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Sejuani Build Guide by Panteleia

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panteleia

Shivery Sejuani: Including All Game Modes

Panteleia Last updated on November 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, my name is Panteleia from Europe and I'd like to share my view on Sejuani.

I bought her the day she was released, enjoyed her, and found out,
that she all but fits into the current meta, even though some people beg to differ.

Be prepared for a very long read.

I beleive that when you play against other players, there is always that part "X" on the equation, which cannot be explained and planned.

So, as jhoijhoi says, don't always consider my choices the best ones,
and definitely suit your playstyle to the situation.

  • NOTE 1: This guide will never stop updating up to date :D.
  • NOTE 2: The guide is best suited for more unexperienced eyes, but not completely new players.

Current Objective: I am working on revamping the guide, so that it is more tighty, accessible and pleasant.

Guide Top

Pros and Cons While Jungling

filler filler


+ Huge Health Pool;
+ Amazing Ganker and Pusher;
+ Great AoE Damage;
+ Good Movement Speed;
+ Great CC and Initianion;
+ Gold Generation;
+ Solid Escape Tools.
filler filler filler filler


- No jungle sustain;
- Only decent Armor and Magic Resist;
- Only decent Single Target Damage;
- Countered by Kog'Maw;
- Build needs farm;
- Needs one more tanky unit in team;
- Not tanky until Randuin's Omen.

Guide Top

Before tha Match: Rune Gathering


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

filler |
Mark of Strength or Mark of Alacrity?
Greater Mark of Attack Damage gives a nice amount of Attack Damage, helps jungle;
Greater Mark of Attack Speed can make your jungle path even easier, but has a big problem;

Most players don't have more than 2 or 3 rune pages, and we like to give our carries Greater Mark of Attack Damage to lasthit better, making them more economical IP wise.
filler |

filler |

Greater Seal of Armor is just what you need to jungle - immediate armor;

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist:these scale per level - jungle creeps don't deal magic damage;
filler |

greater quintessence of regeneration

filler |
Quintessences of Fortitude, Regeneration, Swiftness or Resilience?

Greater Quintessence of Health help you early game, by increasing both damage (your Northern Winds) and defences;
greater quintessence of regeneration help you by increasing your sustain, which is, frankly, almost non-existant;
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed help if you want to focus more around ganking and chasing. Very good lategame too;
Greater Quintessence of Armor help continue migitating the damage you take from creeps.
filler |
greater quintessence of regeneration

filler filler filler
Needless to say, unless you are level 30 DON'T BUY RUNES
and just skip to "Laning with Sejuani".

Guide Top

Before the Match: Masteries Development


Sejuani is NOT an easy jungler. She's more of a ganker-roamer,
that gets easilly countered in the jungle.

So I need all the help I can get with keeping my health high.

This is why I choose the 0/21/9 mastery build, so that I can be faster, tankier and have longer buffs.


  • I don't pick anything in the 4th row, as I find Siege Commander more suitable to a laning champion. The Initiator is also not a good choice, as I will almost never be above 70% health in the jungle, maybe for lategame it is good, but I have enough movement speed without it. Enlightenment is also outperformed by other masteries in my case.

  • On the next row I take Honor Guard over Mercenary simply because my guide focuses around a little more farming than usually a Sejuani would do, so bonus gold from assist and kills is not needed.

  • I finally take the Juggernaut , mastery, so that I can benefit from all of the bonus health I will buy later on. It works very well with Mercury's Treads, together they decrease the duration of disables to 45%. If I was Irelia, I would be almost untouchable by any kind of Crowd Control.


  • On the first row I take Summoner's Insight , so that I decrease the cooldown of my flash, 3 points in Good Hands , as it will help me get back on track sooner after being defeated. The Improved Recall is not that beneficial, as I can focus on more important things. Expanded Mind is also not the best choice, same reason as above.

  • On the second row I invest 4 points in Swiftness , as it gives me the much wanted movement speed. Meditation is unavailable, due to the lack of points in Expanded Mind , but even if it was, when I will be needing the bonus mana regeneration the most, I will have the crest of the ancient golem . Don't pick Scout , because you need that extra point to invest elsewhere.

  • With the last point I take Runic Affinity on the 3rd row. I probably don't even need to explain why I choose bonus 20% duration to neutral monster buffs.

Guide Top

Before the Match: Summoner Spells Choice


filler Even if you find a way to jungle with Sejuani without smite, you'll still lack dragon and baron control. This spell is absolutely mandatory, if you ask me. filler

filler Helps both with initiation and escaping. I really like to have this spell with me, but it is not as mandatory as Smite is. filler

filler Due to your built in gap-closer, Arctic Assault, you can replace Flash with this spell, as it allows for better long term chasing and ganking. filler


fil filler filler filler Helps you get around faster, also to perform some pretty nasty ganks. filler

fil filler filler filler Helps for early game kills or to shut down someone's helaing or lifesteal. filler

fil filler filler filler This spell can easily bait greedy champions in overcommiting to kill you. filler

fil filler filler filler Easily locks down a taget, especially a bad positioned enemy carry. filler

fil filler filler filler I don't approve it so much, but if you are NOT playing the tank role, it's not bad. filler

Guide Top

Before the Match: Researching Abilities and Taking Notes

filler fil Frost: Slows the enemy unit hit with every basic attack by 10%.

A great passive, helps you gank and chase.
filler fil filler fil


filler filler filler

filler fil Arctic Assault: A skillshot dash that hurls you in the appointed direction, damages and applies Frost to all of the units hit.

