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Janna Build Guide by PoisonIvy

Support [S4] Janna - Only 2.95

Support [S4] Janna - Only 2.95

Updated on July 10, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PoisonIvy Build Guide By PoisonIvy 41 4 513,661 Views 58 Comments
41 4 513,661 Views 58 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PoisonIvy Janna Build Guide By PoisonIvy Updated on July 10, 2014
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Hi everyone, welcome to my Janna guide and here I want to show why you should play her and how to maximize her utility throughout the game. She might not have a gamechanging pull or a decent initiation, but has a lot of hidden power with utility, disengage, damage boost and protection, making her very useful for trades and teamfights.
Janna might look boring to players who expect more action in lane, but her kit has 90% of difficulty (highest rank between all supports) and teaches a lot about positioning, patience and quick reaction. This dedicated babysitter will make you remember the core idea about a support: Protect your teammates.

Before start talking in dept about Janna, here are some general thoughts about how she fits in a team composition.
Pick Janna when:

º The enemy team has a support, bruiser or assassin with heavy engage
º Your ADC doesn't have escapes or good mobility
º Your ADC scales well with AD into late game
º You have bruisers/assassins in your team with good AD scaling
º You want a safe laning phase
Avoid Janna when:

º Your team wants you to initiate teamfights
º Your team wants a wombo combo composition
º Your ADC falls into late game with bad scaling/steroids
º Your ADC wants a support with high damage to take early kills
º The enemy team has strong poke and can siege you without engaging

This guide wouldn't exist without some help from MobaFire community, so I owe special thanks to some members:

- YaYaFTW's Signature Shop, who made all these lovely banners <3
- Bioalchemist's Guide Editing Service, who helped me with grammar and writing.
- jamespongebob's Of Coding, an amazing tutorial to use columns and other sources
- Emikadon's Lulu Guide, which I used as a source to make the abilities chapter.
- jhoijhoi's Making a Guide, with all basics of coding and writing
- All members who commented in this guide. Your feedback is very important and helps me a lot to improve.
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Pros and Cons

+ Strong disengage
+ High CC
+ Powerful AD boost
+ Naturally fast
+ Highest mana pool in the game

Janna's main strength is her ability to disengage and disrupt the enemy team with heavy crowd crontol, protecting squishy allies and countering enemies who rely in engage. If her marksman is behind in items, the AD boost from Eye of the Storm can put him back into the game during trades and teamfights. Being a champion with natural high movement speed, she can avoid skillshots, quickly roam through the map and help allies. Having the highest mana pool in the game, she also has a good mana management if played right.

Even being hard to catch, Janna is very squishy and can easily die when focused. With only two damaging abilities, low auto attack range and bad scaling, her damage output is poor compared to other supports and is forced to play very passive in lane. Monsoon is a two edged sword: With long cooldowns, it's too risky if you use in lane for sustain; Also, bad positioning and timing on her ult can kill your team instead of saving. Cons
- Squishy
- Bad laning phase, passive playstyle
- Lacks damage
- Can't heal without Monsoon
- Monsoon can be bad for your team if used wrong
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Tier 1
# Block to reduce damage from autoattacks of enemy champions, which makes your trades even better
# Recovery allows you to recover from trades and poke with a little HP regen

Tier 2
# Unyielding reduces all damage received from enemy champions
# Veteran Scars increases your starting HP and works well with your health runes

Tier 3
# Juggernaut increases your maximum health, making you less squishy
# Hardiness increases your armor. Combined with your runes, it gives you plenty of defense early game.

Tier 4
# Reinforced Armor helps you mid and late game reducing damage from critical strikes or early if you're against Ashe


Tier 1
+ Fleet of Foot isn't so necessary because Janna is already fast, but unlocks more points in the utility tree
+ Meditation gives you that little mana regen to stay longer in lane

Tier 2
+ Summoner's Insight to provide cooldown reduction of your summoner spells
+ Alchemist to unlock Culinary Master and make potions more effective

Tier 3
+ Greed to improve gold income.
+ Culinary Master makes your health potions become biscuits, restoring more HP and also mana.

