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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kha'Zix Build Guide by eco ninja

AD Offtank The Perfect Kha'zix Solotop Guide

AD Offtank The Perfect Kha'zix Solotop Guide

Updated on December 24, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author eco ninja Build Guide By eco ninja 5 5 11,420 Views 12 Comments
5 5 11,420 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author eco ninja Kha'Zix Build Guide By eco ninja Updated on December 24, 2012
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Kha'zix The Perfect Solotop Guide - Introduction

Hello hello. I'm trying to make this fast(Gotta play kha'zix) so here we go.
In this Simple guide I will teach you the way I play Kha'Zix. (And the way you will start playing him.
I hope you have fun and good scores with this here we go.
I already updated the masteries!
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A vicious Void predator, Kha'Zix infiltrated Valoran to devour the land's most promising creatures. With each kill he absorbs his prey's strength, evolving to grow more powerful. Kha'Zix hungers most to conquer and consume Rengar, the one beast he considers his equal.
When Kha'Zix crossed over into this world, he was fragile and ravenous. The animals he first encountered were too small to fuel the rapid evolution he craved. Kha'Zix focused his hunger on the most dangerous creatures he could find, risking his life to satisfy his need. With each kill he feasted and changed, becoming a stronger, faster predator. Kha'Zix soon chased his prey with unrestrained aggression, believing he was unstoppable. One day, while savoring a fresh kill, the predator became the prey. From cover a creature pounced in a blur of fangs and steel, tackling him to the ground. It roared in his face slashing and clawing, and Kha'Zix felt his blood spill for the first time. Screeching in fury, he sliced at the brute's eye driving it back. They fought from sunset to sunrise. Finally, near death, they reluctantly separated. As his wounds closed, Kha'Zix burned with anticipation at the idea of devouring one who could match the Void's strength. He resumed his search for powerful prey with renewed vigor. Someday, Kha'Zix will feast on Rengar.
''Kill. Consume. Adapt.''
-- Kha'Zix
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Pros and Cons

- Without runes it's op anyway so if this is going to be you'r first LoL game it's ok to play -with him.
- It's very fun to play and remebers pokemon evolutions.
- Has 3 escape ways and 3 chase ways.
- He's Kha'zix
- Tons of Damage
- Stealth
- Awsome passive
- He's Kha'zix
- CC
- Good at Carry, Jungler and Solotop.
-Have badass counterpicks
-Not every champ is a good duo with him
-He's ugly
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Counterpick Kha'zix. Kha'zix Counterpick.

Just a few Kha'Zix counterpicks.

Couterpick to
Just a few counterpicked by Kha'Zix

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Runes and Masteries

Bring Phreak's AD Default Rune page.
9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage Flat AD Marks
9 Greater Seal of Armor Flar Armor Seals
9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Flat Magic Resist Glyphs
About quins you can change it a litle.
3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage Flat AD Quins or 3 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage AD per Lv Quins and my favourite Greater Quintessence of Life Steal Flat Life Steal Quins

This will make you Overpowered early game and Greater Quintessence of Life Steal Flat Life Steal Quins are useful late game too.

Here you have the updated masteries ;)
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Summoner Spells

- for an easier and faster escaping method.
- for secure kill

- for reaching the lane faster. If you have a Teemo in your team you can for example teleport into Noxious Trap or to wards.
- it's another good escaping and chasing method but Flash is better.

Pick whatever you want.
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Skill Sequence and Evolutions

Skill Sequence
Full Void Spike Fast but be sure you have 2 poins in Leap at LV.11 I Recomend LV.3 and LV.5
When you already fulled Void Spike go for Taste Their Fear.
Finish last Leap and don't forget to Level up The ultimate Void Assault at LV.6, LV.11, LV.16

My favourite part about Kha'zix is evolutions.
What is the best thing to evolve? HERE you have the awnser.
-->.LV.6/ LV.11



-->if you killed
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The best way to creep with Kha'zx is to spam Void Spike. Start atacking the three Mage Minions and then last hit the Warrior Minions. For Tanky Minions and Super Minions use your Taste Their Fear for bigger hits.

