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Akali Build Guide by Famoose

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Famoose

[S3] Through Twilight's Veil - Mid Lane Guide

Famoose Last updated on February 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Before we start...

Hi guys, I just want to say something before we start. This is a guide not a build. I doubt you would be able to do well just with the build without reading the guide itself so please do not downvote the guide if the build did not work out for you just because you did not read the guide. And take note that this is My Build and it may not work out for you.

Please also take note that I will be updating this guide.

Without furthur ado, I present to you, Through Twilight's Veil - Mid Lane Guide

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Hi guys, my name is Famoose and Welcome to my Akali guide. Let me tell who Akali is and how to use her in this guide.

Akali is a AP Assassin who focuses on killing squishy targets in a Blink of an Eye. Like all Champions in League of Legends, she has her Pros and Cons. In this guide you will learn how to use Akali, why Akali is FUN and how I Build her.

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Akali's Story...

There exists an ancient order originating in the Ionian Isles dedicated to the preservation of balance. Order, chaos, light, darkness -- all things must exist in perfect harmony for such is the way of the universe. This order is known as the Kinkou and it employs a triumvirate of shadow warriors to uphold its causes in the world. Akali is one of these shadow warriors, entrusted with the sacred duty of Pruning the Tree - eliminating those who threaten the equilibrium of Valoran.

A prodigal martial artist, Akali began training with her mother as soon as she could make a fist. Her mother's discipline was relentless and unforgiving, but predicated on the fundamental principle: ''We do that which must be done.'' When the Kinkou inducted her into the order at the age of fourteen, she could slice a dangling chain with a chop of her hand. There was no question - she would succeed her mother as the Fist of Shadow. She has had to do much in this role which others might find morally questionable, but to her it is in service of her mother's inviolable doctrine. She now works with her fellows Shen and Kennen to enforce the balance of Valoran. This hallowed pursuit has unsurprisingly led the triumvirate to the Fields of Justice.

''The Fist of Shadow strikes from the cover of death itself. Do not impede the balance.''

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Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons


+ // Extremely high burst
+ // Awesome gap closer
+ // Can escape Ganks easiliy using Twilight Shroud
+ // Built-in Spell Vamp with Twin Disciplines
+ // Energy User


- // Rather Squishy
- // No CC other than Slow with Twilight Shroud
- // Not much she can do Pre-Level 6
- // Focused Easily
- // Oracles Kill Her :/

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Runes and Masteries


For Masteries I take 21/9/0 on Akali. As Akali is an Assassin, we need more on the offense tree and some Defence in the Defensive Tree.

Offensive Masteries
  • Summoner's Wrath : The Extra 5 Bonus AP from using Ignite is GREAT on Akali as the bonus AP would help increase the damage you can do to your targets.
  • Sorcery: The Cooldown Reduction is great especially when you are an assassin like Akali. 4 points in this would grant 4% Cooldown Reduction which is good.
  • Blast : An AP per level Mastery which is great on all AP Champions. With 4 points in this, you will have 18 AP at level 18.
  • Havoc : This increases Damage Dealt by 2% with 3 points in it. It may seem little, but because you deal tons of damage with Akali, this damage amplifier would help severely.
  • Arcane Knowledge : 8% Magic Penetration would help severely. It will help amplify your damage dealt to your target.
  • Brute Force : 2 Points in this grants 2 Attack Damage. This Attack Damage is only meant for granting bonus AD to help proc Akali's Passive Twin Disciplines.
  • Spellsword : This helps deal 5% of your total AP in Bonus Magic Damage. Wait... What? It is kind of like your passive's Discipline of Force. This in conjunction with your Twin Disciplines, you will be dealing a lot of damage with your basic attacks.
  • Archmage : With 4 points in this, it increases your Ability Power by 5%. This is great and increases your AP and thus increasing your damage.
  • Executioner : Increases your Damage by 5% to Targets below 50% Health. This would help in killing off Injured Targets. Great Mastery and a must have for Akali.

Defensive Masteries

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

I use Ignite as it does True Damage over time when activated on a target which is great for "finishing off" enemies or just to deal additional damage. After using Ignite, the bonus 5 AP it gives you is also helpful in a way as well. A great spell for Akali.
Flash is really good on All Champions as it allows you to teleport yourself to a location in a Flash, thus it's name. You can use Flash as an Escape Tool or an Offensive Spell. You can use Flash to get over walls in case your Twilight Shroud is not of Cooldown. Overall, another great spell for Akali
Exhaust is great too but I would really take Ignite over this. Since you have Shadow Dance as a gap closer, Exhaust isn't really needed to chase down enemies. However, it does help in the situations where you have no Essence of Shadow charged for your Shadow Dance which should not be the case.

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Skills Explanation

Twin Disciplines

  • Upon obtaining 20 ability power, Akali's hits deal 8% bonus magic damage, increasing by 1% for every 6 ability power gained thereafter. (Magic damage doesn't affect towers, but it affects other structures.)
  • Upon obtaining 10 attack damage, Akali gains 8% Spell Vamp, increasing by an additional 1% for every 6 attack damage gained thereafter.

This is Akali's Passive and it is really strong. It is a built in Spell Vamp and Bonus Magic Damage. And what's more, it can be triggered using your runes and masteries which I had explained in the runes and masteries section.
Mark of the Assassin
  • Akali spins her kama at a target enemy to deal 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 / 145 (+40% of ability power) magic damage and mark the target for 6 seconds. Akali's melee attacks against a marked target will consume the mark to cause 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 / 145 (+40% of ability power) magic damage and restore 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 energy.

This is Akali's ONE AND ONLY ranged ability and it should be used for farming or harassing. Akali throws her kama and marks the target enemy. When your target has a mark you can trigger it to deal even more damage which would help a lot in farming. You would want to max it first
Twilight Shroud
  • Akali throws down a cover of smoke that lasts for 8 seconds. While inside the area, Akali gains 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 armor and magic resist and becomes stealthed. Attacking or using abilities will briefly reveal her for 0.5 seconds.
  • Enemies inside the smoke have their movement speed reduced by 14 / 18 / 22 / 26 / 30 %.
This Ability is so GOOD! Ever wanted to get caught in a 1 v 5 and still escape? ( Well sometimes ) Well with this skill, you can escape ganks easily. It Stealths you up and no one can target you. With all these benefits however, you should max it last.
Crescent Slash
  • Akali flourishes her kamas, hitting nearby units for 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 physical damage (+30% of ability power) + 60% Attack Damage and activating Mark of the Assassin's secondary damage.

This is Akali's Melee Ability. It does a lot of damage and scales on AP and AD. It also triggers the mark of the Mark of the Assassin. It's a really good skill and it is also good for farming and clearing minion waves. I max it Second at Level 13.
Shadow Dance
  • Akali moves through the shadows to quickly deal 100 / 175 / 250 (+50% of ability power) magic damage to the target and appear next to it.
  • Akali gains an Essence of Shadow once every 25 / 20 / 15 up to a total of 3, affected by cooldown reduction. The time to gain a charge doesn't count when at maximum charges. Additionally, Akali gains an Essence of Shadow for a kill or an assist.

This is your Ultimate. It allows you to dash to your opponent and deal Magic Damage. And what's more, you can do this 3 times at Max depending on how many Essence of Shadow you have. You can get Essence of Shadow by assisting in killing or killing an enemy. Or you could just wait 25/20/15 seconds for an Essence of Shadow Charge. Use this as a gap closer or even an escape tool. You should level this skill up whenever possible, at Level 6,11 and 16

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

  • Mark of the Assassin is the only ranged ability Akali has. She should use it to farm and harrass and it does a lot of Damage, thus it should be maxed first by Level 9.
  • Twilight Shroud is Akali''s Escape and Zoning ability. It Stealths her up and slows people who pass through the shroud. I take this as a utility tool and max it last at Level 18.
  • Crescent Slash is Akali's Offensive Melee Ability. It scales well with both AP and AD which makes it so good. However, Crescent Slash should be maxed second as Mark of the Assassin is more important.
  • Shadow Dance is Akali's Ultimate. Akali is able to dash to her opponent and deal Magic Damage. This is a awesome gap closer and should be leveled up whenever possible at Level 6,11 and 16.