Tier 4
+ Scavenger synergizes with Ancient Coin and you get gold simply by staying near minions.
+ Wealth gives you 40 extra gold at level 1, which means one extra potion and more sustain in lane.

Tier 5
+ Bandit improves your gold flow, rewarding you for poking with autoattacks and trading.

Alternative Masteries

As you can see, the reccomended masteries in this guide mix 13 points on defense and 17 on utility. However, standard 0/21/9 or 0/9/21 are used more often between supports and have more acceptance. The reasons why I suggest 0/13/17: You will utilize only the CDR for activated items on Intelligence , because you can easily reach the 40% CDR cap for abilities with many items in this build; Wanderer makes you even faster, but being naturally fast, Janna doesn't need it as other supports and you could use this point in the defense tree.

If you want to choose one of these alternative masteries, I would suggest 0/9/21: The defense tree is really good, but the gold flow is amazing for supports at season 4 and allows you to buy big items. 0/21/9 is also great, giving you more survivability with Legendary Guardian and Tenacious
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Usually marks are used for damage output, but Janna doesn't have a lot of damage in lane and can't make good use of greater mark of hybrid penetration. Armor, however, is always useful early game to survive all the physical damage you will receive.

After Patch 4.5, armor seals got nerfed and health seals got buffed. Following these changes, we are swapping our previous seals and quintessences. Janna has one of the lowest base armor and HP in the game, so we take these runes to make her less squishy.

Magic resist is essential early game to reduce poke and burst from the enemy support, who usually deals magic damage. Scaling magic resist runes are also a good option if the enemy team has a strong AP Carry.

Because of the changes to our seals, we are removing Greater Quintessence of Health and taking Greater Quintessence of Armor to increase Janna's armor, specially early game.
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Summoner Spells


Despite her naturally high movement speed, Janna doesn't have any reliable escape like a blink or dash. Flash is useful to go over walls and can be combined with Monsoon to throw enemies to your tower. If you have enemies fleeing, you can also Flash to throw them back to your allies.


It's both an offensive and defensive summoner spell, great to shut down enemies who rely on attack speed (like Aatrox or Vayne), has a powerful slow and also debuffs their AD, AP and damage from items. Because Heal is less effective if your carry already used it, Exhaust is a viable option to protect your carry or lock the enemy.


Since patch 4.5, Heal received a huge buff: Now it also gives a movement speed buff and removes healing reduction effects. Because Janna doesn't have any real sustain in lane, this spell can save your carry in the last second. Try to use it after the enemy used Ignite to remove the healing reduction, but remember it doesn't remove the damage over time.

Because Janna lacks damage, Ignite is a good option if you have an agressive ADC by your side who wants early kills. It's good on agressive supports, but I just feel it goes against Janna's nature: It does a great impact in lane, but as the game goes on, Ignite brings nothing but damage, while Heal and Exhaust can save your allies.
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Janna's kit is all about protecting her teammates: With hard CC, disengage, shields and disruption, she can peel for her carry all day long. Also, she provides offensive powers with a high AD boost and a great movement speed aura to nearby allies.

Tailwind (Passive)
The wind aids Janna's nearby allies, increasing their movement speed by 5%. This bonus is lost while Janna is dead or if they aren't in range.

Range: 800

Useful Tips
  • Even a slow Ashe gets 16 extra movement speed (without boots) thanks to this passive. It gets helpful if you stay near your carry when he is chasing or fleeing.
  • Combined with Enchantment: Captain and Talisman of Ascension, Janna provides a massive movement speed boost to her teammates, helping to engage and disengage during teamfights.

Things to Note
  • This ability used to be global, but now has only 800 range. Remember to always stay nearby when your allies need the extra movement speed.

Howling Gale (Q)
Janna summons a mighty whirlwind. For the next three seconds, she can then reactivate the spell to release the storm. On release the storm will fly in the direction it was cast, dealing magic damage to enemies and knocking them into the air for 0.8-1. The damage done, knock up duration and distance traveled by the whirlwind increase for each second it channels.

