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Shaco Build Guide by Emo angel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Emo angel

[Updated] Shaco Malfoy [AD, AP, Tank, Supp]

Emo angel Last updated on June 12, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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Preseason (2016)

Recently came back to League, and this Build brought me huge success! I'll be updating the guide all the way back up to 6.10. But for now, the updated Bruiser Shaco is the best bed with carrying games!

Follow and watch the stream; lets experiment some builds together

Subscribe to my youtube Channel I'll update Shaco tips and tricks and Shaco montages right after my stream kicks of!

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About AP Shaco

I'm Currently still trying out a 45% cdr build on AP Shaco, I will update on how it goes, It feels nice with the boxes, but honestly I'm not sure if its even worth. So I'll keep you all updated! meanwhile try it out for yourself and let me know if you have success with it :)

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Hello internet and welcome, to my Shaco guide!

I'm Emo Angel, I used to go by the name l Shaco Malfoy l, and today I'm here to teach or show you on how to play/not play Shaco.
In short, I have Hundred and hundreds of Shaco games under my belt, mostly in normals and whatnot. I got a few team ranked games with him (62% winrate average), but thats about it, This does not influence my knowledge of the champion in anyway. in fact the only reason I don't play ranked a lot is cause I can't be asked to play competative and a 12 year old kid is shouting at me 'cause his mommy told him he deserves diamond.

Why would you read my guide then?
Well simple, it's up to you if you going to take this guide and learn from it so you can improve your Shaco game, or look for another guide, I'm not here for you, I'm here for me.

As I play the game and I see a Shaco, half of the time I'm sure they have no clue what they are doing, and that is why this guide is here. I will show the basics on how to master the young Shaco and not look like an idiot or total scrub...

NOTE: Every elo and game is different, so it's up to you to adept in game, I can only teach you what I know and what works for me, I can not play your game for you, or expect you to have the exact same play style as me.

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Tips & Tricks

I'm busy making some tips & Tricks videos for Shaco, I will link them as they are done!
Feel free to follow, subscribe and like the video if you learned anything new. Thanks for reading my guide and watching my vids! <3

Some Advanced Box Tricks for Shaco

Fun in URF ^^

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Runes and Masteries

Why These runes, Let me explain.

Seal of Scaling Health - Well as a Shaco you won't be doing a lot of tanking camps, since you have boxes for that. This is why I recommend Scaling HP, mainly because this will be more useful later on in the game, the extra Hp will make you live a little longer and/or survive some burst damage, This might also let you get some early ganks of with more Hp thus not risking dying as fast. If you really really need to, I guess taking armour isn't to bad, I just prefer these.

Mark of Attack Damage - Shaco scales really well with AD, so getting as much AD early is great for some early ganks and dueling capability. Getting these over Armor Pen might be the difference between you getting first blood or first blooded

Glyph of scaling Magic Resist - I like these Glyphs especially for late when I need that extra Magic Resist, if really needed you can get flat Magic Resist and not scaling, but if done correctly these runes should be efficient.

Quints of attack speed - Attack speed quints help you clear your camps faster, These runes are required if you plan on counter jungling, You don't want to get caught in enemy lines, that's why a quick clear is needed. also the more AA's you can get of while the camp is attacking the box, the better!

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Pros / Cons


-Really strong ganks
-High counterjungle potential
-One of the best kits in-game
-Strong duel potential
-Really good at split pushing
-Fun AF! I mean come on!


-Has troubles vs tanky champs, Thornmail
-Fun to play but hard to master
-Shaco players get a Toxic label
-Shaco is never really in the meta or out
-You can get carried away and throw games, be careful!

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Let's start of with the core items, why should you get them?

