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Yuumi Build Guide by SunFalk

Top ✔️S12.7 Yuumi Top AP and AD By Sunfalk 🐈

Top ✔️S12.7 Yuumi Top AP and AD By Sunfalk 🐈

Updated on April 23, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SunFalk Build Guide By SunFalk 343 31 410,700 Views 73 Comments
343 31 410,700 Views 73 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SunFalk Yuumi Build Guide By SunFalk Updated on April 23, 2022
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  • LoL Champion: Yuumi
    Yuumi top (S11.27)
  • LoL Champion: Yuumi
    Your opponent jungler ganks threats
  • LoL Champion: Yuumi
    Trolly Yuumi

Runes: Aery Yuumi

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Shield Bash

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
* Yuumi top isn't the easiest champion to play in top (even probably the worst). You will probably have some bad games like everyone have some times, but when you'll do that awesome play, you will not regret.
* I'm at 2000 games of Yuumi top with a 50% win rate, and even though this is a lot, I'm still learning some new information in the top lane with Yuumi and taking notes to always make this guide the best it can be.
* Join the best community ever for Yuumi top Discord

* This game is full of unbalanced and unfair champions that you don't wanna play against, in those champions, Quinn, Darius, Mordekaiser and even Garen. But personally, I would recommend to just ban Teemo for multiples reasons, first of all, he can blind you with his Blinding Dart, this almost counters the whole Yuumi top idea, Quinn can blind too ( Blinding Assault), but it's not a point and click ability like Teemo and it's not the same kind blind. Secondly, Teemo has a high speed that will make you unable to finish him off or run out from a situation you don't wanna be in. Third reason, he can become invisible, you really don't want to have to deal with a Teemo that is able to use his passive in a good way.

* If you play against a champion in top with Yuumi, let me know and say the details for me to put on the guide, if you wanna help too, I'm always their to respond to questions and help.

* If you wanna add me on league of legends, my name is "Sunfalk" and I am in NA servers. And yes, I'm french.

* I know this build can seem overwhelming at first, but Yuumi top isn't a one build exclusive, you can build a multiple of things on it, its why their is so much items, runes and way to play Yuumi top, find the one you like the most and play it, you can even create some other builds on Yuumi top and find great success with it.

Well, I started playing Yuumi in the support role casually with my friends, the only problem I had was that I was way to aggressive has a Yuumi, I tried to much to 2v1 has Yuumi and was just failing, so my friend said, well go play her full AD top lane has a joke, but for me it wasn't a joke, I started watching the items to make my build on a paper that I don't have anymore and then started playing her top with first item Liandry's Anguish?... At least I played with Press the Attack, but changed fast to build Kraken Slayer (Yes I started playing Yuumi top after the new items) but anyway, after 200 games of Yuumi top, I wanted to create a guide to just have fun and to remember how to play Yuumi top myself (like a note to how to play against all champions, but for some reasons you guys started making this guide more and more popular, I never though a guide that I made for fun would be all the way here, thx to everyone for your help!

* I'm sure you already know this but people in League are very toxic. If someone's being toxic toward you, just mute them, letting them get to you will only make you play worse, you wont be able to think clearly if the mid laner wont stop pinging your build, try to stay positive! everyone has a bad game don't let it stop you and keep at it! if someone on your team bans Yuumi, its ok, don't get mad, they just think your trolling, after all no one wants a 0/18/0 Yuumi in their top.
* And don't worry about reports on you either, I know Yuumi top sounds like a meme but anyone can play a champ in an off meta position (people play Shyvana top or Teemo support all the time), if your not trolling or using vulgar language than nothing's gonna happen to you.

- People under estimate the damage of Yuumi at all points in the game.
- People can forget that you exist when you split push.
- Your good when roaming in the jungle.
- Very satisfying to kill people (even more when you solo tower dive them).
- When you will carry, you'll be the best player ever for people in both team.

- Very hard to learn to play.
- People always think you're the best player ever and you cannot have a bad game.
- You will be reported a lot (But not banned except if you troll).
- You will get a lot of friend request.
- If you lose game, its gonna be your fault even though you did good.
- People will call you troll.

