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Orianna Build Guide by Minho

AP Carry Orianna: Time Tick-Ticks Away...

By Minho | Updated on January 18, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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||| Good evening summoners! My name is Minho, and this is my Orianna guide. Orianna has been an interest of mine ever since I have started playing LoL, but only purchased her roughly around level 15. I own 2 of her skins (Bladecraft and Gothic), and I love her! She is by far the most utilistic-mage that goes mid lane. She can support her team while balling out the field. This is my Brand-new guide and I hope you enjoy! :)

The thought of a killer robot just gets my gears griding. She is a very strong mid lane, with amazing pushing abilities. She excels at dominating her enemies and staying safe. She has her flaws, but nothing too severe.

SPACE Why would I play Orianna?
Orianna makes a fine addition to your champion list:

1. Orianna can support her team really well. Her shield and speed boost allows her initiator to jump in the fight with some extra "umph". Along with the bonus MR and Armor she gives/gets from The Ball, she is a prominent champion in terms of utility.

2. Orianna is a lane bully. She harasses with AA and burst, making her a very dangerous opponent to go up against. She has sustained damage in fights making her quite the opponent.

3. Orianna is a moderately safe laner. Along with her burst and shield, she trades rather well and can escape most ganks in the right position.

4. Orianna scales very well with AP. Even without AP, she does monstrous damage with her Q + W harass combo. She kills enemies quickly and can provide you with endless victories.

5. She provides a challenge. Since her abilities come from The Ball, and not her, she is a high-skill cap champion. I find this positive because the more practice you get with her, the better you are; the better you are with skillshots, the better you are with her.

SPACE Why shouldn't I play Orianna?
Orianna has some issues, but not anything too severe:

1. Orianna has some mana issues. If you want to farm and harass, you have to use your mana. Being mana-conservative is essential to playing a good Orianna. Can be a problem once in a while, I tend not to spam my spells, but for those of you that do, keep in mind that being oom at the wrong time can mean your doom.

2. Ori does terrible against assassins (with a few exceptions). They make it hard for her to combo, which results in a loss, most likely. She has her counters like everyone does.

3. She has no real escapes. Though she can escape ganks in the right position + good positioned ultimate, it's kind of hard to get away from 5 people that are bloodthirsty.

4. It's takes some time to learn her ultimate. Her ultimate flips the person opposite side of the ball, so being able to position The Ball correctly to your advantage is adamant.

5. Her short AA range really hurts her. Though she can harass nicely, her range allots the enemy a chance to fight back. She is susceptible to high burst, and since she is squishy, it makes it difficult for her to stay in lane. When she goes in for a last hit, the enemy can easily retaliate to that and AA you while you get the gold.
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Masteries, Runes, and Summoner Spells

jhoijhoirulesthecashbah jhoijhoirulesthecashbah
The typical mastery setup for an AP Caster. The standard 21 offense allows us to harass with ease. The boost in damage is really beneficial, especially on Ori. The 9 points put into utility really helps. We also get extra MP5 and extended buff duration since we all know Ori needs it. You can probably get away with switching the last point from Runic Affinity to Biscuiteer if you really need the sustain.

jhoijhoirulesthecashbah jhoijhoirulesthecashbah
These are honestly the best rune setup for Ori in my opinion. You can probably skim away with Hybrid Penetration Marks instead since you AA so much. The seals basically contribute to our mana problems; I don't run flat since I rush Chalice. Along with Chalice and Doran's, you won't ever go mana hungry! Flat MR glyphs are rather standard for AP Casters. Since we are mostly going to be against enemy AP, this contributes to our protection against them. The flat AP quints help with our early game damage. You are able to sub the Quints with % MS quints since Ori is quite slow - I just prefer to add to my damage than moving a tad faster.

jhoijhoirulesthecashbah jhoijhoirulesthecashbah
Summoner Spells:
Flash + Ignite are your best choices for Ori mid lane. Flash is pretty much self explanatory; helps us get out of frisky situations. Besides the point, it is a really flexible spell. It has many uses: flashing to an opponent to unleash hell, flashing over a wall to escape enemies, etc. Without Ignite, we lose a lot of kill potential in lane, and we need all that we can get. Besides, there is always that one Zyra that lives with like... 5 HP. You can probably get away with Cleanse if you want to if you are against tough lanes like Cassiopeia or Veigar.
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Skills + Sequence + Combos

||| Clockwork Windup // Passive
>> Orianna's autoattacks deal additional 10 / 18 / 26 / 34 / 42 / 50 (+15% of ability power) magic damage every hit. Subsequent attacks on the same target within 4 seconds will add 20% more damage per hit. This bonus stacks up to two times.

