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Vi Build Guide by Demonsedge90

Jungle 13.23 Let’s Get Cracking

Jungle 13.23 Let’s Get Cracking

Updated on November 22, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Demonsedge90 Build Guide By Demonsedge90 49 7 209,256 Views 4 Comments
49 7 209,256 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Demonsedge90 Vi Build Guide By Demonsedge90 Updated on November 22, 2023
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Runes: Hail of Blades

1 2 3 4
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Scorchclaw Smite

Scorchclaw Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Hi, my name is Demonsedge, and I've been enjoying my time at League of Legends. I can't say enough about this game.

I am not your typical jungle main, but Vi raised my interest in the role, and I have enjoyed playing her ever since.

Having played her in numerous games, I can speak to how she feels and works. Concerning team setup and itemization, I will look more in-depth at Vi's options below as you read through the guide.

I hope you will enjoy this guide and be able to understand my suggestions and recommendations for Vi.

So let's kick things off in style with my guide on Vi - The Piltover Enforcer.

Vi - The Piltover Enforcer
Diver, Jungle
Specialties: Damage, Mobility, Engage
Why choose Vi?:
- Very simple to pick up and learn, and fun to play in the jungle .
- She can provide a lot of solid burst damage, making her feel impactful when jungling, ambushing the enemy and getting objectives such as turrets / dragons & baron nashor .
- She has great potential to make plays, carry her team and be a good team fight asset.

I always enjoy taking her on the rift when playing league matches, and I hope you will too.

Pros & Cons
+ Powerful ganking potential
+ Strong crowd control
+ Good self peel
+ Clears jungle well
+ High damage potential
+ Strong duelist
- Weak early game
- Struggles if behind
- Squishy
- No sustain
- Team reliant
- Predictable play style
Ability Rundown

Blast Shield
| Cooldown: 16-12 (based on level) |

Periodically, Vi's next ability hit will generate a shield equal to a % of her maximum health for 3 seconds.

Blast Shield's cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds each time Denting Blows is triggered.

Vault Breaker
| Target Range: 250 − 725 (based on channel time) | Speed: 1,250 − 1,400 (based on channel time) | Cooldown: 12 / 10.5 / 9 / 7.5 / 6 | Cast Time - | Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 Mana |

Vi charges this ability and becomes slowed for up to 4 seconds to increase Vault Breaker's range, speed, and damage over the first 1.25 seconds of the channel.

When recast, Vi dashes in the target direction dealing physical damage to enemies she passes through, stopping on the first champion hit. Applies Denting Blows to the target hit & knocks them back over 0.75 seconds, while non-champion enemies hit grouped towards her.

- Vault Breaker can be recast anytime within the duration.
- If the charge completes without reactivation, Vault Breaker is cancelled and put on full cooldown.
- If interrupted, the ability will go on a three-second cooldown.

Relentless Force and Cease and Desist are eligible to be cast during the dash animation.

Denting Blows

Vi's basic attacks, on-hit and Vault Breaker, apply a stack of Denting Blows to enemies hit for 4 seconds, refreshing on subsequent applications and stacking up to three times. The third stack consumes them all to deal % max health physical damage, capped at 300 against non-champions, and applies % armor reduction for four seconds.

After triggering Denting Blows, Vi gains bonus attack speed for four seconds.

This passive refreshes on subsequent triggers.

Relentless Force
| Effect Radius: 600 | Recharge Time: 14 / 12.5 / 11 / 9.5 / 8 | Cast Time: - | Cost: 26 / 32 / 38 / 44 / 50 Mana + 1 Charge | Static Cooldown: 1 |

Vi empowers her next basic attack within six seconds to have bonus range and trigger a blast in the target's direction dealing physical damage to enemies hit in a cone.

An excellent way to improve Vi's jungle clear and acts as an auto-attack for her during combat.

- This ability can hold two charges during combat for increased damage potential.

Cease and Desist
| Target Range: 800 | Speed: 800 | Cast Time: 0.25 | Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 | Cost: 100 / 125 / 150 Mana |

Vi singles out an enemy champion and knocks them up, dealing bonus physical damage. Additionally, during the dash & uppercut animations, Vi is immune to all crowd control effects.