When you play AP Yuumi ( Summon Aery), you want to play safe, the fact that you do not a lot of damage even though Doran's Blade will make you deal some damage. What you want to do is CS the most possible, don't focus on kills. Before minion arrival, go stay in a bush to protect your jungler buff and check for invades.

You want to poke your opponent and CS the most possible, your runes will make you do a lot of damage or attack faster, take that to your advantages. Before minions arrival, stay in the farthest bush of that lane and if your opponent is close enough, poke him (Don't do that against Darius or even Mordekaiser).

After laning phase, you want to go to team fights and help the most possible your team, your ult and your healing power will be very helpful to your team and maybe make them come back from a losing game. When you'll have your mythic ( Moonstone Renewer or Imperial Mandate) you'll want to end the laning phase the quickest and just leave lane to help your team. If your laner is a split pusher and laning phase is done for you, you'll not be able to stop him, try to make your team go to kill him with you and don't try to much to 1v1 him because he will kill you.
Abilities for AP

If you're going any AD build, laning phase for you will end when your laner will leave lane or when a tower will be destroyed. After laning phase, you want to go help you're team to kill the enemies and deal the most damage while you're hopping on and off your allies to heal them. If you're going split pushing, go split pushing the opposite way from the next objective to make pressure and make your team able to take the objectives. For example, if dragon is up, go split push top lane.
Abilities for AD

Yuumi's passive is very strong, it gives you a free shield and free mana, you'll need to use it to poke and to sustain and this is gonna be easy because Yuumi's passive is on a very low cooldown and you will be able to proc it a lot. To know when your passive is up when you're in the action and you cannot look at your abilities bar, just look on the head of Yuumi, you'll see her light on top of her head shine if the passive is up. A good placed Yuumi passive can make you win the trade, fight or even make you be able to run away from a tricky situation.

If you get blue buff for whatever reasons (killed their jungler, your team giving it to you...), your sustain becomes very very high. You can play passivist with it and heal with the mana, or you can play more aggressive with it and use your Prowling Projectile and Zoomies more often.

Red buff on Yuumi is less good than blue buff, but it can still be very helpful to poke or deny your laner CS or XP, red buff is very good to slow them and engage on them for a kill or to make them back. Use it at its max to CS and poke your enemy.

When you're alone in lane, you have 3 options, even though one is not very good. First option is to just push the lane, except when you know the jungler is close to top lane, just push and try to get first turret to give your team an advantage, this can be a good way to take advantage if your laner comes back later in the game. Second option is to freeze or slow push the wave, this as the advantage to make you really hard to gank or to kill, last hit minions and just CS as much as you can (good to practice CS'ing). And there is the last option, the worst of them in my opinion for multiple reasons, that option being to go help your team and be a kind of second jungler, this as a lot of disadvantage like missing gold and XP, even if it gives your team a early advantage, late game you'll be pretty useless, and if your laner comes back, you'll be far from lane to come back.

When you arrive in lane late (for whatever reason) you're gonna be in a disadvantage. In this situation, you can play safe and just CS under tower to try to get the XP and gold you missed, poke and try to wait for your jungler to gank you. If you come to lane way to late (ex. You're lvl 1 and your opponent level 7) There is not much you can do, try to ask your team to help you and don't hope in your tower to save you from a tower dive, in this situation you have a major disadvantage, if your team didn't forfeit at this point in a 4v5, it's probably because they have a lead, so maybe they can help you be helpful and get back in the game.

Your team is probably be mad if you give first blood, sure it gives you a disadvantage, but sometimes it's an advantage because it makes your enemy think he's never gonna die. But jokes on him, you have a jungler. If he push, you can wait for a gank to make you lose that disadvantage or just play safe under tower. Don't do that same mistake and try to learn from it for the future, don't forget you're laner can still make mistake that will make you able to take them out and just still be fed later in the game.

