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Akali Build Guide by KajiKumihoAkukei

Middle Kaji's Akali Dominating Top and Mid ~ As Balance Dictates!

Middle Kaji's Akali Dominating Top and Mid ~ As Balance Dictates!

Updated on August 1, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KajiKumihoAkukei Build Guide By KajiKumihoAkukei 55 4 140,741 Views 17 Comments
55 4 140,741 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KajiKumihoAkukei Akali Build Guide By KajiKumihoAkukei Updated on August 1, 2018
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    Tank build


Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Ravenous Hunter

Absolute Focus


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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1. Important: Akali Rework
2. Fist of Shadow
3. Introduction
4. Climbing in Ranked
5. Summoner Spells
6. Pros / Cons
7. Full Damage + Burn Akali Runes
8. Tank Runes
9. Damage Build Items
10. Burn Akali Items
11. Items Tank Akali
12. Melee VS Ranged
13. Wave Management & Farming
14. Akali Mid ~ Full Gameplay
15. Special Thanks
16. Update Log

Important: Akali Rework

This guide is for the old Akali, which will be archived soon. I have created a new guide for reworked Akali because I want to keep this guide out of fond memories to old Akali.Here you find the link to my new guide!
Be sure to give it a look and if you want a like!

Click here to go to the YouTube channel of Professor Akali to get a clear idea of how the new Akali will work.

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Fist of Shadow
~"So many noobs... Will matchmaking ever find true balance?"~

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Why Akali

Hi, I am KajiOĢ„kami.

I made this guide because I think Akali is a really fun and versatile champion. If you understand your power as Akali and you can get ahead it is very easy to snowball the game.
You can go different routes on her and each route has it's pros and cons.
After reading this guide you will hopefully understand Akali a lot better as a champion and if I can get some of you guys out there to show her some more love I will be happy.

Each build with the runes will be explained further on.

If you do like my content, feel free to follow me on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook! You can find the links at the top of my guide!

Note: at the bottom of my guide I have several full gameplay videos for different midlane matchups. New videos will be posted on there when I get new matchup videos ready.

Enjoy the guide and have fun out there on the fields of justice!

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Climbing in Ranked

Challenger to Bronze V

If you want to be able to climb the ladder in ranked here are a few pointers in general (counts for every role and every champion). League of Legends is, and will always be, a team game. This means that you will have to rely on others in order to win games. Some games you can carry your team, some games you will be the one getting carried by your team. Just remember: everyone can have a bad game!


+ Be positive
+ Be a teamplayer
+ Play the vision game
+ Take objectives
+ Play mastered champions
+ Keep your cool
One of the most important parts about being able to win consistently is being positive. If you go into your games with a clear and positive mindset it will not only help you, but also your teammates. Part of playing as a team includes going along with plays your team commits to. Even if you don't 100% agree with the play. By not joining when your team is committed to make the play you just lower the chances of a play succeeding or not!
Another very important key to victory is vision! It's not only the support's job to provide vision. It is a team effort, by buying a Control Ward on every opportunity you have, you will help your team out tremendously! Once you have learned to help your team provide vision, the next step is learning to secure objectives, because they win games. Taking turrets or slaying an elemental dragon can help your team get global gold or increased stats!
Next thing to keep in mind is to play champions you feel comfortable on, don't force yourself into taking the meta pick if you don't know how to play the champion through and through! Knowing everything there is to know about your champion is very important to consistently win lane!
Last but not least: keep your cool! If you are having a bad game, don't start making risky plays or going by yourself. Play safe and rely on your team to help you get back into the game. Same thing goes if your team is playing poorly. Stay calm and don't blame it on them, just keep playing and help them get back into the game.


- Flame
- Be negative
- Afk farm
- Surrender
- Chase kills
- Be a KDA player
Never flame your teammates, because this will cost you the game more often than not.
For example: We've all been there, the enemy jungler seems to have a tent set by your lane and your jungler doesn't visit your lane once. What to do next, flame and blame your jungler? No! Just play safe, don't give away free kills and let your jungler have impact elsewhere on the map. The same goes for being negative, this will just have a bad impact on your teammates. It will affect their play and your chances of winning decrease by a big amount.
If a game isn't going according to plan, don't go sit in a sidelane doing nothing but farm all game. Yes, farming is important, but helping your team and assisting on plays is a lot more important!
Surrendering is also never an option. If you are behind, just stall out the game until your have caught up with the enemy team or at least until the difference in items and gold doesn't matter as much anymore. A lot of games can be won by just playing smart and waiting for your time, even if you are behind.
One more thing to keep in mind: don't chase for kills. Most of the times you keep chasing for a kill you are just wasting your time or worse, getting yourself killed! If an enemy gets away with just a bit of health take this opportunity to take an objective or provide and clear out vision. This will help your team globally a lot more than trying to get that one kill to boost your KDA and risk dying.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite

In almost every game you will take Flash and Ignite as it is just the best set of spells you can get for Akali.