- Stalker's Blade - Warrior
This item is great on Shaco, I usually get this item if I plan on getting a lot of ganks of early, Although the smite doesn't do a lot of damage, it's the slow you want. A well executed Deceive behind the target with a well placed Jack in the Box, will make every gank deadly! If the champion doesn't have a gap closer, your fear is guaranteed to go off

- Skirmisher's sabre - Warrior
This item is the alternative item to Stalker's While it doesn't have a slow, if you are certain your ganks will turn out well, go for this item. This adds more damage to your burst, it may not be jaw dropping, but it's a fair amount, you take 20% less damage so it wont be too risky to gank assassins like zed or talon

- Ravenous Hydra
Personally I love this item, an early Tiamat will help your clear A LOT! Clearing a camp will be a breeze. Ravenous Hydra will always keep you healthy and the life steal might safe you in clutch moments. This also adds to your burst, a Deceive behind the target with a quick auto attack, Two-Shiv Poison and Hydra will most likely be enough to almost one shot the AD carry. Not only that, if the opportunity calls, you can be a deadly split pusher, Hydra + Statikk shiv means You'll clear those waves in no time!

- Statikk Shiv
This completes the split push build, and gives you so much burst its not even funny (it does Crit with your Deceive) Although some people dislike this item on Shaco, mainly because Shaco scales to well with Flat AD, more AD means bigger crits on your Q... But that doesn't mean this item should be ignored, early game this item is insanely strong adding to your burst on low Hp targets, there are alot of different option you can trade out with this item, but personally I love it. If you're not a fan, I suggest trinity Force or skip it and get Ghostblade which helps Shaco's early game as well.

- Maw of Malmortius
This item is amazing, especially when playing against an AP assassin or mage, First of all, this item build from Serrated Dirk which helps Shaco's early game a lot, the armor pen is just amazing, Hexdrinker helps you survive champions like LB, Zyra or whatever bursty AP champion they have, This is an item i really fell in love with in the preseason.

- Youmuu's Ghostblade
This item is the alternative item I get for Maw of Malmortius. If they don't have any AP champs or they don't bother you at all, This is the item to go, it's GODLIKE on Shaco! It gives 65 AD, 20 armor pen and 10% cdr, this on Shaco is like a wet dream, and I'm not even mentioning the active which can be cast while in your Q to sneak around for more assassination potential.

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Tanco Shaco Items

So you keep dying before you can Q or for some insane reason your team needs a somewhat bulky hero to soak an ability or 2? Well this is no problem, Shaco has you covered!

With the change riot made so that you can easily swap out Ravenous for Titanic is a huge buff in an unseen way, especially for the young Shaco. Sometimes going a little tanky/bulky on Shaco isn't such a bad idea, He can still one shot the AD carry and soak up enough damage for your team to finish and win the fight.

What I like to do is the following:
Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior
Titanic Hydra
Dead Man's plate
Merc/Ninja Tabi (can always change this up with a Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv)
Sterak's Cage
Maw of Malmortius

This makes you quite tanky and still easily strong enough to assassinate or duel most champions.
Your role as a Shaco is to take out the enemy carry not to feed the enemy carry! This is why alternative builds are needed and luckily Shaco can be anything you want him to be times 2 ;)

Let's end it with why I choose these items:

- Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior
Honestly it speaks for itself, I already covered this item in the "Items" section, but just to recap, 20% damage reduction from the smitten target makes you more bulky then an everyday McDonalds customer.

- Titanic Hydra
this makes adapting that much easier, Where do I start? This item scales so well with the other items on the list and is the main reason why Tank Shaco is as strong as he is. In my opinion this item is the sole reason tank Shaco can still one shot the AD carry. Q behind, Smite, Auto, Hydra, E should on paper delete the carry if not render him/her useless for the fight (depending on the defensive item). Honestly this item is amazing and I'm sure you will fall in love with it too if you play the young Tanco

- Dead Man's Plate
So here the tanky stats come into play, while not the most armour is gained from it, 50 is a reasonable amount, +500HP to scale with your Titanic Hydra passive/active and +60 movement speed so you can catch up on that pesky AD carry or split push and join the battle when needed. In short, this is a really cost efficient item you can never really go wrong with it when you need that extra bulk!