Range: 1100-1700
Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10
Cost: 90 / 105 / 120 / 135 / 150 Mana
Magic Damage: 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+ 35% AP)
Max Magic Damage: 95 / 145 / 195 / 225 / 265 (+ 65% AP)

Useful Tips
  • A fully charged Howling Gale has a high range and can be used to poke enemies from a safe distance, but sometimes it's better to save it for disengages.
  • Try to use it when all the enemies are grouped together. Knocking up all the enemy team can greatly help you to win a teamfight.
  • With quick reaction, you can cancel enemy dashes when they are in the middle of the animation ( Zenith Blade, Elastic Slingshot, Vault Breaker and many others). Learning how to cancel dashes is the hardest task when playing Janna and one of the keys to be a great Janna player.

Things to Note

Zephyr (W)
PASSIVE: Janna is aided by a wind elemental, gaining movement speed and ignoring unit collision.
ACTIVE: Janna launches the elemental to deal magic damage and slow an enemy's movement speed for 3 seconds (capped at 80% total). She loses the ability's passive benefits while it is on cooldown.

Range: 600
Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8
Cost: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 Mana
Movement Speed Bonus: 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12% (+ 2% per 100 AP)
Magic Damage: 60 / 115 / 170 / 225 / 280 (+ 50% AP)
Slow: 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 40% (+ 6% per 100 AP)

Useful Tips
  • Use in lane whenever you can, followed by a normal attack. This ability will make it easier for you to hit Howling Gale.
  • Max it second because of the increased slow and movement speed bonus.

Things to Note
  • Don't use it when you're being chased or you will lose the movement speed bonus!

Eye of the Storm (E)
Janna surrounds a target ally with a wind shield that absorbs incoming damage for 5 seconds. While the shield persists, the target will also gain an attack damage bonus.
This ability can be used on turrets. If a shielded turret kills an enemy champion, Janna will receive the kill.

Range: 800
Cooldown: 10
Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 Mana
Shield Strength: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 70% AP)
Attack Damage Bonus: 14 / 23 / 32 / 41 / 50 (+ 10% AP)

Useful Tips
  • Always max it first. Even being a passive support, Eye of the Storm is what makes Janna so useful for her carry: Even if he's behind in kills and farm, he quickly gains a free B. F. Sword and a big shield that can translate into easily winning trades.
  • Use it at the beginning of teamfights even if your carry is at full health. The extra AD is more powerful than an extra shield in the front line.
  • Because the AD boost scales with AP, it's worth building AP on Janna to improve your carry's damage.
  • The AD benefits basic attacks and abilities. Remember to use it on bruises with high ratios ( Dragon's Rage, Cyclone, Heartseeker Strike)
  • This is the only shield that can be used in turrets and you can even apply Ardent Censer's passive. Combined with Howling Gale, Janna can hold the lane while your carry is going back to base.

Things to Note
  • Remember to stay in range so you can quickly shield your carry and deny some damage.
  • Don't wait to use it when your carry is at low health. Also, the AD boost won't last for 5 seconds if the shield is destroyed before.

Monsoon (R)
Janna emits a powerful blast of wind, knocking back enemies within 875 range and then channels, releasing curing winds that heal allies within 875 range every half-second for 3 seconds.

Range: 725
Cooldown: 150 / 135 / 120
Cost: 100 Mana
Heal per Second: 100 / 150 / 200 (+ 60% AP)
Maximum Healing: 300 / 450 / 600 (+ 180% AP)

Useful Tips
  • Monsoon is one of the strongest disengages in the game, able to disrupt the whole enemy team and winning a teamfight. It can also send enemies through walls.
  • If someone dives you or is near your tower, go behind them and throw your enemies into turret.
  • Wait to use it after your enemy doesn't have gap closers anymore. e.g.: Use if after Lee Sin's Resonating Strike or Vi's Cease and Desist.
  • It's better to save Monsoon for the strongest initiation in the enemy team, try to use Howling Gale to interrupt dashes with low cooldowns.
  • The healing scales very well with AP. If your team made an ace or almost but you didn't use Monsoon in the fight, use it to heal them and keep pushing.