Enemies she dashes through are dealt the same damage, knocked aside by 350 units over 0.25 seconds and then stunned for 0.75 seconds.


In this section, I will share some of the effective combos for Vi that are simple to understand and that you can apply while playing summoners rift (draft and ranked) games.

- Auto - - Auto - - Auto -

- -

- Auto - - Auto - Auto

Tips & Tricks:

Playing As Vi:
- A fully charged Vault Breaker will deal double damage. It's great for catching and finishing off fleeing enemies.
- Relentless Force damages anyone caught in the shockwave. Use it on minions in fights to harass enemy champions behind them or to safely last-hit minions .
- Using Cease and Desist is a powerful initiation tool, so remember to stay within reach of the rest of your team.

Playing Against Vi:
- A fully charged Vault Breaker deals double damage. If you see Vi start to charge, you should back off or try to dodge it.
- will shred your armor and gain attack speed if she gains the effect of her Denting Blows on you. So try not to engage in extended brawls with her.
- Vi cannot be stopped while using her Cease and Desist. Remember to save your displacement effects until after she's finished charging.

Jungle Monsters & Pathing

This section will only apply to some jungle champions since they each have different routes that suit their play styles.

So for this guide, I will outline the pathing routes that apply to Vi in hopes of understanding how to impact the rift best.

Jungle Camps

Each camp listed above is vital for Vi to gain levels, earn gold and maintain resources (health & mana), all of which help you stay relevant in each game as the jungle .

Always look to secure epic monster spawns as Vi since each buff provided will benefit you and your team in fights and skirmishes.

The Baron Nashor will be available to target after the 20:00 mark, and the Elder Dragon will spawn once you or the enemy jungle has acquired the listed dragon soul. So always fight for these objectives when you can.

Standard Clear Routes:

Starting Red
> > >

Starting Blue
> > >

With this standard clear path for Vi, you should aim to hit the rift scuttler at 3:30 since grabbing early scuttle vision can inform your teammates about who is in the river and be aware of any upcoming ambushes. This clear is also very effective at getting a level 3 dive against an overextended enemy.

Full Clear Routes:

Starting Red
> > > > > >

Starting Blue
> > > > > >

With the full clear path as Vi, you can grab the rift scuttler at 3:30 or maximize your experience gain by clearing the remainder of your camps instead, then swing by the rift scuttler afterwards.

Vi is a ganking jungler compared to being a farm jungler, so in most games, we wouldn't contemplate doing a full clear unless you can't attack a lane after farming your camps.

Securing the early scuttle vision is optional with this clear route since taking the rift scuttler wastes time you could use to take the rest of your camps.

If you can acquire at least one rift scuttler after your full clear, that's a bonus for your team on either end of the map.

Summoner Spells

Flash: The most integral summoner spell for Vi that you pick 100% of the time for your games. It's important because if you get caught or stuck in a rough situation, you can escape from combat safely while also dodging a crucial ability.

Smite: Necessary for best success in the jungle . Smite is a unit-targeted summoner spell, dealing true damage damage to the following targets: medium/large monsters , lane minions , dragons , rift herald , baron nashor , rift scuttlers or pets.

Multiple upgrade options are available to choose from: Gustwalker Smite, Mosstomper Smite, Scorchclaw Smite.

Always be sure to have a Smite charge ready for any upcoming neutral objective ( dragons , rift herald & baron nashor ), as it will be much easier to acquire them successfully.

Ignite: Grabbing Ignite allows you to wear down the target, dealing true damage (based on champion level) and cutting their healing. Great when looking to finish off low health targets. Though not commonly picked on Vi jungle , it can still be viable alongside having Smite. Due to not having Flash, you need to position Vault Breaker effectively when looking to escape fights.

Wards & Trinkets

- Control Wards are stored in your inventory (max 2) and can be placed anywhere on the map (limit 1), revealing and disabling enemy wards within a 900-unit radius. Control Wards function similarly to the Oracle Lens trinket showing stealth & camouflaged-based champions ( Twitch, Rengar, Evelynn and Kha'Zix) that approach them.

