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Fiora Build Guide by BlackIceT

Fiora -The Destructive Duelist (Huge Re-Work In Progress)

Fiora -The Destructive Duelist (Huge Re-Work In Progress)

Updated on March 29, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackIceT Build Guide By BlackIceT 16 10 33,207 Views 50 Comments
16 10 33,207 Views 50 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BlackIceT Fiora Build Guide By BlackIceT Updated on March 29, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Welcome to my guide for Fiora: The Grand Duelist. This is my second guide here on Mobafire with my first being my Wukong build: "Don't Touch The Bananas". I bought Fiora when she came out and by far is my favorite AD Carry champion. She has amazing burst and has a fantastic skill set which makes her very deadly. Sadly though I see a nerf coming eventually for her. Here is some very basic information about Fiora:

Release Date: 2/29/12
Attributes: Melee, Carry
Cost: 975 RP or 6300 IP

Health: Average
Attack: Strong
Spells: Weak
Difficulty: Medium
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Champion Spotlight

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Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
+ Great Burst Damage
+ Great Tower destroyer and farmer
+ Can do a lot of damage early game
+ Ultimate is awesome and She has a French accent
+ Skills take little mana usage unless spammed
+ Can be a relatively easy champion to pick up and play if played smartly
- Squishy
- No reliant escape mechanism
- If you start to do really well will get focused
- Requires player to play smart to maximize abilities
- Using Blade Waltz can make you be somewhere you don't want to if used uncorrectly
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As you can see I have 2 different builds for Fiora with both having the same runes sets. You can choose whichever runes you wish but I like these the best for my play-style.

Greater Mark of Desolation
I choose the Greater Mark of Desolation for my Mark section. These grant an extra 1.66 Armor Pen. With a full set of these marks that is an additional +13 Armor Pen. This combined with your Quintessences give +25 Armor Pen. This additional Armor Pen. could very well have an impact on early game kills and lane control which has happened for me some games.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage is a great substitute to my marks of choice. I know because I use these runes on my Talon and Gangplank rune page. They give .95 Physical Damage aka AD which with a full set give +10 Attack Damage. Thats great for early levels (1-12). Only substitute to my runes that I think work and will offer in my guide.


Fiora is squishy and she needs all the extra help she can get. For seals on AD champions I always choose the Greater Seal of Armor. This grants an extra 13 armor at the start with a full set which combined with the Greater Mark of Attack Damage helps tremendously in early game laning.


For the glyph section I go for the Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction. This gives +8.62% cooldown reduction at level 18. Fiora's skill set sort of have a long cooldown especially her ult Blade Waltz so she appreciates any CDR. This is the reason why I take these. If anyone has a better choice for this section please feel free to say so in the comments.

People have suggested to me that I should switch the Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction for the Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and I have look into it. After looking at the overall stats I will still be sticking by my choice. My cooldowns are level up cooldowns while the other glyphs are straight cooldown value from level 1. While this may work for quick games in longer games which I have noticed a trend in since I have reached level 30, my glyphs work better.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction give +6% CDR at level 18 while Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction gives +8.6% cooldowns at level 18. Therefore I shall be keeping these as my runes but you are free to do whatever you feel works best which is why I made this extra bit on the glpyhs.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
For my Quintessences I take the Greater Quintessence of Desolation. These quints give +10 Armor Pen. right from the start. Having these will help you go through your opponents basic armor and can hold you off a little bit longer before you have to get an Armor Pen. item like Black Cleaver.
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Summoner Spells


For my two summoner spells I choose Ignite and Flash. I find these to be the best two spells for Fiora. Since Fiora does not have too much of an escape move besides Lunge I think that Flash is the best fit. I use [Ignite] for early game kills and every once in a while later game kills. Ignite is great for First Blood or securing a kill that could lead to your lane being able to take a turret or save yours.


This spell is one that I would definitely substitute Flash with. While I do not find it to be as useful sometimes to how I play tons of other players use it so if you do not like to use Flash then I would recommend Ghost as its substitute.

