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Tristana Build Guide by HighTide29

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HighTide29

Tristana, Bursting and Escaping!

HighTide29 Last updated on June 21, 2015
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Table of Contents
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Tristana Guide

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Who am I? What champion am I covering?

3. Masteries
Where thou placeth those skill points?

5. Runes
What runes allow us to yordle? Alternatives?

7. Abilities
What shall we max on this jumper? How should I use them?

9. Gameplay
What's our yordle role? Little feet role?

11. Synergies
How shall we team up to blow enemies up? Why?

13. Warding
Where should YORDLE be warding? When?

2. Pros/Cons
The good yordle vs. the bad yordle.

4. Analysis on Warlord
"Why not warlord!?"

6. Summoner Spells
The saving spells shall be...? Any alternatives?

8. Itemization
Building from the ground up. How should we build?

10. Matchups
We have enemies, strong and weak? Who's "difficult"?

12. Summary
Let's jump to the end!


Hi everyone, I am HighTide29-don't be getting any thoughts on me being high on rockets, and this is my yordlefull Tristana guide. I worked hard to make this guide the best I could, and I would appreciate any and all feedback that you guys may provide. Tristana is a fun yordle, and she is by far an underestimated one-her Explosive Charge damage and burst.

Without me babbling on, I present to you, my readers and commenters, my Tristana guide. I put an enormous amount of effort into this guide-my first one-so I do implore you to reconsider downvotes pending the actual trial and testing of my guide that you MAY follow. Above all, I thank you for taking the time to read this Tristana guide.
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Pros / Cons


+ Yordle (Who wants to be a part of the Yordle squad?)
+ Powerful AS steroid
+ Rangeful Marksman
+ Heavy pusher
+ Blows people up! ( Explosive Charge, Buster Shot)
+ Towers crumble to this midget...I mean YORDLE!( Explosive Charge)
+ A bouncing yordle! ( Rocket Jump)
Tristana is a champion worth picking up and learning. Her kit allows her to burst down almost any champ and run away. She can damage everyone with one spell (make them explode with Explosive Charge!) and fight from downtown. Her attack speed steroid is not to be messed with and enemies wish to not be jumped on. Bursty as she is, you could not ask for much more-maybe some armor shred, but we leave that to Vayne.

- Annoyance of Explosive Charge
- Weak mid game
- Low range early
- Item dependent
- Mobile-less with abilities on CD
- Stuns, mages, burst = death; can't say much more
Tristana, although she is not satan ( Teemo), she does suffer a lot from her kit. Without any AD items, she is practically useless in teamfights especially if she's behind. Rocket Jump and Buster Shot are her go-to abilities that give her mobility. If they're on CD, not much you can do to "yordle" away. The passive on Explosive Charge causes you to miss CS under turret and even in lane. While her early game is decent, mid game is one of the weakest out of all ADCs. Thus, even being even with another ADC typically will mean this yorlde goes downstream.
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For me, masteries are centered around damage-as is almost any other ADC. This page is not as standard as other pages, but gives a lot of bonus AD. Some of you might be asking yourself, "Why Spell Weaving instead of Warlord ?" I refer you to the next section, 4. Analysis on Warlord, for the answer to that. We cater towards her early/mid game while benefiting much of what she relies on.


Tier 1 - 4 points in Fury provides added AS for her. A point into Butcher makes CSing "easier" and the point into Double-Edged Sword is entirely based on preference. Double-Edged Sword can be picked up if you feel you won't be taking large amounts of damage. Alternative is discussed in Tier 4.

Tier 2 - 3 points into Brute Force gives some more early game burst, but is more noticeable later on in a match as it scales with levels. Expose Weakness does not proc off of Explosive Charge so is not viable on Tristana. A point in Feast forces us to CS correctly so that if Tristana is low on HP, she can regain health in addition to any life-steal she has.