The only situations where you want to get Teleport as Akali:

- When you are in a counter matchup, like Pantheon and Renekton, where you want to
play safe and don't miss too much cs and experience.

- When your are laning against a champion that has a global ult and you want to be able to
answer when they make a play. Think about champions like Twisted Fate, Galio or

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Pros / Cons


+ Very fun champion
+ High burst
+ Very mobile
+ Strong 1vs1
+ Carry potential
+ True invisibility

Akali is a very fun and versatile champion with a high burst potential. She is very good at picking out squishies who overextend or wander around the map alone. Her 1 vs 1 outplay potential is really high once you master her kit.
Akali is a very mobile champion with her Twilight Shroud, which grants her true invisibility, and her Shadow Dance, so she can very easy chase down almost every champion in the game. You can snowball very hard as Akali and you have the potential to really carry the game if you get an early lead by roaming to other lanes and helping them get fed as well.

- Weak pre 6
- Vulnerable to cc
- Early lead reliant
- Weak team fighting
- Very squishy

Akali is pretty weak pre level 6 and very vulnerable going up against comps with a lot of cc. You can be stopped before you can blow somebody up if you aren't very careful. When Akali falls behind in the early game, she will most likely have no chance to come back in the late game as you are a mid game champion. You will get the best results by getting ahead early or from the moment you get your Hextech Gunblade. Akali is not so good at team fighting, because she has to go in the middle of the enemy team to deal damage. Her value lies more in catching out single targets and bursting them down.

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Full Damage + Burn Akali Runes

Runes Reforged

First things first: because of the new runes system there are now so many different building paths, depending on your playstyle, that it can become hard to choose.

In this chapter I will go over the runes that I think are best on Akali for the full damage build AND the burn build, because they are pretty similar.

First path ~ Domination

In Domination these are the runes you want to take for both builds, because they give you the biggest damage output.

In this build you will be going for as much damage as possible, so naturaly you should get your damage output as high as possible. That's where Electrocute comes in. once you hit level 3 and have a point in all your spells it becomes very easy to proc your Electrocute for a very big burst of damage.

I don't think that there's much to explain about why you should take Sudden Impact. Bonus lethality and magic penetration after a dash or blink. Akali has three dashes with her Shadow Dance, she has a blink with her Twilight Shroud and of course there is your Flash. So there's no excuse to not take Sudden Impact.

With patch 8.10 the duration of wards has been increased, but you can place less wards per game. This makes Zombie Ward a very important rune as it can provide you a decent amount of vision by taking out enemy wards. You deny them vision and it takes longer before they can place new wards as well.

Ravenous Hunter is the rune you will most likely be taking because of how good it works with Akali's passive Twin Disciplines.


Ingenious Hunter is also worth concidering, since this will give you up to a 40% cooldown on your Hextech Gunblade. Which will reduce it's cooldown by 16 seconds. Giving you the chance to use your Hextech Gunblade every 24 seconds. The same goes for your Zhonya's Hourglass, it's cooldown will be reduced by 48 seconds. This will let you turn golden every 72 seconds. Here there are some interesting synergys I'll explain further on.

For the second path there are more options. I'll go over the best ones here.

Secondary path ~ Sorcery

If you want to increase your damage output you should go for Sorcery.

Absolute Focus is a very good rune on Akali because you will most likely be going in on enemies when you are above 70% health. Combine that with the fact that Akali heals pretty fast because of her passive Twin Disciplines, you will be doing a lot of burst damage before they get you under 70% health.

Scorch will most likely be your second choice just because of the extra damage it will make you do every 20 seconds. This way you can maximize your damage output.

Secondary path ~ Resolve

If you feel like Domination gives you enough damage and you want more sustain, Resolve is your go-to path.

Bone Plating is a very good rune on Akali to give her better sustain during the laning phase. The damage reduction you get will make your life in lane a lot easier pre 6, since that is where Akali mostly struggles.