Fiora can solo top even though I think she is best on bottom lane. So if there is a Jungler on your team you might have to Solo Top depending on what your team decides. So in cases in which you have to go back and heal or to buy your items the quickest way back to your turret is to use this spell on the turret and in 4 seconds you are back. I would substitute this for Ignite]] in this instance and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you the only time you might take Teleport is if you are Solo Top.

This spell is a very popular spell for melee champions. This spell will not only slow down the targeted champion (EXCEPT Master Yi & Olaf if their ultimate are activated) but it will also reduce the targets Attack Damage by 70%!! That is alot. If the enemy has 100 Attack Damage and you reduce 70% of that then they now have 30 AD. Big difference. Exhaust is a great escape tool, a great spell to secure a kill, and a very viable option to replace Ghost or Flash.

Ok these last two spells I never use however I have seen many people use them so I will include them in this guide. If you are that unlucky guy who always dies due to Ignite or Teemo's poison then take Cleanse with you. It will get rid of all debuffs which could save your life. Personally if I am continuously running into that problem I would just buy an early Quicksilver Sash. A lot of people like Heal and while it might be somewhat useful early game it really becomes useless mid-late game. I know some might argue with that but that is my stand on it. Once you have Frozen Mallet which should be your 4th or 5th item you shouldn't need Heal.
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Fiora's Skills

Fiora's Skills

Passive: Duelist
Fiora regenerates Health over time each time she deals physical damage. Striking champions will cause this effect to stack up to 4 times. This is Fiora's Passive which gives her great sustainability in early game laning. If you're pushing well then Fiora's health will regenerate faster every time you attack a enemy champion.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
1st Skill (Q): Lunge
Fiora dashes forward to strike her target, dealing physical damage. This skill is quite a handy gap-closer. Lunge towards your target and strike them down. This is a nice way to get to those squishy champions that are probably hiding in the back of a team fight or to chase down a champion that is running away from a fight.

2nd Skill (W): Riposte
Passively gives +15 attack damage to Fiora then an additional +5 every time the skill is leveled up. Fiora parries the next basic attack and reflects magic damage back to the attacker. While laning it helps you reflect any auto attack from a champion or large minion. This attack will also negate any on hit effects, such as Sheen, Trinity Force, or Lich Bane but won't negate any crowd control effects.

3rd Skill (E): Burst of Speed
Fiora gains additional Attack Speed. Each basic attack or Lunge she lands during this time increases her Movement Speed. This is where Fiora gets her burst damage so basically hitting her auto-attacks. Burst of Speed is a great champ chaser if they start to run from you as you also get a boost to movement speed ONLY IF you land a attack first. Burst of Speed also gets a speed boost when you land Lunge however I believe that it is better to chase a champion with your movement speed boost before using Lunge to stick with them. However, I know that you cannot always do this so try to apply this when it can be done.

4th Skill (R): Blade Waltz
Fiora dashes around the battlefield, becoming untargetable in the process, and striking random enemy champions 5 times. Fiora will jump from one champion to the next but she will always finish on the champion that she started the attack on. This ultimate isn't great as an initiator and should be used towards the middle or end of the team fight. However this ultimate is great for a 1v1 battle or even a 2v2 battle because all of its damage is limited to only 1 or 2 champions.
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Build Items

First Item:

I get the Doran's Blade as my first item. It gives +3% Lifesteal, 100 Health, and 10 Attack Damage. If you have the runes and Masteries that I have above than you should be starting out at 635 Health with 94 Attack Damage at Lvl 1!

Early Game Items:

These are the first two items that I go for after Doran's Blade. Usually I can get these items on my first recall back to base as both of these items combined costs 800 gold. However sometimes that does not happen that way so if you cannot afford both I usually go for Boots first.

Early-Mid game items:

Next recall I go back and get the Ionian Boots of Lucidity. These cost 700 gold and give +15% cooldown reduction. This is great for Fiora as some of her skills have longer cooldowns than some other champs out there and so will allow you to be able to use your skills 15% faster than before. Since this is an Offensive Build being able to use your skills more often makes sense.