Tier 3 - A point in Spell Weaving , in theory, allows Explosive Charge to do extra damage off of its explosion in addition to its passive. A point into Martial Mastery gives an extra 4 AD and is highly recommended on any ADC. 3 points into Executioner allows us to do an extra 5% damage to enemies under 50% health-which about 3 AD. Tier 3 is damage based and Spell Weaving is EXPERIMENTAL as of now.

Tier 4 - A point into Dangerous Game nets off Tier 4. A 5% restoration of mana and HP especially after a skirmish can make or break Tristana living-because that Ignite always enflames you. Warlord is the alternative to Double-Edged Sword and Spell Weaving . This ability gives 5% more AD based off of BONUS AD. That means any AD from runes, masteries and items affects this stat-does not include AD from Executioner , Double-Edged Sword and Havoc .

Tier 5 - A point in Frenzy will not matter much until Tristana buys Infinity Edge or Statikk Shiv-in some cases. Yet, she relies heavily on AS and adding to her steroid- Rapid Fire-15% at full stacks can add up. 3 points into Devastating Strikes gives us some penetration and thus "more" damage-more than if we hadn't gotten these points.

Tier 6 - Havoc closes out the OFFENSE tree as we have already gotten 20 points into it. Plus, more damage is given. (It causes Tristana to create HAVOC)


Tier 1 - Sustain, sustain. Block does, well, block damage. Not much, but the regen from Recovery and Feast does remedy AAs. Who would like to stay longer for those marvelous jumps?

Tier 2 - Once again: sustain. If it is not obvious, the defense tree caters to Tristana's lovely weakness. Make her happy with more damage reduction from Unyielding and health from Veteran Scars .

Tier 3 - Give the yordle more yordleness! I mean, who would not like to see her hop around enemies with more health? Juggernaut will surely suffice your crave for more Tristana.
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Analysis on Warlord

Those of you questioning Spell Weaving , this section details why I believe it's a better option over Warlord .

Warlord Without Items

For those of you who can read a spreadsheet, here is a look at Warlord at the surface. As you can see, we roughly get around 74 Total AD with about 20 bonus AD. Warlord gives us about 1 to 2 more AD without items. For simplicity sake, we gain 1 AD for every 20 AD we add for AD. Thus, this explains why we only get 1 AD at the beginning. The next section details Warlord even further. Recognize that for these two sections they include Havoc and Executioner stat increases for an idea on potential damage output. Remember, Executioner only applies at under 50% health.

Warlord With Items



Now that you have seen the raw damage given without any itemization, here I detail the amount of AD in say a full game with my example full build. Here, we are analyzing the gold efficiency of Warlord after almost all damage modifiers are added into the damage output. For consistency, we base gold efficiency-explained in image on top of the picture above this paragraph under analysis-on the Long Sword's 10 AD for 360 gold. We divide the gold value by the AD value to give us an efficiency of 36g per 1 AD. As you can see, once we add in items, Warlord gets better, but only by about 10 AD. By level 18 Tristana gains about 12 AD with the respective items in the image. That means we save a buy of a Long Sword and a few pots. Now, adding in Havoc increases early game damage by nearly 6 times. Gold amount saved is the same. However, it drops off to about 2 times at level 18. Either way though, including Havoc is a must.

Warlord with Double-Edge

This is where things got a little more complicated in terms of comparing Warlord with different masteries. However, the premise is the same. The 1st image depicts the general additions of the three different masteries: Havoc , Executioner , Double-Edged Sword and Warlord . The next image will compare total BONUS AD along with gold efficiency between the two setups.

If you notice, the image depicts that once Tristana hits level 6, the quadra mastery setup begins to add up more damage. Even with Warlord only dishing out 3.5% BONUS AD due to only 2 points, it eventually overpowers Warlord with 3 points and Havoc .



Lastly, we examine the amount of gold and AD that each side had and which one had more. When it comes down to it, the quadra mastery setup starts earning more gold after level 6 thereby making it more gold efficient. However, the setup always deals more damage than with only Havoc . However there's more than meets the eye.


