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Darius Build Guide by Bazi Quan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bazi Quan

Darius: Might is The Only Way

Bazi Quan Last updated on May 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Readers and welcome to this Darius guide and my first on Mobafire. Darius is the champion that I played throughout most of my League experience, and my favorite champion in the game. After testing and studying a bunch of different strategies for him, I believe I finally managed to piece together my own fairly competent one. However, the purpose of this guide isn't so much for competitive use, as it is giving a good foundation for people to play Darius. With that out of the way, let's get started!

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Pros / Cons


Brutally High Damage
Excellent Kit
Massive Killing Potential
Amazing Ultimate
Efficient Mana Costs
Strong Counter-Jungler
Scary to the Enemy Team


Often Focused
Subject to Ganks
Ruined by Crowd Control
Easily Kited
No Escapes
Little Team Synergy
Needs some better looking skins

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The Champion: The Hand of Noxus

Who is Darius?
Darius is probably one of the most infamous champions in League of Legends, and for good reason. A very strong Bruiser/AD-Offtank, Darius boasts some of the highest damage in the game, namely from his kit which deals Physical, Magic, and True Damage. Add on DoT (Damage over Time) on his passive, Hemorrhage, that is applied by any damaging technique he does, built in Armor Penetration on his Apprehend, and utterly massive damage dealt by his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine and you have a champion that people love to hate.

What's Good about Darius?
Probably too much by a lot of people's opinions. As said earlier, Darius can deal terrifying amounts of damage with his kit and is easily capable of crippling the enemy team on a single mistake made. He is extremely good at dueling and chasing, and once the kills start racking up, it'll be very hard to stop him. His Noxian Guillotine, even after its recent nerf, can cleave through entire teams with ease. If you want your presence on the field to be feared by the opposing players, Darius is one of the best choices for that.

What's Bad about Darius?
There's always a catch with champions, and Darius is no exception. Darius is a champion that goes all in when engaging the enemy; either he wins the fight, the enemy uses all their tools to escape him, or he loses his fight. He has no means of escape in his kit, which makes him very susceptible to crowd control and while the range on some of his abilities is good, it won't really make up the gap if he has to deal with any ranged champions. Because of the massive damage Darius can inflict, he's often focused in team-fights and will be ganked often to try and keep him from snowballing.

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Greater Seal of Armor: In general, most players build Darius rune pages with defense in mind. This makes his laning phase smoother and more often than not will put him ahead of his adversary. The runes should be able to suffice till you start building some armor of your own.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: You won't often deal with AP champs at top lane, but it's always a good idea to have some resistance against them regardless. It also helps if the mid-lane champ starts to gank top to try and put a stop to your violent charge. It's helpful, but considering your second big purchase should be a Maw of Malmortius, it's not quite as important as armor.
Greater Mark of Attack Damage: With MR and Armor covered, you can start working on building some extra damage. Starting out the gate with what is essentially a Long Sword is never a bad thing, and is sign of the trouble to come for the enemy team.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Same as with the Marks, but it's also possible to forgo the damage boost and instead get Armor Penetration. It's really a question of preference.

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These tell a similar story as the runes. Naturally, Darius builds a serious amount of AD on his own. it's making sure he lives long enough to use all the tools at his disposal that make him dangerous. Some say that 21-9-0 would work better, and under certain circumstances it would, but I personally stick by 9-21-0 myself and get reliable results with it. Relentless and Tenacious are almost enough to justify this on its own, being incredibly useful while dealing with CC, while Juggernaut and Honor Guard offer some general boosts to insure your survival. The few Offense masteries you have offer some simple but effective buffs. In particular, Weapon Expertise will boost what will soon be a very considerable Armor Penetration.

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The Holy Trinity

There is never a time when Flash should not be considered, if just for the multitude of uses this spell has. Whether it's chasing, initiating, or escaping, Flash is simply good all around. However, it's not always the best tool for the job when it comes to Darius, as there's only so many ways he can use it efficiently, and Darius players that run this alongside Ignite become rather predictable. This is why the spell I advocate in this guide is actually...

