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LeBlanc Build Guide by AngelicBlackRose

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AngelicBlackRose

LeBlanc the Burst Goddess (Mid + Support) [Updated to 6.18]

AngelicBlackRose Last updated on October 9, 2016
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Threats to LeBlanc with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Karthus This is an easy lane. Dodge his skittles (Qs) with your dash and just harass him constantly. There's not much he can do. Just be wary of his ult when you're on low hp.
Teemo Teemo's a joke to you in mid. You counter him so hard, just don't get kited by him or take too much blind damage. Full combo him whenever he gets close to you to poke you and kill him over and over again. :]
Twisted Fate This isn't too hard imo. His damage comes from the card pokes so be sure to move in between to dodge them. Watch out and don't get stunned by his gold card, after he's used it burst him down. He has no mobility so you'll kill him easy. Watch out for his ult roams though. Be sure to ping MIAs.
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My name is AngelicBlackRose and I'm a LeBlanc main on the NA server. My summoner name is Emilia LeBlanc and yes I did name myself after LeBlanc. Click here to see my summoner stats. I play her either Mid, Top, or Support depending on what my team needs. I also play a lot of other champs like Nidalee, Sona, Annie, Riven, Fiora, Janna, Katarina, and Ahri to name a few. I play mostly Mid lane and Support with the occasional Top. I decided to main LeBlanc at the beginning of Season 4 after I dropped my first main, Riven, because I discovered how fun LeBlanc really is to play and how fun it is to make people disappear. I decided to make a LeBlanc guide so I can share some of what I know so I can help other people to play my favorite champ as well as I do. Good luck and have fun. :D

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Pros / Cons


-Massive single target burst
-Insane mobility
-Hard to gank
-Lane bully
-Snowballs hard
-Ult is nearly always up and costs no mana
-Fun to play
-Can make champions disappear!


-Extremely squishy
-CC'd =dead
-Not much AoE damage
-Horrible minion farmer
-No more silence :[

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These are pretty self explanatory but I run Ignite and Flash for mid to help you get kills. If you think you can get kills without Ignite or just prefer that extra roaming power you can take Teleport instead. Heal isn't that good for you, especially since most mids take Ignite and it will cut your Heal spell's effectiveness anyway. And I guess you could take Barrier if you wanted to play some tankish LeBlanc, but I'm not sure why you would...

For support, I run Exhaust & Flash for several reasons. Although sometimes I do run Ignite for more kill potential. It really just depends on the game. Sometimes you want to run Exhaust for example, when they have a Vayne you want to make sure will be useless in team fights, you can just Exhaust her and her damage will be dramatically cut along with being slowed. Ignite is good to take when you are sure you can snowball the lane since it also cuts the enemy bot lane's Heal which can help you win trades. Plus Ignite will give you better kill potential overall so you can pick off that Jinx with 10 hp running back to her tower after Flashing and Healing.

But be careful, it's super easy to steal kills accidentally with Ignite with how much damage LeBlanc already does. But as long as kills are happening and you and your ADC aren't dying that's good. Although it's important you don't take too many of your carry's kills because that's gold they need to carry your *** late game. That said, I've done well with both, however with Exhaust you take fewer kills if any from the ADC in laning phase, and also help win 2v2 bot lane all in fights by reducing the enemy ADC's damage dealt as well as cutting their movement speed and attack speed. This spell can also save you and your ADC from jungle ganks in addition to your Ethereal Chains and even Mimic Ethereal Chains. I've turned many 3v2 ganks around in our favor with Exhaust that couldn't have happened if I had taken Ignite. Also Exhaust is very useful late game for protecting your carry when an enemy assassin like Zed or Talon or anyone jumps on them. Alternatively, you could run Heal if your ADC wants to take Barrier instead of Heal. Otherwise, for support the choice between Exhaust & Ignite is yours.

As for spell #2, I always take Flash on every champion in every role. It's just a universally good spell that I believe every champion needs regardless if they have insane mobility or not.