A few things to note. 1) Having all four masteries does in fact increase damage output, but at the cost of some early gold efficiency. 2) Although damage is increased, it is only increased between 1% and 2% when compared to only Havoc with Warlord . Based on these observations, we can deduce that Warlord use is purely preferential or SLIGHTLY inferior to different setups-in theory. 3) Lastly, based on the data, it seems that it will depend on whether a player wants early damage or late-game damage. Of course, the 3 point Warlord setup sacrifices Frenzy , but it may just be worth it. YOU decide.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

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Summoner Spells

Heal can be a lifesaver to any teammate, both in-lane and in team fights. Quite effective in turning fights especially early game because of the burst of health and movement speed. Heal is almost always a MUST for any carry.
Flash is another summoner's spell that is almost always taken on any given champion (save for say Poppy) It gives Tristana one more escape tool adding to her already mobile kit. Flash can help her avoid CC that would send the team into a fight they would lose or avoid skillshots that would otherwise lead to a death.


Ignite is sometimes a choice on an ADC such as Tristana. It halves the effect of any heal oriented spell, including Heal. Take this if the team does not have a champ taking Ignite. Otherwise, go with Heal.
I, personally, used to take Barrier more than Heal. However, Heal has been more beneficial than Barrier because it gives health and it stays instead of a shield that lasts for a few seconds. Barrier can be taken if your support is taking Heal instead of Exhaust.

Cleanse is an ability seldom seen on an ADC, but highly effective. I would get this over Heal and have your support take Heal IF the team has multiple CC champs. This allows you to "cleanse" yourself of deadly CC. Be wary though, it does not act like Quicksilver Sash or Mercurial Scimitar as it does NOT do away with Grievous Wounds-i.e. Ignite.

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Draw a Bead
Increases attack range as you level up.
Being able to stand back and fire from a distance is always a plus for Tristana and any ADC for that matter. However, it only gives us mediocre range early to mid game. It's not until after say level 11 that things begin to get better. Tristana is able to AA over the wall to baron and dragon after level 16.

Rapid Fire
Increases attack speed by a percentage.
A shot of attack speed means Tristana has higher DPS and can stack Explosive Charge relatively quick. This means champs will be bursted down quicker and towers will go down much faster than usual. Very useful to split push.

Rocket Jump
Jumps to a target location dealing splash damage and applying a slow.
Tristana's initiator, chase and escape skill. Utilizing this skill correctly takes time to learn, but once you do, you'll be clearing walls, avoiding skill shots, and getting resets to hop your way to vicotry.

Explosive Charge
Applies a projectile to an enemy or tower dealing damage when it explodes.
Your bread and butter ability. Applying this baby applies a "charge" to an enemy able to be hit 4 times before exploding and dealing damage. Early on, it can half health most enemies at full stacks. Usually you'll want to Rocket Jump and Explosive Charge while in the air, but it sometimes is better to apply it first then Rocket Jump. It's passive also gives Tristana insane wave clear.

Buster Shot
Sends target(s) in a backward direction.
Either a disengage, engage or kill secure. Use this when an enemy you cannot fight is chasing to send them back and put some distance between you and them. If you are brave, Tristana can Rocket Jump then Buster Shot mid air to send enemies into a team fight. I personally try to avoid using it as a kill secure, but better to be safe than sorry.

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > =
We want to max out Explosive Charge because of how much damage it can deal in a short amount of time. Rocket Jump and Rapid Fire depends on the player. Rapid Fire can be maxed second for more DPS. Rocket Jump can also be maxed second. Want more escapes or mobility? Here's an option. It is highly preferential between the two. Always max Buster Shot whenever possible.

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Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves - Furor

Infinity Edge

Phantom Dancer

The Bloodthirster

A core item on Tristana. Without it, Tristana is still relatively weak until it is completed. It gives us 80 AD plus some crit chance allowing us to proc Frenzy .

We want this item because of the movement speed and attack speed increases. Although Tristana has "mobility" with her abilities, she has little when it comes to kiting. Thus, getting Berserker's Greaves - Furor helps with kiting enemies and quite possibly turning a fight around.