With patch 8.6 Chrysalis has arrived, if there ever was a rune in the Resolve tree made for Akali, it is this one.
You get 60 bonus health to help you sustain during laning phase, which you can later on trade for damage once you get 4 take-downs. Nothing more needs to be said here. This is the rune to go if you want to be safe until you can snowball the game.

Secondary path ~ Inspiration

If you want to be able to make more plays and you feel like you have enough damage but don't need the extra sustain... You should go into the Inspiration tree.

Cosmic Insight is a very good rune to take on Akali in my opinion: reduced cooldown on your Flash and Ignite are always a good thing.
But the more interesting thing here in my opinion is this: it scales with Ingenious Hunter. So this gives you the opportunity to get a 45% active item cooldown on your Hextech Gunblade. This will let you use your Hextech Gunblade every 22 seconds and your Zhonya's Hourglass every 66 seconds.

By taking Perfect Timing you will have a free Stopwatch at 8 minutes in the game, which can help you survive after making a play.
But what makes this a very good rune to take in my opinion is again that it stacks with Ingenious Hunter. It reduces the cooldown of your Zhonya's Hourglass even more, which means that (when you are at full stacks) you will have a 53,25% cooldown on your Zhonya's Hourglass. This means that it will be up every 56,1 seconds.

If you don't feel like taking Cosmic Insightor Perfect Timing, or you don't want to take Ingenious Hunter as you prefer Ravenous Hunter, you can always take Magical Footwear. Cause face it, who doesn't like free boots.

Time Warp Tonic is good for obvious reasons as it gives you more sustain and extra movement speed while taking potions.

Secondary Path ~ Precision

Coup de Grace allows you to do just that little bit more damage to an already low on health target. Making it the perfect rune if you want to go for the Precision tree.

Triumph is a very strong rune because of the extra health you get back. Playing as Akali you are always at risk of getting bursted down after going in, so getting 12% health back after a kill or assist can be very important to survive.

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Tank Runes

In this chapter I will explain the tank runes separately because they are so different from the runes in the other builds.

First Path ~ Resolve

The idea behind taking Grasp of the Undying as a keystone in the tank build is simple: when you duel with the enemy toplaner, every 4 seconds of combat you deal bonus damage based on your max health + you heal based on you max health + your health permanently increases by 5.
Needless to say that this, combined with Akali's passive Twin Disciplines gives you a lot of sustain.

Bone Plating is the best choice here in my opinion because it gives you some more defensive stats when you start trading with your enemy laner. The amount of damage reduction it provides in your early game trades and even when engaging in late game team fights make this rune the perfect choice for Akali.

Chrysalis is very good for obvious reasons. It gives you bonus health at the start of the game, this bonus health turns into bonus damage later on. And let's face is, even as tank Akali you like to get some bonus damage.

Revitalize is very good on Akali in my opinion because of the increased self healing. Akali has a lot of self healing with her passive Twin Disciplines, not to forget the passive healing and life steal that you get from Hextech Gunblade.

Secondary Path ~ Domination

Taste of Blood fits perfectly in to this build because of the increased healing. This rune blends in beautifully with the healing you already get from Twin Disciplines and Grasp of the Undying.

Ravenous Hunter is good for the same reasons I just mentioned with Taste of Blood. It increases your healing, making you even harder to kill.

Secondary Path ~ Precision

I really like Legend: Tenacity on Akali. Especially with this build as it gives you increased tenacity, making it harder for the enemy team to lock you down. Because even as a tank, you are still Akali and you are very vulnerable to crowd control. Combined with Mercury's Treads, Legend: Tenacity makes you very hard to catch.

Triumph is a very strong rune if you are going for this build because of the extra health you get back. This is because as tank Akali you will always be in the middle of the action. So getting 12% of your health back on each takedown will help you out a lot when trying to survive team fights.

Secondary path ~ Sorcery

If you feel like going SorceryI recommend taking Celerity. The bonus movement speed is very good if you want to roam down to help out you midlaner or when your jungler is getting invaded.
Note: Celerity synergies well with Dead Man's Plate.

When going for the tank build on Akali this is a rune worth considering due to the fact that it increases your survivability because of the shield. Getting a shield can make just the difference between getting a target down or getting taken down before you can do your job.

Secondary path ~ Inspiration

Perfect Timing is, even after the nerfs, definitely worth taking on Akali. It can help you survive tricky situations after you engage, if you are invading on enemy territory, or getting ganked. Sometimes Perfect Timing can buy just enough time for your team to arrive.

Time Warp Tonic is a good choice because of the increased amount of sustain you get from it. In certain difficult match-ups, Time Warp Tonic can really make a difference to help you survive the early game. In addition, you also get bonus movement speed while using a consumable.

