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Teemo Build Guide by Sovereign Kitten



By Sovereign Kitten | Updated on September 20, 2019
3,652 Votes
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1 2 3 4
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Ghost Poro
Ultimate Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Ranked #12 in
Top Lane
Win 53%
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Ability Order The Standard

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Welcome to the TEEMO GUIDE!

Hello! My name is Kitten!

It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm more than a internet personality, I'm a friend.
Many may know me from my REDDIT handle u/SovereignKitten on the subreddit r/Teemotalk.

I am highly active here in discussions about our cute little demon.
I am also an Officer of the GodM0 NA club! We are looking for active Teemos!
I have been a Teemo OTP (One Trick) since the day I entered the gates of LoL.
I too once started out like you, needing help, and getting nowhere with the lack of information being given.
I would build awful and play like garbage and get angry which is why I would only play in normals.
So I took it up upon myself to be the one to help everyone else out.

If you have any questions still left to answer, please do not hesitate to ask me.

I love answering questions and giving direct feedback.

I have been striving to become a partner on Twitch!
However, since 90% of the people that view this guide, just view it for the material, and never to actually ask questions or just hang out, my chances to pursue a career in entertainment constantly falter!

I would highly appreciate it, and it would mean a lot to me if you dropped by ^^

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If you're feeling like you are making zero progress with this guide.
If you're having major problems improving with Teemo while following this guide.

Why not stop by and ask about some coaching sessions?

I know the in's and outs of playing Teemo.
I have 3.8million Mastery Points.
I have played every Teemo build there is to play.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!
So long as you are willing to take criticism and tips.

I do not require payment, or any compensation.
I just want others to find their way with Teemo.

Unfortunately they either refuse to, or the often excuse is...
They do not know what they should be doing.

If you have been struggling for a while, maybe you've been hard-stuck Gold/Platinum or you just can't get out of Iron 4 (Why would you wanna leave?) I am willing to sit down with you, in my free time to speak with you on a one-one level and understand what you are struggling with, check your replays, watch an entire game perhaps play a game or two with.

You may message me through the links above.
Discord, Twitter, Twitch or right here in Private Messages.

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Please don't feel restricted to just following my guide to the teeth.
It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of what is to be expected of you when you play.
It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of what to build.
It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of where to go, what to do.


Most people think Mobafire is garbage compared to the other high elo sites like PRO BUILDS and BLITZ. Websites like that offer you nothing but "statistics" over every single elo or just high elo.
This offers you, THE PLAYER trying to learn how to play a champion, nothing but runes and items.
They may have comprehensive, detailed explanations about the champions, what their abilities can an can not do, or how they interact with every other champion in the game, and so on an so forth.
But that isn't you, that isn't you finding your own STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES.
That's you following orders about the highest possible win rate over all other players.

This guide is a very well rounded Teemo guide, that goes deep into detail regarding everything. But what gets you out of IRON/BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD/PLATINUM/DIAMOND is really your own ability to play.

Please keep this in mind, Platinum II to Diamond III is the most degrading and toxic place to be.
People are so unwarranted with their toxicity!
The reason for this is simple, there are so many smurfs from Master and above.
These players are boosting players constantly but this stops at Diamond 4.

What does this mean for you as you climb? Improve.
You will normally be at a disadvantage in these cases, simply because they are better.
Do not complain, and whine. Use this as an opportunity to examine them when you can.
What are they doing better than you? Roaming? Warding? Zoning? Csing?

Don't just exclaim how garbage your team is. The fact is, you're garbage.
That is right. If you can not look at yourself and degrade yourself an improve...

Find your strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them as you continue to learn. If you have abysmal CS open up a custom game alone to practice getting the CS you need. Try to aim for 80-100 in 10 minutes without any adaptive runes or leveling or items. This will drastically increase your ability to last hit minions when you actually take items and runes. RESET at 10 minutes and do it again. Become consistent!

This may sound extremely tedious, but video gaming is like sports.
The more you practice, the more better you get at it.

Why are you trying so hard? It's a game. I get flamed, trolled, people run down my lane because look at these morons! They actually think this hurts a Teemo main? Hahaha! Listen to music, relax.

