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Fizz Build Guide by BGSmile

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BGSmile

Fizz:One jump ahead of you!

BGSmile Last updated on September 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, I'm BGSmile, this is my first guide,and in it I will talk about Fizz, the Tidal Trickster, my favorite champion in the game.Please,do not downvote the guide only because you don't agree with some of the items on the build,I'll surely explain my choices later in the guide.Also, I would like to ask you to forgive the grammar mistakes that are likely to appear through it, since English is not my first language.Also,this is an extensive guide where I explain my choices and opinions.If all you need is a build,just try any of the above.Now,if you are new to Fizz or just want to learn a bit more about this champion,you might enjoy reading my guide.

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Pros and Cons

  • Awesome damage,that doesn't fall at late game
  • Outstanding escape and chasing tools
  • Nice jungler
  • AoE Ultimate that makes a huge difference in team fights
  • Oh yes,you summon a giant shark to destroy your enemies
  • If built for burst damage,is really squishy
  • No sustain
  • Needs a LOT of gold to become powerful
  • Not one of the best farmers in the game.
  • Long CD's,small Mana Pool and abilities that cost a lot of mana can result in a terrible early game for you.

In fact,Fizz ultimate is so cool that even an Olympic Swimmer tried to copy it:

PS:I know that this video is boring to watch 100 times,but the other versions that I posted were deleted,so just watch once and proceed to the rest of the guide XD

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Greater Mark of Insight

These are standard marks for any AP carry/assassin.Your damage in the early game will be improved by a LOT, cutting through almost a third of your opponent's base Magic Resist and bringing your magic damage closer to true damage.
Greater Mark of Alacrity

If you are a jungler,you will want to start with these.They,combined with Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration,give you the fastest jungle time with Fizz.
Greater Seal of Force

The best seals if you are going for pure AP.These fit better in Build 1 and 2,where their effect is empowered by Archmage and Rabadon's Deathcap.If you feel comfortable with your skills to survive a fight,take these.
Greater Mark of Resilience

Since you are a melee champion and needs to stay close to your opponents in order to inflict damage to them, you might want the extra armor these seals provide to minimize the damage taken and increase your ability to survive team fights.
Greater Glyph of Force

I don't believe there is a better choice of glyphs for Fizz than this one.With Fizz's good AP Ratios on his abilities,these glyphs help a lot at late game.
Quintessence of Potency

These runes give you a major help at early game,since the AP provided by them is close to the one of a Doran's Ring.If you plan to lane with Fizz,they are the best to have.

Quintessence of Insight

As said before,these give you the best time at the jungle.

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Builds 1 and 2 masteries

Really not much to be said in this section.The masteries I suggest in these builds are pretty standard 21/0/9 (Build 1) and 21/9/0 (Build 2).In both of them I put 1 point at Summoner's Wrath , in order to improve Ignite(and Ghost at Build 2).I put points in Mental Force , to improve my damage early on,and get all the 4 points at Sorcery , so that I can reach the Magic Penetration of Arcane Knowledge .The 3 points in Havoc makes your burst damage much more dangerous. Putting all the points at Blast and Archmage grants you great bonus AP later in the game,and also makes it possible for you to put a point at Executioner .While this last mastery is great with most carries and damage dealers in general,it synergizes perfectly with AP assassin Fizz,making your Seastone Trident much more threatening and making it easier to farm at the early game.As I play aggressive while laning with Build 1,points in Expanded Mind and Meditation help with the mana problems caused by constantly harassing the opponent,while Runic Affinity makes me keep Blue Buff for longer.In Build 2,where farming is my main goal,9 points in the Defense Tree allow me to stay longer in the lane than my opponent and outfarm him.
Build 3 masteries

As mentioned already, Fizz has little to none survivability in the jungle, and therefore his mastery page must be focused on providing this so needed survivability.That's why I opt for a 0/21/9 mastery page, putting points at Hardiness and Tough Skin , in order to reduce the damage taken while clearing camps.Points in Durability make me tankier through the game,while 2 points in Vigor and 1 in Veteran's Scars help with the survivability in the first minutes of the game. Bladed Armor boosts your jungling time and scales well in the jungle with your Seastone Trident.1 point in Initiator and the CDR provided by 4 points in Enlightenment help a lot while ganking with Fizz,since his gap closers do have long cooldowns,and his movement speed isn't among the best in the game.Finally, Honor Guard and Juggernaut make you a lot tankier.
The points in the Utility Tree are there for the same motives they are at Build 1

