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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sovereign Kitten


Sovereign Kitten Last updated on October 10, 2018
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They explain a lot!

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Teemo Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Absolute Focus
Absolute Focus
LoL Rune: Scorch

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Support Role
Ranked #25 in
Support Role
Win 48%
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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vayne Try to keep yourself positioned facing away from the wall if they try to all in you and your ADC, Vayne will stun you if you get knocked back into a wall or structure. However if you are in a bush and their support can not get to you in time, your blind will blind her autos after the stun allowing you to go stealth mid-fight.
Ashe The poke from her W is very annoying especially when you just want to safely harass her from the edge of your bush, simply go back and forth from each end to avoid it then go in for the poke.
Jinx Basic auto-attacker just watch out for her chompers, otherwise you can't run and hide in your bush like a coward.
Sona Harass her after she uses her Q she can do nothing to you in the bush unless you unstealth.
Lulu Usually the majority of lulu players will be very very squishy if possible kill her first, or just harass her as your main traget as her shields and speed are extremely annoying to deal with.
Alistar The funny thing with Alistar is his "Trample" skill does not affect your ability to go stealth. So long as he doesn't knock you up, knock you back, or auto attack you. So usually you kite him into the bush, blind him after he hard CCs and Tramples then just stand still, you will stealth if it's just him.
Kayle Kayles usually grab Ardent and focus healing over damage, so you know the deal. Morello or Executioners. He slow is annoying you could maybe take Phase Shift for that. If you find it is a problem.
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Regards to my Ranking (Season 8)

I had no real intention of reaching Diamond, at all.
My plan was just get Platinum and be you know shiny and above average.

I don't treat this game seriously at all nor do I want to improve MY mechanics and such.
I like playing Teemo. I am good at playing Teemo but not at playing League cause it's just too Toxic for me to put up with.

I reached Plat 1 50 LP before demoting back to 5 on the brink of demotion for the 100th time, so it's gotten old.

Don't be discouraged. I know you can get do better than me.

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Hey there, I would just like to say, I have gotten in the past some questions regarding putting up certain "builds" when I have already had them up. Something like TANK or On-Hit. Please just look at the top of the guide each TEEMO icon is a seperate set of RUNES, ITEMS, and MATCHUPS. ^^

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This is a rough draft of what I plan to make as a teaching tool for people who play the playstyle of sitting in a bush while the enemy stands there wasting time.

This follows the basic principle of "UNSTEALTHING" Teemo, this does not including skills / skillshots that hit you and give away your position.

Only what directly unstealths you to the enemy.

space Ahri is a MID lane AP BURST MAGE, who has a lot of gap close and ranged DPS. The only real CC ability in her kit is Charm which can unstealth if it connects with you whilst in a bush. She can deal damage to you with here Orb of Deception and show your shadow. space
space Alistar is a bot lane support for a lot of ADCs. He only has one ability that can actually unstealth you which is Pulverize if he is directly on top of you how ever he does have Trample which can damage you but if you know he has used Pulverize Headbutt already you can Q him and take trample damage while in a bush and still go stealth. Keep in mind that this ability can also show your white shadow. Making it difficult to avoid a second Q. space
space Azir is exclusively played in the MID lane he can force you out of Stealth pretty easily with his Emperor's Divide his other abilities do nothing besides his Conquering Sands which can damage you if passing through you. space
space Aurelion Sol is a MID laner that tends to keep his distance but if you get to close to him or he gets to close to you in a bush, you are most likely going to fall prey to his Center of the Universe which will tell him where you are in which he can turn around and Voice of Light which will unstealth you as it displaces you. space
space Blitzcrank is exclusively played in the support role, due to his Rocket Grab and knockup up Power Fist which can and will unstealth and pull you to his location. It is easy to sidestep however.
space Braum is played as a Support, there are some times in the Meta that he is chosen in the Jungle but for all purposes he is a support. All of his abilities are to support his allies however he does have his knockup Glacial Fissure which will unstealth you if hit. space
space Cho'Gath is played as a TOP laner mostly, but he is a well rounded champion that can play everywhere. Speaking on his skills Rupture will unstealth you but not initially. Once the knockup is finished and you start falling tends to be when you become visible, he can rip you pretty quickly with his OMNOMNOM

space Darius is mostly played as a TOP laner but he has been seen in the MID or ADC role as of lately. Apprehend is the only ability that can unstealth you, as it grabs you and pulls you like a Blitzcrank Rocket Grab his other abilities do nothing but Decimate can damage you but not unstealth you.