Your main utility skill. Max it last, getting one point at level 2.
filler fil filler fil


filler filler filler
  • Keep in mind, that once you hit an enemy champion you stop the cast. This means that tanks can get in your way and stop you;
  • In sequence of the note above, when you try to escape using Arctic Assault, if the enemies are too close, your cast will autostop, as it indicates that you have already hit an enemy champion;
  • It can pass through walls, but use it when there is a gap between you and the enemy (for all the same reasons).

filler fil Northern Winds: Deals damage per second in an AoE around you.

Take it at level 1 and max it first to farm and jungle quickly.
filler fil filler fil


filler filler filler
  • The damage is increased by 50% to enemies affected by Frost, so it works very well with your other skills in a teamfight;
  • While jungling or farming, charge into the creeps with Arctic Assault so that you apply Frost faster to farm more rapidly.

filler fil Permafrost: Slows all enemies affected by Frost for an increased amount.

This is what makes you such an amazing ganker, max it quick.
filler fil filler fil


filler filler filler
  • Consumes the Frost debuff from enemies;
  • You cannot cast the spell while there is no one affected by Frost around you. This helps prevent misclicks;
  • When escaping with Arctic Assault fails, use Permafrost to slow the enemies down, for the least.

filler fil Glacial Prison:
Sejuani throws her weapon, stunning the first enemy champion hit for 2 seconds. Nearby enemies are stunned for 1 second.

This is a game-changing ulti. Use it to initiate, lock down a target and early to gank.
filler fil filler fil


filler filler filler
  • If it doesn't hit an enemy directly, it still freezes everyone in an AoE at it's final point for 1 second;
  • If you have good warding during the mid phase, dont be afraid to use it on someone as long as you see them, if you have backup and are sure that the enemy is alone or in a smaller group than yours;
  • After you land Glacial Prison, in a teamfight or a skirmish, use Permafrost, then charge in with Arctic Assault, so you add Frost to them again and use Randuin's Omen = no escape! Don't forget to turn on your Northern Winds so you can deal some damage while at it.

Guide Top

During the Match: Sequence of the Abilities

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Of course, with Sejuani, I would say that balancing your spells' level would lead to a downfall - your Arctic Assault is outperformed by your other abilities.

You could point out that it's cooldown decreases with level, true, but it's more about quality, not quantity.
  • You are more team independent and can perform good ganks with pretty much any laning ally.
  • You can invest one point in Arctic Assault at level 2, just so you can gank early, easily and apply Frost to all of the creep camps instantly, to increase your jungling speed.
  • You can focus the rest of the skillpoints in Northern Winds and Permafrost. This way you can have a strong slow with decent, but secure, damage and good AoE damage for ganks and jungling.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This sequence revolves around maxing out your utility skills first, taking points in Northern Winds just so you can still jungle, somehow.
  • It is hardest and most team dependent sequence to choose against a smart team.
  • Maxing out your skills that way turns you into a ganking machine, but weakens your creep camp clearing speed, thus you become even more vulnerable to counterjungling.

    +So, in this case, warding the Ancient Golem and the Lizard Elder will work charms for you.
  • The order in which you will add your spells up to level 3 remains the same as with the Balanced Sequence, but instead of Northern Winds, put points into Arctic Assault after that.

    +Even tough I said it is a downside to level it, if your laners have enough damage, it will allow you to perform amazing ganks and chase much better.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This sequence is pretty much like the Balanced one, but with the difference that you max out a certain spell before others, so you can gain an upper hand in eighter dealing damage or slowing the living hell out of your enemies.
  • The only downside to this sequence is that you, again, become very, very team dependent. If you are playing with friends, it's actually better than the Balanced one.
  • If your laning allies have much CC, but are lacking in damage, max out Northern Winds first. If they have much damage but almost to no CC, max out Permafrost.
  • Also take in mind that Northern Winds's damage is larger, but dealt over time and Permafrost's is smaller, but instant and it comes with a slow.

Once again, I say, that it depends mostly on your teammates' champions, but take a look at the table of the damage output of both Permafrost and Northern Winds.

Decide for yourself if a large DoT with no CC is better than an instant burst with a huge slow effect:

  • The bonus 50% damage that Northern Winds deal to enemies affected by Frost is taken into account.
  • The full duration of Northern Winds (5 seconds) is taken into account.
  • The calculations are done with adding the bonus health of level 1 and level 9, no AP, runes, items or masteries included.

filler In relation to the Maxing Sequence and the table, I chose level 9, because when at level 18, I will have all of my spells maxed, so it really does not matter for any sequence.

When you are level 9, I can have one of my spells maxed for sure, and this is when it matters the most how much usefulness it can offer.

Guide Top

During the Match: Items Investments

Item Sequence

Trinity Force

Randuin's Omen

Force of Nature

Warmog's Armor

Talisman of Ascension

The build I use focuses around farming more than usual.

To do that you need to exploit your map awareness and prediction abilities to the fullest.

In other words, being a good Sejuani takes not only knowledge about the champion herself,
rather than knowing the game and how it flows in general.

Now I'll give you my recommendations on Items.

0123456789 philosopher's stone

Which item gives you the best start?

Girl, look at my new boots!
  • The first time you go back to your base, get Boots of Speed. Help in ganks.
In what to upgrade them?
  • If the enemy has much AD or if you want quick, cheap boots, pick Ninja Tabi.

philosopher's stone filler
One of the best items for supports and tanks for me.
Get it after you build second tier boots.

