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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Zanta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zanta

Rengar stands no chance!

Zanta Last updated on November 23, 2013
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hey folks! This beauty of a guild includes Items Builds, Summoner Spells, How to Lane, Where to Ward and more! I have played a lot of games with Kha'Zix and i can assure you that if played properly he can be a beast!

We shall feast on the corpses of our enemies!

Oh and also I recommend watching this short video Did you know? to learn more about Kha'Zix.

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Pros / Cons

  • Can insta burst squishies
  • Invisibility
  • Strong gap closer
  • Good Roam Potential
  • People will always be afraid of you. Always!
  • Mana depletes easily until Tear
  • Squishy
  • Vision/Oracle hurt him
  • A Ranger can harass him pretty bad at early levels

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a very good Summoner Spell , you can chase down the fleeing prey or jump over walls in case YOU are the Prey!

Ignite will help you burst people down early game, and counter their pity attempts to heal.

Barrier often catches people by surprise, and can be the summoner spell to turn the tide in your favour.

Smite is the way to go if you are Jungling (I don't recommend Jungling if you are not level 30).

Take Teleport if the enemy team has someone like Shen who can split push and then Stand United into a teamfight.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Note: If you are below level 20 don't bother with tier 1/2 runes, save your IP and wait for level 20
  • We want to go flat AD Marks/Quintessences, so we can win early trades. You can also go with flat armor penetration if that's what you prefer. I personally like the AD ones, because it helps me farm better.
  • Armor Seals should tone down the enemy's auto-attacks in case he is range.
  • Magic Resist per level Glyphs gives you that much needed magic resist.

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Mid Masteries


Jungle Masteries


Your usual 21-9 Mastery tree.



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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Back in the good old days people used to max his W and evolve it first for that amazing wave clear and poke. But since the patch that nerfed his W and buffed his Q, Kha'Zix became a fully operational Assassin relying on his low cooldown Q to burst down his prey.

  • Unseen Threat

    (Passive): When Kha'Zix is not visible to the enemy team, he gains Unseen Threat. Unseen Threat causes his next basic attack against an enemy champion or Evolved Void Spike to deal 15 / 20 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 / 85 / 95 / 110 / 125 / 140 / 155 / 170 / 185 / 200 / 220 + (0.5 per ability power) bonus magic damage and slow by 35% for 2 seconds.
    Unseen Threat lasts until consumed and has no internal cooldown.

    Tips and Tricks:
    • After you use this on the enemy, break line of sight to get it back before you start trading again
    • You can see if the brushes are warded! Just use it and then enter a brush, if it doesn't appear then that brush is warded.

  • Taste Their Fear

    (Passive): Kha'Zix marks enemies that are isolated from their allies.
    (Active): Deal physical damage to a single target. Damage against isolated targets is significantly increased.
    Cost: 25 Mana
    Cooldown: 3.5 seconds
    Range: 325 - 375(if evolved)

    Evolved Enlarged Claws: Increases damage to isolated targets by 12% of their missing health (max 200 vs monsters). Increases range of Taste Their Fear and Kha'Zix's Basic Attacks by 50.

    Tips and Tricks:
    • Because of the low mana cost you can use it to farm, just don't overdo it.

  • Void Spike

    (Active): Kha'Zix fires spikes that explode on contact, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies. Kha'Zix is healed if he is within the explosion radius.
    Cost: 55/60/65/70/75 Mana
    Cooldown: 8 seconds
    Range: 1000

    Evolved Spike Racks: Causes Void Spike to fire three spikes in a cone. Void Spike will consume Unseen Threat to slow and damage all enemies struck.

    Tips and Tricks:
    • Use it to push the wave
    • Or regain health

  • Leap

    (Active): Kha'Zix leaps to an area, dealing physical damage to enemies in the area.
    Cost: 50 Mana
    Range: 600 - 900

    Evolved Wings: Increases Leap's range by 400 and causes kills and assists to refresh Leap's cooldown.

    Tips and Tricks:
    • Before level 11 try to keep it in case of any surprises, because it is your only escape besides Flash.
    • After level 11 use it if you are for sure going to take a Kill or an Assist.

  • Void Assault

    (Passive): Each rank of Void Assault allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his abilities, granting it an additional effect.
    (Active): Kha'Zix enters stealth for 1 second, gaining 40% bonus movement speed. Entering stealth grants Unseen Threat. Void Assault can be cast a second time within 10 seconds at no cost.
    Cost: 100 mana

    Evolved Active Camouflage: Void Assault can be cast three times. Kha'Zix takes 40% reduced damage while in stealth.

