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League of Legends Build Guide Author LightShadow

[S3] LS's Tryndamere Guide : How to be a Nightmare

LightShadow Last updated on June 18, 2013
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Hello Guys! I am LightShadow or you may call me LS. This is my first guide in Mobafire so tell me how it go. I'm a filipino so I don't know much english and grammar but I will try my best for this guide, please comment what I need to do more about this Tryndamere guide.

Who is Tryndamere??

Well, Tryndamere is an AD melee carry who is good at fighting, his ultimate Undying Rage makes him to kill enemies even if his dying and to last longer in teamfights.

How did you discover Tryndamere and why did you favourited him?

Well, when I start playing LoL, Tryndamere is the free champ on that week, he is the first champion I played, I played him and got a score 6/1/3. (Not bad for a beginner) So I started playing more games with Tryndamere and I finally got the IP to buy him, Today, Still , I still play him :).

Thank to jhoijhoi and his guide in making a guide which can be found by pressing this yellowish letter.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Undying Rage makes him a man for 5 seconds
+ Very high damage especially when at Undying Rage
+ Spinning Slash can be used in chasing and escaping
+ Uses fury, can heal himself with Bloodlust
+ Attacking grants fury!

- People calls him OP
- Vulnerable to CCs
- Undying Rage only last for 5 seconds (But it's okay).
- Easily killed without survival items.
- Enemies can only be slowed by Mocking Shout when their backed are turned back.
- Err...

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Explaining Tryndamere's Abilities

Tryndamere's Abilities

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Tryndamere's abilities have no cost related to them, and the use of his abilities is only limited by cooldowns. Instead he uses Fury as his secondary resource. Tryndamere starts with 0 Fury, and has a cap of 100 Fury. He gains 5 Fury per autoattack, plus 5 extra Fury per critical strike and 10 extra Fury per any unit he kills. When Tryndamere has not dealt or taken damage for 8 seconds, Tryndamere is considered out of combat and loses 5 Fury every second.

Battle Fury: This passive, I think is the best for Tryndamere so please Riot, don't change it. This is awesome man, attacking gives you fury and fury gives you critical strike chance. Tryndamere receives 0.35% critical strike chance per fury. He can get up to 35% critical strike chance when in 100 fury. Fury decays over time when not attacking so if there anymore enemies to hit, use Bloodlust to heal yourself so it won't be wasted.

Bloodlust: This skill is the first one I max. It's passive give you attack damage per health missing and it's active heals you by the cost of all of your fury. This skill is best suited for Undying Rage because at 1 hp, Tryndamere can get 60 Attack Damage

Tips and Tricks
  • When low at health, try farming to gain fury and to use Bloodlust.
  • The ability grants approximately 60 attack damage in total when at 1 health. 25 from the base, and 35 from missing health.
  • Bloodlust has no cast time or animation and does not interreupt Tryndamere previous orders or actions.

Mocking Shout: Your only CC skill, slow. But it has 4 seconds duration perfect for Spinning Slash. If activated, it reduces the damage of the enemy champion but remember, champions can only be slowed if their back are turned.
Tips and Tricks
  • Mocking Shout can't be activated if there are no enemies around, but if there are no enemies but Mocking Shout can be activated, watch out for a gank. They might be hiding in a bush or using invisibility like Twitch.
  • Mocking Shout can be used in the fog of war, but will briefly reveal Tryndamere if it affects an enemy

Spinning Slash: I max this second because it deals tons of damage plus it helps in escaping or chasing, it also pass through walls making for you to escape easily. It saves you from gank and help you to chase enemies running and slow them down.
Tips and Tricks
  • Spinning Slash can pass through walls so remember to use it when escaping.
  • Spinning Slash grants 2 fury per enemy hit and 10 fury per minion it kills.
  • Spinning slash destroys Teemo's Noxious Traps without detonating them. (Still testing)
  • Any form of hard-CC that hits Tryndamere will cancel the ability so watch out with enemies with CCs like Sion and Lux.

Undying Rage: Three words. BEST ULTI EVER. Yeah, this is Tryndamere's god ability letting you not to die in 5 seconds, partnered with a Guardian Angel, you won't die in 5 seconds and die, but you will revive again and go back in kicking enemies.!!. If used correctly, you can even have a pentakill in a team fight.Best skill when turret diving and saving yourself from ganks.