Lets you recover from failure by generating gold and gives you mana + health regeneration = priceless. Gives +30 extra gold per minute.
filler philosopher's stone

fillerfil filler
Gives bonus health as well as another + 30 gold income each minute.
I say it's priceless, because it also build into
one of my core items, Randuin's Omen.


I beleive that you should deal damage as well as tank, due to the lack of hard CC but your ultimate, Glacial Prison. This way you can stick to targets and get the attention away from your own carries.

Your cooldowns are too long for Trinity Force, but even so,
the stats it gives you are too good to pass out.

A bit expencive, but it pays off. FARM and gank heavily until you get this item, you need it early so you're not left without defence items for too long.

Randuin's Omen is just amazing - it gives armor, health,
health regen, cooldown reduction and an active usage,
that slows attack and movement speed.
When you get into the middle of the teamfight with Arctic Assault and use it, it is devastating, but you need to get used to active items.

Why do I get Force of Nature instead of Banshee's Veil?
Well, the way I build Sejuani adds a lot of health, so more magic resist AND increased movement speed is more tempting. I also get 30 health regen per second, which is like a mini Dr. Mundo ultimate.

0123456789 shurelya's reverie

Luxury items should help you improve what you already started
or serve as a counter to some specific foe.
Which of the two is better?
  • Frozen Mallet gives less health, but with an awesome passive, which, in my opinion, you don't need, but choose for yourself.

shurelya's reverie filler
If your support doesn't get shurelya's reverie, or you want to have two of those, this is also one of my personal recommendations.
Take it if you have problems chasing fleeing enemies, the enemy team catches you too often by surpise, or if you like having it.Good choice it is!
filler shurelya's reverie

fillerfil filler
Take Guardian Angel, if you feel like you lack armor and magic resist.
People who say you are hard to kill will completely give up all
hope that thay can take you down.

Plus, if you die in the jungle, when you revive with the passive,
Arctic Assault over a wall to escape easily.

fillerfiller filler
If you lack damage in your team, or are completely powning,
take Atma's Impaler.

With such a large healthpool, you get around 53 attack damage.

After you fill your Items Slots, buy all kinds of elexirs, prioritising:

Guide Top

During the Match: Jungling with Sejuani

Until now we have discussed the items you will equip, the runes you will gather
and the masteries you are going to develop.

But now we need to talk about how you actually handle your jungle.

Video of Jungle Path: to be added

Now that the game has started, you need to ask your team to help you.
  • Tell bot lane to go to the Lizard Elder and the guard it until it spawns. You should go guard some spot too, but know that you start at Golems.
  • Middle lane and top lane should go guard the Ancient Golem from all sides, as it is possible that the enemy team tries to steal.
When the Golems spawn at 1:40, ask your bottom lane allies to help you kill them and then to simply pull (attack once and retreat) the Lizard Elder for you when he spawns at 1:54.

Ancient Golem and Lizard Elder scouting points: CLICK TO VIEW

  • Golems - Even though on the map I've listed the Lizard Elder camp first, after a while I noticed that people can easily do the little golems first instead of last, with the help of allies.Your allies should not take the lasthits on them. You can still start at Lizard Elder, but your route will be slower.

  • Lizard Elder - Why take blessing of the lizard elder before crest of the ancient golem ?I've tested many jungle paths, and this one is the best for her, in my opinion.I finish the fastest, have the most health and still have time to make a gank or two before red buff ends. Make sure that your teammates pull for you.


  • Wolfs - Take them out using the same combo used on the Wraiths. Depending on your runes, items and sometimes how useful the pulls by your allies were, you will almost all of the times able to take out the Ancient Golem next.

  • Ancient Golem - If you need, ask for another pull, but you should be able to kill it. Use a Health Potion if you have any left, or wait a second if you have reneration items and runes, then go in and use your full combo on it. It's not smart to gank directly after the Ancient Golem, as you will not have enough health to stay alive, so I prefer to go back, get Boots of Speed and then gank as fast as I can.

Guide Top

During the Match: Early Game Performance and Ganking

Your job as a jungler does not consist only of clearing the jungle camps.

Now it is time to talk about the other part of being a jungler - the one you are best at - Ganking!

Gankable or not?

Ganking and knowing when to gank, requires finesse and experience.
You need to play a game or few to get the hang of it.

After you get your buffs, go gank the lane in which your team has the biggest chance to score a kill.

Preferably the enemy champions in that lane are overextended.

Perimeters of being safe or overextended in a lane: Click to View

Peforming a Gank

Go in the brush which is closest to the entrance of the lane you are ganking, wait for your enemies to step outside of the range in which they can safely run back to their turret and charge in with Arctic Assault. Follow up with Permafrost and then turn on Northern Winds.

There are two scenarion now:
  • The enemies die to your carry or you. Good Job!
  • The enemies escape - with a summoner spell or so.
If you kill them, go back into your jungle to farm or repeat the process on another lane.
If they burn a summoner spell, or just escaped, don't worry, come back again and gank the hell out of them.
points for ganking: click to view

What if they warded and saw me?

Well, your laning allies should look out for when enemies place sight wards
and inform you when a lane is warded.

In that case tell your support to get a Vision Ward and destroy their ward,
or YOU get one and do it yourself.

An early Oracle's Elixir on junglers is a common sight, also.

usual warding points in a lane: click to view

When your allies want to go back

Sometimes your laning allies have to go back to their base, but don't wish to leave their turret like that.

This is why, when you can, always replace them until they come back.