    Tips and Tricks:
    • After each use you get your passive Unseen Threat back up so if you can, try to auto-attack after each use of the ultimate to maximize the damage ( It doesn't matter if they have pink ward or oracle you still get your passive).
    • If you time it right you can avoid skills like Darius's Ultimate Noxian Guillotine / Lee Sin's Ultimate Dragon's Rage and many more


This is the order in which you should use your skills for the most damage output (Without ultimate).

> > >

Easy as cake, right? You just Leap onto your Target, use your W, then auto-attack (to apply the Passive) and finish it off with your Q (because your Q does more damage the more HP the enemy is missing).

This is the order in which you should use your skills for the most damage output (With ultimate).

> > > > > >

Jump on your Target, use your W, then auto-attack (to apply the Passive), use your Q, after that use your Ultimate and auto-attack again (to apply the Passive again) and one more Q to top it off.


  • You should put your First evolution point in your Q since it is your main damage spell.
  • Your Second evolution point should go in your E, because of it's reset you can jump in, take someone down, then jump out.
  • Your Last evolution point should go in your R(ultimate), because of that amazing 50% reduced damage while in stealth and of that bonus activation.

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Amazing item on Kha'Zix, if fully stacked it gives you 100 AD and 18% Life Steal , also you will never have health problems again.

A very strong item. It offers Health, AD, Armor Penetration, and Cooldown Reduction , What else could you desire from an item?

Combine this with Black Cleaver and you will feel like they have No Armor at all!

If you need health you should go for a Warmog's Armor. I mean Cmon Who doesn't need 1000 HP?!

Great item for late game. The extra magic resist and armor could make the difference between a dead bug and an alive bug.

Note: If it's passive is down and you think the game is going to end pretty soon, then sell it and buy a Warmog's Armor.

Kha'Zix really needs mana for his harass, the AD it gives it's pretty nice, and the active makes your Q damage go off the roof!

A situational item, It is great against poke based teams and that Magic Resist is always nice to have.

Pick this up if their ADC is fed. However you should not rush it, it should be more like a 4th/5th item or so.

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Laning Phase

Pre-laning Phase

After you pick up your starting items you have 3 options:
  • You help your jungler with his buff
  • Go to the opposite buff and protect it
  • Or invade with your teammates

Laning Phase

  • Against range make sure you don't get harassed out of lane and farm until level 5-6. Once you reach that level you can try to burst him down with ignite( if that did not work and you are getting harassed way too much you can call your jungler for help).
  • Against meele try to have your passive up every time you trade. You should be able to farm if he doesn't spam some kind of poke on you ( Gangplank'Q for example).

Mid Game

  • People will start focusing on Dragon and Baron , Make sure they are warded!
  • If you haven't already taken the Tier 1 Turret, then you should( it gives you more control over the enemy jungle). Also with the Tier 1 Turret gone you can start roaming and help the lanes that are losing.
  • It is pretty dangerous to try and take down the 2nd Tier Turret(alone), because you are deep into the enemy territory and they can collapse on you.

Late Game

There are 4 main options for Kha'Zix(an assassin) late game:
  • Dive in first and die like an idiot
  • Wait for the right opportunity to catch their ADC or AP off guard and burst them down
  • Come in last and try to clean up after a fight
  • Try to catch those who wander away from their team

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Laning Phase Matchups

Here I will list the Difficulty of your Laning Phase Matchups using

Medium - Hard

She is a very annoying fox!
  • Her Passive Essence Theft gives her amazing sustain (if used properly)
  • Her Q Orb of Deception is a skillshot that does TRUE damage on the way back
  • Her W Fox-Fire prioritizes champions so don't think that you can escape it by standing next to minions
  • Her E Charm is a skillshot which stuns you for 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 seconds
  • Now let's talk about her R (Ultimate) Spirit Rush. Imagine Flash's distance is reduced but now it does Damage, and now imagine that you can use it 3 times in a row (prioritizes champions)

Once she reaches level 6, don't dream about getting a kill unless her Spirit Rush is down. If you see here without minions and you think "Isolation damage babe!", think again because she will just Charm you and walk away. During Laning Phase she will try to harass you with her Orb of Deception, try to dodge these because at lower levels if she spams it her mana will reach 0 fast. If you get caught by her Charm she will instantly pop all her spells on you, and if there is a jungler waiting in the brush you can say Bye Bye. Dodge her Charm by using your minions as Meatshields, as long as her Charm is on cooldown she is vunerable pre-6 (this is your chance to blow her up assuming that this is what you want or think you can). Her Roaming is much better than yours due to her Spirit Rush so make sure you type/ping Enemies Missing! the moment she goes off screen. Oh and also her Spirit Rush makes her a great Tower Diver.