- Grab Oracle Lens as your main trinket in the jungle after placing your first Stealth Ward on the map. It gives you access to vision denial and is excellent when dealing with stealth champions who plant traps, such as Teemo, Shaco, & Nidalee. It's also beneficial against champions who use stealth to engage/disengages, such as Twitch, Pyke, Wukong or Shaco.

- Stealth Ward is your base trinket in all games as Vi, revealing units within a target location (duration of ward based on champion level) seconds. With a max of three allowable Stealth Wards to place, you can establish deep vision in enemy territory or get sightlines on objectives ( baron nashor & dragons ).

Since you're mostly roaming the jungle and diving the enemy, Oracle Lens will serve you better. It will help when looking to ambush the enemy or secure important objectives, making sure they are vision free and also helps when looking to take the enemy jungle camps while in the fog of war.

Stats To Consider
- Attack Damage: The best stat to acquire for Vi. It scales with all your damaging abilities and gives you more power in fights.

- Health: This stat is essential in the grand scheme and something you should focus on when playing as Vi, scaling nicely with her Blast Shield passive.

- Attack Speed: Good stat in theory and efficient on Vi. However, it's not mandatory to acquire.

- Life Steal: Excellent stat to have on Vi. Very efficient when applied through auto attacks/on-hit item effects.

- Omni Vamp: With limited item options when itemizing for omni vamp, we don't prioritize it often, but it's still useful for healing on Vi.

- Ability Haste: Useful stat, but not overly needed. One of the least prioritized stats when itemizing Vi for combat.

- Armor/Magic Resistance: Only get this stat if you will build as the tank for your team or if it will improve your survivability.

- Movement Speed: Mobility is great for kiting and escaping fights; however, it's less important in the grand scheme than the other listed stats.
Which Boots & Why?
Berserker's Greaves > Attack Speed
Berserker's Greaves can increase the uptime of Denting Blows in fights, making enemies more vulnerable to your damaging effects. They are also useful for taking objectives like turrets , Baron Nashor , or dragons .

Boots of Swiftness > Slow Reduction
These boots are perfect for Vi when she roams between jungle camps and lanes. They can also come in handy when dealing with slow effects such as Ashe's Frost Shot, Volley, Serylda's Grudge, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, self-slows, or movement impairing effects that could leave you vulnerable when trying to escape.

When you equip these Boots, the self-slow effect applied to Vi's Vault Breaker is removed, enabling you to cast it without any movement penalty.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity > Ability Haste
Grab this pair in games where ability usage is a priority compared to needing defence or offence Boots for Vi in team fights. In addition, the summoner spell haste gives you more access to Flash and more Smite usage to secure camps from the enemy jungler, providing extra pressure on the map.

Mercury's Treads > Magic Resistance & Tenacity
A decent option for Vi helps reduce the effects of crowd control from enemy champions while offering a small amount of magic resistance—standard choice for magic damage-heavy teams.

Mercury's Treads are also great when combined with the runes Unflinching & Legend: Tenacity, Sterak's Gage passive and chemtech dragon for even more resistance to crowd control effects.

Plated Steelcaps > Basic Attack Damage Reduction
Your go-to pair for Vi in most games, helpful when duelling in the jungle . The armor provided and the auto attack damage reduction passive make it easier to soak up auto attacks. Great when facing heavy physical damage teams or auto-attack-centric champions.

Starter Items

Each jungle pet mentioned below grants early health regeneration while farming our camps and provides the following upgrades when fully evolved:
If we choose Gustwalker Hatchling, grants increased movement speed when exiting brushes or killing a monster for the next 2 seconds. It makes travelling from camp to camp much faster, accelerating the ability to reach an ambush angle faster.
If we choose Mosstomper Seedling, gain increased shielding after killing a monster camp or waiting 10 seconds out of combat for this effect to refresh.
If we choose Scorchclaw Pup, we build up ember stacks and then release them as % max health damage to the enemy, along with slowing them.

As your pet grows (gaining treats from killing jungle monsters ), it will increase the damage value of your Smite charges.

The best way to know which jungle pet is more efficient depends on how you plan to build for each game, ensuring you have better outcomes in fights and skirmishes.