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Skill Combos


I think you guys would want to know Akali's Combo and to be Honest, it is kinda straight forward.

Basic Combo
  • Let us break this combo down into parts. So what you want to do is this: Throw a Mark of the Assassin at your target and Mark him. Now you would want to Trigger the Mark, thus you would want to get up close to your target. Which is why you Shadow Dance to your target. Next, you want to allow yourself to Auto Attack your target, not only Triggering the mark, but also using your Twin Disciplines's Discipline of Force for the bonus magic damage. Now you cannot do anything other than Crescent Slash your target. You might want to Ignite your target to help deal more damage.
  • You would want to use this combo almost all the time except during your Laning Phase.

Laning Combo (Pre-Level 6)
  • You should use this combo for zoning purposes and not for attempting to kill your enemy unless your Jungler ganks. Open up with Twilight Shroud for defensive purposes in case he retaliates to you moving towards him. Then if he were to stay in range of your Melee range, toss a Mark of the Assassin on him and Auto Attack him. Quickly Retreat after doing so. If your Jungler ganks, then you obviously don't retreat but actually throw in a Crescent Slash ( If you are Level 4 )
  • You can also use to Combo to retaliate to your opponent's attacks. By tossing down Twilight Shroud, you are preventing him from attacking you, unless he has skill shots of course. Try to stay at the edges of the shroud as many people would expect you to be somewhere in the middle of the shroud.

Laning Combo (Post-Level 6)

Tower Diving Combo
  • Use this combo if you know you can kill your target with this short burst. You wouldn't want to tower dive a target with half health. You want to tower dive a fairly weak and injured target. Since you are going to Tower Dive, you would need the element of surprise. Since you are usually going to use the Mark of the Assassin first, your opponent would expect you to do it first. However, you are going to suddenly dash to him using Shadow Dance. Most people would be in shock as they didn't expect this coming and they would panic. Now throw a Mark of the Assassin at him and immediately Crescent Slash him. If he still doesn't die then either Ignite him or immediately back off. Never Tower Dive Pre-Level 6

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Starting Items


  • Boots of Speed for the additional movement speed for dodging those ap mid champions skillshots.
  • Health Potions for sustain and to help you stay in lane longer.

Core Items

  • 20% Magic Penetration, what can I say? It will severely help you especially when your enemies start building some magic resist.

  • This is my favorite item on Akali. Suits her play style and what's more, gives AD for oncreasing her passive's spell vamp and AP for increasing her passive's bonus magic damage and also increasing the damage dealt by her anilities. Hextech Gunblade gives us some spell vamp too. Allowing us to have maximum amount of spell vamp with her Twin Disciplines. It's Active deals magic damage to target as well! What a great item and a must have for Akali.

  • Most amount of AP you can ever get on an item. It gives you 120 Ability Power and it increases your Total Ability Power by 25% passively. This will allow you to have loads of ability power. The AP will help significantly increase your damage done by your abilities. Your burst will be much more painful and people will start fearing you.

  • I guess this is actually really important for Akali. It's like it's made for her. Like seriously. It gives us some AP, MANA!!??!?, movement speed. And most importantly, it's passive: Spellblade. After casting an ability, you next basic attack will deal 50+75% of your AP as bonus magic damage. Wait, what!? Well if you do remember your Basic Combo? You will AA to proc your passive's bonus magic damage as well as the Mark of the Assassin. Well this just adds on to your damage and it scales with your Ability Power, giving you even more burst! Hey, you may feel that the mana component of Lich Bane is a waste but, hey, you will be dealing tons of damage.

Additional Items

  • This item can replace Guardian Angel
  • This Item is Great! Gives you Health so you won't die too often and AP to increase your damage. It also has a Icy Effect: This means you will slow your target with your abilities. This allows you to chase them down with ease. Also, since you are going to have an additional 500 health, you won't be focused much. Good Item overall.

  • This Item can be replaced by Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
  • Magic Resist and Armor. This will make you more Resistant to damage. What's more, you will be revived after 2 seconds after you die with 750 hp, allowing you to continue in fights even longer. There is a cooldown of 5 minutes however. Since there will be a glowing thing around you when you have your Guardian Angel up, you won't be focused much as people won't want to waste their time trying to kill you, waiting for you to revive and kill you again. They would rather kill other people. This will allow you to create an opportunity to kill as many people as possible especially the AD Carry. A good item for Akali.

Final Items

  • 70 Ability Power and 35% Magic Penetration. What more can you ask for? It will help you deal tons of damage even to people who build magic resist. Not so tanky now huh tanks?

  • Extra Movement Speed throughout is good. Suits any assassin playstyle.

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  • You will start off with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions and head to the mid lane.
  • Before reaching level 6, you will be focused on farming, and harassing your opponent with your Mark of the Assassin every time he comes to get last hits. Don't be aggressive as you want to beat your opponent in farm, always.
  • After maybe your first kill or when you are low / you have pushed your lane, it's time to head back and get a couple of neat items. You should have about 1300 gold (~ 60 minions). Pick up a Hextech Revolver, Health Potions and a Sight Ward. Now head back to lane and plant a sight ward where you think the Jungler will gank from.
  • Continue farming and be aggressive on your opponent since you are level 6+. When you see your opponent pushing either bot or top lane, go ahead and push your lane and help them out. Ganking as Akali is really strong and I assure you a kill if everything goes right.
  • Next, when you head back, you want to purchase these: Sorcerer's Shoes and a Vampiric Scepter or a Pickaxe. Once again, heading back to lane and try to kill your lane opponent.

Team Fights

  • In team fights, positioning is key when playing Akali. You will be going in the last. Focusing on killing the AD Carry. When in Team Fights, when your are getting focused, put a Twilight Shroud and wait until they go and focus someone else, then you strike. Always use your basic combo.
  • Always take down people in the following order: AD Carry, AP Carry, Support, Offtank, Tank.

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Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tips

  • Try to pick fights near the lanes where there are enemy minions. This is because if anything goes wrong, you can run to the lane and escape by using Shadow Dance on to the minions to increase the gap between you and your enemy.
  • Use Twilight Shroud at places where there are many escape routes. One place is at the bush at the Ancient Golem . Place a Twilight Shroud at the outer part of the bush furthest from the Ancient Golem . There you will have 4 possible escape routes.

  • Use Crescent Slash when you are close to a pack of minions for Maximum Spell Vamp.
  • Try not to use Twilight Shroud when using your combos as a lot of precious energy will be wasted.
  • Since you are Akali and you will be flying all over the place, I suggest you hold down space when you use your ultimate so that your can locate yourself especially in Team Fights where there is a lot of Chaos.

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Match-Ups (A-K)

In this section, I would give some tips against other mid lane champions. The list is in Alphabetical Order.


  • Dodge her Orb of Deception as much as possible, it does TRUE DAMAGE on its way back so beware of it.
  • Her Charm is her CC and it is really powerful. She would engage a fight with Charm and if it hits you, you are going to suffer. However, it does hit minions so at all times, stand behind your minions to avoid getting Charmed by her.
  • Her Foxfire Prioritizes Champions but it can it Minions.
  • Spirit Rush is her Ultimate which allows her to dash 3 times towards her cursor. It is like your Ultimate but she can use it to escape.
  • She is mana hungry if she spams her skills.
  • She is ranged and you may get harassed easily and you will be denied farm. Try to zone her out using your Twilight Shroud
  • Upon reaching Level 6 with at least 2 Charges of your ultimate, you can kill her. Do your Laning Combo and kill her if possible. If you get charmed within this process, immediately throw your shroud down after Charm's CC wears off.
  • Never Tower Dive Ahri.