She is a Ninja!
  • Her Passive Twin Disciplines gives her bonus magic damage depending on her AP and Spell Vamp depending on her AD
  • Her Q Mark of the Assassin is a single target skill which applies a Mark on you, when consumed ( by using auto-attacks or her spells you take additional damage and she restores energy).
  • Her W Twilight Shroud grants her vision in the area of effect, armor, magic resistance, stealth and your Movement Speed is reduced. It lasts 8 seconds
  • Her E Crescent Slash does damage in an area around her and activates Mark of the Assassin
  • Her R (Ultimate) Shadow Dance is a single target skill allows her to jump to her target. She gains an Essence of Shadow every 30/22.5/15 seconds or by getting a kill/assist up to a total of 3 Essences.

Pre-6 she doesn't have a gap closer, she can only poke you with her Mark of the Assassin (however most of the times she might use it to farm), if your desire is her death you better bring a Vision Ward for her Twilight Shroud or you might get juked. Once she reaches level 6 her Kill Potential rises. You can beat her 1vs1 if she is isolated. If you time your Leap you can bring her with you at the turret if she uses Shadow Dance.



She is a bird!
  • Her Passive Rebirth is very annoying, basically when she dies she turns into an egg for 6 seconds, and if in those 6 seconds you don't kill the egg she will come back to life
  • Her Q Flash Frost is a slow skillshot that slows everybody it passes through and when reaching max range it will stun all enemies nearby. It applies the "Chilled" debuff to enemies
  • Her W Crystallize summons an impenetrable wall for 5 seconds
  • Her E Frostbite is a single target skill that activates the "Chilled" debuff
  • Her R (Ultimate) Glacial Storm is a toggle area of effect skill which slows and damages whoever stands in it. It also applies the "Chilled" debuff

The so called "Chilled" debuff can be activated by her Frostbite to double the damage. Pre-6 all you have to do is dodge her Flash Frost and her damage drops drastically. Every point put in Crystallize increases it's range, at rank 5 it can block an entire Lane! Once she gets her Ultimate Glacial Storm she can harass you by just toggling it for a second to apply the "Chilled" debuff on you, and then use Frostbite. Don't think about Tower Diving this bird if her passive is on because you will fail for sure. You can Leap over her wall if she tries to block you for a gank. If she decides to all in with you, then try to dodge her Flash Frost and you will tear her apart (she can do absolutely nothing to you while in Rebirth).


Medium - Hard

She is a little girl...
  • Her Passive Pyromania is a pain in the butt, after casting 4 skills, her next skill will stun you for 1.75 seconds
  • Her Q Disintegrate is a single target skill that refunds the mana cost if it deals a killing blow
  • Her W Incinerate does magical damage in the area casted
  • Her E Molten Shield increases her armor, magic resistance and if you use auto-attacks on her while the shield is up, you will take damage
  • Her R (Ultimate) Summon: Tibbers summons a big bear that deals magic damage to enemies in the summon area and for 45 seconds it will be like her pet doing damage to surrounding enemies and attacking

Care for her Pyromania, because if you get stunned you will get harassed without returning any damage. She has high burst, at level 6 she can even burst you down if you don't have full HP. Just focus on farming, with that Molten Shield activated she will beat you 1vs1 if there is no isolation bonus damage.



I never understood how you can Ignite him...
  • His Passive Blaze activates each time you are hit by one of his abilities, dealing 8% of your maximum health over 4 seconds
  • His Q Sear is a skillshot which will stun you if you are ablazed (affected by his passive)
  • His W Pillar of Flame it's an area of effect spell that has a short delay and will deal 25% additional damage if you are ablazed
  • His E Conflagration is a single target spell that spreads to surrounding allies if you are ablazed
  • His R (Ultimate) Pyroclasm is a single target spell that bounces among enemies, if a target is ablazed it will priotize champions for the next bounce

A normal Brand combo is Conflagration > Sear > Pillar of Flame > Pyroclasm. He will first use Conflagration, because he can't miss it (obviously) and then try to stun you with Sear so he can land Pillar of Flame. He really needs to land that stun on you, if you can dodge it you can easily dodge Pillar of Flame as well and he will be at your mercy. You can use your minions as Meatshields to dodge Sear or Leap. Oh and if he lands his combo on you, you are most likely dead.



