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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kha'Zix Build Guide by vaskouf

Middle Easy Way To Diamond!

Middle Easy Way To Diamond!

Updated on July 3, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author vaskouf Build Guide By vaskouf 41 17 205,159 Views 74 Comments
41 17 205,159 Views 74 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author vaskouf Kha'Zix Build Guide By vaskouf Updated on July 3, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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First of all i want to give some credits to Dyrus the solotop of the team Solomid Snapdragon...i got some paragraphs from him for help ... because some kids are mad and cry all the time :).So Here we go!

This guide will teach you the basics from my point of view of how to play Kha'Zix. He is an evolving bug that has poke, resets, two escapes, two cc's (both slows) a single target melee nuke, mobility, and a unique evolving system with his levels. He is meant to be a very mobile poke assassin who does tons of damage and can carry games, or clean up team fights very well. In my opinion he is slightly overpowered in today's meta and is a high threat difficult target to deal with if fed or played properly.

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Pros / Cons



+ Super bursty
+ Low CD on a strong skill
+ Dumbest harass ever
+ Powerful gap closer
+ Flexible
+ Is good at all stages of the game.
+ Great dueler (1v1)
+ Decent lane sustain
-Prone to early ranged aggression
-Must manage mana
-Hard to control
-Requires good positioning
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The best setup for Kha'Zix and here's why.

Kha'Zix is a clean up/poke it's your job being able to do enough damage.Enough to make enemies poop their pants when they notice their screen is gray because somehow, they just died.


This setup is for people who know they will get focused hard or for those who want to be the first in the fight, but you are Kha'Zix, so you should be no where near the first in the fight unless you are chunking someone to almost zero for the reset to escape.
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Fleet Footwork
Dark Harvest
Phase Rush

Obviously, i dont like to have only flat ad so a decent armor pene is good.Flat armor is essential. You are a melee champion. AP mids have autoattacks. Early game, they hurt without any armor.Magic resistance per level is fantastic on Kha'Zix.I wouldn't switch these out with anything else.But also i have some flat magic pene for early heavy magic damage.

The armor and mr is there for whoever you lane against, an AD, AP, or a hybrid. You can replace yellows and blues for something else when the enemy is...

1. pure AD / switch blues.
2. pure AP / switch yellows (not recommended since armor saves lives)
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Summoner Spells


1) Ignite because it helps you finish off or gives you 5 ad and ap which help with last hitting or the 5 ap scales with your w slightly.

2) Flash because it can be used defensively and offensively. a very needed mid lane tool you can't afford to give up for anything other then ghost.


Great summoner and great for trading. But I still prefer Ignite .

You can if you want to but I'd still get ignite.Good vs good nukers.

You can but Flash is better for Kha'Zix.

You need this 100% if you are jungling to steal buffs, clear camps faster etc.

I dont even have to comment...

Not a good choise after nerf.

I prefer Ignite and Flash if you want cleanse get a Quicksilver Sash

Not necessary since you buy Tear of the Goddess

Good for helping other lanes but i still prefer Ignite Flash to be aggressive to my lane.

Better get a Guardian Angel.
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Skill Explanation

Passive: Unseen Threat


Auto attack that does extra damage and slows the enemy.Don't underestimate this, make sure you proc this instead of spamming q if possible for when chasing.

Q: Taste Their Fear


Great trading/farming tool. Low mana cost, Low cooldown, High Damage.

W: Void Spike


Sustain, poke, aoe poke at 6, slow. Ridiculous poke skill.Good for cleaning waves.

E: Leap


Escape/Gap Closer, becomes ridiculous range when evolved, you also get resets to spam E and use your low CD Q to finish off fleeing low enemies.

R: Void Assault


Great for escapes, 1 second engages when the enemy is caught off guard. Speeds you up and gives you invis.
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Skill Order and Evolve

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I max Void Spike (W) because it has ridiculous sustain, aoe poke(at 6).

You have two choices after maxing Void Spike (W), either Taste Their Fear (Q) or Leap (E). Max Leap (E) if you know you're going to get resets in fights and hit enemies with your E, but the safest thing to do is max Taste Their Fear (Q) since it's such a low CD with high damage anyways.

At lvl 6 i have to evolve since it give you high sustain , aoe poke and makes farm much easier.On lvl 11 you MUST evolve since it gives you a great escape and gap Closer, also has ridiculous range when evolved and it's CD is refreshed after a kill or assist.

On lvl 16 you can evolve either Allows Void Assault to be cast up to three times. Kha'Zix also takes 40% reduced damage while in stealth and can use Unseen Threat easier.
Or you can evolve if the enemy team is stacking health since itincreases damage to isolated targets by 12% of their missing health and the range of Taste Their Fear by 50 or you need more damage and you are sure that you wont die easy in teamfights.

So it is like this! :
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Item Build


x2 x4sight ward Very good vs vs ap to set up tear.


x3 If you want to abuse.


x5 Vs ad.