Mythic Items
Divine Sunderer helps by dealing bonus on-hit % maximum health physical damage against your target. Upon damaging a champion with its empowered attack (spellblade), you'll heal afterwards.
A solid sustain option and effective dealing with tanks /bruisers ( Malphite, Leona, Sejuani, Warwick, Kayn ( The Darkin Scythe: Rhaast, Darius), or any champion who prioritizes % maximum health in their items/runes ( Cho'Gath, Sett, Sion, Dr. Mundo) and excellent for increased % armor & % magic penetration in combat.
Eclipse is an excellent % armor penetration option for Vi, granting shielding, on-hit % max health damage plus provide additional movement speed needed to stick to your target. Great when looking to play a more Assassin -based play style, and also great when dealing with certain tanks /bruisers comps.
Trinity Force is your standard scaling mythic with Vi, gaining movement speed & additional % attack damage, stacking up to 3 times (expiring every 0.5 seconds). With Trinity Force, like Divine Sunderer, this spellblade passive deals additional on-hit during combat.
A solid choice for Vi for increased burst potential on duelling and skirmishing with its additional increases in attack damage, ability haste, and movement speed.
With Youmuu's Ghostblade, you have another great tool for dealing with squishier targets in combat. While moving, you will stack additional lethality, allowing for increased armor reduction translating into increased damage to your target. The added ghosting effect helps you escape or keep up with your target.

Selecting either mythic as your first item depends on whom you are dealing with each game instead of how you think Vi best plays in most matchups because it makes a big difference in her damage and survivability.

Core Items
A fantastic option for Vi. It provides some armor shred (up to 30% armor reduction) and a passive that grants you movement speed o keep pace with the target you are hitting. In addition, it synergizes well with Vi's Denting Blows passive.
Very effective in one-on-one combat, providing more duelling potential in extended trading and skirmishes.
Stores a % of damage taken by Vi, which is then dealt as true damage every second for a few seconds. This item offers damage reduction to sustain long fights, and if you secure a takedown, heal afterwards and stop the bleeding.
Offers extra attack damage and also provides a shield, additional tenacity & size that activates when below 30% max health. A solid bruiser item that strengthens her duelling potential and allows you to absorb damage from skills shots and certain executable abilities (not including Pyke's Death from Below or Urgot's Fear Beyond Death).
Vi is a strong duelist, and with Sterak's Gage, it can be improved upon when dealing with tough matchups, duels and skirmishes.

If you're playing as Vi and looking for an excellent item to use in duels, consider choosing Blade of the Ruined King. Deals damage based on a percentage of your opponent's current health and steals their movement speed. Particularly effective against tanks or when you need to stick closely to a specific target. It's also good when paired with other items with on-hit effects.
Chempunk Chainsword boosts Vi's attack damage/health for sustained fights and duelling while also applying grievous wounds to the target.

A strong purchase against champions such as Kayn ( The Darkin Scythe: Rhaast), Samira, Nami, Soraka, or Sona.
A good pickup for Vi if you need the added mobility. While moving, you charge up bonus on-hit damage as physical damage when striking a target. When hit at maximum momentum stacks, they're slowed for 1 second.
In most games where crowd control is prevalent and you need safety, pick Edge of Night. The spell shield helps to ignore the first ability you get hit by (which can be life-saving). It can also make or break a team fight by blocking critical skills. Finally, avoid combat to allow this effect to refresh to have it ready in your next battle or skirmish.
Essence Reaver is a strong option for Vi that provides excellent upfront burst damage and refunds mana. Since Vi's kit has strong synergy with Sheen-related items, it's an excellent option for more damage in team fights and skirmishes.
An excellent % armor penetration for Vi. Helpful when dealing with colossal health champions ( Sett, Cho'Gath or Sion) armor-centric targets. The extra damage applied is relative to how much max health your target has compared to you. As Vi, if you aren't building many health items, you'll get good value from this item.
With Maw of Malmortius, you gain increased durability when duelling or fighting with magic damage champions. These can include Brand, LeBlanc, Vex, and Akali, who deal heavy damage from their combo rotations.
Pick this up when facing champions with shielding ( Sett, Karma, Janna & Lulu) or against champions such as Samira, Yasuo, Yone and Nilah, who pick up shield based items such as Immortal Shieldbow & Sterak's Gage.
This item is a potent % armor penetration option for Vi. The slow effect helps you stay close to your target and lock them down. Excellent when paired with Eclipse for more potential burst damage.
Spirit Visage will give you decent health, magic resist, ability haste and % base health regeneration. Great for improving the effectiveness of Vi's Blast Shield, giving you more shielding in fights with the enemy. Finally, combine this item with Revitalize for even more shielding power.
Excellent for securing kills as Vi. The execution from The Collector helps ensure takedowns during fights and skirmishes are secured, providing extra gold needed to reach your item power spikes sooner, snowballing the game much faster and creating a tempo advantage against the enemy.
If you find yourself being struck by on-hit basic attacks, against physical damage heavy teams, or against teams that have healing-based champions/abilities or items you wish to reduce, then consider Thornmail as your grievous wounds option on Vi.
With this Tiamat upgrade, you'll have faster jungle clears and still provides strong damage output. Once completed, you'll deal on-hit % max health damage to your target, along with an additional % max health damage to targets in a cone behind them.

