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Elise Build Guide by nat92

AP Offtank Elise the Arachne Queen, Weaving In Your Death

AP Offtank Elise the Arachne Queen, Weaving In Your Death

Updated on March 30, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nat92 Build Guide By nat92 6,427 Views 5 Comments
6,427 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author nat92 Elise Build Guide By nat92 Updated on March 30, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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More Elise Runes


Hi guys, this is the first time i've written a guide. Please leave your commments below if you think something is missing or need to be added. I only write this guide because i thought it might helps some fellows elise players out there who is new to her and get the best out of her abilities. I hope u guys enjoy it and do some successful Rappeling :D
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Elise, deadly beauty top lane spider chick

WHY ELiseeeee?
- she has legSS-
-Ult at lv 1. ( meaning 7 skills at lv 3)
-no cost spider form skills
- extra ressistance in spider form
-spider lings deals huge dmg
- Total Lane domination vs most champs
-Very mobile, hard to be ganked
-Has skill shot stun.
- Has gap gloser
-Has bush checking ability(w)
-Has free Zhonya Hourglass that also act as Flash in certain situations
-Has Op Poke. I mean op.
-Ranged champ 550
-High tower diving capabilities
-Can rappel to certain prioritized target in team fights
-Not so hard to learn
-High base skill dmg. 200and 260.
-Percentage health skills ( q in spider is like lee sin q- HURTs)
-Mana problem early game.
-Hard to master and takes some times to get use to
-Cant go glass cannon (worst build)
-Scaling is ****.( only w scale is ok)
-Can be a target for a 5 team members gank if your doing well
-Can be ganked alot.
-Long cds( thats why cd from glacial r so important)
-dont have a real sustain mechanics except for w in spider form
- Playing her will make you tend to tower dive. Which will backfiresome times
- No farming skills at early levels ( unless max w and ap around 230)
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
Greater Mark of Magic PenetrationMagic penatrations is always the best on elise
(since her scaling is not so good except for her human w)
Greater Mark of Attack Damage:
Good runes ,viable vs melee champs
Greater Seal of Armor Standard armour runes always does the tricks
Besides who goes no armour for champs the has melee form?
Glyph :
Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration . Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power. All viable
Or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration Magic pen runes are the best
Although u can get the flat AP runes Greater Quintessence of Ability Power as well


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
another viable runes page if you dont have the above :


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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, or 50 hp at the end of the fight makes the diffences. huge ones. and the benefits from the Defender is awsome, woth 3 points of masteris for only 1 point. and an extra points in Summoner's Wrath which is cool for ealy levels when you have already popped your Ignite . You can take point in Block or Relentless instead of Resistance like i did.
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Standard Ignite Flash
You can go for Ghost Flash as well
Other good summoner spells
Cleanse i have some mid champs use these, they re quite effective vs champs like annie or ryze in team fight since lock in u up or shutting down would mean winning the fight
Exhaust rarely needs it
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Item builds and explanations

ill add this section in later. really sorry guys
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
+ Neurotoxin- human q 8%(
This the skill why elise is so feared, its her main poking skills which is why u need to max it first. her poke which is not so much at lv1 but when you rich to lvl 7 or 6. you see that the top champs that stacks hp and mr is losing so badly becuz your just full of magic pens and your Q are percentage health as dmg. SICK!!! ? Yeah i know.
+How and when to use it:
*How* stay out of ranged from champs like darius or champs that has gap closers like xin or jax.
basic lv 1 combo
Auto att -q Neurotoxin auto -Auto att Or just q Neurotoxin

+Key to remember when using q+
DO not get ur self in their ranged of dmg or gap closers like darius q Decimate and e Apprehend. bait him to missed his q Decimate and q Neurotoxin him.
Remember to keep ur distance and know when to be agrressive " is rewarded for safe plays". Says riot :D.

+Experienced players with Champs like tends to have the early mov spd boots start over sustain when playing with and by 6 combo is around 1000dmg + Ignite . they with stay away from you until they got their combo right and walk straight to you, pull u in with Apprehend and force you to go all in.
In this case scenario, stand abit away from minion to land the q Neurotoxin and then to ur stun Cocoon. pop w Volatile Spiderling. if u dont land ur stun , backing off would be the best idea . But if you do could decide wether or not to go in Spider Form and do ur spider combo which is w Skittering Frenzy and finish or start with q Venomous Bite
But we're not done yet

+ Venomous Bite -Spider q: 260dmg + 8%(+ aps-scaling sucks) base on target missing health. (op)

You can simply walk straght to the enemy champs and q them.. remeber its not that great dmg when they're at full hp so dont go spider mode and go all in.