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells

Ignite:This summoner spell is usually ignored by many Fizz players,since Seastone Trident already gives you DoT and reduces the healing on your opponent.Well,even if that is true,Fizz is good at assassinating important targets on the enemy team,and Ignite makes it really easy to burst down a carry in the middle of his team,relying on DoT to finish the job while you escape without getting any injure more severe than a scratch.

Flash:Flash is not as good at Fizz as it is at other champions like Malzahar that don't have escape mechanisms.Still, Flash's uses are really extensive, and it can save your life if you need to escape while your abilities are on cooldown(which is really likely to happen, since, as mentioned before, Fizz' cooldowns are really long in the early game)

Ghost:Probably better than Flash with Fizz.Fizz's movement speed, even with boots, is not outstanding at all, and in large chases this may count in your opponent's favour.Ghost will give you the upper hand in these chases as well.Unfortunately, Nimble Fighter makes the effect of ignoring unit collision provided by Ghost useless.

Exhaust:You might want this spell if you are jungling and wants some extra help with the ganks.I don't recommend to use it if you are laning.

Smite: If you are jungling,take it.You will need it.No exceptions.

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Passive- Nimble Fighter
Fizz' passive is usually underestimated, but it is not bad at all.First of all, the ability to ignore unit collision makes it easier to escape/chase through minion waves, much like a Ghost without the speed boost.To make it better, Fizz takes reduced damage from basic attacks.It means that,in the early game,you will have advantage in fights where the minions are involved.Also,this damage reduction minimizes the damage inflicted by neutral monsters to Fizz,making it an awesome passive for a jungler.
Q- Urchin Strike
This move involves some tricky mechanics that are worth explaining:
1-You will always dash to the end of the range, regardless of how close the opponent is.
2-If your target is in the opposite side of a wall and in the range of your ability, you will cross the wall.
3-If you and your target are at the same side of a wall, you won't go to the other end of the wall.
4-This ability doesn't benefit from Spell Vamp
5-This ability procs on hit effects, and benefits from life steal.

Because of the synergy with Seastone Trident, the short cooldown at higher levels and the viable mana costs(if compared to Playful / Trickster),I usually max it second.

Q- Seastone Trident

This ability is extremely powerful.It passively gives you an awesome DoT, that scales with your AP(even your basic attacks will benefit from Ability Power thanks to that).Also, it also scales with your target's missing health.This will make you much more threatening when fighting against already injured opponents,and it makes it really easy to finish off quickly opponents and run away without any chance of retaliation.
Awesome right?Well,it gets even better!When you activate this ability,it will give you a nice boost to your DoT,and also debuff any targets hit with Grievous Wounds,which will reduce any healing effects on this champion by 50%.That means that,beyond the damage improvement,you will also counter champions like Dr. Mundo, Vladimir and Soraka.How great is that?

E- Playful / Trickster

This ability is Fizz signature move and what gives him the name of "Tidal Trickster".One of the best utility spells in the game, able to dodge almost every single move in LoL, including Requiem, Ace in the Hole, Hemoplague and other feared ultimates.
It is also an amazing gap closer, and, if you don't reactivate it, you will also have an AoE slow where you land.
To top all of that, you will also be able to jump over small walls with that spell.However, the mana cost is huge considering Fizz's small mana pool, and that's the reason why we take a point in it at level 3 and leave to max it last.
Ultimate: Chum the Waters

Hey guys,don't you hate when you are there,in the Fields of Justice,minding your own business,WHEN A FREAKING SHARK JUMPS OUT OF THE GROUND AND EATS YOU ALIVE?!Well,that is Fizz ultimate. Chum the Waters is a long range skill shot that sticks to any enemy champion hit by it.That champion will be slowed for 1.5 seconds.If the skill shot fails to hit an enemy,the fish will stop where it was sent to,and will stick to any enemies that pass over it.After a small delay of 1.5 seconds,a shark will appear,damaging all the enemies in the signed area,and knocking them out of the area.If the fish sticks to a champion, that champion will also be knocked up.The CD of this skill is not long for an ultimate, and probably will be available in all team fights.The AP ratio in this skill is astonishing, so you will be able to do massive damage to the whole enemy team during fights.You may also choose to use it in order to catch up with an escaping opponent or to help you while running away with your other skills on cooldown.