An excellent choice for Vi for a mix of durability and damage and pairs nicely with other health-related items.
This item provides excellent durability and sustainability for Vi. Its passive will regenerate % max health per second once you have acquired 1,100 bonus maximum health (from items or runes). The regeneration effect will only apply after not taking damage from minions (3 seconds) or champions (6 seconds).
An excellent on-hit option to consider as Vi in fights where you need a mix of damage, durability, and fighting power all in one. Wit's End is best acquired when against champions such as LeBlanc, Karthus, Akali, Kayle or Ekko.


The following keystone & rune choices are great for Vi and will complement her in combat. Always pay attention to the enemy team comp, plus your item builds when selecting your runes to get the most value in each game.

Keystone Runes:

- Hail of Blades is efficient on Vi, giving insane trading and helping to apply Denting Blows quickly to your target while providing more burst damage in combat against the enemy.

- Press the Attack work nicely on Vi pairing her Denting Blows with a potent on-hit playstyle. Since you are auto-attack heavy with Vi, applying the vulnerable passive on your current target shouldn't be tough to complete. Consider this when going against targets you can quickly eliminate.

- Lethal Tempo offers more trading power in fights and skirmishes. Hitting a target gains you stacks of attack speed, then at max stacks, gain additional attack range allowing for increased chase down of your target.

- Conqueror for Vi is effective when looking to be the frontline for her team. Conqueror grants you more damage (after stacking it 12 times) in extended trades. Since Vi can weave autos between abilities effectively, stacking this keystone is very efficient, meaning we can trigger the healing effect provided.

Domination Runes:

- Selecting Sudden Impact for Vi is excellent in fights, granting additional lethality after you have completed a dash, stealth or blink (also triggers after using Teleport). While the value of the lethality never changes throughout the game, punching through the enemy is still helpful.

- When looking for more potency in fights, consider Eyeball Collection. This rune grants more damage with autos and abilities, giving you more threat in team fights and skirmishes. It's an excellent rune choice for any matchup when you run the Domination tree.

- Relentless Hunter is great for Vi since it gives you fast movement across the jungle , allowing you to clear your camps fast and reach your lanes much quicker for dives or ambushes. Also great when looking to roam between the lanes/help catch enemies trying to get away.

- Ultimate Hunter grants Vi ability haste towards her Cease and Desist's cooldown, giving you more chances to dominate in team fights. Very strong when combined with mythic items or runes that offer additional ability haste.

Inspiration Runes:

- Magical Footwear allows Vi to delay building boots so you can focus on getting your mythic and core items sooner. Once added, gain extra movement speed in your current pair of boots purchased.

- Future's Market is reliable for ramping into your mythic/core items, thus offering better duelling potential. Very helpful in matchups where you want item advantages against your opponent to snowball your lead easier.

- Cosmic Insight provides more access to summoner spells ( Flash, Heal), Smite and item/ward trinket haste. This rune is excellent when paired with items like Essence Reaver or other Sheen-related items. Also very helpful for increasing your vision score.