Things to Note
  • Monsoon is incredibly hard to master. If you use it wrong, you can ruin skillshots or throw an assassin to your carry.
  • Even with high healing power, save Monsoon to disengages. The cooldown is very long, it's very risky to use in lane for sustain.
  • Remember it's a chanelled ability and can be interrupted by hard CC.
  • The list of abilities that cannot be interrupted by Howling Gale also apply to Monsoon.

Skill Order

#1. Monsoon
6 / 11 / 16

#2. Eye of the Storm
1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 9

#3. Zephyr
4 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13

#4. Howling Gale
2 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
Your ultimate, Monsoon, is always your priority: Higher ranks allow you to heal more and the cooldown is substantially reduced. After you get it at level 6, you can react better to ganks from the enemy jungler or an initiation from the enemy support.

After Monsoon, Eye of the Storm will be your strongest ability: Take one point at level 1, except for exceptional reasons like an invade in your jungle. At level 9, when you reach rank 5 in your shield, your ADC can excel at trades with 50 bonus AD and 240 extra HP.

Take one point at Zephyr only at level 4, because two ranks in your shield are actually better in the first minutes. At level 8 you can start maxing: It increases your slow, your bonus movement speed, the damage and lowers the cooldown.

The last ability you want to max is Howling Gale: The knockup is very powerful, but it doesn't deal too much damage (even if you charge, which also makes it predictable). The cooldown is lowered with higher ranks, but the mana cost is considerably increased to be worthy.
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Starting Items

space Between the 3 gold items for supports, Ancient Coin is the one that works better with Janna: Designed to defensive and/or sustain champions, it gives you gold simply for staying nearby dying enemy minions. I don't recommend Spellthief's Edge because the active is less useful and it works better with supports who constantly poke with autoattacks and abilities (Janna is short ranged and her skills are more used to protect/disable than poking); Also, Relic Shield works better with melee supports. space

space Instead of starting with Ancient Coin, you can go for an early Doran's Shield. All the stats make your early game stronger: Combined with your masteries and runes, you have a lot of HP at early levels; The passive blocks a lot of damage (specially with Block and Unyielding ), which makes your trades easier. Also, the HP regeneration allows you to recover from those trades without recalling immediatly. space

space Warding totem is very useful early game, providing a free ward every 2 minutes (but less effective than a Stealth Ward). However, you should replace it for Sweeping Lens when you buy Sightstone, because it already gives you the max number of wards you can place in the map. space

space In addition to your Stealth Ward, buy 1 Stealth Ward to prevent ganks, warding the tribush or the river (read warding chapter to more information). 2 Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation combined with your utility masteries and the sustain from Ancient Coin might be enough to survive laning phase, unless you're against champions with heavy poke. space


Talisman of Ascension

space Sightstone is the first item you should rush when playing as support, so you can spend your gold in real items instead of buying more consumable wards. It also provides HP, which is always useful on supports. You don't need to buy Ruby Sightstone right after, because Sightstone gives you the same number of wards that can be placed at the same time. However, upgrade it later to increase your HP and number of charges. space

Talisman of Ascension
space This is the best gold income item for Janna, giving you cooldown reduction, mana and health regeneration for a cheap price. Its active is amazing for engages and disengages during teamfights and works even better with Tailwind. The AP from Frost Queen's Claim is very attractive, but as the game goes on the slow from the active is less useful than a movement speed boost to your whole team. space
Talisman of Ascension

space After you get Sightstone, there is no point on keeping Stealth Ward, because you can't have more than 3 Stealth Wards on the map. Sell Totem and take Sweeping Lens, so you can use it in many ways: Clearing wards, destroying Teemo's Noxious Traps, or revelaing stealth champions like Akali, Twitch and Vayne. At level 9, it's automatically upgraded to Greater Lens, increasing the radius of detection and duration. With 475 gold, you upgrade it to Oracle's Lens, which gives you true sight for a brief duration (an icon appears above your head and you can detect wards where you go). space

space Believe me when I say Enchantment: Captain is an OP upgrade for Janna: Because she has such a high movement speed, she can afford it to "guide" her allies. Combined with Tailwind, it gives 15% bonus movement speed to nearby allies (talk about hidden powers), but remember it only works if the team is behind her! However, even being a core item, it doesn't mean you should rush it (even because you need to finish your boots first) and you can delay until late game. space