||| Command: Attack // Cost: 50 mana / Cooldown: 6 / 5.25 / 4.5 / 3.75 / 3 seconds / Range: 825 / Ball Speed: 1200
>> Orianna commands her ball to fly towards target location, dealing 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+50% of ability power) damage to targets hit but dealing 10% less damage for each additional target hit (minimum 40%). Her ball remains behind at that location afterwards.

|| >> You must fetch The Ball or it will remain at the spot until retrieved or Orianna is out of it's maximum range.
>> Command: Attack reveals target location; use the vision to your advantage.
>> Procs spell vamp / Rylai's slow // pops spell shields / Black Shield.

||| Command: Dissonance // Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana / Cooldown: 9 seconds /
AoE Diameter: 255
>> Orianna commands her ball to release an electric pulse, dealing 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+70% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies.
The pulse leaves behind an energy field for 3 seconds, lowering enemy movement speed and increasing ally movement speed by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% for 2 seconds. This effect diminishes over time.

|| >> It is common sense to use this ability when getting ganked / chasing; use the ability on your initiator.
>> Command: Dissonance and Command: Attack make for nice harass / farming.
>> Procs spell vamp / Rylai's slow // pops spell shields / Black Shield.
>> Being able to position The Ball to make this skill effective is adamant.

||| Command: Protect // Cost: 60 mana / Cooldown: 9 seconds / Range: 1100
>> Passive: The allied champion The Ball is attached to gains 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 bonus armour and magic resist.

>> Active: Orianna commands her ball to fly to and attach onto an allied champion, dealing 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+30% of ability power) damage to enemies it passes through and shielding the allied champion 4 seconds for 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+40% of ability power) when it arrives.

|| >> Can be used to damage enemy in trades - requires some precise positioning on your part.
>> Choosing the right champion to shield during a teamfight is vital to playing a good Ori.
>> Alt + E returns the Ball to you using this ability, but it must be OFF cooldown.
>> Use when being ganked to avoid being damaged.

||| Command: Shockwave // Cost: 100 / 125 / 150 mana / Cooldown: 120 / 105 / 90 seconds /
AoE Diameter: 410 / Fling Distance: 300
>> Orianna commands her ball to emit a shockwave after a short delay, flinging affected enemies in the vicinity into the air a set distance towards, and possibly over, her ball, dealing 150 / 225 / 300 (+70% of ability power) damage.

|| >> The ability can infact pull / throw champions over walls.
>> A well timed / positioned ultimate can result in an instawin teamfight.
>> Make sure the Ball is in the place you want it to be so you can use the ultimate at the designated area as sometimes you will stray too far from the Ball unknowingly pressing R when the Ball is at you.




I don't believe there is a particular sequence for Ori. Obviously we put a point into Command: Shockwave whenever we can, but that is the only definite skill that we will follow all the time. The cheat sheet is nothing more than a guide line. All it does is tell you what would work most of the time against easy-medium matchups. Other than that, your sequence varies matchup-to-matchup.

In easy lanes, max Command: Dissonance instead of Command: Attack if you have the mana supply to do so. In a hard lane, like against Veigar, max Command: Protect to reduce their damage. Think about it logically; "What should I max against XXX?" Would you max Command: Dissonance if you suck at managing mana even with just 1 point in it? Of course you wouldn't because you don't have the means to supply the cost of Dissonance.

> > : Lane harass, killing creeps, etc.
> > > > : Killing enemy champions.
> : Chasing or escaping enemies. Use on yourself or allies.
> > > : Used on the initiator / in teamfights. Do not use ultimate until the initiator is roughly near 2~3 targets.

Obviously shield allies that need shielding, attack enemies when CD's are blown, etc. ALWAYS use Command: Attack in a brush before actually going in. Happy Comboing!
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Item Explanations + Alternatives

Glass Cannon / Survivable Orianna

RIOT Orianna


Against AD Caster


As you can see, there are multiple ways to building Orianna. Most AP items are quite good on her, but there are some that just don't synergise with her, like Seraph's Embrace or Deathfire Grasp. There are also those items that are just perfect for her like Athene's Unholy Grail and Rabadon's Deathcap. Along with the damage, we want some survivability too, as people will start focusing you when they see your potential. Unfortunately, one of our surviving items is a risky one. Using Zhonya's Hourglass correctly is vital! Do not use it at the wrong time, or the active and your team would have been for nothing. Good luck balling! ;)

Sight Ward

These items provide you with sustain and safety via potions / ward. Great way to start lane.

