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Kayle Build Guide by Officer01

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Officer01

♔ Epic Heroine Kayle ♔ An inexorable AP Guide [S4]

Officer01 Last updated on April 10, 2014
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 23

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 4


Utility: 3

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Hello Summoners!

Welcome to my special Kayle guide. My name is Officer01 and I play on EUW.

When I played Kayle for the first time, I was immediately impressed by her. Some weeks later, she was my main Champion. Until today. <3

We played through good and bad times. xD

In Season 3, Kayle has twice been very nerved. But there was a solution. I have adapted my build, made lots of changes and present you my Guide now. If it becomes necessary, I will make changes again.

I hope you enjoy my Guide and I wish you some epic games with it.

And never forget: The enemys are only two steps away from hell if you float through Summoner's Rift. So take your chance.

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Pros / Cons


+ You can slow enemies for a few seconds with Reckoning.
+ You can heal yourself or teammates with Divine Blessing.
+ You can play Carry (even though you're a Melee Champ) because of Righteous Fury.
+ You or your teammates can get unbeatable for a few seconds with Intervention.
+ You get a nice damage output (magic damage).

+ You need patience (because you have not very much AP in early game).
+ Take care of stun and slows (this will be your death - believe me).
+ Take care of ganks if you farm to much with Righteous Fury.
+ You have not very much Mana in early game (learn to deal with it).

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Holy Fervor

Kayle's passive shreds Amor and Magic Resistance. This allows you to fight vs. Offtanks or champs with lots of Amor and Magic Resistance

Kayle's Q increases your damage. It scales very good with AP. It also slows enemys. This is very helpful if you get chased but it costs a lot of Mana.

Divine Blessing
Kayle's W heals you (scales with AP) and you get a movement speed boost. It helps you reaching enemies or running away from them.

Righteous Fury
Kayle's E increases your range and deals splash damage (scales with AP). Righteous Fury together with Reckoning can be a deadly weapon.

Kayle's Ulti makes you or a teammate invincible for 3 seconds. This allows you to kill enemies with low life, you can tower dive in early game or escape from battles easily.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Prioritizing your E ( Righteous Fury) will give you more range and Ability Power. You can easily harass the enemies with autoattacks and you can farm great with it. It does not cost very much Mana.

Then max your Q ( Reckoning). It gives you lots of more damage (+100% of your Ability Power). At level 10 and higher it will get very easy to kill enemies with the combination of E and Q.

At least max your W ( Divine Blessing). Getting the heal is not as important for a Carry as the damage and it costs a lot of Mana. So this should be maxed at the end.

Max the Ulti ( Intervention) at Level 6, 11 and 16.

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Put most of your Masteries Points in the first tree. Don't play with too defensive options because so you can cast your full damage on the enemies. If you get hurt very much you still have Divine Blessing and Intervention to survive.

Mainly you should take AP Masteries. You're an AP Carry, so there is no alternative.

The rest you should be best to invest in Attack Speed and Mana Regeneration. Mana you alway need, especially in Early Game.

If you take too much defensive options it is getting much harder to defeat your opponent because you lose some important strength.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Take 9x Greater Mark of Attack Speed to improve your Attack Speed. Kayle has low Attack Speed so its required to improve it with Runes. If you start your game you will gain 19 % Attack Speed from Runes and Masteries. It's like starting with Berserkers and a great advantage.

Take 9x Greater Seal of Armor. These are one of the best Seals. Armor you always need. In the Middle Lane it will help you not very much at the beginning but AD Champs will not easily get you small when they enter your lane.

Take 9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power and 3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power to start with a basic strength. If you join the game you gain about 35 Ability Power from Runes and Masteries. This is helpful for early farming.

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Summoner Spells

Main Spells:


Flash is the most important Spell. You can escape from battles, you can reach escaping enemies or you can cross walls. There are many situations where you can use it.

Ignite is a great Spell for Kayle. You can harass the enemies with Reckoning and Righteous Fury and give them the rest with Ignite.

As an alternative you can also use:

Exhaust works also great with Kayle. Reckoning followed by Exhaust and Reckoning again allows you to easy kill with your Righteous Fury. I like to use this item.