space Diana Is mostly played in the MID lane but also played as a JUNGLER. She has a lot of skills that can tell her you are around, but the only one that can unstealth you is Moonfall which knocks you back into her.
space Draven is an ADC, he doesn't really have much as he is a highly Auto reliant champion, but he does have his Stand Aside which if hit while displace you and unstealth you so it would be wise to not try to bait him out when playing support.
space Evelynn is a JUNGLER and a real pain in the ***, she can not directly unstealth you, but she can if she has you marked before you enter the bush and go stealth. This is only when you are marked with Allure and then hit with her Hate Spike so you basically have one shot at not getting hit to survive. space
space Fizz is a pretty strong MID laner, who can unstealth or rather locate you in the bush if he hits you with his Chum the Waters as it is a AoE that locks onto you and follows you. Knocking up in the end, giving you away. space
space Galio is a real pain in the *** to deal with as his main ability Shield of Durand is a taunt, forcing you to unstealth to attack him. It's also very hard to avoid in small bushes, since the AOE is huge. space
space Gragas is mostly played in the JUNGLE but he has been known to play MID, he can unstealth you by using Body Slam which stuns and knocks you back so long as it connect with you. Explosive Cask will also unstealth you, so keep that in mind. space
space Janna is a SUPPORT, you'll rarely see her in other lanes. Sometimes MID but always SUPPORT. Monsoon will unstealth you as it pushes you away even if you are still in the bush it will unstealth you. space
space Kai'Sa is a JUNGLER and ADC, she can unstealth you with her Void Seeker as it reveals you to her entire team, which is honestly pretty stupid. space

space Katarina is a very early game snowballing MID laner. She can unstealth you when she is level 6, as her Death Lotus automatically targets you even while stealth revealing you to her just like Morgana space

space Nidalee is a JUNGLER however sometimes very rarely is played MID. She has the ability in human form to REVEAL you if you should so step on her Bushwhack / Pounce regardless of if you do stay off the trap. You should never stealth with her around since she has a lot of skillshots and AoE. space
space Rengar is a JUNGLER however sometimes very rarely is played TOP he can't directly unstealth you BUT he can REVEAL you while he is in his [[Thrill of the Hunt
]] which reveals you to all enemy champions if he is in range.

space Shen is mostly played as a TOP laner but he does see some play in the SUPPORT role, he can TAUNT you out of stealth if he dashes ontop of you head on with Shadow Dash But I fail to see the need to use this against him since you win this lane. space
space Trundle is a JUNGLER however sometimes very rarely is played TOP he can UNSTEALTH you but ONLY if his Pillar of Ice hits you directly at the center of the AOE, displacing you and forcing you to move. If the ground hits you it will NOT unstealth you. space
space Volibear is a JUNGLER an he has one specific ability that will unstealth you so long as you are near his range when he pops his Majestic Roar as it will displace and reveal you. Outside of that he can be kited and such but never should you use stealth to fight him. space


Exhaust Works the same as Ignite however it does not reveal you with true vision you can still go stealth while in the bush.
Ignite is a summoner spell that can reveal people with true vision. It does not actually stop you from going stealth. It shows you in a bush but once you begin stealthing it will no longer give you away besides showing your white shadow. Which is pretty funny to watch people do. Expecting to kill you while you just go stealth and waddle around dodging skill shots or watching a non-skill shot auto attacker stand around wasting time.