I have multiple smurfs and gone from IRON-PLAT & SILVER-DIAMOND with little effort. Didn't matter if the enemy went 30/0 by 10 minutes, all of these low elo games end up being thrown due to their inability to group and end.

The thing I see the most? projecting. There’s so much toxic talk. Even if you managed to get a penta-kill and steal a Baron, they will still say you are garbage and that they are superior to you in every way.


Why be toxic? Why type, "Wow, good ****ing job *******s!" when you could say something encouraging like "You got this man! Stay safe! I'll come help when I can!" What gives you the right to look down at these people having a bad game? I can understand people running it down mid on purpose, to lose out of spite.
But there is no reason for you to be an ***, then act like the victim later when you get treated the same way.
All I want as a fellow Teemo main is for you to find what works for you.
Plays Teemo in their own way. Some people prefer AP or AD.
IPAV likes to try literally anything because he is great.
JimmyTheTeemo likes the standard GunBlade Aery.
xBlotter likes carry builds and these suit them well.
However, others like myself like a variety of different builds geared towards split pushing and kiting, staying alive, supporting the team, so come on and experiment!


The current meta’s new runes and such are very strong for Teemo.
You can dominate TOP, MID, SUPPORT or even JUNGLE!

I would highly recommend playing Teemo TOP or, honestly, Teemo Support.
Support is the best role if you love just harassing people, denying all CS, and forcing them to tower farm. I personally suck at laning because of playing so much support, and have to relearn "perfect" cs.
If you do plan on playing JUNGLE, please at least have the common knowledge of what is to be expected of you.

I am by no means some god-mode Teemo that goes 20/1/0 every game.
I play him because I like him. I like the attitude people display when they see I main him.

We all play Teemo differently.
Some play Jungle, some play Support, some play Top, ADC, or even MID.
What matters is we all love Teemo, and that is all that should matter.

I would also like to recommend setting goals for yourself if you want to increase your win rate and CS.
Instead of taking flash and ignite every game, try flash and teleport in matchups you don't do well against, to get back to lane immediately or for assisting your team.
Set a goal like... "I will return to base at 6 minutes to buy stinger, boots, control wards, and a Potion". It really does wonders, because if you can do this, you will be able to strive for greater CS, which in turn allows you to buy what you need to do the things you want to do with your build.

Nashor helps you keep up with the need for CSing while also being able to keep up with the swapping from POKE to CS where as any other item helps you with damage or defense you should really keep up that attack speed.
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What makes Teemo so different?
Teemo is a unique champion compared to the entire roster of other champions, mainly due in fact to the way he is meant to be played. Teemo is not an assassin, he is not a tank, he is not an ADC, he is not a fighter or bruiser. He, however, can become any one of these roles, simply due to the fact that he is a champion that can adapt to every and every situation.
He also does not have flashy abilities, he is as simple as they come. Kite and Poke.
Guerrilla Warfare is the bread and butter of his kit, and is what makes a Teemo so annoying and fun. Little is actually known of this abilities hidden passive, especially to new players, because RIOT doesn't explain it in the champion menu in game.

If you stand still for 1.5 seconds you enter stealth. If you exit stealth by using an ability or moving/moving out of a bush you gain the Element of Surprise. You can still enter stealth while under the effects of champion damage / summoners so long as the champion does not actually hit you.

So basically, you can be poisoned, or suffering from any form of damage over time minus bleeding and still go into stealth, so long you are not taking direct damage. Use this advantage!
When Teemo breaks stealth, he gains the Element of Surprise for 3 seconds, granting him...
20 / 40 / 60 / 80% bonus attack speed based on level.
Blinding Dart has a set duration of a maximum of 2.5 seconds. This ability will cause anyone who is a BASIC ATTACKING champion to miss. A good example of this would be Udyr Jax Renekton Riven. All of these champions have EMPOWERED auto attacks. Udyr & Renekton can both STUN with their basic attack. However, Teemo can utilize Blinding Dart to negate this stun, which can really save your *** or even that poor ADC team mate who almost got caught out because of their positioning. While most other champions work around stunning you then going for the kill using passives and auto attack empowered skills, though a well timed blind can shut them down just as well. This is simple to counter when the enemy acquires Quicksilver Sash Mercurial Scimitar.