It's never a good idea to play this game when you are tilted, but if you're playing Yuumi top when tilted, play safer, don't try to fight even though you really want to, when you're tilted, you make some dumb choice and lose more trades. Never flame your team, don't forget you are playing Yuumi top, if you flame your team, you are going to make them mad, they are not gonna help you and you will loose the game just because you were mad.

When your team flames you, don't reply, mute all if you really want to. If your team is inting and flaming you even if you are doing good, don't listen and continue what you're doing, maybe you'll be able to carry them and change their mind!
If you see that your laner is low life and staying behind minions safely, you can Flash towards him to ult, root him and then Ignite him so even if he Flash away, you know he's gonna die, if you can still auto him when he's not in root to be sure he will die.
This is your way to kill your laner when he is low, just ult him and ignite him or if he's low enough just auto attack him after you rooted him to kill him, but if he Flash away after the root, you'll wish you had Ignite him.
Use the Prowling Projectile to slow a low life victim to then Zoomies for the speed it gives to be able to Ignite or basic attacking him until he dies. You can Flash at the start to for him to not expect you jumping on him, the fact that you're Yuumi will make them not think you gonna kill him, but jokes on them, you're Yuumi!

This matchup is a test of skills, you want to use your passive Bop 'n' Block in a passive way, for example when your opponent tries to poke, you can just use passive and heal back off all the damage they did. If you don't feel safe, you can still play under tower and wait for a gank or just CS under tower to be more helpful later in the game. The opponent will probably want to end laning phase early because ranged are good in team fights and less in split pushing, so when you see you're laner is out of the lane, you can go help your team and be useful to them.

Because you are AD, it will be harder for you to trade with the enemies because they are ranged to, so you can play passive and try to fight or trade when you have your passive Bop 'n' Block ready. When he's gonna want to end laning phase, if you're going full split push, you can continue until the end of game to split push or if you're going for a more team fight build, go and help for a team fight.

The longer the laning phase is, the harder it is to kill them, so, to not lose, try to CS early and when you feel unable to lane against your ennemie, you can go and help your team and try to force them to end laning phase, if they stay in lane to split push, you can try to make your team go and kill him when he's a bit pushed up in the lane. Little personal trick, upgrade your Prowling Projectile first over your You and Me! because of the % max health damage it does.

If you're going AD against a tank, I would recommend going Kraken Slayer for the true damage it gives, after you've built your Kraken Slayer, you can build for a more split push approach or go for a team fight oriented build instead.

You will not win lane except if it's a good matchup for Yuumi like Gwen. Against a bruiser, you want to make him push for your jungler to be able to gank your lane easily and for you to be able to CS safely under tower . You can poke with your passive Bop 'n' Block. As soon as you can, end laning phase and go help your team before you'll get destroyed by your opponent.

As you play AD Yuumi against a bruiser champion, you'll need to play
safe and try to get a gank from your jungler, try to watch out for tower dives and be prepared with your ult Final Chapter, Ignite and Flash, its not a good idea to go split push versus a bruiser because it will be easy for them to out split-push you.

A roamer isn't very fun to lane against as AP Yuumi, they will get some kills out of lane to return to lane feed. When your laner is is missing, always ping your teammates and just try to freeze lane or you can back if you need to. If you feel like your team needs your help, you can end laning phase and go help your team.

If you're going AD against a roamer, I would suggest you going for a more split push build to be able to punish your laner for roaming (Go Demolish). Try to remember when was the last time your laner teleported when he's out of lane, if he doesn't have teleport, you can push if you know their jungler is not close to be top, if he has teleport, just freeze lane or go back to base for items.

The combo Doran's Blade and Health Potion is a very good way to start with Yuumi, the omnivamp, maximum health and attack damage it gives will help you do damage to your enemies. Very good to poke your enemies early on.

The combo Doran's Ring with 2 Health Potion will help you sustain more in lane, take your potion when you're low and use Zoomies to heal up faster than potions, the ability power the Doran's Ring gives will heal you more and its unique passive will help you farm minions better.