Good vs ap/cc.
Good vs ad.
Great when there is no threat of being killed when poking. Increases poke efficiency by reducing the cd by 15%.
Great for roaming if you beat your lane very badly. lane ganks/ fog of war ganks/ following up/farming.


Anti armor, usually bought every game.
If GA is not in reach and HP seems to be more effective, go for warmogs. You can never go wrong with HP once you have the damage if you sit on Giant's Belt.
Ridiculous with the Taste Their Fear (Q), hits really hard.
Can't go wrong with a GA if you can afford it after damage. Instead of Warmog's Armor.
This is the more important item for Kha'Zix since it gives 100 damage if fully stacked and lifesteal working perfectly with his combos.
Good anti ad item for it's value. HP + slow great combo vs tons of AD.
Good vs heavy ap.
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Match Ups and Counters

Now before I get into the specifics of this match up, lets talk about what Kha'Zix counters and what not. Kha'Zix is a high burst champion with an incredible gap closer. This is an absolute nightmare to those squishy champions. If you're an ADC, you're gonna need to kite Kha'Zix so the typical item that's going to counter Kha'Zix is Frozen Mallet also if you are getting focused hard rush Guardian Angel so when he use Leap he wont be able to Leap out because you wont die since you will get rivived from Guardian Angel.

So how do tanks counter Kha'Zix? Well simple, like any AD champion is countered, you need to focus on stacking armor. So things like Chain Vest and Randuin's Omen.Any armor items make it the ideal counter. Here's a list: Frozen Heart , Runic Bulwark , Sunfire Aegis , Randuin's Omen , Thornmail.


What do these champs all have in common? Well, they all build tanky and still do damage. These champions are the ones that are going to give you the most trouble. Your best bet in this lane is to just farm as most of them have sustain or will build it at some point in the game. They can also out-trade you pretty hard so you want to try and steer clear against these champs.

Darius Now this guy is one tough cookie. His hemmorage stacks make it nearly impossible to trade with him. To win this lane, don't let him auto attack you. Its extra damage you don't need. Instead, try to bait out his Decimate by pretending to walk up to a minion to last hit it. It will not only shove the lane but it opens the ideal time to trade with him. By the time his Decimate is up again, you can get x2 Taste Their Fear , an auto attack with Unseen Threat as well a Void Spike . Also , always save you Leap. If Darius pulls you in a gank or in a bad exchange for you, you can simply leap away. Once Darius hits 6, never let him stack his hemmorage on you 5 times. His ultimate will deal 320/500/680. (+1.5AD) Remember to abuse the bushes because you always want that extra damage and slow from your passive.

Garen was one of those super annoying champions that you always hated to see. Because of his 0.5% health regen. Even with the 0.4% health regen nerf, his sustain is still annoying to deal with. To win this lane, trade with him when all his cooldowns are down. They are relatively long so you can get some hefty damage in on him. Make sure to keep attacking him while his health is down so that he doesn't regen it all back.

Lee Sin The Blind Monk, one of the most annoying champions. Its extremely difficult to trade with him. Essentially, he is one of the hardest champions to win lane against because of his sustain, shield and damage output. So how do you win? Don't let him get auto attacks on you and try to avoid his E. When fighting with him, make sure he doesn't land a Sonic Wave on you. To avoid this, try and stay close and behind your minions. He's tricky because he can slow you and dash away. Try to avoid the slows and you should be on your way to win.

Kayle Kayle is an absolute nightmare to deal with. She's ranged, has a slow, a haste and sustain. Winning this lane is essentially impossible against a good Kayle. This is a lane you need to just try to farm. If Kayle uses her Righteous Fury , Leap out of it if you're taking too much damage. Just try to survive and kindly ask your jungler for help.

Ryze is one of the champions you don't want to see in lane. With his low cooldowns, ranged harass, tankiness and almost unlimited mana pool. When you're in top lane, try to abuse the bushes so that he can't get free harass out on you. What you need to remember is to jump on him when he uses his Rune Prison. After he uses that, you're free to Leap on him. Now many of you may think that this isn't a tough match up, but a good Ryze will beat a good Kha'Zix. Just remember to not take so much harass in lane and you should be fine.

RumbleWhy is this Rumble apart of the nightmare tier? Mainly because he's a pain to deal with. His Electro-Harpoon and his Flamespitter just does a ton of damage at early levels. Now this doesn't mean he's impossible to beat. The main thing you need to know is that all of Rumble's abilities are 6 seconds. This information is valuable to know when trading. Every time he uses an ability, you have 6 seconds to compensate for that damage. Also, whenever Rumble overheats (the little bar underneath him is red) you should get as much damage in as possible because he can't use an ability. If you can't possibly trade with him, try to bait out his flamespitter and buy a Hexdrinker early.


Elisecan be a tricky champion to play against. The reason behind this is because of her poke and two forms. At level 3, Elise will technically have 6 abilities, making her extremely strong.Her (Q)( Neurotoxin(human) or Venomous Bite (spider)) is the source of her main damage and taking poke from that is inevitable. You can't jump on her every time her (Q)( Neurotoxin(human) or Venomous Bite (spider)) is down because the cooldown isn't as long.Try to poke from a distance with your Void Spike. Luckily, Elise is a mana heavy champion. Unfortunately, Elise's Spider Form uses no mana. Jump on her when she has no mana and she tries to farm, abuse her with your Taste Their Fear.