Control Ward
Control Ward has since the dawn of LoL been an item that could unstealth any form of Stealth since V6.22 this has changed. When we received the ASSASSIN update Control Ward was no longer able to unstealth certain champions like Teemo Akali Vayne
space Aatrox is a TOP lane 1V1 dueler, who tends to fall off into late game Teamfights. The only real CC ability in his kit is Dark Flight which can NOT unstealth you with the knockup. He can deal damage to you with Blades of Torment but once again can not unstealth you.
space Amumu is mostly played as a Jungler but there are moments people play him as a MID laner or even a SUPPORT. He doesn't actually have anything that can unstealth you physically but he can use Bandage Toss to gap close to where you are hiding and Despair to show your white shadow and of course damage you with Curse of the Sad Mummy space
space Annie is mostly played as a MID laner or even a SUPPORT. She doesn't actually have anything that can unstealth you but she can use her Incinerate to deal damage to you, which can reveal your white position very briefly. space
space Ashe is pretty exclusively a ADC with the very rare sighting of a ASHE mid lane, She has nothing that can unstealth you, her Volley can give away your position, and so can her ULT but it does nothing but damage you. space
space Akali is mostly exclusively played in the MID lane but there are times when she is played in the TOP role. She has nothing to unstealth you and she also can go stealth. The only ability in which she can damage you with is Crescent Slash space

space Anivia is sometimes played TOP but most exclusively is played in the MID lane. She doesn't have anything that can unstealth you, however you can be seen via white shadow if she uses Glacial Storm her Crystallize CAN unstealth you but only if done length wise in a bush as it has to push you outside of the bush. Hence it does not technically unstealth you. space
space Bard is almost exclusively played in the Support role with some special snowflakes playing him in another role like Jungle or Mid. He has nothing that can unstealth you but his Cosmic Binding can damage you and proc the stun against a wall. space
space Brand is played both in the Support and Mid lane roles. He can not unstealth you he can stun you with Sear but only if he can land the Pillar of Flame even then you just get shown as a white shadow. space
space Camille It normally a TOP laner, although some people play her in the Jungle. Hookshot can't unstealth you at all, it can bump into you while stealth giving away your position but not unstealth you.

space Corki is played as a MID laner mostly, but there are few times he is chosen as a ADC. He can not unstealth you, he can rip you pretty quickly just like Cho'Gath with his Phosphorus Bomb Valkyrie& Gatling Gun not to mention his Missile Barrage but this skill directly knocking you up doesn't unstealth you. space
space Dr. Mundo usually can be seen in the TOP/JUNGLE or sometimes SUP roles. He isn't really much of a CC champion aside from his Infected Cleaver but he likes to run people down. He can not unstealth you but he can RIP you very simply.


space Ekko can be seen as both a MID laner and sometimes as JUNGLER. He has nothing that can directly unstealth you, but he can most certainly destroy you very easily with his Timewinder and Chronobreak not very quickly but quick enough.
space Elise is a JUNGLER through an through, she has absolute nothing that can destroy you, and nothing that can unstealth you. If given enough time her Volatile Spiderling's can kill you, but in general she is no threat to you in stealth.

space Ezreal can be seen in the ADC role exclusively, however he does make appearances in the JUNGLE and MID at times. He has nothing to unstealth you but he can quite easily kill you over a short amount of time with his Mystic Shot & Essence Flux along with his Trueshot Barrage if he feels like you're low enough.
space Fiddlesticks can pretty much be seen in all roles. TOP/MID/JUNGLE/ADC/SUPPORT, all in all he is mostly played as a JUNGLER or SUPPORT, he can not directly unstealth you, but can give away your position in a bush if you stand too close to a minion after he throws out his Dark Wind which will target you.
space Fiora is one of your TOP lane duelers, who is heavily reliant on sustain, making an item like Morellonomicon or Executioner's Calling a must, getting back on track she can not unstealth you or damage you too much at all outside of her Lunge
space Gangplank is played TOP for the most part, you may see him take up arms in the MID lane, but regardless of where he is, he can not unstealth you. Don't make this and opportunity to sit in a bush the main thing you have to deal with, with a Gangplank is his Powder Keg which will absolutely shred you not to mention his Cannon Barrage
space Garen is exclusively usually played as a TOP laner, to the point... He can not unstealth you. He can melt you with his Judgment
space Jarvan IV is primarily a JUNGLER you can see him MID and very rarely TOP his overall kit is target but his Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike combo will knock you up but only displaces you. It will not unstealth you. space
space Malzahar mostly played in the MID role you can sometimes see him as a SUPPORT. He can not unstealth you or target you with anything but his Call of the Void that being said, he still hurts an I would highly advise you to run rather than try to bush juke him unless he is an idiot and wasted 5 minutes Q'ing the same spot.
space Riven is played TOP lane for the most part, you can also see her being played in the JUNGLE from time to time not very often but it does happen. She does not unstealth you with her Broken Wings combo, it can push you out of the bush if you have a tendency of walking around trying to dodge the damage as it displaces you in the direction you move sometimes forcing you to exit the edge of a bush.
space Zyra is usually played as a SUPPORT but she can sometimes be seen in the MID role. Her abilities can deal some nasty damage but in the sense of the topic, she can not unstealth you with her Stranglethorns but she can easily kill you with her other abilities. space

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THANK YOU! Please Leave Feedback <3

I would just like to say, I really appreciate all of the support you all give me on my streams.