Snakes eat bugs, right?!
  • It's Passive Deadly Cadence is just perfect for spamming skills.
  • It's Q Noxious Blast is a small area of effect skill that grants her Movement Speed if it hits a champion
  • It's W Miasma is an area of effect damage over seconds skill that gives her vision of that area and slows enemies
  • It's E Twin Fang is a single target skill that has a 0.5 cooldown if the target is poisoned (it doesn't matter if the poison came from another champion)
  • It's R (Ultimate) Petrifying Gaze is a great engage/disengage skill. It stuns enemies that are facing her for 2 seconds, while enemies facing away are slowed by 60%

Your Goal should be surviving. It can output so much harass you will barely be able to farm. I suggest you ask for help from your Jungler or switch lanes. To survive try to predict when she is going to use Petrifying Gaze and show her your butt! I suggest you rush a Hexdrinker



Moon Girl!!
  • Her Passive Moonsilver Blade cleaves nearby enemies every third auto-attack and it gives her 20% increased auto-attack speed
  • Her Q Crescent Strike afflicts enemies with Moonlight for 3 seconds and deals damage in an arc
  • Her W Pale Cascade creates 3 orbiting spheres that detonate on contact. She also gains a temporary shield that refreshes if all 3 spheres detonate
  • Her E Moonfall draws in and slows all nearby enemies
  • Her R (Ultimate) Lunar Rush teleports her to an enemy, and consumes all Moonlight debuffs. Lunar Rush has no cooldown when used on a target afflicted with a Moonlight debuff

Pre-6 all she can do is poke you with Crescent Strike, if you can predict them they are easy to dodge. You can beat her 1vs1 pre-6. Once she reaches level 6 she can initiate on you with Crescent Strike > Lunar Rush, but if you are not behind you can still beat her, assuming you can dodge a second Crescent Strike



Welcome to Poke Town!
  • Her Passive Spider Queen grants her a little annoying spider in Spider Form for each spell cast in Human Form.
  • Her Q Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite is a single target spell which is also her main damage spell both in Human Form and in Spider Form
    • In Human Form it deals plus 8% of target's current health
    • In Spider Form it deals plus 8% of target's missing health
  • Her W Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy
    • In Human Form it releases a spider that explodes after 3 seconds or when it nears a target
    • In Spider Form she passively gains Auto-attack Speed, and on activation the Auto-attack Speed of her and her spiderlings is increased and she is healed on every attack
  • Her E Cocoon / Rappel
    • In Human Form is a skillshot that stuns the target for 1.5 seconds
    • In Spider Form she and her spiderlings lift up in the air revealing nearby enemy targets becoming untargetable for 2 seconds and can descend upon a nearby enemy
  • Her R (Ultimate) Spider Form / Human Form
    • In Human Form each spell cast on an enemy readies a spiderling for her Spider Form
    • While in Spider Form she deals bonus magic damage on attack and gains 10 Movement Speed. She has her ultimate from level 1 just like Jayce, each level of her Ultimate allows Elise to summon an additional spiderling up to a maximum of 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

She will Poke you with her Neurotoxin all day long, once she thinks you are low enough she is going to Spider Form > Rappel > Venomous Bite for a clean kill. Her Rappel range got nerfed so if you are out of the circle you are safe. However she can Rappel onto minions and also jungle monsters which are revealed when using Rappel. Use your minions as Meatshields to avoid her Volatile Spiderling and her Cocoon. Her usual combo is something like this: Cocoon > Neurotoxin > Volatile Spiderling > Spider Form > Venomous Bite.

Note: Her Human Form cooldowns don't coincide with her Spider Form cooldowns.


