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Galio Build Guide by Hexeria

Middle [13.24] Hexeria's detailed Masters Guide to Galio Mid and Support

Middle [13.24] Hexeria's detailed Masters Guide to Galio Mid and Support

Updated on December 10, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hexeria Build Guide By Hexeria 29 2 40,503 Views 0 Comments
29 2 40,503 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hexeria Galio Build Guide By Hexeria Updated on December 10, 2023
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Runes: Standard Mid (If you got Mana)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

Second Wind

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Standard Galio Mid
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport




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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[13.24] Hexeria's detailed Masters Guide to Galio Mid and Support

By Hexeria
1. Introduction
Hi everybody!
My name is Hexeria.
Im a German Galio Main who managed to hit Master in SoloQ and Flex.
I wanted to take some time to show you all how Ive been playing him and what i learned over the last few years.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind, that everything I will mention here, from the Runes, to the Items, to the general Playstyle, is just how I like to play and what I had success with. Galio is a champ that can be played in many different ways, and it doesnt mean, your playstyle is wrong.

If you got any questions or would just like to discuss any topic or share your thoughts, dont hesitate to reach out to me.




So lets start!
2. What is a Galio?

Galio - The Colossus
Melee, Tank, Mage, Support

What is Galio? Galio is a Support Heavy Champion that has the ability to sustain a lot of damage because of his tankiness, but also cause a lot of damage due to his Heavy AP Scaling as Mage.

Where to play Galio? It depends which role you prefer, but the normal Lane choice would be either Mid or Support.

Disclaimer: If you just want to play solely for fun you can pick him on Top lane but I wouldnt recommened it because he get countered pretty hard on top lane, and you have less Impact on the rest of the Game due to your Position on the Map.

Also some people try Galio in Jungle, but i wont cover this here in this guide, because I simply havent really played Jungle Galio or enjoyed Jungle at all at that matter. Doesnt mean it wont work though. His kit comes in handy during ganks and roaming, but it causes problems during jungle clearing.

How good is Galio in the current Meta? I wont sugercoat it, there are definetly champions on Mid and Support that are better than Galio in many ways. The meta is pretty AD focused which causes a huge problem due to Galios low base armor and the uselessness of his Magic resistance against Physical Damage.

On both Mid and Support he gets counterd by many different champions and can be pushed out of a game rarer easly. Perhaps because of his lower Winrate/Pickrate or with the new Item changes next Season we will see some changes to him. But until then we need to work with what we got.

So what do we got? / What are Galios Strengths? Galio has a lot of Crowd Control at his disposal, the ability to push his lane pretty hard and therefore roam freely to help his teammates and he really shines in teamfight or Fights with more than 2 Persons involved in general.

Despite Attack speed and armor, he has pretty good base HP, Mana and even AD for an AP champ.

His Shield of Durand can taunt all 5 enemies at once for up to 1,5 seconds.
His Justice Punch knocks the enemy up for 0,75 seconds
And his Hero's Entrance can also knock up every Enemy caught within for 0,75 Seconds.
His kit alone, if played right, allows you to keep and enemy stunned for a max of 3 whole seconds. Combine that with Ability haste items so you get your abilites up sooner to start the stun fiesta anew.

His Colossal Smash and Winds of War alone lets you kill an entire minion wave in a few seconds. So pushing and securing minions isnt that of a problem. But whats even more important is to roam as soon as you see the potential and pushed a wave under the enemy turret.

With his Hero's Entrance and the ability to protect your teammates from enemies, you alone can turn the tide of a fight and its outcome.

What are Galios weaknessess? Unfortunately he also has some pretty bad problems.
Like i mentioned before, most champions counter you and youre not in a good position to win 1vs1 easily.

His abilites have one of the, if not, the highest base cooldown in the entire game. So as soon as you jump into action in early or mid game, your gonna stay there feeling like a minion who cant do much if his kit is on cooldown. Thats why Ability haste is an important stat we need to build.

Also because he has pretty good mix of both AP and Tank, he cant do one extremly good. There are Tanks that are much better than him, and there are Mages that do more damage than him.