I really do appreciate every single one of you, and your time spent watching me just do my thing, and sometimes play a few games with the stream chat.

All the upvotes and follows I get really motivates me to continue doing what I love.
Entertain and have fun ^^

If you would like to keep in touch be it for personal inquiries or just for updates on the recent META.
You can join my Discord & follow me on Twitter for the latest!
Come hit up my stream sometime :3

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I would just like to say this:

Please don't feel restricted, to just following my guide to the teeth.
It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of what is to be expected of you when you play.
It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of what to build.
It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of where to go, what to do.

Some people (mostly everyone) think MobaFire is garbage, compared to the "High-Elo" sites cause apparently our guides are useless and that we know nothing of the game, and they are better than everyone else.

It depends on how you look at it.
This guide is a very good Teemo guide, but what gets you out of Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum is YOUR ability to play, it is not based on a guide, so please keep this in mind.

Find your strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them as you continue to learn.

If you have abysmal CS open up a custom game alone or with a friend to practice getting CS you need to aim for 80-100 in 10 minutes to be considered "Good" in a sense of high elo. Mine will always be low due to being a support main unfortunately
If you get tilted a lot because of your team, try queing up with friends.
(Unfortunate enough to not have friends? Don't worry I have none either)
Just find something that can calm you down. (Music, Discording etc)

Don't just exclaim how garbage your team is, that will only make you suffer in most cases keeping you in ELO hell.

To be honest, just TAKE A BREAK from the game instead of going 20 matches and 20 loses, calm yourself down before you start to play and if you have a losing streak of anger and win ONE game and feel great, take that break immediately to stay healthy mentally.

If you watch my streams you'd realize I am always joking around, always laughing, always having a good time even if I lose. Mostly because Teemo is my joy in this game.

All I want as a fellow Teemo main is for you to find what works for you.
Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE plays Teemo in their own way, some people prefer AP an others AD, and then there are people like me, that like Hybrid.


The current meta with these new Runes and such are very strong for Teemo.
You can dominate TOP, SUPPORT but unfortunately JUNGLE (My favorite role) has fallen off from competitive play, at least for me as the level in difficulty has gone above what I am comfortable playing with.

Mostly due in part that the EXP is lower, the raptors and krugs are a time waster since you have no early game group clear speed, the fight for scuttle crabs, you get the idea.

I would highly recommend playing Teemo TOP or honestly, TEEMO Support.
Support is the best role if you love just harassing people denying all CS and forcing them to tower farm, I personally suck at laning so I choose support as my role this season.

I am by no means some god-mode-teemo that goes 20/1/0 every game.
I play him mostly to troll an have fun, troll as in watch my team scream, or cause the enemy to quit the game.

We all play Teemo differently.
Some play Jungle, Some play Support, Some play Top, ADC or even MID.
What matters is we all love Teemo and that is all that should matter.

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The problem with new players who do not know much about TEEMO is they think you can just stack 10 shrooms ontop of each other and absolutely destroy the enemy because they THINK it stacks multiple times.

Noxious Trap Does not stack be it the slows or DoT it does however have a duration on the DoT poison & slow that will refresh if the champion steps on another shroom after having stepped on another.



It may feel and look satisfying to watch a fool step on 10 shrooms and hear that wonderous Omega Squad nuke explode in the distance but ultimately you are wasting a lot of precious vision, and kite harass.

Do not feel ashamed about leaving your lane to give up 5 or 10 CS that is under their tower to run towards mid lane or into their jungle to give you and your team much needed vision with your shrooms.

This is crucial.

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A lot of players including myself just go to a lane and just kill everything quickly or just last hit, we never try and control the minion waves entirely to our favor...

