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Teemo Build Guide by Sovereign Kitten


✔️[9.22] The Reformatted Guide to Teemo! [SUP/TOP/JNG]

By Sovereign Kitten | Updated on November 12, 2019
4,109 Votes
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  • LoL Champion: Teemo
  • LoL Champion: Teemo
    TOP LANE (CLICK 1-10)
  • LoL Champion: Teemo
    JUNGLE (CLICK 1-3)


1 2 3 4
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Ghost Poro
Ultimate Hunter

Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Ranked #12 in
Top Lane
Win 53%
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Ability Order The Standard

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies

This guide would not be possible without the assistance (Art) of SOZANEK show him some love, he's a great Teemo main & a great friend.

It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm more than an internet personality, I'm a friend.
Many may know me from my REDDIT handle u/SovereignKitten on the subreddit r/Teemotalk.
I tend to be highly active here in discussions on all things Teemo.
I am also an Officer of the GodM0 NA club! We are looking for active Teemos!

FAQ: Who are you? What are you? Why Teemo? Why 4,000,000 Mastery? Why?

If you have any further questions still left to answer about this guide or Teemo, please do not hesitate to contact me with the contact information below.

I started this guide 3 years ago, and I am proud to present you with constant updated daily information that I hope improves your overall success with this fun and joyful champion! ^^

Contact Information/Extra


+ Amazing ability to poke and harass.
+ He is cute.
+ Girls/Guys will constantly date you.
+ He is swift (Kinda).
+ Has Good ward coverage.
+ Is a good decent split-pusher.
+ A perfect ADC counter.
+ Can build into literally anything
+ Good at learning mechanic.
+ Good at learning how to kite.
+ Good at learning to CS properly.


- Very susceptible to CC.
- Offers nothing for CC.
- A Poor team-fighter until late.
- Hard ganked and focused a lot.
- Hard flamed by teammates.
- Not for sensitive minds.
- Can be very stressful.

- Hard to Master.
- Item and knowledge reliant.
- Very hard to carry 1v5.
- Can bring out the worst in you.
- Nobody likes Teemo.

While every champion in League of Legends has its ups and downs, we can all agree that Teemo is a champion, with a specific role and a specific unique number of play-styles you can get accustomed to easily.

It may be hard to carry as a 1v5, but the accomplishment of doing so with proper warding, shrooming, and utilization of passive, is no less than bittersweet, knowing you single handedly won with skill alone.

Being TOXIC applies the same results as any other champion, regardless of how mindless and brain-dead those champions may be, face rolling their keyboard in a sea of saliva and Cheetos dust, while breaking their (E) or (R) keys in the process. Where is the fun in this? Where is the skill? What skills do they have?

The results will always be the same, being TOXIC is negative and will cost you the game, ignore it. Focus on yourself. This is a CON all champions and all players in League face on a daily basis. Do not fall victim.

If you're feeling like you are making zero progress with this guide.
If you're having major problems improving with Teemo while following this guide.

Why not stop by and ask about some coaching sessions?

What makes you qualified to Coach?

I do not require payment, or any compensation. However, tips are always appreciated.
I just want others to find their way with Teemo and to improve as a result.
Unfortunately players either refuse to, or they often make up excuses like...
"It's always my Team."
"I am better than everyone in this game. I should be higher ELO."
"I have better KDA/CS/Stats than a Challenger Teemo! Shut up!"
Please do not fall into this kind of mindset, you either stop pretending and get better, or keep thinking like the self centered person you are, who probably ends up initiating the toxicity and ultimately trolling your teammates by taking RED or BLUE out of spite of never being ganked.

If you have been struggling for a while, maybe you've been hard-stuck Gold/Platinum or you just can't get out of Iron 4 (Why would you wanna leave?) I am willing to sit down with you, in my free time to speak with you on a one-one level and understand what you are struggling with, check your replays, watch an entire game perhaps play a game or two with.

It really annoys me, seeing people claim Teemo can only be played (One) way, and that everything other than (Aery) is not viable. I would like to stem this misconception.

You may message me through the contact links above, if you ever think you're ready.


Please don't feel restricted to just following my guide to 100% perfection.

It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of what is to be expected of you when you play as Teemo.

It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of what to build in general.

It's a guide that gets you in the mindset of where to go, what to do, in general.


This guide alone will yes, guide you in the right direction, be it with how to counter a champion, or survive a very hard match-up, however, this does not mean it is fool proof. You have to learn for yourself unfortunately.

Teemo is not a champion that you can simply pick up, put on a rune and build items and hard-stomp anyone that gets in your way, he actually unlike other champions, requires the knowledge of the game as a whole.