Galio is a Champ that really feels awesome if you manage to get a long game where you already got 3 – 4 Items, thats the point where you feel like a champion. But at the current state, you cant do much against enemies who snowball you to death and end the game before you even reach that point.

How should you play Galio? Again keep in mind that this is my opinion. There are people who tell you to play as offensive as you can to quickly snowball the enemies themselves. But I like to play pretty safe and wait for Opportunities rather than forcing them.

Try to lane as safe as you can. React to mistakes of your Enemies. Play with our Teammates (Jungle as Mid, and ADC as Support). And get as many gold as you can, to reach your Powerspike. Galio will, no matter his state in the game, always be of use to his teammates and become stronger the longer the game goes. Every Item completed feels like a Infinity Stone in your Gauntlet, and as soon as you got all 6, you feel unstoppable.

3. Runes

Phase Rush
Phase Rush is overall my most liked rune on Galio. It gives him a short movement speed after he gets his combo out which also gives slow resistance. This works awesome for your Shield of Durand where you get slowed during the channel. You can use phase rush to either go further in and catch ADC's or Carries in the enemy backline or use the movement speed to quickly get back out of a trade or certain death.

Arcane Comet
Arcane Comet can work for poke builds or when you want to stay behind and blast them do death with your Winds of War to get damage out. Its also works awesome for a One-Shot full damage build, because the comet is guaranteed after you stunned your enemy.

Summon Aery
Aery can work against some Matches where you maybe go a burn build, if the enemies got 3 or more Champs with high HP. The shield only triggeres on Allies if you target them with your Hero's Entrance but overall it is not recommened!

Nullifying Orb
Nullifying Orb can work in some scenarios, where you face a lot of AP Damage but the value you get from the other 2 subrunes in this category are much higher, so it is not recommended!

Manaflow Band
This is your go to rune, as soon as you build items that give you 0 Mana like Heartsteel or Night Harvester. It completly solves all your Mana problems as soon as its fully stacked.

Nimbus Cloak
Nimbus Cloak is your go to rune if you got enough Mana from your build already, like Everfrost or Fimbulwinter. Its also the standard rune you should go on Support. It gives you a quick movement speed after using Flash or Ignite or Ghost to quickly catch enemies with your Shield of Durand or to escape.

Transcendence is the most important rune on Galio. It gives 10 Ability Haste, as well as reducing your cooldown if you manage to takedown an enemy alone or with your teammates. Due to his long cooldowns and the value of getting them back up quickly, this rune is highly recommended!

Celerity can be niche in some scenarios to catch really mobile champs, in combination with Nimbus Cloak or Predator but its rather weak compared to Transcendence, so it is not recommended!

Absolute Focus
It makes no sense to give up Transcendence for a max of 30 AP, if you are above 70% Health. This happenes rather rarely, because you need to get close to enemies to get damage in, so you lose HP anyway. It is not recommended!

Scorch works pretty well, if you want to get as much damage as possible out from the beginning, or to snowball an easy matchup quickly. It works well with full damage builds.

Some people will now argue, that waterwalking is good for Galio to better roam from Mid to Bot or Top and from Bot to Mid and Top, but its just 10 Movement Speedin the river, which is pretty useless, aswell as max 30 AP if u happen to fight in the river, so its really situational, and rather weak. Just go either Scorch or Gathering Storm. This rune is not recommended!

Gathering Storm
This is the opposite of Scorch where you want to scale better into late game, or got matchups, you cant do much in early game anyway. It just gives you more AP the longer the game goes. This helps your damage aswell as your tankiness, due to how Shield of Durand works.

Grasp of the Undying
This is my most used rune for tank builds. Galio already has pretty high base HP and in combination with Heartsteel and other tank items can stack an insane amount of max HP overall. Even if youre playing against a ranged matchup, you can go Grasp because it scales with your %HP anyway, so it will work even without stacking it in the early game. It helps you stay longer in the Heat of battle, until your long cooldowns are back up again. In combination with your Colossal Smash and Heartsteel it can do some serious burst damage. This rune is highly recommened if youre going a tank build.

When in doubt, go Aftershock. Its the best overall rune for Galio in every scenario. You can build Tank or AP with it, doesnt matter. It gives him everything he needs and works on Mid and Support. The downside is its long cooldown, but overall this rune works every time.