However, there are some champions that have a form of empowered auto attack that is actually magic or ignores status effects, which is not something that Teemo can blind. It may take some time for you to learn which champions these are, but the most common examples would be...
When she hits late game.
All throughout the game.
This is what makes Teemo a "Swift Scout". The skill is not flashy, it's not overpowered, and it doesn't have anything special. A passive bonus to movement while you are...
Once you take damage that movement speed will be lost for the duration.
If you activate Move Quick you will gain a slightly higher amount of movement speed which is supposed to help you get away from, or chase someone. This skill has seen a lot of flak from the Teemo community, as it does nothing but give a very slight movement speed bonus.
The bonus's are as follows.
Passive: 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26%.
Activated: 20 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52%.
Ah... The “what makes Teemo a pain to deal with” skill. Toxic Shot is a real pain for pretty much everyone to deal with. You hit an enemy, and over the next 4 seconds they will take magic damage which scales with Ability Power. Using this ability makes very short trades with an enemy profitable, since you don’t need to use much else after the initial step forward before backing off. Some people don't realize it, but the poison is also a good way to either stack a passive rune, or delay it from activating until you want to.

Electrocute and Grasp of the Undying are two great examples!

You may have just hit your enemy with one auto and a Q while using Electrocute, but wanted to wait those extra 4 seconds to hit him with the last auto and ignite which would have forced Electrocute to be delayed. Holding back the third auto is also a good way to utilize this rune, to allow you to control burst. You go for two auto pokes and back off, only ever going for the third hit when they fall below 40% HP. Grasp of the Undying can be utilized in two ways, simply by hitting and enemy multiple times or, the smart way by auto attacking a minion, waiting 2 seconds, and then auto attacking the enemy champion. This will always activate the heal from Grasp because your poison applies the 4/4 stacks you need to use the heal which will activate once your dart travels to it's target. Every time you gain a stack it will reset and start applying the next 4/4 stacks to allow for another proc in a few seconds. Use this time to plan out your next poke.
This right here is what truly makes Teemo ascend to hell the heavens. Unfortunately RIOT Morello decided it wasn't fun enough for Teemo to have such great control over the map with 10 minute shroom durations... **** you Morello! However this came with the great benefit of being able to bounce your shrooms across vast distances in the late game. This made getting our shrooms in and onto the enemy while they try to take Baron Nashor or Elder Drake a lot more easier. This comes as a great surprise seeing people not knowing that they bounce.
It is a crucial skill which can dictate the outcome of a teamfight or the control of an important objective. You can bounce shrooms infinitely. Placing them in the jungle as both vision and as damage (in most bushes) will give you the best overall control over a game, don't waste them in lanes only. Scuttle Crab will only target shrooms if he is being attacked.
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Order of calculations
Magic penetration and magic resistance reduction work exactly like armor penetration and armor reduction.

Magic penetration and magic resistance reduction are considered on the target champion in the following order:

[1]Magic resistance reduction, flat.
[2]Magic penetration, percentage. Void Staff Guinsoo's Rageblade(Overrided by Void)
[3]Magic penetration, flat. Morellonomicon Sorcerer's Shoes

Example: 20 magic resistance reduction reduces the target's magic resistance by 20, so a target with 30 magic resistance will be reduced to 10 magic resistance. (30 − 20 = 10)

Flat magic resistance reduction can reduce a target's magic resistance below zero. For example, if an enemy with 10 magic resistance has their magic resistance reduced by 25, the enemy will have −15 magic resistance.

Percentage magic resistance reduction
The target's magic resistance is multiplied by a percentage (100% − the listed reduction). Percentage magic resistance reduction stacks multiplicatively and is ignored if the target's magic resistance is 0 or less.

Example: 20% magic resistance reduction multiplies the target's magic resistance to 80%, so a target with 30 magic resistance will be reduced to 24 magic resist. (30 × 0.8 = 24)

Percentage magic resistance reduction makes a bigger difference on targets with higher magic resistance. For instance, with 40% magic resistance reduction, a target with 200 magic resistance will lose 80 while a target with only 50 magic resistance will lose 20.