After that I get my B.F. Sword which costs 1650 gold then go on to complete Bloodthirster which at this point costs 900 gold. THIS ITEM IS AWESOME ON Fiora!! When it is fully maxed out you will have +100 Attack Damage and +25% Lifesteal. That is a lot and will help you out 1v1 many opponents early game. When you die however the max stats are lost and will put you back at the basic stats which is still a nice +60 Attack Damage and +15% Lifesteal. SO to get the bonus stats back up just go farm minions or jungle creeps.

Mid game items:

These two items here are what I consider to make Fiora deadly. As explored in the section "Frozen Mallet & TriForce vs AtMogs" this combination gives a lot of things to Fiora. It gives everything except Armor and Magic Resist which is why I do not consider it a defensive combination but more of a "stab" in your enemies face. It has 3 On Hit Effects and a speed boost for Fiora with Zeal. Ever since I've tried this combo I have play 15 games with it as of 3/7/12. Out of those 15 I've won 12. 80% win ratio with this combo? That is pretty good.

Late game items:

For late game items I take Banshee's Veil and Last Whisper. Banshee's Veil grants additional 375 Health and Mana along with 50 Magic Resist. All of these additions are great on Fiora because it adds to her tankiness. This way she is more durable to go in and get her skills off and do her thing. It is also fantastic for the passive it has. It grants you a spell shield that will block your enemy's next ability every 45 seconds. This has saved my life many times. For your 7th item I go for more Armor Pen with Last Whisper. Replace Doran's Blade with this item. It grants extra attack damage and penetrates 40% of the enemy's TOTAL armor which is boss.

What this build will have your stats at when completed
Attack Damage: 349
Ability Power: 30
Attack Speed: 1.243
Movement Speed: 437
Armor: 97
Magic Resist: 122
Health: 3305
Mana: 1565
Armor Pen.: 31 + 40% of Total Armor
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Other Useful Items

Armor Pen/ Additional Attack Damage Items
These items give off Attack Damage but also give what can be one of the most important things for an AD champ especially carries and that is Armor Pen. This is used to counter that any increase in armor that the enemy team gets. If most enemies have armor less than 115 use the item Black Cleaver or Youmuu's Ghostblade. The reason being is that Black Cleaver only take down armor by 15 so its good for less armor. Same for Youmuu's Ghostblade, with only 20 Armor Pen its better for less armor. HOWEVER KEEP IN MIND THESE ITEMS I LOOK TO FOR ARMOR PEN BUT CAN AND SHOULD BE USED FOR WHAT ELSE THEY OFFER. THEY ARE NOT LIMITED TO A HEAVY ARMOR TEAM!

Attack Speed Items
If you are wanting any extra Attack Speed look at these three items. Ionic Spark gives extra Attack Speed and a little extra health while adding a cool electric surge for every 4th basic attack that does magic damage. The other option I would look at would be Wit's End. This item not only gives some more Attack Speed but will give Magic Resist. Also you will get +5 Magic Resist for every basic attack stacking up to 4 times which is +20 Magic Resist on top of what the items already gives!! The best option for Attack Speed is the Phantom Dancer It gives +55% attack speed and +30% critical chance. With the Phantom Dancer and Fiora's Burst of Speed should have you at the Attack Speed cap at 2.500 Attack Speed. I have this is the other items section mainly because its not a necessary item to have but can be a great 6th or 7th item

Health/Defensive Items
If you wish to have extra health or defense for Fiora these are the best items for that in my opinion. However to be honest if you want these things more than likely you might have to give up some damage so you must decide on when is the best time for all damage and for a bulkier Fiora. Going up against a heavy AP team? Banshee's Veil, Force of Nature and Quicksilver Sash are some of the best Magic Resist items in the game. Quicksilver Sash is a very useful item for Malzahar's ult and other stuns, silences, etc. as it deletes them from you if you activate it. Also if you are facing that pesky Karthus the Hexdrinker is a great item to counter his ult Requiem which allows you to live and stops him from getting cheap kills. This is the reason why I have it in defensive items. For armor get a {{Randuin's Omen]] or Sunfire Aegis. First one gives armor, health regen, and has an active that slows enemy champions. [Sunfire Cape]] gives additional armor and health and has a passive that deals damage to all those near you. These in my opinion are the best Defensive/Health items to use in LoL.