Tips and Tricks
  • Undying Rage can save you after turret diving or if the enemies turret dived you.
  • Tryndamere is always able to use Undying rage if it's not on cooldown , no form of CC can prevent him from doing it so even if you're stunned, snared , silenced , or suppresed. Go press "R" and ruuunn or fiiiight!

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Explaining why I get this Masteries

Masteries of Lane Tryndamere


When Im using Lane Tryndamere, I get 21/9/0. 21 points in offense and 9 points in defense. All the AD masteries in offensive, I get it. It gives you attack damage and attack speed, also increases the damage rate so Tryndamere can farm and kill enemies faster. In defense, I take 2 points in Resistance so I can have more magic resist and 2 points in Hardiness giving you a few armor but very helpful when doing a solo top lane then a point in veteran's scar.

Jungle Tryndamere


In jungle Tryndamere, it is 21/9/0. Same masteries in offense but I put 2 points in butcher so you can farm easily. In defense, I put one point in Summoner's Resolve because it grants 10 gold when you use Smite and I also put 3 points in Hardiness but not in Magic Resist because I ran out of points. Well. That's all...

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Explaining Why I get this Runes


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality


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Spells Selection

Spells to get

This is a spell I always get for Tryndamere, because it helps you in chasing, ganking, fighting 1 v 1 and even escaping. It did a lot of things to me when I was playing Tryndamere always so I reccomend this than Ghost. But if Ghost is really needed replace this with Ghost .

Your free Out-Of-Jail card and your Do-All-The-Things Card because it do a lot of things for Tryndamere, It helps Tryndamere in ganking,chasing, and escaping. I prefer this spell than Ghost because it is a better escape tool than Ghost because it can pass through wall.

A must get spell for all jungler. If you will play as Jungler Tryndamere, you need to get this spell. Every jungler needs smite. Also, if there is an Enemy Zac, you can use Smite to kill the parts of Zac that is trying to recconect together when he dies so happy jungling!!!!!!!

A good spell for all the champions specially pushers because it gives you the advantage in defending towers when you get this spell. Best spell when you will push a lane with many minions/creeps pushing and when your turret is getting destroyed by a pusher. No Time to lose, time to Teleport.

A spell also good for Tryndamere but I prefer Flash than this one. Yes, Ghost provide more movement speed but how about Flash? It can pass through walls that can trick enemies. If Ghost is really needed, pick Ghost. You choose, but in my opinion, I'll choose Flash than Ghost.

Meh Choices

Well... I don't really get this spell for Tryndamere because he has Undying Rage to fight that he don't even need to use heal. But, if the enemies are Singed or Teemo, better get this because even if you used Undying Rage, they can still poison you so you use Heal. If needed get Heal.

The enemies has tons of CC. Enemies like Amumu, Veigar, or even Alistar and you are their target in teamfight? You can't even fight in the enemies are spamming ther CCs are you. Better use cleanse or just buy Mercurial Scimitar.

I see many Tryndamere players getting barrier and they are always saved by it. I don't really get this spell, I tried it once and it saved me from Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole so I reccommend safe game players to get this spell for you to not get killed.

Spells not to get

Please man, Tryndamere don't have any mana, and he is even not a support! Please man. Don't ask me about here. Don't get it, Just don't

No.. Just dont... Get this... Spell. You are not a support. NOT A SUPPORT.

I won't waste a spell slot for this. I'll just wait 60 seconds than getting Revive. You're patient, right?

This build, I don't support it with Dominion, and I don't even play dominion, I don't even know how I will play Tryndamere there.

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Explaining why I get this Items

Lane Tryndamere Build

Item Sequence

The Bloodthirster

Infinity Edge

Phantom Dancer

Blade of the Ruined King

Guardian Angel

Berserker's Greaves
This is the main boots of all AD champions and the best boots to buy for Tryndamere. It gives attack speed and movement speed at only low price. If needed, replace this boots with Mercury's Treads if really needed.

The Bloodthirster
This is your main lifesteal and attack damage source because it gives 100 attack damage and 18% life steal at max stack, I still get this even if it's nerfed though.