  • Anivia's Auto Attack animations are really slow, and thus her farming ability is really bad.
  • She is really Mana Hungry
  • Flash Frost can stun you and it does a lot of damage. However, the projectile on Flash Frost is REALLY SLOW. It can be easily dodged. It too has a long Cooldown.
  • Crystallize is a wall and if prevents any unit from going through it, even herself. This wall is really irritating as it can save her life lots of time. However, it is possible to use your Shadow Dance through it to get to her. Ha, you mad Anivia players who thought you could escape Akali??
  • Frostbite is really strong as well. In conjunction with her Ultimate, Glacial Storm, it will do double damage.
  • Glacial Storm is really powerful and is easily spammy able due to its short Cooldown. However, it cost tons of mana. It costs mana per second to cast this spell and you will soon see Anivia out of mana if she spams this. Try to stay out of her ultimate as much as possible. When she has no mana, immediately go for her with your Laning Combo/ Basic Combo. Tower Dive her if necessary.
  • Anivia with Blue Buff is deadly as her Glacial Storm can never end!


  • She counters you very easily and can kill you before she even has her ultimate, Summon: Tibbers.
  • When you see that she has a white ball thing around her, immediately back off. When you see that, her next offensive ability would also cause a stun.
  • She is ranged and you will be denied farm. This required zoning with Twilight Shroud
  • Her Disintegrate is really strong and what's more, it's ranged. However, retaliate back with Mark of the Assassin.
  • Incinerate is an AoE spell and will hit you if you are in your Twilight Shroud. She will aim Incinerate at the center of the shroud, thus, standing at the edges would give you a higher chance if dodging it.
  • Molten Shield is like a Thornmail but it does a fixed amount of damage. Hitting her with basic attacks would allow her Molten Shield to do damage in return. This severely counters your Mark of the Assassin since you are going to be triggering it with basic attacks.
  • Summon: Tibbers is her Ultimate and upon casting it, it does AoE Damage. Beware of this in conjunction with her stun, Pyromania as it will kill you if she goes crazy on you.



  • Her Zoning Power is pretty strong with her Noxious Blast and Miasma, and she is ranged, it will deny you farm, a lot.
  • Her Twin Fang is deadly, it's Cooldown is reduced if she hits you with it while you are poisoned, allowing her to spam it at a mana cost.
  • When she has her Ultimate, Petrifying Gaze, as soon as she engages on you, immediately face the other direction and not face her. If you do face her, you will turn into stone and become stunned and you will soon see yourself crumbling into rocks. If you face the other direction, her Petrifying Gaze will only slow you. When this slow takes effect, TURN ON HER with your basic combo. She will soon have to back off as you deal much more damage to her than she does to you.
  • Avoid her poisonous abilities as much as possible


  • You have finally met your match. Diana is similarly like you and she is deadly. You and her share somewhat similar skills except that she has something to counter you: Moonfall.
  • Moonfall can bring you out of your Twilight Shroud to Diana herself and then she can use Pale Cascade to damage you while you are brought close to her.
  • She does have a weakness though, she does not have any escape tools. Which means if she were to over extend, immediately call your Jungler to gank the mid lane.
  • Do not engage on her, let her engage on you. She would engage using her Crescent Strike to land some moonlight on you. Moonlight is like your Mark of the Assassin's Mark, but instead of doing damage, it RESETS the Cooldown on Lunar Rush which is her ultimate, meaning she can use it again if you flash to try to escape. Since she is going to be able to fly to you again even if you flash, why bother flashing anyway. Fight her back.
  • Dodge Crescent Strike as much as possible.
  • Her combo is : Crescent Strike> Lunar Rush> Moonfall> Pale Cascade> Crescent Strike> Lunar Rush> Lunar Rush
  • The combo above is nearly unescapable. BUT WAIT, You are even more unescapable.>:D
  • Remember that as long as you dodge Crescent Strike, she cannot land her combo properly and dish out much damage at all.
  • I am not sure if Moonlight Reveals Stealthed Champions, but if it does, she counters your Twilight Shroud so do not bother even using it.


  • Hey it's Fizz and he has tricks up his sleeves, but wait, you are gonna have yours as well.
  • Urchin Strike is what Fizz uses to get close to you, or even juke the hell out of you. It moves a SET DISTANCE so he will dash a certain distance every time. Use this t your advantage.
  • When he comes to Urchin Strike, use your [[Mark of the Assassin] and immediately auto attack him when he stops moving. He will lose out more to you. But hey what's more, he is now in a bad position. Minions are attacking him. But due to his passive, he receives lesser damage from basic attacks. Well that kinda sucks.
  • Seastone Trident passively grants Fizz an " Ignite" to every target he autoattacks. Not does it apply Grievous Wounds while Active, his basic attacks deal bonus MAGIC DAMAGE for a short duration. For him to do this, he needs to use Auto Attacks. Once again, use this to your advantage.
  • When you see his Trident glow, he has activated Seastone Trident. Immediately use your Twilight Shroud. This will not allow him to Autoattack you and you can laugh at how he just wasted his Mana!
  • Fizz would use Urchin Strike to actually TRY to use Seastone Trident on you. Well, YOU MAD Fizz players who tried to poke Akali but couldn't because you can't target her??
  • Playful / Trickster is why Fizz players play him. He becomes in targetable for a short duration and after the duration, he does AoE damage around him. This ability is g*y as ****. But what can you do? He can use this skill Offensively or Defensively. He can even use it to get over walls! Since Fizz players rely on this skill to escape you, whenever you see him use it and after he slams the ground, Use your Basic Combo on him. The Cooldown on Playful / Trickster is so long.
  • Chum the Waters is Fizz's Ultimate. It is a skillshot and is thus dodgable. Dodge this as much as possible. If you do get hit, prepare for the worst and immediately throw a shroud down before he does anything else. When you get hit, a Fish can be seen floating around you, you will be slowed and after a short duration, boom a Shark comes out of the ground and knocks you up. Chum the Waters CANNOT HIT MINIONS so standing behind minions is a waste of time. It's range is also pretty long but the projectile is slow.


  • Gragas is a fairly easy opponent to deal with as he requires a whole lot of skill to play him.
  • Barrel Roll is his main poke ability and it does a lot of damage and applies an attack speed debug on you for a short duration. Dodge this as much as possible. Gragas can activate the ability again to detonate the barrel early. Because it does AoE damage, your Twilight Shroud is countered heavily by this. Which is why you will not use it during trades with Gragas.
  • Drunken Rage is what Gragas uses to restore mana and apply a buff which gives him AD for a short duration. You will know when he uses this when you see Gragas drinking from his barrel. At this point of time, he is standing still and if you are confident, immediately go for him with your basic combo.
  • Body Slam is Gragas' dash, to either use it offensively or defensively. He can use it to go through walls or use it in conjunction with his Barrel Roll to do his burst.
  • When you see him use Body Slam, you know it's on Cooldown and his escape tool is gone, go for him if you want to. Because he really cannot escape you.
  • Explosive Cask is his Ultimate which counters your Twilight Shroud like b*tch. It is an AoE spell and knocks everyone away from the explosion. With careful placement, Gragas can use this to initiate his burst on you and render your shroud useless.
  • Gragas' combo is : Barrel Roll> Body Slam> Explosive Cask
  • When he uses his Barrel Roll, dodge it and toss a Mark of the Assassin at him. Remember, if he hits you, he is gonna Body Slam into you. In which you cannot do anything to stop it. However, with this, he will be right in your face to allow you to proc your Mark of the Assassin and then immediately Crescent Slash him.
  • If he uses his Explosive Cask and he brings you to him. GO FOR HIM AND KILL HIM.