Gathering Storm
Personally I like to go Guardian if we got a hyper carry as ADC that needs a lot of peel to get damage out, like Vayne or Samira. In combination with Font of Life + Knight's Vow + Zeke's Convergence you can just glue yourself to your Carry and keep the enemies away with your Justice Punch and Shield of Durand.

It can work if you got an easy matchup you can constantly push, but Galio is stronger in teamfights and shouldnt be played as a splitpush champion. It can be useful, if you play agressive with your ADC to get the first turret quickly but Font of Life and Shield Bash give more value overall, so this rune is not recommended!

Font of life
It can help champions that auto attack alot to stay alive in a fight, due to Font of Life's healing that scales with your HP. My standard support rune if I want to peel my ADC which isnt a champion that uses few auto attacks, like Jhin or Ziggs.

Shield Bash
Also an extremly good rune for Galio because it gives you the resistance buff, as long as your Shield of Durand shield stays active. Great for Mid and Support to keep that extra Armor and Magic Resist constantly up. This rune is highly recommended!

Great Rune if you know you can survive past the 12 minute mark to get extra more resistance into your build which again works together with your Colossal Smash and Shield of Durand. Also works well if youre going a Tank build with items like Thornmail and Abyssal Mask. If you got a difficult matchup where you get a lot of damage early, go Second Wind instead.

Second Wind
Also a standard Rune for me I almost go every match. Galio is weak in his early game, so surviving that part is crucial. Lets you heal some crazy amount of life if paired with Doran's Shield. Overall this Rune is highly recommended!

Bone Plating
Im not a big fan of this Rune, because it gets triggered to easily on you, because you need to get close to farm minions, or stack your Relic Shield and after that its on a long cooldown. It can work if you get into a fight and try to reduce the damage your getting, but just go Second Wind its almost the same, just better in every aspect. This rune is not recommended!

Works well into your already high base HP and even better on Tank builds that use Heartsteel. Go this, if the enemies dont have to much slow or stuns on their team. Otherwise, Unflinching is the way to go.

It works with your Shield of Durand passive shield, and also with Font of Life and Grasp of the Undying, aswell as Radiant Virtue. It can be of use sometimes, but it doesnt have that big of an impact, so Unflinching is better overall.

This is also a very important Rune for Galio because it reduces your self slow from your Shield of Durand. It also helps Galio to reach his target overall, because it reduces the slow and stuns you get thrown at you. Stacks with Mercury's Treads and Legend: Tenacity so you cant be kept out of a fight. This rune is highly recommended!

The following runes are just to mention some hidden viable options, but overall Resolve and Sorcery should be your standard rune pages.

Eletrocute was pretty heavliy nerfed last patch for scaling into late game. It can work if you want to pressure the enemy from the start or just care about a full damage one-shot build, but it loses value the longer the game goes.

There was a time where Predator Galio worked pretty well with your roam potential, but nowadays the rune is just straight up useless. You get more value with litearly any other rune.

Dark Harvest
If you manage to constantly stack this rune you can do some serious damage in teamfights with items like Night Harvester, but keep in mind that your survivability suffers.

Cheap Shot
Not much to say here. If you just want to do as much damage as possible, Cheap Shot, Sudden Impact and Eyeball Collection are good options for that, but again as melee champ, your survivability suffers.

Sudden Impact
Not much to say here. If you just want to do as much damage as possible, Cheap Shot, Sudden Impact and Eyeball Collection are good options for that, but again as melee champ, your survivability suffers.

Eyeball Collection
Not much to say here. If you just want to do as much damage as possible, Cheap Shot, Sudden Impact and Eyeball Collection are good options for that, but again as melee champ, your survivability suffers.

Relentless Hunter
It shares the same value as Ultimate Hunter so you choose if you want more mobilty out of combat, or have your Ult back ready more often.

Ultimate Hunter
It shares the same value as Relentless Hunter so you choose if you want more mobilty out of combat, or have your Ult back ready more often.

Fleet Footwork
Currently there is a trend forming with Fleet Footwork as new go to rune for Galio. It combines the sustain you get from Second Wind aswell as the movement speed from Phase Rush. I must admit I havent tried it enough yet so it requires further testing. But its definietly viable.