- Mercs / Ninja Tabi (Statikk or PD)
This item should speak for itself, even Shaco doesn't want to walk around bare foot. He might be a joker but still needs to look classy. mercs for heavy CC teams and Ninja Tabi if the enemy AD is going off.
Late game you can always sell boots and add Statikk for that extra burst after they get a defensive item, or if you need a little bulk PD will work fine, the passive will nullify the fact you don't have boots and 12% damage reduction to the last champion hit makes you quite the force to be reckoned with in a duel. You never know when you might get lucky and get that cheesy crit after you Q aa aa

- Sterak's Cage
This might look like a weird item to get, but trust me its great! 500HP for that Titanic hydra passive and while not the best 25% base attack damage is a decent amount for the gold you paid. The shield can be quite nice in clutch moments. What makes this item extra cheesy is that is does proc on your clone as well. So he too gets that little bonus of Primal Rage and not all players know that, making for some outplay potential and clonesception ;)

- Maw of Malmortius
I covered most of this item in my "Items" section, but just to sum it up, Great when playing vs AP champions, the shield gives you that needed bulk when your MR might not be top notch. Even as a tanky Shaco you want some armor pen and this item is more then happy to give it to you!

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AP Shaco Items

Now for the AP items, why do I get them and why do I prefer these of others? Well I'm going to split these in two parts, the VS. AP and VS. AD build, I'll add a few situational items in here to to make sure you know when to get them and why!

Items vs AP

- Athene's Unholy Grail

- Void Staff

- Abyssal Scepter

- Lich Bane

- Rabadon's Deathcap

Situational vs AP

- Hextech Gunblade

- Zhonya's Hourglass

Items vs AD

- Iceborn Gauntlet

- Zhonya's Hourglass

- Hextech Gunblade

- Rabadon's Deathcap

Situational vs AD

- Morellonomicon

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter

- Liandry's Torment

- Frost Queen's Claim

- Zeke's Harbinger

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Support Shaco Items

The infamous Support Shaco makes an otherwise boring role (IMO) really fun to play and still makes you able to carry! I will go through the Items of why you should get them, Yes I know you don't have the most AP but that's not what you are suppose to be doing as a supp Shaco, you are a Utility mage and will make the most of the cheap AP items!

Support Core Items

- Frost Queen's Claim

- Morellonomicon

- Sorcerer's Shoes

Support Actives

- Banner of Command

- Locket of the Iron Solari

- Mikael's Crucible

- Zeke's Harbinger

- Zz'Rot Portal

- Sightstone

Alternative AP Items

- Sheen

- Abyssal Scepter

- Haunting Guise

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Chosen Shaco's Role

Let me quickly summarize what your are suppose to do at the chosen Shaco role:

AD Shaco
This is probably the most popular Shaco role out there, and definitely my most played, I love AD Shaco, while it might not always be the best option, I just love the feeling of one-shotting the carry and doing the worm on their dead body! What is AD Shaco, well in short its glass cannon Shaco, You deal tons and tons of damage, but you die just as quick, See yourself as an Assassin with this build, you have the power to delete any squishy before they can flash, but you probably are going to lose your life in the process if not executed well. So what is your job as Assassin Shaco? - Well it's pretty simple, If a teamfight ever breaks out, your job is to delete the enemy (fed) carry, be it the adc or apc, it's your job to make a pick, like I said, you can burst any squishy so go catch one out of position, If that isn't your cup of tea, Split push, Shaco is a safe split pusher, mainly because of the numerous escapes he has, place boxes as you dribble down lane and deceive your enemy when they get to close, Turrets last but mere seconds, an inhib can be acquired in literally a breeze. So adept and win your team that game!

Tanco Shaco
Ah, Here he is boys, the young Tanco Shaco! Honestly, the more I play him the more I fall in love with him. This guy is really underrated , because you build tanky, doesn't mean you as a Shaco sacrifices any damage, hell no! You can still one shot the ADC without a problem and survive any burst he puts out. in fact, you will be able to duel most people in a 1v1. See yourself as more of a Off-tank Assassin. So what is your job as a Tank Shaco? - Well like I said, see yourself more as an off-tank assassin then full tank, Your job is still to one shot the ADC or whomever you can delete, but at the same time make the team focus you so you can soak up most abilities so your team can clean-up, that means don't engage alone, you build for team fighting or split pushing/Stopping the enemy split pusher, not for going ham! you will need your team to cleanup, keep that in mind!