This could be knowledge of Champion match-ups, what objectives do for you and your team, minion control and how controlling a minion wave can severely cripple the opposing team, especially around objectives, to kiting and knowing your strengths and weaknesses before charging head on into a 1v5 spamming your Mastery 2 Teemo.

Hopefully this information has been useful to you as a reader and as an aspiring Teemo main, but if it hasn't been enough, please click the spoiler below, so I can fully scold you for thinking you would otherwise not do the things I am about to "not" accuse you of doing, whilst playing Teemo on the Summoners Rift.

Please click here to be scolded.

Personal Settings.

A lot of players, kill everything quickly or just go for last hits.
They never try and control the minion waves entirely to their own favor.

This basically means they are losing out of the following.


This video goes into better detail. I would suggest checking it out!
We all need to keep up with practice!

Many other champions have abilities that allow for fast wave-clearing, but Teemo has nothing until he hits 6.
We rely solely on the knowledge of what waves size is going to do to our own waves and vice versa.
How many minions do we have to kill? How many casters? How many melee?
Knowing when to clear out caster minions for a slow push, or leave them be to thin out our own, from when to kill all melee minions to commence a slow-fast push, to killing them all to force a double wave siege.
We have to know what we are doing in the laning phase, whilst trying hard to not get caught out, or to miss any CS as it the biggest and most important foundation of League of Legends 101.

Minions near an enemy tower will reduce it's resist drastically, while 0 will raise it drastically.

What makes Teemo so different from other champions?
Do you really want to know?

TLDR: this passive will allow Teemo to go invisible and gain a bonus in attack speed.

TLDR: this ability will allow for Teemo to prevent basic attack damage for a set duration.

Useful TIP for Teemo's Blinding Dart

TLDR: this works as the name suggests, by giving Teemo extra movement speed passively and actively.
TLDR: this ability will allow for Teemo to poke and deal damage over time, scaling through AP.
TLDR: this ability will allow for Teemo to lay down traps which explode and deal damage over time and slow when triggered.


The reason that we do this pathing is so we hit level 3 as soon as we gank MID after we smite the Raptor Camp, we are temporarily soaking up one or two minions, which allows us to get ahead or go even with the enemy JNG in terms of levels. Once we finish the gank we look to take our BLUE and GROMP followed by another gank either TOP side or MID side, before finally fighting for the Scuttle Crab secure, finishing off with the smaller raptors in the RAPTOR camp, followed by KRUGS before basing.

GANK only when you know it is wise and frequently
A blast to the past

Since the runes have had time to settle down, questions have constantly been made in which runes are the best runes, for Teemo JUNGLE and why. Honestly it's personal preference.

Electrocute Dark Harvest Hail of Blades Fleet Footwork Phase Rush and Press the Attack can all be used, however, we more or less will take Dark Harvest and Press the Attack since they are the more favored runes to choose, due to their damage output and resourcefulness.

The problem is you will be up against Dark Harvest or Electrocute Junglers a large majority of the time, which puts you in a very bad position because you DON'T DEAL DAMAGE with those runes early game, however, a few runes do like Press the Attack and Electrocute.
The muscular Teemo Jungle Challenger player.
If you would like a better explanation of how Teemo JNG works.
I suggest speaking with Manco!
Tell him I sent you <3

Which Rune is the "BEST" rune to play with?

There isn't any "better" or "best" rune to choose from. It is all based on personal preference. Some people really like playing one form, as opposed to others who prefer another. The runes listed above are considered the only runes Teemo can utilize well to climb efficiently. However, other runes can be played to some degree. Try to stick with these regardless, unless you feel like trying something new. A good example of this would be, Electrocute and Grasp of the Undying one is for bursting, the other is to survive burst. Both can still build straight into damage, but one is more beneficial with that, where the other can still burst, but while staying alive with little risk of being burst in return. Regardless of what your friends or "coaches" tell you, Teemo is extremely versatile and can play pretty much anything, and isn't restricted to sticking with one single rune. There are plenty of Diamond, Master and Challenger Teemo players who rune more than one rune with relatively good success.

Certain Teemo players can stomp anyone regardless of which runes they choose, but others, especially new players, may have a very hard time with someone like etc. This is where switching their runes around can become extremely resourceful.

Teemo is not restricted to playing one specific way. He isn't there is nothing in his KIT forcing or restricting him from going straight AD or TANK. It's not as effective as AP in the long run, since he does scale massively with AP, but it is still an option.

If you would like, I have compiled a spreadsheet which effectively notes all possible match-ups and their responding most effective runes to their most ineffective runes. This will allow you to build on the fly a proper rune for every situation, if you prefer building towards others and not your current match-up. So why not give it a try if you need help?