This basically means...


This video goes into better detail, as I myself still need to practice.

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Which one should I choose!?
It is quite simple, think of it this way, it's not about which rune is better it's about which runes do you feel like you will be needing in the current matchup?

Certain Teemo players can stomp on anyone regardless of which they choose, but others especially new players may have a very hard time with someone like Darius, Irelia or even Pantheon or better yet a singed!

But this is where these runes come into play.

GRASP is a defensive sustain stay in lane forever kind of rune which allows you to take a beating whilst also dealing a massive beating in return, I'm looking at you pantheon it will prevent the enemy from getting any kill pressure on you so long as you play passively, it will also keep you alive a large portion if the time if you get ganked or all inned.

While AERY on the other hand gives you 0 sustain and you negate absolute nothing it goes straight through your very soul but gives you the most annoying aggressive poke and mana sustain possible. Coupled with Domination giving you a tiny bit of sustain.

Press The Attack is the better option when it comes to playing with precision as your main rune page. We used to use Fleet but the changes recently making PTA a very strong rune for Teemo impossible to choose Fleet. You deal practically no damage now with Fleet Foot.

Electrocute is strictly a BURST rune build that is based around slightly poking people down with a Q and E combo while you focus on CS constantly. Once you get them down below 40% is when you start planning your AUTO Q AUTO IGNITE for the KILL. This specific rune build works well against plenty of top laners. You will mostly see it being used against Dr. Mundo and a few other tanky or bruiser champions.

It works wonders against any person not building MR late game you will be ONE shotting like a mad man.

The basics of when to and why to use GRASP, AERY, PTA and ELECTRO in a matchup. If you feel like you can take on the world top lane go AERY if you feel scared worried, threatened then you know you need to play safe go GRASP you will not lack much damage at all since TEEMO is a very heavily depended on ITEM champion, PTA if you plan to splitpush or just want to chase / go On-Hit and finally Electrocute for the juicy one shoting potential.

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I am an forever will be a lover of Teemo Jungle. Regardless of if it is still viable or good anymore which is becoming a more and more less viable thing with the way they have changed things up, since the days of the devourer.

Let me give you words of wise advice, I would highly recommend NOT starting or even touching TEEMO in the Jungle until you feel like you have fully mastered him as a whole.

Understand his strengths and weaknesses, understand his place in the fray. If you feel like you understand all of this, and then some by all means train and practice yourself in the jungle to capitalize on it.

As it stands, Teemo jungle is becoming more and more difficult to play, the pathing has changed, the early game is progressively more difficult depending on who your enemy jungler is and how much faster they are at clearing. I.E: Nidalee or even Ezreal.

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So let us go over the TWO primary builds for TEEMO in the Jungle.
There are only TWO because of how crucial it is for him to be capable of dealing damage to contest and control objectives and to obviously help your team get some kills or assists as he has nothing to contribute in a gank.

ON-HIT is the most common build for most players on League in the jungle mostly do to it being the best way to control objectives, and in general deal damage. I would recommend this over AP because you can pretty much do absolutely nothing to dragon with AP early, I mean you can just not as reliably as on-hit.

AP is the most controlling of any build in the Jungle. You contest everything, you live in the jungle and grant your team immense free vision. Every bush, every corner, Dragon/Baron it doesn't matter. Your main job is to go deep with your vision making it nearly impossible for them to roam or gank without wasting time with oracles.
This is MY preferred Jungle route. With the recent changes to EXP distribution it has made scuttle crab AND krugs a very important and crucial battle to fight for, for EXP. Once you take RED and Krugs head to scuttle it will spawn as you make it there, once you take Scuttle, look towards a mid pressure / gank if it is not viable to do, path through the lane and take the other scuttle or try to fight the enemy Jungler for it. Following by either a TOP gank or the rest of your clear, being BLUE -> GROMP -> WOLVES.

GANK only when you know it is wise
Do not go in if your team mate pings while hes under their tower (obviously)
Unless they are being pushed right up under their towers, and you are nearby you want your first item by 7-8 minutes rather than any time later, so try and get a early kill but don't go overboard or you will be under-leveled and poor.