AP Shaco
AP Shaco known for his obnoxious 1-shot from a bush full of boxes, AP shaco is really an interesting champion, the most unique champion in game if you ask me, I mean he has his own identity, and god is he a fun champ to play! So what exactly is an AP Shaco? Like I said, he is really unique, he doesn't quite have a proper role down, See him as an... Utility Mage? He isn't quite a leblanc that can 1 shot in a split second, but he also isn't a Lulu that just buffs the carry to oblivion. let me rephrase that, See AP Shaco as an utility assassin (as pink ward likes to label him). So what does that mean? What is AP Shaco's job overal? well it's quite simple, as a AP Shaco your main damage ability is E (Two-Shiv poison) while your main consistent damage output comes from your W (Jack in a Box). I can probably see you have 2 questions, 1st one being, how am I an Assassin, and 2ndly how am I an utility mage. Well easy answer, If ahead - You can easily one shot the ADC (Q behind him, Lich bane auto Attack, Gunblade, AA and E) and that probably will annihilate him, How am I a utility mage, well your boxes, They should be your main source of damage in a team fight, spread them out behind your team if you siege for example, and if a fight breaks out, make your team kite backwards, Your boxes will disorient the teamfight and you can be free to one shot the Squishy, while your team destroys the enemy front-line and your boxes keeps them safe from hard engage.

Support Shaco
Support Shaco is quite interesting, mainly because he plays somewhat like an AP Shaco but without the Assassin part. So yes, Support Shaco is a utility mage and you wont be able to one shot the ADC/APC without them walking into boxes. In lane there isn't much for you to do but control the lane. by that I mean have brush control and river control, this mostly works with an ADC that is strong early and has an escape so he doesn't have to rely on you to keep him safe, I love playing with a Lucian for example. He mostly pushes and can harass himself, why you worry about keeping the lane gank free and those boxes setup if there ever breaks out a fight so you can kite backwards and win that way! So what must you exactly do as a Support Shaco? As a Support Shaco your role is to keep control, and control I mean lane control, brush control, river control for drake, this can easily be achieved with help of your boxes, and if a fight ever breaks out in bot lane, you should be able to break it off with well placed boxes. Mostly it'll be a boring lane, but that doesn't mean you can't punish an ADC that overextends, You do a lot of early damage with your boxes, and if they ever step on one, you can punish them badly, Also don't be afraid to roam and get early boots, you have Teleport and can turn a counter gank or gank in any lane if needed! always remember one thing, as support Shaco you are a utility mage; so keep those boxes behind your team at all times, keep your ADC safe, Box choke points in the jungle and enjoy an easy victory 'cause you are OP ;)

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Common mistakes

A common mistake I see some Shaco players make is that they think they HAVE to counter jungle or gank early. This however is NOT the case! Only because your kit allows you to counter jungle and get of early ganks, doesn't mean you always have too.

Remember this - Your role as a Shaco is to take out the enemy (fed) carry not to feed the enemy carry!

So if the time doesn't allow for early ganks, just wait for an opportunity, players will always make a mistake or not respect you as a Shaco and then if that happens, there you go, never force something too hard. many Shaco players make this mistake, including myself at times.

Also as a Shaco don't be afraid to keep farming! I can't emphasize this enough!!!
Like I said it's your job to delete someone of the map or catch someone with his pants down (preferably the greedy carry) But you can't do this without the proper damage, Some games are hard for Shaco but that doesn't mean you can't carry as Shaco. If your against a jungler like Udyr for example, it's maybe better to just farm then try to counter jungle him, most of the times you'll get the bad side of the stick, that champ lives in the jungle like it is his home... Just get yourself fed enough to make any fight a 4v5 or 4v4 at worst

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Jungle Basics:

Camp, Respawn Time, Initial Spawn,
-Raptors - 1:40 -1:40
-Wolves - 1:40 -1:40
-Krugs - 1:40 -1:40
-Gromp - 1:40 -1:40
-Scuttle - 3:00 -2:30
-Blue buff - 5:00 -1:40
-Red Buff - 5:00 -1:40
-Drake - 6:00 -2:30
-Baron - 7:00 -20:00


As you can see, the camps spawn at 1:40, and your boxes last for 1 minute. That means you can start stacking your boxes around 0:40 Minimum, I usually do it around 0:41 just to be safe. if done correctly you can get 4 boxes at a main camp, but I'll go through different jungle pathing and box stacking for maximum efficiency in detail.