Armor Options

space Randuin's Omen is similar to Frozen Heart and the active is more powerful than FH's aura. However, I don't think it's mandatory on Janna simply because she's not supposed to stay in the front line and can't make such a good use of it as tanks and bruisers do. It's still very powerful and the active is a great addition if you need more peel. space

space The main reason to purchase Frozen Heart is to use its aura to counter champions with high attack speed, so it isn't the best choice if the enemy team has more damage from abilities instead of auto attacks. It gives you a lot of armor, CDR and can be an addition to your team if your allies already have Randuin's Omen. space

space Because Janna has such a high movement speed, she can use other boots instead of Mobility Boots without falling behind. Ninja Tabi is one of those options and decreases physical damage you would receive, mainly for the enemy ADC (assuming that his damage comes from his basic attacks). The passive isn't the best when you have an AD caster in the enemy team whose damage comes from abilities. Tabi is best used mid game, but falls a little at late game when crits hurt even more. space

Magic Resist Options

space Mikael's Blessing is incredibly cheap, so you can buy it quickly to deal with that Annie, Leona or Thresh trying to kill your carry. The active is a free Cleanse, but remember you can't use it if you are disabled. Even being so strong, I don't think it's a core item on Janna because she doesn't have such mana problems like Sona or Nami. space

space Locket of the Iron Solari used to be dominant during Season 3, but now it's less common and sometimes your jungler will be taking it instead of you. If you buy, it makes you less squishy and the aura is very helpful if there's a fed AP Carry in the enemy team. The shield synergizes with Janna's babysitting nature, but isn't so strong as the game goes on: If you need it, buy around mid game. space

space Go for this item if the enemy AP carry is too fed. The spell shield is great to deny enemy champions who rely on combos, but they can try to pop it poking you. The extra HP, MR and health regen also make you slightly tanky. space

space Like Ninja Tabi, Mercury's Treads is a good option if you don't need Mobility Boots. The MR is useful, but Tenacity is the reason to buy this item: A reduction of 35% in crowd control can be the reason why you survived that Idol of Durand or escaped that Terrify. space

space Very situational, never buy it unless you really need the MR and also wants some AP. The aura is useful if you have an ally who deals a significant ammount of magic damage and the enemy team is buying MR. space

AP Options

space Introduced on patch 4.10, the attack speed boost works well with Janna's invisible powers: With 40% CDR and good timing, Janna can apply a permanent boost to her carry. Also, every tick of Monsoon applies the passive, boosting all her allies. However, there are some cons you should consider before buying ardent censer: It is more effective with late game hyper carries like Tristana, Vayne, Twitch and Kog'Maw and not amazing with casters/semi caster like Graves, Lucian, Ezreal and Corki. You should also notice the gold efficiency: Morellonomicon provides more AP, more CDR and equal mana regen and for the same price; The extra movement speed isn't necessary on Janna, because she's already fast. Janna is one of the supports who can make the best use of Ardent Censer, but take it only if your team can optimize the passive. space

space Say hello to your best friend if you want to go for an AP support build: A cheap item with a lot of AP, half of the max CDR you can get, all the mana regen you need and a powerful passive that counters Baron's buff and champions with high sustain like Dr. Mundo, Swain and Volibear. After I finish my core build, this is usually my next item. space

space It might look risky to buy such an expensive AP item on a support with almost no damage, but it's viable because Janna's utility also scales with AP since season 4 changes: AD boost, movement speed, slow, shield's strength and healing are increased when you have AP and this is why you should at least try to achieve the more AP you can (without giving up on your core items). space