Percentage magic penetration
The target's magic resistance is treated as being multiplied by a percentage for purposes of damage calculation (100% − the listed penetration). Percentage magic penetration stacks multiplicatively and is ignored if the target's magic resistance is 0 or less.

Example: 20% magic penetration causes the target to take damage as if its magic resistance was multiplied by 80%, so a target with 30 magic resistance will be treated as though it had 24 for purposes of damage calculation (the target's actual magic resistance value will not change, however).

Because the target's actual magic resistance value does not change, anything else depending on that value also doesn't change.

Percentage magic penetration makes a bigger difference on targets with higher magic resistance. For instance, with 40% magic penetration, a target with 200 magic resistance will be considered as having 80 less while a target with only 50 magic resistance will be considered as having 20 less.

Flat magic penetration
The target's magic resist is treated as being reduced by an amount for purposes of damage calculation, but cannot be reduced below 0. Flat magic penetration stacks additively.

Example: 20 magic penetration causes the target to take damage as if its magic resistance was 20 less, so a target with 30 magic resistance will be treated as though it had 10 for purposes of damage calculation (the target's actual magic resistance value will not change, however).

Because the target's actual magic resistance value does not change, anything else depending on that value also doesn't change.
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So, let us go over the basics of the early game for Teemo in the Jungle.
First off the runes, there tends to be only two because of how crucial it is for him to be capable of dealing damage in order to contest and control objectives, and to, obviously, help your team get some kills or assists as he has nothing better to contribute in a gank. This being said the following runes are what we choose.

Press the Attack AP is the most common build for Jungle players, mostly due to it being the best way to control objectives, and deal damage in general. I would recommend not mixing this with AD items because you can pretty much do absolutely nothing to the late game if you go into something like BOTRK.
I mean you can... just not as reliably as using AP as your main source.

Dark Harvest AP is the most controlling of any build in the Jungle. You contest everything, you live in the jungle, and you grant your team an immense amount of free vision. Every bush, every corner, Dragon/Baron, it doesn't matter. Your main job is to go deep with your vision, making it nearly impossible for them to roam or gank without being spotted and chunked through shroom damage.


KITE the KRUGS kill them all.
SMITE BIG RAPTOR and move on to BLUE.
KITE and TANK GROMPS 3 autos.
Fight for Scuttle or Gank

The reason we do this, is so we hit level 4 as we gank TOP or MID lane, we are temporarily soaking up a few minions, which allows us to get ahead or go even with the enemy JNG in terms of levels. Once we finish the gank we look to possibly gank again or continue with our clearing of RAPTOR camp and KRUGS before basing.

GANK only when you know it is wise and frequently
Back in season 4 and 5 were the days of power farming in the Jungle. We can not be doing this anymore, we have to get out of the Jungle to assist our team mates in any way we possibly can. Even if you are not getting a kill or assist, help them stop a freeze by pushing their wave into the enemies tower. Simple things like this.

While clearing as a Teemo, you have to understand that he is a very squishy champion, however, with practice you can mitigate all incoming damage from the first few jungles pulls between levels 1 and 4. This will allow you to go the early game without using a single potion due to his kiting ability and with his blind, which can prevent Blue / Gromp / Red from damaging you while you kite them.

Once you are comfortable with your ability to path correctly in the early game, you will never have a problem with enemies counter-JNG you. Because you will expect it and simply change your pathing to fit the ideal early game or gain the assistance of your team mates to help put their JNG behind, allowing you to get to work.

Since the runes have had time to settle down, questions have constantly been made in which runes are the best runes, for Teemo JNG and why.

Electrocute Dark Harvest Hail of Blades Fleet Footwork Phase Rush and Press the Attack can all be used, however, we more or less will take Dark Harvest and Press the Attack since they are the more favored runes to choose, due to their damage output and resourcefulness.

The problem is you will be up against Dark Harvest or Electrocute Junglers a large majority of the time, which puts you in a very bad position because you DON'T DEAL DAMAGE with those runes early game, however, a few runes do like Press the Attack and Electrocute.