+ Volatile Spiderling human w- A Homing skill shot nukes which explodes on contact. main ap scaling for those who's buidling glass cannon style (80% scaling)

pros: very fast moving spider
cons and pros : explode on contact before meeting desired destination
good for pokes before team fights bad when just when to get that spider to where it suppose to

Easy to use just w the way you want the spider to go. Remember it explodes on contact so you can make the spider go around trip to a target aroudn the minions wave. it will seek the champs out.

+ Skittering Frenzy - spider w
Att spd buff for spider queen and her offsprings hooray.(140%)
and the dmg the spiderlings deals is base on ap.
This buff last for a fews seconds so you'd like to be alive during the buff is on so getting some hp or tankiness would be a good idea

+ Cocoon: human e
awsome skill. stun from blind sight? no problem. target need to be shut down. no problem. runnning away? no problem.
this skill has so many uses that its so hard to master. ( due to long cd and being a skill shot)
so u can Rappel in and stun the target right next to you if u cant do if from a far.
Landing your stun can be game changing. its crucial not to missed or save your stun since the enemy will go all in at u knowing theres nothing stopping them from hammering you down.

+ Rappel. spider e
Another awsome skill that makes elise so mobile. the fact that u can e and look ( meaning seeing everything in the small area) for a target nearby ( MInions, Jungle Creeps< enenmy champs, even dragons or baron) u can escape or chase them down.
Many good uses since you can use it to dodge alot of dmg and cc from champs like and use it to get out of certain situations like stuck in ult Cataclysm :D

+ R- Spider Form
Remeber when to switch between shapes and which to open witch since changing shapes will make your spiderlings and the attapeed buff goes aways.
Remeber that changing form does not mean a cooldown reset in another form. SO you need to keep in mind when to change and is the other skill back on for usage

+Basic combo
In human mode.
-combo number 1 :+ Landed e Cocoon ( landed only- dont go all in sometimes when u missed, its bad-might be a bait for a gank :D)-> w Volatile Spiderling stay out of tower range or go in and q Neurotoxin, switch to spider q Venomous Bite and w Skittering Frenzy together with Ignite and Flash out if u take too much dmg
-combo number 2 :+w Volatile Spiderling let the spider run ahead -> q Neurotoxin Switch to Spider Form Rappel to them w Skittering Frenzy and q Venomous Bite together with Ignite switch to human again and land the e( easy since ur right beside)
In spider mode :
q Venomous Bite w Skittering Frenzy or just Rappel to ur target. then iminidately e Cocoon- w Volatile Spiderling- and q Venomous Bite , end with Ignite, Flash out

+Tower divings
Its good to keep in mind wether to Rappel in or not since some champs that has stun like , or ireliasize=50 + her ulti. Rappeling in would mean youre sentencing yourself to death.
+ So the best way is to either push a bit but not all of the minions , saving them for ur escape with Rappel, or push the lane all the way up if u saw a incoming minion wave or a close by jungle campps . Try to land your stun do your human q Neurotoxin -w Volatile Spiderling . and goes q Venomous Bite and w Skittering Frenzy in spider mode. if theyre Flashing away or ur getting hit too much feel free to Rappel in and out to close by minions.
or you can do you basic combo number 1
or combo number 2 which end with a stun :D cocoo and Ignite
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Team Fights

Your priority is to protect the adc and kill the closest highest dmg dealing if u can.
If your snowballing go for the kills if your not snowballing try to cover for the adc and go for the prioritized taget. and do nnot Rappel immidiately at the start of the fight since it can sometimes be bad. and i mean some times only. its good to get close to your target and chunk them down or finish them with q Venomous Bite if their low if not switch to human and do ur full combo ( Cocoon-> Volatile Spiderling-> Neurotoxin + Ignite
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Some successful stories :D

Some good games i had,
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Summary and champs that counter elise

ELise is a high mobile champs that excels in laning phase and ganking. shes also good at jungling . i hop that i can do a jungle guide soon.
Counter list and why:
+ medium to hard
yes its true that you can rappel away for cho gath and win the fight but a good cho gath will nver use his q first and will get close to you silicnce and do his combo and he can just out sustain you easy. And dont get ganked cause being ganked 1-2 times would mean yeah. youre ******
+ hard
all skill shot champs are counter by yorick cuz his ghouls just block all of that. He can out sustain you out, ur pokes means nothing to him and when your in range for q hes in ranged for e ( yorick main dmg skill ). by lv 6 its just gets harder
+ hard
before 6 yeah. youre doing ok. after 6. butt ******
+ hard
you need to kill him and bully him out of lane before 6. mordekaiser cant really take alot of pokes and out farms champs like you before 6 unless he goes 99 pots :D. but after 6 its a diffrent story
+ easy nothing to say, stay safe poke, he jumps to you Cocoon,w Volatile Spiderling (not recommnended if low on mana), run away, when his e Counter Strike is over turn spider and do your Venomous Bite, Skittering Frenzy combo

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