This is very good when you're in higher elo, the sustain it gives will make you able to play safe and scale for the later game. Don't play aggressive with those as your first items because you'll do way less damage then with other starter items, either wait for a gank, wait for your enemy to do a mistake or just wait for you to scale and be an end game force.

Go full support Yuumi if the support in your team is a champion that deals a lot of damage like Brand to have a healer in your team and more sustain in team fights. This build path is not as good early then Press the Attack, you need to wait until the end game for it to be good and to be able to help your team, with this item, stay in team fights attached to others. The stats it gives is helpful too, some base mana regeneration, 20 ability haste, 40 ability power and 200 health will make you a reliable healer for your team. The item passive will be good to heal your allies that don't have much health left in combat, use your Prowling Projectile and Final Chapter in team fights to help your team with healing, damage, slows and CC.

Full AP Yuumi is a very funny and strong way to play the game, this item will not be good early and mid, but end game when you will have more ability power items and more Dark Harvest stacks, your Prowling Projectile will deal a lot to enemies (even if the enemy is going magic resistance because of that magic penetration it gives), and the passive will make your Prowling Projectile deal magic damage to enemies beside the target. At the end and mid game, stay attached to people in team fights. The only problem with this item is its 600 mana it gives because it will make your Zoomies will cost more mana to use.

This item will revolve around the fact you will use your Prowling Projectile on the enemy to slow them down and speed up your allies up for them to go kill them, good end game when your team is chasing someone. The base stats it gives is very powerful too, some base mana regeneration, 20 ability haste, 40 ability power and 200 health will help you be able to stay relevant even when you're not using your Prowling Projectile to slow the enemy. If you want to use this item even more, you can build Rylai's Crystal Scepter for an even bigger slow.

This item will help you do magic damage with your Prowling Projectile even to enemies that build magic resistance, if you see that their team isn't building magic resistance, this item will not be as useful, but it will still help deal more damage. The 70 ability power it gives is very good to scale with your Prowling Projectile.

Very good item on Yuumi if your going support, AP or even AD because of all the stats it gives. 50% Attack speed will be perfect for your mid game CSing and poking, the additional ability power it gives will make your abilities deal even more damage, heal you up even more and will make Nashor's Tooth passive deal even more damage with your basic attacks. All of this for as little has 3000 gold.

Very good item if you stay on someone, you will not lose the stacks if you never die because you stay on people. The 5 ability power it gives is very helpful and can be a lot if you're able to keep your stacks. Plus, if you have more than 10 stacks, you gain 10% speed, which will help you when you need to run to attach to someone else.

Good item if you want your Prowling Projectile and Final Chapter to burn your enemy 4.8% of their max health in magic damage, the additional 70 ability power and 350 health will help you survive and deal more damage to the enemy team. This item will give you some armor and magic resistance for each enemy that are burning, that can help you tank even more damage.

This item gives a lot of ability power, exacly 120, but the best part about this item is the additional effect; it adds 35% ability power to your ability power. You want to buy this item later on in the game to use the 35% ability power to its max. The item is a bit pricey, exactly 3600 gold, so buy it if you have a lot of gold early or as a last item in your build.

If your going AP Yuumi mid against a team with a lot of life steal or healing, go with this item quickly or start with an Oblivion Orb before and finish the build after. Very very important when you go against a Viego or an Irelia mid. It gives 250 Health so it will help you survive a bit longer and be a bit more tanky in some situation.

Very good with Summon Aery when you're going full support, makes your Zoomies and Bop 'n' Block better, gives you ability power. The mana regeneration will make you sustain more in fights with your passive Bop 'n' Block. The passive on the item that gives ability power and ability haste to the champion you're healing.

Very good with Summon Aery when you're going full support, makes your Zoomies and Bop 'n' Block better, gives you ability power. The mana regeneration will make you sustain more in fights with your passive Bop 'n' Block. And the passive on the item that gives attack speed and additional magic damage to whoever you're healing will be good.