Ghost is a good Spell to increase your Movement Speed. You can take it instead of Flash.

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Gameplay / Itembuild

Start with Doran's Ring, 2x Health Potion and a Warding Totem. From the Doran's Ring you get Ability Power and its passive should solve your Mana problems. Alternatively you can start with Boots of Speed, 3x Health Potion, 1x Mana Potion and a Warding Totem. With the Boots you can move faster. The Pots allows you to stay on lane for a longer time. Don't risk to much in early game because you still doing not very much damage at this time. Wait with playing aggressively till you get the Ulti. In no case you should take your opponent 1 vs. 1. Wait for Ulti and some AP to do this.

First back you should have about 1000, 1500 Gold. Buy Amplifying Tome and the Berserker's Greaves. If its possible take Fiendish Codex. These items give you some AP and AS for a better farming.

Always use Divine Blessing when you start from the fountain. So you get faster back to your lane. If you use your Spell on the fountain, your Mana will immediately be refreshed.

You should try to get the Blue Buff as often as possible, so you can use your skills continuously. I mean, it is absolutely necessary to get the Blue Buff, because you do not have items that give you Mana. If you started with Doran's Ring, so your Mana problems should not as heavy as without.

Next stops at the shop you should buy Stinger and Nashor's Tooth. It will give you more AS and AP. Berserkers and Nashor's are your core items. Now you can start playing more aggressive. You have enough Attack Speed and Ability Power and Intervention should be ready to save lifes.

If you have enough money at the shop stops don't be afraid to buy Elixir of Brilliance. It gives you lots of AP and Cooldown Reduction for 3 minutes.

Be careful with tower diving in the early game. With the Ulti it seems to be tempting but your Ulti lasts only 2 seconds at this time. You could still be attacked by the tower even though you are no longer protected. So be careful and turn around if you see no chance.

Now its time for some Magic Resistance. You have no MR-Runes, so its very important to buy an item that gives you a lot of MR. The best item for that is Negatron Cloak which you build up to Abyssal Mask. MR is very important on the mid lane, because an AP Champ would like to beat you. With no MR you will die often and feed hard and that's not good for you and your team.

If you attack enemies cast Reckoning first, so the movement speed is slowed. Then cast Righteous Fury to shred the Champs life. Most non-tank Champs will be unable to stand this, especially in mid and end game. If someone want to escape use Divine Blessing to follow him and cast your Q and E again when they are refreshed. If you fell less than 25 % Health use Divine Blessing and Intervention to get the kill or escape and survive. Note: Intervention and Divine Blessing have a gigantic range! You can use it over walls!

It is not highly recommended to take Divine Blessing to Heal. It is a speed boost which should only be used when you need to catch enemies. Notice that this Spell costs a lot of Mana.

Your next item is Guinsoo's Rageblade. Guinsoo's Rageblade is a great Item for Kayle. It gives you both AP and AD for some hybridity. Its passive will give you additional Attack Speed and Ability Power (stacks up to 8 times). The unique passive will give you 20 % Attack Speed, 10 % Life Steal and 10 % Spell Vamp by falling below 50 % Health. This passive can decide your win or failure.

In the Mid Game you can quiet go into the jungle sometimes. Maybe you can get some kills from low life Champs.

If you have enough Gold build Rabadon's Deathcap. It gives you the more AP you need to get nearly unbeatable.

In the End Game you have low Mana costs. Don't be afraid of using Divine Blessing now, so you can move around faster.

Your final Item is Lich Bane. It will give you more AP and a incredibly passive. The passive deals 50 + 75 % of your ability power as magic damage on the next auto attack, so the more AP you have the more damage you deal.

In teamfights you should cast your Ulti on the teammate who gets focused. So you and your other teammates can kill the enemys meanwhile. These are valuable seconds in which your team makes a lot of damage and the enemies only focus the invincible Champ. Such situations can decide your victory or defeat. Note: While under Intervention all crowd control effects such as slows and stuns still apply!