Irelia is still one of the best champions to play in the top lane. Her kit is absolutely amazing. She has a stun/slow, true damage and a gap closer. Well how do you beat her?Don't ever fight her while her Hiten Style is active.That's pretty much the key to beating Irelia. Try to get some free damage onto her with your Taste Their Fear as well.Now trying to hit Irelia while she dashes around is tough, so if you're having trouble with that, just click her while using an ability and as soon as she is within range, you will hit her. Eventually, Irelia will out-tank you, however, avoid this by shutting her down early.

Jax His hybrid damage and kit make him exceptionally hard to lane with. Fortunately for you, shutting him down early is easy. If he tries to Counter Strike you, don't fight him, give him an auto attack with your passive up to slow him. If he attempts to jump to you, you have your Leap , to hop out of range. Make sure constantly Taste Their Fear whenever he tries to last hit a creep. You should be doing that with any melee champion. Eventually at level 6, he will begin doing immense amounts of damage so try to shut him down early.

Jayce Another champion that has 6 skills at level 3. Typically, any Jayce player might not even get a point into his Lightning Field / Hyper Charge (W).Now, how do we beat a ranged guy who can auto attack you to death? Well, Jayce's hammer form can slow you and knock you back. This can be a good thing. Most of the time, Jayce will be farming in his ranged form. All you need to do is avoid his Shock Blast + Acceleration Gate combo as that is where most of his damage comes from. When possible, use your Leap o jump on him then just Taste Their Fear or Void Spike at close range. When he does this, he will most likely panic and go into hammer form, knocking you away. Most of the time, you will out-trade him.

Nidalee can be a tough match up. Unfortunately, her auto attacks can hurt. What you need to do to win this match up is to jump on Nidalee with every opportunity you get. Before 6, you can literally jump her with all your skills. Make sure you're not doing it with too many creeps around and eventually you just completely snowball your lane. At level 6 she can kite you quite well, so be sure to harass her and shut her down at early levels. Try not to let her farm and make her afraid of you.AVOID HER Javelin Toss.

Nunu & Willump One of the absolute most annoying match ups there is. Why? Nunu has sustain and an annoying slow. What you should be doing is attacking him when he goes to last hit. You can't outsustain him so your best bet is to just get him low to the point where he's too afraid to even consume a minion. Try to ask your jungler for help. Once you have that first kill and level 6, you can snowball your way to victory. Don't ever try and chase him while you're slowed. You'll take unnecessary damage on the way.When he uses Absolute Zero just Leap out.

Pantheon Now with the unlimited sustain start, he can literally throw spears at you, poking you down before you can regen most of your health. Not only that, he can jump on you (relatively short distance) and stun you. The great thing is, after level 6, he really doesn't have an ultimate that is useful in lane. When his skills are down, try to jump on him early. once you hit 6, you should be doing devastating damage to him, especially if you get a The Brutalizer first. Don't allow him to roam too much though. You don't want him picking up unnecessary kills. If he does, shove your lane or follow him to wherever he's going. Chances are he'll only roam if he's losing or if other lanes are losing.

Renekton This champions kit is really annoying. He can essentially Slice and Dice , Ruthless Predator (STUN) and wave clear really early. With stacks of fury, he becomes extremely tough to deal with. What you have to do to win this lane is to harass him down. His cooldowns are relatively long. Try to bait out his skills, once he does this, jump him and use the bushes to your advantage. He can't necessarily do anything back besides auto attack. Never initiate against him however. He will win the trades if you do.

Tristana AP Tristana is what I'm talking about. Not a tough champion to beat but extremely bursty and annoying. Be careful when trading with her. Her range increases and she levels up. Thing is, she can jump with Rocket Jump away from you. Keep her health low and make sure you always have a lot of health. She's going to poke you down so every time you can Leap on her you should. If she tries to initiate on you, all in her. After level 6, stay healthy and you will kill her with a few items.

Yorick Now, this guy is tricky for one reason. The match up is extremely different for everybody. I mean, its kind of like that for everybody right? Not so much Yorick. This is a champion which could be shut down if you just play it right. Now a lot of people hate Yorick, for obvious reasons. He can heal, slow and just slowly widdle you down until you're nothing but an empty shell. Luckily for you, you're Kha'Zix.You can easily burst him down from 100-50. Okay so the first thing you should know is to not let him get free heal. His ghouls are what makes him.Try to stay outside the brushes UNTIL he summons a Ghoul. Then simply walk into a brush and the Ghoul switches agro. When he uses them, just jump him and unleash your combo on him.Just don't let his red Ghoul attack you or the minions. Kill it a.s.a.p as it heals him.