Ghost. Why Ghost you ask? Because there are few things as terrifying for an enemy champion to deal with then a speedy Darius. If you're already intent on getting Boots of Mobility, then you might be able to neglect this spell altogether, but its uses as an escape and a chasing tool make it very strong. It also really helps with champions who prioritize Hit'n'Run tactics against Darius, (looking right at you Teemo). In fact, Ghost helps a lot when dealing with Darius counters, namely because it puts them within his grasp, where he can prioritize his advantage of simply being Darius over them.

Another very typical spell for Darius. Ignite pretty much speaks for itself; use it to insure you get that kill you worked for. In conjunction with his passive, Darius really benefits from having it, and against champions with massive sustain, like Dr. Mundo or Volibear, it can be the difference between life and death. However, if you feel your bleed damage is enough to punch their tickets, then feel free to substitute this with one of the other two spells.

And then there's the other spells...

This spell is preference at most, but it's certainly worth something. The ability to get back in lane quickly is notable, but trading off other spells for it seems like a waste.

This is definitely a spell that Darius can make use of to kill his opponents, but it doesn't really have the same versatility of Ignite.

Darius does make for a decent jungler, but this is not a jungle build.

It has its uses, mainly in team fights. However, considering that Darius will still have no means of escape, even after using it to remove any debuffs on him, using it for that purpose is a wasted spell. If you feel you really need something along these lines though, you can work toward a Mercurial Scimitar instead of your Maw of Malmortius.

A very situational spell at best, and one that can be outdone by a Maw of Malmortius or even a Hexdrinker.

If you feel you REALLY need to bring one of these spells, go ahead and do it. It won't hurt you, but it's only gonna help you sparingly, though it might be more to benefit your team than yourself.

Don't do it. Buy wards.

This spell is literally only good at mid-late game, and if you're dying that often, you got bigger problems.

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Skill Sequence & Explanation

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Darius' basic attacks and damaging abilities cause enemies to bleed for 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24 / 27 / 30 / 33 / 36 (+ 30% Bonus AD) magic damage over 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
Darius gains 5% movement speed for each bleeding enemy champion.

This passive will net you more kills than you thought possible,and will add on to the already high-damage output this champion has. In conjunction with Darius' kit, you shouldn't be surprised if you get early game kills on players who underestimate its power. It also makes your chase much more efficient by the speed boost it grants, and can actually help if you need to get out of a bad situation (use Decimate on your attackers for the best results). If you find yourself yelling at the screen, "Bleed out!", you're probably doing it right.

Cost: 40 mana
Range: 425
Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds
Physical Damage: 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210) (+0.7 per bonus attack damage}
Maximum Physical Damage: 105 / 157.5 / 210 / 262.5 / 315) (+1.05 per bonus attack damage}
Darius deals physical damage to all nearby enemies in a circle around him. Champions in the outer half of the ability are struck by the blade, taking 50% additional damage.

This is the source of most of your early game damage and an excellent harass tool. Typically, I max this out first because of its range. Try to get used to the Axe-Blade range when attacking enemies; you do significantly more damage if you manage to hit them with it. You can use it to secure farm as well, but it's better just to focus on last-hitting during early-game, if just to conserve mana.

Crippling Strike
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Range: 125
Cost: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 mana
Physical Damage: 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 %
Slow: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 %
Darius' next basic attack deals additional damage and slows the target's movement and attack speed for 2 seconds.
Crippling Strike's base cooldown is reduced by 1 second for each stack of Hemorrhage on the target.

Another very nasty attack that will keep your adversaries on their toes. Especially efficient when dealing with ADC's due to its slow on both movement and attack speed, you'll be surprised just how much damage it'll do when maxed out, and as such I typically max it second, but take it at level 3, which I'll explain later. Since the effects proc on hit, you can also use it bash in turrets. It should also be noted that it resets the auto-attack timer as well, so the best way to utilize it is right after a normal attack, netting you a few quick Hemorrhage stacks as well.