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Damage Build Items

This chapter is dedicated to the items on full damage Akali.

Starting Items

Dark Seal and Health Potion are going to be the way you want to start almost every game. Since you are Akali you don't need to buy Doran's Ring for the mana.
The AP + increased healing from Dark Seal are very good for your sustain in the early game. An extra benefit from this item is that stacks you get on getting a kill or assist.

In some matchups you want to start with Cloth Armor. This is mostly the case when the enemy team is full AD or in specific matchups. There are only a few matchups where I recommend Cloth Armor, such as Fiora, Renekton, Pantheon, Riven, Talon or Zed.

Essential Items

In every matchup you want to rush Hextech Gunblade, as it is such a great item on Akali. Akali on Hextech Gunblade is one of the biggest powerspikes there is. Once you complete it you are ready to start all-in killing people.

In 99% of your games you want to buy Zhonya's Hourglass second.
As you are an assassin and you need to get in people's face it will help you survive a lot longer because of the invulnerability. It also allows you to stall for time while your team is on the way and while you wait for your abilities to come of cooldown.


When the enemy team doesn't have a lot of cc, or when they aren't full ad you should go for Sorcerer's Shoes. The extra damage on your burst is very nice and they will help you assassinate the squishies even faster.

Go for Mercury's Treads when the enemy team has a lot of cc. Cc is the biggest enemy of Akali. The increased tenacity will help you reach the wanted target before you get chain cc'd and die.
Personally these are the boots I prefer most of the time just because of how much longer they can keep you alive.

When the enemy team is full ad, you should buy Ninja Tabi just because it will help you so much against full ad comps. The reduced damage from auto attacks and the extra armor will keep you alive a lot longer against full ad comps.

Complementary Items

Morellonomicon is a very good item on Akali since the ap item changes.
The magic penetration it gives you now is nice, but the most important change is that they removed the mana (which you don't need) and focused more on the grievous wounds.
This is so good on [akali]] when you are trying to burst down the enemy AD carry or when you catch out a champion like Swain.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a solid item on Akali. It gives you bonus health, which can be really useful when trying to survive as long as possible while bursting down a target. Furthermore it's passive is really good for chasing people down because of the slow it provides.
In patch 8.9. Rylai's Crystal Scepter go a small buff on the amount of ability power it gives.

Spellbinder is also a very good item to buy. Akali has a very short cooldown on her e, Crescent Slash, and q, Mark of the Assassin. So you will have [[spellbinder stacked in no time.
When you have enough stacks and you activate the item it increases your catch potential and burst very much.

When the enemy team is buying a lot of magic resistance, you will most likely have to buy Void Staff to negate as much magic resistance as possible. Generally, you want to build this when at least 2 players on their team have magic resistance items. If for example their toplaner has Spirit Visage + Mercury's Treads and their midlaner bought Banshee's Veil and Mercury's Treads it will be a very good idea to buy Void Staff.

Banshee's Veil can be a great option to finish of your build. If the enemy team is heavy on ap or has a lot of cc, Banshee's Veil is the item to go. The spell shield every 40 seconds van be very useful when engaging on a squishy target.

Lich Bane can be very effective on Akali if you get an early lead and know how to snowball effectively. But in my opinion there are items better suited for that purpose on Akali. I just mention Lich Bane because it is an item worth mentioning and I have seen many Akali players use it with great success. It just depends on your playstyle.

Liandry's Anguish is still a great item on Akali. Since the ap item changes it has become somewhat less effective to build it as a standard item due to the removal of the magic penetration. Now it is more a go to item if the enemy team has a lot of tankiness due to the passive burn.

Rabadon's Deathcap didn't use to be an item worth mentioning on Akali but since the ap item changes it has moved up a little. This is because of the fact that the bonus ap increase grew from 35% to 40%, making it a good item to build when you are snowballing and want to one-shot squisies even faster!

Twin Shadowsis back! I wouldn't recommend this item to build every game, but if you are very fed early in the game and you already finished a very early Hextech Gunblade you might want to consider this item.
It gives you everything you need to snowball even harder: extra ap + extra movement speed + an active that slows you victims.
If you see someone out of position, just use your active and you will get a free kill!

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Burn Akali Items

Now some more about the items you want to build on burn Akali. I will not go over the starting items and first item purchase, Hextech Gunblade, here because they are the same as in the previous chapter.