The muscular Teemo Jungle Challenger player.
If you would like a better explanation of how Teemo JNG works.
I suggest speaking with Manco!
Tell him I sent you <3

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This is a reoccurring mistake I see many Teemo players making all the time.
Once you hit level 6, you shouldn't be using your (R) to clear waves constantly.
Instead, you should be utilizing them for map control, and protecting your allies.
All you have to do is simply slow push a large enough wave of minions, an let them siege.
This will give you enough time to rotate around the enemies jungle, or even roam mid.

The difference between doing this and not doing this is pretty staggering.

Teemo can place shrooms that will last for 5 minutes, each.
Level 1 (R) will, by level 6 in most cases, be on a 23 second cooldown.
This allows you to get out around 13 shrooms in 5 minutes.

It doesn't sound like a lot, however, remember they do last a full 5 minutes.
The deeper into the enemy jungle you get them the more vision is available for control.

Noxious Trap is a singular effect! It does not stack in any way.
I see so many Teemo players doing the same stupid mistake of placing their (R) right on top of one another.
This does nothing for them, aside from look satisfying while watching someone set them all off.
They do however reset the damage over time and slow effect if they get kited through multiple shrooms.
This is why kiting is so important, lure them, keep your distance with shrooms!



It makes a massive difference when your team mates know where the enemy jungler is.
This allows them to make risky plays, take dragons, roam and overall do better.

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This specific map is designated for damage.
Meaning, you want them to step on shrooms constantly.
The basic idea is every bush, intersections, corners and places mostly targeted by auto-pathing.
NEVER place shrooms in the river, scuttle crab must be dead, just do not do that in most cases.

They love using them as minion clear, as opposed to kiting.
You may find nobody is stepping on your shrooms, or you just want to supply constant vision on all corners of the map. These would be good positions to use, keep in mind that if your against an Evelyn you want to drop vision on the actual camps, this is how you reveal her without control wards. I consider placing a control ward by red buff because they tend to remain for 18 minutes or more before being taken out. Do you understand how crippling this can be for the enemy jungler?
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Which one should I choose!?
You need to think of it this way. It's not about which rune is better, it's about which runes you feel will be needed in the current matchup. It is possible that you as a player will be incapable of playing a certain rune as effectively as another Teemo player.
So don't push yourself into a build path that just doesn't feel good to you.