  • Karthus is basically, free food for Akali.
  • Dodge his Lay Waste, especially when you are alone as it does more damage if it explodes to only hit 1 Target. You know where the Lay Waste is placed by looking at the Red Ball on the Ground. Lay Waste is spammable with a Cooldown of only 1 SECOND.
  • His Wall of Pain is his slow which is a purple wall. Enemies who walk through it have their Magic Resist Reduced for a short duration and are slowed. Avoid walking through this.
  • Defile is another AoE spell which Karthus can use to farm/ Deal DoT to you. You might want to stay out of this until you are Level 6 where you will go for him no matter what.
  • Requiem is Karthus' Ultimate and it is Famous. He can get Kill Secures easily with this and you cannot dodge it with Akali. Neither can you stop it. However, when he channels this, IT IS FREE KILL FOR YOU RIGHT THERE. Basic Combo him and kill him. Since its a channeled spell, he can't move or escape you. Boom, if you see him channeling this, kill him.
  • His Passive, Death Defied allows him to stay "Alive" for a short period of time after dying, once again allowing him to secure kills even if you kill him. If you do kill him, back off immediately to not take too much damage while he is dead.
  • Karthus is mana Hungry if he spams too much.
  • You can Tower Dive him anytime, as long as you know he will die.


  • Kassadin should not be of much problem until Level 6.
  • His Null Sphere is one heck of a b*tch. It silences you and does a lot of damage. And guess what? It's Ranged. You can try your best to not be in range of it, but you will be denied farm. Because its his main Damage Ability, he is going to max it first. So it's gonna hurt. One way to counter this is to actually throw your Mark of the Assassin before he uses his Null Sphere. After that, you are silenced and cannot do anything to proc the Mark of the Assassin.
  • Null Sphere does stop your Basic Combo, but not your Laning Combo.
  • Nether Blade causes Kassadin's Basic Attacks to deal additional bonus Magic Damage. In conjunction with his passive, Void Stone he can deal tons of damage to you. His Void Stone Grants him reduced Magic Damage and turns that into bonus attack speed. Meaning that he can deal a lot of damage from his Nether Blade. When you see him use this( his blade glows Purple ), throw a Twilight Shroud to prevent him from auto attacking you.
  • Force Pulse is Kassadin AoE and a slow. It deals a lot of damage but requires charges. He will obtain charges depending on the number of spells castes around him, meaning you will charge it up when you use your skills on him or when he uses his own skills. Once he reaches 6 charges, Force Pulse will be ready and a black thing will be seen swirling around Kassadin. He can use this to counter your Twilight Shroud.
  • Riftwalk is Kassadin's Ultimate and it is g*y to the core. Kassadin teleports to a location and deals AoE damage. It has a Cooldown of 7/6/5 seconds. You can not escape Kassadin as long has he has mana. And he can use this as a "free Flash". He can escape you, as long as you don't have wards! And so, if you are running away from Kassadin, don't waste Flash... Ever.
  • His combo would be : Riftwalk> Force Pulse> Null Sphere> Nether Blade
  • When he engages with Riftwalk, do your Basic Combo on him. If you are silenced, back off.
  • DON'T TOWER DIVE Kassadin!!!


  • Katarina is one I also find your match and she is really strong. She can kill you, but you can kill her. It depends on who is the better player.
  • Voracity is her passive and I find it's really Overpowered, especially in Team Fights. Ever Kill or Assist she gets, her cooldowns on her basic abilities are REFRESHED and her Ultimate's Cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds. Meaning, as long as someone does during a team fight, she will be able to use her combo again, allowing her to secure Double, Triple, Quadra and Pentakills pretty easily.
  • Bouncing Blades is Katarina's Q and it is her ranged poke ability. She throws out a blade that bounces from one target to another. With each subsequent bounce, the blade does 10% lesser damage. It bounces up to 5 times and leaves a Mark on the targets hit which she can trigger using a basic attack or Sinister Steel. This is like your Mark of the Assassin, but it is able to hit up to 5 Targets and all 5 of the targets will get marked. Well ****, it's like an upgraded version of your Mark of the Assassin! However, the Mark will deal significantly lesser damage than that of your Mark of the Assassin. When she uses this on your minions , STAY AWAY FROM THE MINIONS SO THAT YOU WILL NOT BE HIT. If it does hit you, stay away from her range to prevent yourself from taking additional damage from the mark. If she uses it on you, toss a Mark of the Assassin at her. Her damage will beat you, but at least you healed back some from the Spell Vamp
  • Sinister Steel is her W and its like your Crescent Slash. She throws daggers around her to deal AoE damage around her. Like Crescent Slash, it triggers the Mark made by Bouncing Blades. It's her main Damage Ability and she will max it first.(Most Likely... She can max her Bouncing Blades first) She can use this to Farm or to trigger the Bouncing Blades. When you see her walking up to your minions with the Mark of the Bouncing Blades on them, she will most likely use Sinister Steel to proc all the Marks. Though this is not recommended for her to do since she will be pushing the lane, it may help her farm better.
  • Shunpo is Katarina's Gap Closing Ability. She Teleports behind her target, dealing Magic Damage and she takes 15% reduced damage for 3 Seconds. She can use this on Alied Targets as well. She can use this offensively and defensively. This is what makes and breaks a good Katarina Player. She would use this to get close to you to trigger the mark from Bouncinf Blades.
  • Death Lotus is her Ultimate and IT IS DEADLY. She spins around throwing daggers for 2 seconds, throwing a maximum of 30 daggers and only targeting Enemy Champions. She can only throw up to 10 daggers to each enemy champion. She can hit up to only 3 champions at a time. She only can use it when an enemy is close by. And if has a really short Cooldown. This Ability is why her Team Fights are so good. She is able to melt people down pretty easily. Her Uktimate can b stopped with a knock-up, silence or stun. You have neither of these abilities, but I'm sure you are able to kill her before she kills you with her combo.
  • Her combo would be : Bouncing Blades> Shunpo> Sinister Steel>( Death Lotus)
  • When she uses her combo, do your basic combo. When she channels Death Lotus, use your Twilight Shroud. After she is done channeling, basic combo her again to kill her. Ignite would be good as well.