More crit chances, more movement speed, more attack speed. Plus, you get to move through units. So no more pesky collisions with minions. A core item that allows us to dish out more damage over time.

This item is purely situational, but the changes to The Bloodthirster has increased its usage over Blade of the Ruined King. We get this primarily for the sustainability it brings. The shield, AD and lifesteal give Tristana some nice stats.


There are some lanes in which Statikk Shiv will benefit more than Infinity Edge. However, this will not always happen. I prefer to always stick to Infinity Edge and leave Statikk Shiv for a third or fourth item. This item is entirely preferential, if not, situtational. Sell to buy Phantom Dancer if not a different item.

"What? Youmuu's Ghostblade? You've got to be joking!" I am not. After her rework, it actually became more viable. In addition to a six second movement speed and attack speed boost-with a 60 second CD-10% CD reduction actually benefits the DPS. If Explosive Charge is up more often, in addition to Rapid Fire, Tristana becomes a damage whiz. It gives some well-rounded stats, but is entirely preferential too.

Getting bursted down? Guardian Angel may just save Tristana AND the team. If you're dishing out the damage, but die too quickly, an extra few seconds of life may make or break a match. Extremely situational.

If the enemy team possesses a high number of tanks OR champs that build high amounts of armor, this item is great. In addition to the 40 AD added, it gives 35% armor penetration. So, for example, an attack on say Nasus would go quicker because of this armor penetration. Coupled with Blade of the Ruined King and he will die even quicker. Usually good to combine with Blade of the Ruined King unless the team doesn't build a lot of health.

Got a debuff problem? Not to worry. Without sacrificing much, Mercurial Scimitar can be your best friend in a game with annoying champions who can apply many debuffs to you. Nasus's Wither and Warwick's Infinite Duress are prime examples of debuffs. Get this if you're always "disabled" and unable to dish out damage at a relatively quick pace.

Similar to Youmuu's Ghostblade, Zephyr gives a lot of what Tristana, and you, need in a match. You get some added AD in addition to a multitude of other stats. You get a 10% MS boost and 10% CD with some tenacity as well as AS. I recommend getting Zephyr in cases where even Mercurial Scimitar or Quicksilver Sash isn't enough to deal with CC comps. Not as powerful as the debuff from Mercurial Scimitar, but makes up for it in the other stat categories.

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Early Game

As an ADC, your job is to primarily farm and potentially get ahead and win lane. Poke and CS and trade wisely. Go for potential kills. A summoner spell used means an advantage to you. Tristana CSing under tower is near impossible, so work with your support to try and get as many creeps as possible. Buy B. F. Sword and Infinity Edge if winning. If losing, try to complete Infinity Edge, but buy Doran's Blade for some AD and sustain.

Mid Game

Not completely horrible, but still lacks in comparison to other ADCs. If your ahead/fed, your mid game is far better. If behind, farm as much as possible and do so safely. Try to pick off lone enemies to eventually get ahead. By this time, you SHOULD have Berserker's Greaves and Infinity Edge. You may also have obtained a Phantom Dancer and started your fourth item.

Late Game

This is where you become a freak of nature. By this time, Tristana has a maxed Explosive Charge and quite possibly Rapid Fire as well. Her DPS is insane especially if she has five attack speed items. Team fights will be common. Your job here is to deal damage at a distance and whittle down the enemy team.


Avoid taking charge in a fight. Dish out damage to any and ALL enemies. Focus on the damage dealers first, then move onto the tanks. Jinx and Akali, for example, should be locked down and taken care of quickly. Stay at a distance, but close enough to AA which shouldn't be a problem with Tristana. Use Rocket Jump to get closer onto low HP enemies and utilize both Explosive Charge and Rapid Fire to melt enemies more quickly.

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"You can't kill what you can't see!"

