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League of Legends Build Guide Author aDaptor

Tactical Twitch

aDaptor Last updated on August 1, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Table of Contents

Advanced Tactics

Team fights
Wrapping up



Hi everyone! I am aDaptor, and this is my guide for Twitch. Twitch is one of my favorite champions and is a very strong AD Carry. I hope you will enjoy to read the guide as much as I enjoyed to write it.

About Twitch

Twitch is and Attack Damage Carry. As Attack Damage Carry your role is to build massive damage to kill enemies from distance.

Twitch's normal auto attacks has normal range, but his utlimate boost his auto attacks with 300 additional range and makes him the longest range ultimate (that isn't only for 1 hit E.G Caitlyn's ult). Twitch scales OK in early and mid game, but in late game his damage is Godlike.

Twitch is super squishy and aren't able to take damage at all. Twitch has normal range on AA (550) as the most AD Carries and will then be outranged of champions like Caitlyn.

Pros & Cons

+ Pros +

+ Fun to play.
+ He is a ranged champion.
- DoT apply on hit passive.
+ Twitch deals tons of damage.
+ Outduel most other carries.
+ You can really be the plague rat.

- Cons -

- Hard to master.
- Twitch is super squishy.
- Focused in Team Fights
- Ambush may be delayed, disallowing easy escapes.
- Oracle's Elixir makes you visible.



Twitch is a AD carry and needs a lot of damage. As AD carry the 21-9-0 is standard. It gives you a nice amount of damage, crit, armor pen etc. As AD carry your main job is to do damage with spamming autoattacks, so I put 4 points in Fury for some extra attack speed. I also max Deadliness and Brute Force for more damage with basic attacks.

Havoc is very nice too, it powers all your attacks(basic attacks and abilities) with 2%. Weapon Expertise and Sunder is must have! The armor penetration is so nice to have against enemy champions. Since I buy items with much crit like Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer I choose to have Lethality for more damages on crit. Infinity edge already gives 250% damage instead of 200% on crits, and now you are at 255%.

Frenzy is a very good Mastery to have in teamfights. Since you have a nice amount of crit from Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer you will crit a lot and give you higher attack speed. Executioner gives 5% damage on targets below 50% HP, it is very nice to have the whole game, specialy in early game you can have it to finish off the enemy.


The 9 points that is left can be invested in either the utility tree or the defense tree. I prefer to have 21-9-0 for the defense, but 21-8-1 is also nice if you want the cooldown reduction on Flash from Summoner's Insight . The 21-9-0 is the safest way to play. You gain a nice amount of health, armor and magic resist that you will find really useful. If you are new or just unskilled with Twitch; this is the best choice for you.


Alternatively you can invest the 9 points in utility tree, but be careful.
If you feel safe playing Twitch and don't get caught by the enemies you can replace the defensive masteries with those; but i warn you, it can result in that you have to you buy much more 's. This is a kind of more advanced play on Twitch. It is, as said more risky, because you won't have the defense. Instead you will get some more movement speed, cooldown reduction and longer neutral buffs. I only recommend this setup for more skilled Twitch players.



Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

greater mark of armor penetration

greater quintessence of armor penetration
AR pen marks makes you AA ignore some of your enemy armor. It's great against champions, you deal a lot of damage, but they are useless against the minions low armor. AD marks is better for last hitting minions, so they are better in use if you find it hard last hitting. You can also go mixes between those runes, E.G 6 armor pen and 3 AD, vice versa or anythings thats fits your playstyle. Armor seal is basic runes; you need have the armor from them to survive the enemy AD carry.
Magic resist glyphs is basic runes too, you need them while fighting AP casters (stacking Ability power).

I prefer to have AD quints for easier last hitting on minions and more damage to your spells

Marks and Quintessences: I prefer to use Armor Penetration Marks and Attack Damage Quintessences, but it is of course possible to do it vice versa, all about if you high AD or Armor pen. a mix is possibe too.

Lifesteal quints could gives some nice early healing on hit. These are nice if you don't have a sustain support (E.G Blitcrank, Thresh).