You want those boots has fast as possible, the attack speed will help you to poke even more and to farm even better. The speed of the boots are a necessity to help you run away or just go faster in all sorts of situation and faster then your opponent. The early boots will help you dodge skill shots from the opponent, run away from ganks and run faster to finish them off if they try to run away, even if you play versus a champion that can slow like Nasus or Urgot. The 35% attack speed will be worth for that sweet sweet CS too.

You want this item has your mythic because its very strong, the attack speed helps like the boots does, the attack damage and the critical chance it gives is very good to make Yuumi a killing beast. Each time you make your third auto attack, Kraken Slayer does a lot of true damage (very good to poke and farm). This item synergizes very well with Press the Attack because the third attack will deal even more damage.

The life steal of this item will make you a bit less squishy because Yuumi is squishy with her small base health. The attack speed and the attack damage it gives is like the other items, very good and will make Yuumi very strong. The 10% life steal it gives will make you have way more sustain and die way less, will make you not need to go to base every 6 minutes. The item passive is good with the Kraken Slayer and the Press the Attack (If you go Press the Attack) and will make your third auto attack just deal so much damage and with this item, some magic damage.

This item isn't really for the stats that it gives, even though the critical strike is 20% and it has 12 lethality on it, the good part about this item is his passive that makes you able to have a lot of kills by just roaming, you attack so fast at this point and you do so much damage that 5% of their life is easy to get to. Your kills will give you an additional 25 gold too, if you're able to kill a lot of people, this 25 gold can become a big number very fast.

This item is good because Yuumi is very squishy, you want it to protect you from unwanted abilities that you didn't see coming and not get one shot by everything, it gives a second chance. This item is very good when their is a Pyke or a Kha'Zix in the other team. It can save you from a Jinx or Ashe ult or even an unexpected Ezreal ult. The 325 health, 10 lethality and 50 attack damage will help you be less squishy but still deal a bit of damage.

This item is good to not die and being one shot by the other team, it makes you life steal and gives you a shield when your close to dying. But I recommend Kraken Slayer has your mythic. It's probably better to use this item when you go with Grasp of the Undying because you'll be even less squishy than if you go with Kraken Slayer because with Grasp of the Undying, damage isn't your main thing and the life steal will be more useful because you will have more health with the Grasp of the Undying stacked.

Very good when you have at least 60% critical chance, gives a lot of critical chance and gives you more damage to deal, very good for the late game. The critical chance that it gives is enormous and can help you win 1v1 and do a lot of damage in team fights.

The stats it gives are good, you want that 35% attack speed and that 20% critical chance, the movement speed will make you faster to finish off an enemy that is running away or to run away from a tricky situation. The item passive is good for a last hit with some magic damage, the attack range it gives when stacked will make it easier to run to a low life enemy and kill him without him running away, very good for Yuumi as an item.

You'll want to take this item when you play against some life steal champions like Aatrox or Irelia, or if a lot of your opponents in the other team have some life steal or some healing, you can do this item if their top laner has a Vampiric Scepter early on in the game. If their team has no healing don't take it. If you don't want to build this item early on, you can buy Executioner's Calling until you build the Mortal Reminder.

Good item for the critical chance it gives, the large attack damage and ability haste it gives. But the reason you wanna buy this item is for its passive, after using an ability, you will deal a lot of physical damage to the enemy, it will restore a lot of your mana too to reuse your abilities soon after.

Very good item to split push, take this item when you feel like you'll not be helpful in team fights after you have Kraken Slayer and another item to have some stats for fights, ALWAYS takes this item with Tiamat after and then go with Guinsoo's Rageblade right after to make the Tiamat proc 2 times each 3 autos.

This item is good if you want more sustain, good with Immortal Shieldbow for the insane life steal it's giving together. The shield Bloodthirster gives will make you have a super big shield with your passive and will make you be able to survive a burst of damage or a big team fight. Bloodthirster as attack damage and a 20% critical chance so it's good with Kraken Slayer if you don't wanna go Immortal Shieldbow.

When you're full build and ready to take potion, Elixir of Sorcery can be a very good potion to take when you are going AP, the 50 ability power and mana regeneration helps you deal even more damage and sustain even more even though you're full build. It gives more damage to the towers too, that can be useful to push even faster at the end game.