Cost: 45
Range: 550
Armor Penetration: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 %
Cooldown: 24 / 21 / 18 / 15 / 12 seconds
Darius gains passive armor penetration. When activated, Darius pulls in all enemies in front of him.

A strong initiation tool, with a lethal passive to boot, Apprehend is Darius' gap closer...well sorta. It's not so much that he closes in on enemies as he simply makes them come to him. Early game, this will be a serious threat to your opponent, who will probably be fearful of even getting close to you if you've been doing a fair job of Decimate harassment. For that reason, I take it at level 2, but I max it last. However if you're dealing with a fairly aggressive top lane, feel free to take this at level 3 and take your Crippling Strike at level 2. If you can avoid initiating the fight with this ability, you can pull in your adversary as they start to flee for what is probably a quick kill. It's also considered Darius' sole form of Hard CC, with the ability to disrupt channeled abilities like Katarina's Death Lotus or Master Yi's Meditate. In team fights, pull in an enemy (hopefully their ADC or APC) to put your side at the advantage. If you're feeling heroic, you can also use it to pull enemies away from your team in a bad gank.

Noxian Guillotine
Cost: 100 mana
Range: 475
Cooldown: 100 / 90 / 80 seconds
True Damage: 160 / 250 / 340 (+0.75 per bonus attack damage)
Maximum True Damage: 320 / 500 / 680 (+1.5 per bonus attack damage)
Darius leaps to target enemy champion and strikes a lethal blow, dealing true damage. For each stack of Hemorrhage on the target, Noxian Guillotine deals an additional 20% damage.
When Noxian Guillotine kills the target, it can be recast within the next 12 seconds. This can occur multiple times in succession.

This right here is what makes Darius the hated champion that he is. The proper use of this ability is what separates the good players from the bad. Some time ago, this ability would have been immediately refreshed on a successful kill without fail. As much as I miss those days, I feel the nerf on its cooldown will either make Darius players play smarter or will just show how bad they are, but I digress.

The Noxian Guillotine is Darius' ultimate. It deals a base amount of true damage with a fair percentage more added on by stacks of Hemorrhage and bonus damage from items. When you first get it early game (assuming you've been doing well), it's very likely that you'll win the lane because of it. In fact, so long as you have it up, you're pretty much assured to win against anyone in a 1v1 fight, so long as they aren't more fed than you.

That said, using it for one single opponent from Mid-Game onward is a waste. Conserving it for when it's best used is key to winning the match and getting ridiculously fed. Personally, I don't like using the ult unless I can net at least a double kill off it, and so that's usually the standard I follow. You only get the 12 additional seconds of use on a kill, so make use of them and net a multi-kill as often as possible. However, if you can't manage to whittle an enemy's health down enough for the attack to finish them, drop the Guillotine on them anyway; more often than not, the combined damage of the Ult and Hemorrhage stacks will finish them off for ya!

It should be kept in mind though, that once your ult goes on cooldown, players will take advantage of your weakness. In addition to that, there are a fair few items, abilities, and some passives that are meant to make you waste it on the spot, like the Guardian Angel, Kayle's Intervention, or Anivia's Rebirth. Champions that can stealth themselves, like Talon or Kha'Zix can also avoid the Guillotine altogether, though it won't put the ability on cooldown thankfully. Naturally, CC can also stop Darius from using the ability as well.

With that noted, the Noxian Guillotine will defy quite a few means of escape. Champions with Blink abilities like Katarina's Shunpo or Ezreal's Arcane Shift will still be hit by the attack even if they teleport away from it during its animation. Flash is also susceptible to be completely wasted if trying to dodge the ultimate as well. This may not seem like much, but by the end of the game, when your collective damage output with the technique is in the 1000's range, you will realize just how sadistically satisfying a fact this is.

However, (gonna have to come back to this point sooner or later) learning when to save your ult is actually very important, not just for the sake of keeping it available to you, but for making sure your team can get kills as well. If you go around in every fight and dunk on anything with a pulse, yes you will get fed as hell, but your team will be left behind, and despite how powerful a champion he may be, Darius cannot carry a whole team on his back!

