him at any part of the game, mainly because his Brutal Strikes gives him bonus armor and he stacks armor anyway because his Ground Slam scales off armor. The good thing is that his Ground Slam doesn't counter us because it reduces attack speed and we don't need attack speed. To win this you should just try to out farm him, pushing the wave to the turret is a good idea, since he doesn't farm well under the turret unless he uses his abilities, and malphite has high mana costs and a low mana pool. If you see that he has taken Teleport then be ready to Slice and Dice or even flash at him to land your Ruthless Predator and interrupt it since this will help your team a lot.

6/10 : The new Master Yi is a very good laner, he has good poke, and good sustain with his Meditate. We can win a 1v1 at about levels 1-5, after this point he has too much damage, he is a lot like Jax in the since that the longer the fight goes on for the stronger he becomes with his Double Strike. After levels 1-5 if you haven't gotten a kill on him just sit back and let him push the wave (his only source of poke Alpha Strike pushes the wave) and call for jungler help, he will push the wave and expose himself to ganks, he also has no escapes, if you don't count his Highlander. If he uses his Highlander when you gank then just tell your jungler to do wolves and come back since that is his only escape. Also if he starts to Meditate then go in and Ruthless Predator him, his new Meditate is **** and doesn't tank as well as it used to.

5/10 : Mordekaiser is almost never seen top anymore (or any where else for that matter) and for good reason, after they changed it so you could only get 5 health pots he seemed to just disappear, mainly because in early levels before he can buy any spell vamp his abilities hurt his health a lot since they cost health, in exchange his passive gives him a shield Iron Man if he hits stuff with his abilities for a short period decaying over time, this makes him a strong lane opponent and trader once he gets spell vamp. The reason he is difficult to lane against as Renekton is after he gets life steal he can harass you while pushing the wave and wins trades, i would say wait until his shield is down, then go in, but he never stops using his abilities so it will never be down. To beat Mordekaiser you need to take advantage of his weak early game and zone him, don't push the lane since he farms well under the turret, but he lacks long range abilities so if you zone him he will have low farm or low health his choice. If you can shut him down early game he will become useless since he has no cc. Also when you want to go all in and you are 6, let him Children of the Grave you first then use your Dominus because his Children of the Grave steals a percentage of your health.

5/10 : This is a fun match up, not only because it is thematically (them being brothers and all) but because you both have similar kits but you have different views about laning. As Nasus your goal is to just farm, survive, farm some more, and then wreck late game when your Siphoning Strike starts to half hit people. And our job as Renekton is to ruin his day and stop him from farming, we do this easily by first chucking him at level 2 (he is squishy at early levels) and freezeing the lane. Don't push the wave to the turret, he farms VERY well under the turret and he heals when he autos like Aatrox and Tryndamere, so if we freeze the lane then this kills two birds with one stone. It is very difficult to kill him in lane, and trying to do so will push the wave so we need to be aggressive enough to zone him but don't push the lane. But wards since he is good with junglers at killing you, his Wither makes you old as **** and you basically can't move for about 3 seconds, but the good thing is it reduces attack speed so this doesn't affect us. Shut him down early and you will be more useful. Also his Fury of the Sands is just a better version of your Dominus it gives him health, attack damage, cast range increase for his spells, and AoE damage around him. Our Dominus only gives us 2 of those, which sucks, but at least we look cooler in our Dominus.

5/10 or 8/10 : Now you will notice I put 2 ratings for this match up, one is for AD bruiser/Hybrid Nidalee, and one is for AP Nidalee. They are in that order the first is AD Nidalee/Hybrid which I gave 5/10 because In lane it isn't very good, sure she can auto you but she has a short auto range and you can easily Slice and Dice in and chunk her, and she has low sustain since her Primal Surge scales off AP. AD/Hybrid Nidalee is a strong split pusher but is weak in lane, if you can get a early kill on her the lane is yours, if not just zone her and freeze the lane, out farm her and she won't be able to split push.

Now, I have to give a shout out to Tomahh ( for this match up and I must say it sucks. AP Nidalee is a very strong laner, you will always have to be wary of her Javelin Toss, since it actually does damage, she has a really good heal, and she does good damage in Aspect Of The Cougar. The reason that this is such a hard match up, is because she is very good at kiting, if you Slice and Dice into her she will run straight for the pushes, if she ever leaves them. Because of her Prowl she will get a big movement speed bonus from the bushes, so she will auto, run, auto, run, throw a Javelin Toss and you've lost the trade, if you even did any damage in the first place, oh and she can also heal herself for about a quarter of her health. Your only chance is to catch her off guard early game, like level 2, and hopefully get her really low or kill her, if you can't then just try to out farm her, you can call for jungle help but it is Nidalee and she can just Pounce away.