Infinity Edge
The must get item for Tryndamere. No one must play Tryndamere without getting Infinity Edge because this item perfectly fits for Tryndamere. The best item of all, must get quickly before mid game or in mid game.

Phantom Dancer
The item that gives a lot of attack speed, and critical chance and also movement speed for Tryndamere. I always get this for Tryndamere because it helps him to hit more critical strikes. If needed, try replacing this with Statikk Shiv.

Blade of the Ruined King
This is the item i also get when I'm playing Tryndamere, it deals 5% of the enemies health making the tanks run like hell. When activated, the damage increases to 15% owning tanks and als o steals the movement speed of the target by 30% for 4 seconds. 1 Word : Useful.

Guardian Angel
After I finish my build, I always buy defensive items like Warmog's Armor or Sunfire Cape but I always get this. It revives Tryndamere after death so he can be 2x God. Pretty awesome right? If needed, replace this with Warmog's Armor or Sunfire Cape.

Jungle Tryndamere Build

(Note : I only put 2 items because the other items is the same as the items in Lane Tryndamere.)

Wriggle's Lantern
I always take this if I play jungle because it provide wards and can deal true damage to monster like Alpha Strike, But the reason I buy this is for the wards and more LIIFESTEAAAL.

Frozen Mallet
I have 3 words for this item, HEALTH AND SLOW. Yes, it provide a lot of health and slows the enemy when you are attacking them, may be only low damage but very useful for a survival item and also a slowing item.

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Boots Selection

Berserker's Greaves
The boots for all AD champions. It grants attack speed and movement speed helping you to farm easily and destroy turrets. Simply, this is the best boots for Tryndamere so I prefer getting this than any other boots.

Boots of Mobility
I jungle very much but I don't always buy this boots because it is only for gankers. But Tryndamere is a great ganker so he needs more movement speed, but with only Berserker's Greaves he has slow movement speed so you choose between this or Berserker's Greaves.

Mercury's Treads
A must get boots for those people who hates being stunned, slowed, snared always and Tryndamere is their target in teamfight so they spam all their CCs to him. To solve the problem, he needs tenacity so he can use Spinning Slash to safety then fight again after the CCs ends.

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Situational Items

Frozen Mallet
The same, helpful for Tryndamere, remember what I said? I always build even one defense Item for Tryndamere so here is it. One of my choices of defensive items, I always get this because of large health boost and also the slow too. If needed, replace with Warmog's Armor or Sunfire Cape.

Maw of Malmortius
This item is like the passive effect of Bloodlust because you gain damage per healt missing plus I always take this when there are enemy Karthus. Why? The shield activates when you took too much magic damage so you can be safely shield when Karthus used Requiem. Plus it gives magic resist, good for defending yourself from AP casters.

Ravenous Hydra
One of the damage and lifesteal item. It gives you 75 attack speed and also 12% lifesteal. Your attacks also deal 60% of your attack damage to nearby enemy making your attack splash. Specially when the enemies are always together. I sometimes replace this with The Bloodthirster because it has the same attack damage and lifesteal but The Bloodthirster is much better. Your choice.

The Black Cleaver
The item I choose if there are many tanks like Amumu or even Malphite. It reduces the enemy's armor making you to kill the tanks easily. I often replace this with The Bloodthirster.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
This has attack damage , armor penetration , attack speed , movement speed , and even cooldown reduction. It all helps Tryndamere in kicking ***es. I always get this but It's your choice to pick where to replace this with. Your choice.

Statikk Shiv
I see many Tryndamere players getting Statikk Shiv because it gives more movement speed than Phantom Dancer. But that's not the point. The point is that you gain charges while moving or attacking, at 100 charges, your attack expends up to 4 targets and this can even critically strike. Best farming and killing item for Tryndamere. If needed, replace with Phantom Dancer.

Last Whisper
Why I get this item, I got 2 reasons. 1: Attack Damage and 2: Armor penetration. It gives 40% armor penetration to kick the tank's ***es.

Mercurial Scimitar
Your Cleanse item but also has attack damage. If used, it removes all the debuffs to Tryndamere and you just Spinning Slash to safety. If the enemies has a lot of CCs. Get this, you need it.