When ganking start with Leap then slow them with Void Spike and finish them with Taste Their Fear and IgniteUse Ignite in the middle of the battle do give more damage. Be sure you have Unseen Threat activated. When they start running use you'r ultimate Void Assault to be sure you killed him or to be sure you are safe.

You have to constantly hide in the bushes This way you are refreshing your passive Unseen Threat.
And when you hide and your passive dont refresh you will know an important information: THERE'S A FREAKIN WARD ON THE BUSH
Spam your Void Spike to piss of your enemy, when he atacks easy kill him with Taste Their Fear and Ignite.
With Sight Ward you will run easily from ganks. When you dont have the ward just slow them with Void Spike and gtfo with Leap
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Wards are a champion's best friends. And the best way to prevent ganks is placing them on the right place.

Kha'zix has 3 escaping ways so you don't need to waste your money on tons of wards. But there is a very useful spot for warding. This spot will prevent you for ganks from the river and from behind.
The Vision Ward Vision Ward will see other wards and the Sight Ward Sight Ward will see the champions aproaching.
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You have 3 options in the beggining of the game.
- Boots Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion
- Boots Health Potion Sight Ward
- Doran's Blade

Then it's time to evolve!

1st item - Mercury Treads to reduce CC - Best Boots Ever.

2nd item - After 15 minutes you start your second item.
If you are getting owned start owning. Armor and Damage is what you need.
Vampiric Scepter or Pickaxe and go fast for Bilgewater Cutlass
If you are already owning own more. Damage v2 and cooldown.
The Brutalizer
If the top lane is still 0/0 or 1/1 take gold items. Ant this crit will make you win your lane.
Avarice Blade
Start Evolving the items.
If you chose Bilgewater Cutlass --> Blade of the Ruined King
If you chose The Brutalizer or Avarice Blade --> Youmuu's Ghostblade

3rd item - Security and damage. Keep nuking in teamfights with the bonus AD and with the shield you are safe!
Finish your shield and damage item.
Maw of Malmortius

4th item - Now it's Serious! You Probably have enough Life Steal so keep your gold until 1650 and buy the Big ****in.
B. F. Sword
Evolve it into the best AD item!

5th item - The First Final Option!
If you don't feel safe buy a second life. But go for the expencier item: Chain Vest
Then evolve it.
Guardian Angel
If your oponents feel safe buy the second B. F. Sword
Then evolve it.
Infinity Edge
You can take instead of Infinity Edge Last Whisper his armor pen and ad are also useful

6th item - The Second Final Options
Just Choose the item you didn't chose before.
Infinity Edge / Last Whisper
Guardian Angel

After the S3 Patch some items were introduced, so here you have some new options when equiping yourself Statikk Shiv, Ravenous Hydra and Mercurial Scimitar
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Kha'zix the Perfect Predator vs. Rengar the Perfect Hunter.

Lets first talk about what they have in comun.

Rengar Briefing

- Just Like Kha'Zix, Rengar can power up his abilities. Empowered SavageryEmpowered Battle RoarEmpowered Bola Strike
- They both have an Unseen Passive that gives them a bonus power if they are stealthed.

- They have their very own characteristic.
Kha'Zix has The Evolutions Rengar Has his own item Bonetooth Necklace

Curiosity: Some people say that if in a draft pick game a team chose both Kha'Zix and Rengar and they switch characters Kha'Zix will be on his Mecha Kha'zix skin

The Hunt is On

This is an event that occurs in games between these two characters.
The event can only occur once per game and begins a seemingly random length of time after the following conditions have been met:
- Kha'Zix has used all three evolution points so he must be at least LV.16
- Rengar has Bonetooth Necklace in possession

Here's the deal:

Kha'Zix must kill Rengar first in order to become the Perfect Predator. If Kha'Zix won he will unlock he 4th evolution point.
Rengar must kill Kha'Zix first in order to become the Perfect Hunter. If Rengar won his Bonetooth Necklace will transform into Head of Kha'zixwich provides the benefits of a fully stacked Bonetooth Necklace
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