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is also a good choice since the carry does attack damage and most support has low AP early.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Summoner spells

Summoner spells is mostly about what you prefer, but here I show you the spells I find most useful for Twitch:

Is must have skill for all ADC, you are super squishy and as Twitch you have no natural quick escape. Flash is a very nice escape and will be your life saver. It teleports you til there you have your mouse, but only in a short range. I let you jump throught walls, that will really help when escaping!

Which walls can you flash throught?

Thanks to BBz for the picture


Is a good summoner spell. It removes debuffs on you. That means slows, stuns etc. It is really needed against strong slows/stuns as Veigar's Event Horizon


Gives you a nice shield for some few seconds. Imagine you are low HP and chased by 3 champions. You run to your turret, while the enemies keep damage you with their long ranged skills you realize you can't survive. Suddenly your remember Barrier and uses it 0,5 sec before your last HP would be gone. You run to the turret, you survived!


Is a nice summoner spell. It slows the enemies attack- and movement speed, and reduces all damage. It is nice against 1-2 players and in teamfight. In teamfight you can place it on their carry. As their carry is their main damage they will really feel that loose. The carry will be easier to kill too. Don't take Exhaust if you support takes it.


Ignite is a very risky summoner spell, it gives you no defense at all. But it can still be taken if the enemy has low burst and high sustain.

Myself I don't like Ghost, but you may do if chasing is your thing. I think ghost is too risky because it's not a quick escape. If you aren't level 12 yet, bring ghost; a escape at all is better than no escape.

Clarity, Teleport, Revive, Clairvoyance and Smite don’t really have a fits bottom lane. If you want Heal; tell your support to bring it, you won't find it that useful.


Ability explanation

Deadly Venom (passive)
Deadly Venom is a very nice passive. It is a DoT (Damage over Time) dealing true damage every second. It stacks up to 6 stacks(1 stack/hit), more stacks gives more damage. Deadly Venom only applies on basic attacks. The DoT damage increases as you level:

Total damage for deadly venom

Ambush (Q)
After 1.25 seconds after used; Twitch becomes invisble for a certain time. While he is stealthed gets a nice amount of movement speed, so it can be used as escape. It can also be used for chasing enemies. If you start shooting an enemy Twitch becomes visble again, but with increased attack speed for 5 seconds, you can really confuse enemies and make them die with this skill. If your already caught this isn't good for escaping, try use Flash then Ambush to disappear in some bushes.
Warning! Your not stealthed for towers.

Tips & Tricks
[*] Flash away then ambush to disappear
[*] Use it to suprise your enemies
[*] Can be used for chasing or escaping if you aren't caught yet
[*] Confuse your enemies; Ambush + run away-wait-go back-attack---kill
[*] Check bushes
[*] Careful if enemies places pinks
[*] If you got Guardian Angel; Q right before you die and respawn invisible

Venom cask (W)
Twitch Throws a cask of venom that explodes in a middle-big area. All enemies in the area gets 2 stacks of Deadly Venom and gets heavy slowed for 3 seconds. If your chased try to throw Venom Cask on the enemy and then use Ambush. Deadly Venom is also nice to start a fight with, it gives the enemy 2 stacks of Deadly Venom will be useful to get enemy heath down faster.

Tips & Tricks
[*] Try to start with it in a fight to give additional 2 stacks of deadly venom
[*] Throw and use expunge to clear a minion wave
[*] Can be used for slowing enemies chasing you
[*] Resets you auto attack timer (try to auto attack after throwing it)

Expunge (E)
Damages all enemies affected with Deadly Venom. It damages additional damage for each stack of Deadly Venom + 0,2 per ability power and 0,25 per bonus attack damage you got. This i my favorite skill, it has a very long range and will probably let you secure a kill or two. Ignite + expunge is good to finish off enemies, but as said; Ignite is very risky.