These items provide you with mobility and sustain via boots / pots. You can escape ganks quickly / sustain yourself.


Solves literally all our mana issues + provides us with some decent MR.


Provides us with some decent health, AP, and mana regen to go along with Chalice + Sorcs. The passive is totes awesome.

Sorcerer's Shoes provides us with some nice MPEN to go along with our runes and masteries. We are dealing nearly true damage to our opponents when we buy these shoes.
Athene's literally provides Ori with everything she wants. Orianna is mana-hungry, Athene's solves that problem. Along with RDC, this is one of my core items. That is mainly why we rush it because it's like this item was made for Ori. Don't think about rushing anything before this.
By far the best thing to rush right after Athene's. It boosts our damage by a lot, allotting us to deal tons more damage onto the enemy team. This is one of my core items, meaning you do not skip it under any circumstances. Need I say more about this item? It's literally the IE for casters!
fillerspace fillerspace
Right after RDC, we rush Void Staff since enemies will start racking up their MR. Zhonya's Hourglass skyrockets our survivability by A LOT, just don't use it at the wrong moment. Alacrity Enchant. provide us with that extra movement speed we need to keep up with our team. Guardian Angel adds a lot of survivability, since we will be focused.
If your jungler plans on ganking at level 2, make sure you are ready for it. Follow him up with your abilities to either kill your enemy or burn a summoner spell. Make sure you know where the enemy jungler is so you don't get counterganked. Try and put yourself ahead as much as you can so your lane can be easier.

Options // Alternatives

spaceArmor spacespac

spaceM.Resist spacesp

spaceHealth spacespa

spaceAbility Power spa
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Farming is a breeze with Ori. My usual goal in a normal game is about 150~200 25 minutes into the game. That shouldn't be so hard because you have so many ways to farm. Probably the easiest way to farm is last hitting. With her passive, it isn't hard at all. Wait until the minions are roughly 45~60 health, and AA them. Simple as that! You can also pop the ball behind the minion wave and use Command: Protect to damage the minions. Simply last hit them and you got your gold!

The other way of farming is using Command: Attack + Command: Dissonance on the ranger minions. Just pop the Ball there with Q and pop W. The ranger minions should be dead if your W is level 2 and your q is level 5. Typically, before that, you'd want to pop Q there and wait til minions are roughly at 35~45% health, depending on your AP at the current moment.

Important Note: Do not push too hard when you are farming. You open yourself up to ganks, which is very bad. Make sure you are farming at a safe distance. If you are pushing, back off if you do not know where the enemy jungler is. You should freeze the lane at half of the lane so you aren't as susceptible to ganks as you would be if you were on the enemy tower. You can also take Wraiths / Wolves with the permission of your jungler so you can boost your gold income by a lot. Happy Farming!
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Applying the tips I provide in this chapter is key. What's the point of giving you tips if you can't use them? Besides that, laning with Orianna is like clockwork. Some reasons I like playing Orianna are: A) Burst, B) Harass, C) Strong AA. She is generally a safe mid laner to pick against most others, but does terribly against some specific champions. She synergizes quite well with a lot of junglers, some more than others, though. Pretty much everything is easy with her, especially farming and harassing... like eating bananas as a monkey.


Being a great solo champion, Orianna excels at going mid lane. Early game is a breeze with Orianna. If you are leashing your jungler, place your Ball in the brush for safety, then auto-attack the mana golem. With the ability to zone enemies, Orianna can and is an extremely powerful champion. Early game, your goal is to deny the enemy laner while keeping yourself ahead in XP and Gold. Performing the standard CoH rush, you must be on the positive side of any and every damage trade you do with your lane opponent. A good tactic to zoning the enemy laner is placing the Ball in between him and the minions. During trades, shield yourself so you don't take damage back from the minions / enemy laner. That ensures that the enemy laner won't try to last hit because of fear of taking damage from the Ball.