Essential Items

Sunfire Aegis is an essential item in this build. The burn provided by Sunfire Aegis is a source of magic damage (depending on level). So to get the most of this burn it is best that you buy Sorcerer's Shoes.
Further, the bonus health and armor make you a lot tankier so the enemy team will have a much harder time killing you.

Liandry's Anguish is another great burn item in this build. This burn is also a source of magic damage. Since the ap items rework the magic penetration of Liandry's Anguish has been removed, but the burn is now updated to deal more damage to tankier targets. Which makes it even better for this build..

You want to buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter mainly because the stats it gives you are perfect for this build: more ap + more hp.
Another reason why it is so good is because of it's passive slow. Making it easier for Akali to stick on her victims.
If you add Rylai's Crystal Scepter into this build you are almost impossible to get away from. You have 3 stacks on your Shadow Dance, you have the slow from using your Hextech Gunblade and the passive slow of Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Have fun trying to get away ADC's!

Complementary Damage Items

If you want to finish of with some more damage you can either go for Morellonomicon Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil or Void Staff. For more on this, check the previous chapter.

Complementary Tanky Items

If you feel like you need more magic resistance and health, you should look towards Spirit Visage as it is such a good item on Akali. The 30% increased healing works wonders with your passive Twin Disciplines, the extra healing your get from Hextech Gunblade and the increased healing per stack you get on Ravenous Hunter.

Another good option for more magic resistance is Adaptive Helm. This is the go to item if the enemy team has champions that can spam their spells as it reduces the damage from the following incoming spells significantly.

When the enemy team has a lot of attack damage, but a lot of their damage comes from abilities you should take Dead Man's Plate.
The increased movement speed + bonus damage if you attack someone when Dead Man's Plate is fully stacked is also very good.
Since patch 8.6 Dead Man's Plate has been changed and the crushing blow now deals magic damage instead of physical damage. Which makes it an even better choice for Akali.

If the enemy team has a lot attack damage and a lot of their damage comes from auto attacks, Thornmail is a very good item. The reflected damage it provides is also magic damage, making it another item the synergises nicely with your other items in this build.

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Items Tank Akali

In this chapter I will go over the items for tank Akali, which is very different from the normal Akali builds.

Essential Items

Hextech Gunblade is the only damage item you will be going in this build. But it is still included because of how strong it is on Akali. You will always want to include this in almost every build.

Sunfire Aegis is a very strong item for Akali. It gives you a lot of the things you need to be able to stay on to the enemies. It provides a good amount of health, armor and most importantly it gives you some good DPS.
I would recommend to always include this item in your tank build.

Spirit Visage should also be in your build 9 out of 10 times. The only situation where you don't want to get it is if you are against a full AD team.
The magic resistance, extra health and cooldown reduction are good, but the most important reason for getting this item is the increased self healing. Which will help you a lot when trying to sustain during teamfights.


In almost every game the best option for Akali is definitely Mercury's Treads. The increased tenacity they give is just way too good to pass up. If there is mixed damage on the enemy team or if there is a lot of cc then don't doubt: go Mercury's Treads.

Ninja Tabi are the go to boots when the enemy team is almost exclusively AD. They will help you survive a lot easier against those (this is just an example) Riven top + Nocturne jungle + Zed mid + whatever ADC & supp comps!

Complementary Items

If the enemy team has a lot attack damage and a lot of their damage comes from auto attacks, Thornmail is a very good item. It will give you a lot of bonus armor + it will reflect a lot of the incoming damage back as magic damage. Making it dangerous for the carries to focus you.

When the enemy team has a lot of attack damage, but most of their damage comes from abilities instead of auto attacks you should take Dead Man's Plate.
The increased movement speed when you build up momentum is also a nice addition.

When facing an enemy team with a fed AD carry that builds crit. like Jinx or Tristana OR when the enemy Yasuo or Gangplank is fed you will want to build Randuin's Omen. There's a few good reasons for this.
The main reason is because it reduces the damage from critical strikes by 20%, which is a lot!
A second reason is because it slows the enemies basic attacks.
Finally the active makes it easier for you to stay on top of the enemy carries and try to set up a play for your team.

Warmog's Armor is always an interesting item to get, just because of the health regeneration you get when you are above 3000 maximum health and are out of combat for 6 seconds. As Akali this means you can go all in to try and catch someone out with your team, then go back out and be full health again in no time at all without having to recall!

Titanic Hydra is an item you will see passing by in some Korean Akali builds. I don't really like the item that much, but I can see the utility in it if you are trying to be a splitpush threat. So I included this item just for good measure, but I will not go deeper into it.