Tl;Dr, Dunk wisely, my friends!

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Sight Ward

A very typical start. It doesn't offer you anything in the departments of offense or defense, but it grants you a nice amount of sustain and vision, and the Flask gets recharged upon returning to base, which makes it more versatile than the standard truckload of pots.

If you're dealing with a Duo Top lane (meaning probably not ranked), you're gonna want bring a bit more than just sustain. Extra defense or damage of your choosing lets you stay in control of the situation. Even if that's not the case, you can use these to get started on the other items you're going to want to build (more often than not your Long Sword).


Nine times out of ten, you're gonna build these above all others. Simply put, they're the best suited for Darius with some nice MR and Tenacity bonuses to help with AP Champs and CC.

You'll rarely nab these, but they're still worth noting if dealing with a primarily AD team, though it won't do much against tough AD Casters like Pantheon.

You will only get these if you are horribly fed early game, or feel like roaming to help out other lanes because your opponent at Top is either too defensive for you to do much against or simply needs to recall too often. However, they are my boots of choice when jungling. More on that later.


These are the items you will almost always get, but it doesn't mean you must get them. Trade them out with others as the situation dictates.

Now we're getting into the meat of the build. Last Whisper is an effective and notably cheap item to get that'll push you ahead of your enemy in terms of sheer damage inflicted. I piece this one together first due to its overall usefulness and ease of purchase, and all the items that build into it are damn good on Darius. The Armor Penetration is really the deciding factor though, letting you sink in much more damage than you (or your opponent) expect. However, by late game, it may be better to sell it for one of the Defensive options.

More often than not, this will be your first large purchase. The Black Cleaver suffered some nerfs but that does not kill its viability, nor its strength on Darius. Alongside the effects of both Last Whisper and Apprehend, this item makes enemy armor a joke. The damage is certainly nothing to sneeze at either, but the real benefit you'll be noticing is the Cooldown Reduction, which of course means you'll be able to dunk more often.

The reason I choose this item for a core purchase is because it gives Darius more fighting presence than one would expect. By the time you get to it, the AP champs will be starting to get more dangerous, and will begin to threaten you and your team. This item gives you the resistance you need, an extra lifeline on its passive, and more damage depending on how low your health is, giving you much more damage than it outright gives (which is fair on its own).


There's fewer choices here than in defense, because most of the Core items would fall under this category anyway. As you're the AD Offtank, bringing too many of these eventually becomes counter-intuitive to your role. For that matter, I simply trade out Core items for these as I see necessary.

There was a surge of usage of Trinity Forces after the Guillotine nerf, but the craze on it seems to have died down. In general, this weapon is still a very potent choice for him, but it's just not as cost efficient as others. Everything it offers is useful to him; increased attack speed and critical chance, bonus health and movement speed, the Phage frost effect and especially the spellblade from Sheen. In particular, it's a damn good item, it's just a REALLY time extensive item to acquire, especially when you're expected to build defense as well as offense. If you're especially fed, or just dead-set on getting it, start with the Phage first, then Sheen.

The Blade of the Ruined King is another particularly popular item since the "League of Warmogs" became a thing. It's a decent weapon that'll deal more than its fair share of damage, but I don't particularly care for it on Darius. Remember its active and try to use it instead of your Guillotine when you can. The active and its built-in life steal are gonna be handy as well, but you're not really getting it for that purpose.

Is the enemy team lacking any real tankiness? Do you have Armor Penetration runes? If the answer to either of those was yes, then you're probably gonna wanna grab this bad boy to replace your Black Cleaver. The Bloodthirster will grant you the most damage in the game with a simply application of creep-score and jungle mobs. The life steal is also rather potent, though you shouldn't depend on it. In general, if I want nothing but big damage, it would either be this or...

The Ravenous Hydra. You tend to see this on Darius a bit more often than The Bloodthirster due to its amazing pushing abilities and easy CS. The passive itself will do a fair amount of damage in the midst of a team fight and remembering to use the Active is also potent, and will usually put the enemy into a prime dunking position. It'll also give you some sustain off its health regen and life steal. Once again, don't depend on that.