While clearing as a Teemo you have to understand he is a very squishy champ but if you practice you can mitigate all incoming damage from the first 2 jungles pulls from level 1-4 without using a single potion due to his kiting ability and Blinds to prevent Blue / Gromp / Red from damaging you while you run past them to continue the kite.

This normally gives you the upper hand against specific jungle champs that have no ability to mitigate the majority of the first few pulls, making you healthy enough to survive an invade if you happen to get invaded, and enough to kite them to death NEVER TANK CAMPS!

There are TWO main rune builds for Jungling as depicted above.
Press the Attack & Dark Harvest or Electrocute more information on why is above.

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THIS is why you take AERY even after the "Nerf"
So with the changes to runes and masteries into a single set of runes there has been much debate on what is better for Teemo.

Summon Aery / Arcane Comet / Press the Attack / Electrocute / Grasp of the Undying
Nullifying Orb / Manaflow Band / Nimbus Cloak
Sudden Impact / Taste of Blood
Scorch / Gathering Storm
Transcendence / Absolute Focus

Inspiration runes, etc

Let me just state this...

Everyone plays Teemo differently, nobody is going to always like you or your playstyles.
If you wanna run glacial Teemo because you like the lack of need for mallet, do it.

If you want future market, go for it. That is how you want to play so play it! :3

Summon Aery vs Arcane Comet

Aery, hands down just take Aery regardless of what you are playing as, TOP/SUP.
The harass is amazing and high. I don't care if they "Nerf" her, if you can get the double procs it's not nerfed. If they remove the ability to proc her twice in one poison rotation then by all means **** her and use comet or electrocute, electrocute is actually very good for burst AP damage.

Electrocute We take Electrocute in matchups that are gauranteed to be squishy enough to ONE SHOT, with a full rotation of... E...Q...HEXTECH GUNBLADE -> IGNITE. Often times you won't kill them right away but with the right MP and build you can one shot even the most FED ADC / JUNGLER / MID but not a Tank.

Grasp of the Undying is a defensive rune it is not meant to deal a tremendous amount of damage but rather keep you sustained enough to stay in the lane much longer than previously possible due to the massive sustain from casual poking and if you do decide on being more of a sustained early game tanky champion, you can also take either (Refill)*Corruption Potion* + Dark Seal or if it is a very hard lane like Jayce or someone you are uncomfortable fighting you can take Dorans Shield.

Manaflow Band is the better option out of these 3, it is absolutely amazing, you will never have to worry about mana if you actually charge up the 250 mana stack which will refund you 1% mana every 5 seconds, so in short infinite mana!

The others are useless unless you know for a fact that you will be losing your lane to a hard hitting AP champion then go for Nullifying Orb

Absolute Focus always as a TOP laner against a matchup you can destroy, otherwise take Celerity
Transcendence if you are playing Support. It really makes a difference, granting you 40% CDR relatively early. It also allows you to over-stack CDR items like Luden's Echo Lich Bane Nashor's Tooth while gaining damage adaptively.

Gathering Storm is the best choice for anything but bot lane, unless they have a lot of healing and shields then forfeit Scorch for it since it is mainly to burn them harder when they have no heals.

I refuse to take anything other than Domination with 2 of the following...

Sudden Impact if I know for a fact that I will have no problem in the bot lane poking them down without being hit too often while hiding in my passive camo in the bush. I have been struck with a lot of debate on Cheap Shot being better. True damage is indeed better, but making the ADC MR -0% to me is more important cause it can be abused every second where as Cheap shot has a cooldown and requires a Q or R to hit.

Cheap Shot It's better top lane since you will not be abusing the bush like a support Teemo would.

Taste of Blood if I know I will have problems with lack of harass. It will keep you healthy and allow you to go in deep for those pokes.

Ravenous Hunter 15% Ability damage is a heal, respectively.

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Following up on the runes above, I should let you know that once you start climbing if that is something you want to do at least... You should be wary as a lot of the builds start to fall off and others become more reliable especially Bone Plating Second Wind as a secondary and aswell as the item builds.

The reason behind this is from BRONZE - PLAT players are relatively new to the game, or just refuse to build correctly one item in particular would be Quicksilver Sash you will rarely ever see someone build this besides the one smurf ADC from maybe Diamond-Challenger.