You gain great experience from the minions and maybe get some extra farm.

When your allies are pressured

Another thing you can do is come to chase off the enemy champion when your ally is zoned and outfarmed, just to add a little pressure yourself.

Keep poking the enemy, so that your ally can get some farm.But be wary of the enemy jungler coming himself.

This is why the next thing we are going to talk about is Counter-Jungling.

What is Counter-Jungling?

Many people think that counter jungling consists of only stealing your enemies' jungle creeps.

Well, no.

Counter-Jungling consists of doing whatever you can to handicap the enemy jungler
and his usefulness to his team.

Offensive use

Using Counter-Jungling offensively is stealing your enemies'
jungle creeps, preferably, their buffs.

When you know that the enemy jungler is doing something (ganking another lane, for example)
it's the best time to go and steal their red and blue.

You can't know for sure if it is ready, but you can guess, by knowing where the enemy jungler starts and that the buffs respawn every 5 minutes.You can also ward around their jungle, for max security.

When the time comes, check if you have the chance to steal their buffs.

approximate buff respawn time table: to be added

Defensive use

Sometimes some insolent enemy will come rampaging trough your jungle
and you need to stop him, don't you?

Well, firstly, you need to know when your own buffs respawn. Use your table and always be on point.

If you can't be on point, just add five minutes to the time when you took the buff, and there you have it.

Second, ward your own buffs, so that when you see an impudent enemy player trying to take what is yours, your whole team can punish him.

counter-jungling wards: click to view


This is also a form of Counter-Jungling.

When you see that a lane is getting ganked, rush over there and help,
so you can turn around the fight.

Typically, after the enemies initiate on your allies, they will burn off their cooldowns,
so you can catch them off-guard.

Again, doing this requires you to have good map awareness, through warding and looking at your minimap. Always come from a place where you can surprice them, so that they can't react adequately.

fi fill Your main goal is handicaping the enemy teams' ability to farm safely and nulling the role of the enemy jungler. Item-wise, you should be aimed at getting your boots, your gold generation items and possibly Phage.

Laning phase ends when one lane destroys the oposing team's turret and the players there start to roam.

Guide Top

During the Match: Mid-Game Philosophy

Mid-Game is the transition phase between early and late game. It's hard to suddenly
start acting differently for many new players.

All the more intimidating is the fact that it's not only you - five more players must cope correctly.
But you still must know what YOU need to do, so this chapter can help a lot.

Why is it so important?

Wards are essential to win this phase, as their usage is extended from counter jungling and
warding lanes to warding everything that can possibly pose a threat to your team.

Everyone should buy wards in this phase and ward the crucial brushes on the map.

General Warding: Click to view

Why should I also buy wards?

Supports are fully responsible for wards only lategame, where everyone else has their item slots filled.

But while you have the space, warding is something you not only can, something you should do,
as it can ease up your support a little and make a difference.

Where do I ward?

You, as a jungler can wards your buffs, the enemy's buffs, baron and possibly dragon,
leaving the more situational wards to your support.

Doing so will decrease the enemy's ability to steal from your jungle,
to roam between lanes so easily and help your fellow support save some money for items.

How does it change?

When Mid-Game arrives, farming also is something that changes based on three factors.

These factors are: are your outer turrets destroyed; are they still standing;
do you need to be with your team constantly?

When my outer turrets are destroyed

When your outer turrets are destroyed, farming becomes a tad bit harder, but not impossible:
clear a minion wave, then go back. Repeat when another wave gets a little bit closer.

It is not quick, but it is safe. If you plan on longer term farming,
place wards near the exits of the jungle, so you can see incoming ganks

When my outer turrets are still standing

When your outer turrets have survived, you may continue to farm as if it is early game,
lasthitting and keeping yourself in the safe zone.

But, however, place a ward in the brush behind your turret, in expectations of Turret Dives by the enemy team.

But I also need to be with my team

Sejuani is that kind of girl that always needs to be around her allies, mainly to chase and tank.
But this in no way can stop you from farming.

You can continue to farm, waiting for the right time to pop in or initiate a new teamfight.

To be able to combine farming with tanking, you need to know how to prioritise situations
and that takes some amount of experience and practice.

What is it?

It includes a whole team, a couple of teammates, or solely you sieging enemy structures in a rampage.

Pushing usually follows a teamfight victory, but not always.
Players often push when the enemies are distracted and/or to get their attention.

But when am I safe while pushing?

You are safe when you can see most of the enemy team on the minimap,
being busy with something or if they are dead.

If your intention is only to get their attention, then you should know it is always risky.

What is turret diving?

Turret diving is when you enter a turret's range to kill an enemy and purposely take it's shots.

Turret diving in the mid-game is usualy performed when an enemy with a
survived outer turret thinks he is safe to farm.

How do I help in turret diving?

You have massive crowd control and you are to make sure that the dived enemy does not
kite you and your allies to death.

You should also be the one taking the turret shots, if you have the health handle them, that is.

But how do I know I can succeed?

It depends on the enemy you are facing. Burst mages and tanky sustain champions
should never be dived at low health or alone.

Also, it's good to know that if the enemy never hits you, the turret will simply execute you.
There will be times when this goes to your advantage.

What is there to Dragon?

Dragon is a jungle monster that provides your whole team with a bonus 190 gold.

Not only is that more than what turrets give (150), but it also repeats every 7 minutes.

Execution of Dragon

Dragon can be killed by some junglers even early game, when it spawns at 2:30,
but you are not one of those junglers.