After building a few damage items, it's time to build yourself tanky enough to deal it out. Most of the items here prioritize building either defense or health, while adding on either more damage or bringing some overall utility to the fight.

Most tanks and Offtanks will run one of these and with good reason; it's a fantastic item. Randuin's Omen offers what Darius needs to stay longer in the fight against the other AD champions he needs to deal with, and offers a massive amount of utility on its active to the whole team, which Darius also really needs, seeing as he offers rather little in terms of team cohesion.

The viability of the Guardian Angel pretty much speaks for itself. Some nice little bonuses to MR and AR, and a second chance to kill someone even after death. This item can create some truly ludicrous turnabout moments, in which you nearly kill an enemy, die, and then get right back up to Guillotine them. What can be done with this piece of equipment is silly; it's just a matter of making sure you use it for all it's worth.

In general, every team needs at least one of these, and if you have to take it, that's just fine, but it would be greatly preferred that someone else did. The Runic Bulwark is a powerful item that benefits the entirety of the team so long as the wielder is alive. That's the real problem with Darius having it though; he's going to be focused and likely killed, which rids the team of this buff. Like I said, if you must take it, do it, but try to get the support to take it.

As if your damage wasn't silly enough, taking the Sunfire Cape with you will make just being in Darius' presence a pain for the enemy team. It's a very nice AR boost, and it give you health that's just short of a Randuin's Omen, but that's not what you're getting it for. No, you're in it for the Area of Effect DoT, which, while not too substantial, will quickly add on with the rest of your damage.

I really like the Frozen Mallet personally. It gives a very potent amount of health, a nice chunk of damage, and its Icy passive, which makes fleeing from Darius, an already difficult task, even harder. Coordinating with your team, can also allow you to feed a target to them by bringing their health down low and then giving chase with auto-attacks, while another team mate comes and finishes the job. It's a nice bit of utility, and it leaves team-fights with a bit more permanence as well, as pulling someone out of the safety of their team will most likely mean they're not getting back alive.

The Mercurial Scimitar is a viable item and a good replacement to the Maw of Malmortius if you think you need it, though it's a bit more expensive. The built in Cleanse ability is definitely worth having if you're dealing with too much CC on the field, and the Flat AD and MR boosts are actually higher than on the Maw. Once again, it's up to preference.

Like the Guardian Angel, Warmog's Armor is pure and simple; Health and a lot of it. It also gives you a nice bit of sustain. Honestly, I don't usually get this item myself, because it's inherently a very centered defensive item. As mentioned earlier, Darius really lack in utility, and I tend to play him in such a way that makes him more friendly for the rest of the team to work with. However, if you're aiming to simply lead the team on your own merits, then this is definitely the way to go.

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Early Game

How well you do here can really dictate how well the rest of the game goes for you. Remember, even though your killing power is higher than most, there are still many dangerous champs you must be aware of. Pick your fights well, because Darius has no means of getting out of a bad fight without using a Summoner Spell. Wait till all the lane opponents have made their appearance before sticking a ward in the bush (if on Blue Side, put it in the River Bush. If on Purple, the Tri-Bush). When you recall back, make sure to buy another, if not two to cover both of those bushes. Vision is king, especially with a character like Darius who can't deal with Ganks that well.

The opponent you have in lane will decide how you play it. Against most, good harassment with your Decimate will bully them back to their turret, and they won't be able to do much, so conserve your mana for it and focus on last-hitting minions, an easier task to perform with Darius than others due to his damage. Once your receive your full kit at level three, you officially have killing power. Continue to harass your adversary with Decimate. Once their health drops below (or lower if you feel you need it), reel them in with Apprehend, hit with them with Crippling Strike, and then wait to see if they pop Flash. If they do, leave them be unless you're feeling lucky and want to pop Ghost to finish the pursuit. If they don't, Ignite them, and hit them Decimate as they're pulling away to finish the job. The combined Hemorrhage stacks and Ignite will most likely kill them.