  • Kennen is a dude from the Kinkou like you! And he uses Energy as well. He utilizes his passive for stun and he is known for his Slicing Maelstrom which he activate and use Zhonya's Hourglass to not only not take damage, but to AoE stun your whole team.
  • Kennen's passive is Mark of the Storm. For every ability he uses and hits a target, a Mark of the Storm will be applied. Upon reaching 3 stacks on the same target, the target is stunned and Kennen restores energy. Good Kennen players will utilize this passive to stop you from doing damage to him, and in return do damage to you. When you see 3 balls around you, you are marked. But if 2 balls are glowing, he has 2 stacks on you and you should really back off to not get stunned by his next ability.
  • Thundering Shuriken is Kennen'a main Poke/Harass ability and it does a heck of damage. It is a skillshot so it is dodgable, but it has a really short Cooldown. Kennen will utilize this to help get Mark of the Storm off of you. So dodge this at all cost. It does not pass through targets so hide behind your minions. When you see him trying to get in position to fire it at you, throw a Mark of the Assassin on to him. Because his Thundering Shuriken is a skillshot, it will be possible that he will miss it.
  • Electrical Surge is Kennen's most reliable ability and it can locate you in your shroud as long as he has a Mark of the Storm on you. He can use this ability when a target is marked. If he uses this, a lightning will come from Kennen to you and he will clearly know where you are in your Twilight Shroud. It will also apply a Mark of the Stormon you. Passively, this ability grants Kennen's every 5th basic attack to deal additional magic damage and apply Mark of the Storm. When you see his Shuriken turn to a different color, it means he has this passive up. Stay away from this.
  • Lighting Rush is Kennen's escape / offensive tool. He becomes a ball of lightning and if he passes through you, he will deal damage and apply a Mark of the Storm on you. When he uses this, RUN AWAY FROM HIM!.
  • Slicing Maelstrom is Kennen's Ultimate. A ring if lightning appears around Kennen and it will deal damage only to Champions. It will deal damage over time and apply stacks of Mark of the Storm per each hit. At level 3, Slicing Maelstrom is able to stun up to 5 people. That's right, your whole team. Not only that, he is able to use Zhonya's Hourglass when his ultimate is active, making him in untargetable! This is why Kennen is great in team fights. It does quite abut of damage. When he uses this, immediately run. Yes, run. Don't fight him. Once he stuns you, you are screwed. Once it runs out, go for him!
  • Kennen's combo would be: Thundering Shuriken> Lightning Rush> Electrical Surge> Slicing Maelstrom
  • Go for Kennen if he has no Slicing Maelstrom or when he misses his Thundering Shuriken.
  • Do not tower dive Kennen.

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Match-Ups (L-Z)


  • This fight is a tough one, it really comes down to luck and a bit of smart play here.
  • LeBlanc is a really bursty Champion, like seriously, she can take people down faster than you can. She says " For my next trick, I'll make your health bar disappear". It is true. She can burst down squishys in a blink of an eye and they won't know what happened.
  • Sigil of Silence is LeBlanc's main damage ability. It shoots out an orb and marks the target. It's like your Mark of the Assassin as well. The mark will be triggered if any of LeBlanc's Abilities and if the mark is triggered, her target will be silenced and the mark will deal additional magic damage.
  • Distortion is a "free" damn flash and back. She teleports to a location and deals magic damage. She can reactivate this ability to teleport herself back to her original location. This makes her a fricking good tower diver. Like seriously, she can jump in, kill someone and jump out.
    I have no idea how you are going to counter this. I think if she were to jump at you, just use Mark of the Assassin on her and proc it before she jumps back.
  • Ethereal Chains is a skillshot and if it were to hit a target, the target gets chained on to and will take magic damage and get slowed. If the target is chained throughout the duration of this spell, the target gets snared and takes further magic damage. This is what counters your Twilight Shroud in a way. But chances are, the Chain will not hit you as it does hit Minions.
    When she chains you, use a Mark of the Assassin on her and she will probably root you, and get close to attack you. Use this to proc the Mark of the Assassin.
  • Mimic is LeBlanc'a Ultimate. It Mimics the spell LeBlanc has previously used and it does increased damage. Meaning she can use any of her skills twice. Meaning that she can use 2 Sigil of Silence for an extremely long silence. Or a double Distortion for escape purposes! The Mimiced spell will be in purple.
  • LeBlanc has a lot of combos. But a common one is : Sigil of Silence> Mimic> Distortion> Ethereal Chains
  • Remember, when she tosses a Sigil of Silence at you, you throw a Mark of the Assassin back. And I think that you should engage on her. If she engages in you, you really can't retaliate well to it. Neither can she retaliate to your combo. Always use a Laning Combo/Basic Combo on her.
  • Don't tower dive her as she does have a silence.


  • Lux is a fairly easy opponent to lane against. Dodge her Skillshots and you can definitely beat her.
  • Illumination is her passive and it is not that bad. Every enemy hit by her spells will be marked with Illumination. Lux next basic attack against this target will proc the mark and deal additional bonus damage. If you do ever get hit by her spells, please try your best to not get auto attacked by Lux. You can counter this by placing a Twilight Shroud to prevent her from auto attacking you.
  • Light Binding is a skill shot snare. If it hits you, you will be snared and Lux will be granted a chance to proc her passive. It travels really slow and you should be able to dodge it. However bear in mind that it can hit up to 2 targets, the one in front and the one in the back, but the one who gets hit by the second snare will receive only 50% of the effect. Thus standing directly behind minions will also get you snared. When she tosses out a Light Binding, dodge it and toss a Mark of the Assassin at her.
  • Prismatic Barrier sends out a wand that shields Lux and her alies who pass through the wand that was sent out. Alies can be shielded twice as long as the wand passes through them when the wands gets sent out and back to Lux. This is just a shield and does no damage.
  • Lucent Singularity is also a skillshot. It sends out a ball of light which lights up an area allowing Lux to see and reveal people in the fog of war, and it also slows people who walks around the ball of light.bAfter a short duration or when the skill is activated again, the ball of light will explode and deal magic damage around that area. This skillshot I must admit is pretty hard to dodge as Lux can deactivate the ability to detonate it before you dodge it. Of course, it also slows you and this will make it harder to dodge. When she uses this, Twilight Shroud immediately if it hits you.
  • Final Spark or was known previously as the Finales Funkeln, is Lux's Ultimate. She charges up and fires a laser in a straight line and dealing damage and triggering her passive and reactivating her passive again. This can be dodged easily, because when she charges up, a red laser line can be seen to let you know where she has aimed it at, and you should stay away from it. When she channels this, dodge it, and basic combo her and kill her if possible. You cannot interrupt her ultimate.
  • Her combo would be: Light Binding> Lucent Singularity>AA> Lucent Singulariy>AA
  • Or this: Light Binding> Final Spark> Lucent Singularity>AA> Lucent Singularity>AA.
  • When she lands any of her skillshots, Twilight Shroud immediately to prevent her passive from triggering on you.
  • Dont Tower Dive Lux.


  • Malzahar is pretty much really mana hungry. He does quite a bit of damage and is known for his Ultimate, Nether Grasp.
  • Malzahar's passive is Summon Voidling. After he casts 4 spells he will then summon a voidling which is his "pet". It cannot be controlled my Malzahar but it will attack anything around him. If it doesn't die withing 7 seconds, it will then evolve to have more armor and magic resist. After another 7 seconds, he will then evolve to have a higher attack speed. However, after 21 seconds, the Voidling will die. You should kill his pet before it evolves as it can be quite deadly at low levels. I'm pretty sure it will grant you gold as well.
  • Malzahar's Q is Call of the Void. Malzahar summons 2 portals and they will then shoot out projectiles in between each other and deal magic damage as well as silencing their target. This is every easy to dodge. Everytime you see 2 circles appear, you will know that he has used Call of the Void. Immediately walk away from there and strike back with a Mark of the Assassin.
  • Null Zone creates a purple-black circle on the ground which damages targets over time. Avoid standing in the Null Zone as it does damage as percentage of your maximum health. Avoid this at all cost. He may place it in your Twilight Shroud to counter you. Magic Resist And Armor bonus will be negated as this damages you according to your health.
  • Malefic Visions causes Malzahar's Target to take Damage Over Time. If the Target Dies, this infection spreads to another target, and grants Malzahar some mana. Voidlings are attracted to people who are infected. If he does infect you, it's best to stay away from his Voidlings. If it is on a dying Minion, stay away from that minion as the infection does spread. It is pretty much best to place a Twilight Shroud to prevent his Voidlings from attacking you.
  • Nether Grasp is Malzahar's Ultimate. Malzahar suppresses his target and deals tons of magic damage. During this, you can not do anything. Neither can Malzahar. If you are alone, then you can help it, as you can do damage to him. However, after he channels his ultimate, tell me what can he do to you afterwards? After he finishes channeling, basic combo him and kill him.
  • I am not sure of his combo but I think it's this: Summon Voidling> Malefic Visions> Call of the Void> Null Zone> Nether Grasp.
  • Don't Tower Dive him if he has his Nether Grasp up.