This document is very large, please do not scroll immediately, wait for it to load and slowly scroll.
Direct Link to the PDF if you can not get the document to load.
Grasp of the Undying is a defensive, sustain oriented rune which allows you survive/stay in your lane.
It will prevent the enemy from getting any kill pressure on you, so long as you constantly utilize the rune.
The rune and it's subs are designed to help mitigate and heal most damage taken, and raising your HP steadily.
Think about it like this, if the champion can burst and disengage this rune is usually great for those situations.
This rune is usually a good choice against many champions, but not everyone. Some champions you just need the damage or the poke, which this rune does not provide. Champions like are the type of champions you should never play into, due to the fact that his range and stun out-range your ability to CS or really poke at all.

Summon Aery is an offensive rune in which you can relentlessly poke out your opponent while also focusing on CS, your (E) Toxic Shot compliments this rune greatly, as the damage over time will allow you to reset her, sending her flying in the enemies face once more, however, without drawing the aggro of minions nearby. Keep in mind that this is most effective when you run towards the enemy, as you have to meet her half way in order to take full control over this advantage. Simple things like the enemy hiding in a bush, make this useful.
This allows you to constantly poke them simply by utilizing her ability to fly out and strike. You by default grab the Manaflow Band and late game scaling rune Gathering Storm with Absolute Focus due to the nature of this build. You gain either more sustain with the handy Taste of Blood secondary rune or true damage with the Cheap Shot rune to give yourself more of an edge against champions who have no ability to get in close to trade or to take less damage and heal back in an even trade if you decide on the first option.
Press the Attack is the best rune period for countering top lane tanks or playing as a split-push Teemo.
We used to use Fleet Footwork as our main split-push build, but with the nerfs and changes it ultimately made Press the Attack a very strong rune for Teemo. It is impossible to justify choosing any of the other precision runes at this current moment in time. However, with the changes to Conqueror coming in the next season, things may be looking up for players and veterans of the Frozen Mallet type of game-play so here's hoping to that! This build is also the only thing relatively close to seasons 5 and 6 On-Hit Teemo.
So if you are itching for some nostalgia in the meantime, why not give it a try.

I would also like to mention that it really does matter what type of champion you take this rune into, it will not be good against champions you can not kite, that being champions with a lot of gap close and burst. So please keep this rune for the purpose of kiting champions and melting tanks, that don't often build Thornmail
Conqueror despite dealing less overall damage than something like Press the Attack this rune offers something no other rune can. The old school fervor stacks. This basically means the more we auto attack an enemy, the more damage we scale up with on-hit effects. This used to be the bread and butter of what made Teemo so strong and such a pain in the *** to deal with. You deal true damage and heal while melting tanks, that's basically all it is. I can not recommend this build as a serious option for climbing. It is very easily countered and very poorly optimized for range champions since its release. However, it may be one of Teemo's (CORE) rune choices once season 10 rolls around, due to it being much more effective for ranged champions, allowing us to have the full 8 seconds, as opposed to the current 3. I suggest you stick to Press the Attack.
Electrocute is strictly a bursting rune that is based around slightly poking people down with a Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot combo while you focus on CSing. Once you get them down below 40% HP you can start planning your Toxic Shot + Blinding Dart + Toxic Shot + Ignite combo and go for the kill. This specific rune build works well against plenty of top laners including some tanks. It is also very well suited when going up against champions that are either very squishy or champions that are all about burst, which allows you to match them in lane. It works wonders against any players not building MR late game as you will be able to one shot anyone not building MR. Similar to Dark Harvest but without the mandatory 30+ stacks to do so.
Dark Harvest is strictly a soul stacking rune build that requires you to consistently lower your enemy laner to 50% with little to no effort. Once you get them down below 50% it is pretty important to keep them that way in the early game to continue stacking your souls for the mid to late game. Your goal isn't really to kill them constantly, because compared to Electrocute your kill potential is late game and mid game, not early game. This specific rune build, as I said before, is a mid and late game scaling rune that allows you to deal some terrifying back to back bursts if you are capable of getting kills or assists, especially with a full build that compliments your Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap. You should never play passively with this rune, you should be aiming for at least 1 soul stack every 1 minute - 2 minutes to be decently powerful around minute 30.
Glacial Augment while not a primary rune for most Teemo players, it can be quite a change of pace from any of the other runes, but mostly this rune is used in very very few match-ups. In-fact I would go as far to say you should never take this rune, unless you are going into a Darius top lane, it basically renders his ability to catch you, even if he catches you useless, because of the double 40%-60% slow. Darius players are 90% of the time going to be running with the summoner Ghost and are very fast when he has Black Cleaver.

He can Ghost and land his (E) but so long as you hit him with one auto attack, and avoid his (Q) 90% slow from the edge of his blade. You will never have to fear him, and of course you also become a huge asset to your team late game with the additional ability to catch out people with the support item Twin Shadows.