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Skill Sequence

If you're Mid or Support you still want to level up your abilities in the same order. This will ensure you do the most damage you can do per level based on your abilities.

You want to start Distortion at level one for all sorts of reasons, mainly as an escape if something goes wrong and you can get out without burning Flash. It's also a nice aggressive blink of damage at the start. I have seen some people start Sigil of Malice for the harass as well as I've seen some supports start Ethereal Chains at level one for nice early CC. The choice is up to you, though I always think it's the safest starting Distortion. Just by level three, make sure you have at least one point into all 3 of your abilities.

You want to max your abilities in this order: -->-->-->

If you max Distortion before Sigil of Malice you will have better wave clear and cooldown on that skill so your escape will always be up as soon as it can be. Technically the scaling on Mimic Distortion has better scaling than Mimic Sigil of Malice, however LeBlanc's damage really comes from proc'ing both Sigil of Malices, the second being with proc'ed with Distortion, in essence, but having your Distortion always available to you for whatever reason is always important so that's why it's so important to always max your Distortion over Sigil of Malice. Ethereal Chains are very important too, they just are a skillshot snare & slow that's not as reliable as your other abilities, so never max those even if you are support. Although they do provide some good utility for yourself and your team.

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Ideally: Morellonomicon--> Sorcerer's Shoes--> Mejai's Soulstealer--> Void Staff--> Rylai's Crystal Scepter--> Rabadon's Deathcap

Mid lane is probably the easiest lane to build for since it doesn't really change all too much depending on the enemy team structure. I'd always rush a Morellonomicon since the cooldown reduction, flat mana and AP for the price is invaluable on LeBlanc. On my first back instead of getting a second Doran's Ring, I like to grab a The Dark Seal so I can start getting stacks for a Mejai's Soulstealer. I like to rush Sorcerer's Shoes soon after when I feel like I need them because with them it's a lot easier to pull off some great roams. Afterwards I try to complete my Mejai's Soulstealer if I have 10 stacks on my The Dark Seal to keep you snowballing but also for the mana.

I like to rush Rabadon's Deathcap afterward for a maximum power spike. Although with the rise of Yasuos and Zeds in Mid I often buy Zhonya's Hourglass after Morellonomicon for the armor and survivability if I need to. Against a Zed especially, an Zhonya's Hourglass can be lifesaving. My third damage item is always a Void Staff since by that stage of the game, at least someone on the enemy team will have started to build some magic resist against you and you want to be sure your damage gets through so a Void Staff is essential. Plus, if you're any threat at all in this stage of the game, their ADC will most likely have built or will be in the process of building a Banshee's Veil, so you'll be glad you have all that magic pen.
As for my last couple items, I either grab my Rabadon's Deathcap if I rushed Zhonya's Hourglass earlier or vice versa, or a Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Another option to consider if you find yourself running 'oom'(out of mana) a lot in lane, or just need more wave clear early on, a good option to consider is going for a Tear of the Goddess early after your Fiendish Codex back. It's pretty ugly on LeBlanc and takes a bit of time to charge up, but it'll give you more mana and power to your wave clear so you can spam your skills a bit more in lane. Though be warned, if you do this you will significantly delay your early to mid game power spike. Though if you do manage to charge it up, Seraph's Embrace is a wonderful AP item that grants a beautiful shield and plenty of mana and AP later into the game so it can be a good option to consider for some games. I don't recommend this since it takes away a lot from your early game roaming & dueling power so only go this route if you plan on staying in lane and pushing waves for most of the game.

The games where I would consider going for a defensive option such as an Abyssal Mask, Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel would be if the enemy has annoying poke or traps {Ex. Teemo's Noxious Traps} or you need another line of defense against a hard cc engage like Annie's Summon: Tibbers or Lissandras Frozen Tomb and Zhonya's Hourglass just wouldn't be enough to keep you alive. Other than for these and a few other instances where you're up against a team comp that you feel you're going to be instantly focused and bursted down, it's good to stick to the ideal build.