space A considerable amount of AP for a cheap price, with a great scouting tool. The active is great to chase those enemies who flee at the end of a teamfight, or when you're taking objectives like Dragon or Baron and need to check if someone is nearby. Take care with the CDR: If you already reached the 40% cap, go for another AP item. Try to combine Twin Shadows with other item that provides 10% CDR, like Ardent Censer, Mikael's Blessing or Locket of the Iron Solari. Avoid it if you already have Morellonomicon or Frozen Heart. space

space Like Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's is very expensive and fits better as a late game item if you need something to finish your build while still buying AP. The active is very powerful, but risky, because you could be using those 2.5 seconds to save your carry. space
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If your jungler is starting in the Lizard Elder (blue team) or Blue Golem (purple team), you are supposed to help him by 1:55 when the monster spawns. Starting with Eye of the Storm, you can help him to clear the camp faster and take less damage. Remember you should only help him, don't stay too long or you can "steal" some of his XP points. Be sure to stay near
one of the entrances of the camp, so you know if the enemy team is trying to invade or not. If they do it and get too close, take Howling Gale first to stop them for a while and then use your Stealth Ward to see if they are taking or not. If your team wants to invade, however, I don't reccomend it for a support like Janna: She doesn't have a quick stun or disrupt at level 1 (your Q isn't so reliable as it looks) and other supports are better to invade (Blitz, Thresh, even Taric).
Janna isn't the best support during laning phase and you will probably lead your carry to a passive lane: Her kit is all about reacting to the enemies and predicting their moves. Your goal during these first minutes of the game is to let your ADC farming without taking his CS. Because you don't have any heal until level 6, your only way to provide "sustain" is shielding your carry for incoming damage. If your enemies are too agressive, just avoid skillshots and
try to stay out of range of their skills. If you are able to, try to poke the enemy support (it's easier against melee) or ADC with basic attacks, but don't poke with your tornado or they will jump into you when it's on cooldown. If one of your enemies makes a bad move (bad positioning, missed a skillshot, escape is on cooldown), shield your carry and start trading: With the increased stats, you can win the trade or even take a kill.
In lane, there are two ways you should position yourself, according to the enemies: a) If you are against supports like Annie, Zyra, Karma, or others who rely on poke and AoE abilities, try to stay slightly away from your carry, but always inside the range of Eye of the Storm: This way, the enemies will probably hit only one of you two while the other can react. If they hit you, your carry can be agressive and trade; If they hit your carry, you can
shield him and disable them. b) If you are against supports like Leona, Thresh, Alistar or others who rely in engage, you should always stay close to your carry: If they jump into you, it means you can use Howling Gale from your position to interrupt the dash in the middle of animation. The same idea applies when you're receiving ganks, always stay close to your carry so you can throw enemies away.
Being so fast, roaming the map to help the other lanes is very easy to Janna: If you are ahead in your lane and destroyed the enemy turret, you can go help the mid laner or try to kill the Dragon. Killing the Dragon is extremly important at mid game, as it gives gold to all your allies. Be sure to have a Vision Ward or Sweeping Lens to clean wards at the dragon pit, also put some wards in nearby places (check warding chapter) to see if the
enemy team is trying to steal. If your jungler is at the top lane and can't help you to do dragon at the moment, but you have enough health to tank it, do with your carry: You can shield him to increased the damage, but the attack speed debuff applied by the Dragon will make it harder; Instead, try to shield yourself while your partner takes it down.
Before going to teamfights, always have one thing in mind: Janna is not a tank or initiator, your goal is to stay in the back line, near your carry. Unlike Leona or Thresh, who jump into the main target of the enemy team, Janna keeps protecting the main source of damage in her team (usually the ADC). If your team has a strong engage and started the teamfight, shield the initiator or your carry to maximize damage output and burst your
enemies faster; If the enemy team has a strong engage, your job is to deny it and keep your allies safe. If you have to choose between save yourself or your carry, choose your carry: You can't deal enough damage to kill enemies, destroy turrets or take objectives like Baron, but your ADC can. However, if you are the first one to die, it means your ADC won't have a support to save him from the enemies; You must always try to stay alive, or who else is going to be the babysitter?
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Warding is so important that we should have a complete guide only to talk about how important this is. When you buy a ward, you gain vision of important places in the fog of war, improve map awareness and prevent ganks. The support is the role that buys more wards and worries more about it, but every player should buy wards and know how to place it.