Tips & Tricks
[*] Try to get as many stacks with deadly venom, then activate expunge for holy damage
[*] Venom Cask + expunge is awesome for last hitting at clearing waves of minions
[*] Gives you a nice amount of quick damage to all enemies affected by Deadly Venom

Spray and pray (R)
Spray and Pray is your ultimate. It is very powerful and can lead you to a pentakill or atleast a quadra. Don't use this skill wrong, not too early and not too late. It can lead you team to win every teamfight, but wrong use can make you loose the game. You must master how to use it.
For 7 seconds Twitch gains increased range and a high amount of bonus attack damage. Your basic attacks becomes piercing and you hit all enemies in their way(not only your target), so you can hit several enemies in a teamfight.

Tips & Tricks
[*] Can be used to take down a low turret (It has longer range than turrets)
[*] In team fights; try to position like that it's a enemy between you and their carry, so you can hit him too


Thanks to sukero!

Ability sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

First I'll put a point in expunge for early poking. Then I get the venom cask, it's nice because of it's auto 2 stack of deadly venom. As third I upgrade ambush for it's nice attack speed, that makes the enemy easier to kill early

I choose to max out expunge first. Thats cause of the nice last hitting that can give some kills early game. The early game is a very main part of the game; if you play bad and get no kills, you don't get money. Without money; you don't get your items in time, and you will suck the rest of the game. As second I max Ambush. It is an ok escaping ability and can be used for chasing enemy with its awesome increased movement- and attack speed. If you know how to use it you can escape the enemy and then turn back, while you are ready to fight; your enemy isn't.

In the end I max Venom Cask, i think it's better in late game, specially in teamfights.

I put a point in Spray and Pray whenever I can.


Starting items

Is a very nice starting item, and gives you a fair amount of attack damage and health. It also gives a low heal each hit. Buy this if you are going to play aggressive early games, but without heal potions you can be forced to get out of lane. I prefer to buy this if I have a offensive support ( Leona, Taric) and it's possible to get some early kills.

+ x2 s Is very like the Doran's Blade start. Both are aggressive, but Long Sword + x2 Health Potion will keep you longer in lane. None of them are "best", it's all about what you like.

+ x3 s The elixir buff gives you a nice amount of health, so you become tankier and a high amount of attack damage to kill with. This kit is very nice, you can attack enemies without be so afraid of your HP and with extra damage, use your potions when needed. Remember to use this kit in the right moment, because after the 3 minutes buff you got no items. I only recommend this if you know what you are doing.

Early game items

Item Sequence

Doran's Blade

Boots of Speed
After you have chosed starting kit, rush out for Vampiric Scepter. It gives you a nice amount of life steal and attack damage, and it's really cheap. If you haven't chosed to start with Doran's Blade, purchase it after Vampiric Scepter and then Boots of Speed (Notice: if your lane enemies don't pokes very much Boots of Speed aren't really needed before later game).

Mid game items

Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves

Phantom Dancer

Last Whisper

Infinity Edge is your your main damage item. It gives you an awesome amount of attack damage, crit chance and critical strike damage. Get this as first item; as fast as possible, if the enemy carry going for The Bloodthirster he will have an early advandtage on you because it's much cheaper. Later on; you will be the strongest. As second mid game item i choose Phantom Dancer for the attack speed and crit chance. It goes very well with you ultimate. Last Whisper as 3rd item. It gives you a high amount of armor penetration. Speacially nice when facing enemy that is stacking armor.

Other offensive items

Purchase one of the offensive items as 6th purchase.

A very nice item, I buy it late game, I don't think it's need for it before that. It gives you a nice attack damage and life steal. It gives more life steal and attack damage for each unit you kill up to maximum 30 damage and 6% life steal. With the already basic attack damage and life steal it can come up to 100 attack damage and 18% life steal. Very nice for teamfights, the life steal fill your HP in a few seconds while using Spray and Pray.

This item is very nice against tanks. It deal a % of the enemy health, the higher HP they have the more damage! The active steals 15% of enemy health and heal you for the same amount, this can really heal you well since most tanks got loads of HP. It scales well with your ultimate and the active can be nice in early game. Therefore it is a nice replace for Infinity Edge.

Nice item for clearing waves of minions. I don't like it, but you may do. If so it can be replaced with Phantom Dancer.

Defensive items

Purchase one of the defensive items as 5th purchase.