  • Mordekaiser is an AP Mage and he is not only a high damage dealer, he is also really tanky due to his passive, Iron Man. He uses health to use his abilities.
  • Iron Man is his passive and it is extremely strong. I feel it might be one of the best passives in the game. For every ability Mordekaiser uses, he gains a temporary shield that absorbs damage. This negates a lot of your attacks and you would then realize that you have done basically no damage.
  • Mace of Spades is Mordekaiser's Q and it does magic damage up to 4 different targets. However, if the target is alone, it does even more damage. This ability is like Kha'Zix's Taste Their Fear, but it has the ability to strike more targets. You pretty much can't avoid this since you don't know when he is gonna use it. My advice to you? Stay away from your minions.
  • Creeping Death surrounds Mordekaiser or his ally with shards of metal which grants them bonus magic resist and armor and damaging enemies around Mordekaiser or ally. When he uses this, stay away from him and try poking him with the Mark of the Assassin.
  • Siphon of Destruction deals magic damage to targets in a cone. He will probably use it to farm creeps or just deal damage to you. Obviously, he would want to use it on your creeps and you as well which is why you should stay away from your creeps. This counters your Twilight Shroud as long as he aims it right.
  • Children of the Grave is Mordekaiser's Ultimate. Mordekaiser marks his target for death and deals a percentage of his targets health over time. If the target dies when marked, the target will become a ghost and become Mordekaiser's "pet" which he can control. It will follow Mordekaiser and attack anything around it. When he marks you, back away immediately. You don't want to die to him and make yourself his "pet"!
  • Mordekaiser has no CC which is great for you. You can harass him like mad using Mark of the Assassin, but bear in mind that he will have a shield has long as he uses his abilities. You can check for the amount of shield he has by looking at the bar below his health. It's usually the bar which shows the amount of mana the person has.
  • Tower diving Mordekaiser can have 2 possibilities: 1. He uses his abilities to grant him a shield, negating your damage. 2. He dies.
  • He has no ranged abilities, allowing you to harass him like mad.
  • He has NO ESCAPES except for Flash.
  • Shutting down Mordekaiser early game would benefit your team as Mordekaiser is a late game champion.


  • Morgana is mainly a good team player and pretty much a game changer if played correctly, shutting her down early game will contribute hugely to how she fairs late game.
  • Soul Siphon is her passive and it grants her spell vamp. Granting her a fair amount of sustain. But hey, WHO HAS SPELL VAMP TOO? You. :)
  • Dark Binding is Morgana's main ability and it is a skillshot snare. It is like Lux's Light Binding, except that it only shares one target and does more damage. Dodge this at all cost. Stand behind minions to avoid this. Once she shoots this, retaliate with a Mark of the Assassin.
  • Tormented Soil is Morgana's AoE Spell. She curses an area on the ground and enemies who stand on it take damage over time. Their Magic Resist is also reduced the longer they stand on it. Avoid standing on this at all times as you would not want to be tormented in soil. She can land this perfectly if she uses Dark Binding on you. Giving you another reason to dodge Dark Binding.
  • Black Shield shields Morgana or her ally with a shield which absorbs spell damage. You can see when she uses this when you see her health or her ally's health bar has a yellow bar at the end of her health. Or when she has a blue bubble around her.
  • Soul Shackles is Morgana's Ultimate. And it is the game changer which I have said. Dark chains latch on to enemy champions around Morgana and deals magic damage and slowing the targets. If the chains are latched on to targets for a longer duration, they take additional magic damage and are stunned. This... Is... A.. Game changer. Imagine your whole team getting stunned by just 1 person. When you see the purple chains latch on to you when your are fighting her, run away, immediately.
  • Morgana's combo would be: Dark Binding> Tormented Soil>( Soul Shackles).
  • When you reach level 6, once she misses her Dark Binding, go for her, she can't stop you
    unless she uses her Soul Shackles. Popping her ultimate would help you a lot later, since it has quite a long Cooldown.
  • Do not tower dive Morgana.


  • To be honest, it really depends on the skill level of the Orianna player. Orianna is somewhat hard to play.
  • Clockwork Windup is her passive and it relies on her Autoattacks. Every Autoattack Orianna does, it deals bonus magic damage and this bonus increases the more times Orianna attacks the player. This really ain't that hard to dodge. Your Twilight Shroud counters it all!
  • Command: Attack is her main ability. Her ball travels to a location and deals magic damage to everything it passes through. It deals lesser damage as it passes through more targets. You can dodge this as the ball moves very slow. And always stay behind your creeps, though it can pass through it, you should stay behind for various reasons: She will push the lane and you take lesser damage. When she pushes the lane, she is available for ganks. Orianna has no escape tools. She does have a movement speed buff and debuff, but she can escape most ganks. When she throws a Command: Attack at you, dodge it and retaliate back with a Mark of the Assassin.
  • Command: Dissonance is Orianna's AoE movement speed buff and an AoE slow to her enemies. An electric pulse appears around her ball, slowing and dealing magic damage to all around the ball. Remember that it is around her ball and not her. It's her ball. However if the ball is with her, yes, it will appear around her. This gives you more reasons to dodge her Command: Attack. When she does do this on you, disengage, or Twilight Shroud. You might fear her ultimate after that, but you won't have to worry.
  • Command: Protect is Orianna's shield. She sends her ball to herself or ally to shield them and carry the ball on them as long Orianna is in range. It will also damage targets the ball passes through as well. It's a shield so it will negate some damage. But it won't be much, you can exceed her shield pretty easily.
  • Command: Shockwave is Orianna's ultimate. Her ball sends out a shockwave, being all enemies around the ball to the ball itself, dealing magic damage in the process. This is a really strong ultimate. Especially with a Maplhite, Amumu, Nunu etc. Because it brings people close together, it will give other team mates a chance to use their ultimate of their own. Malphite can ult when they are all together. Pretty cool. (I have tried that before :D) . You will fear this ultimate a lot of you are trying your best to stay Stealthed in your Twilight Shroud as it does bring you out if your shroud. When she Command: Shockwave you, KILL HER. KILL HER. Use basic combo and kick her robotic a**.
  • Her Combo: Command: Attack> Command: Dissonance>( Command: Shockwave)>AA
  • You should always retreat when getting harassed before you are level 6.
  • Stay away from her balls. Seriously, her balls aren't nice :(
  • Tower dive her? No way. Don't.


  • Ryze is an easy opponent, however, his harass is great which won't benefit you much. However, he can't do anything to counter you. Other than snaring you when you use your Shadow Dance, he can't do anything to kill you. Remember that his attacks scale on his maximum mana as well.
  • Overload is Ryze's Q and it shoots out an orb that damages the target it hits with magic damage. It also passively grants Ryze cooldown reduction. That's all. When he shoots this at you, shoot him a Mark of the Assassin back.
  • Rune Prison is Ryze's Snare. It snared you and does magic damage. This allows him to freely harass you while you are snared from afar. You can't Di anything to stop him. But after you are released from the Rune Prison, basic combo him if you are Level 6. Remember, you are snared, you can still cast abilities. Throw a Twilight Shroud when he snared you, granting him inability to deal additional damage to you using his abilities. You mad Ryze players who thought they could freely harass Akali??
  • Spell Flux sends out an orb that bounces from target to target up to 5 times. It will deal magic damage to all the orb hits. And it can hit the same target. Stay away from your minions if you sense that he will send this out.
  • Desperate Power is Ryze's Ultimate. He gains spell vamp, movement speed and his abilities deal AoE damage during his ultimate. When he uses his ultimate, I suggest backing off. Because his ultimate gives him spell vamp, he will regain health for every ability casted. Stay away when he uses his ultimate, but if he uses it when you are doing you combo on him, continue fighting him.
  • Ryze's combo is: ( Desperate Power)> Rune Prison> Overload> Spell Flux
  • Tower Dive him if you know he does not have his snare up.