Glacial Augment
Glacial Augment can work pretty well on Botlane if you land it with your Justice Punch and then position yourself to taunt both enemies with your Shield of Durand. Its downside is its long cooldowns aswell as the defense option you give up by not picking Resolve or the movement and ability haste by not picking Sorcery.

Hextech Flashtraption
Hextech Flashtraption is also a viable Support option, if you position yourself in a brush and then catch the enemies of guard by either charging Shield of Durand or dashing in with Justice Punch.

Minion Dematerializier
If you want to maximize your Push potential on midlane you can go this rune, but its not really needed because you can push quite well already.
4. Items

Everfrost - Gives every stat he needs and also another CC into his Kit. Good for catching enemies and holding them in place.

Heartsteel - Makes you incredible tanky, aswell as gives you a big SMASH to your passive if it proc with the passive of Heartsteel. Good for countering most assassins ingame.

Jaksho - Good item to stay in the heat of a battle, aswell as increasing your resistance in general and increases your damage from passive and damage reduction on Shield of Durand. Synergies well with Thornmail to counter AD Team.

Rod Of Ages
Rod of Ages - Cheap, gives you all the stats you need, aswell as another level when its fully stacked. Awesome to decide a game pretty early if you build it quickly.

Night Harvester
Night Harvester - Gives you the stat you need most, ability Haste. Also good for teamfighting and dealing a lot of damage in a short period of time as well as movement to catch enemies or escape certain death. KEEP IN MIND: it gives you 0 Mana, so you should take Manaflow Band with you.

Iceborn Gauntlet
Iceborn Gauntlet - It can work against enemies that are very mobile and are AD heavy, but overall Galio's cooldown is too high to constanty proc the passive, so I wouldnt recommend it. Just go Jak'Sho, The Protean, which is higher in value.

Ionian Boots
Ionian Boots - Cheap and are a huge power spike for Galio and his long cooldown.

Mercury's Tread
Mercury Treads - Against a lot of CC and slow or in general to counter AP.

Sorcerer's Shoes
Sorcerer Shoes - Your standard boots if you want to build pure damag.

Plated Steelcaps
Plated Steelcaps - Against enemies who use a lot of basic attack or to counter AD in general.

Boots of Swiftness
Boots of Swiftness - Great for enemies that slow quite hard and it also decreases your self slow from Shield of Durand.

Abyssal Mask
Abyssal Mask - Cheap, gives you every stat you need, counters mages as well as increasing your damage and the damage of your mates when your near them.

Banshee's Veil
Banshee Veil - Gives you all the stats you need, increase your damage output in 2 factors: first the AP and second the MR it gives your Colossal Smash aswell as the damage reduction on your Shield of Durand.

Cosmic Drive
Cosmic Drive - Best item overall that you can build almost every time. it reduces your cooldown immensely and also gives you whopping 100 AP aswell as stacking movement speed to catch enemies or escape them.

Fimbulwinter - Makes you extremly tanky, lets you survive big teamfights due to its shield and solves your mana problem.

Demonic Embrace
Demonic Embrace - Also one of the best items of Galio no matter which build you go. Makes you tanky, adds damage aswell as being good for long teamfights or fighting Bruisers and Tanks because of its % MAX HP damage. KEEP IN MIND: gives you just damage and health so you need another items first for lower cooldown.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
Gargoyle Stoneplate - Litearly Galios body so of course its good, but dont buy it early ingame. Its awesome for teamfights and to survive burst damage, but is expensive aswell as having a weird build path. syngergies well with Thornmail and Jak'Sho, The Protean for even more resistance and damage reflected from Thornmail.

Horizon Focus
Horizon Focus - Gives you all the stats you need, aswell as increasing your damage as soon as you stun someone with any of your abilities. KEEP IN MIND: it increases more damage if you already do a lot of damage so get in later in the game where you already have 2 or 3 other legendaries.

Rabadon's Deathcap
Rabadon Deathcap - Dont need so say much here, just plays into your high AP scaling and gives you extremly high AP. KEEP IN MIND: it just increases your AP, so you get no other benefit from it, so its also an item that should be bought later.