Don't forget to upgrade your Boots with an Enchantment in Mid or Late Game. There are some good Enchantments. I recommend Enchantment: Homeguard

So these are the most important things you should know about Kayle. Enjoy playing her but use her skills wisely.

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Gameplay / Alternative Items

Deathfire Grasp is the alternative way for Rabadon's Deathcap. It gives you the same Ability Power + 10 Cooldown Reduction and a stunning Active. By activating the Active you deal 15 % of target Champions Health in Magic Damage and then amplifies all Magic Damage by 20 % for 4 seconds. This is a very useful Item especially when you have a strong Champ (like Elise) mid or the enemy team is a bit tanky.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a good Item if you need more sustain in your lane. The 500 Health allows you to go more aggressive into teamfights. The Passive slows the Movement Speed by 35 %, so its easier to catch the enemies. I don't use this Item very often, because it is too defensive in my opinion.

Void Staff is a great Item for Kayle. From this Item you will get 70 Ability Power and 35 % Magic Penetration from its Passive. With this Item the Tanks should dress up warm. Buy it when you have to fight vs. a tanky team.

Zhonya's Hourglass is recommended when there is an AD-Carry mid. The additional Amor helps you a lot. In teamfights your Active is very useful. You can get invulnerable for 2,5 seconds but you cant do any actions. It's like a second Ulti to survive your death.

Hextech Gunblade is a good Item for Kayle. It gives you both AP and AD for a bit more hybridity. It also heals you with Life Steal and Spell Vampire. By activating the Active you will get a lot of Magic Damage and you slow the enemies for a few seconds. I don't use this Item very often because hybridity is not as effective as pure Ability Power.

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Things you should know about ...


Ahri is a very mobile Champ. So don’t risk too much when her Spirit Rush is ready. With this Spell she can follow you easily or she can make a nice combination of her Spells to kill you easily. Try to attack her when Spirit Rush isn’t ready. Take care of Charm. This Spell deals a lot of magic damage and you walk towards her. It is like a stun, you can’t do anything. If Charm hits you, it is easy for Ahri to kill you with her other Spells. So stay behind the minions to make it harder for her.

Akali is a very strong Champion. It is very easy for her to kill Carries. So don’t start a fight without your Intervention and don’t attack her with low life. She cannot deal very well with Crowd Controls such as your Reckoning. Try to harass her with it. Take care of Akali’s Shadow Dance. She has three charges of it and can deal an insane amount of magic damage. While under Twilight Shroud your Righteous Fury deal splash damage. Never walk into Twilight Shroud. Akali gain so much Amor and Magic Resistance in there and your Movement Speed is slowed. There is no chance to survive in it.

Anivia is a very Mana hungry Champ. So watch out that she doesn’t get the Blue Buff very often. Try to attack her on Lanes because her Crystallize can block paths in the jungle. Stay a bit away from Anivia to dodge Flash Frost and Frostbite. You should also never try a towerdive because you can’t destroy the egg as fast as you need. If she activates Glacial Storm try to kill her under using Intervention or escape if you see no chance.

Annie is also a very strong Champ who can deal an insane amount of magic damage. So don’t stay too close to her. Watch out her passive Pyromania. Every four Spells she stuns you with her next Ability. Try not to attack her while under Molten Shield. She gains so much Amor and Magic Resistance and enemies will be dealt a lot of magic damage. Stay away from Summon: Tibbers. Tibbers deal a lot of magic damage and has much Health. Don’t waste your Spells on Tibbers. Counter Annie is very hard with Kayle. So instruct the Jungler to gank as often as it is possible to handle her better.

Brand is a good Champ who can make a lot of damage especially with combinations of his Spells. Make sure that you don’t get hit by Sear (stun!) and Pillar of Flame. If he can cast these two Spells on you, you don’t have a chance to survive. If these two Spells are on cooldown, harassing him with Reckoning and Righteous Fury should be easy. If he ignites Pyroclasm, try to walk away from your team, so the Spell does not do so much damage to all of you. You should also do not start fights with low life.