  • This is a really tough match up for you, because its Swain. I do play Swain myself so I do know that Swain is really strong in lane. Not only does he have a snare, a slow, and a damage amplifier, he can become a monster with his Ravenous Flock and heal every thing up. He literally can heal himself to full health with Will of the Ancients.
  • His passive is Carrion Renewal. He regenerates mana every time he kill use a unit, this includes minions, jungle creeps and you. This is a Laning/Farming passive which makes him want to farm a lot.
  • Decrepify is his slow and DoT. He sends out Beatrice, his Raven to shoot you with a laser that slows and damages over time. He can use this to set up plays with his Nevermove and Torment. When he uses this on you, I suggest you flee. Because you really can't do anything.
  • Nevermove is his AoE snare. He circle would appear on the ground and after a few seconds, will snare the targets above it and deal magic damage. Dodge this at all cost, I repeat, at all cost. Snaring you means you are dead. You can use Twilight Shroud when you are snared though, but if he constantly hits you. You are pretty much dead.
  • Torment is Swain's Damage amplifier. He torments his target, increasing the amount of damage dealt to the target. Only Swain's attacks deal increased damage. When he torments you, back off- you don't want to take additional damage from his attacks.
  • Ravenous Flock is Swain's ultimate. He transforms into a Raven and shoots out ravens that deal damage to enemies surrounding Swain, healing Swain for a percentage of him the damage dealt by each Raven. It's not recommended that you stay near Swain when he uses his ultimate. I guess the only thing you can do if he does engage on you is to run it Twilight Shroud as he will be healing so much. However, when he stops toggling his ultimate, go for him when his ultimate is on Cooldown. However, his ultimate is a toggle. And has a really short Cooldown. One thing you can do when he uses Ravenous Flock is to Ignite him, applying Grievous Wounds, reducing his healing by 50%. This is really what counters Swain. Other than that, good luck to you.
  • Dont tower dive him.
  • Ignite him when he uses Ravenous Flock.
  • His combo is: Torment>( Ignite)>( Ravenous Flock)> Decrepify> Nevermove>AA.
  • His Torment increases the damage his Ignite does.


  • Syndra is an AP Mage who uses her Dark Spheres to deal damage. And if used correctly, can deal a ton of damage to the enemy team.
  • Syndra's Passive is Transcendent. It grants bonus stats to her abiltites when at max rank. Her Dark Sphere will deal 15% more damage to enemy champions. Her Force of Will increases the slowing duration by 33% and her Scatter the Weak gains 50% increased width.
  • Dark Sphere is her main ability. She summons a Dark Sphere and deals AoE magic damage. When a purplish black circle appears on the ground,stay away from it as a Dark Sphere is being summoned and you will take damage. Stay away from the Dark Sphere after it has been summoned. If she does hit you, you need to deal some damage back. Toss a Mark of the Assassin at her.
  • Force of Will is her slow ability and her "Lane Freezing" spell. She can grab a minion or Dark Sphere and is able to throw it at target location, dealing AoE damage and slowing all target it hits. It is a skillshot so you can dodge this. Now, she can freeze the lane, how? By grabbing one of your minions and throwing it back to her minions, she can freeze tha lane pretty well. When she throws this at you, either dodge it and throw a Mark of the Assassin at her or Shadow Dance to her to dodge it.
  • Scatter the Weak is her CC and somewhat her disruption tool. She pushes every target she aims this at away, including Dark Spheres. If a Dark Sphere gets pushed and hits an enemy target, the target will be stunned. Let me warn that this is hard to execute but hard to dodge as well. To avoid this, don't stand behind her Dark Sphere. Stan in front of the Dark Sphere or just beside it to avoid getting stunned by Scatter the Weak. When she uses this to push you away, you can just get back at her with Shadow Dance.
  • Unleashed Power is Syndra's Ultimate. She throws all her balls at you and deals magic damage, with a minimum of 3 balls hitting you. When she does this, she will be hornee as hell and start dealing tons of damage. She does a lot of damage With her ultimate but it has a fairly long Cooldown. Remember, Syndra relies a whole lot on her ultimate to deal damage, without it, you will far exceed her damage. When she uses Unleashed Power on you, Twilight Shroud immediately to reduce the damage dealt, then retaliate back with your basic combo.
  • Tower Dive Syndra? No. Don't.
  • Combo? It is this: Dark Sphere> Dark Sphere> Scatter the Weak> Unleashed Power> Force of Will


  • Teemo is a fairly easy opponent to kill, but his bloody harass is g*y like hell. Besides his Blinding Dart which causes your AA to miss, he also has his poison and poisonous mushroom traps. I hate Teemo like heck, like seriously, I hate him. So we are going to kill him.
  • Camouflage is Teemo's passive. If Teemo stands still for 2 seconds, he becomes stealth and if he comes out of stealth by either moving or attacking, he is granted bonus attack speed for a few seconds. This passive is... Too... Well screw it. Because you can't see him, he can't be targeted. However, AoE / skillshots will be able to damage him. Ezreal's Mystic Shot can find him, so does Arcane Shift, I think. It doesnt reveal Teemo but you can find his location using these.
  • Blinding Dart is Teemo's poke and harass. It is the ultimate counter to a AD Carries. This thing blinds the opponent, dealing magic damage and makes the opponent's Auto Attacks miss. This does not allow you to farm. For a short duration, forcing you to use your Abilities to farm. When he shoots you this, toss back a Mark of the Assassin.
  • Move Quick is Teemo's gap closer/ escape tool. He gains movement speed passively, and when activated, grants him movement speed for a short duration. This is not enough to escape you Shadow Dances though.
  • Poison Dart is Teemo's main damage ability. His auto attacks deal additional damage over time with poison. This is why Teemo's harass is super strong. It is a passive ability, meaning it is always activated of leveled up. It scales with AP which is why most Teemos play AP now. With AP and Attack Speed, Teemo can deal tons of damage to his opponents. But don't let this fear you. You can always win Teemo 1v1 after level 6.
  • Noxius Trap is why I hate Teemo so damn much. Teemo can plant Noxius Traps aka Mushrooms any where on the map, revealing the place. It's a ward with a lesser sight radius. It lasts for 10 mins until stepped on. Enemies who step on these mushrooms take magic damage over time and are slowed. A Level 3 Noxius Trap does a base magic damage of 600. Yup. 600. And what's more, you can't see it without Pink Wards or Oracles. I recommend that if your team does encounter a Teemo. Get Oracles to kill his stupid mushrooms.
  • Teemo is stronger than you Pre level 6. Bug much weaker post level 6.
  • Oracles counter him hard.
  • He has no combo. It's only AA and Blinding Dart.
  • TOWER DIVE HIM. I DON'T CARE. Omg I hate him so much.