When transitioning to mid game, you should at least have 1 kill or an assist. Ask your jungler for blue buff, whether it be 2nd or 3rd blue. Push the minions to the enemy tower and look for ganks. You don't want to be trading farm because if you have a 100 creep score, so will your enemy laner, so it's not beneficial to your team, so you want to be constantly ganking. This part of the game is when teamfights start breaking out. Command: Protect your initiator and Command: Dissonance him so he can be faster and so your team can follow him up. Once he gets close enough / ults into the enemy team, Command: Shockwave > Command: Dissonance your enemies. After you do that, shield your initiator as he will be taking some damage. Once you ace them, steal their buffs / jungle or take an objective. Rinse and repeat! :)

Late game is the part of the game where you shine! With Athene's Unholy Grail + Blue Buff, you should be poking down your enemies when you are pushing down their tower. When you attack your enemies, the tower will aggro you - so use Command: Protect on yourself to negate the tower damage. Rinse and repeat until they are low. You have three options once they are low:
1) Take the tower, rinse and repeat on the next one.
2) Force a teamfight right after you and your team kill the tower.
3) Kill them.
Choose one, then do it again. If you kill an enemy champion, force a teamfight. Since it will be a 4v5, the fight is in your favor. After you kill them, take down inhibitor, Nexus towers, then the Nexus itself.

Your Soulmate: Blue Buff

Being the AP Carry, you will be mana hungry. Along with your CoH, you will have a great amount of mana regeneration to replenish your mana pool. Along with the MRegen, you will receive CDR from the buff. Abuse this advantage, especially if the enemy laner didn't receive Blue Buff from their jungler. This is grace time, meaning you push your lane and gank. If you are support Orianna, leave Blue Buff to your mid laner.

Team Gold Income: Dragon

As a whole, your team will want all the gold you guys can get. So, Dragon is one of two ways to receive team gold income. Before you start Dragon, make sure you have a Vision Ward on the pit so the enemy doesn't take Dragon / know you are doing Dragon. With the attack change RIOTTM did to Dragon, you want to shield the person who is being attacked by the Dragon. Attack Dragon with your usual Q + W combo, then shield the champion being attacked. Rinse and repeat until Dragon is done, then head mid lane / recall.

Team Buff: Baron Nashor

One of the best buffs in the game centers around Baron Nashor, a giant sea monster that wants to eat you alive. Baron Nashor is the most sought after objective in the game because of the gold and global buff it provides. He grants your team +300G, +900XP, and a buff that grants +40AP, +40AD, 3% MAX HEALTH -> HP/5, 1% MAX MANA -> MP/5. Make sure you have a Vision Ward on the Baron Nashor pit AND a Sight Ward covering the 5 entry ways into the River. Shield the person with the lowest health and attack Baron Nashor. Rinse and repeat until Baron Nashor is dead, then take another objective / recall.

Point of Focus: Enemy Threats

During teamfights, you want to be focusing champions that are threats to your team like Vayne or Morgana. You don't want a late game Tristana in a teamfight because trust me, she can and will single-handedly take out your team without a second thought. Focus champions that will melt your team such as the enemy AP/AD carry. Please, do not focus the tank. You aren't the ADC since his job is to be dealing out as much damage as possible, whether it be the tank or the support. Play smart and focus the threats, then you should be good! Happy Killing! :)
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Mentionable Matchups

||| So this is how it works: I have the champions listed in alphabetical order on the left, strategy in the middle, and level of difficulty on the right. I will not list every single champion that will / might go mid lane, just those that happen to be a threat or is a potential threat to Ori. Champions that I go against and feel that they are dangerous to go against will be added into The List. I'll add a champion navigation list once I figure out how anchors work. |||

||| Pretty straightforward matchup. You can't win this lane, but you can try. The thing about Ahri is she makes it difficult to combo her because she is very mobile, having 4 blinks and a taunt. The best thing you can do is farm from afar, and harass if she opens herself up. Stay behind minions so you don't get hit by Charm, and always keep your feet moving. I suggest maxing E after Q. If she throws Orb of Deception, dodge it or shield yourself. Hope for the best // get your jungler to gank. |||

||| The thing I love about going against an Akali mid lane is that she only becomes a threat post-6. That means she has to endure roughly 5~7 excruciating minutes of pain. During that grace time, abuse your range. Make her wish she never even went mid lane. Zone her with the Ball and harass the **** out of her with your autoattacks. Deny her HARD and you should be fine. When she hits post-6, wait for her to dash to you, shield yourself and combo her *** back to her spawn pool. |||