Zed Personally, Zed isnt that weaker Kha'Zix. One thing he has on you is that he's energy based.Now how do you beat him? Its actually really simple. His Razor Shuriken s a skill shot, dodge it. His Shadow Slash is an AOE surrounding him at close range, bait it out and avoid it. His skills consume a lot of energy, so if you see that he has <25% energy, jump him. Also, if he uses his Living Shadow , jump him then as well. Most of his damage is amplified through the fact that he can manipulate his damage through a shadow.You should be able to beat him before 6. After 6, utilize your Void Assault and confuse him if he initiates on you and get a few auto attacks with your Taste Their Fear. Fight him when his Death Mark is on cooldown. When he use Death Mark on you just use Void Assault and Leap out.


Now this lane is purely based on your skill. Sure you have room to make mistakes, but playing the proper way can push you an early lead. People have to remember that you need to make the right decisions and know how much damage and sustain you have.

Ahri She's extremely potent and has essentially more flexibility to roam than a Kha'Zix. After 6, Ahri will be a difficult champion to beat because of her Spirit Rush so don't waste your Leap If she initiates with her ult, wait until she only has 1 stack left in her Spirit Rush and don't get hit by her Charm . Pre-6 should be a lot easier. You can beat her early. She's mana heavy and relies a lot on her ability to hit skill shots. Bait out her Charm as much as you can. Any Ahri that I know will try to use it and combo a Orb of Deception in there. When she uses her Charm, the cooldown is long so jump her and just destroy her. Simple enough.

Anivia Essentially to get one kill on her, you're going to have to kill her twice because of her Rebirth.Now, Anivia has one auto-lock skill, a useless wall and a skill shot. Pre-6, you can kill Anivia pretty easily. Leap, Void Spike, Taste Their Fear. Her Crystallize (wall) is pretty useless and 90% of the time they'll use it when panicked or in fear. The cooldown is long so don't expect it to be up for a while. Use this to get as close you as you can and demolish her. One she hits 6, though her Glacial Storm doesn't deal much damage, she can slow you and it makes it pretty hard for you to get close to her. By then she will just be clearing waves and farming so you should do the same. Don't fight unless the opportunity arises.

Akali i can be tricky but not impossible. Her burst damage is up there with Kha'Zix but only after 6.This doesn't mean you should slack. Akali's Mark of the Assassin (Q) is essentially free poke and her energy costs are relatively low.Don't let her proc mark after/if she hits you with her Mark of the Assassin as its unwarranted damage. She can't necessarily farm with just her abilities so use your Taste Their Fear to deal as much harass you can to her before she shrouds or goes for a minion. When she shrouds, don't stand close to it as it puts you at a disadvantage. Stay close to the minions but out of range of the shroud. At 6, she can burst you can quite quickly. To help with this match up, I recommend rushing a Hexdrinker.

Annie Another AP mid champion. You can destroy her, just remember one thing: her stun( Pyromania). Make sure she doesn't have it up and jump her after you hit level 3. The amount of damage you deal is extraordinary. Don't take free poke in lane either. Only fight her at full health. Avoid the stun and thats all.

Diana Diana is kind of like Akali. What you need to do is avoid her Crescent Strike (Q) .Thats step one. Her skills are pretty costly in terms of mana so use that to your advantage. She is a Melee champion so when she goes to last hit, Taste Their Fear her and you pretty much have your lane under control. At 6, her burst goes up but nowhere like Akali. She can only dash to you twice (max). Don't get hit by her Crescent Strike and you will be absolutely fine. Make sure you learn the pattern at which is fires out at. [Hint: its it the shape of a crescent moon]

Evelynn You should absolutely annihilate this champion. The reason why some people don't is because her damage output isn't as high as yours. Sure, her Hate Spike (Q) practically has no cooldown but your Taste Their Fear does a lot more damage and also has a low cooldown. Coupled with your passive, just slow her and get as much damage you can on every trade. Don't worry, if she initiates on you, she's running into her death. Just attack her while she farms and every other open opportunity to get. Don't forget to always throw a pink deep in your lane so that you can warn your lane when you don't see her. Most of the time, you'll be in lane by yourself farming after she realizes she can't trade with you.

Fizz Fizz is fun and everybody knows it. He's actually quite strong and can trade quite well. Too bad he's mana heavy and has long cooldowns. Since he's Melee, auto attack and Taste Their Fear as much as possible when he goes in for a creep. He can hop away from you but thats about it. Abuse him and if he initiates on you, throw out a combo on him and he won't ever initiate on you again.

LeBlanc can be a devastating champion. She's a one hit wonder champion that can burst you down quick and run away. Honestly, here's the trick to beating her. When she jumps to you and dashes back, you jump to her back. Her cooldowns are long so don't be afraid of the immense amount of damage she deals initially. After she throws everything out, she'll have nothing but auto atttacks. Rush a Hexdrinker and you will definitely win your lane.

Lux Another back and fourth champion. All you need to do is one thing, dodge her bind and you win. Bait out her bind and when she fails it, jump her and unleash hell. Thats literally all there is to it.