There are many jungle paths for Shaco and a lot of different varieties to go about them, I'll start of with my favourite!

**This is where you will be invading, This is highly effective against weak junglers early (Bad dueling junglers) or junglers you know that will have a hard time sustaining the early levels.**

1) You start by putting boxing at either red or blue at 0.41 (Depending if you are going to try for 1st blood or just secure their buff) you will have 4 boxes at 1:40 when the buff spawns, you can solo it without smite but a single AA or ability from laners never hurt.

2) After you cleared it without smite, take a skill in Q next, Depending which side you on
If you started red on blue side, Q over blue buff wall and either kill the low HP jungler or steal his blue (if he started red).
If you started blue on red side, Q over dragon pit wall and stand in the bush, again either killing the low Hp jungler or just stealing his buff (it doesn't hurt waiting a little while so you can smite the buff right out of his nose and then kill him for maximum BM)
If you started blue on blue side pretty much the exact same as red, just Q over baron pit and kill him or steal it.
If you started red on red side, well you know where this is going by now, Q over the blue side wall on blue side and kill or steal.

3) After this lovely little situation you can do one of two things, 1 - Gank the closest lane and burn a flash (if lucky get a kill). or 2 - Go straight to the enemy other buff, WARD IT, and wait for him to come clear it, if done correctly you and your midlaner can kill him again, unless he is a weak early jungler, just kill him yourself again. I suggest waiting for him to get low and just smite the buff right in front of his eyes again. Keep in mind this can be risky, top and mid can collapse on you, but if it works, its totally worth it!

4) If you have done all this so far, why not keep the pressure up, the buff will most likely spawn around 7:50, communicate this with your team and just tilt the enemy further, collapse and get control. Always keep your team informed on what you are thinking, they can't read your mind, so make sure to inform them before you go absolute ham counter jungling!

**You get the idea of the first path, now here is another. If the enemy Midlaner has no gap closer or screwed up early and is weak/pushed up, Or the enemy jungler is one of those lovely Udyr-esque junglers, it's probably better to use this tactic, A sneaky level 2 gank that always results in a Kill or burned Flash!**

1) Place boxes at 0:41 again at your red buff and clear it smiteless, Taking Q level 2

2) RUSH mid, just go straight mid, never mind the enemy jungler just bum rush mid, Q from either the river brush or over the wall, whatever makes you reach him/her easiest! This is crucial, make sure your Box is in a great position, like I said, you are aiming for a Kill, so a well placed box will force them to flash, if they get greedy and don't flash, the box will do his job, 2 Ignites early is some serious damage people underestimate. (Make sure you ping/inform your mid laner about the gank, we don't want you to look like an idiot, secondly if they flashed, they most likely have to back or can't afford to stay without risking getting camped by you, thirdly don't ignite directly after your midlaner safe it or use it after the duration when his runs out).

3) So if you got the kill or flash, either one is a win and successful gank. chances are you'll be close to OOM, so i suggest doing blue after, if for some reason you are low on HP you can always do scuttle on your way to blue. Keep an eye out on the enemy jungler, ward if you think he will try something sneaky, Your midlaner is ahead and should be able to assist you if he does try for an invade so don't be scared to force a fight 2v1.