5/10 : After his nerf (and the nerf to Warmog's Armor) a while ago Olaf has been weak compared to his old op self. I used to play a lot of Olaf, and his new changes aren't that helpful, now his Reckless Swing scales off of his AD, they did this because late game this spell was pretty useless, but now the scaling is bad, and now its less useless (still useless) and in exchange they nerfed its early damage so now you can't dominate lane by maxing it anymore, but i digress. In lane against Olaf try not to stand in the minion wave since his Undertow goes through minions, also every time you walk up to farm he will Reckless Swing you (which used to chunk your lane opponents) which still hurts, but at early levels you have the advantage, try to zone him, he farms well under the turret so shoving the lane won't help, because of his Berserker Rage he is good at extended fights, and he thrives at low health, since he is able to sustain it back better with his Vicious Strikes. If the early game does not go well for you then let him push the lane with Undertow and Vicious Strikes and call for your jungler since he doesn't have any escapes, although he does have a cc immunity.

7/10 : This is a complete skill match up, his Aegis Protection blocks the damage from our Ruthless Predator but not the stun, although Pantheon does a lot of damage early game, so missing the damage from Ruthless Predator will make you lose the trade. This is where the skill part comes in, you win the trade if you can auto him to break his passive and then Ruthless Predator, but he wins if he uses his Aegis of Zeonia to reactivate the passive in time to block your Ruthless Predator. You need to be the one to start the fight, because he won't, he will poke you down with his Spear Shot. A good item start to counter this is a Rejuvenation Bead, 1 ward, and 5 health pots. This is very good against Pantheon because if you have 5 health pots and the regen bead then he will run out of mana before you run out of health, the ward is also good because you want to make sure the enemy jungler isn't there when you go in. Go in level 2 and make sure to break his passive then Ruthless Predator, this should allow you to win the trade. If you get ahead early, shove the lane so he can't roam with his Grand Skyfall.

6/10 : Let's all just take a moment and thank God (or whatever deity you pray to) that nobody plays Poppy. She is horrible to lane against, if played well she can survive your early damage and then she can win a 1v1 fight later in the game. Her Paragon of Demacia gives her a **** ton of armor and allows her to move really fast, this allows her to take no damage from us and she can chase/run away easily. she also has a stun Heroic Charge which is hard to land because she has to knock you into a wall for the stun to proc, but it is also a gap closer. Her Diplomatic Immunity increases her damage to whichever target she selects and she can only take damage from this one target for a few seconds, this makes her very good at tower diving since the turrets can't hurt her for a while. If she does dive you with her Diplomatic Immunity then you need to kite. Give her a quick stun then start to run around your turret, Slice and Dice when necessary. After her Heroic Charge she has no more gap closers, keep in mind she can stun you against the turret, it works like vayne's Condemn. To win this match up, you need to go in early and shut her down, early game she is still tanky put she has no damage, just try to bully her and zone her, she farms well under the turret so try to freeze the lane.

5/10 : As with any mirror match this is a total skill match up, oddly enough the Renekton that goes with tankyness over damage will win. If he goes for early damage then just play safe and out farm him, if he goes tankyness, don't be afraid to bully him a little, why players who play very passively early game play Renekton I don't know. This is actually really fun, and getting more fury than him is the way to win trades, if you get fury before him go in immediately. We know that Renekton farms well under the turret so we need to freeze the lane if we win early.

7/10 : This is a difficult match up from both sides, but more so for us. Rengar has one of the highest level 2 all ins in the game, once he hits level 2 with 5 ferocity Unseen Predator he will walk into the push and leap at you and he will hurt. Landing a level 1 Ruthless Predator is a very good idea, since he will probably start Bola Strike (if he is good). Also keep in mind that he might be hiding in the river bush/tri bush to hurt you at level 1. So if you help at blue and you are on blue side, then walk the long way around, also if you are on purple side and help at red, then walk the long way around and avoid the tri bush. If you get level 2 before him do not hesitate to go in, if you can chunk him before he is level 2 and doesn't have 5 ferocity then he will not be able to do his level 2 all in. If you get ahead early, then shove the lane, he farms well under the turret but if you don't shove it, he will roam with Thrill of the Hunt and make a come back, we must not let him do this.

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