Olaf A champion that deals true damage. A bit frightening but not really. Eventually it'll be hard to kill a guy who is immune to CC and literally just builds health. As usual, use your auto attacks and Taste Their Fear as much as you can on him. Most of the time he'll Reckless Swing you with his axes. If he continues to fight you, just keep kiting and attacking while using your skills. Just don't let him continue to pick up his axes and you will be fine in the lane.

Rengar is your counterpart. Everything you hate is in this guy. He's not played very often but when he is, he's easy to beat. The thing is, he's one of the other champions that will abuse the brushes. Just don't fight him when he has 5 stacks and thats the obvious thing. When he leaps out at you to get a minion or attack you, just use your skills on him. His skills compared to yourself do absolutely no damage.

Riven One of the strongest level 3 champions. Her Broken Wings coupled with auto attacks is strong, real strong. Don't let her unleash this damage out on you, ever. She has a stun which also does a lot of damage. She also has a shield. Trading with her is difficult but thats okay. Here's how you win. If she stuns you, most likely will follow up with her [Q]-AA-[Q]-AA-[Q]-AA combo.What you need to do when she stuns you is Taste Their Fear once and Leap away.Even with her Broken Wings and Valor she won't be able to catch up to you.Her cooldowns aren't that long but long enough for you to go back and fight her. Your Taste Their Fear cooldown is less than 3 seconds so use it as many times as you want. Utilize the bush for slows and auto attacks and Void Spike at close range to heal and damage. At level 6, avoid fighting her with her ult. If you absolutely have to fight, save your Void Assault to try to confuse her in place of her ultimate. Its a very skill based match up but with the right mechanics, you'll do great!

Singed Don't run through his poison.Reset your passive each time and use your Taste Their Fear and auto attacks.If he flips you, which he will, jump back to him and get another Taste Their Fear and AA off. After that, just avoid his Poison Trail and just fight him on your own time. The trades might be quite similar but still, you can continue to out trade him. Just don't run around in his poison trail like a fool.

Syndra At level 6, she's bursty.....thats about it. Sure she can poke you with her mana heavy Dark Sphere's and push you away with her even mana heavier Force of Will but you can jump her and combo her all the time. After level 6, just be a little careful. She can burst you down quite quickly but if you shut her down early, it will barely touch you. Just be swift. She takes a lot of skill to use and a lot of the times people aren't very good with her anyways.

Talon is just jealous because he used to do what you did. Burst champions extremely quickly. Now you do it better. Talon is relatively easy to beat. Again, use your Taste Their Fear everytime he goes to last hit a minion.Also, bait out his Rake.If it hits you, most likely it'll shove your lane which is bad for him, if it misses you don't take damage and it'll shove your lane anyways. He doesn't have a great escape until after 6 but even then its not that great. Your burst > his burst so remember that when trading.


This lane is typically easy for you. Even with a few mistakes you should end up winning your lane. That doesn't give you the green light to go full - r e t a r d e d mode, but when you see these champions, a slight grin should be on your face.

Cassiopeia You need to be a really good Cassiopeia to win this fight. Most of the time, summoners who use this champion like to spam their skills. When they do, unleash all hell onto her. Avoid her Noxious Blast and Miasma and you avoid most of her damage. She's strong but only with items.You dont even need a Hexdrinker.

Brand Not that strong of an opponent. Avoid being hit by his skills. Stay close to your minions and when he uses his stun, kill him with your full combo. Your damage, as usual with most AP mids, far out damages him after he has no more skills to spam.AVOID HIS Sear so you wont get stunned.

Fiora This champion you will rarely see, but when you do, be happy. You counter her. Yes, she can dash to you twice, ricochet one of your attacks back to you and attack quicker but still, you can always out trade her. Her skills are extremely long on cooldowns so literally you can keep fighting her over and over. Taste Their Fear her constantly and she won't know what to do. Of course when she hits 6, this is a different story. Never waste your Void Assault on her first, but if you do, save the second proc just in case. Her ult gets cancelled out your Void Assault so...yeah. Enough said.

Gangplank If you lose to a Gankplank, you should really keep practicing with Kha'Zix. Thing is what Gankplank is he's a Melee champion with miniscule sustain and a Parrrley every once in a while which may or probably not crit you. Honestly, at level 3 just jump him. If he does manage to get you low, use your pots to heal up. He can't really get away from you. He's not an assassin. He's not a mage. He's not much of anything. I don't know man, Gankplank is just the champion there to get you fed. Fight him and you will win.

Gragas Barrels hurt, so dodge them.Thats it. Wait, is it that easy? Well, yes. If he tries to fight you, like I said, avoid all his barrels. Everything he has is a skill shot. Its quite simple. He doesn't have much CC to slow you down and your burst damage is heavier than his.

Karthus Dodge his Lay Waste and kite him as much as you can. If you do jump on him, keep yourself moving as you're attacking him so he can't Lay Waste (Q) you.

Kassadin An easy champion to all in especially before 6. Kill him before 6 as many times as you can. Make sure to just fight him when he uses his Force Pulse(E). After that, everything you do will hurt him much more than he can possibly hurt you.