Is a good item against bruirsers. It gives you a nice amount of armor, to protect you from enemy basic attacks and some magic resist, that is nice against AP heavy champions. And then: the unique passive: It revives you with 30% HP after you die. Notice: If you have a bad team that not will take up the fight; don't even think about buying this item, the enemy will just kill you again, easy as nothing.

This is a very popular survival item. It gives you a extreme amount of health. Nice if your enemy does tons of damage.

A very good item if you often are hit by CC in late game. It clears all debuffs on you, supresses too ( Cleanse does not). Quicksilver sash is good to purchase early against Skarner or Malzahar because of they're ultimates (supresses).

Gives you a nice amount of health, mana and magic resist. The passive is pretty awesome; a spell shield that blocks 1 enemy spell. The shield is nice to have if your against a AP heavy team.

Pretty like Mercury's Treads, just stronger. Remember that you can't use both (the effects don't stack). It's used for the same as Mercury's Treads; if your against a CC heavy team, the passive will lower the effect. Replacement for boots.

Boots and enchantments

Berserker's Greaves Gives cheap attack speed. Remember that tier 2 boots not longer has to be purchased on first recall due to the speed boost to all champions from the start of S3, it's ok to wait with them. Mercury's Treads Lowers the duration of CC. Nice if you didn't bring Cleanse and are against a team with strong CC. Purchase this instead of Berserker's Greaves.

Enchantment: Alacrity gives you a fair amount of general movement speed, that means nice mobility. I find this useful when your team is at enemy base, and you can recall and run back faster and keep fighting. Enchantment: Furor gives you a fair amount of movement speed when hit a target. Nice enchantment for chasing enemies. Enchantment: Homeguard is a very good purchase if enemy is in your base, you can recall a lot; because you instantly fill up health and mana. It also gives you a extreme movement speed for some time; so you can get back in fight. This item has saved my nexus several times.


Early game

In early game; keep farming and farming and farming. You will get tons of gold that will be nice to have. Try to get some early kills, you need them. When you get the chance; attack, but let your support know what you are doing.

Mid game

Now you should atleast have Infinity Edge and probably Phantom Dancer. It is now people start leaving their lanes and pushing mid. Remember to never be alone in the jungle. You are an easy target when far away from your turrets and teammates. The team fights starts.

Late game

Now you should go for Baron Nashor , if you haven't already killed him. If the enemy is already there, a fight will start, you will probably win, cause the enemy already has taken some damage from baron. This doesn't mean you are going to let the enemy attack baron first, ever be the first! And remember to not get caught by baron.

Team fights

In team fights stay behind, and be very careful! As said: Twitch is very squishy, and if you're in range you are guaranteed to be attacked. It can be nice to wait some seconds before you participate in the fight. Start with throwing in an Venom Cask to give the enemies 2 stacks of Deadly Venom. Then activate Ambush (for attack speed) and Spray and Pray. The damage will be extreme high if you got the right items, aim for the target in the middle, your shots hits everything on it's way.

Order of importance in team fights


Since Twitch is AD carry you are playing bottom lane, and you got a support at your side. Keep poking the enemies and make them use their potions. Push the lane and keep them at low health. Wait for mistakes and then give your support a sign for fight. Let your support start it with a stun slow etc. and then attack. If your support knows his stuff he will let you finish the enemy. Try to also get your jungler in for a gank as often as possible.

The three zones


Farming is very important if you are going to do it good in the game. It is the easiest way to earn gold, and it is safe. As AD Carry you are going to last hit the minions as much as possible IF you aren't pushing the lane. If you have a nice support that knows his stuff he will probably let you farm free the first 20 minutes.
Here is a video guide for farming/last hitting

Twitch video guide
Thanks to freemmogamer for the video!


As I think support is much about prefence I think Twitch can do nice with almost all supports if they can work togheter. Anyway; here I have listed the support I think works best with Twitch

Blitzcrank is awesome for securing kills. The only he need to do is grab with Rocket Grab and then knock them up with Power Fist. Blitscrank is a offensive support, and got no defense to give you at all.