If you need more magic resistance I would recommend to build Adaptive Helm. It gives you a decent amount of magic resistance and it's passive can be very useful. I pick Adaptive Helm over Abyssal Mask because of the changes to it in patch 8.6. More on this in the next paragraph.
The reason for picking Adaptive Helm is easy. If you get into a situation where you need an extra magic resistance item after you already bought Spirit Visage and mercury treads it is probably because the enemy team is very AP focused, or if the enemy AP carry is really fed. In both situations the passive of Adaptive Helm will greatly decrease their damage to you and help you survive a lot longer.

I still mention Abyssal Mask because I can imagine some players would still like to build it, but I want to give my reason for excluding it from this build.
The first reason is because it has been changed for patch 8.6. The magic damage increase to enemy champions is higher now, but the range of it is much lower. Seeing as you are mainly going to be tank Akali with this build it becomes less interesting to build this item, because your magic damage will not be high enough to consider it and your AP carry will likely not be close enough to benefit from in. Unless you have a jungler like Fiddlesticks who is probably already building one of his own.

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Melee ~ Ranged

Melee Matchups

If you are in a matchup versus another melee champion, you can just walk up to the minions and last hit them. Try to land your q, Mark of the Assassin, on your enemy laner as much as you can to make sure that if they come to trade with you, you can deal some good damage.

In melee matchups you will be trading a lot in lane, even before you reach level 6. It is in these lanes that you can try to get early kills the safest. Because it is a melee versus melee matchup and you will not get poked nearly as much as when you are versus a ranged champion.

In the chapter about matchups I will go in more deeply on the specific melee matchup.

Ranged Matchups

If you are in a matchup versus a ranged champion, you have a few options.

You can use your Mark of the Assassin to last hit minions and stay at a safe distance (this is the option you will take in the tougher matchups). This way you can get as much gold as possible so you can buy your Hextech Revolver on your first back.
Once you are level 6 and have your Shadow Dance + your Hextech Revolver the lane becomes a lot easier and you can start going for all-in.

You can do the same as when you are laning against a melee champion and try to use your Mark of the Assassin on the enemy laner as much as possible.
Note: be careful for minion agro when you use your Mark of the Assassin on the enemy laner. In the early levels of the game minions can do a big amount of damage!
Also be aware that you can get poked out if you don't play it right, this might force you to take a disadvantageous recall.

If you are in a matchup where you know it will be almost impossible to get a kill, like against Morgana or Galio, just try to roam once you hit level 6.
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Wave Management & Farming

The importance of wave management

Akali is a melee champion, so it important that you know how to manage your waves properly. This all depends on the matchup you are in and whether you are playing versus another melee champion or a ranged champion.

First, a good thing to know is how to efficiently clear waves as Akali. No matter what situation you are in, you should know that your e Crescent Slash has a 60% cooldown reduction if you use it to kill minions. This can be a very usefull tool when you are either trying to cs under turret or trying to shove the wave under the enemies turret.

Wave Management

Depending on your matchup and your level of skill on Akali there are a few options.

If you are in a hard matchup like Pantheon or Orianna the best you can do is let them push the wave under your turret and try to farm safely with your Mark of the Assassin and Crescent Slash.
In these matchups it is very useful to ask your jungler to give you a gank or 2.

When you are in a normal matchup, or you are ahead and you want to freeze the wave on your side of the map you will try to just lasthit the minions with your auto attacks to make sure that the wave stays on your side of the lane.

In general you will want the enemy laner to have 2 or 3 more minions on their side than you so that the wave slowly pushes to your side. Be aware that if you let the wave get too big, it will push under your turret and reset in the middle of the lane later.

Freezing the minion wave on your side of the map is the best way to make your enemy laner miss as much cs as possible. If they want to kill the minions they have to come past the halfway point in the lane, which makes them easier for you to burst down and makes them more vulnerable to ganks.

If you kill your enemy laner, or when he backs before you, you should try to push the wave under his turret. By doing this you can make him miss as much experience and gold as possible. This way, when you recall and come back to lane the wave should either have reset in the middle of the lane or be on you side of the map if the enemy laner pushed.

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Akali Mid ~ Full gameplay

Stream Replay

These videos are games I streamed/recorded.
They contain, in my opinion, everything you need to know about Akali gameplay.
I will continue posting new videos here when I get good ones for every midlane matchup.

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Special Thanks!

~ Thanks to jhoijhoi's Making a Guide guide! ~

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