Precision Runes:

- With Triumph you restore health and earn additional gold with each kill or assist gained after combat. Provides Vi with some sustain from takedowns and allows for faster item purchases.

- Your standard Precision rune for Vi, helping to reach the three-stack bonus on Denting Blows much faster. With Legend: Alacrity Vi dishes out more damage with her auto attacks, allowing more pressure in fights

- Legend: Tenacity helps Vi when dealing with crowd control effects applied to you from champions ( Teemo, Morgana, Leona, Lux) or monsters ( dragons & baron nashor ).

- Last Stand on Vi is excellent if you don't mind fighting to the bitter end. The damage threshold begins after you are below 60% health while receiving the max damage value while below 30% health.

Resolve Runes:

- Shield Bash is a healthy option for Vi for more durability. Offers armor and magic resist when shielded from abilities or items. When the shield expires, you have 2 seconds to hit the enemy with an empowered auto attack (based on 8.5% of the last shield gained + 1.5% bonus health).

- Since Vi doesn't have much in the line of sustain outside Blast Shield, Conditioning helps her immensely, providing armor and magic resistance against champions like Akali, Kha'Zix, Rengar, or LeBlanc, who could burst you down quickly.

- Second Wind is excellent for poke matchups, offering regeneration equal to 3 + a % of your missing health over 10 seconds after taking damage from enemies. Great when you have to deal with dot damage effects.

- Going with Bone Plating on Vi is best when dealing with heavy burst teams or champions who can deal extreme damage in a fast instance. Efficient at reducing damage taken from three upcoming attacks or abilities.

- Overgrowth for Vi helps to gain health throughout the game. Provides increased value to her Blast Shield passive, giving her more durability in each fight. Great when paired with other Resolve runes, such as Demolish or Shield Bash.

- Revitalize is excellent for increasing our total healing and shielding power. It works nicely with Vi's Blast Shield and items that offer her shielding ( Sterak's Gage) when duelling with the enemy or when you are fighting a neutral objective. If you are taking this rune, consider Spirit Visage to further increase shielding effects on you

- Unflinching is excellent for heavy crowd control teams & pairs nicely with Legend: Tenacity. With this rune, you gain increased tenacity and slow resistance in combat, which scales up based on your missing max health (capped when below 30% max health).

Sorcery Runes:

- Transcendence provides Vi more ability haste during fights, thus increasing your damage per second to enemies and objectives. Excellent for more uptime on signature abilities and lets you cast your ultimate much sooner.

- Waterwalking benefits Vi while in the river, gaining bonus movement speed & additional damage. Excellent option when fights occur or when you need more mobility to get to your teammates/ dragons or rift herald within the river sections of the map.

- Gathering Storm is a good option for Vi for increased ability damage every 10 minutes and scales indefinitely. While not chosen in most games as Vi, it can still be viable for a little extra punch in fights.

Rune Shards

When deciding on what rune shards (whether offensive or defensive) to pick for Vi in each of your games, you have to factor in a few things in champion select:

Offensive Shards
- Do I need attack speed on my champion? (Autos on Vi are essential when stacking Denting Blows on the enemy; therefore, I suggest this in all games, no matter the build.)
- Do I need additional attack damage? (We always take at least one adaptive damage shard with Vi.
- Do I require any ability haste? (We can choose this option, but it's not as helpful for Vi).

Defensive Shards
- Do I require more armor? The most common choice when playing jungle .
- Do I require magic resistance? Take this shard when the enemy deals magic damage or into magic-heavy teams.
- Do I require more health? It is a good option for Vi because it provides an extra benefit to your Blast Shield passive and is also helpful in games where only one type of resistance is needed. Great into mixed damage team comps.

Always pay attention to the team compositions you are fighting when mixing and matching the rune shards listed above with your Boots & items. It's a sure way to improve your overall survivability in games.


There are many ways to build Vi, but hopefully, this guide made it easier for you to understand what abilities/items and runes work well together and how to make the most of her kit.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and will refer this to your friends and fellow gamers looking for tips and tricks.

Contact me in the discussion section for any questions or thoughts you wish to share. I'll be happy to discuss things with you and see how I can make sense of anything you need answers for to the best of my ability.

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