Meaning you can pretty much build anything and come out on top, but again once you get past PLAT people start to play better, and talk less making it very hard to play something like LUDEN / LICH and instead force you to be a more pure AP/MP shredder mostly through shrooms and team fights.

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On-hit Items (Damage)

People are claiming that with the new update of 6.22, that items like these...
Duskblade of Draktharr Edge of Night have completely crippled Teemo to the point where it is pointless to play him, just please, play him and stop looking at LCS / High tier players who try an bestow their own knowledge or theory crafting to the lower elo. (Coming from a Mobafire guide, I know. Doesn't mean much)

Play him for fun, have fun, the skill comes from how he is played and by how skillful you are playing him, just because you have problems getting to Master/Challenger right now with him doesn't make him any less broken.

Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazor
Deals 4% of the Target's current health as bonus physical damage (On-Hit)
Blade of the Ruined King
Deals 8% of the Target's current health as bonus physical damage (On-Hit)
Wit's End
Steals 30 Magic Resist and deals 42 bonus magic damage (on hit)
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Basic attacks Deal an additional 5-10% AP/AD damage on-hit of your current AP/AD.
Every 4th range attack makes all other on hit effects happen twice.

Let's assume you have an with a base HP at 2415.4 without any armor or MR/Armor we will deal.
+ 4% - 96.616 /PD
+ 8% - 193.232 /PD
+ 40 /MD
+ % Damage

Grand total of: 274.848 Physical Damage
55 Magic Damage per hit.

This does not include shroom poison damage ticks, or E poison ticks nor the effects of Exhaust an more importantly it does NOT include the base 215 PD and 200 AP damage from basic attacks.

With the effects of Guinsoo's Rageblade on every fourth hit.

+ 8% = 193.232
+ 16% = 386.464
+ 80 /MD
+ 30 /MD

Grand total of: 549.696 Physical Damage
110 Magic Damage per hit.

This does not include shroom poison damage ticks, or E poison ticks nor the effects of Exhaust an more importantly it does NOT include the base 215 PD and 200 AP damage from basic attacks.

This means that to kill Alistar you would have to hit him 7 times which in 2.50 attack speed is practically 4 hits.

But... all of these numbers go to 0 damage IF he just CC's you! Ahhh!

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SUPPORT (Best ADC *Updated)

Is still by far the most reliable ADC to pair up with Teemo as he can safely farm a ways back while you push the ADC/Support into their tower while he backs you up with a W which often times is all he needs to do to give you that edge to ignite.
Has kind of been a double edged sword to lanD with depends on if he can lane a single Q on the enemy. Which with all the super long range supports and adcs being played right now is often hard.
Same thing with Ezreal, he has great poke distance, but if he refuses to be aggressive you're going to have a hard time farming from poke harass or even getting a kill.

Give a good player a Lucian right now and there is no stopping your lane the fact a Lucian can get all 3 PTA stacks off and dash away in a mere second is pretty broken. However the enemies are playing him a lot too so keep that in mind.

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Team Work & Ganking (Jungler)

Teemo has pretty much no CC, nothing to contribute to a team fight besides one blind and shrooms that can easily be negated or avoided, that being said if you play smart and have team mates with strong CC like the ones above then ganking will be a lot more easier for you as once Teemo is spotted he can get killed pretty quickly against his counters especially against a mid lane.

From my personal experience, with reviewing season 6.
I found that Teemo Jungle synergized very well with champions like...

You don't even need a CC, you just need the know how as to avoid being caught, and just be an overly positive team mate, and if your team is against you playing Teemo just hope they understand that Teemo Jungle is a thing and actually know what you're doing practice in BOT games before you even try to play norms, get the path and kiting down and make sure your team is diverse.

Teemo is a natural ADC counter especially against:

Teemo will counter any ADC with his blind and melt every tank with this build that is his kit.

You want to not avoid ganking mid lane if there is a one shot champion harassing your mid laner, it is very hard to come back when a mid lane Ahri is fed 20 kills off some block head, that doesn't know how to lane. Hexdrinker is great to mitigate most of the damage and not be killed immediately. Hopefully your mid laner does well as your team can not rely on you 24/7 to be camping every lane.

It's a very scary lane when it's fed.