Easy - Medium

The Invisible Girl!
  • Her Passive Shadow Walk stealths her and can only be seen by Champions within 700 radius or True Sight. While stealthed she regenerates 1% of her Maximum Mana every second. Casting spells, dealing damage or taking damage reveals her for 6 seconds
  • Her Q Hate Spike is like your Void Spike, however it strikes the closest enemy unit and it also deals 50% to a secondary target
  • Her W Dark Frenzy
    • Passively grants her Movement Speed each time her spells hit a Champion (stacks up to 4 times)
    • When activated it removes all slows affecting her, ignores unit collision and gains Movement Speed for 4 seconds. Kills and Assist refresh the cooldown
  • Her E Ravage is a single target skill that slashes a target 2 times dealing damage, then gives her Attack Speed
  • Her R (Ultimate) Agony's Embrace is an AOE skill dealing damage and slowing Champions hit. She gains a health shield 150 / 225 / 300 for each Champion hit which lasts up to 6 seconds

Her Hate Spike is just like your Taste Their Fear, however yours does more damage. You can easily burst her down Pre-5. At level 6 when she uses Agony's Embrace on you, just Leap away and wait for her shield to disappear. The same way you can burst her down, she can also burst you down if you are caught off guard. Your scaling into late game is so much better than hers, so if her Playstyle is defensive just farm



The Explorer!
  • His Passive Rising Spell Force grants him Attack Speed each time one of his skills hit Champions (stacks up to 5 times)
  • His Q Mystic Shot is a long range single target skillshot that applies on-hit effects and reduces his cooldowns by 1 second if it strikes an enemy unit
  • His W Essence Flux does magic damage to Enemy Champions and gives Attack Spped to Allied Champions
  • His E Arcane Shift is just like a Flash and it also fires a homing bolt to the nearest enemy unit
  • His R (Ultimate) Trueshot Barrage is a global Ultimate that does damage to every enemy unit it passes through (dealing 10% less damage per unit hit). It has a Channel time of 1 second

He is Range so he can Zone you. Use your minions as Meatshields to avoid his Mystic Shot. If you go all in with him you can easily win. His Trueshot Barrage is a 1 second Channel that can't be interrupted by stuns, but you can easily dodge it with your Leap


Medium - Hard

The Stickman!
  • His Passive Dread reduces your Magic Resistance
  • His Q Terrify is a fear that lasts 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3
  • His W Drain is a single target channel skill that leashes to a target for 5 seconds healing him for a high amount of the damage dealt. If you leave his range, he will stop channeling
  • His E Dark Wind throws a crow that bounces 5 more times after hitting the initial target and silences them for 1.2 seconds
  • His R (Ultimate) Crowstorm is an AOE channel skill. After the channel he flashes to the targeted location with a flock of crows flying around him for 5 seconds

He is a IN YOUR FACE kinda Champion. Lurks in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to channel his Crowstorm and appears in your face making you to stay in his Crowstorm / Drain with his 3 second Fear and his Silence. In lane unless you can burst him down he will usually win all trades, because of his Drain. Without his Crowstorm a normal Combo for him is Terrify > Dark Wind > Drain. If you want to all in him make sure your Ignite is up or he will always be able to heal back with his Drain. Early game try to push the lane, because he isn't very capable of farming under turret (beware of ganks). Mid-late game he can easily win Teamfights with a well placed Crowstorm


Medium - Hard

The Fish!
  • His Passive Nimble Fighter allows him to move through units and take less damage from basic attacks
  • His Q Urchin Strike is a single target gap closer that applies on him effects
  • His W Seastone Trident
    • Passive - It adds a damage over time effect to his auto attacks
    • Active - His auto attacks now deal magic damage to the target based on their missing Health and adds a Healing Debuff (Grievous Wounds)
  • His E Playful / Trickster is an AOE gap closer. He hops into the air, landing upon his spear becoming untargetable. From this position he can either use
    • Trickster ( the second part of this ability) to deal damage to nearby enemies within 125 range
    • Or he can choose not to use Trickster and he will slam the ground below him dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies within 250 range
  • His R (Ultimate) Chum the Waters unleashes a Big Fish that latches onto enemies or hovers over terrain, slowing champions if it is latched on to them. After a 1.5 seconds delay, a Big Shark erupts from beneath the earth dealing damage to enemies around the fish and knocking them aside. (basically he is a fisherman and he uses you as bait to catch a shark)

He literally has no poke so you are free to farm. Pre-6 he is horrible, his Laning Phase is awful. He can dodge all your skills with a well timed Playful / Trickster. He has 3 gap closers including his Flash / Urchin Strike / Playful / Trickster so he is very slippery. He out-damages you if there is no Isolation Damage. After 6 he can easily burst you down if you are not paying attention. Don't go all in unless his Playful / Trickster is on cooldown. You can dodge his Chum the Waters with your Leap