Master Yi A pesky little champion to deal with. He's faster than you and can heal up most of his damage. He's going to Alpha Strike you a lot so when he does this, fight him. If he starts healing up with Meditate , don't even fight him, its not worth it. You're just going to have to trade as much damage as you can before his cooldown on his heal is back up again. Don't worry though, once his cooldowns are gone, he's virtually just a squishy.

Katarina Katarina has absolutely no CC but she is quite strong. Seriously though, just avoid her Sinister Steel and do the same thing that you always do when she goes to last hit.If she Shunpo's , Leap her and and unleash hell because she can't get away...unless she still has Flash.

Kennen Okay this little guy can be annoying BUT, the good thing about him is, you can out trade him all the time. The only thing is, he can stun you and run away from you. Just stay behind your minions and if he uses his Lightning Rush on you, thats your opportunity to fight him. He can't get away from you after that.

Morgana Everybody is afraid of Morgana, I don't know why. She has a shield that cancels out CC, a bind and a pool that does practically no damage without items.Bait out her bind by running back and fourth. After that, Leap on her and Taste Their Fear er to death. She'll eventually be too afraid to even stay in lane with you.

Tryndamere Okay so AP Tryndamere is incredibly strong. Wait, correction, WAS incredibly strong. Trade with him while his fury is down and if he ever Spinning Slash into you, he's asking to die. His sustain in lane isn't as good when he doesn't stack his rage but as long as you have an Ignite , you should never be afraid of him.And on the exception if he's AD, keep your Void Assault for when he uses Undying Rage.

Veigar You know his stun? The circular one that might not hit you if you're in the center of it? Yeah, just avoid it then all in him. He's actually the target of all targets. It feels just as good to kill him as it does to Teemo.

Vi So she's still a relatively new champion but already got nerfed.So how do you beat her?Its quite simple actually. Just stay out of the range of her Relentless Force and don't let her hit you 3 times in a row.Vi is not so much a champion thats meant to be in lane so you should be able to make that person never want to play in lane again.Also use Void Assault when she use Cease and Desist on you.

Zilean On the rare occasion you see one of these guys in lane, a lot of people would be afraid to jump on him because of his bombs but seriously, if he gets close to you just Leap on him and Taste Their Fear $ Void Spike him. He really won't have much of an answer. Zilean doesn't have sustain and he really doesn't have burst damage.


Notice how these champions have incredible sustain. You should build sustainability items, push your lane hard and take over the jungle for even more exp.

How to beat these champions: The sustain and tankiness with these champions are far too great. As long as you don't feed, just farm and try to trade damage only when you absolutely have to. If you both get farmed, its all about how you play late game. That's where you'll strive!

Some said "What about teemo how to beat him i need to do something special?" here is the answer:

How to beat Teemo: Seriously? As annoying as he may be, just Leap on him at level 2/3 and just shut him down early. He'll be pretty useless after that.


Don't see the champion that you were looking for? Leave me some feedback and I'll make sure to add it to this guide!

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Early Game / Lane Phase

Early game is very important for a Kha'Zix.It's at this point of the game where you generally want to pick up your first kill. Of course, thats typically with every champion in any lane, but its especially important on Kha'Zix, especially in the top lane.

When playing Kha'Zix, you always want to be aggressive early. He's a high risk, high reward champion that strives when picking up kills and farms. When Kha'Zix is fed, he's one of the most devastating champions in the game. Picking up a Tear of the Goddess and Long Sword x2 early is one of the best early game pick ups you can get. This Tear of the Goddess is the first item you should be getting.But if u farmed enough get a B. F. Sword instead of Long Sword.

Also his roaming potential is high. Mid lane is short and farming is easy (especially with wraiths and wolves and your disposal). So the best thing to do is pick up your The Brutalizer (after Tear of the Goddess ) early and start roaming. If you succeed, keep doing it, you can help your other lanes.

Another thing to remember is that you should be warding the enemy wraiths when you can.That helps you avoiding enemy ganks and also allows your team to know where the enemy jungler is and where he is heading to.

Remember to help out your jungler when he asks for it. When your jungler calls you over to steal a buff or go for a dive, either shove the wave right away, just leave the wave and go. Being a second late could change the outcome of a potential early game team fight.

NOTE: If you get ahead early and your lane is shoved, try to deny the enemy jungler EXP and Gold by taking their jungle creeps (golems, wolves). This is a good entry into mid game before you start grouping with your team and roaming.

TIP: Freezing Lane

Freezing lane is an extremely important thing early on. Now people always ask, how do you freeze lane? It's actually not as easy as people may say, but if you already know how to do it then you can skip this section. Freezing lane is important. It kind of adds to the whole snowballing idea top lane. Now how do you freeze a lane? Well usually when the enemy has more minions than you, the lane will shove in your favor to your tower. This is where the Tough Skin mastery is important. When all your minions are gone, tank the minions before they hit your tower. This will constantly have your minions being overpowered by their minions by sheer numbers. If you do this correctly, you can continue to do this non-stop and the lane will literally be frozen close to your tower.