Boots Options
For your choice of boots I give these 3 options. Berserker's Greaves is not really as beneficial on Fiora as on some other AD champions mainly because of her skill Burst of Speed which does the extra attack speed that these boots offer. These next two boots I change around on Fiora and are the boots I use the most. Mercury's Treads gives additional Magic Resist and +35 Tenacity which is WONDERFUL on Fiora. Because she does not have any CC removal the addition in Tenacity can help. Lastly, I also choose the Ionian Boots of Lucidity which gives +15% Cooldown Reduction which works great for Fiora because of her longer than normal cooldowns and every bit helps on Blade Waltz.
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Laning Fiora

I prefer to lane Fiora as a bottom lane champion. I believe she can perform the best here out of the 3 lanes. If you have a support champion with you such as Taric. Soraka etc, then you should be able to have so much lane sustain that you should rarely have to recall. However we all know that this is how it SHOULD work but it does not always happen that way.

If you are rocking bottom lane which basically means have them pressed against their turret all day and you've gotten some kills you should just be farming when more minions appear. The enemy will rarely interfere as they are scared to die if they attack. Use this to your advantage and FARM FARM FARM. Eventually them not attacking you and disturbing you will lead to their demise when you get fed from minion kills. IMPORTANT!! When pushing this far your support or you should buy a Sight Ward or Vision Ward so that you can be prepared for possible ganks from their jungler or mid champion.

If you are getting your but kicked bottom lane which means you are pushed up to YOUR turret and you and your teammate have died about twice each, it is time for TURRET HUGGING!! While turret hugging your main priority is to farm just like above but this time you have to make sure you pick your minions carefully. MOre than likely the turret will also be attacking the same minions you are. So try to get the last hit on every minion possible and if you are successful you can possibly become strong enough to counter the enemy and at least make the lane neutral again. ALSO TALK TO YOUR TEAMMATE. IF YOU GUYS FEEL THAT YOU CAN WIN TRY TO BAIT THE OTHER TEAM INTO TURRET DIVING YOU. While this is not normally suggested if you two you can survive it then why the hell not go for it. Also while pushed this far still try to ward around you just in case of ganks.

Make Sure to Ward These Areas

Blue circles should be warded as much as possible and will be the most common route of gankers.
The Black circle is an optional spot for a ward. It is not a necessity to have that warded often but if you are facing a better jungler who might take that path to you or just want to be able to see in that area that you can ward it. Basically it is a "depend on the game" type of decision.
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Fiora's Enemies, What to Expect from Them, and How to Counter


In this section I will be showing the common enemy champions that you would face as Fiora in the bottom lane during RANKED/DRAFT games. If I did it for regular games I might as well list every champion that exists in the League of Legends for the shenanigans that can occur in these games.

Normally in the bottom lane the AD Carry and Support on the team is what you face. You should also have a support. I will give a description for each champion that you face and how to counter them.

AD Carry Champions


Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):

Advantages over Fiora:
- Ranged
- Has a slow
- Has Cross Map ult
- Has a built in ward with Hawkshot

Ways to counter Ashe: (Assistance from Jpikachu1999)
- Get up in her face early around levels 3-5. Ashe is a ranged champion who is a very strong level 1-2 fighter however she is VERY squishy. Beat her down into submission with early strong, coordinated attacks will leave her trying to catch up.

- Use Riposte when she decides to auto-attack you. She will try to hit you and slow you with Frost Shot along with auto-attacks. Using Riposte will stop it and do damage to her. Keep in mind if she has Frost Shot on it will still slow you!

- If you see her ult, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, tell you're teammates or ping to inform them of where it is headed so they can avoid it and not get stunned or slowed by the arrow.

-Help let your jungler know when Hawkshot has been used and when it might be up so he does not have the risk of being exposed by her built in ward.



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):

Advantages over Fiora:
- Ranged
- Traps that immobilize target
- Has built-in escape mechanism

Ways to counter Caitlyn: (Assistance from Jeutnarg)
- Never step on her traps. She will rock you hardcore if you step on a trap anywhere near her.