Some tips about warding:
  • Rush Sightstone as soon as possible, it is gold efficient once you have placed 6 wards in the game.
  • Never leave the base without a Vision Ward. This way you can destroy enemies' wards and counter stealth champions like Twitch, Akali, Shaco, Evelynn, Rengar and Kha'Zix.
  • Always look at the enemy support's items. Wait for him to use his Stealth Wards so you can destroy with your Vision Wards or Sweeping Lens.
  • Be sure to always have vision of important objectives like Dragon and Baron Nashor.
  • Vision Wards are no longer invisible. Take care when you use it and try to place in bushes you have control, near your side of the map.
  • Ask your teammates to use Stealth Ward to avoid face checks. If they are destroyed, you didn't lose any money and can use your own wards after.

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Bottom Lane Synergy
































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space Difficulty: 1/5
Alistar has been nerfed so much that he's just a bad support now. His combo is hard to execute, his sustain isn't the best and his engage can be easily countered by Janna. Use Howling Gale when he uses Headbutt in your AD Carry and Zephyr when he tries to retreat. In team fights, his disruption isn't even close to yours.

space Difficulty: 4/5
Oh, this *****. At level 1, she can stun you and your carry and easily take half of your HP. Annie is the definition of an agressive support: She has a lot of damage even without items and can burst your carry by herself after level 6; Annies like to take Ignite and also using Flash out of nowhere to start a teamfight or take some kills in lane. If her team is winning, she will buy AP and becomes a second AP Carry. Isn't rank 5 because she lacks sustain.

space Difficulty: 3/5
Janna is good for disengage when you think about the enemy champion jumping into you. Blitz, however, simply pulls you or your ADC to him in a way you can't use Monsoon so easily. In this lane, you need to have vision of bushes all the time to avoid Rocket Grab and a good trick is to use Howling Gale in the bush to zone him. He is an all-in champion with high burst but long cooldowns: If he misses a grab, be agressive. In team fights, a pull can secure a kill, but overall Janna brings more utility.

space Difficulty: 2/5
He has nice poke with Reap, but he is really powerful because of how he can disable your ADC with Terrify. His fear has short range, so he will most likely stay in the bush waiting for an opening to use it. Warding the bush is the best way to counter Fiddle: His ult has a brief channel time, take this opportunity to cancel with Howling Gale. Because you can counter his ult so easily, he will most likely fear you and not your ADC: This means your ADC can still run away or fight back while they attack you.

space Difficulty: 3/5
She has nice poke early game, provides mobility to her team with Inspire and can snare you with Focused Resolve. If she hits you with Soulflare, use Eye of the Storm to deny the delayed damage. She has a lot of damage as the game goes on, but doesn't have any hard CC and can't heal her teammates, so your overall utility is stronger.

space Difficulty: 2/5
In theory you are a strong counter to Leona, but in fact, you need complete bush control and extremly quick reaction: She's even more all-in than Blitzcrank and has high burst, specially with her passive. If she uses Zenith Blade, quickly use Howling Gale and you can cancel her dash, completely denying her initiation. After level 6, avoid the stun from Solar Flare at all costs or you won't be able to knock her up. If she engages you, just use Monsoon. Late game, Leona has a good transition due to how she gets tanky and can initiate teamfights.

space Difficulty: 4/5
Janna is awesome against engage, but weak against strong poke and/or sustain. Lulu is very agressive and can poke with Glitterlance, Help, Pix! and autoattacks thanks to her passive. At least, she has no sustain in lane except for the heal in her ultimate. Lulu is also great for disengages, she has almost everything a support needs. Play defensive and use Howling Gale on the enemy ADC when she uses Whimsy in yours.