Note: You can't tank too many minions at early levels but at later levels you can. Also, if your team is losing, you wanna make sure that you shove out because this can potentially make your enemy laner roam, picking up free kills. Freezing lane is not always a good thing, but great when you're winning the lane.

TIP: Zoning

What is zoning? The process of standing between the creep wave and your enemy, thus denying them any way to receive experience or last hits. When can you start zoning an enemy? When you are able to beat your opponent in a 1vs1 fight. Zoning helps a won lane snowball even harder and thus putting your opponent even further behind. Zoning combined with Freezing lane will help you become a super strong laner. If you can freeze your lane next to your turret all the while zoning the enemy, you will still be decently safe from ganks because you aren't extending past river and will be severly gimping your enemy. If your enemy tries to leech some experience or creeps, he then risks being ganked because he is overextended or risks death to you in an all in fight.
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Mid Game

Okay so the laning phase is pretty much over. You should have picked up a Tear of the Goddess, The Brutalizer and a B. F. Sword by now. Your damage output should be enough to make the difference. Try to take tower early, especially if your bottom lost and keep your lane pushed out.


Time to start roaming the map. You need to make your presence known and make sure that you're working together with your team. Keeping your lane shoved is important. You don't lose as many minions as you would if your lane was shoved and you need to make your way down to take the dragon buff and take towers. Objectives give you global gold and global gold wins games. A lot of people have the misconception that one champion can carry a game but its a team game. If your team gets fed, you're strong together.
By the end of borderline end-of-mid game, make sure you have your Bloodthirster and a Giant's Belt / Guardian Angel and ofcourse a completed boot.

TIP: Establishing Map Control

Establishing Map Control is another important element during the Early-Mid game. Establishing map control mainly consists of warding key points on the map and dominating the jungle (both yours and the enemies). If you ward your lane and other key places on the map, then you have good map vision. This prevents ganks and helps you make more informed decisions. Say you wanted to dive your enemy to get a free kill, but didn't want to risk it because you did not know where the enemy jungle is. Well say your bottom lane had a ward in the enemies jungle and the ward had seen the enemy jungler taking his red buff. Now you know where the enemy jungler and now its up to you if you want to take the rist or not. Knowledge is key to winning.

Another form of map control is controlling the enemies jungle. Controlling the jungle means you also own a huge part of the map. This gives the enemy that much less map control and vision. To control the jungle, you need to ward it. Once the jungle has been warded, you can start invading it with no fear of enemy interference since wards will tell if you are in danger or not. Invading an enemy's jungle puts the enemy jungler behind and also their lanes because it means the jungler's ganks will weaker. In addition, constant stealing of an enemy's red and blue buffs is detrimental to the jungler and the laners who typically need these key buffs. For example, who will win trades more often? A mid lane with blue buff or one without? Who ganks better? A jungler with or without red buff? Overall controlling the map will help establish a good early game which then leads to a successful mid game.
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Late Game

This is the time where baron fights start happening and in general lots of team fights. Pick targets before fights and have them as priorities, usually the order of your priorities is:

AD Carry > AP Carry > everyone else

There are exceptions though, sometimes the enemy AP Carry might be scarier than the enemy AD Carry so you change that order, its up to you and your judgement.

In team fights you play the role of an Assassin. You want to wait for the best time to go in and start cleaning up, you wait wait and wait till most people have used their ultimates/CC's so that you have an easier time going in and killing anyone left low or if you find someone out of position(always thinking of the priorities of your targets first), patience is the key to a good Kha'Zix player, remember that you are an assassin and extremely squishy, one mistake can cost you your life. At this point of the game you start using a lot the "Late Game(level 16+) assassination attempt to invisibility",fast thinking and reflexes are your friends.
When sieging towers, make sure you are always with your teammates. Use your Void Spike o poke because its great for just that.

NOTE: Make sure to continue to take global objectives with your team. Things like Baron Nashor and Dragon should always be warded and not be given away for free. The slightest bit of global gold can make all the difference.

TIP: Grouping

Do not let your teammates out of your sight late game. Stick together at all times, no matter what your team is planning on doing. Your team can be farming or taking objectives, but always do these things as a group. It doesn't matter if your team has sufficient map control and wards to cover you when you want to farm in lane. Your team needs to be with you when you farm. Sometimes you will be so far extended farming in lane, the enemy team can still catch you even if your team has wards. The only acceptable time to farm alone is in the Jungle when you have good ward coverage. Sticking together in this part of the game is important because one person getting caught leads to a game over. Travel as a team, fight as a team, farm as a team, and ward as a team so you may win as a team.
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Teamfight Pro Tips