Evelynn can do a lot of damage on Mid Lane. Don’t waste your Reckoning when her Dark Frenzy is ready. Only slow her when she used Dark Frenzy for a speed boost. If you want to see incoming attacks earlier, place some Vision Wards on the map. Take care of Agony's Embrace. The slow and damage she dealt is enormous.

Fiddlesticks is a very annoying Champ. Be careful when you harass him. Drain is a strong Spell that deals magic damage and heals himself. So don’t stay too close to him. Dark Wind silences you, so you cannot do any actions. Try to counter him when his Spells are on cooldown. Dread reduces your Magic Resistance, so it is very important to build Abyssal Mask as soon as possible. Try to flee when Fiddle activates Crowstorm. His Ulti lasts longer than your Intervention. Standing this is not always possible.

Gragas is a bit of a tanky Champ. If he activates Drunken Rage it is getting harder for you to make damage. If he uses Barrel Roll try to get away, to take not so much damage. If he hits you some times, you will not stand this very long. When Barrel Roll and Body Slam are on colldown, take your chance to harass him. If he flees don’t follow him for a long time, because this two Spells are ready quickly.

Karthus is a bit of a squishy Champ. It shouldn’t be very hard to counter him. He had no hard CC but he is a good farmer. Try to dodge his Lay Waste. It deals a lot of magic damage. Don’t let you harass with it. With your Righteous Fury it should not be very difficult to dodge it. Do not walk through Wall of Pain. It shreds your Magic Resistance and reduces your Movement Speed. Never try a towerdive and escape if Karthus dies, because his Death Defied allows him to cast Spells after his death. Try to have enough Health to survive Requiem or save Intervention for this situation.

Kassadin, the Void Walker. What should I say. He is a magician and deals a lot of magic damage. If he gets too strong, build Magic Resistance. His Void Stone reduces incoming magic damage, so try to get Items with Magic Penetration (like Void Staff). Take care of Null Sphere. You get silenced with this Spell and cannot do any actions. With his telport Spell Riftwalk it is easy for him to reach you and give you a last hit but it is also a very mana hungry Spell. If he flees with Riftwalk, follow and try to turn the leaf.

Katarina, a non-Mana Champ is a bit hard to handle. If you attack her your Intervention should be ready to save lives. In the Early Game it is required to dodge Bouncing Blades and Sinister Steel. In Mid Game you should buy Magic Resistance. Maybe you have to build a second MR Item to stay in Lane for longer time. Instruct your Jungler to gank often and getting the Blue Buff will help you a lot ( Divine Blessing).

Lux is a great Mid Laner but she is a bit squishy and Mana hungry. Take care of Light Binding. It is a double stun. Staying behind minions isn’t ever the best you can do. Switch to left or right, that this Spell doesn't hit you. If she casts Lucent Singularity try to dodge it by switching to left or right again. You have not much time do this, because this is an enormous fast Spell. After casting Light Binding try to harass her. In teamfights you should come from several directions, so it is harder for her to double stun some of you. If you see a small red beam escape to the left or right that Final Spark cannot deal damage on you. You need to have a good reaction, because it is also a very fast Spell.

Malzahar deals a lot of AoE damage and can easily harass you. It is a bit hard to counter him with Kayle. The best way is to ask teammates to gank often. If ganks are not possible as much as you need it, play more defensive and get some Magic Resistance. Attack him only when most of his Spells are on cooldown. Never attack him when the Voidling from Summon Voidling is on the Lane. He deals a lot of additional magic damage. Don't stand too close to minions if he casted Malefic Visions. If the minions die, the vision pass to nearby enemies and you can get hurt very much from it. It is not recommended to take him 1vs.1. It is very hard to kill him and maybe he kills you before you can make some damage.

Master Yi
Master Yi, the terror on Mid Lane. We talk about AP Yi. I say it honestly; I have not found a real chance to counter him with Kayle till yet. His Speed is enormous. You can't escape Alpha Strike. The heal he did with Meditate is enormous and the combination of Highlander and Wuju Style are unable to stand. So pray and hope that you don't get into the hell. Ask your team to help you because alone it cannot be done.