Good for sustain, the bonus 300 health it gives will just make you hard to kill has you deal massive amount of damage. The 25% tenacity isn't to be laugh at when it's gonna help you survive some big CC, this is a good potion to go when you're against a CC heavy team.

This potion gives a massive amount of attack damage and physical vamp, 30 attack damage and 15% physical vamp to be more exact. If you are going for a more lethality or attack damage build, this potion will help you a lot deal damage and survive fights.

Go to - precision - domination - sorcery - resolve - inspiration

Press the Attack is a very good rune on Yuumi, works with Kraken Slayer and Immortal Shieldbow as an heavy damage dealer, use this rune to poke and trade with your opponent as most as possible and do the same in team fights to do additional damage. When you proc Press the Attack, for 6 seconds, the enemy will take 8-12% more damage from all source, that is very good to make a squishy target even easier to kill. If you build attack speed with Press the Attack, you'll be able to proc it faster. If you build more attack damage, Press the Attack will make you deal even more with the 8-12% more damage.

Lethal Tempo is very helpful on Yuumi, the attack speed it gives will make your proc very good and help you farm a lot, this rune isn't good if your going against a top because later in the game you will just deal no damage to them, Lethal Tempo doesn't give any additional damage to you.

Even though Fleet Footwork looks like a good rune to get on Yuumi because of the healing, speed and additional sustain it gives, it's not. First of all, the healing on your energized attack scales with your ability power more than your AD. Plus, your healing if your energized attack hits a minions is reduced by 90% for ranged champion, like Yuumi is.

Conqueror isn't very good on Yuumi, first of all, because Yuumi is a ranged champion, the Conqueror stacks gives only half has a melee champion would get. Plus the healing on ranged champion is lower than melee. Lastly, you already have a Zoomies for healing, you don't need that healing. Your better off going with Press the Attack because it deals more damage than the Conqueror deals and Conqueror is being countered by grevious wounds.

Overheal on Yuumi top isn't that good, at the start of the game the shield it gives isn't high and at the end too, it doesn't work on allies so this rune isn't that useful with Yuumi top.

Triumph on Yuumi can be very good if you like to duel people and win the fight with no life left, if your playing more aggressive take this rune to not die has you kill your enemies in a very clutch duel. takedowns gives an additional 20 gold too, very good for a Yuumi that can have a lot of assists easily.

Very good rune on Yuumi top, Presence of Mind will help you have enough mana, even though its 80% less effective on ranged like Yuumi, the mana it will give plus the mana your Bop 'n' Block gives you will help you sustain a lot and not die when you have no mana because Presence of Mind will give you that mana.

Very good rune to take, the fact that each takedowns, big monsters killed and even minion killed gives you attack speed is very great, you want this attack speed to CS better and to even do more kills.

Why use Legend: Tenacity? Well you gain stacks the same way has you do on Legend: Alacrity, but now instead of having attack speed, you get more tenacity, use this rune if you go against a cc heavy team or laner. If you take it when your not versus a cc heavy team or laner, the tenacity will just be useless.

Legend: Bloodline is a rune that stacks the same way Legend: Alacrity does, but now the stacks gives life steal instead. This rune is being countered with grevious wounds items or kit.

Very good to kill a low life champion, in lane you'll be able to last hit champions easily and in team fights be able to get a lot of kills. Good if you love to tower dive enemies.

Take this only if you go against a tank, because he will have more life than you, so you'll be able to do damage to him. Don't go this if your going Grasp of the Undying neither because you'll have more max life than if you go with some other runes.

Not very good on Yuumi for multiple reasons, first of all, when you're under 30% life you're not gonna be able to do a lot of damage before dying because you are squishy. Secondly, you have a massive heal so you're rarely under 30% life for a long amount of time.

Don't go Electrocute with Yuumi, its hard to get your Q and you don't have enough different source of damage to use Electrocute. It can work if your going full ability power or attack damage because the damage does scales with AP and AD.