Wait for your team to win something - destroy a turret, get a double kill, etc.

Until then, ward dragon and disrupt enemy attempts to take it.

When the time comes, get it's aggro and tank it, while your teammates deal damage.
Wait to lasthit with smite, to ensure the enemy cannot steal it.

warding of dragon: to be added

fi fill Your main goal now is to keep a balance between farming, being with your team and taking your part in warding. Also, try not to steal from the AD carry's farm.

Guide Top

During the Match: Lategame Team Work and Teamfights

At this stage of the game, you should have your core build.

If you have a proper team compositon, you should be owning the enemy.

Sejuani is always useful.Remember, you should always be with your team,
unless you are sure it's safe to do something else, like farming.

What do you mean by Spotting Enemies?

Spotting lone or few enemies, that are out of position,
is a great way to make an advantage for your team.

It consists of your whole team ganking those lone enemies, so that they are denied gold, you get more fed and future teamfights become easier, as one or a few of the enemies are dead.

So how do I do it?

Well, first, you need great map awareness, by placing wards and destroying enemy wards, at least in your own jungle. You or the support should get Oracle's Elixir at some point.

After you are sure they won't see you coming, gather with your team and attack the enemy fastly, from different sides, if possible, and then retreat, as the enemy team may come and find you out of position.

What is Baiting?

Well, Baiting is a very important way to win teamfights,
as it will allow you to lure the enemy out of position or make them go a 4vs5 against you.

When you or some ally make yourselves seem out of position and tempting for the enemy team,
most players instantly start chasing you.

It's even better if you have some escape tool but allow them to hit you a few times,
this will make them chase you far.

After you lead them to where you want, depending if you are tanky enough, you stop or take cover somewhere and let your team ambush - CC and damage - them.

When I am Baiting

When you (as Sejuani) are baiting, you need to know that you have a stun and you can initiate the ambush. Also be sure they can't see your team with wards

Appear before your enemies, let them start chasing you and Arctic Assault into an obvious direction. When you near the place of ambush, hit them with Glacial Prison and let your team go crazy on them.

When an ally is Baiting

Whan an ally is baiting, wait with your team in a convinient brush, or further away,
because you can join them with Arctic Assault.

When the enemies come you can initiate or follow up, depending on your team composition.

great baiting examples: to be added

Why is Baron Nashor so important?

Well, Baron Nashor is the most rewarding to kill jungle monster.

Not only does he give your whole team a bonus 300 gold (like two turrets),
but he also gives you an insane buff to AD, AP, health and mana regen for 4 minutes.

Execution of Baron Nashor

The buffs that Baron gives work in great favor to the bearer, so your team should always try to take it.
He spawns at 16:00 minutes and every 7 minutes from being killed.

You can kill him mid-game too, but usually Baron Nashor cannot be taken so early against a competent team.

Warding Baron Nashor is top priority
and always check for enemy wards with Oracle's Elixir or Vision Wards.

When you are attempting to kill him, ward the routes that enemy players use to get to the river,
so you can have time to react if they come to stop you.

Keep in mind that Baron Nashor is NOT the highest priotity
and also know that exalted with baron nashor does not win games, it only helps.

proper baron nashor warding: to be added

Role in Teamfights

Your role in teamfights is to be the disruptive tank.What you do is simply charge in,
slow and stun the enemy, take their hits while your own allies kill them.

Now, even mediocre teams will know not to focus you, so there is a certain skill level in tanking,
but for your relief, Sejuani is pretty easy to play.


Since you initiate, you need to know when to:
  • When you have 4 players and the enemy 5, do not initiate.
  • When the enemy is scattered, and you have mainly AoE spells, don't bother initiating,
  • but if you have single target spikers, pick them up one by one.
  • If the enemy is piled up, you can easily stun them all, so, again, it's good to initiate.
  • If you see only the tanky champions of the enemy team, don't initiate.
  • If you see only the squishy ones, rampage in, stun them and kill them quickly.
Results of bad initation may be the following: I initiated but we lost,
because I was the only one who went for the carry.

You should know that this is mainly your fault.
If you are in range to only CC the tanky champions, don't even bother and just back out and wait.

The actual Teamfight and your Wombo-Combo

If you initiated correctly with Glacial Prison, you should not be afraid to dive
right in and go for the enemy carry.

Use Permafrost on your Frosted enemies and turn on Northern Winds to deal damage. Position yourself within them to use Randuin's Omen and then simply focus who is most vulnerable.

All of the above should happen within one second MAX.

When the enemies see how dangerous you are, they will focus you and blow you up,
but until then your allies have more than enough time to finish them off.

It's a pointless game!

There are some moments where you just fed too much and it seems like
the enemy is going to defeat you no matter what.

But the truth is, if you have a good team composition,
you should never give up and start playing smart instead.

But, how do I get back?

Many people know exactly what to do, and it is not very complicated too, but sometimes, you just need to hear it and I hope this helps.First thing is to calm down and think in what your team has a disadvantage:

If you simply need more farm, very carefully and clear minion waves that are closest to you and retreat immediately. Slow or fast farm, after both the enemy and you get all of your items, it doesnt matter that much.

If your whole team is out-leveled and out-farmed (fully f*cked), start playing very defensively,
be very careful, invest your money in wards and start picking the enemy one by one.