Uses of rocket grab
[*] Grab enemy into your own turret (Then he takes damage from Blitz, you (Twitch) and the turret).
[*] Grab the enemy out of their turret and then knock them up for an easy kill.
[*] Save Twitch with grabbing away the enemy.

Twitch loves CC and thats exactly what Leona brings to the table. She got a gap closer that immobilises the targte for an half second. She has 2 stuns with her Q (Shield of Datbreak) and her ultimate Solar flare, that also slows nearby enemies (Stuns enemies in center, slows nearby).

Lulu got a nice poke and CC. She got a shield ( Help, Pix!) that also on enemy cast, grants some seconds of vision of them, and a movement speed boost( Whimsy) and she is then very useful if your chased/near death. Her ultimate ( Wild Growth) is pretty awesome; it makes ally target become instantly become tankier for a short duration and knocks up all enemies surronding her target. This is really awesome for killing, towerdiving or make ready for ganks.

Sona is a nice support that brings a lot of buffs. She got movement speed buff from Song of Celerity. Very nice for chasing or escaping. From Hymn of Valor she gives additional damage and ability power. She got a heal too( Aria of Perseverance), and can keep you up longer. The heal also grants you addtional armor and magic resist for a short duration. Sona got lack of CC and none of them are spam-able

Something you maybe didn't know:

Sona got a second CC from Song of Celerity. If she got 3 stacks of Power Chord (passive), Song of Celerity will make her next auto attack slow the enemy for a short duration.

Offensive support. Taric is naturally tanky, and can take a lot of damage for you. His passive on ( Shatter) is truly awesome. It grants you an armor buff equal to 12% of his armor. The active part is truly awesome too, it reduces the armor by the enemies affected when used (in a small area). Less armor on enemies -> More damage from you. He also got a nice heal. Taric got lack of CC; 1 stun ( Dazzle). His ultimate ( Radiance) is also very nice; grants you some attack damage (half of his bonus, but still a fair amount).

Thresh is a good kill securer, with his nice CC. Flay pushes the enemy the direction it is used and slows the enemy for a short duration. His ultimate ( The Box) is CC too. Yes a slow... and it is holy too; He makes a box around himself, and enemies that hit the walls are really hard damaged and holy slowed (99%) for a short duration, but it is enough, because the slow is so holy they won't get away in time anyway. Dark Passage is one of Thresh's abilities and is a shield. He places his lantern one the ground and all allies passing it's circle gets a shield. If you click the lantern you are flashed back to Thresh, and can really be your life saver.

A combo that is nice; This is for wall jumping: Place W -> Q the enemy -> Q again to flash there -> You (Twitch, in ambush) click the lantern and you are both over. -> Thresh knock up and you throws your cask -> If 2-3 enemies: Thresh - The Box, you use ultimate -> end with expunge -> all enemies dead.









Miss Fortune






So dear reader, this was my guide for Twitch. I hope you enjoyed to read it and get something out of it. I have really worked hard with this, so please don't downvote just to troll. If it is something you disagree or you think I should do some changes; post it in the comment field.

PS: Since I am really uncreative and a noob with coding on MobaFire I will gladly accept if some proffesional coder want to give me a shot and help me get a better design.

- aDaptor

Thanks to

- Thanks to jhoihoi for her "Making a guide"

- Thanks to the one that made this

- Thanks to astrolia for her "10 second guide to making a custom table of contents"

- Thanks to BBz for his awesome picture

- Thanks to freemmogamer for the awesome video

- Thanks to sukero for his picture

- Thanks to Meiyjhe and Vynertje for their reviews!

- Thanks to MissMaw for the awesome font.

Change log

29.04.2013 - Guide published
29.04.2013 - Fixed some mistakes with the guide, thanks to Vynertje
30.04.2013 - A team fight and laning part added and fixed some mistakes here and there. Thanks to HeadinPants and YayaFTW
30.04.2013 - Removed The Black Cleaver from items
01.05.2013 - 1k views
01.06.2013 - The guide is back with a lot of changes, matchups & Synergies will come soon
02.06.2013 - Bananaman reviewed my guide and I changed a lot of mistakes & Errors
31.07.2013 - Finished Matchup section, added Leona to support list and fixed some typos/coding errors