Ideally: Frost Queen's Claim--> Ruby Sightstone--> Sorcerer's Shoes--> Rabadon's Deathcap--> Void Staff--> Zhonya's Hourglass

Okay, so this is where things start to get pretty sketchy. Mid lane for the most part is pretty cut and dry for what you should build with a few minor exceptions, but itemizing for support however is completely and utterly dependent on a number of factors and can change drastically from game to game.
First of all, I consider your 'support core' on LeBlanc to be Frost Queen's Claim, Sorcerer's Shoes, and Ruby Sightstone. In other words, always buy these three items every game and your other three items of your build can and will vary from game to game. Ideally you'd want to follow the standard build and go for being the team's second AP mid or a good assassin with wards but sometimes you just can't go the full damage route like you want to.
In some games where you don't have a tank or anyone building a Locket of the Iron Solari and your team is up against a heavy AP poke team, you should consider picking up a Banner of Command for your team. This item gives you a number of good stats, such as AP, CDR, and some health as well as granting your team that awesome Aegis of the Legion aura for that nice team-wide 15 magic resist that can be invaluable to winning team fights. But please make sure no one else on your team is building this item, if they are then feel free to build something else. Sadly the passive doesn't stack.

Another good item to get instead of damage if your team needs you to take some more of the heat and be on the front lines a bit more is a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This will make you kinda tanky as well as give you more CC in the fact that it adds slows on to your Sigil of Malice & Distortion as well as the Mimiced versions of those. This can be a very nice item on support LeBlanc as long as you do NOT under ANY circumstances rush it. You need to have your core support items first as the build path gives terrible stats and is horribly expensive and inefficient early for LeBlanc. Although I think as a fourth or fifth item it can actually be pretty useful. An Abyssal Mask is also a good defensive option to consider if you need more tanky stats as it grants your team that aura that reduces enemy magic resist.

Yet more options you can choose to go with itemizing support LeBlanc is for more speed. With this, I think it's good to build a Luden's Echo on support sometimes in that it will give you more movement speed as well as a nice bit of AP. Think about it, Frost Queen's Claim + Boots of Mobility + Luden's Echo makes for a scary, fast LeBlanc. xD As good as this sounds, I prefer going more damage as with optimizing for speed you lose out on a bit of damage, but it's ultimately up to you. Some items are better depending on how the game is going and which champions are on the enemy team. I hope you can see now how I have difficultly building for support LeBlanc sometimes since there are so many ways you can itemize for it.

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Using LeBlanc's Combos

Now you wanna know how LeBlanc bursts enemies down, do you? Well she's all about quick, precise burst combos to make her enemy's life bar simply...disappear!

For example, at level 2 you should have points into your Sigil of Malice & Distortion. Your bread & butter level 2 harass combo whether you're in mid or bot lane is Q+W, + .
Once you hit level 3, you'll have Ethereal Chains, so then you'd want to + , then once you're in range you want to use to lock your opponent down. At level 3, once you've done that, you can throw Ignite on them and auto a few times and that's first blood. That's how you get kills at level 3.
Once you hit 6 it gets even better. Now you have access to your best friend Mimic. LeBlanc's ultimate is so amazing and versatile you can use it in any situation to do whatever it is you want to do.

For example, her main combo at level 6 if your enemy is in your Sigil of Malice range is: ++ + .
If they are just out of your Sigil of Malice range, you'll need to use to get into range, then follow the above combo with ++ .
You can also opt to use right after you use instead to lock your enemy down first, then proceed to use and.

R.I.P. Deathfire Grasp, you will be missed. :[

A good peeling combo for bot lane or just for locking down an enemy is: ++ + .

Finally, another combo you can use to catch a fleeing enemy is + ++ + .

Another flashy lockdown combo is: + ++ + .

Lastly, don't forget to use alt + Right click to move your mirror image when you get lower than 40% health. The mirror image will move on its own but if you can learn to control it, you can juke your enemies and get out of many fatal situations most of the time. I can't tell you how many times her passive has saved my life.