However, there are occasions in which Darius will be the one being bullied, namely against burst heavy champs, like Pantheon or Riven. In those cases, keep it close to the turret, and try to get them close enough so that you can pull them in. If they attack in return, the turret will add on quite a bit of damage to give you the upper hand. In those situations, you're almost assured to get a kill, so go all out for it. Remember that their health can be wrecked by a few simple attacks. In fact, unless they have runes for armor, most will simply not be able to put up with Darius' damage, and will have to respect you for it. That or call in Ganks, which is something you really must avoid. Early game, they are the bane of your existence and you must be cautious.

Once you hit level 6, unless you've been doing very poorly in lane, you can pretty much guarantee the lane is yours. At this point, there's very few champions that can 1v1 Darius and hope to come out alive. Pick your fight cautiously, and once you add enough Hemorrhage stacks to them, dunk em and end the fight quickly. You will now start to get attention from other lanes and the enemy jungler to boot, so you best play it safely.

When you beat your enemy out of the lane, or if you kill them, take this opportunity to recall back and grab some items. On your first back, you should grab Boots of Speed and a component to your Last Whisper. If you can manage to grab a Pickaxe, it will really put you ahead of the curve, but a long sword is just fine as well, and remember to keep a supply of at least two Sight Wards from now on! On later returns, finish off your Last Whisper and grab a Hexdrinker and a Giant's Belt. This will secure your early-game dominance and will start you on the path to the rest of your build as well.

Mid Game

Once a few turrets go down, and champions start to roam about, you can safely say the Mid Game has begun. This is a point in which Darius shines the brightest, as he is now a force that everyone must respect, and refusing to do so will mean a brutal reality check. As you're moving about and helping to push the lanes, keep this little meme in mind.

You are one of the most capable killers on the team, so act the part. While Darius is a semi-competent pusher with his Crippling Strike, you're not going to be able to escape a bad situation easily, so leave that to others and focus more and breaking down their team wherever they may be pushing. At this point, the ADC will begin to be a concern, depending on how your bot lane fared. However, they ARE the squishiest champions on the map, short of the AP mid (usually). If you can find them, shut them down. The team will thank you.

Otherwise, focus on working with your team to push. At this point in the game, you probably have some of the highest damage output, and in combination with your Guillotine, kill should come easily. Use it to press forward and secure the ground the enemy loses. After a while, you'll be bullying their entire team back, so leave it to the ranged champions to whittle em down before charging in. You'll be the one focused, more often than not, so hit them hard so that the rest of them can play clean-up.

Late Game

This is where your teams composition plays the largest role, and unfortunately, where Darius is at his weakest. By now, the ADC's have gotten fairly fed, and everyone is, more or less, on the same level, and at similar points in their build. The lead you might have had earlier on is now absent, and people can survive fighting you, lest you use up your Guillotine, which is probably doing atrocious damage now. However, this is the only thing that Darius can really bring to the table now, sans any added utility on his items like Randuin's Omen.

To help, you must survive, because your biggest aid to the team will be the damage you're dealing. Items like the Maw of Malmortius and the Guardian Angel will be invaluable. Focus the squishiest targets and tear them apart. The Noxian Guillotine should be doing unholy amounts of damage now, and you must remind yourself that even if you're not wearing them down with your normal attacks, that the Ult is dealing True Damage; there is absolutely no defense against it.

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The Counters

Like all champions, Darius has his good match-ups and his bad match-ups. However, a lot of people say that he gets easily countered, and that's not true. Yes, he has a fair share of tough match-ups, but there's only a few champions that can make his life absolutely miserable i.e. my definition of countering a champ. We'll point these problem children out first and foremost.