Generally, warding is left to the support. Yet, they can only fit 4 wards on the map which typically cover only the bot lane. That is why ALL champs need to ward. This includes you and any other ADC. By warding, you are giving yourself some leeway from being ganked and not extending lane too far for too long. Without vision, a split push may end in your death. So, if we have all champs warding, we have a total of 20 potential wards. That's more than enough to provide adequate vision to keep you and your teammates safe.
Below is a map of early game warding:

Almost no matter what, you WILL be warding the tri-bush and dragon pit. Basically, all junglers have to come through those areas and having vision of them can save you from your demise. It can do so by alerting you of an MIA enemy coming down to you-typically mid. The bottom bush wards are defensive and typically are placed to avoid surprise hooks, binds and stuns. They can also be helpful to any top with Teleport.

Below is a map of mid game warding:

Mid-game is almost the same as the early game. The only changes are that you have a more broad area of warding. Instead of primarily focusing bot lane, you try and put vision all over your jungle. This, in turn, allows your teammates to enter the jungle safely and put vision on key objectives such as dragon and baron nashor . Having vision is everything. From objectives to enemy champion locations, vision is everything. A good item at this stage is Greater Stealth Totem as having the ability to put down 2 wards without having to buy a Stealth Ward can be important in getting vital items.

Below is a map of late-game warding:

Explanation within the image is pretty self explanatory. Get wards anywhere and everywhere as this is where vision can make or break a game. Don't know where an enemy went? Hope to god that you have wards down so that you can quickly see them and either A) peel away or B) strike him down. If you're at the point in which the enemy team is sieging you, warding over the nexus walls is vital in being able to avoid any skill shots or enemies that can send you into a team fight you will lose.

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The next section will have the champion icon, a "Favors:" and then a spoiler containing why the champ matchup favors the enemy or Tristana.

Favors: Unknown

Favors: Tristana

Favors: Corki

Favors: Draven

Favors: Ezreal

Favors: Graves

Favors: Jinx

Favors: Kalista

Favors: Neither

Favors: Lucian

Favors: Tristana

Favors: Quinn

Favors: Tristana

Favors: Twitch

Favors: Unknown

Favors: Varus

Favors: Tristana

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For right now, I will list the most viable supports for Tristana. I am not at all saying these are the only supports she works with. I will be adding most of the other supports soon too to accurately reflect the chapter description included in the table of contents.

"The Radiant Dawn has arrived!"

+ CC heavy kit.
+ Compensates for immobility when Rocket Jump and Buster Shot are on CD.
+ Great peeler if things go awry.
+ Sunlight increases damage output.
+ Multiple stuns allowing for hard engages.
+ Tanky and can turn a fight in your favor.

"I am the thing under the bed."
+ Increases mobility with Dark Passage. ( Grab the lantern!)
+ Landing Death Sentence leads to an engage usually in your favor.
+ Death Sentence and Flay combo allows you to chase effectively.
+ The Box allows you to AA from a distance without having to get close as enemies typically try not to break the walls.
+ Ranged and can AA from afar.
+ Tanky

"Gems? Gems are truly outrageous. They are truly, truly, truly outrageous."
+ Provides sustain with Imbue-not only to you, but himself.
+ Shatter passive gives massive armor boost allowing you to take more damage.
+ Possesses a stun, Dazzle, for engages to happen.
+ Radiance provides some extra AD and AP for extra damage in all aspects.
+ Tanky and very hard to take down especially if the team is all AD.

"You can't milk those."
+ Triumphant Roar allows more sustain in lane for Tristana.
+ Pulverize can be an effective CC ability.
+ Pulverize acts as an engage for Tristana to burst safely.
+ Headbutt can leave an ADC or support vulnerable for Tristana to jump on.
+ Unbreakable Will can save both himself and Tristana-being able to use Triumphant Roar and other abilities.
+ Similar to Taric in terms of tankiness.

"Not all angels are good."
+ Dark Binding is a powerful CC ability.
+ One Dark Binding = death.
+ Tormented Soil provides constant poke.
+ Black Shield can save you from any CC as well as magic damage.
+ AP heavy and thus can help burst down enemies without sacrificing utility.
+ Soul Shackles can CC stun ALL enemy champs.
+ Pokey with ranged AAs.