Your targets are Bot an Top lane most of the time, really anybody that is a Tank or is Squishy/ADC you will be good against including a large pool of junglers.

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ENEMY Matchup (Support)

Whilst Teemo is considered a horrible (everything) there are certain matchups you just will never be able to take on without feeding / trading 1 for 1 or staying stuck under tower...

That being said the worst possible matchups to go up against are the main support champions.
Supporting a...

Supporting a...

Supporting a...

Supporting a...

I say these matchups are hard as balls because your one perk is being invisible in the brush dealing massive damage both magically and mentally, they will always be wary of you in the bush even if you are never there giving your bot lane a perm-push. But with Thresh, Blitz they render you pretty much useless at full potential since the bush is your one strength. SONA renders your damage useless since she can both heal and hurt you as much as you hurt them. The downside you can not heal as much as she can.

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Champion Bans (Jungler)

you will be relying on PTA for the most part his counter strike will hinder your ability to utilize it fully against him. He is also a monster late game.

the blind monk, who can't be more blind than he already is. He has GAP he has CC and burst along with a fast clear speed due to AOE. He falls off pretty hard into late game but still is a real nuisance.

his healing and movement and ganking potential is just too good. If you were to fight him 1v1 and he is near a minion or camp or scuttle you can say good bye to that nunu with 10% HP and hello to the big boy with 80% HP from one Q.

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Pink = Ward
Blue = Support Shrooms
Green = Top Shrooms

This will help you stay safe, stay visual. If they clear them all as they come to you, wait a while then refresh them. Your main role is awareness, you have infinite wards, that last 5 minutes, get them deep and keep yourself and your ADC safe.

After all you are trying to control the map!

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Example: Match Results Proof

There is no "I" in TEAM-O.

If you're good with Teemo you'll never lose lane.
Sometimes you have games you destroy lane while your team just feeds out of their ***.

Live and move on, they will stay Silver you will keep climbing.

Just keep in mind, you're only as good as your team mates allow you to be.
In this case, the team was completely garbage dying to a bot lane fed 5 kills, while you were safe and not dying for the first 10 minutes.

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Utilize Teemos Passive!

Most people tend to forget to utilize Teemos passive, be it in combat to outplay someone like a ZED or Nocturn when you hear him ult and such, it will save your life and give you a bonus in Attack Speed.(Damn that Soraka was on point)

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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing poke harass
+ Very Kawaii
+ Tanky if built correctly while also able to harass with damage.
+ Swift
+ Ward coverage
+ IS a ward

+ Natural ADC counter
+ Can build into ANYTHING
Teemo is considered one of the worst champion picks for really any role. People have zero faith in most because quite frankly there are a lot of wannabe Teemo players out there. Teemo does take time to learn fully, since you actually have to know a lot about the enemy to play well against them, often times when fighting someone like can be difficult because you just don't know how to play against his slow, or q stacking.


- Very susceptible to CC
- Poor teamfight presence
- Focused a lot regardless of if you are fed or not.
- Makes your team have 0 faith in you.
Nobody likes Teemo, lets face it. The chances you will have a game where everyone is praising you for playing Jungle, Support, ADC or even Mid lane is very rare. My best advice is if they ban your champ, play something that is actually bad, like Skarner, or Master Yi support. Yes trolling is bad, but hey doing so is a good way to say **** you without saying it.

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Alright so many people ask on occassion...

"What is the best Teemo skin to use?"

There are many factors to be taken into account let me briefly explain.

Certain skins animations are extremely smooth where as some skins are clunky and has a sense of delay if you play multiple skins for a long time you will notice this one good example would be...

Out of all the skins I played this one the most and this was the most clunky out of them all in my opinion I was canceling a lot of my auto attacks on a regular basis possibly because I always misjudged the animation but even then it did feel clunky...

My personal fav Teemo skin by far not because of the skin it self but merely because of the animation and how smooth it is, to the point where you never cancel autos, again this is all down to personal preference you can play any Teemo skin and be great at it, but if you have trouble with canceling auto attacks it comes down to skins and your experience with the animations if this makes sense.

If you want to be a little global taunting piece of trash, works every time.

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If you use Teemo passive in the middle of their lane near their tower out of their vision, you can call upon SHEN to ult you literally appearing out of thin air which is ****ing hilarious and so over powered.