Give it a try if you are sick of dealing with good Darius players ^^



The following maps visible on each side of the screen will give you a rough idea as to where all around the map is good for either (Damage) or (Vision). You basically need a basic understanding of what the term Auto-Pathing is. The most commonly traveled paths through the jungle will be the most common places to utilize shrooms as a way to catch people out for kills. That also being said, the least traveled locations will mostly be used for vision, for up to 5 minutes.

The River


The following maps visible on each side of the screen will give you a rough idea as to where you should be utilizing your (R) in the laning phase to both protect yourself, and possibly catch out an enemy trying to run away, or set up a gank from the fog of war.



The following maps visible on each side of the screen are great examples as how to and how not to effectively increase/decrease your value as a team player through vision alone simply by utilizing your Noxious Trap be sure to not make this mistake!



The following maps visible on each side of the screen are great examples of how to properly utilize your Noxious Trap specifically for the laning phase and not for your allies.

I have noticed Teemo support has garnered a lot of attention and praise over the last few seasons.
While this is great, it has also been hit pretty hard in the through indirect nerfs.
Items, changes to how he interacted with those said items like Frost Queen's Claim

He is still played pretty regularly as a support both in Low Elo and in Challenger.

That being said the champion that Teemo supports well for are as follows.
Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a
Why these champions specifically?

Whilst Teemo is considered a horrible (everything), there are certain match-ups you will just never be able to take on without feeding, trading one-for-one, or staying stuck under tower, if you do not respect them properly.

That being said, the worst possible match-ups to go up against are the main support champions.

Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

Supporting a

I claim these match-ups to be hard because of your one perk, being invisible.
They should always be wary of you being in the bush/lane even if you are never there.
This allows you to roam giving your bot lane a perm-freeze allowing him to stay safe.
Champions like Thresh/Blitz can render you pretty useless at full potential, since the bush is your only strength.

Sona/Soraka/Nami/Yuumi can render your damage useless since they can both heal and hurt you as much as you hurt them. This is a huge downside as you cannot heal as much as they can, nor can you do both damage and healing as efficiently, since we are not a healing support. We are there to deal damage.


This is unique to Teemo and his stealth.
A lot of things can reveal him, but a lot can not.
I could go super in depth discussing everything,
however, this would take too long to do alone.
Use the spoiler above, for visual explanations.
So I will only give you a brief explanation.

The basic understanding is that...

Teemo can be revealed by all;
Pulls: because it's pulling you out of stealth.
Aatrox, Kled, Thresh, Blitz, Swain

Teemo can't be revealed by all;
Fears: like WW and Voli, Voli can, WW can't.
So long as he doesn't push you out of bush!

Knock-ups: like Thresh flay can and can't.
Direct flay yes, side of flay not always!

Pushes: Thresh with his flay again.
Pushes on the side, sometimes won't reveal!

Stuns: don't affect your champions position.
You just gain the stun status effect.

Attaches: be it Kled(Q) or WW(R) can.

Vision Plant: will reveal you.
If you are in a bush or in passive, and press W.
This was changed in the recent 9.16 patch.


The basics on how On-hit works (Math)

Please skip over this section if you do not care for math or numbers.
Math behind how Magic Penetration Works

Screencaps of my adventures

Alright so many people ask on occasion...

"What is the best Teemo skin to use?"

There are many factors to be taken into account let me briefly explain.

Certain skins animations are extremely smooth where as some skins are clunky and has a sense of delay if you play multiple skins for a long time you will notice this one good example would be...

Out of all the skins I played this one the most and this was the most clunky out of them all in my opinion I was canceling a lot of my auto attacks on a regular basis possibly because I always misjudged the animation but even then it did feel clunky... The reason more people began to notice is due to On-hit a very AS reliant build, made up for the skins clunky style, which most people today do not.

You can spam your (B) recall and spam your (Right Click) to the enemy, and wiggle your *** at them, he is also very cute and has many cute chroma skins. Overally the skin plays pretty smoothly, and has an annoying buzzing sound and honey-splashing sound effect.

My personal fav Teemo skin by far not because of the skin itself but merely because of the animation and how smooth it is, to the point where you never cancel autos, again this is all down to personal preference you can play any Teemo skin and be great at it, but if you have trouble with canceling auto attacks it comes down to skins and your experience with the animations if this makes sense.

It's just a skin that makes the enemy default keybind all of they keys to "Ask for Assistance" globally known as the Teemo skin that has the highest global taunt. (Basically it's super cute, and annoying to die to someone who hops around in a pink chroma, spamming laugh)

TEEMO ITEM LIST (COPY PASTE to your Items Import in League)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sovereign Kitten
Sovereign Kitten Teemo Guide