- Beware using Lunge on her unless you can see the ground at her feet. If you lunge at her feet and get frozen, you die, always.

- Make sure your jungler does not gank through bushes. Although it's tempting, Caitlyn almost always has traps in the bushes on her side.

- If you duel her, make sure to save a Lunge for when she uses 90 Caliber Net. It's knockback is less than your Lunge range, so you can easily negate its effect.

- Remember that her damage output is lower than most AD carries. If you can keep the farm even, you will be much better than her mid-late game.



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):

Advantages over Fiora:



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):
or + x2

Advantages over Fiora:



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):
or and x2

Advantages over Fiora:
- Main harassing skill is ranged
- Has a DoT (Damage over Time) Passive
- Has a skill that removes CC/Restores Health
- Ult can be fired anywhere on the map.

Ways to Counter Gangplank:
- While Parrrley is a ranged attack, Gangplank still has to get rather close to land it. When he does punish him with your Lunge and Burst of Speed combo.

- Pay attention to when he uses Raise Morale. This will let you know whether or not his passive is activated

- When you want a gank or just straight up attacking Gangplank, try to land a few auto-attacks so that he burns Remove Scurvy. Once he does then signal the ganker to come in or continue with your full attack combo. This way there is a less of a chance that he can save himself.

- His ultimate Cannon Barrage can be placed anywhere on the map but has a decently long cooldown. When he uses it let your teammates know so that they can push a different lane or be more aggressive since they will not have to worry about it being used for a while.

- Most of the time Gangplank will be a solo top champion but every once in a while he will be bottom lane. So advise your top champion with these tricks for Gangplank



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):

Advantages over Fiora:



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):
or and x3

Advantages over Fiora:


Miss Fortune:

Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):
or and x3

Advantages over Fiora:
- Extreme movement speed outside of combat
- Ranged
- AoE skill with a slow

Ways to counter Miss Fortune:
- Miss Fortune will use Make it Rain all day. Try to avoid sitting in all of your minions so you do not get hit with this. However if you get stuck in it try to move out as quickly as you can while hitting Riposte to repel her auto-attacks.

- Like every other ranged character Riposte will slow them down a bit because of the damage reflected back so be prepared to use this a lot. Also try to get in Miss Fortune's face and refuse to let her farm.

- Because of Strut when she go M.I.A. it is IMPORTANT to say so right away as she can quickly move across the battlefield to make a gank. The faster you let your team know the better the chance they will be prepared for her.

- Miss Fortune's ult, Bullet Time requires her to stand still while firing her bullets. She also laughs when she does it. When you hear the laugh MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. If you move out of the way this will make her ult useless. Also a stun will stop her in her tracks too.



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):

Advantages over Fiora:



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):

Advantages over Fiora:



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):
& x2 or & x3

Advantages over Fiora:
- Gains critical strike chance with every basic attack
- Has a slow
- Has an escape mechanism
- Has an ult that allows him to live beyond death for 5 seconds

Ways to Counter Tryndamere:
- Since Tryndamere can and/or will become a complete powerhouse you want to get as many kills pre-level 6 as possible. Tryndamere's major weakness is in his early game so take advantage of it!!!

- Facing a Tryndamere? Get Quicksilver Sash. It will get rid of his Mocking Shout. If you do not then you will get slowed by it thus granting Tryndamere the chance to absolutely destroy you.

- He can use Spinning Slash to spin through walls to get away or enter a teamfight. If you are nearing a team fight, you are near walls and you do not know where he is, try to anticipate where he could possibly spin in from so you can be ready to fight him off as he will be going for the squishes (you) first. While my builds make you bulky you still are squishy to Tryndamere.

- For Undying Rage the best way to counter this is to use Riposte whenever possible and to try and throw an Ignite on him about 2 seconds into his ult so that way you can pretty have a 75% chance to kill him to stop the terror.

- Luckily, the majority of the time people will ban Tryndamere so hopefully you should not have to deal with him that often.