space Difficulty: 4/5
Another mage who becomes a second AP Carry when played as a support. A successful Dark Binding can be deadly in lane, as she can snare you for 3 seconds. After level 6, she can initiate with Soul Shackles and you can't disengage because Black Shield denies all your CC. The best way to deal with her is avoiding her Q and having Talisman of Ascension to disengage from her ult.

space Difficulty: 5/5
If you have to face Nami, good luck. Strong poke, sustain, initiation, disengage, damage boost to her ADC, everything you need in a support. Ask for ganks and shield your ADC whenever you see any of her skills coming. Also, you need a agressive ADC by your side to force trades and stop receiving poke. Remember she's mana hungry, but you will also probably run out of mana shielding your carry. Positioning is essential to avoid being caught on Aqua Prison.

space Difficulty: 2/5
Ice Blast is a powerful slow that also debuffs the enemy's attack speed, but it moves slowly and you can shield your ADC quickly. Absolute Zero is a channeled ultimate that can be cancelled with two of your abilities, but do it quickly or it will deal more damage the longer he charges.

space Difficulty: 3/5
Sona would have a higher rank of difficulty against Janna if she had more range on Hymn of Valor, which is her main poke. She has average but spammable heal in lane, powervul CC with Crescendo and invisible powers to allies with her auras. If you have bush control, you can see her coming to poke you and you will have enough time to shield your ADC. Remember she has no strong CC without her ult and runs out of mana easily.

space Difficulty: 3/5
Soraka by herself won't be too much problem for you: She probably won't kill you, but you probably won't kill her. Astral Blessing also provides a lot of extra armor, which makes trades extremly hard for you and your carry. Even if you have a carry who can trade well, she can quickly recover from it with her strong sustain. She lacks heavy CC and her transition to late game isn't so good, with average AP scaling. She lacks range in Starcall and Infuse, which makes her poke not so strong. Providing infinite mana to Kog'Maw, Sivir or Miss Fortune, this can become a very agressive lane. Wait for the bonus armor of Astral Blessing ends to trade.

space Difficulty: 2/5
Early game is when Taric is truly, truly outrageous. With sustain, armor to himself and his carry, a quick stun and high burst, he can make you and your carry fall behind. However, if you play right and go through laning phase, Janna becomes stronger: Except for his powerful auras, Taric doesn't provides too much utility to his partners in terms of crowd control. Dazzle moves slowly and you can block the damage with Eye of the Storm, Imbue costs a lot of mana, but Shatter can be a problem for you and your carry during trades. Because he doesn't have any dash, he must walk into your carry after stunning, take this time to use Howling Gale and he won't shred your armor.

space Difficulty: 3/5
Thresh is like a better version of Blitzcrank: Death Sentence gives more time for him and his carry to react, Flay gives more damage on his autoattacks and strong disruption, Dark Passage is one of the strongest abilities in the game that makes strong ganks and disengages. Howling Gale counters the dash from his Q, unless it's you who got pulled. If he jumps into you, use Monsoon to throw him away. Always have vision of bushes and remember to stay behind minions. If he tries to collect souls, use Zephyr and autoattacks.

space Difficulty: 4/5
Even after the nerfs, Zyra has too much damage early game and can poke from a safe distance. She doesn't need to engage, which means Monsoon can't really counter her kit. When she uses Stranglethorns, there is not too much you can do unless use Flash. But in fact, this lane is more about positioning and avoiding her skillshots (that pass through minions). Remember she is very squishy, slow and has no escapes. Would give her rank 5 if she had any form of sustain, but she was designed as a mage, not as a support. Take care with her passive, shield your adc or she can snipe him after dead.
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Janna is an excelent choice if you need disengage, CC and AD boost in your team. She works extremly well with champions who can empower autoattacks or with good AD scaling ( Vayne, Caitlyn, Draven) and overall she provides a lot of utility in team fights and can protect her AD Carry like no other support does.

I hope you liked my guide and please share your comments, I'm open to criticism and to following updates. Upvote if you liked and, if you downvote, please tell me where I should rework it.

Have fun and enjoy my favorite babysitter!
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