Morgana is a strong Champ who can rule the Mid Lane. Take care of Dark Binding. It deals a lot of magic damage and stun you for 3 seconds. Stay behind the minions, that this Spell cannnot hit you or escape to the left or right. Don't walk into Tormented Soil. It deals magic damage and shreds your magic resistance. A Morgana will build a bit tanky, so it is necessary to build Magic Penetration. Don't harass her while Black Shield is activated. She absorbes more than 400 magic damage. Theres no chance to hurt her. If she activates Soul Shackles it is time to run. Try to espace this Spell. It deals a lot of magic damage and stuns your for another 1,5 seconds. The combination of all her Spells you are unable to survive.

Nidalee is a very annoying Champ. Take care of Javelin Toss / Takedown. The spear can kill you already with the second shot. So stay behind the minions, that the spear cannot hit you. Do not run away from Javelin Toss / Takedown. Switch always only to left or right so it is harder for her to kill you. The Further Nidalee is away, the more damage Javelin Toss / Takedown deal. Try not to follow Nidalee if she jumps away. You can't reach her. Reckoning does not help very much.

Ryze on Mid Lane is a bit difficult to handle. He will build pure Ability Power and with his Spells he can deal an insane amount of magic damage. Don't attack him with low life. You will have no chance. Don't harass him to much. It is better to play a bit defensive. It is recommended to buy Banshee's Veil. This Item blocks one Spell every 25 seconds you don’t got attacked. Take care of Desperate Power. If this Spell is activated Ryze deals AoE damage. In teamfights or when the Jungler ganks it should be easy to kill him. The only way he can stop you is Rune Prison but notice that he can always stop only one of you.

Teemo is a dangerous Champ. Don't play to aggressive vs. him. Blinding Dart will deal a lot of magic damage and you get blinded for 2,5 seconds. So stay a bit defensive, that Teemo cannot hit you with this Spell very often. Buy Magic Resistance as soon as possible to take not so much damage from his Spells. In Mid and End Game it is possible to take him 1vs.1 when your Intervention is ready. Tapping into a mushroom ( Noxious Trap) generally mean you are dead. Magic Damage, Slow and attacks from Teemo himself you are unable to stand. Buy Oracle's Elixir to see and destroy the mushrooms.

Veigar is a bit like Ryze. He deals a lot of magic damage and has a great stun. It is not easy to counter him, especially he will try to stun you permanently. So be careful when he casts Event Horizon. If you pass through the edges, you will get stunned for 2,5 seconds und you are unable to do any actions. If you are between the edges you can attack and use Intervention but don't pass the edges. If you hear or see that Veigar casts Dark Matter switch to left or right to take no damage from it. Remember that Primordial Burst is based on both his and your Ability Power.

Ziggs Spells have a giant range. Be careful when he casts Bouncing Bomb. The best way to dodge it, is to switch to the left or right. Ziggs Satchel Charge can catapult him right in front of you or away from you. Don't walk into Hexplosive Minefield. You are taken damage and your Movement Speed is slowed. The best way to counter him is to harass him when his Spells are on cooldown. Ziggs has longer cooldown on his Spells than some other Champs. Save your Intervention for the massive damage from Mega Inferno Bomb.

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Let's Play Epic Heroine Kayle

Here's a video of me playing Kayle. The Video was taken in Season 3 but it is still actual.

I know that the enemy team was not the strongest, but here you can see an example how to play her and learn and improve your skills with her.

The unmatched strength of Kayle is clearly seen in this video. Even in these 25 minutes, I had more kills than our ADC. And that happens in most of my games.

Check it out and try it yourself:
VIDEO: Let's Play League of Legends (Epic Heroine Kayle)

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Kayle is not the strongest Champ in League of Legends. But with her great carry and support Abilities she can rule the mid lane. She is also very good in supporting teammates in every sense. I like to play her very much.

I enjoyed making this Guide and I hope you enjoy reading too. I hope it helps you develop your skills on that gorgeous Champ. I try to keep this Guide up to date.

Please rate and comment my Guide.


PS: For all those who do not believe in Kayle, here is an example of my statistics:


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