Skill Set:

Usual Starting Item(s):
or & x3

Advantages over Fiora:
- Ranged
- Can stun you against walls
- Ult that grants slight invisibility

Ways to Counter Vayne:
- Vayne will use Tumble to try and get an advantage on you or to chase you down. Because of this try to get her to use Tumbler prematurely. This way you can go in get a couple of attacks off and then get off.

- One of Vayne's tactics is to try and position herself so she can use Condemn to stun you against a wall. At all times look to see where you and Vayne are positioned so that way you can avoid being knocked back into a wall. It might take one or two times getting knocked into the wall to get how far the range of the knock-back is.

- Be careful of Vayne's ult, Final Hour. This will increase her attack damage and will triple her movement speed given by Night Hunter. So if you do not kill her first chances you she will catch you if you try to run, unless of course you pull some fancy maneuvers. Lastly, Final Hour grants Tumble the addition of making Vayne invisible while she tumbles. So if she goes invisible try to be able to determine where she will go. That's your best chance against it.

Support Champions

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Calling for Ganks and How Your Jungler Will Respond

Alright so you have started your laning phases and you are about level 3-5 and your jungler is doing his thing killing the creeps and whatnot. You both feel that it would be a good time for a gank. So you call your jungler to come and gank your lane. Depending on where you are and how you are doing will determine if your jungler will gank you or if it will be a successful gank or not. So in the image below I have separated bottom lane into 4 sections. I will touch on each section to show if it is a good time to call a gank or not and how your jungler will probably respond.

Let's start with the Blue section. If you and your teammate are in this section than that means that you are absolutely DOMINATING your opponents. Your jungler will see this and think "Damn these guys are owning them, they don't need my help". Well this is 50% true. While sitting in this zone is great and makes you confident you do not want to sit in this zone all day. The reason being is that the enemy jungler will quickly notice that his teammates are not doing well and will try to help as much as possible. He will try to gank you often and keep you on your toes. This leads to a greater risk of you and your teammate dying to a gank. But because your jungler will probably not be worried about your lane he will be off helping someone else or jungling and will probably not be able to help you.

Summary of Blue zone:
- Jungler will not come often
- Asking him for help will most likely end up in a "No" or "I'm busy" response
- Extreme risk of getting ganked by their jungler if you sit in this zone for a long time.

Next is the Red section. This section, in my opinion, is the prime location to be in when you are winning your lane. It is close to their side of the lane but is not up in their face. This section also leaves their jungler in an awkward place to gank you. If you have the sections warded that I illustrated in the Laning Fiora section you should have no issue avoiding any ganks.

Your jungler will (or should) be paying attention to your lane. You should ask that when he has a free moment to come and gank your lane. When that moment arises you can then decide if you need it or not. Hopefully you shouldn't but you always might.

Summary of Red zone:
- Prime location for winning your lane
- Awkward spot for enemy ganker to gank you especially if areas around are warded
- Your gank from your jungler has a greater chance of happening

Onto the space between the Red and Purple sections. Basically, this area in-between I call the Neutral Zone. This area will be occupied if neither team is really winning the lane hence a neutral lane. In this section ganks from both junglers should happen often and will more than likely result in having a decent amount of 3v3 fights. The winner of these fights will generally end up with an advantage in the lane thus getting heavy damage on the turret or completely destroying it.

Summary of "The Neutral Zone":
- Neither team is winning lane
- Ganks will happen often resulting in some 3v3 fights.
- Winner of fights gets advantage in the lane.

Coming up next is the Purple section. If you are this area than you are close to being neutral in the lane. However you are at a slight disadvantage in the lane. In other words you are slightly losing. Nothing to be concerned about though because this section can still be controlled like the Red section.

What I mean is that the ganks coming from junglers will be equally as strong with between 1-2 extra ganks coming from your jungler (hopefully). If you encounter a lane fight and you win and push the turret retreating back to this section is OK and rather recommended by me. This way you can feel safe but still assert some authority in your lane.

Summary of Purple zone:
- Slightly losing the lane
- Ganks will still occur often with 1-2 extra from your jungler
- Get damage on turret? Feel free to retreat to this section.