**But let's face it, sometimes both of the mentioned above can't be done, It's all fine, there's a third path, you can always go for a full clear and gank afterwards, no biggy!**

1) For the most efficient clear this way, you would want to change up the boxes a little, Let's say you start gromp - Start placing boxes on gromp at 0:41, but here comes the twist, only stack 2 boxes, that's right TWO! and place two boxes in the brush at the buff (at the far end so that the sentinel doesn't activate it). don't be afraid you will have enough time for this, smite gromp take E level 2, and stack another box on the previous box you placed, then leash blue towards the boxes, if done correctly you'll have an easy clear with taking minimum damage
(NOTE: This can be done at red side as well, same goes for krugs, place 3 boxes at krugs and 1 in the brush at red, you might want to throw a box over the wall and just leash it to the box, don't worry this can easily be done, if you afraid it'll reset, u can place a box in the middle between the two brushes and just leash it to them after krugs)

2) You can go for an early gank if mid, bot or top is overextended, but don't force it, you have plenty of time, but I like to go for Scuttle right about now, this will help either lane a bit and help you regen some of the lost HP, you can clear the full jungle now if there are no opportunities

"But I'm a Shaco I have to gank early, why would I want to clear all the camps???"
Well yes it may sound weird, but like I said before, only because your kit allows it, doesn't mean you have to do it. If you are going to force a gank early, it can go either way, it can work out and you'll get the kill, OR it doesn't work out and you die for no reason, not only setting you behind but your laner as well! This is not always worth the risk. Trust me, They WILL make a mistake and you WILL be able to capitalize on it, there is absolutely no reason to force an early gank, if you farm, and get fed yourself, and your lanes are fine on their own, so be it. You as a late game Shaco (while many people might disagree) scale very well in late game! You are a great assassin especially when you don't fall behind. The reason people say Shaco doesn't scale well, is because it's hard to Team fight with him from both the team and you as a player. But I will be covering that in the next chapter.

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Team Fighting as Shaco

Let's get one thing out of the way, is Shaco bad at team fighting? HELL NO!
I don't care what people say, Shaco is NOT bad at team fighting, is he great at it? no, But even though he doesn't excel at team fighting, that doesn't mean he is bad at it. It's quite simple, Shaco is as good as you play a team fight with him.

So how should one team fight as Shaco??
Well it's simple, like Shaco's jungling he has quite a few distinct play styles to go as.

So as an assassin Shaco's job is to annihilate the (fed) carry, and he can do this is different way.

The best way is to wait for the team fight to start, this isn't always the most efficient way as the enemy can engage on your team and win cause they did that, but this usually works well for you, as the team is less occupied on protecting the carry, and more occupied with fighting, you can sneak to the backline and one shot their ADC, hopefully getting an advantage this way. Remember, as a Shaco it's always good to have the element of surprise, try to fight around areas where you know they don't have wards, if they can see you go in, chances are they will hug their carries and your combo might not work.

The element of surprise is a huge factor in assassinating their carries, but that's not the only way you can help your team win a team fight, your boxes can easily turn a teamfight around. while they won't pump out ton of damage, they stil do pump out relative decent length CC, setting up boxes before a fight is going to break out (around the area you know they will engage on your team) will and can disrupt the enemy team enough for you to pick up an easy victory. Especially with the new mastery, while they are feared trying to engage on your team, or they kite back to your boxes, the ADC will hit the (feared) target for 2.5% extra damage with the oppressor mastery. this might not sound like a lot, but it helps your team out quite a bit! now by the placement of the boxes, I'm sure you know by now what Illuminati Shaco is, if not I suggest checking out Pink Ward. He is a great Shaco player and I'm sure he can teach you more about it then I can. But in short try stacking you boxes in a Triangular manner, so that the fear, fears them into another fear, prolonging your CC. If you did it correctly it can easily be over a 3 second fear! that's 3 seconds of your team hitting an oblivious target.

So I've been talking a lot about your team, and yes it is true you can't control your team's action. It will be mostly in their hands to win the fight, as a Shaco you can only do that much. that is Setting up boxes pre-battle and sneaking into the enemy backline to assassinate the APC or ADC (whichever is easiest).

But like we all know sometimes team fighting isn't the best option, and that's fine. Shaco has an awesome late game push kit, a 6 item Shaco can push turrets in mere seconds. so while your team holds off the enemy you can work your magic and make those towers disappear (Criss Angel Style!). placing boxes before pushing will help you escape and/or warn you when they try to 5 man you. So I suggest setting up boxes in lane and the jungle as you advance on pushing, This will safe your life more then once!