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As LeBlanc, you are very important in team fights whether you are mid or support. As an assassin you have the power and burst to take down any squishy in just a couple seconds. If you're mid, you want to wait for your team to initiate then go in after you've seen the main CC spells used up, unless you can catch someone out and they're squishy enough so you can burst them down before they can group with their team, thus making it a 5v4 in your favor. If not, then focus on bursting down either the AP mid or the ADC.

Only focus someone else if they become a higher priority target. For example, if the enemy Graves has 3 kills and only 2 items; an Infinity Edge and a Statikk Shiv, whereas their top Riven has 7 kills and 3 or more items; Ravenous Hydra, The Black Cleaver, and a Last Whisper, your priority should be to burst down the stronger Riven before she does more damage to your team over the weaker Graves. Sometimes it can be hard to get to the ADC or AP because they might be all the way in the back line. For those instances, I sometimes use Flash to get over the front line of tanks, then proceed to combo a carry down.

Since you are an assassin, it's good to come from an angle or bush that's not warded and to not make yourself visible before a team fight. That way the enemy will have used up their spells and CC on your other teammates before you make an appearance. (-"Time to make an appearance"- LeBlanc) Sometimes this can't be done, not all tactics will work for every game, but it's good for certain games and situations.

If you are playing the support role, your role in team fights differs slightly from mid, although the core concept is the same. You are always a burst assassin, (this time with a Sightstone & a Frostfang) so your job is still to focus and burst down the enemy carries, be it the ADC or AP, even if it means you have to suicide for it. Think about it, if you as support LeBlanc manage to kill their fed Vayne with 12+ kills in a team fight at the cost of your life, that's trading a support for an ADC, which everyone knows you need the ADC to win team fights more often than not. So you'll give your team a huge advantage they need to win the fight.

Another thing you must do in addition to focusing the squishy carries is keep your carry alive. This means sometimes you must use your burst combo to double snare that Udyr so he can't stun your Jinx and instead of bursting him down because he's too tanky to die to your full burst combo, you lock him down and peel for your carry and team to kill him for trying to jump on your ADC. That way you do damage to him, probably about 75% of his hp since you're using your full Ethereal Chains- Mimic- Sigil of Malice- Distortion + Exhaust combo, which leaves your ADC not only alive, but able to finish him off without getting stunned and dying.

Depending on the situation and team composition you have or you're facing, you may have to do one or the other as the situation presents itself. Sometimes your team will have enough CC to peel for your ADC quite well without you needing to much at all so you can be free to act as a second mid laner & assassin for your team. Other times you may not be able to as much. This is the reason why I think LeBlanc works best as support on teams that have a lot of CC and tanky champs, for example a Jarvan IV jungle & Malphite top, rather than a squishy Nocturne jungle and a Fiora top who bring little CC.

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Laning as Support

There are some ADC's I feel LeBlanc works better with than others, although in theory any ADC can work, and these are the best ADCs you'd want to lane with as LeBlanc. Let me just reiterate though, LeBlanc is a very niche support. I wouldn't play her as a support unless you're very comfortable on her mechanics as a champion and your team composition wouldn't be lacking because you picked it.

- Jinx (Good CC with her Zap! slow, Flame Chompers!, and Super Mega Death Rocket! execute) <----{IMO, your most ideal lane ADC}

- Caitlyn (Good lane bully plus her Ace in the Hole execute)

- Jhin (Great CC kill potential with his snare on Deadly Flourish, plus his Curtain Call to finish off fleeing enemies) <---{Another very good lane partner}

- Ashe (Her Enchanted Crystal Arrow + your burst= a free kill)

- Lucian (His Relentless Pursuit with his Lightslinger passive burst works really well with yours)

- Vayne (Her Condemn and Silver Bolts for tons of damage)

- Draven (He does so much damage with his Spinning Axe)

- Corki (His Valkyrie and Phosphorus Bomb go really well with your burst)

- Ezreal (His Arcane Shift goes well with you, plus his Trueshot Barrage to finish off any fleeing enemies)

- Varus (So much poke from his Piercing Arrow and CC from his Chain of Corruption)

That being said, there are some ADC match-ups you wouldn't want to pick support LeBlanc against. These are:

- Caitlyn --She can kite you for days. A good Caitlyn will never let you get near her and just abuse her long auto attack range and keep poking you down while staying out of your Sigil of Malice + Distortion range. Also if she sees you going for a Q+W combo, she'll just simply use her 90 Caliber Net followed immediately by her Piltover Peacemaker and you'll take some heavy damage.