For more information,check the "Don't Feed Fizz" video,in which are described with detail all Fizz skills:

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Core Items

Sorcerer's Shoes
This is a standard item for almost every caster in the game.It gives you a nice movement speed boost and some needed Magic Penetration to boost your damage early on.If you are getting focused hard by enemy crowd controls, you might want to change these boots for Mercury's Treads
Rod of Ages
Rod of Ages is an amazing item if you manage to purchase it early enough.Since Fizz is a melee champion, the extra health will be necessary to survive the team fights.It also gives Fizz a larger mana pool, making it possible for him to use Playful/Trickster without being too afraid of going out of mana.But maybe the most important thing about this item is that it's built from Catalyst the Protector,solving all your problems with early game sustain.Some players suggest Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead of Rod of Ages, and if you have problems with chasing, Rylai's might be a better choice from you, but otherwise I wouldn't change the unmatched sustain provided by Catalyst for a little slow.

Full Offense
Lich Bane
This item has an amazing synergy with Fizz.Since Urchin Strike procs on hit effects, Lich Bane will double the damage from that spell.Also, while fighting on melee range, you will be able to use the on-hit effect at your Seastone Trident active as well.In this stage, your opponent will probably be dead, but, if not, you will still have two more hits ready, each one dealing an extra 200 damage(and much more later on).

Rabadon's Deathcap
Here you will get the greatest AP boost possible from one single item.A must have for any AP carry that wants to do as much damage as possible.In Build 1 and 2,almost all your items provide ability power,so Rabadon's Deathcap passive will give you an astonishing AP increase.

Deathfire Grasp
Well,this item is a great pick for Fizz in the late game,and, if you plan to buy it,try getting an early Kage's Lucky Pick.It gives you nice extra AP,some needed CDR( Playful / Trickster usually will be ready for escapes,and you will be able to use the on-hit effect of Lich Bane more times during team fights).Oh, yes, of course, if the game is long enough,at this stage you will have about 500 AP,meaning that this item's active ability will deal 45% of your target's max health!!!!!!!!Of course,that doesn't count Magic Resist,but still,that is a lot of damage.And yes, Seastone Trident hits harder if your target is already injured, so this will mean an insane boost to your performance at eliminating important targets quickly.

Void Staff
This item is really good to close your build.If your opponents are stacking Magic Resist early, you might want to take this item before Deathfire Grasp.All your abilities will do a lot more damage, and the active of Deathfire Grasp will do almost 45% of your target's life as true damage.It doesn't get any better than that considering burst damage only.

Defensive items

These are the only three defensive items I recommend on Fizz,unless the situation is really critical,and you need some Force of Nature to stop that super fed Annie from bursting you down with one single combo.

Abyssal Mask has a nice aura,provides you a decent amount of AP and gives you a good amount of Magic Resist.Really good item to substitute Void Staff if you want to be a little tankier.
Zhonya's Hourglass gives you a lot of AP and armor,and has an insane active ability,even if not as good on Fizz,unless you need to wait for the cooldowns to ensure your escape.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter will increase your life and AP by quite a bit,and give you a slow that works really well on Fizz(even if it's not that needed).This item won't give you as much defense as the other two listed here,and should only be taken if you are aiming for the slow or if you still few squishy after purchasing both of the above items.
I choose these items because they give you just enough resistances to survive large fights without sacrificing a lot of Ability Power.Try to take them only if you are being focused.

Jungle Items

Fizz is very different from other junglers,since he benefits more from AP,but can't be squishy like Fiddlesticks.With the build I suggest,you will be tanky and still be able to do a lot of damage.It really is a mix of Build 1 and Build 2,adding Madred's Bloodrazor in order to maximize your damage output.It looks weird,but please don't downvote before you test it.