Sunfire Cape
Another survival item for Tryndamere, Tryndamere is not really a tank but if you are the target in teamfight, why not get some health and armor, plus it deals 40 damage per seconds to enemy near you.

Warmog's Armor
A TONS OF HEALTH AND HEALTH REGENERATION. The reason why I get this survival item for Tryndamere, if Sunfire Cape is not just enough, replace Sunfire Cape with Warmog's Armor.

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Jungling Route

  • Yellow : Jungling Rout
  • Red : Monster to kill
  • Blue : Gank
  • Green : Recall

Guide Top


This is where you and your team should Sight Ward.

Yellow: Vital to protect the jungler on your team
Blue: For protection depending on which lane you're on
Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
Orange: In order to Counter-Jungle

(Map made by jhoijhoi thanks to her :D)

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Solo Top Match ups

May be annoying because she will just spam you with her Mark of the Assassin. Easy in levels 1 - 5 but when he reaches level 6 and got her Shadow Dance, you better watch out. He'll just do her combo to you and use Twilight Shroud to escape. Beware of ganks when your fighting solo top with her. Solve the problem by buying sight ward.

Alistar can be really a pain for Tryndamere, with his Pulverize and Headbutt combo, you're just gonna say ouch. Beware for ganks because he might just use Headbutt on you to send you flying to his jungler.

Easy. But stay away from him when his Despair is activated. It could really be a pain for Tryndamere. When he use Bandage Toss to you. Quickly use Spinning Slash to safety because you might expect a gank.

Caitlyn is very hard to fight, why? She has a very long range, and everytime you farm, he'll just hit you. Always ask for a gank so you can level up.

Freaking hard opponent, very hard opponent. He is so tanky and can finish you with Noxian Guillotine before you can even press "R" to active Undying Rage. When he tried to pull you with Apprehend, use Spinning Slash to safety because if he did the combo, you might just lose half of your health.

Dr. Mundo
His skills may is a pain for Tryndamere. Try avoiding his Infected Cleaver and stay away from him if his Burning Agony is activated.

Easy. Her invisibility won't work unless she is away from you. When she appears, use Mocking Shout to slow her down and crit him to hell. But don't overextend, you might just expect a gank.

TIME FOR A TRUE DISPLAY OF SKILL. When fighting Ezreal, I reccommend getting Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion as a starting item. Boots help in dodging Ezreal's Mystic Shot and Essence Flux. When you are at low health, just go in a place where Ezreal can't see so he can't use Trueshot Barrage to you.

Hard enemy. He will just use Terrify on you and Drain your health out. So stay away from him. When Fiddlesticks use Terrify, a jungler can be hiding in the bush, use Spinning Slash before the jungler hits you with a CC.

Hard enemy. He can just kill you easily at level 1. He will just heal easily by hitting creeps. Tough enemy though. Ask for a gank to your jungler to kill him.

Very hard. He will just use Seastone Trident and Urchin Strike to hit you and just use Playful / Trickster to jump out of safety. His combo can be a really pain in the *** so ask for a gank when you'll approach him.

Don't let him to last hit minions with Parrrley. Always remember, do not chase or overextend. Dont also use Mocking Shout unless he use his Remove Scurvy so he can't remove the slow. When recalling, watchout for his ultimate Cannon Barrage because it might just kill you.

If he's building AD, you're down, If he's building tank, you're down. He is a very hard opponent because his Judgment can deals tons of damage if you let him near you. If he will silence you, use Spinning Slash to safety. I reccommend buying Maw of Malmortius to counter his ultimate, Demacian Justice.

I only see Hecarim on solo top... ONCE. so I have only few tips, stay away from him if necessary.

Medium difficulty for Tryndamere, if you keep hitting her, she'll just retreat and heal herself with Hiten Style. She is also tanky making her a hard opponent for Tryndamere.

Jarvan IV
He'll demacia you to death. Try to avoid his Demacian Standard so he can't hit you with Dragon Strike. When he tried to use his ultimate, Cataclysm, retreat. There might be jungler hiding in the bush. I prefer getting boots as a starting item.

Easy. Even if he tried to poke you with Seismic Shard, you just lifesteal and you gain health. If he keeps spamming, keeps lifestealing until he ran out of mana. Don't overextend or chase him.