Poke and peel until someone gets low enough to use your resets. That's as simple as it's going to get. Don't jump in unless you know you can chunk someone and can get away with it.
Sometimes you can bait damage on you and get away with Leap (E) and Void Assault (R), but it is not always reccomended unless you're full hp and you have mercs or warmogs/GA.
Casual Lane Harassment: Auto Attack ( Unseen Threat + Taste Their Fear )
Level 2 Lane Harassment: This requires you to be level 2 before your enemy laner does, once that's done you can level up Leap(I recommend you are using a hotkey to level up Leapat that time to be very fast) and jump on him when he is behind his caster minions to have him isolated while he is still level 1 giving you the advantage early on.
Level 6 All in: Leap> Void Spike (EVOLVED)> Taste Their Fear> Void Assault>Auto Attack(AA)( Unseen Threat)> Void Assault(second stack)>Auto Attack(AA) or Void Spike if its up> Taste Their Fear
Late Game(level 16+) assassination attempt to invisibility: Leap(EVOLVED)> Void Spike(EVOLVED)> Taste Their Fear> Void Assault(EVOLVED)up to your judgement whether you will retreat or go in again


Be carefull if you Leap in to nuke an enemy and he has in team Zilean so he can Chronoshift and the enemy wont die so your Leap wont be refreshed and you will be in trouble.The same thing can happen with Lulu's Wild Growth and you will still be in trouble.One more thing Oracle's Elixir if they have on then they will be able to see you if you use Void Assault so be careful.


You are a single target burst assassin, you can't afford to switch targets all the time during a fight. Obviously if your target flashes away and is low hp, don't chase him if your team is in trouble or if this kill is not high reward. Its better just to zone "said" champion out of the fight

Never initiate the fight. You are a gap closer assassin, just strike your target in the back. Your main target is the enemy ADC so try to focus on that champion. Most of the time, the ADC will be way in the back close to their Jungler and Support. Now how you engage on a team is all situational.

1. Their ADC is fed and their team just peels.

When this happens, its going to be hard to just get in and out of team fights alive. What you're going to want to do is look to their weaknesses. Obviously, if the enemies use crucial abilities that will be on long cooldown, it is essential to find the right opportunity to engage. Now a lot of mistake that teams make is to blow everything in an attempt to kill their ADC. This is a big no, no. Why? Unless you have an actual opportunity to kill their ADC, you're better off just fighting straight up. Protect your ADC and poke at them.That is why you have Void Spike . Kha'Zix is great at sieging towers with his fellow teammates. Anyways, your goal will always be to jump on the ADC in these situations, just don't do it in a stupid fashion. Only do it if you find that they're caught or in a really bad position. This is why an Evolved Void Assaultis handy. 40% damage reduction is absolutely essential. If you combo yourself correctly, you should be able to weaken their ADC or kill them. Don't worry if you die, if as long as you did your job, your team should do a great job following up and eliminating the rest of their team.

2. Your ADC is fed.

POKE POKE POKE!.This is an absolute must. Don't worry about jumping their carries because your ADC is fed. The AA's of your ADC should be ample damage. What you should be doing is poking the enemies health down from a distance using Void Spike .This will proc your passive and slow the enemies. Its AOE so...besides, its the only CC you actually have. Now, when you see the enemy ADC getting constantly poked, just Leap when you find that they are low, then Leap out to safety. Simple as that.

3. The teams are relatively equal in strength.

Okay so your best bet is to siege towers. Use your AOE to poke then enemy down as much as you can before engaging in fights. Remember, you're the assassin so don't initiate. If you die, your team loses a heck of a lot of damage. Now 90% of the time, team fights are going to be focused on the ADC's. This is where you thrive because your Void Spike is on a fairly low cooldown so you can spam it. Using it from a distance before engaging is crucial. Most of the time there is a cluster of champions just brawling it out. Your team will protect your ADC, or try to focus theirs. If a fight breaks out, hang back for a bit but keep in range of your Void Spike. When the enemy ADC falls low or at least half, its your time to shine. Use your Leap and Void Spike to keep yourself alive while assassinating their carries.

Kha'Zix thrives in isolated positions so the further away an enemy champion from anything, the stronger you are. Now though that's practically impossible, Kha'Zix still deals a hefty amount of damage. Things you should always remember is your Void Spike to poke your enemies down before team fights. At this point in the game you should always be sticking around your teammates. Your team relies on you to be THAT assassin to take down the enemy carries. Don't just recklessly jump in (even if you're fed). Take your time and jump in AFTER a fight breaks out. Most of the time, the focus will be on your ADC and theirs. Nobody really pays attention to you once a fight breaks out.

NOTE: Now, if your team engages in a fight while you're not there, just run back. Even if four of them are under 25% health, run the opposite direction. Don't be a hero as it can cost you the game. One stun, snare, bind or knock up can cost you your life without any benefits.
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1) You can play Khazix Mid as an ad reset poke caster.
2) Kha'zix is very squishy and is considered as an assassin with poke and high mobility.
3) Does a hell of a lot of damage.
4) Aoe wave clear.
5) An isolation passive which slows and does bonus damage.
6) Mobility jump/reset/damage
7) Stealth/speed up.
8) Kha'Zix is an aggressive early champion
9) Evolve Void Spike then Leap then Void Assault or Taste Their Fear

NOTE: Kha'Zix is a very skill based champion and this guide won't automatically make you a better player. It's going to take a lot of practice!

All of these things make Kha'zix a hero very hard to deal with. Not to mention the fact he will beat most people 1v1 end game split push.

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