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Laning Phase

The Problem
I usually play Fizz at mid,as an AP carry.Being a melee champion, new Fizz players might have a lot of trouble trying to avoid being constantly harassed.The thing is,if you try to get a last hit right at the side of some champion like Annie, Ahri, Veigar etc,you WILL be attacked a lot,since you won't be able to do a thing about it. Playful / Trickster has a long cooldown and huge mana cost,so you don't want to use it every single time just because you were reckless and walked right into a ranged champion.
The Solution
After understanding that,you will see that the best option you have is to play passively,last hitting minions far away from your opponent,and even letting them push the minions to your tower,if that makes you feel safer.Well,that until you get to level 3!Then you have your full combo.Let's pretend you are facing Ryze or any other aggressive mid champion.Ok,he has a long range harass...but and what after that?He will auto attack you,and you will auto attack him.There is no chance he is going to do more damage to you than you to him.Now you use your Playful / Trickster to go away from him before he can cast his combo again.You two will probably have the same health.
"But BGSmile,that doesn't make any sense!If you guys are with the same hp,that means all your effort was worthless",you may say.Well,aren't you forgetting about something? Seastone Trident gets more powerful the lower health your opponent has! That beeing so,every time you exchange blows with your opponent you will be doing more damage than last time.If your opponent started with a Doran's or ran out of potions,the lane is won already.Focus on farming now that you have the advantage,and,if your opponent gets cocky,just Urchin Strike on him and Ignite him back to the Summoner's Platform.Fizz counters hard any champion that relies on skill shots and ability combos,auto regeneration champions like Vladimir and champions with predictable or long cooldowns,like Veigar. If you have the advantage,always make it count(without getting cocky,of course)

PS:You have small mana pool,so avoid using your abilities to farm.If needed,use Seastone Trident,but nothing more
Important Note:Combo
Before getting Lich Bane,your standard combo is W->Q->E to avoid counter attacks. After getting Lich Bane,try changing it to Q->W->E, and remember to wait two seconds between one cast and another,always autoattacking,to get max use of Lich Bane's passive
Mid Game

Ok,so you won your lane and is decently farmed.Being at mid,it is expected that you help your team a lot,being someone the enemy can't ignore.So,why breaking up the expectation?Go to a side lane that needs help.Your ganks are awesome after you get your ultimate,since you will have 1.5 seconds slow + knock up + the slow from Playful / Trickster + 2 gap closers.Very few champions can survive that if you don't screw up.Try using your ultimate when you are close to your opponent,because if you miss,it will get a lot harder to get a kill.After Catalyst the Protector you won't need Blue Buff that much.It will still be a good thing to have,but if your jungler or another champion on your team is mana hungry,let them have it.

Late Games/Team Fight

As I said before,Fizz is my favorite champion in the game,so it hurts me a lot to say that,but I think it's needed:The great majority of other AP Carries are more important in Team Fights than Fizz!.Don't get me wrong,you are still amazing, if not the best, at eliminating enemy carries in seconds.And yes,your ult will do a lot of AoE damage.But lets compare it to Zyra, Brand, Ahri, Vladimir...they have a huge number of high damage AoE spells,and it doesn't matter how much you shut them down in the laning phase,they will still do a lot of damage to your team.If you were reckless and lost your lane,your utility in the game is almost inexistent,since Fizz needs items to be good.Another way to see it is that your role is different from the one that the mentioned champions have,and it is true,but still,it might annoy you not to threat the enemy team, being well farmed, the way a Brand with 50 cs does to your team.

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Counter Picks vs Mid Champions

Here is my personal opinion about the foes you will face at mid.It's possible that you do great against Malzahar while I suck against him,but this is how I see things.

Ahri Difficulty:Easy

Ahri,the Nine Tailed Fox,usually is no threat to Fizz.Her abilities are easy to dodge when you have Boots of Speed,and your burst is superior.If she tries to harass you with auto attacks,you can jump on her and avoid her spells by moving between attacks.Experient Fizz players should have no problem against her.

Akali Difficulty:Medium

Akali,the Fist of Shadow,just like Fizz,excels at bursting down squishy targets,so you might see her at mid eventually.You can't dodge her harass without using a lot of mana,but your damage early on and after level 6 is good enough for you to handle her while Twilight Shroud is on cooldown.Try to harass her everytime she farms with her Q or E,and do not let her get a health advantage on you,because if you can't kill her with your ultimate,you are pretty much dead in the lane,because of the short cooldown in Shadow Dance.