Last but not least let's go onto the Yellow section. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THIS SECTION!! This section states "Holy sh*t we are getting rocked and are definitely a better pair than us." At this point your main priority should be TURRET HUGGING. ALWAYS DO THIS EXCEPT WHEN JUNGLER COMES!! Unfortunately you are in an awkward place for the jungler to gank so you need to COMMUNICATE with him so you can get your ganks timed right. I can tell you it will involve you pushing from your turret slightly.

Also do not be afraid to use your turret to your advantage. When you are low on health during a gank and someone gets greedy, try to lure them to turret dive you and then try to kite them the best you can so that the turret helps you get an easy kill.

Lastly, if you happen to win the gank use this as an opportunity to try and push as much as you can. This could possibly giver you as much leverage as you need so that you can get out of this zone as quick as possible. If you cannot just repeat what you tried before until you can escape.

Summary of Yellow zone:
- Try to avoid this lane as much as you can.
- Wait for jungler gank to try to push.
- If losing fight try to use turret to your advantage.
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Duo Lane

More than likely if you are farming in a duo lane you will have a support such as Sona or Janna with you. Their job is to support YOU in getting fed as fast as you can. Many times especially in Draft and Rank games your gold will come from a high minion count than from kill/assists. So if you are in a duo lane let the support hit minions to get them low and you hit minions as well to get them low. Then LAST HIT the low minions. LAST HIT. LAST HIT. LAST HIT. Those two words are so vital to getting well farmed. Also do not be afraid to use your abilities to kill the minions. Use Burst of Speed especially on a groups of minions. And you can throw a Lunge in there for the hell of it, if you so wish to.

Solo Top

For Solo Top farming, which you might have to do but you don't belong there, throw some hits on the minions but mainly let your minions do most of the work on getting them low so you can go and last hit. Try to get as much as you can and stay as even with their Solo Top as much as possible. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT!!. When the minions get close to your turret is when you really have to focus on getting that gold. Try to make it so that the minions are as close to your turret as they can but not letting the turret attack them so that way it doesn't take your last hits. This will not only give you the chance to get the gold but your opponent will most likely not bother you since you are so close to the turret. Like I said above do no be afraid to use your abilities Burst of Speed and sometimes Lunge to get the LAST HIT!!
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Results with the Different Builds

After making my personal Fiora builds these are the results that I got for the first 3 games for each build.


Build One

Build Two

There are wins and losses in both builds and with both of them I did pretty well in all games except the 5-7-7 game but we all have bad games. The 1st build however I do better with overall than the second build.
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Fiora is an amzing champion and is one that has the abilities to make herself a huge presence and threat in every game she plays in. While some of her skill combos might take awhile to get the timing down but once you do you will be a great assets to your team and can carry them to victory.

Like I said please try this build and see what you think is right and wrong before making any comments. Again I would love to be one of the top rated guides for Fiora and if this guide is not worthy of it than please give me suggestions to fix it so that it might be. Thank you for reading this guide and hope you have many good games with Fiora to come!!!
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Change Log

2/29/12 Fiora is released
3/1/12 Started Guide. Introduction, Pros/Cons, Summoner Spells, and Farming sections completed
3/3/12 Runes, Masteries, Other Useful Items, and Summary sections completed.
3/4/12 Fiora's Skills, Laning Fiora, and Results with Builds sections completed.
3/7/12 Frozen Mallet and Trinity Force vs AtMogs section completed.
3/8/12 Items for Offensive Build and Defensive Build sections completed.
3/8/12 Added Champion Spotlight
3/9/12 Removed Infinity Edge from builds and replaced it with Last Whisper. Removed Last Whisper from Other Useful Items section.
3/9/12 Rearranged sections, changed Mastery Trees.
3/10/12 Created CDR vs Merc Treads section, Tweaked Runes section, Started Calling for Ganks section.
3/13/12 Completed Calling for Ganks section, Changed main marks to Greater Mark of Desolation from Greater Mark of Attack Damage
3/13/12 All section reworks completed.
3/14/12-3/21/12 Fiora's enemies.....section will be worked on and completed
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