Sunfire Aegis
Sunfire Aegis - Good damage if you stay close to enemies aswell as counter AD Champs. synergies well with Heartsteel and lets you stay in the heat of a battle. KEEP IN MIND: thats also something that shouldnt be bought first, but you can buy it as soon as you got Heartsteel and Ionian Boots of Lucidity to run the enemies down.

Thornmail - Best item to counter everything that works with basic attacks. Build this against champs like Yone, Yasuo, ADC's, etc. Synergies well with Jak'Sho, The Protean and Gargoyle Stoneplate to increase its passive damage.

Void Staff
Void Staff - Increases your damage potential a lot and makes you able to oneshot squishys. KEEP IN MIND: like Rabadon Deathcap it only adds damage and no other stats you need, so build it later into the game.

Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonyas Hourglass - Gives you important stats aswell as the ability to quickly add some damage and hit the active to wait for teammates, or wait till your cooldowns is up aswell as countering AD Champs.

Lich Bane
Lich Bane - Gives your Colossal Smash a serious damage increase, and can one shot an enemy really quickly, if you hit a full combo. Movement speed and Ability Haste is nice, but you get 0 Resistance or Health from it.)

Spirit Visage
Spirit Visage - Good overall Stats, that give you everything you need, but the passive is situational. Yes it increases your Shield of Durand passive shield and also Fimbulwinter's shield, but you got no heal whatsoever, unless you buy Rod of Ages.

Knight's Vow
Knight's Vow - Awesome item if you want to keep your ADC alive, while also receiving some heals if they attack the enemies. Works well with Zeke's Convergence.

Zeke's Convergence
Zeke's Convergence - Since you already apply a lot of CC, why not increase the damage of your ADC while doing so. Syngeries well with a damage amplify build that uses Evenshroud, Abyssal Mask and Imperial Mandate. Also works well with Knight's Vow to peel your ADC even more.

Dead Man's Plate
Dead Man's Plate - Nice item do give you some Health and Armor, while also giving you the opportunity to catch enemies with a Auto Attack after its movement speed is full stacked. It also slows your enemy since youre a melee champ.

Force of Nature
Force of Nature - Best item to build if the enemies have a lot of AP champs. Also gives you movement speed which is always useful. Works great for Tank builds aswell for Support one.

Imperial Mandate
Imperial Mandate - Underrated Item in my eyes. Galio has so much CC and you go a full out Damage amplify build with Evenshroud, Abyssal Mask and Zeke's Convergence to deal some nasty damage.

Vigilant Wardstone
Vigilant Wardstone - Who uses Control Words, lol. But seriously it helps you with some important stats while also letting you keep vision all around the map.

Yes its more an enchanter Item, but if you want to fully keep your teammates alive and peel your ADC pretty hard, you can buy this Item last, if the game is already that long. It Works pretty well, if you got Revitalize, Guardian, Radiant Virtue, Font of Life and Knight's Vow, so its an option.
5. Last Words
For Champion Matchups check the Threats & Synergies part above.

The Ability order is also listed above, not much to say about that. But personaly I like to Max out Justice Punch in most of my games, because it gives the most cooldown reduction aswell as letting you stay close to enemy while also dealing some good amount of damage.

For the Spells you can use, its also pretty clear. Teleport is your go to rune on Midlane to just dont lose much farm or getting shoved out of a game. While Ignite and Exhaust are your support options.

But I guess thats it. It took me some time to get this guide done, but I really hope I teach some things I learned while playing Galio. And again, if youre unsure about anything, found a mistake or want to know something else thats not listed in this guide, or just want to talk about a topic overall, dont hesitate to reach out to me, however you like. Until then I wish you all good luck, a lot of fun and I hope I will see you all on the Rift. But if you Ban or Pick my Galio, I will Hero's Entrance your House >:( !


Your Hexeria

Enjoy this dumb meme I made because I was bored.

No, I wont answer any Questions about that, thank you very much.

Here is also a small little Video I made with some Galio Highlights I had. Be sure to check it out!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hexeria
Hexeria Galio Guide
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[13.24] Hexeria's detailed Masters Guide to Galio Mid and Support

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