"Only you can hear me, Summoner. What masterpiece shall we play today?"
+ Provides massive sustain with Aria of Perseverance.
+ Shield from Aria of Perseverance can save you and turn teamfights.
+ Hymn of Valor can be used as constant poke in conjunction with your AAs and Explosive Charge.
+ Song of Celerity provides some mobility for you to get around more quickly.
+ Power Chord passive can allow for better chasing, better poke and damage reduction.
+ Crescendo's CC can easily turn a team fight around.
Note: She is SQUISHY so lane can be more passive than usual.

"I could go for a twirl... Whoa, whoa whoa ah, wooh!"
+ Poke heavy
+ Shield coming with extra damage from Pix, Faerie Companion
+ Mobile with Whimsy and can aid mobility of ADC
+ Wild Growth adds HP and can turn fights
+ Whimsy can pacify enemy champs-disable spells/abilities

"Mother always said - float like iceberg, sting like thrown iceberg!"
+ Concussive Blows can stun and leave an enemy defenseless
+ Winter's Bite can slow targets for easier chases
+ Tanky
+ Provides extra stats with Stand Behind Me
+ Can block any and all projectiles with Unbreakable
+ Powerful knockup and slow with Glacial Fissure

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Tristana is a fun champion to play as a whole. As of her rework, it's more than pressing "Q" to activate Rapid Fire and "E" Explosive Charge. If you have any comments or questions about anything in my guide, please don't hesitate to post them.

Upvote if you liked the guide, and downvote if you absolutely feel it's necessary to do so. For anyone who does downvote, please inform me of why and I will do my best to change up the guide to reflect your opinion.

Happy "Buster Shotting" with Tristana

-"Megling Gunner" HighTide29

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May Creation 2015

  • Created guide and started editing.
  • Guide edited and published.
  • Changed runes from scaling armor and mr to flats.
  • Changed ability sequence to accurately reflect LoL skill point system.
  • Added Last Whisper to "Items" under "Alternatives".
  • Added note to Explosive Charge in "Pros/Cons" with change in patch 5.9.
  • Added "Lane Matchups and Synergies" to "Future Additions".
  • Added "Matchups" to guide.
  • Changed Miss Fortune matchup from "Favors: Miss Fortune" to "Favors: Tristana" and updated "Matchup".
  • Added "Synergies" to guide - incomplete.
  • Fixed Cleanse icon size in "Items" "Summoner Spells".
  • Fixed a couple grammatical and aesthetic errors in "Summoner Spells" section.
  • Changed Cleanse description as it was incorrect to what it "cleansed" you of.
  • Added Mercurial Scimitar to "Items" under "Alternatives".
  • Alistar and Sona added to "Synergies".
  • Changed "Changelog" layout for ease of readability.
  • Changed "Table of Contents" layout and color of titles.
  • Moved note on Explosive Charge to within explanation of pros.
  • Touched upon jargon in "Pros / Cons" and "Masteries".
  • Added Zephyr to "Items" under "Alternatives".
  • Corrected grammar in "Matchups".
  • Added Morgana to "Synergies". Moved Sona down in the list.
  • Added "Warding" section to guide.
  • Decided to start "sprucing" up the guide-making it less bland and more humorous - IN PROGRESS
  • Changed title from "Marksman Tristana - A Hidden Assassin" to "Tristana, Jumping and Escaping!"
22nd June
  • Sentence structure changes - still sprucing up guide.

Future Additions

  • Videos of Gameplay
  • Lane Matchups and Synergies (Started, but Incomplete) - Priority
  • Touch Up on Sentence Structure and Grammar
  • Addition of Other Sections
  • Photos of Ward Placement and Ward section after


  • Any Reader Suggestions

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Special Thanks to:

jhoijhoi's Making a Guide guide for most of the templates!
jamespongebob A Coding Service guide for help on other coding and giving ideas for future changes!
astrolia's Guide to Making a Custom Table of Contents guide for helping me create the table of contents!
astrolia's Support Guide Supplement guide for warding images!