Twisted Fate

  • Twisted Fate is an easy opponent, because all he can do, is throw some cards at you. He does quite a bit of damage especially with Lich Bane, but he should not be a problem.
  • Loaded Dice is his passive. Twisted Fate and his allies gain an additional 2 gold per kill. This includes minions. Bear in mind that for every 10 CS the opponent team has, it's about 1 more minion worth of gold they have.
  • Wild Cards is Twisted Fate's Q ability. He shoots out 3 cards in a cone, dealing magic damage to every enemy it passes through. The projectiles on Wild Cards are very slow and are easily dodged, but it has a very long range.
  • Pick A Card is Twisted Fate's W and its his main ability. I find it kinda cool. Twisted Fate picks a card, Red, Blue or Yellow Card. The Blue Card if chosen replenishes mana on Twisted Fate's next basic attack. The Red Card does AoE damage and slow and the Yellow card is a stun. The Blue Card does the most damage followed by the Red then Yellow. Every time he uses this, just back away. Especially if its the Yellow Card. When he chooses the red card, stay away from you minions. Actually, you can just Twilight Shroud to avoid this.
  • Stacked Deck passively grants Twisted Fate bonus attack speed and for every 4th attack, his next auto attack will deal bonus magic damage. You know when he has his Stacked Deck when you see cards flying around him. You should back off from this as it is AP Twisted Fate so his Stacked Deck would be painful. You could Twilight Shroud to prevent him from attacking you.
  • Destiny is his Ultimate. On Activation, it will grant him vision of all enemy champions. If activated again, he can teleport to a location within a range. It is possible to stop him from teleporting, but you can't because you have no CC. He will probably choose his Yellow Card with Pick A Card before teleporting as he would probably teleport to an ally location and stun him once he has been teleported. You will deal as much damage as possible before he teleports to an ally location so that when he teleports, he will have significantly less health.
  • Do not tower dive Twisted Fate
  • After level 6, you win him all the time. Always go for him when you see him caught out of position.


  • Veigar is pretty much a good AP Carry killer with his ultimate. He is squishy and will die very easily. Which is why Akali can kill him before he kills her.
  • Equilibrium is his passive and it increases his mana Regen depending on how much mana he is missing. Not much you should take note into, but just remember that his mana Regen is high when he has no mana.
  • Baleful Strike damages a singe target. This also passively grants Veigar AP permanently per Champion Killed. For every unit Baleful Strike kills, Veigar gains 1 AP Permanently. Yes. Permanently. He will use this to farm a lot. This will also be his main ability. He won't use Baleful Strike to harass you. Because he needs this to farm! So don't worry.
  • Dark Matter is a skillshot AoE damage ability. It takes 1.2 seconds for it to hit and it is easily dodgable. It comes from the sky. When you see a light come from the sky, you know it's going to land there. Dodge this as it deals tons if damage.
  • Event Horizon is Veigar's AoE Stun and Zoning Tool. It actually is one if the best AoE stuns in the game. He sens out a hollow, circular wall which stuns targets who pass through the perimeter. You can be in the circle but walking through the perimeter will stun you. You will try to avoid this as much as possible unless Veigar directly lands this stun in you. With the stun, he can use Dark Matter and hit it with ease. Avoid getting stunned. I'm pretty sure you can Shadow Dance through it. :)
  • Primordial Burst is Veigar's Ultimate. He blasts an enemy champion, dealing magic damage which scales on the opponent's ability power as well as Veigar's ability power. This allows him to deal tons of damage to AP Champions, like you. You can't stop this , but if you do get hit and bursted down by Primordial Burst, immediately back off or use Twilight Shroud. You will probably be left with like 30% HP after he has used his ultimate. However without it, Veigar can't deal that much damage to you at all.
  • His combo: Event Horizon> Dark Matter> Baleful Strike> Primordial Burst.
  • After he misses his stun, go for him with a basic combo.
  • Dont tower dive Veigar


  • Viktor is an AP Mage. He does tons of damage if played correctly. However, Viktor can't do much to retaliate to your burst. And neither does he have an escape.
  • Evolving Technology is his passive. Viktor is given an item at the start called the Hex Core which can be upgraded later in the shop into 3 different items. Augment: Death gives Viktor 3 Ability power per level, and 45 Ability Power. It also gives additional 30% damage over 4 seconds on Death Ray. Augment: Gravity gives Viktor 3 AP per level, 200 Mana and Cooldown Reduction. It also increases the cast range of Gravity Field. Augment: Power gives Viktor 3 AP per level, Health and Health Regen. It also gives Viktor Movement speed after casting Power Transfer.
  • Power Transfer is Viktor's Q. It does magic damage to the target and returns 40% of the damage as a shield to Viktor for a few seconds. Since he will have a shield, you will lose the trade if he uses Power Transfer on you and you toss a Mark of the Assassin on him. You should wait for the shield to go off then you toss in a Mark of the Assassin.
  • Gravity Field is Viktor's AoE stun. He sets up a Gravity Field and slows any one who walks through it, dealing magic damage per 0.5 second to them. Upon taking 3 stacks of damage, the target will be stunned. You should avoid this as much as possible as like I said, CC will kill Akali. Stay away from this.
  • Death Ray is Viktor's main damage ability. It shoots out a ray in a line dealing magic damage to every target. It is quite easy to avoid this as the ray is very slow, unless Viktor aims it directly on you. You should dodge this as it deals tons of damage especially with Augment: Death.
  • Chaos Storm is Viktor's ultimate. He summons a storm above a target and damages it per second. It also silenced the target for the duration. The storm will follow the target and it moves faster if Viktor is closer. Always back off when he summons Chaos Storm as it does silence you.
  • Everytime Viktor wastes his Gravity Field, engage on him as he will be left without a CC to stop your burst.
  • Don't Tower Dive Viktor unless you know Chaos Storm and Gravity Field is down.


  • Vladimir is an AP carry who uses health as a cost to using his abilities. He can become untargetable with Sanguine Pool and regain health by sucking his target's blood.
  • Vladimir's Passive is Crimson Pact. Every 40 points of bonus health Vladimir gets, he gains 1 bonus ability power. For every 1 bonus ability power, Vladimir gains 1.4 health. These do not stack with each other. This is the reason for Vladimir's building somewhat a lot of health, as it too does give him ap.
  • Vladimir's sustain and poke ability is Transfusion. He sucks life out of his target, dealing magic damage and regaining a certain amount of health back. You can't trade with him if he does this on you, as the damage you will do if you do toss a Mark of the Assassin will be negated with the amount of health he regains. However, at early levels, this does not heal much, so it's worth to try to trade with him using your Mark of the Assassin.
  • Sanguine Pool is Vladimir's escape ability. He turns into a pool of blood for 2 seconds, dealing magic damage to targets above the pool and slowing them for over duration which scales on his bonus health and AP, and then healing 12.5% of the damage dealt. He will be untargetable, so he will pretty much render your attacks useless. However, it's costs 20% of his Current Health, which is a heck lot of health when Vladimir gets his health items. When he pools, stay away from it as you won't want him to deal damage and heal some back.
  • Tides of Blood is Vladimir's E. he unleashes a torment of blood, dealing magic damage to targets hit. Every cast of this will give Vladimir an empowered stack, which increases the damage and cost of this ability by 25%. This should not be a threat to you unless his stacks are at its maximum (4).
  • Hemoplague is Vladimir's Ultimate. He infects an area and and causes an infection on enemies, causing increased damage for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the infected targets take magic damage. You know that you are infected when you see a glowing red circle on yourself. When he uses Hemoplague on you, Twilight Shroud immediately to reduce the amount of damage you take. He might Sanguine Pool into your Twilight Shroud, but you don't have to care much, because after Hemoplague's infection wears off, you should basic combo him, and try killing him as he can't Sanguine Pool to safety.
  • Vladimir may be a problem for you Pre-level 6, but he ain't too bad for you post-level 6.

Other Match ups soon to come.




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Match-Up (The Impossible To Beat)


  • It's gg.
  • You can't beat her.
  • Anyone who has read this guide will win you. Enough said.
  • Its now all up to your Runes and Masteries.
  • Copy what ever she does, she throws a Mark of the Assassin at you, you do the same.

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Akali is overall a good champion to play and she excels at killing the ad carry, especially during Team Fights. She also can escape ganks pretty easily. I recommend you try her and I thank you all so much for reading my guide. Please rate this guide and I hope you guys can give me some tips on how I can improve my guide. Thank you all pnce more and have a wonderful day.

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