Never tried it. Give it a try and give me reviews!

If you go Dark Harvest go full AP. In lane, try to get the most harvest you can get, you don't care about the kills really, for your end game, use your Prowling Projectile and your ult the more times possible because it will deal some serious damage. In team fights, just stay attached to someone and do your stuff.

Very good rune for Yuumi top, you gonna attack faster than your opponent early on, and it will help you CS too, use this rune against champion that are not tanks because you'll do no damage to them.

Good rune to go with, the additional true damage it deals when the target has impaired movements can be really good if your enemy loves to rune from you.

You don't really need this rune because you already have a Zoomies and sustain, the healing it gives isn't that high neither so go with another rune if you can.

Don't take this rune because Yuumi doesn't blink, dash or teleport, so its a useless rune for Yuumi. And even if you take Teleport, you are not going to use this rune in any ways or form anyway.

Can be good, but if you don't roam a lot to have some visions with those wards, its not gonna be helpful. If your just playing in lane, the vision the zombie wards will give you will not be useful, your just gonna have a vision in lane but your laner will just be able to destroy it and get more vision score.

Not that good because your in lane, your normal wards already last enough time to have vision into the river. If your going with Ghost Poro, you want to use your ward the most efficiently possible to get the attack damage and the ability power and the more vision with it.

Good because it will give you some AD and AP, for your basic attack and your Prowling Projectile. You just need some takedowns to collect those eyes.

Good if you wanna have some Omnivamp with your takedowns. Only problem with Ravenous Hunter is that its only unique takedowns, so you want to at least have a takedown of each of your opponents.

Good if you wanna have some item haste with your unique takedowns, even though this rune isn't that good on Yuumi because you don't have a lot of items with cooldowns.

Not very good on Yuumi, you don't really need that speed, take another rune that will just be more helpful. The only time this can be useful is if your planning on split pushing or roaming, this will be good to move around the map faster or run from an enemy faster too.

Good on Yuumi, even more if you're going AP Yuumi. The ability haste on your ult that it gives is very helpful in team fights and when you are running away or to someone while ulting them.

Very good for multiple reasons, first of all, Summon Aery can be proceed with basic attack and your Prowling Projectile. This rune makes you deal a lot of damage early to be able to poke and win trade. Even better for the end game if you're going full support because it will make you be able to play Yuumi has she was made for.

Not very good, the only way to proc your Arcane Comet is by using your Prowling Projectile and Final Chapter, can be useful end game but still, I don't recommend it because its not gonna proc enough to be useful has a major rune to gonna take.

This rune is ok if you are playing against a champion that can slow, I don't see the point in using it except if you wanna be able to run to the enemies and kill him when he is low life.

Good for mid lane if your playing against an all in champion like Ahri because of that shield that absorbs magic damage when you are below 30% life even though the cooldown of 60 second can be long.

Very good if you have some mana problem, the fact it gives max mana and life when you have 250 max mana of added with Manaflow Band.

Not that good, your not using your summoner spells enough to use Nimbus Cloak, and you don't really need a ghosting effect on Yuumi.

Good to lower your cooldowns in the course of the game even though its not needed that much, but when you'll be level 11 and getting those takedowns, this rune will help a lot having no cooldown.

Not good for Yuumi, you don't need that additional speed boost when you speed boost because you are just gonna stay on someone if you've taken Sorcery Yuumi anyway.

Good on Yuumi, when you think about it, when you're on someone and that you're over 70% health, you are not gonna lose life because you're untargetable, so if you are going full support Yuumi, consider this rune.

Good if your able to hit your Q in lane alone, the burn it does will deal a lot of damage to your laner early one in the game, even though the damage it does isn't the best late game, the early game poke is just intense.

Not very good on Yuumi in general, but if your planning on split push a lot in the game, this rune can be good to go across the map easily and fast.

Not very good in general, because for this rune to be useful you want the game to be long, and usually a game of league of legends is not longer than 30 minutes, and 30 minutes is 48 ability power.