Well personally it's all up to you how you want to play out a fight, going full AD Shaco, Tank Shaco, Split push Shaco, hell if you want to play AP Shaco all is good, I'll do a guide on AP shaco and Support Shaco in the future after this one is done. A quick summary.

- ALWAYS use the element of surprise, if you have to buy a sweeper to make sure the brush isn't warded, then do so. Whatever you do, always make sure you have the element of surprise, a simple pink ward drop can lose you your life (the fight in the worst case scenario)
- As a Shaco you can easily ignore the tanks, so do so, there is no excuse for you as an assassin to be attacking a full armour Malphite. Even as a Tank Shaco your first priority should be deleting the ADC/APC which can easily be done with a well executed combo and the element of SURPRISE!
- Remember those boxes! I can't stress this enough, disrupting an active team fight and protecting you backline with boxes is a great way to win the fight! Just stack 3 or 4 boxes next to your ADC, so that the enemy zed gets feared after ulting him, it can safe his life and win you the fight, meanwhile you can do your job and assassinate theirs.
- Always look for picks, Like I said, Shaco isn't the best team fighter, you surely don't excel at it, so looking for picks will greatly put the game and fights in your favour! But if they play like 5 bum buddies, just remember the points above

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Team Fighting as Tank Shaco

Bruiser Shaco (Tanco Shaco how I like to call him) has become quite popular with me and some other shaco players, Mainly because the new items and item changed were really generous on our little clown Assassin. The new items make you tanky enough to survive after you assassinate your target, and don't be turned of by the word tanky, This is not the case, because you are tanky doesn't mean you are sacrificing your assassinating potential.

A quick difference between Bruiser Shaco and Glass Cannon Shaco
-By being a bruiser you do sacrifice some burst damage, so it might take some getting used to your new damage output
-You are tankier, by that I mean you shouldn't directly run or try to get away after you are being focused, This can be good sometimes, Keep in mind, you build like this for a reason and that reason isn't to run like a little girl
-You still have one main job to do, and that is to assassinate the ADC but your job is to soak up damage as wel and them focusing you after you did your main job is good, not bad like Glass Cannon

By this said, How do I play Bruiser Shaco in a teamfight?
Well let's start by changing your mentality, you can keep your blood thirsty delete the ADC mindset but you have to delete the get back to safety after mindset. By that I mean, DONT Think as a tank, think as an Assassin, but after your job is done, become the tank your team deserves.

As a Shaco you don't really have engage, you are not a malphite or zac in anyway, you are an off tank assassin, that's why I want you to keep the assassin mindset, but still believe enough to soak up damage for your team so they can clean up. That being said you mostly want your team to engage or the enemy team to engage, anything to keep the focus off from you at the beginning!

You probably are confused right now, what am I saying it doesn't make sense, Well like I mentioned before this, the element of surprise is still highly important, you do have the damage to burst the carry and that should ALWAYS be on your priority list, if there is no carry to assassinate then you can go to phase 2, that being do sustained damage and soak up the enemy abilities so your team can clean up (Ps don't mistake this for going ham and dying, That is not what I mean in any way, although sometimes it might be needed)
The enemy can't ignore you, because if they do, they will lose the fight, you do have high base and sustain damage with this build, Not as much as glass cannon, but enough to be a threat in a teamfight. your job is still to soak up damage, which won't be a problem as it's in the players nature to focus a Shaco after he pops out and deletes your carry and starts hacking you from behind.

I have been rambling on what you must be doing, but not on how to be playing it, and that sadly I can't exactly write down, this comes from experience and how the fight goes , also different engage tools will change on what exactly you want to be doing, but as long as you keep this in mind you will be fine,

-Prioritize on Assassinating the enemy ADC, like I said you might be a tank, but you are still an Assassin, kiting and letting them focus you comes after you did your main job (Results may vary)
-Place those boxes, No matter what role you play, ALWAYS keep those boxes up, they are your team's kiting tool, and that is your contribution to keeping them safe while you delete their ADC
-Know your damage output! it might take a few games, but learn your new damage output, you will always be strong enough to kill the ADC but it takes some time knowing how and when you can do so!
-The element of surprise is still a priority, No matter what, never forget, The unseen Shaco is the Deadliest!

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