Anivia Difficulty:Easy

Anivia,the Cryophoenix,is one of the easiest champions to face as Fizz.Her harass is easily dodgeable without using Playful / Trickster,and her HP is so small that after dodging her Q,you can make her activate Rebirth,forcing her out of the lane or even killing her.After she gets to level 6 and receives Blue Buff from the jungler,her farming skills become awesome,but you will still be able to kill her with one combo.

Annie Difficulty:Medium

Annie, the Dark Child, is a little bit tankier than most mages, and her harass/crowd control hurts a lot. Her ultimate is really powerful, and if you can't dodge it, you will have a hard time winning a fight against her at level 6.However, if you harass her when her Pyromania only has 1 or 2 stacks, you will most likely win the lane.

Brand Difficulty:Easy

Brand, the Burning Vengeance, is an easy match if you are good at dodging skill shots. While staying in the middle of a minion wave,Brand won't be able to hit you with Sear, and Nimble Fighter will allow you to dodge Pillar of Flame without getting stuck with the minions.Sure,if he hits you a lot with Conflagration, Blaze will take a lot of your life.Even if he gets low on mana,he might kill you with one last combo if you try to play aggressive and low your guard.However, he is squishy, really squishy,and you can easily burst him down while dodging Sear and Pillar of Flames with your E(you can also dodge his ultimate, Pyroclasm, but, if I'm not mistaken, the cooldown and mana cost will be ignored.

Cassiopeia Difficulty:Easy

I'm not really sure if Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace, is an easy pick for Fizz.The thing is, I've never played against a good Cassiopeia player(good Cass players please PM me and say your opinion).From my experience, Noxious Blast and Miasma are not hard to avoid if you have Boots of Speed, you can dodge all her skills with your E if necessary, and burst her down quite easily.

Diana Difficulty:Medium

Even after her recent nerf, Diana, the Scorn of the Moon, is still a little OP.Her burst is just as good as yours,but Lunar Rush has a short cooldown,and can even be used to dodge your ult.Before level 6,if you dodge her Crescent Strike and bait Pale Cascade, she will run OOM and you will be able to kill her/force her out of the lane.After level 6,if you don't have the upper hand yet,you won't be able to win trades,so you will need to poke her with Q and a few attacks,and then jump back avoiding her combo.It's not an easy lane by any means,but it's not as hard as some people think.

Fiddlesticks Difficulty:Easy

Rarely seen in mid, Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom, represents an easy lane.His farming sucks and,if he harasses you a lot,he will be OOM in no time.You can dodge his ult,and he is dead if he is caught in yours.Your Seastone Trident makes Drain less useful,and his crowd controls are no match against your gap closers and fenomenal burst.

Galio Difficulty:Hard

Galio, the Sentinel's Sorrow, is one of the hardest match ups for Fizz. It doesn't matter how much you harass him:if he times his Bulwark right, you will not kill him in the laning phase.Yes,you can dodge every single move of his(including Idol of Durand, if you can time it like a pro), but his farming skills, tankyness, and incredible sustain(after his first back) makes him a threatening opponent,that you should avoid facing as Fizz.

More will come in the next few days

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I would like to thank jhoijhoi awesome guide teaching how to make a good guide,which you can check HERE.I know that I don't master a lot of the things she described at her guide,but I plan to get better.I would also like to thanks Fizz-A slightly different nuker and Fizzy Pop,since these were the guides that motivated me to start playing with Fizz.

Also, I would like to apologize again for grammar mistakes and also for the lack of spaces after the commas:I'm trying to start doing that, since it helps with the reading, but sometimes I forget to, so sorry.I would like to ask you to comment before you downvote(even if I don't put this as an obligation),and also give me feedback in the comment section.Good luck and have fun!

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Changes to the guide

*Comment is required in order to vote
*Corrected several grammar mistakes Credits to Apathy
*Added a Counter Pick section (template inspired by []Point me to the Ladies! - [In-Depth Bruiser Jungle][/url]