If the enemy just has more CC, more damage, more tankiness, apply all of the above, but care to counter them with items, increase map awareness further and use spotting/baiting mechanics to their full extent.

fi fill Your main goal now is simply to disrupt the enemy team and make them believe that it's worth focusing you, so that your carries can siege them at peace. Also, care to never be out if position or leave your team, because you are important in every strategy that your allies will use.

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Mini-Guide: Laning with Sejuani (Early Game)

Sejuani is underestimated as a laner, especially in the solo top role.

But the truth is, that Sejuani can easily survive the "suicide lane" (1vs2) and even be very usefull on solo top.

Pick her as a laner when you have a carry or a non-tanky champion in the jungle like Master Yi, Tryndamere, Shaco, Kayle, Gangplank(depends on how you build him) and possibly Nocturne.

Keep in mind that there are better solo top tanks in general (like Shen), so when you pick Sejuani at solo top you need to have a specific champion composition in mind that requires exactly her skillkit.

Enjoy the Mini-guide I give for her on Solo Top Laning:

Lets go over the Pros and Cons of this build:


+If played right, can be like an unmovable brick in lane
+Great health, early tankiness and good damage
+Farming is a more easily executable option
+Amazing gank coordinator


-No ranged abilities, thus no trading power whatsoever
-Only decent armor and magic resist for lategame
-No health sustain, unless you choose the ap oriented build
-Needs a good gank to get the upper hand



greater mark of desolation
I choose it because I take 10% magic penatration in my masteries, simply to compensate.Helps with last hitting.

Greater Mark of Precision
They can help a laning Sejuani, depends on how you build her.They should give you more armor and magic penatrtion combined than any other rune.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
For when you decide to build her more ap oriented.


Greater Seal of Armor
You will most likely be up against a bruiser.They are typically ad, so you'll need the bonus armor.

greater seal of replenishment
If you buy spellvamp and need to cast your spells more often, these are the runes for you.


Greater Glyph of Health
These runes are always usefull, but in my opinion there are some more accurate ones.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
These are the glyphs I recommend.They give you a nice bonus to magic resist lategame, which you need, because you will be giving armor a tad bit more attention.


Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Awesome quintessence.Definitely the best choice.

Greater Quintessence of Health
Helps you get more tanky, not best choice though.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
If you decide to build ap, a viable choice.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
Same as above.

greater quintessence of desolation
If you decide to build yourself in a more bruiser fashion.

greater quintessence of vigor
Also a viable choice for a bruiser Sejuani, because you have no health sustain that way.


You should generally improve your survival, because you need it
  • Take 9 points in offence, improving your Ignite if you took it, adding 3 points to abillity power, if not, add 4 points instead.Also take the cooldown reduction and magic pentatration masteries.If you are going for a bruiser build, take 3 points in damage, 1 in increaed minion damage, all in attack speed and armor penatration.

  • Put 21 points in the defence tree, not taking the masteries revolving around jungling.Max the bonus armor and magic resist, also the bonus health regen and bonus health, then take Siege Commander and max the bonus cooldown reduction then max Honor Guard and Juggernaut.

Skill Sequence

You will probably need your Arctic Assault for when your jungler ganks and also to escape.It's more of a utillity spell so only take one point at level 1 and leave it there, maxing it last.

Max either Permafrost or Northern Winds first, depending on weather your jungler has more CC or more damage.

Summoner Spells


Heal helps you survive the solo top lane, and you can also cast it while cc-ed.Turned out to be a great summoner spell after the buff.

Great for utility.Best choice for a summoner spell.


Works for getting faster to battles, heck, even initiate.You already have a built-in flash too.

For shutting somebody down.Take when no-one on your team has it.

You are not much of a backdoorer or pusher, but you do need to be with your team, so this helps a lot.

Interesting Items

There are two general ways to build Sejuani in a lane.
The first one is almost completely the same as the jungling build, but with the difference that you rush Randuin's Omen and Atma's Impaler and you don't need to get so many gold generation items.
The second one is a more AP oriented build that may deal more damage, but it doesn't provide that much of a defence.

Bruiser Sejuani:

Doran's Shield
For me it's the best item for a new solo top Sejuani player.Gives all the stats you need to stay there almost as long as you wish.

Regrowth Pendant
If you are more experienced and want to rush a gold generating item, such as philosopher's stone.

Ninja Tabi
These are the boots that will protect you the most at solo top, sice most of the best solo top champions are AD.They also give you a % based damage reduction...AWESOME, and cheap too.

Mercury's Treads
If you need help against CC or are laning against a NASTY Vladimir or Kennen.

Heart of Gold
Your first step towards getting Randuin's Omen.Also generates a great amount of gold.

zeke's herald
If you really want some better sustain, get this item.

Randuin's Omen
As I said before, this is the best tank item EVER.

Atma's Impaler
You are a solo top now, thus a HUGE investment on your team, so you typically want to get some decent damage too.

Trinity Force
If you have had some successful ganks by your jungler and ganked mid at least once you'll probably have the money to start this item off.But keep in mind, it may not be the best choice for you, as you have already went the atmog's combo.

Wit's End or Ionic Spark?
If you really want a quick damage increase though, these items are a much better alternative to Trinity Force, since they're cheaper.Take Wit's End if you need more MR or take Ionic Spark if you want something that synergises with your Atma's Impaler.

Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet?
Both help your Northern Winds and the passive effect from Atma's Impaler. Frozen Mallet is more expensive and gives less health, in trade for the awesome passive.You decide.

Banshee's Veil or Force of Nature?
Since you're using the atmog's combo, Banshee's Veil seems like a much more attractive option.BUT keep in mind that the bonus movement speed from Force of Nature may be excellent.You decide.