- Kalista --Her passive, Martial Poise makes it really easy for her to kite you around with autos all day while hopping back and all over the place to avoid your burst combos.

- Ezreal --A good Ezreal will keep poking you from out of your ability range with his Mystic Shot. Also you'll never proc your Ethereal Chains on him due to he can just Arcane Shift out of it when he sees you hit him with it.

- Lucian --Like with Ezreal, he can just use his Relentless Pursuit to dash out of your Ethereal Chains when he sees you trying to snare him. His poke with his Piercing Light hitting you behind minions is also annoying and hard to avoid.

I've also found Sivir can block a big part of your burst with her Spell Shield so be wary of that too. Though I wouldn't say that's a terrible match-up because it is rather easy to bait it out and get her to use it before you burst her.

I've found LeBlanc works best on bot lane against ADCs with little to no mobility to dodge her burst combos. For example, Varus, Kog'Maw, Miss Fortune, Vayne, Jinx, Ashe, Jhin, Draven, and Twitch.

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Here are some examples of games I've played recently with LeBlanc:

Okay heads up these aren't at all recent, they're about a year old when Deathfire Grasp was still in the game. RIP.

Pic #1

And more recent games with LeBlanc:

Pic #2

pic #3

Pic #4

Pic #5

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-Updated Mid items and runes again, changed Mid & Support item build paths a bit. Also added a bit to the Support laning section.

-Updated Mid & Support masteries again, mid runes, and item builds slightly. Removed boot enchantments section and a few nonexistent mid match-ups. This guide still needs a lot of cleanup. Will get to that soon.

-Updated Mid & Support masteries again.

-Updated Mid & Support masteries and items for preseason.

-Added a detailed Items section for Mid & Support, changed support runes and masteries, and added in some new items.
-Still in the process of cleaning up my messy combos section as well as putting in some new pics.

-Added a few new items to builds, fixed some typos, Reworded some notes for clarity, changed a few items around, changed mid runes.
-Still in the process of adding a detailed Items section and cleaning up some other messy sections.

-Added Acknowledgments section, added a few items to builds, changed skill sequence order, and changed support runes and masteries.
-Still in the process of adding a few more sections and cleaning up my combo section.

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I've updated this guide a number of times and I'm always trying to keep it relevant as the season and League change. That being said, some of my info in here came from a few others as well.

First off, I have to thank EmiliaLeBlancBot for telling me about The Dark Seal/ Mejai's Soulstealer on first back, Seraph's Embrace option for always running oom mid, the Banner of Command for Support and for some of the info in his guide. I changed support glyphs to flat AP from scaling AP because of him and I've had better results from doing so. Check out his great guide here.

Second I want to thank Baekstra for his highly detailed guide for a lot of important info on combos, runes, and masteries. I've adopted a lot of ideas from his guide for my Mid & Support builds.

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Now I'm not saying LeBlanc is the best support for every game because she's not. In fact she's kind of situational as an early game aggressive, snowballing high-risk, yet high-reward burst support that won't work with every team composition nor against every enemy team composition. I've tried many champions that aren't technically supports and the only one I've found that actually fits the role is LeBlanc. Think about it, she has good poke, burst, good early game damage, and decent CC in the form of Ethereal Chains & Mimic chains. I'm not saying she is the best support, but she is definitely viable as a support in solo queue. Although play at your own risk because if you fail many people will report you for trolling even though it actually works. In fact, she's the only Assassin in this game that can be a viable support IMO. Her kit is very versatile for killing and setting up kills as a peeler. Though her best lane is mid, she makes a pretty good support in the right hands as well. That said I welcome all comments and feedback. :)