You will be filled with rage if you have the misfortune of dealing with Elise. If there's one thing most AD Offtanks dread, it's dealing with the Spider Queen. Her Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite will ruin you throughout the course of the game, and unless you get boots, her Volatile Spiderling will be hard to get around, and keep you from being able to farm successfully. Once your health gets too low, her burst will simply bring an end to your ambitions of keeping up, and start her on her path to being the most obnoxious champion in the match. Even when you reach level 6, she can evade the Guillotine with ease using her Rappel, attacking her directly is nearly impossible when dealing with her Cocoon, and she'll often overpower you while in her Spider Form. Simply put, she'll have the upper hand at nearly every point of the match.

How Do I Deal With Her?

You don't. If you see there's an enemy Elise on the other team, do not play Darius. If you are stuck dealing with her, get your Jungler to gank your lane constantly. This is easily Darius' worst match-up and you should avoid it like the plague.


Starting to see a trend here? Champions with multiple kits seem to have an advantage over Darius, as evidenced here by both Elise and Jayce. Jayce is rather similar to Elise in the fact that he'll constantly have the upper hand over you. He's got ridiculous poke when he's using his cannon with the Acceleration Gate/ Shock Blast combo. The AA range on it isn't that good, but it's enough for him to poke at you safely without fear of retaliation. However, it's the control he has when using his hammer that'll make you cringe. Like Elise, he'll control the flow of the fight, using his To The Skies! and Thundering Blow to control your position, and his Lightning Field will bite at you when fighting him close up.

How Do I Deal With Him?

He's tough, but he's not Elise, so count your blessings there. It becomes a matter of dealing with his CC, which, while difficult, isn't unstoppable. Early Game, your damage is still better than his, so if you think you can secure a kill on him, wail on him a bit, let him use Thundering Blow to knock you back, and then use Ghost to close the distance and secure the kill. Once you get the upper hand, play it safe until you reach Level 6. Unlike Elise, he has no real means to evade the Noxian Guillotine.



It's of no surprise to anyone that Teemo is relentlessly annoying, and to Darius, he's particularly bad. Simply put, the rat will constantly be too far for you to attack, while he peppers you with Toxic Shot. This strategy on its own is not really something Darius can deal with. Even on the chance that you can Apprehend him, his Blinding Dart will stop you from hitting a Crippling Strike to slow him down, and his Move Quick will get him out of your reach far too quickly. Once he reaches level 6, Noxious Trap will make your life a living hell, as your every step will become a danger. Let's not forget the fact that clever Teemo players will also make use of his Camouflage to hide in wait for you, granting him boosted attack speed for him to stuff more darts in you.

How Do I Deal With Him?

No matter what you do, this match-up will be annoying. All you can really hope to do is either call for ganks (which once he hits level 6 won't be recommended), or to burn Ghost to snag a kill on the little twit. For all his annoyance, he is very squishy, so take advantage of that fact.


Hoooo boy, this guy is trouble. Yorick isn't seen all that often, but when he is, you best be prepared for a very rough lane. He's not particularly dangerous to your ability to survive, but holy hell, it's not gonna be fun trying to fight him. Each one of his Omens (the ghouls he summons on his attacks) are gonna be obstacles you need to past to get him, and each one of them gives him a bonus on use (along with the bonus AD and Damage Reduction given to him by his passive, Unholy Covenant); the Omen of War gives him extra AD, the Omen of Pestilence damages on arrival and slows, and the Omen of Famine deals magic damage and heals him for 40% of the damage dealt, and this can all be done while keeping Darius at arm's length. Even when you do kill him, his Omen of Death will allow him to come back to the fray for 10 seconds, more than enough for him to finish the job if you're not careful.

How Do I Deal With Him?

Ganks and some luck. Like most of the other counters, Yorick controls space very well, which is your downfall. Focus on farm, and harass with Decimate, but don't get greedy. If you see the opportunity to get a kill on him, use Ghost, but don't do it once he reaches level 6; his Omen of Death will finish you off, unless you're able to kill him within a few seconds of using Ghost.

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And here we are at the end. I hope you like the guide and found it helpful to your ventures with the Hand of Noxus. Critiques are encouraged seeing as this is my first build and I'd like it to get to making others as well. Good luck folks, have fun, and Dunk Wisely!