I don't know... The Gargoyle?!?
  • His Passive Runic Skin converts 50% of his total Magic Resistance into Ability Power
  • His Q Resolute Smite is an AOE skill that slows and damages enemies caught near the impact point
  • His W Bulwark is a single target skill that shields an ally Champion, increasing their Armor and Magic Resistance, and restoring Galio's Health each time that Champion is damaged
  • His E Righteous Gust is an AOE skill that leaves behind a path that increases ally Movement Speed
  • His R (Ultimate) Idol of Durand taunts nearby foes for 2 seconds reducing incoming damage by 50%. When the channel ends Galio deals magic damage to enemies within range. The damage is increased by 5% for each attack suffered while channeling (maximum 40%). If the channel is canceled, the damage radius is reduced to 575 instead of normal

He usually builds Magic Resistance, because of his Runic Skin, but that won't work against you. You can't burst him down, because of his Bulwark. If you have Tenacity you can escape his Idol of Durand. You can dodge all his skills, so you should win trades. With a well placed Idol of Durand he can win Teamfights


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Roaming Routes

Roaming is a style of gameplay mostly used in higher Elo games in which your champion spends the "laning phase" of the game roaming across the map rather than spending it laning or jungling.

As a Mid laner you can either help Top or Bottom
  • Top - If you choose to help Top
    • 1 > 2 - If the River isn't warded at all
    • 2 > 2 - If the lower side of the River is warded
    • 1 > 3 - If all the River is warded
    • 1 > 4 - If you want to Tower dive
  • Bottom - If you choose to help Bottom
    • 5 > 6 > 8 - If the lower side of the River is warded
    • 5 > 6 > 7 - If Dragon is warded and the lower side of the River isn't
    • 5 > 7 - If the River isn't warded at all
    • 5 > 9 - If you want to Tower dive

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Jungle Routes

Standard Jungle Route

Starting Red

After Blue you can either gank Mid or Top
  • Mid - If you choose to gank Mid, then just follow arrow no.9, signal your Mid laner that you are there and let the fun begin!
  • Top - If you choose to gank Top, you have 3 paths depending on the Enemy's ward placement
    • 6 - If all the River is warded
    • 7 - If the Enemy has no wards at all
    • 8 - If the top side of the River is warded

Starting Blue

After Red you can either gank Mid or Bottom
  • Mid - If you choose to gank Mid, then just follow arrow no.6, signal your Mid laner that you are there and let the fun begin!
  • Bottom - If you choose to gank Bottom, then follow arrow no.7 to the Tribush. Now ask your Bottom lane if the River is warded
    • If it is then follow arrow no.8
    • If it isn't then follow arrow no.9 (you can also go with no.8 if they are too pushed and you still want to gank).

Smiteless Jungle Route

Starting Red

After Blue you can either gank Mid or Top
  • Mid - If you choose to gank Mid, then just follow arrow no.7, signal your Mid laner that you are there and let the fun begin!
  • Top - If you choose to gank Top, you have 3 paths depending on the Enemy's ward placement
    • 4 - If all the River is warded
    • 5 - If the Enemy has no wards at all
    • 6 - If the top side of the River is warded

Starting Blue

After Red you can either gank Mid or Bottom
  • Mid - If you choose to gank Mid, then just follow arrow no.5, signal your Mid laner that you are there and let the fun begin!
  • Bottom - If you choose to gank Bottom, then follow arrow no.6 to the Tribush. Now ask your Bottom lane if the River is warded
    • If it is then follow arrow no.7
    • If it isn't then follow arrow no.8 (you can also go with no.7 if they are too pushed and you still want to gank).

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How to Spot the Enemy Jungler

This works only with a few Junglers like Nocturne / Vi who have abilities like Duskbringer / Excessive Force.

Note: The Enemy Jungler can rectify this by simply changing their angle, so don't expect this Trick to work every time!

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  • Yellow - Protection against those evil junglers
  • Red - Dragon and Baron
  • Blue - Good Guy Greg makes sure his buddy in the jungle is protected against counter jungling
  • Black - In case you want to counter jungle the enemy
  • Dragon should be warded by the support, but if he doesnt't you should ward it.
  • Baron should be warded almost all the time mid-late game (if you don't want the enemy team to do a sneaky Baron ).