Certain Teemo players can stomp anyone regardless of which they choose, but others, especially new players, may have a very hard time with someone like Darius, Irelia or even Pantheon- or better yet a Singed! But this is where these runes come into play.
Grasp of the Undying is a defensive, sustain oriented kind of rune which allows you to take a beating whilst also dealing a massive beating in return. It will prevent the enemy from getting any kill pressure on you, so long as you play passively.
It can an will keep you alive if you get ganked or if the enemy tries to go all in on you.
This rune is usually a good choice against many champions, but not everyone. Some champions you just need the damage or the poke, which this rune really does not provide. Champions like is something you should never play into, due to the fact that his range and stun out-range your ability to auto. They also play phase rush almost exclusively, so it's very hard to chase or poke.
Summon Aery on the other hand compared to Grasp of the Undying gives you a massive amount of poke, which is complimented by your (E) Toxic Shot, which allows you to constantly poke them simply by utilizing her ability to fly out and strike. This will not draw minion aggro. You by default grab the Manaflow Band and late game scaling rune Gathering Storm with Absolute Focus due to the nature of this build. You gain either more sustain Taste of Blood or true damage with Cheap Shot to give yourself more of an edge against champions who have no ability to get in close to trade or to take less damage and heal back in an even trade.
Press the Attack is the best rune period for countering top lane tanks or playing as a split-push Teemo. We used to use Fleet Footwork as our main split-push build, but with the nerfs and changes it ultimately made Press the Attack a very strong rune for Teemo. It is impossible to justify choosing any of the other precision runes. This build is also the only thing relatively close to seaons 5 and 6 On-Hit Teemo. So if you are itching for some nostalgia, try it out.
Conqueror despite dealing less overall damage than something like Press the Attack this rune offers something no other rune can. The old school fervor stacks. This basically means the more we auto attack an enemy, the more damage we scale up with on-hit effects. This used to be the bread and butter of what made Teemo so strong and such a pain in the *** to deal with. You deal true damage and heal while melting tanks, that's basically all it is. I can not recommend this build as a serious option for climbing. It is very easily countered and very poorly optimized for range champions.
Stick to Press the Attack unless you want to do this for fun.
Electrocute is strictly a bursting rune that is based around slightly poking people down with a Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot combo while you focus on csing constantly. Once you get them down below 40% you can start planning your E-Q-E ignite combo and go for the kill. This specific rune build works well against plenty of top laners including some tanks. Very good against squishy champions. It works wonders against any person not building MR late game you will be able to one shot anyone not building MR.
Dark Harvest is strictly a soul stacking rune build that requires you to consistently lower your enemy laner to 50% with little to no effort. Once you get them down below 50% it is pretty important to keep them that way in the early game to continue stacking your souls for the mid to late game. Your goal isn't really to kill them constantly, because compared to Electrocute your kill potential is late game not early game. This specific rune build, as I said before, is a mid and late game scaling rune that allows you to deal some terrifying back to back bursts if you are capable of getting kills, especially with a full build for your Q or R.
Hail of Blades is an assassin attack speed one shot build, designed specifically to get out 3 auto attacks in literally 0.5 seconds or less followed by a Q and W to run away or chase. Think of it like Electrocute, just on a 8 second timer. Teemo's poison will delay it's reset so it is better used to one shot and run away for a few seconds to reset it's passive. Remember above, it works with Teemo’s passive stealth attack speed gains. Ultimately the other domination runes out damage and provide more for Teemo.
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A lot of players, kill everything quickly or just go for last hits.
They never try and control the minion waves entirely to our favor.

This basically means they are losing out of the following.


This video goes into better detail. I would suggest checking it out!
We all need to keep up with practice!
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On-hit Items (Damage)

People are claiming that with the new update of 6.22, that items like these...
Duskblade of Draktharr Edge of Night have completely crippled Teemo to the point where it is pointless to play him, just please, play him and stop looking at LCS / High tier players who try an bestow their own knowledge or theory crafting to the lower elo. (Coming from a Mobafire guide, I know. Doesn't mean much)

Play him for fun, have fun, the skill comes from how he is played and by how skillful you are playing him, just because you have problems getting to Master/Challenger right now with him doesn't make him any less broken.

Wit's End
Deals 15-80 bonus magic damage (on hit) starting from level 9 it scales by 10.
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Basic attacks Deal an additional 15 Magic Damage on-hit.
Every 3rd range attack makes all other on hit effects happen twice.
Nashor's Tooth
15 Magic Damage On-hit + 15% Max Magic Damage (82 at max build) Magic Damage.

Let's assume you have an with a base HP at 2415.4 without any armor or MR/Armor we will deal.
+ 15-80 Magic Damage
+ 15 Magic Damage
+ 97 Magic Damage

Grand total of: 127-192 Magic Damage per hit.

This does not include shroom poison damage ticks, or E poison ticks nor the effects Magic Penetration / Magic Removal / Magic Resist or Magic Ignore % an more importantly it does NOT include the base 130 Physical Damage or 546 Magic Damage calculations. This also does not take into ACCOUNT of PTA 12% Extra Damage nor Liandries 10% Extra Damage from all sources.

With the effects of Guinsoo's Rageblade on every third hit when fully stacked.

+ 30-160 Magic Damage
+ 30 Magic Damage
+ 194 Magic Damage

254-384 Magic Damage per hit.

This does not include shroom poison damage ticks, or E poison ticks nor the effects Magic Penetration / Magic Removal / Magic Resist or Magic Ignore % an more importantly it does NOT include the base 130 Physical Damage or 546 Magic Damage calculations. This also does not take into ACCOUNT of PTA 12% Extra Damage nor Liandries 10% Extra Damage from all sources.

This means that to kill Alistar you would have to hit him 15 times in which is 11 Autos Normal and 4 Guinsoo Procs.