Frozen Heart
With that much health, you can finally settle for more armor.And CDR.

Sunfire Cape
A good choice if you decide to pick Force of Nature over Banshee's Veil or otherwise.

Guardian Angel
If you feel like more tankiness, pick this item, you can perform some sweet stunts with it.

Bruisers are very flexible, so you should definitely not buy items always in the same order I gave or only the items I presented.

AP Sejuani:

Doran's Ring
It's a solid way to begin a game, and also you can stack these items if you falling behind a little.

Meki Pendant
If you are more experienced, you can buy this item instead.

Amplifying Tome
With this you can build kage's lucky pick, or begin your Hextech Revolver

Ninja Tabi
Still get defencive boots, because a glasscannon melee character is kinda useless.Plus you need to stay around to deal damage.

Mercury's Treads
If you need them.

Hextech Revolver
You can buy it and leave it there for the moment.When you deal low damage, 8% don't matter that much.

Fiendish Codex or catalyst the protector?
Depends on what you need. catalyst the protector builds into a Rod of Ages which gives more of the stats you need, but it's more expensive. Fiendish Codex upgrades into Morello's Evil Tome which gives a lot of ap, CDR, and mana regeneration + it's cheap, leaving aside the fact it gives no defencive stats.

Rod of Ages
I always prefer to get this item first.The earlier you buy it, the fastest you can benefit from it's full stats.

Morello's Evil Tome
Sejuani really need CDR and mana sustain, this is a cheap way to get some.

Will of the Ancients or Hextech Gunblade?
Will of the Ancients increases your spellvamp by 8%, which is a lot when you start dealing some serious damage.It is very cost efficient for the AP it gives.But if you are building some kind of hybrid, Hextech Gunblade is better, also when someone on your team already has built a will of ancients.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
I don't usually get both RoA and this item at the same time, but your Northern Winds really benefit from it, and your slows are increased even further.

Rabadon's Deathcap
If you trully wish to be an AP carry get this.Your AP will suffer an amazing increase.

Frozen Heart
The little AD carries are probably bugging you by that time, so get a little armor and attack speed reduction to get along with all of your health.

Zhonya's Hourglass
This is an alternative to Frozen Heart, gives more AP, less armor, but an awesome active.If you are more experienced, get this.

Abyssal Mask
You can sell your Morello's Evil Tome if you can get CDR from elsewhere or get it instead of Frozen Heart, if you have problems with the AP carries.

Void Staff
Not a good choice, but if you're pwning, you can get it to completely crush the enemy and their tries to counter you.

AP builds are very flexible, so you should definitely not buy items always in the same order I gave or only the items I presented.

Laning Philosophy

Just some pointers:

  • You will often be farm-hungry against other solo top champions, but NEVER forget that you yourself are an amazing ganker and often it will be up to you to iniate ganks(pretty easily for that matter), instead of your jungling partner, so you can come out ahead in gold and farm.

  • Never forget that you have a level advantage and you should use it to surprise gank mid as soon as you hit lvl 6.Being a little more farm independant than most of the bruisers gives you that option.

  • If you are brutally outlaned, play passively until a gank comes.The sudden aggresion will surprise the enemy, especially when you dash towards him and slow his *ss for the kill.

  • Always last hit when you can.But don't aoutoattack creeps.That will put you in a further direction form your turret, thus leaving you very fragile to enemy ganks.

  • Ward yourself!And always look out for when the enemy places their wards in the brushes, so you can warn your teammates.

  • Sejuani is NOT a solo top that can finish the job by herself.All of the kills and assists you get at top will probably be with the help of your jungler.


Both AP or Bruiser, you will need to play very carefully.

You are really outperformed by most solo top champions, so only brais can win you the game.

Your farming should be constant, last hitting - sharp, when you're not too harassed.

While being a bruiser, your build does not differ much from the jungling one and you can still perform the tanking role for your team, but mind you that atma's impaler is almost a must, since the team ivested a whole lane to you(and you probably won't get so much assist or kills that you usually get from ganking.

Being AP gives you more damage and more sustain, but it's more expensive, so you need to put your brain to the limit so that you can farm your items in time.You can initiate fights like this, but you definitely need to be more carefull, as you are not so tanky anymore.

A hybrid between the two build variations I presented is possible (AP tank), but it will be even more expensive and hard to get in time to be effective.
If you are building an AP tank, you better do that when you jungle, it's more possible, even though it is NOT better than the Bruiser-like build I presented on jungling.

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Mini-Guide: Sejuani on Dominion

Ok, so on Dominion fulltanks are not as needed as offtank are.

So, can Sejuani bring something to the table?

Yes, her monstrous CC and the decent damage that my dominion build gives her.

Enjoy the Mini-guide I give for her on Dominion:

Lets go over the Pros and Cons of this build:


+Amazing point capture ability
+Great health, mana, armor and magic resist
+Cheap build
+Good movement speed


-Only decent damage
-Only decent armor and magic resist
-No health sustain
-Before the finished build, sometimes is ignored



greater mark of desolation
I choose it because I take 10% magic penatration in my masteries, simply to compensate.

Greater Mark of Precision
If you have these, they are the best choice, simply because I build Sejuani as a hybrid on Dominion.


Greater Seal of Armor
Still a great choice for Sejuani.I prefer mana regeneration seals though.

greater seal of replenishment
Best choice for Sejuani on Dominon, you yould need to cast spell more often, without having blue buff.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
This one is needed to decrase your fairly long cooldowns.On Dominion, short 3v3, 3vs2 battles are very common, so you'll need to have your spells ready.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
If you still don't feel tanky enough, take these.I don not recommend them though.


Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
A must for Sejuani on Dominion.No despute, you need early speed so you can take catalyst the protector first and have enough health and mana.Help troughtout all the game too.


You should generally improve your survival, because this build offers less than the one for Summoner's Rift:
  • Take 9 points in offence, improving your Ignite, adding 3 points to abillity power, cooldown reduction and magic pentatration.

  • Take 21 points in the defence tree, not taking the masteries revolving around jungling, health regeneration and tower sieges.Max the cooldown reduction and only one point in Honor Guard.

Skill Sequence

In Dominion, you should generally keep a balance between the levels of your spells, as the line between CC and damage need is more thin than on Summoner's Rift.

Always level up your ulti when you can.

Summoner Spells


Ingite is needed to add that damage just a little bit enough the be noticed, plus to shut down someone's lifesteal

Great for utility.Best choice for a summoner spell.


Works for getting faster to point, to eighter capture or defend.

Great for luring champions into diving you.

Great for capturing or defending Points.


I build her as hybrid, simply because she can't go full ap or ad, besides it's easy, cheap and allows for defensive items too.

catalyst the protector
Pick this item first - it allows you to have more health and mana, also, replenishing them when you level up.Good item for Dominion, as it allows you not to go back for a long time.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
You need CDR so take these boots.With them and all of you masteries and runes, you should have arounf 40% close to level 18 :).

Rod of Ages
Gives you what you need - Health, Mana and abillity power.Pick it up first, so that you gain it's full stats earlier.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Great alternative of Rod of Ages.Works with your Atma's Impaler and slow's targets even more.Gives less ap and mana though, you'd be very mana hungry with this :(.

Ionic Spark
Your passive benefits from it, and the passive effect is geat.Gives more health.It's very cheap too.

Wit's End
Better single target damage, better Magic Resist if you need any.No health.Replace Ionic Spark with this if you feel like there are mages who threaten you, or you need more damage to single targets.

Odyn's Veil
Great replace of Banshee's Veil, take it so that you can be more durable and unleash crazy damage at the same time.Synergises godly with your other abillites.(Hit with Glacial Prison, then Arctic Assault into them. then use Northern Winds and then activate Odyn's Veil.Works like a charm.

Locket of the Iron Solari
Also an awesome item.Cheap, gives great stats and a great active.

Atma's Impaler
With this you trully become a hybrid.You convert the large healthpool into AD an start dealing decent damage to your enemies, while being deceptively tanky, for dominion that is.Your amazing spells, CC, item build and utility make up for the lack of insane damage that other offtanks have.


Sejuani is not a bad choice on Dominion.

You are really tanky( 3300 health, 160-170 armor, 120-130 magic resist), have decent offencive stats (181 attack damage, 80 ability power, +50% attack speed, 18% critical chance, around 40% cooldown reduction)

But the most of your damage comes from your items - Ionic Spark and Odyn's Veil which can do to 550 burst together, along with your spells(240 ( Arctic Assault), 300 ( Permafrost), 400 with your ulti and much more with Northern Winds.

This makes a total of 1490 + a single attack that might crit(362 ad)= 1852 + your Northern Winds single target spike!Need I remind you that all of your spell are AoE?

That's not little, if we look at your defencive stats and the pure utillity of your spells!

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Mini-Guide: Sejuani on the Twisted Treeline


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Mini-Guide: Get into the Metagame!

Know how team compositon works, where you should be during the matches and what you can or cannot do.

I can only give you a slight direction, but this is achieved through many matches.

At some point, you will have a natural sense of what to do, who to pick, counterpick, etc.But you probably need a helping hand to get there.

Current meta:Offtanks.
Wtf are offtanks? Glad you asked.

Champions who excel at tanking damage, while dishing out punishment of their own, not with damage items, rather than using their skill kits.

Examples are: Irelia, Jarvan IV, Lee Sin, Renekton, Nasus, Gangplank(errr...not so much, but still works), Shyvana(classic) and last, but not least, the champion who started it all: Garen!

How to play them: Go solo top or jungle, farm, farm ,farm for about 15 minutes, then go gank, get kills, you'll be susrprised by your damage output.

Get Trinity Force, Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler (this is your core Build) then general tank items.

Not so diferent from my Sejuani build, huh, but I still call her a what is the differnce?

Well, dear summoner, the skill kit is the difference.Offtanks don't have so much MASSIVE CC, but what they lack in CC make up for in damage.I could never imagine that Sejuani can dish out as much damage as Irelia would with this same item build!But Irelia cannot AoE stun the enemy team and Permafrost the cr*p out of them, can she?You have decent damage as Sejuani, it's just Irelia has it better.

Moral - always have one on your team.They typically get tanky earlier than you do, so that's very usefull.

Current Metagame Team Composition:

1.Mage - Annie/ Ahri/ Fizz/ Vladimir/ Morgana(I recommend) (mid)
2.Carry - Miss Fortune/ Graves/ Vayne/ Ashe (bot)
3.Support - Janna/ Sona/ Soraka/ Taric (bot)
4.Jungler - Sejuani/ Amumu/ Lee Sin/ Udyr (jungle)
5.Offtank(or tank if your offtank is in the jungle) (top)
6.***aissin(works too, only if you have a jungling tank or your support is tanky like Taric) (top)

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My advice and results:

match results: click to view

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