||| One of the hardest lanes to be in as Ori. Cassiopeia has massive DPS and can wreck you if you let her. I recommend maxing W for the mobility, then E for the defense. Do not ever get close to her. Ever. If you do, you'll probably die because her ultimate stuns you for an astonishing 2 seconds. Avoid getting poisoned at all costs. Be aware of ALL of your surroundings because Cassiopeia can easily Flash + Ult = Dead you. |||

||| A rather easy lane to be honest with you. Rush your Chalice and put a few extra points in Command: Protect, just to be safe. Zone her really hard pre-6 since the only way she'd get to you is using her ultimate. When she gets level 6, be cautious of her Q. If she misses it, go in for some extra poke. If she actually does hit you, shield yourself and use W. When you poke her low enough, kill her. Depending on the skill level of the Diana also is something to factor in. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. |||

||| You shouldn't lose this lane tbh. Zone him pre-6 and harass, force him to recall. Basically, just deny him. When he gets level 6 and decides to initiate with Riftwalk, shield yourself and punish him. If he doesn't die from your melt, don't chase him because trust me, he'll get away no matter how fast you run. Be wary of jungler ganks though, Kass has great followup with Null Sphere + Force Pulse. |||

||| A very tough lane to be in. LeBlanc has extreme burst and a great amount of mobility. One hell of an opponent to be against. I suggest just farming as much as you can, don't even try to poke. Shield yourself when she tries to harass. I recommend building a Negatron Cloak and maxing Command: Protect > Command: Attack. Wait til you are out of lane to shine. You have a lot more utility in teamfights, so use it to your advantage. Tell your team to focus her until she is obligated to dash away. Focus the other enemies and then kill her if she tries to come back. |||

||| Not the easiest lane, but it's conquerable. Farm from afar. Zone him with the Ball. If he misses Event Horizon, punish him for that. Once he's about 30~45% health, go in for the kill, but do not get stunned or you're dead. Keep moving because he'll try to get you with Dark Matter. If you know he's going to stun you, shield yourself because you get stunned, then Dissonance away immediately. Stay safe and be aware of the burst he is capable of. Consider purchasing QSS or BV. |||

||| Quite the lane to be in. Don't even try to harass him because it's useless. He outranges you and outbursts you, so just focus on CS. Shield yourself when he wants to attack you, and consider maxing W for the mobility, if you have the mana to fund it. In teamfights, kill him first because his ultimate is very bursty. Stay alive and stay sharp. Be cautious as he has amazing followup in ganks. Always keep moving in lane. Wait for teamfights because you have more utility than he does. |||
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Jungle Synergy

raineboss raineboss ||| 아무무: 슬픔 미라
With Amumu, he has great initiation ability. Just set your Command: Protect on him when he's about to Bandage Toss, and use your ultimate, then Command: Dissonance. Whoever got caught in that double ultimate will get melted. Also, when he is ganking in lane, make sure to stay in range so you can follow him up.
raineboss raineboss ||| 갈리오: 파수꾼의 슬픔
Galio's ultimate sets up for some easy kills for you're team. When he is about to Flash + Ult into the enemy team, place your Command: Protect on him. Activate Command: Dissonance, and when his ultimate is almost up, use yours. This allows for anyone caught in the double ultimate for some serious injury. Those 2-5 seconds should be enough for your team to wreck theirs.

raineboss raineboss ||| 자르반 4세: 데마시아의 귀감
One of the best junglers to have on your team. The thing I love about J4 is that if enemeis are on the boreder of his ultimate, outside, you can actually pull them into the wall with your ultimate. When enemies are trapped in there, blow everything you have so they can be melted. Amazing synergy that holds the team down.
raineboss raineboss ||| 말파이트: 거석의 파핀
Pretty much the same as Amumu and Galio. Malph's ultimate sets up for some pretty easy ultimats. Same rotation with him, just make sure you and your team are there to follow up his ultimate.
raineboss raineboss ||| 누누: 설인 기수
I love this combo, it just has to be timed right. When Nunu & Willump is in the middle of a teamfight and ults, make sure you put your ball to where the enemies are, and ult them. MAKE SURE YOU PULL THEM INTO HIS ULTIMATE, NOT AWAY FROM IT. This combo is tricky, but sure to work. Since his ultimate slows them by a lot, you can easily catch them. They will be melted the moment his ultimate blows on them, along with the rest of your team's abilities. Tricky, yet powerful.
raineboss raineboss ||| 쉬바나: 하프 드래곤
A lot of confusion is on this matchup? Why is Shyvana a synergy? Well, she has AMAZING initiation, which sets up for some easy ultimates. Attach the Ball to her before she ults / about to ult and when she gets near enough, ult enemies in. Use Command: Dissonance once they are sucked in. Unleash hell on them with your team and win the game :) Fortunately, her initiation comes before teamfights.
Basically, almost every champion with a hard initiation does good with Orianna on her team. Some examples being Nocturne or Alistar. I will add them into the chapter once I get enough experience with Orianna, having those champions on my team. Maybe I'll add in champions other than junglers that synergize with her. Stay tuned!
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Support Orianna