Good to not be squishy mid and end game, very good early to because of the additional damage it does when you proc it. Stay behind minions and wait for the Grasp of the Undying and then proc it on your laner. If your laner is playing safe or if your laner is a big damager, you can wait for your Bop 'n' Block to be ready to have that extra range, a shield, some mana and more max health each time your gonna proc it.

Don't take this on Yuumi, probably one of the worst rune you can take on Yuumi because your only source of cc is your ult. The armor and magic resist it gives isn't that useful because your are not gonna try to jump in the middle of the team fight to use your Aftershock anyways. Don't take this rune on solo laner Yuumi.

Don't take this on Yuumi because your in lane alone, their is no one to get the shield so this rune will just be useless. I feel like this rune can only work if your roaming a lot or if your planning to give your team end game sustain, but if you wanna make your team sustain end game just go full AP or support Yuumi.

Very good if your planning on winning lane or split pushing a lot. This will help you get some plating too, very good rune to take on solo lane Yuumi. Try using it the most early game to get the plates and get money easily like that, the fact you gonna maybe win lane faster with it and start roaming faster to help your team win other lanes is a good thing when your laner needs to stay in lane to get your tower or to protect his second tower.

Not good in a solo lane, you have no ally to use this rune with you, its why you shouldn't take it. The only way I can see this work is if your duo laning or if you know your gonna roam a lot if your mid lane but even with that, this rune seems kind of useless on a solo laning Yuumi.

Can be good if your good at using your passive in a good way, try to get the most of the additional damages it deals when you gain a shield to use this rune at its best potential, and the fact that when your shielded it gives you armor and magic resistance is very helpful. Good if your going a bit tanky.

Not very good because even though it gives you some magic resistance and some armor, it will not use the additional 5% more magic resistance and armor anyway because your not building that.

Can be useful in some situation, but Yuumi has Zoomies anyway to heal back missing health, I don't think this rune is that useful for Yuumi in general.

Good if your against someone that will try to always all in you like Sett because each time he will try to use his attack on you, your just gonna take less damage from them.

Very good to help you be a bit less squishy end game, very good runes to take because you'll just farm and farm and farm in lane anyway.

Good with your Zoomies because it will augment its healing a bit and even more if your low life, good runes to take has Yuumi. Another good point about this rune is the fact that you will heal your allies more when they are lower than 40%.

Can be good if your against a slow or cc heavy laner, only down side is that you are gonna be rarely low life to use its full potential. I feel the best way to use this rune is when your a bit tanky so that you can be below 30% life and still not die.

Not really good on Yuumi even if it can be useful with your ult and CC for a longer time, the old Glacial Augment was just better for Yuumi top.

Never tried it. Give it a try and give me reviews!

Very good to take if you want to be able to get a lot of Gold in the game, wait and don't try to engage if it's not proccable, and wait for your passive to be up to you can procc First Strike more and get a lot of out of it.

No need for this rune, you really don't need this rune on Yuumi, Hextech Flashtraption will make you get a Flash that you need to charge slowly, you really don't need it because your engages are not prevalent on Yuumi.

Good rune because the fact that you get free boots without thinking about it, even if you're in lane, it will give you free boots even if you stay in lane.

Can be good in certain situation, but has Yuumi, you don't really need this rune, if you are close to dying, if you use it, you'll not be able to go away fast enough and you can just go on someone to make a similar effect.

You don't really need to get this runes because of the fact, the additional gold isn't that useful on solo Yuumi.

Can be useful as you learn Yuumi solo lane to not miss cannon minions, but if you're able to CS as Yuumi, this is kind of useless.

Good for sustain, your passive already gives you a lot of sustain, but those cookies can give you the additional life to win the game. But the max mana it gives will make your Zoomies cost more mana, so be careful.

Not very good because you don't really use item with cooldowns and you almost never use your summoners in the late game, so it is a useless rune.

This can be good with your ult, but you don't CC enough for this rune to be worth it.

Can be good to gain a burst of health and win the fight against your opponent, if you're playing with Biscuit Delivery, it can become very good.
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