I only saw him in top, ONCE..... And he keeps snaring me with Twisted Advance then hit me with arcane smash followed by a Sapling Toss. Annoying guy, If he tried to snare you without reason, you must prepare for a gank because he is trying to snare you so the enemy jungler can kill you.

Master Yi
Easy, if he tries to last hit minions, hit him!! If he tries to use meditate ignite him and attack him very fast that he will die because of your crits.

HARD ONE..... HARD..... Mordekaiser can really be a pain for Tryndamere specially if he's spamming his skills to you. When he has a shield, do not attack him, He'll just spam his skills to you if you come closer giving him more shield. Beware of Children of the Grave because he might just control you if you die then he use you to fight. GG.

Medium difficulty, his Umbra Blades will heal him and will also splash. If he try to chase you, run if he's fed by your teammates, fight if he is not. But also watch out about ganks. Always use sight ward.

Hard. He will just do the stun-strike-shot. He'll stun you with Aegis of Zeonia then hit you with Heartseeker Strike dealing tons of damage then strike you with Spear Shot. He might just spam his Spear Shot to you that hurts a lot. Ask for a gank if needed.

FURY...FURY EVERYWHERE. Yes, he also uses fury and can be a real pain in the ***. Do not try to approach him,, Never, Not if your fed. He might just stun you and deal tons of damage with his Cull the Meek and Slice and Dice. Ask for a gank if needed.

Freakingly Hard. She has no mana and can deal tons of damage with her skills. All of her abilities scales in AD so it will be a hard time for Tryndamere. Don't let him stun you with Ki Burst or you're dead. Quickly ask for a gank.

Medium. Stay away from him if he activates Flamespitter and his ulti which can be a true..true.. true.. freakingly true pain for Tryndamere. If he casts The Equalizer in where you are running, quickly go away from the landing impact because it hurts so much that you can die easily with it.

Talon at solo top is rare. Since I always see him at mid. But tips is that if he uses cutthroat to you, you have 2 choices. Fight or just run.

Difficulty is not sure. WAAAAHHH! Mirror lane. You could have a bad time if the enemy Tryndamere is a good player. If his stats and items are better than yours, do not fight him directly, if yours are better than him. Get ready to fiiight.!

Medium difficulty. He is like a tank who can deals tons of damage like Garen. But, do not overextend when laning with him, he might just use Rolling Thunder to throw you to his jungler or his turret. Always bring Ignite when you'll fight him so the regeneration of his passive, Chosen of the Storm is reduced by 50%.

Son Goku. Hard lane for you. He might just try to deal damage without getting hit by you. He'll try to hit you with Nimbus Strike and followed by Crushing Blow then use Decoy to escape easily. Always be beware of Cyclone because it might ruin your fight with him. Do not fight him face to face when his Cyclone is activated.

Xin Zhao
Hard. The same as other tanky AD champs like Garen and Jarvan IV. He can be a real pain in the *** for Tryndamere. If he tries to heal with Battle Cry attack him and retreat. He might just use Audacious Charge to you and kill you with Three Talon Strike.

Easy. But don't let him hit you with his omens. If he die while his Omen of Death is activated to him, don't fight the revived one. Just RUUUN. You'll just waste health and he can even kill you.

Hard. Hard. His shadows and him can really annoy you. If you saw him drop a shadow, stay away. Ask for a gank to kill him.

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Gameplay Results

I only played once this day because I have many works to do so here is one of my game.

Still playing to get results.

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Last Words / Summary

Thank you for reading my guide. Hope you like it. Please, don't downvote it without a reason, if you'll gonna downvote it, tell me why. And if you liked it, upvote it. Thanks guys for reading again :D

Dreadknight Tryndamere (Fanart only) wish they had oooone. Thanks for reading!!

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Thanks to

jhoijhoi : Her guide helped me to make a guide so thankss.

Meiyjhe : For teaching me and reviewing my guide.

Missmaw : For my sig (Not really in the guide)

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04/27/13 : Guide made and published.

04/28/13 : Added Jungling Route, and finished the Top Lane Match ups. The guide is finished :D

04/29/13 : Made changes because of Bananaman's review. Changed masteries.

06/18/13 : Made some changes for 3.8 ( Aatrox) patch. Will Add him soon in top lane opponents. Change spells section.