SPACE ___ ___
Sight Ward
Philosopher's StoneKage's Lucky Pick
___ ___ ___



Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The reason you would want to play Orianna support is simply because she does a decent job at it. She has everything you'd want in a support, just no ability to heal your ADC.
  • Armor-MR Buff
  • Speed Buff // Slow CC
  • Enemy disruption field
  • Health shield
You run the standard support build early game, rushing your GP/10 and free wards: Sightstone, Philosopher's Stone, and Kage's Lucky Pick. You can get Chalice of Harmony if you find yourself running low on mana. Orianna runs as a poke support, and does good with champions that can follow her up like Miss Fortune or Graves. Typically, you'd want to be in the brush, zoning the enemy ADC. Autoattacking the enemy ADC when you can is quite beneficial because her passive makes her autoattacks hurt, and because you get bonus gold when you do autoattack. You should be running Exhaust + Flash for the utility and to reduce the damage the enemy ADC does to you and your lane partner.
S 45 AP, 4 GP/10, 6 MP/5 Aura, 30% CC Active. One of the best items to buy on a poke support like Orianna. Being upgraded from Kage's Lucky Pick, you receive many statistics that benefit you and your team. Receiving 45 AP to boost your poke and MP/5 // 4 GP/10 to sustain your mana pool and gold, rushing this item right after your boot of choice is a great choice.

S 70 AP, 45 MR, 20 Enemy MR Reduction Aura. Providing you with AP that will boost your poke, you want to get this item right after Shard of True Ice. The MR reduction aura will benefit you and your AP Carry as a whole. Along with the AP and MR reduction, you receive a huge chunk of MR that will greatly increase your survivability.

S 50 AP, 30 AP + 20% Spell Vamp Aura. Highly beneficial to you and your team as a whole. Providing you with 80 AP and Spell Vamp, your ability to poke down the enemy ADC and sustain yourself increases by quite a bit. Highly under-purchased item on a support, yet a great purchase for support Ori.

S 250 HP, 10 HP/5, 10 MP/5, 10% CDR, 40% MS Buff. Providing your team another movement speed buff to escape / chase is greatly beneficial. Along with the amazing active, you personally receive 250 health, 10 health regeneration, 10 mana regeneration, and a bonus 10% cooldown reduction. A great purchase on any and every support including Orianna.
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Ending Note + Credits

||| I'd like to thank each and every one of you for reading my guide // looking at it. It means a lot to me that you clicked on it, let alone read it! I appreciate all the support / criticism that is offered. If you need an explanation for a choice / sentence (s) I have said / made, just ask! I will gladly answer any questions that you have, if I can.

Now, I'd like to thank a few special people that have helped me. They put up with all my questions and stupidity, to make the guide I present to you today. Each and everyone of them has helped me in some way, and I'd like to thank them. These amazing people helped me in ways I couldn't, and contributed to the foundation of the guide. Thanks guys!

Theorycrafting Contributors:
  • wRAthoFVuLK - Helping me with the sample builds!
  • tehAsian - Helping me with the "Against AD Caster" build!
  • ThroatSlasher - For the extensive review!
  • You guys! - Asking questions and helping me make my build as close to perfect as it can get!

Aesthetic / Visual Contributors:
  • MissMaw - Allowing me to use her skill section template!
  • JhoiJhoi - Helping me with the intro banner // the aesthetic coding of most of the guide!
  • LaCorpse - The inspiration, internal & external, for the graphics presented!
  • OTGBionicArm - Being an awesome sport and helping me with the ability images!
  • Shuru - Being an awesome sport and helping me with the ultimate flip ability images!

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