But... all of these numbers go to 0 damage IF he just CC's you! Ahhh!

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Teemo support has garnered a lot of attention and praise over the last few seasons, and has also been hit pretty hard in the OP department, but some things never change.

That being the champion that Teemo supports well for.
Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

The reason why Teemo is so capable of supporting these specific champions is because of their abilities. They either have CC in the very early levels, or they have some form of escape. This is why it is very bad for an Ashe or Ezreal to be supported by a Teemo. They have nothing but a small gap and a tiny slow, whereas other champions can bring some much needed utility, like Tristana with her jump or Sivir and her Spell Shield (but they both suck cause they shove too much).

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ENEMY Matchup (Support)

Whilst Teemo is considered a horrible (everything), there are certain matchups you will just never be able to take on without feeding, trading one-for-one, or staying stuck under tower...

That being said, the worst possible matchups to go up against are the main support champions.
Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

I say these matchups are hard because of your one perk, being invisible. They should always be wary of you being in the bush, even if you are never there giving your bot lane a perm-push, but champions like Thresh and Blitz can render you pretty much useless at full potential, since the bush is your only strength. Sona/Soraka/Nami renders your damage useless since they can both heal and hurt you as much as you hurt them. This is a huge downside as you cannot heal as much as they can.
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Example: Match Results Proof

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Utilize Teemos Passive!

Most people tend to forget to utilize Teemos passive, be it in combat to outplay someone like a ZED or Nocturn when you hear him ult and such, it will save your life and give you a bonus in Attack Speed.(Damn that Soraka was on point)
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This is unique to Teemo and his stealth.
A lot of things can reveal him, but a lot can not.
I could go super in depth discussing everything,
however, this would take too long to do alone.
So I will only give you a brief explanation.

Teemo can be revealed by all;
Pulls: because it is displacing you out of stealth.
Aatrox, Kled, Thresh, Blitz, Swain

Teemo can't be revealed by all;
Fears: like WW and Voli, Voli can, WW can't.
So long as he doesn't push you out of bush!

Knock-ups: like Thresh flay can and can't.
Direct flay yes, side of flay not always!

Pushes: like Thresh with his flay again.
Pushes on the side, sometimes won't reveal you!

Stuns: don't affect your champions position.
You just gain the stun status effect.

Attaches: be it Kled(Q) or WW(R) can.

Vision Plant: will reveal you.
If you are in a bush or in passive, and press W.
This was changed in the recent 9.16 patch.
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Pros / Cons


Teemo is considered...
The Worst Champion!
But these are his perks.

+ Amazing poke harass.
+ He is cute.
+ Girls/Guys will date you.
+ He is swift.
+ Good ward coverage.
+ Is a good split-pusher.
+ Natural ADC counter.
+ Can build into anything.
+ Good mechanic learner.
+ Good at kiting practice.


Teemo is still considered...
The Worst Champion!
These are mostly the reasons.

- Susceptible to CC.
- Offers nothing to CC.
- Poor team-fighter.
- Hard focused and killed
- Unwarranted flame by team.
- Item and skill reliant.
- Nobody likes Teemo.

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Alright so many people ask on occassion...

"What is the best Teemo skin to use?"

There are many factors to be taken into account let me briefly explain.

Certain skins animations are extremely smooth where as some skins are clunky and has a sense of delay if you play multiple skins for a long time you will notice this one good example would be...

Out of all the skins I played this one the most and this was the most clunky out of them all in my opinion I was canceling a lot of my auto attacks on a regular basis possibly because I always misjudged the animation but even then it did feel clunky...

My personal fav Teemo skin by far not because of the skin it self but merely because of the animation and how smooth it is, to the point where you never cancel autos, again this is all down to personal preference you can play any Teemo skin and be great at it, but if you have trouble with canceling auto attacks it comes down to skins and your experience with the animations if this makes sense.

If you want to be a little global taunting piece of trash, works every time.
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TEEMO ITEM LIST (COPY PASTE to your Items Import in League)

If you use Teemo passive in the middle of their lane near their tower out of their vision, you can call upon SHEN to ult you literally appearing out of thin air which is ****ing hilarious and so over powered.